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Batman headcanon that once the Batkids kind of start thinking of settling down and having/adopting kids, they come to a realization. If they all get kids around the same time, they’ll be about the same age and once they get older, only one of them can be that generations Robin. So begins the great feud.

It becomes a scramble on who can have a kid first and name the kid Robin/Robyn to cement the title (It’s Dick in the end, Jay is the first to have kids but his are adopted and, thus, have names already). They all suck up massively to Bruce. “look how accomplished my son is, wouldn’t you say he’s sidekick material??” “Bruce look how fast my girl solved that mystery! It looks like you have another detective to train.” And through all this Bruce is just sweating. He loves all his Batgrandbabies, how can he possibly choose one to be his partner?

So the time comes when all the kids are trained and ready, specializing in their chosen areas and looking up at Grandpa with proud, nervous faces. They can still be vigilantes if they aren’t chosen, but being Robin is something special. Bruce can’t stand their sad faces, so that’s how an older Batman takes to the streets with like eight goddamn Robins trailing behind them all decked out in varying costumes of red, yellow, green and black. He explains he’s old, he could use the extra help out there, really he couldn’t say no to any of those precious kids. So what started out as a lone quest many, many years ago has become a bright menagerie of bright smiles and whooshing capes and loving whispers of ‘grandpa’ when no one else can hear. Everyone is happy expect probably the rogues and I’m sure Child Protection Services isn’t pleased either.

Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week day seven writing prompt: Future

I finished it! It’s done! The baby drabbles (1, 2, 3) finally have a conclusion, even though I really didn’t even think I was gonna be able to write anything today.  Anyway, we’re at just over 950 words, and I really hope this lives up to your expectations.

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Hi! I know you have a lot of requests rn but I like how you write hc/reactions :3 What if the lords are having a nightmare? What would it be about, and how would they react to MC waking them? Thanks!

Hello ♡
Thank you, I feel flattered! :)

spoiler for Mitsunari’s, spoiler for Hideyoshi’s

The fire was crackling, growing bigger and bigger as the wooden beams couldn’t withstand the flames and the temple collapsed in phases.
Nobunaga noticed himself sweating when a cool breeze brushed his damp hair, while he was standing outside, watching the building decay, listening to the shouts of the desperate that were caught in it, surely to be perished of the heat. He stared for a while, until he could discern known faces inside the temple. Nobuoki and Nagamasa were amongst all those other people, screaming in pain themselves. Their skin was already mangling, blackening and finally falling to the ground in pieces of flesh.

He woke up to a clearly distressed __ who was shaking him, calling his name cautiously and silently, yet so uneasy and intrusive. She was worried, he understood immediately. His robes were sticking on his sweaty skin, his hair disheveled and his expression disturbed. As he sat up in a flash, she followed, her hand on his back, her expression full of worry and compassion. Without a word, he placed his head on her lap and closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath again. And without a word, she started stroking his hair, not asking questions she could already assume the answers to.

The wind was whistling in his ear, as he was crouching atop of the tall building, adjusting his marksman’s rifle, taking a breath, holding it and -Boom! Man down.
One single shot from Mitsuhide was enough to kill a man, so shooting them down one after another, was a fast deal. As he aimed for the next man, one of the few that were still fighting there, he finally noticed something that left him dumbstruck. Sewed on the armor of the man who was in the same army as all the others he had already killed, was the crest of the Oda Clan.
Frowning, Mitsuhide tried to understand what he was even doing, who the fighting parties were and what was going on, until another loud shot that made the man slump over, brought him back from his confusion.
Startled he looked at his rifle again, still holding it, only to perceive that its trigger was loosening itself, the shots firing without him doing anything anymore.

Feeling his body shake, Mitsuhide awakened, discerning the face of his lover, her soft features and her eyebrows lowered in worry. After having calmed down a bit and getting his bearings, he decided to tell __ about it who listened to every word with an understanding nod.
“It’s due to all this exhaustion, surely.”, she spoke finally with the most loving smile on her face, as she stroked his hair.

He knew this room from his childhood. It was like a dungeon, cold and dark, filthy puddles on the cracked, hard floor. But this time, Ieyasu wasn’t alone. Tadatsugu was standing next to him, motionless just like Toramatsu and Tadakatsu who were contrasting with Yasumasa, who was pacing up and down, his footsteps echoing angrily. His expression was annoyed, while the other three were like puppets, their eyes and faces dull.
Before Ieyasu could understand what was going on, a stripe of blinding light followed the screech of the heavy door, which was opening. Yasumasa was the first one to leave the room in quick steps, dragging an apathic Tadakatsu with him. Toramatsu left out a faint sigh that echoed through the room before following them. As Ieyasu wanted to go out of the triggering room himself, he ascertained that his feet were coalesced with the floor beneath. He looked around frantically, his breathing becoming more and more ragged, his eyes darting around, searching for Tadakatsu. But the only thing he could see was his back in the very last moment, as he left the cell himself, shutting the heavy door behind him with a boisterous sound.

Simultaneous with the snapping open of his eyes, Ieyasu sat up in his bedding, breathing heavily. He blinked a few times and realized that it was only a dream. And he was not alone. __ embraced him from behind, her arms under his own, clutching the front of his shoulders and nuzzling his back.
“I don’t need your pity.”, he snapped, still panting, but as always, he didn’t shake her off.

The sun was shining brightly, making Mitsunari squint as he wandered in a place he hadn’t ever seen before. The leaves of the trees were vivid, green and shiny, birds singing loudly in uneven cadences. From a distance, he spotted two persons standing amidst blooming flowers. He could only see the back of… Saki? But if Saki was there, who was he?
Uncertain of what was going on, he was distracted by a face he could see, the face of the person who was talking to her. Sakon. He tried to approach her and told her something before disappearing in the forest behind them, leaving Saki slump to her knees.
Still utterly confused, Mitsunari went up to her, attempting to touch her shoulder. But once his fingertips brushed her, she fell over completely, laying on the ground.
Even though this was enough to shock Mitsunari, that wasn’t all, as all kinds of insects crawled out of her empty eyes in their quick, unpredictable motions.

He didn’t quite know when he woke up, but __ was still shaking his shoulders, having noticed that he was having a nightmare.
However this dream made him realize that Saki was as dead as his mother now and that he would never have to be Saki again. Now, thanks to __, he could just be himself.
“Do you mind….holding me for a bit?”

That laughter was unmistakable, resounding loudly in the hall where Masamune was standing. It was full of scorn, hatred and grudge, yet so satisfied, as if the villain of a fairytale finally achieved what they wanted for so long. It was the Lady Yoshihime’s voice, growing louder once Masamune started running down the hall, certain that whatever she was doing, she was up to no good.
His legs felt shaky as he first jogged, then sprinted, noting that the hall he saw the end of, grew larger with every step, making it impossible for him to reach its end. Nevertheless, his mother’s voice was closing in, spurring her son to continue running.
Finally, he spotted a door next to him, despite it seemed like he ran on the spot all the time. Gingerly he opened it, the relieve of the fact that the laughter stopped once he entered the room not lasting long. What he saw inside wasn’t his mother laughing and despising him, but __ who was laying on the floor in an empty, huge room. He wanted to run up to her, but noticed that she started writhing in pain once he moved, which repeated itself after every step he took. When he stopped, she was trembling, but once he put one foot before the other, she started convolving in panic.

He let out a sigh of utter relief, as he realized that he was tossing and turning in the bedding he shared with the person he dreamt of. She was staring at him, steadying herself on her lower arm as she was turned in his direction, her hair cascading on their pillow. Before she could ask anything, he pulled her down in a firm embrace, hoping to dream of her again, but this time with a happy ending.

Kojuro was frozen. Not exactly the perfect situation to be in when on the battlefield, but he couldn’t feel his limbs anymore, as he saw the enemy on a distance, aiming his rifle on a clueless Masamune who was facing other opponents. For a skilled fighter as Kojuro this wouldn’t be a problem, if not __ was surrounded on the other side of the battlefield, the men approaching her with every passing second.
He had to make a decision, in that very moment, if he didn’t want to lose both of them. Desperately he toggled his gaze between Masamune and __ who were both struggling, showing no hint of giving up anytime soon.
Kojuro felt petrified, as if his blood stopped coursing his veins, his brain overburdened by a choice he couldn’t make, as it happened at last.
He heard the unmistakable sound of a blade that cut through flesh, the only sound he could perceive because of the blood starting to course through his ears and before he could react, the sound of the rifle’s shot woke him up.

He opened his eyes and was relieved that the first he saw was __’s face, as he was bending over him. Her hand wandered from his shoulder, she shook apparently, to his cheek.
“Shh… It’s fine…”, she soothed with the most enchanting voice, making him smile.
“My precious girl…. Thank you.”, he whispered, relishing being spoiled for a little while.

Everyone was gathered in a huge hall, surrounding Yukimura who was kneeling amidst the crowd. He felt dizzy as he looked around, seeing retainers that were inferior to him in an angle he wasn’t used to.
Imposing, in front of them all, closest to him, there was the Tiger of Kai, looking at him with a strict expression, lacking its usual warmth and mirth.
Yukimura looked down at his hand that was holding a sharp blade turned to his own stomach. For a last time, he looked up again, to see Shingen who didn’t seem to have averted his eyes for a second, yet wasn’t meeting Yukimura’s gaze, almost as if he wasn’t real, but an imposing statue.
The sound of someone snivelling made him look over and amidst the retainers he saw __, quite striking with her colorful kimono in fact, now that he noticed her. She was teary-eyed, but not looking at him. He was confused, felt like either all the people who were surrounding but not looking at him were not real, or as if he wasn’t there at all.
Nevertheless, he fastened his grip on his blade, piercing through his lower abdomen, going deeper and continuing alongside his whole underbelly. However, regardless of what he did and despite the cutting blade, there was no blood coming out of him.
Yukimura had no time to be surprised, as he was distracted by a short thud that made him look up again. __ was lying lifelessly on the floor, her stomach opened completely.

Shaking his head in shock, he finally woke up, realizing that __ was embracing him, gripping his waist and shaking him. He smiled when seeing her worried, yet vivid face again that was so full of emotion and expression.

Saizo’s heart was pounding wildly in his chest, as he looked at __ kneeling before him, surrounded by several ninja, that were holding her arms behind her back. He tried to orientate himself, looking around, for anything that could save him from this situation. It was a dark forest, the trees seeming to close in with every passing second, making the night darker than it already was.
It was silent, not a single crow or chirping insect that could be heard. The only sound that broke the silence was the chesty voice of one of the masked men that stood next to those that were holding __. He said something of a secret that Saizo should tell them, a place? A name? He didn’t know. Actually he didn’t know about anything, just frowning and squinting his eyes, as if a terrible headache was haunting him.
Wanting to tell them that he had no clue or at least asking some questions that would serve to rescue __, Saizo had to note that no voice was escaping his mouth, regardless of how much he tried. After several attempts he finally guided his hand to his face, only to find that there was no mouth on the spot where it should normally be.
Getting impatient, once the men threatened to cut off her finger, if he decided to remain silent, __ started to scream.
“Saizo! Do something!”
With her next words her voice turned shrill in her throat due to desperation and dread.
“Just tell them already! SAIZO!”

This earspitting sound made him open his eyes, facing __ in the bedding next to him, who whispered, unlike her version in his dream. “Did you have a nightmare?..You were turning and groaning in your sleep.”
“Was I now?”, Saizo replied with a smile on his face, not answering her question. But indeed he was relieved, her breath in her whispering voice soothing like nothing else in this world.

Something was holding him in place, he couldn’t move, nor wave his arms, nothing, despite being free in fact. Toshiie couldn’t make out what it was, as the only thing he could see was the scene in front of him.
Several man were surrounding __, pushing her around between them, clearly doing things they shouldn’t be doing. He saw her desperate face, as she tried to steady herself, escape the touches of the men, but it was of no use. He tried to run, to move, wave his arms, but the only thing he could feel was the anger welling up inside of him, like a fire spreading through a lit cord.  
His rage was evidenced by his harsh words he spitted towards the men that didn’t hear a thing due to their own tumult.
“I’m hungryyyy~”
A familiar voice stopped Toshiie in his contumelious language, making him turn his head to the side. “Keiji?! KEIJI! KEIJI, GO AND DO SOMETHING DAMN IT!”
But said person didn’t seem to be bothered by what was going on, as he strode through the hall, skimming over his belly without a care in the world.
As if everything wasn’t stressful enough, __ started screaming, her voice tainted by constant wailing. “Inuchiyo, heeeelp!”
“Help me, Inuchiyo!” It grew louder and louder, more and more persistent, disturbing in his ears.

Toshiie shook his head quickly, startled by a loud voice, awakening him.
“Finally! Everything alright?”, __ asked from her place next to him, quite startled and stressed herself. He was still trying to catch his breath, as she suddenly chuckled. “You’re really done with Keiji, aren’t you? Calling his name even in your sleep. Maybe you should dream of me this time?”

It was quite chilly on the hilltop, but still Hideyoshi was sweating due to distress. He could discern Hanbei, Nagaharu and __ below, the former suffering severely from all kind of wounds.
Hideyoshi could hear his coughing from here, more precisely from a few meters next to him. Confused he turned to learn where it came from and saw Mitsunari gazing into space and coughing, just like he was used to hear from Hanbei, with the exact same voice, the exact same tone. There was nothing and no one else, just an expressionless Mitsunari standing stiffly, not looking anywhere or reacting to anyhing.
Looking at the trio at the lower end again, he saw Hanbei hunching after every cough coming from Mitsunari and finally crumpling to the ground. Just as Nagaharu was lounging to kick him in his stomach, Hideyoshi wanted to turn around, to go back down and help his retainer.
However he couldn’t, as his feet refused to turn, forcing him to watch Hanbei die after having been brutally battered.
Meanwhile __ was desperately trying to hold Nagaharu back, only to be shoved aside constantly, kneeling next to Hanbei herself now.
As if something was hoaxing him, Hideyoshi found himself next to them in the very second Hanbei died, as if he was held in place until now, only to be released when he couldn’t have changed things anyway.
As soon as he was next to Hanbei’s corpse and a weeping __, Mitsunari and Nagaharu vanished, she lunged at him, clutching his armor from the front and shouting in his face.
“He is dead, Hideyoshi!! It’s because of you, it’s all your fault, Hide-”

The same voice, albeit much more compassionate and worried, awakened him from this nightmare. __ stroked his damp hair out of his forehead, wiping his tearstained cheeks with her sleeve. And even though she couldn’t steal away his grief completely, he felt much more at peace with her support.

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Hehe I actually laughed quite a bit! Especially at the part where Eunwoo starts jumping on the readers hand! It's funny to imagine such a tiny being jumping on your hand ~ anon Luna🌙

Haha, that’s good I’m glad you liked it ^^ And same, I imagine a tiny human jumping everywhere and screaming with his high pitched voice, that’s so cute :’) Eunwoo is so precious, I’m starting to love him more and more ~

Well, no matter if he’s normal-sized or pocket-sized, Eunwoo is really cute, precious sunshine boy ~ He’s so cute when excited and full of energy

Originally posted by astroiism

Imagine a tiny Eunwoo making grabby hand at you when he needs you to hold him up (so he can kiss you) or when he wants to cuddle (add a little pout and you’ll melt away~)

Originally posted by noombean

Despite his size he has a lot of strength. He likes carrying his brothers around, especially when he’s happy

Originally posted by noombean

He actually loves carry Moonbin the most

Originally posted by wooziken

Of course the small dongsaeng would never complain about it, he loves it too (look at his precious smile)

Originally posted by omgailyn69

He wants to be the adult of the little group, often acting like a mom but he’s just a kid inside

Originally posted by asterocky

And he sometimes depends on Jinjin in bad situations so he’s more, like, sharing the responsibilities with his dear hyung (look at this precious boy being all shy and happy while saying that aww)

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Never Leave My Side; Taeyong.

Request: “could you do a cooking w/ Taeyong scenario?? I kinda suck at cooking but Taeyong is like a smol chef so i think it would be rly cute!! PS i love to read everything you write, i always look forward to ur new scenarios :)”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: Cursing.

A/N: I loved doing this one, tbh. Is so fluffy and cute I’m-

“Oh, good morning, sleepyhead! It was time already for you to wake up.”

You snored while walking toward your boyfriend, and then you lazily hugged his back. You heared his little laugh and while smiling you snuggling closer to him.

“Can I help you with that?” You said while looking over his shoulder the food he was cooking.

“Are you sure with that, babe? Do I have to remind you how much you suck at cooking?” He said with a wide smile in his face and his eyebrows raised. “Last time Donghyuck had to help you, and do you remember what he said?”

“That I’m worst that Mark at cooking, yes, I remember.” you said while taking your arms off his body and looking at his dish. “But I want to do it for you, you’re already such a busy person and I never have the opportunity to do anything to help you.”

He giggled at your comment and you looked at him with a confused expression. What you just said was the most stupid thing for him. He always though that you did so much for him in lots of different ways, he’s more than happy just with you being by his side.

“You’re so adorable, Y/N.” You looked at him with an even more clueless than before but he only looked at you with shiny eyes and that precious smile of his that never disappeared. You always make him so happy. “There are a few vegetables that I need to cut in the fridge, there aren’t many so use all of them. Just be careful, okay?”

You started to work right away, you washed your hands and took all the vegetables and started to cut them slowly.

“Remember to be careful, I’m not taking you to the hospital this early in the morning if something happens to you.”

“That’s one of the biggest lies I ever hear coming out from you so far.” You heared his laugh again and you couldn’t help but smile widely.

“I guess you know me too well, baby.”

Once he finished, he put all his attention on you. He grabbed you by your waist and kissed your neck slowly, bitting it and even leaving some hickeys. Everytime it was harder for you to concentrate.

“Fuck it.” You finally said while leaving the knife in the table and turning around, placing your arms in his neck and kissing him passionately on the lips. You could feel his smile in the middle of the kiss but you didn’t even care. You were so into it, you forgot about everything else.
You separate to get some air and he took advantage on those seconds to sit you in the kitchen counter and kept kissing your neck and collarbones.

“You’re seriously ruining me, did you know that, princess? I’m getting obsessed over you.”

“Umh, are you? Tell me more about it, then. I love hearing your voice.”

“Well, I can talk about how in love with every little thing about you.” He said while leaving kisses all over my shoulders and taking them to my arms. “I love the way you touch me, you do it in a really soft and delicate way and they make me feel so special.” He intertwined his fingers with mine and glare at me with his soft gaze. “And I’m so in love with the way you look at me. It’s a different glare compared to the one you give to everyone else.” Both of you placed your foreheads against each other, and then you placed carefully a hand on his jawline. “And I love that you’re not scared of showing your feelings for me. Sometimes I seriously think I don’t deserve someone as perfect as you, and I feel so lucky to be able to call you mine. Y/N, I love you.”

“I love you too, Taeyong.” You kissed him again, this time in a sweeter and softer way, enjoying the feeling of his warm lips over yours. “Please, never leave my side.”

“I would never.” And both of you smiled at each other with the most beautiful and sincere smiles.

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my dad is looking at all these old photos of me... i imagine H being here and looking at them too

They’d end up passing photos between them from the box they’re contained in, cooing over how tiny you were as a baby and how cute you were as a toddler and how precious your cheeky smile was as you grew up into a beautiful young girl. And Harry would sneak photos of them to keep on his phone - more so to tease you with and to print out when he’s feeling more cheeky and in a mood to annoy you - before your father cracked out the bathtub photos and the naked photos that most definitely had your bum on display.

“Oh, look at this! Look at your cheeky bottom there,” Harry would laugh, photo gripped tightly in his hand as he waved it towards you, keeping it from your reach as you tried to grab it, “you have the cutest bum!”

“Do not talk about that with my dad around!” You’d gawk out, cheeks blushing pink as your father chuckled in the background, flicking through more to show him, “Harry!”

“Oh, come off it, Gorgeous. My mum showed you all my baby photos when you first came back to Chapel to meet her,” he’d retort playfully, reaching for another that your dad was passing to him, “don’t be so embarrassed. You were the cutest little thing. You still are.” xx

I want you to look at this, look at the beautiful Nekoma members, man I missed them so much. Kuroo being a little shit like he always is and Daichi was like eyeing him ‘why the f–k am I dating this ass again’ (yes I’m a KuroDai shipper kill me).

Look at tiny Kenma wearing a mask and gosh that little wave to Hinata is gonna be the death of me. He literally does not look at anyone else except for his precious Shouyou (and yes I’m also a KenHina shipper). Inuoka man, dude unrequited crush much. No, no I’m kidding. I love their beautiful rivalry/friendship. It’s very healthy.

Yaku, omg Yaku why do you look so freaking hot smiling like that. Tora of course probably having a scary face battle with Tanaka behind Daichi. Shibayama, please someone protect that precious little child. Kai probably couldn’t believe his captain being an ass. AGAIN. But he knows Kuroo would never stop and he loves his captain nevertheless. Fukunaga, I always love his cute tiny mouth. He’s like cattest of them all (yes I made the word up), look at him being interested of something in the sky rather than having eye contact with a destined rival team. And then, of course, Lev the aspiring Nekoma ace, glaring at all of them burning with passion to go against Karasuno for an official match and probably shows off his new teamwork skill he garnered from the last match they had. Waiting to see how Hinata has improved also.

Man I could not wait for the Battle of Trash Heap to commence.

Pure Imagination

(Performance done within the estate of @palazzoaldenard! Link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOfagBBxrfs)

As the gentle, serene sounds of the instrument reverberated into life, the visage of a short, well-endowed seeker of particular fancy hat took center at the top of the stairs.

Releasing a small breath between her full lips, a warm, sweet semblance took over her features, a hand gracefully extended forward in an inviting gesture to the audience. ♪ …Come with meee, and you’ll beee, in a world of Pure Imagination! ♪

The arm that was extended elegantly moved, motioning to the environment that surrounded all of them, the kind smile that embellished the seeker’s visage growing warmer. ♪ Take a look, and you’ll see, into your imagination… ♪ the colors that painted the floor, walls, ceiling, decorations, even clothes, grew brighter and livelier, dour shades slowly driven into a corner before being completely banished.

Lips parting into a precious grin, the girl took her time, elegantly descending the stairs with small, daint steps, a precious, carefree spin made during her balletic descent. ♪ We’ll begin, with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation! ♪ As her heels clicked on the floor, she spread her arms to both of her sides, exuding a sunny vibrance. ♪ What we’ll see will defy… ♪

♪ Explanatioooooon! ♪

A small giggle follows as she gracefully orbits around the center stage, small, colorful patches of grass and roses borne under her feet with each step of hers, surrounding the stage with green, whites and reds. ♪ If you want to view paradise? Simply look around and view it! ♪ as she spoke, the small patch of greenery that surrounded the stage began to expand, steadily but surely taking over the wood floor, replacing it with a soft carpet of grass.

Reaching for both of <t>’s hands, Leanne ushered another beautiful grin, pearly whites shining as she slowly spun them in place, bright motes of light coming to life between the two of them. ♪ Anything you want to? Do it! ♪ Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it… ♪

As the music lowered, the cheerful girl blew a kiss in <t>’s direction, releasing them from her gentle grasp as she took a step away, allowing her gold, vibrant eyes to roam over everyone, looking at each one in equal kindness. ♪ There is no life I know! To compare with Pure Imagination! ♪

Climbing the stage, Leanne spreaded her arms, grinning vibrantly. ♪ Living there, you’ll be free…if you truuuly, wish to beeeeeee!! ♪ The instruments swelled in joy at her words, the walls and ceilings of the manor melting off in the eyes of everyone, trees and bushes taking their place alongside a beautiful blue sky, with a vibrant golden sun at the very top. It was like they were in the middle of a colorful meadow, its center stage being a large tree stump of thick roots.

A small blue bird descended to the skies they were blended in, taking perch on top of Leanne’s hat. Lifting a finger, the seeker gently nuzzled its little belly with it, prompting the small animal to chirp alongsider her syllables. ♪ If you want to see magic lands? Close your eyes and you will see one! ♪

Returning her eyes to those that surrounded her, Leanne beamed brightly. ♪ Want to be a dreamer? Be one! ♪ she nods in affirmation her words, before allowing herself a small giggle. ♪ Anytime you please, and please save me oooone…~ ♪ she winked playfully before chuckling.

As the bird flew away back into the skies above, her feet began to meander across the surface of the stump, small, flighty steps, hips swaying alongside the serene, melodic rhythm. ♪ Come with meee, and you’ll beee, in a world of Pure Imagination! ♪

Motes of light began to form along the colorful rhythm, peacefully floating between the crowd, as if they were a part of the audience too. ♪ Take a look, and you’ll see, into your imagination… ♪

As Leanne shook her head, she elegantly shed her hat off, golden irises brought upwards to the skies above. ♪ There is no, place to go, to compare with your imagination!! ♪

Her hands, as if on a whim, slowly began to float up high, as far as they could go, music following the cue and raising itself in volume and power, as her finger seemingly try to reach for that beautiful sun. ♪ So go there, to be free…if you truuuly, wish to beeeeeeeee!! ♪ All instruments stopped abruptly…

…And then continued in its gentle sounds, as girl slowly lowered her hands, the vibrant illusion she had casted over everyone’s eyes likewise, slowly melting away, bringing them back to the manor they all currently resided. ♪ Living there, you’ll be free… if you truuuly, wish to beeeeeeeee…. ♪

Lowering herself to a knee, Leanne took back her fanciful hat, feather fluttering in its rise as she stood up. As the song came to an end, an elegant, graceful bow in given to those to heard her, in genuine appreciation and thankfulness.

Do Better // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt:“Reader is having trouble fitting in with the BAU team because they want the best for Reid but their opinion really matters to him bc it’s his family and it’s causing problems in their relationship.”

Requested by: anonymous

“Are you sure this is who you want to be with?” Morgan asked Reid that morning. “Listen kid, you’re a successful FBI agent. Not to mention the fact you’re probably the smartest person I know.”

“I love her,” Reid replied with a frown. Their conversation had started off fairly innocent as he stood with Rossi and Morgan, with Morgan asking what he had done that weekend. You and Spencer had planned to go see a movie but you had been called in for a late shift at the coffee house so the date had been cancelled.

“Y/N is a nice girl but she works at a coffee shop. Now I know someone of your intelligence needs someone who is more…intriguing,” Morgan attempted to explain. It wasn’t that the team didn’t like you. You were a sweet girl and it was clear that you cared about Spencer, but they worried that the difference in jobs would eventually leave him feeling less than satisfied when it came down to having actual conversations.

“She writes,” Reid tried to explain. The two of you had incredibly stimulating conversations despite the fact you sat at opposite ends of the job spectrum. He had to constantly remind his friends that intelligence wasn’t necessarily measured by what career path you took.

“And when has she ever gotten anything published?” Rossi asked. He had his fair share of failed relationships under his belt and he knew that different jobs tended to be the root of many problems. It might seem fine for a year or two, but the differences always caught up eventually.

“She’s working on it,” Spencer mumbled as he drank his coffee. You had refused his help to get set up with a publisher, insisting this was something you wanted to do by yourself.

“Look, Reid. We’re not saying she’s not great. We’re just saying that there might be someone else out there who’s better suited for you.”

Spencer nodded wordlessly at their uninvited advice, mulling of the fact JJ had said something similar just the week before. They were his family. They just wanted what was best for him.

“Hey!” You greeted brightly as you opened up your apartment door and allowed Spencer inside. He smiled as he saw you although it didn’t seem to quite reach his eyes this time. You noticed his odd behavior as you took a seat on the couch but he remained standing.

“Spencer? What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly as you looked at his tense state. He looked around your apartment, at the stacks of books on the floor and the opened laptop with a word document on the screen.

“Nothing,” he replied simply. You frowned as you noticed he was refusing to meet your eyes.

“Spencer. I know you,” you said with a sigh.

“It’s just…the team. They’ve been suggesting some things…about us…”

You instantly froze at the mention of his friends. They were a nice bunch but just like Spencer, they were FBI agents. There was a certain prestige they wore that made you uneasy. You had caught Morgan whispering with Hotch about how Spencer could do so much better at the last party you had been dragged to. You had nearly cried as you realized that they weren’t at all impressed with you despite their politeness.

“They think I’m too dumb for you,” you replied bluntly. Spencer stared at you in surprise.

“What? No, no,” he said with a shake of his head. You rolled your eyes at his denial.

“I heard Morgan say it last time. And I won’t deny that it hurt,” you replied as Spencer’s face fell. “But I think I’m even more hurt that you seem to think that too.”

“I don’t. It’s just that they constantly point out that you work at a coffee sho-”

“Does it bother you that I don’t work some high end job?” You interrupted with a scowl.

“No not at all. I know that you’re writing on the sid-”

“You don’t believe in my writing,” you accused as your feelings began to get hurt. He frowned deeply at your interruptions.

“I do! Y/N please just understand that what they think matters to me because they’re my family,” he pleaded as he looked at you with hurt in his eyes.

“What they think matters to you but they all think you can do better than me. So tell me where that leaves us,” you replied as you fought back tears. A lump in your throat was beginning to form as he stayed silent, a look of desperation on his face.

“I got a book deal today,” you said softly to break the silence. “I’ll be a published author by the end of the year.”

“That’s great!” Spencer congratulated with a small smile, sighing in relief as he thought the conversation was turning.

“Is being a published author good enough for them? Will they finally accept the fact that their precious genius isn’t dating a neuroscientist?” You spat bitterly.


“Don’t.” You replied harshly. “I’m dating you, Spencer. Not your team. So you need to decide whether I’m ever going to be enough in your eyes.”

“You are enough,” he replied as he took a few steps and knelt in front of you. He gently placed a hand on your leg, scared that you would shy away from his touch and letting out a sigh of relief when you didn’t. “You’ve always been enough.”

“Then why are we having this conversation?” You asked defeatedly as silent tears rolled down your cheeks. Spencer’s heart broke at seeing you cry and knowing he was what had caused it.

“I don’t know,” he replied quietly as his hand reached out to wipe away the tears. “I… They’re going to have to get over it. I love you,” he said firmly as he looked at you lovingly.

You stared at him unsure whether to simply let the conversation go.

“You have to stop letting them interfere,” you pleaded softly. This was your relationship and you just wanted to nurture it and help it grow, not be hindered by those he considered family. He sighed deeply but nodded.

“I will. Like you said, I’m the one dating you. I’m the one with the say,” he reassured as he squeezed your hand gently. You nodded and patted the seat beside you, an invitation for him to sit. He smiled at the gesture as he took a seat beside you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“So this book, what is it about?”

“It’s about a nerdy FBI agent who solves crimes with a ghost companion,” you replied with a straight face.

“Really?” He asked excitedly as his face lit up. You laughed and shook your head.

“No, but I can totally write that for you.”

TRUST || Mafia!Junhui [Chp 5]

BLURB: Nothing is ever what it seems.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, drama

WORDS: 1494

PART: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 [Final]

The building was in chaos.

In the confusion, some idiot researcher had pulled the fire alarm a few minutes ago to try and evacuate the place but it turned out that only locked the corridors down even further to prevent the fire from spreading. Now no one could move through or even leave the building. It was supposedly built to withstand a fire. It wouldn’t withstand an explosion though.

The double lockdown was a good thing for Jun and his friends; that meant the guards couldn’t get into the airplane hangar and catch them. It was a bad thing for you – you were trapped inside and most probably about to die.

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Love Hurts

Originally posted by edngyma

Request -  Would you do a Riddler X Reader where the reader gets in a pretty gory fight, for him. And when they come home all battered and bruised and smiles saying, “Heh, god I really must love you” then falling? :D Love your stuff btw!!!

Pairing - Edward Nygma X Reader 

Word Count - 2,034

Warnings - Torture, violence, blood etc, 

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anonymous asked:

helloo again !! ( i guess i'll call me morning anon, wink 🌞 ) do you think you could do a cuddle head canon for pichit, minami, and yuri k ?? ( btw you're sO LOVELY. )

heLLooOOoOo morning anon (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

thank you sO MUCH asdjfidwai you’re too sweet




  • sO.cuDDLy.OMG
  • he lOves cuddle sessions where they aren’t occupied by anything else so they can just focus on each other
  • he just glOMPS his s/o and wraps his arms sO securely around them
  • holds them v close
  • likes it when they’re kinda reclined and his s/o lies between his legs on his chest facing him so they can talk face to face but still be holding each other
  • this child just likes to be really close to his s/o
  • he and his s/o talk about their day and what happened to them 
  • he loVes to listen to his s/o talk about all the good things that happened and is super attentive and interested in what they’re saying
  • he and his s/o always talk during cuddles; super fluffy and smiley and happy stuff
  • they just have the best time
  • he loves making his s/o laugh during their cuddles bc looking down and seeing this little ball of joy in his arms is his favOURITE THING
  • it warms his heart
  • his dream is to just cuddle and roll around with his s/o on a big bouncy castle
  • he also loves to cuddle with his s/o on friday evenings where they can just unwind and relax with movies and junk food and stupid jokes
  • super comfortable with each other like there is nO awkwardness at all; it’s all smiles and cute stuff
  • he loves to just run up to his s/o from behind and collapse on them with his arms around them and ask them to come cuddle on the couch with him


  • the cuTest cuddler
  • he loves his cuddles and will take every opportunity he can to jump on his s/o and suggest that they cuddle
  • he doesn’t mind who takes the big spoon/little spoon or the person who’s holding the other or the one being held etc
  • the positions change all the time
  • he loves being the little spoon and being held by his s/o bc he just feels safe and loved and like all of their attention is on him
  • but he also likes to hold his s/o and be the big spoon bc he just loves having his s/o in his arms all to himself and being able to feel them wrap around his body makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • this bby likes to be cuddled and held by his s/o when he’s taking a nap
  • suPer chipper and likes to talk about random things when he and his s/o are cuddling
  • he doesn’t mind silence but he sees cuddling time as bonding time and wants to talk to them
  • tells so many stories to his s/o that are v eventful
  • his s/o suspects that he exaggerates a little but doesn’t say anything bc he is the most excited and happy little bean when he’s talking to his s/o about things he heard happened or things that he had experienced that day
  • also the type to fall asleep whilst cuddling even if he didn’t mean to
  • grumbles and mumbles v cutely 

Yuuri K

  • doesn’t initiate or ask for cuddles too much bc he doesn’t want to come across as needy or clingy but he lOves them
  • cuddles just make him feel loved
  • he likes to be the little spoon bc he feels safe and protected and like nothing could hurt him
  • he finds that just being able to bury his face into his s/o’s shoulder or chest helps him to block out all of his anxieties and he can just take in their calming presence 
  • but he also likes to be the big spoon bc he feels like holding his s/o in his arms is like having everything he has ever wanted right before him
  • he feels complete and fulfilled when he can just look down at his s/o and see them looking back at him with such love in their expressions
  • holding them in his arms helps to reassure him that his s/o is still beside him, that he still has them and that he hasn’t chased him away
  • falls asleep a lot 
  • lowkey loves it when his s/o strokes his head softly
  • also loves it when his s/o falls asleep on him
  • he just looks at them with so much adoration and love whilst they sleep and he has the most precious soft smile on his face and his heart just swells with joy
  • cuddles are when he feels secure enough about himself to tell his s/o things that he normally wouldn’t have the confidence to say
  • spills all the deep thoughts and insecurities
  • and this is when his s/o has the chance to rid him of those insecurities and just be there for him
  • cuddle sessions often end with yuuri being more confident about himself and his relationship; he needs his s/o’s reassurance
  • cuddles make him feel loved and love is what gives this precious child confidence
Jungkook Scenario: Make Me Blush.

Request: Hi mango salsa can I request a sceanio where Jungkook meet a girl during one of his concert and he secretly give his number to her then they meet again at the hotel gym center when he working out there hboth get really shy and don’t no how to act sorry for being long mi literally I’m sorry

Genre: Fluff

You were jamming hard to the beat of Hip Hop lover, moving your body to the rhythm of the music, singing loudly, and cheering for the boys. It was an amazing performance in which the rappers shone with everything they had, it was truly impressive watching them like that, but then your eyes would helplessly drift to one of the singers, but Jungkook was your bias so you guessed it wasn’t as odd.

He was so talented, his voice so rich and melodious. Now they were singing Just One Day and honestly your smile was too big, the seven were doing cute acts, Hoseok and Jin doing most of the aegyo but the other five members were actually quite endearing trying. You were really close to the stage, a privilege without a doubt, but you had worked hard for it. You bought preferencial tickets and arrived deadly early to the venue to secure a good spot, and here you were, extending your arms so one of them could maybe hold it for a couple of seconds, even if they could graze your fingers would be enough.

Miss Right was starting to play now and all of them ran around the stage to do a bit of fan service. You almost didn’t see it coming, too focused for one second watching how Hoseok and Taehyung were doing some sort of dance, but then you directed your sight up front and there he was, Jeon Jungkook smiling to the crowd of armies.
You turned on your phone, putting the camera as fast as you could and just like that the device was taken out of your hands, you lifted your gaze and saw it on his, on Jungkook’s hands. You wanted to squeal but the air had left you at that moment. He crouched down smiling widely at you.

-Let’s take a selfie- he said before taking position for it. You rushed to put on a decent face and he snapped the shot, quickly, everything took him a minute or so, but it felt special, your pounding heart told you so. He gave you your phone back and you didn’t know if you were dreaming or if it was part of the fan service but he smiled at you flirty, winking his right eye before going back to the center of the stage.

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anonymous asked:

Dear Lord I love your writing so much!! Any chance we could get a Ignis x reader where Prompto starts seeing Ignis liking his s/o and making it painfully obvious?

Dawww thanks so much! I appreciate it! And of course, this was a lot of fun to write ❤I hope you enjoy


The night sky was clear and full of stars, the Milky Way visible. You were at the edge of the rock ledge that was covered in ancient ruins, staring at the sky. You thought it was absolutely beautiful.
“I’ve got it” you heard Ignis say as he snapped his fingers leaning down to grab ingredients from the cooler under the cooking table.
“Need a hand?” You offered to Ignis walking towards him
“Oh no, it’s a simple meal tonight” Ignis stated as he began to chop up some carrots. You knew better, but he was such a gentleman and wanted to serve you all.
“Making a stew?” You asked as you grabbed a knife and an onion.
“Yes just a simple one” Ignis smiled, he was very great full for your help
“Ah nothing you make is honestly simple, it’s usually complex” you said with a laugh “just like you”
Ignis leaned down to grab more ingredients so he could hide his blushing cheeks
“Surprise!” Prompto jumped out from behind the tent with his camera
The surprise scared you and the knife in your hand slipped onto your finger cutting it. You dropped the knife and brought your finger up to your face with a small curse
“Prompto…” Ignis scorned as he took your hand into his and examined the cut
“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” Prompto said his face flushed as he ran over wanting to help
“It’s not a big deal” you said pulling your hand away from Ignis, holding your finger trying to hide the bleeding cut
Ignis rushed around elegantly as he found the first aid kit, he grabbed your hand back and examined the cut again
“Luckily it’s not deep” he said quietly as he started to clean the wound, he then put gauze around your finger and taped it.
“There, good as new” Ignis stated but didn’t let go of your hand as he stared into your eyes
You shifted slightly uncomfortably. You had always had a thing for Ignis, you thought he was a hottie and definitely wanted a piece of that. You always wanted to try and have a relationship with Ignis but weren’t brave enough to pursue it and knew he probably wasn’t interested, he was far to busy and devoted to his work.
“Iggy why don’t you just kiss it better?” Gladio teased as he stirred the forgotten food in the pot
Ignis dropped your hand and stood up rushing back to the food to finish dinner
You got up and walked over to Gladio and teasingly punched his shoulder. He knew how you felt, you told him once over a few drinks one night.
“Hey…I’m so sorry” Prompto said sheepishly walking next to you as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously
“It’s alright, you didn’t do it on purpose” you gave a reassuring smile and hugged Prompto
You looked back at Ignis cooking and thought it best you let him finish
“Iggy I’m gonna call it quits on cooking for the night, sorry” you said as you walked by him to sit in one of the chairs around the camp fire
“It is no problem, please rest” Ignis said smiling at you with a tone of adoration in his voice.
Prompto gave Ignis a questioning look and sat next to you and struck up a conversation. You two were laughing and joking around a lot. Prompto looked back at Ignis
“I’m starving is the food ready?” Prompto asked rubbing his belly
“Patience is a virtue” Ignis answered back
“Well if you weren’t staring at your hearts desire all night it’d be done” Prompto teased wiggling his eyebrows having noticed him watching you the whole time he cooked
Ignis brought over a bowl of stew and handed it to you and sat down in the chair next to yours with his own steaming bowl.
“What about us?” Noctis frowned from his chair, finally pulling his head out of the game on his phone.
“It’s in the pot” Ignis said with a slight bit of irritation in his voice
The other boys all got up and got their own food and brought it back sitting in their own chairs.
“It’s great as always, thank you Iggy” you said as you finished your food and set the bowl down on the ground next to you, the others nodded in agreement
“Of course, I know it’s your favorite” Ignis said standing up grabbing your empty bowl
He made you blush and Prompto noticed, he just smirked to himself, he was gonna get Iggy so good.
“Hey uh Ignis…” Prompto started “you’ve been making y/n favorites here a lot lately” he said as he helped clean up. Ignis gave a quick and stern look at Prompto.
“Must be coincidence” Ignis said lowering his face so the shadows covered his blushing cheeks
Prompto laughed shaking his head and washed out a cup
You stood up and tended to the fire, wondering what Prompto was getting on at teasing Ignis so much.
Everyone helps clean up and makes sure everything is set to go for an easy departure in the morning so that they could all relax for the rest of the evening.
“You promised you’d workout with me tonight” Gladio bumped your shoulder as he walked by, almost knocking you over
“That’s right, I’m coming” you said standing up stretching your arms out
Ignis watched on with a tinge of jealousy and Prompto crossed his arms as he watched Ignis’ reaction
“Ignis you better sweep her off her feet before Gladio does” Prompto teased causing Noctis to chuckle
“I have no idea what you mean” Ignis said pushing up his glasses watching on with worry as Gladio taught you how to workout with weights, his hands on your lower back straightening you up.
You finished your workout with Gladio, you were gonna feel that in the morning. You walked back over to the rest of the group and plopped down into your chair.
“You look all hot and sweaty” Prompto started saying “kinda like someone wishes they could be with you” he finished with a slap on his knee
You looked at him with your jaw slightly open, what did he just say to you?
“What?!” You blurted out
Prompto stopped laughing and looked around awkwardly
“Out of line Prompto” Noctis said between laughs.
“I just meant what guy wouldn’t want to be right? Oh what no that’s not right I mean-” Prompto said in a fluster, all you could do was stare at him in shock
“Prompto just shut it” Nocitis was rolling with laughter
All you could do was laugh and roll your eyes, Prompto was being so strange tonight.
“Prompto I think your a little to young for me” you said with a smirk he looked horrified
“Woah! I wasn’t talking about me! I wouldn’t ever! Wait no I mean I totally would but haha” prompt tripped over his words again “I’m just gonna stop now” he was beat red in the face and ears
You laughed again with a smile, these boys were literally the best.
“Best decision you can make is to just stop” Noctis was laughing and having way to much fun at Prompto’s expense
“Would you like a drink?” Ignis offered you a steaming mug of what looked like tea
“Thank you” you said with a small smile and took a sip. Your coughed a little as the taste of the drink is not what you expected, it was warm wine.
“Wow this is really good” you took another sip
“Are you sure?” He noticed you cough on the drink “I can get you something else if you like” he reached for your mug
“No just wasn’t expecting it is all” You pulled it back to your lips
“I like to have a glass in the evening to help relax for a better sleep” Ignis said taking a sip of his own
“I definitely appreciate it, the gods know I need it” you smiled at him, you couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful face, his gorgeous eyes and his sharp jawline made you melt.
He stared back examining the features of your face, and how desperately he wanted to kiss your lips.
“Who’s winning? Y/n don’t blink first” Prompto laughed making you two break eye contact
“I think I won” you smiled at Prompto
“I knew you would, Ignis would do aaaaanyhthing to please you” Prompto said with a wink
You felt your face blush and you looked away taking another drink. What was Prompto getting on at? Was he trying to embarrass Ignis? Was he trying to embarrass you? Maybe he figured out you liked Ignis or worse maybe Gladio told him. If that’s the case did he tell Ignis!?
“Uh pardon me” you said softly getting up from your seat and walking away setting your cup down
You walked behind the tent to try and get a moment alone to collect your thoughts. Was Prompto teasing Ignis cause he likes you? No that couldn’t be.
“Prompto why must you torment me so tonight?” Ignis asked pushing up his glasses
“You’re the best to tease cause you take everything so seriously!” Prompto laughed “and I’ve never seen you have a crush before,” Ignis glared at him “I’ve been waiting my whole life to tease you about this”
“Karmas a bitch, remember that Prompto” Noctis laughed
“I’ll put an end to this nonsense” Ignis just shook his head and stood up
You were still standing behind the tent, you were watching the stars and the night sky again , it really did fascinate you. Ignis had brought you back your mug of warm wine and stood next to you looking at the sky
“I didn’t want it to get cold” he said quietly handing you the drink
You gladly took it from him your fingers brushing his hand and slowly brought it to your lips and took a sip
“You’re a precious gem Iggy” you smiled between sips of wine
He smiled the blush on his cheeks invisible in the darkness.
“The stars are beautiful, you could never see them in the city” you sighed taking in the twinkling lights
“Yes they are quit beautiful” Ignis began to say “but nothing can compare to your beauty” he finished looking at you
All you could do was stare at him with a smile. Had he really just said that to you? You were in shock
“I’m sorry if I am being to forward” He said crossing his arms across his chest “but Prompto was going to give me away sooner or later” he smiled at you
You just smiled back and took your wine and chugged the whole thing back, he stared at you with wide eyes
“Wow I don’t know what to say” you stepped towards him with a smirk, he looked a bit worried “but I like you too” you moved closer to him
He grabbed your arm tenderly and pulled you close, your face inches apart, his breathe warm on your lips. His eyes were staring into yours searching your soul.
As you were about to go in for a kiss you heard the incredibly familiar sound of a camera taking a photo. You turned around quickly and looked behind you, there crouching behind the tent all peeking around the corner were the rest of the boys.
“You couldn’t let me have five minutes alone with her, could you?” Ignis sighed shaking his head
“That’s a keeper!” Prompto cheered jumping up and running over to you showing you shot he just took.
You smiled as you looked at the photo, it was taken so beautifully and made your heart melt.
“You’ve gotta get me a copy” you said with a smirk
“We make a dashing couple” Ignis mused and your heart raced at the words
“Bout time Iggy” Gladio laughed and slapped Ignis on the back
“Happy for you guys but don’t get gross” Noctis tried to say seriously as he hid a smile
All you could do was smile and laugh with the boys. You felt a strong soft hand grab yours and caress the top of your thumb. The way he was staring at you with such admiration and want just made your knees weak.
“Um any way I can get some more of that wine?” You asked Ignis walking back toward the fire
“Of course, anything for you” he said with a smile
“Yeah let’s celebrate!” Prompto pumped his first in the air
“Perfect time as any for a drink” Gladio smiled and walked over to the cooler.
The rest of the night you sat close to Ignis holding his hand. Everyone couldn’t be happier for you two and celebrated the relationship. You literally felt on top do the world and nothing could bring you down.

Give Me Love - Rafinha Alcantara

A/N- You don’t need to, but if you want the storyline to have a bit more background to it you can read the first part here

“Don’t you dare fall asleep,” she hisses, nudging Rafinha’s dropped head off her shoulder.

Although she’s certain tons of girls out there would’ve killed to be sitting in a movie theatre with Rafinha Alcantara resting his head on their shoulders, she’s much more interested in concentrating on the film. A task that’s incredibly difficult to do so when she can feel his gentle breaths hitting her collarbone.

He lets out a low whine in the back of his throat, huffing as he straightens up in his seat. From the corner of her eye she can see him resting his chin in his hand, looking both confused and annoyed as he looks up at the cinema screen.

She almost feels bad for dragging him out to see the chick-flick, but then again he had offered to come. Well, technically, he’d said he’d rather she took him to a movie instead of Jonathan even though they both knew Rafa’s attention span could barely handle 40 minutes of House. It would be a miracle for him to sit through an entire 2 hours of the movie, yet he’d insisted on it (even though a part of her knows he’s just jealous of the idea of his best friend watching a movie in a cinema with her).

“Babe, pass the popcorn,” he says, and she wordlessly hands him the carton as her eyes remain fixated on the screen. Yet her concentration is broken as she becomes aware of Rafa’s hand on her leg, his thumb teasingly tracing circles into the skin of her thigh exposed beneath her dress.

She isn’t all that surprised considering Rafinha is both an emotional and a very physical lover - He’s a 19-year-old boy, what else do you expect? Whenever they’re in each other’s presence he always feels it necessary to have some sort of physical contact with her, whether it’s his pinky intertwined with hers when in the company of their friends or his legs tangled with hers when watching Tv in his and Thiago’s shared flat. Even in the presence of Pep he remains by her side, with either his arm around her shoulders or her hand clasped in his.

She gently pushes his hand off her thigh, only to have him place it right back there again. She looks over at him to see him arching a brow at her, and the mischievous glint in his eye lets her know he’s up to no good.

His hand begins travelling up her thigh and under her dress, his touch feather-light yet still making her squirm in her seat. She jumps as his fingers rub over her panties, her hand immediately grabbing hold of his wrist to stop him. She’s flushing as she can see him smirking at her, before he pulls his hand away. She bites her lip, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear as Rafa stands up, holding his hand out to her.

The movie’s forgotten as she lets him lead her into one of the abandoned bathroom stalls and have his way with her.

Two weeks later she’s sat across from him with a heavy heart, holding back tears that he doesn’t notice. He’s so casual about the whole ordeal and it pains her to see just how little he cares.

“Look, let’s just be happy it was only a scare. You’re not actually pregnant, that’s a huge relief. Pep would’ve had my head on a spike. Thiago too.” he sighs, looking over the menu of the restaurant they’re sat in.

She swallows the lump in her throat.

“But you’d wanna have kids some day, right? With me?” She hates the way her voice is so hopeful at the end, but she also hates the way he doesn’t notice it.

“Kids? I don’t think about that stuff. I don’t have time to think of a future with anything but football,” he says, obliviously chuckling. “You decided what you want?”

She closes her eyes, trying not to let the heavy sobs that want to overcome her take over. He doesn’t see them in the future together. That’s all she needs to know.

Then she opens them and stands up, walking away from him without another word.


“Are you nervous?” She asked him, adjusting his bowtie for him.

Thiago huffed out a breath.

“I’m nervous about this not being how she wants it to be. I’m not nervous about marrying her,” he replied, smiling down at Y/N as she stepped away from him.

“That’s a good thing, Thi. You deserve to be happy,” she spoke sincerely.

Thiago’s smile faded a little.

“And you don’t?” he asked her.

Her face fell and she narrowed her eyes at him, not liking where this was headed.

“It’s your wedding day, Thiago. We’re not discussing this,” she said firmly.

“We’ve never discussed this, Y/N. You haven’t talked to anyone about it - not me, not Julia, not even Pep,” Thiago argued back, hating the fact that he was caught in the middle helplessly.

“Thiago…” She began, closing her eyes and shaking her head. “I just can’t talk about it, okay? And you swore you’d stay out of this.”

Thiago shrugged, crossing his arms.

“It’s my wedding day. I get to do whatever I want. And what I want is for you to tell me what the hell happened between you and Rafa before you left with Pep.”

With his face scrunched up in annoyance as he tugged at the collars of his button down, Rafinha walked through the hallways of the old monastery trying to find his brother. A part of him was itching to go straight inside where the guests were seated just to catch a glimpse of Y/N, but he knew he should find Thiago first.

He paused upon hearing voices - Thiago’s and hers - standing just outside the doorway as he listened to their conversation without really meaning to eavesdrop. But eavesdropping anyway.

“So you wanted a baby? Come on, Y/N, you guys were just teenagers,” he heard Thiago say, certain that his brother was shaking his head, his heart racing as he realized the two of them were talking about him.

“No - I mean, yeah, I did want kids eventually, you know? I wanted to have a future with him, start a family with him, but…” she trailed off, and Rafinha realized he was holding his breath in anxiety of what she would say next.

“But what?” Thiago asked her.

He heard her emit a sigh.

“When I asked him if he’d want kids with me some day, he said he didn’t think of that stuff. That he didn’t think of anything besides football in his future, Thiago. Now you tell me - if that’s not a way to let me down gently, then what is?”

Rafinha’s palms grew sweaty as the memory of that day ran its course through his head. She’d told him she’d had a pregnancy scare. He’d been relieved, knowing that there was no way he would’ve let her leave with Pep had she really been pregnant, not to mention the fact that they were barely old enough to take care of themselves, let alone a baby. He’d blindly answered her that his entire focus was on making a proper career out of football - not for a second had he meant that he didn’t see a future with her in it.

How could she have thought that?

“Y/N, for Christ’s sake…you guys were just teenagers. How on earth could he have known what he wanted back then?” Thiago argued with her, and it gave him a bit of satisfaction to know that his brother was sticking up for him.

“Thiago don’t you think I know that? I do, I know we were just kids but…I panicked. I panicked because I realized how invested I was in him. I was just a girl and I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him, and that terrified me. So I ran.” She finally said to Thiago, making Rafa’s heart both soar and break at the same time.

“And you’ve been running ever since,” was Thiago’s reply before Rafa decided that he’d had enough.

Taking a deep breath, shaking off the effect of everything he’d just heard he called out Thiago’s name and walked through to where the two were, acting completely oblivious.

Y/N jumped at the sound of Rafinha’s voice, her body becoming alert the moment he appeared through the doorway. Dressed in grey slacks and a white button-down that looked way too flattering on him for his own good, he walked towards the two of them with his blazer hung casually over his shoulder.

He let out a whistle as his eyes raked over her, looking like a princess in his eyes in her lightweight grey dress, the color of which matched his suit. Of course, it also matched all of the other groomsmen’s suits. But to him, she matched him. She always had.

“You look…incredible,” Rafa let out, easily settling his hand at her back before leaning down to kiss her cheeks hello. As if he hadn’t last seen her walking away from him, right off the pitch after they’d kissed. As if she hadn’t still been ignoring all of his calls. As if nothing had changed.

“You don’t look all that bad yourself,” she tried to tease, but even Rafa could see the deep shade of crimson that had adorned her cheeks. “I should…I should go. You need to be out in 5 minutes, okay?” She told Thiago, before hurrying out of there much too quickly.

Rafa watched her go, feeling Thiago’s hand on his shoulder the moment she was out of sight.

“You heard.” Thiago said.

“Every bit of it,” Rafinha replied solemnly.


Y/N smiled to herself as she watched Thiago and Julia on the dance floor, the newly married couple completely immersed in their own little world despite them being surrounded by all the others. They looked happy and in love, and the moment was so precious and genuine it brought tears to her eyes.

“Dance with me?” Rafinha’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she looked up to find him standing in front of her, his hand held out.

She knew she should’ve said no, but she blamed the alcohol and her current emotional state on her decision to put her hand in his and let him guide her to the dance floor. She still blamed the alcohol when she let him pull her so close that their bodies were almost touching, and she still blamed the alcohol as she let herself go and relax in Rafinha’s arm, resting her head against his shoulder as they swayed to the soft rhythm of Ed Sheeran’s words.

But she didn’t know what to blame anymore when the song ended and she was being lead towards the benches at the lake by him. She knew this conversation was inevitable - she’d been putting it off for 2 years now. But maybe it was finally time to face her fears.

She sat next to Rafa, who kept a hold of her hand. They sat in silence for a while as the breeze blew around them. She shivered against it, and upon noticing the goosebumps on her arms Rafa let go of her hand to take off his blazer before draping it over shoulders. Then going right back to holding her hand in his as she offered him a grateful smile.

“I heard you and Thiago talking.” He finally spoke up, his eyes trained on the lake in front of him, watching the sun hanging low in the sky.

She felt a sudden panic at the unexpected news, dread going through her. He wasn’t meant to hear all that - he wasn’t meant to know.

“You were eavesdropping on our conversation?” she spluttered out, yanking her hand out of his and scooting back so she could face him properly.

He looked at her, his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched.

“Don’t you dare try and turn this around on me. Not when you walked out on me for the stupidest reason,” he answered back.

“Me? You’re the one who didn’t want a future with me, Rafa. Forgive me for not wanting to waste my time on a relationship that you obviously didn’t see going anywhere,” she scoffed.

Rafa shook his head.

“You’re delusional. You’re delusional and you come up with all these scenarios in your head painting me as the bad guy when really you’re the one who misinterpreted my words and ran off crying like a scared little girl,” he spit back at her harshly.

“That’s not true,” she argued back, her voice trembling.

Rafa let out a breath through his nose, fuming.

“Really? If so, why the hell did you never call me back? Never answered my messages? I tried to get you back, Y/N. I fucking chased you - I’ve been chasing you for the past two years. So don’t you dare sit there and tell me I’m the one who doesn’t want a future with you when it was so easy for you to just push me away.” He vented to her, getting up on his feet. Immediately feeling guilty when he saw the tears brimming in her eyes and the way her knuckles were white from the force with which she gripped the railing of the bench.

“Easy? You think it was easy for me?” she whispers, letting a tear escape. “It was god-damned self-preservation, Rafa. I was protecting myself.”

“Right - because the intensity of your feelings for me terrified you. I get it. But enough is enough, Y/N.” He said, crouching down in front of her and taking her hands in his, his tone softening. “I love you, and I was an idiot for letting you think you didn’t matter to me. I want to watch you walk down the aisle towards me and I want to start a family with you. I want to grow old with you by my side and live every knowing you’re there with me. Please, don’t run away from me again.”

She lets a sob rake over her before squeezing her eyes shut, trying to muster up words to answer him with as he wipes away the tears on her cheeks with a gentleness that softens her on the inside.

“Rafa…where would we even begin? The club-” she began, but he cut her off.

“The club’s always been my home, and yours too. On top of that you’re moving back, so there’s no reason for us to wait,” he replied, hope surging in his heart.

She suddenly frowned.

“Who told you I’m moving back to Barcelona? I’m going to kill Thiago-” she spoke, all of her previous emotion suddenly replaced with an anger that made Rafa want to kiss her.

“It wasn’t Thiago,” he chuckled, stopping her from getting up. “It was Pep.”

Her mouth fell open.

“Oh my God. That traitor!” she exclaimed, shaking her head.

“Oh stop blaming him, he’s rooting for us. Now will you let me kiss you?” he said firmly.

She arched a brow, feeling giddy.

“Wow. Always such a gentleman,” she teased, as his hand cupped her jaw.

“For you, I’ll be anything you want me to be,” he murmured, before finally interlocking their lips together.

It was like two stars colliding giving out a shower of sparks. He was gentle but he was passionate. He kissed her with an urgency that told her just how much of a toll her absence had taken on him yet he was still slow, taking his time to savour and appreciate her.

She hummed in satisfaction as his fingers knotted in her hair and his tongue slipped into her mouth, getting up to sit on the bench beside her without breaking away from her. Unable to get enough of her. 

And everything finally felt right again.


Can we please talk about how after seeing Penny effortlessly defeat Russel and Sky, Ruby was brimming with so much excitement for her dear friend that she just got up and left without a single word to Weiss or anyone on her team? She dashed away in the hopes of catching up to Penny before she and Ciel could leave, and when she did catch up to them, threw her hands up in excitement and literally sang Penny’s name. Penny then proceeded to reply with equal excitement, embracing Ruby with such intensity that she ended up getting knocked onto the ground. 

And even though she was to be quickly escorted away to their next destination, Penny made time to tell Ruby a joke, which allowed them to share a very genuine laugh together, and also to confess that she wished to stay at Beacon. While it can be interpreted as Penny attempting to be closer to Ruby, it also means that the former concocted a plan and was ready to defy both her father and Ironwood’s wishes for something she wanted. 

And that is why this scene was my favorite part of today’s episode. 

From the moment they first met in Volume I where they were very awkward acquaintances, to their last scene together in Volume II where they became close friends who were vocal and physical in expressing their feelings for each other, Penny and Ruby have continued to grow closer and closer as they meet once again in Volume III. 

To be completely honest, I actually teared up at this part because when I saw their expressions in this scene, the way they looked at each other, it was as if I was there and I could feel every single one of their emotions. These two are my favorite pairing and I love the idea of them being together with all my heart. So when I see them like this, together, happy, it makes me happy too. 


genre: angst, romance, marriage, divorce
characters: reader and namjoon, bts
word count: 1953


You want the divorce. Your marriage is not the same. You don’t think he loves you anymore. This is the right thing to do…right?

Part 1//Part 2//

Part 3  Cold breeze

Y/n!“ Jin said excited.

”..yes?“ she responded shyly.

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anonymous asked:

HCs of a very shy and awkward s/o trying to confess to Yuri P., Phichit and Guang Hong? ( I love everything you write aaa ;__; )

bthank you so much!! x 

i hope you like them <3


Yuri P

  • will just be confused and look like this ಠ_ಠ bc he doesn’t know what his s/o’s trying to do
  • ‘oi, speak up would you?’
  • ‘what are you trying to say?’
  • gets a lil frustrated when he thinks his s/o’s gonna do something but they just kinda dawdle
  • like if his s/o asked to spend some time alone with them later bc they had something to tell him and when he met up with them it was just kind of awkward and quiet he’d be like ಠ_ಠ????ಠ_ಠ???ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
  • he likes it when things just get to the point
  • kinda oblivious at first that they’re trying to confess to him
  • bUT if he does catch on and realises that his precious lil shy s/o is trying to confess he’s still a lil irritated that they can’t just get the confession out bc he wants to hear it from them, but he’s more empathetic and won’t try to force them to do it
  • might smile to himself if they are hanging out together and his s/o tries to begin their confession but gets shy and backs out
  • he finds it kinda endearing and cute
  • if his s/o is visibly feeling awkward, he doesn’t quite know what to do bc 87% of the time he’s also feeling awkward, so he might just try to pat their head as a kind of reassurance or way to make things physically less awkward between them
  • tries to be less aggressive around them so that they feel more comfortable around him
  • bUT he does want that confession so that their relationship can develop further
  • if his s/o does confess to him, he’ll have this soft smile and will just kinda be like ‘took you long enough,’ and might pull them into a hug or a kiss bc he knows that it would have taken a lot of effort and courage for them to actually confess to him


  • it only takes him one or two attempts from his s/o for him to realise that they had been trying to confess to them
  • he gets v happy and smiley bc aw
  • he finds their shy nature to be quite adorable
  • is sO patient in waiting for a confession
  • won’t try to force it out of his s/o
  • he’ll try to make his s/o more comfortable around him so that confessing might be easier
  • now that he’s aware that his s/o wants to confess to him, if he notices that they’re preparing to confess to him he’ll try to subtly reassure them with a hug or just a smile
  • it doesn’t bother him too much whether or not his s/o confesses to him verbally; knowing that his s/o has feelings for him is enough to keep him happy
  • just the swEEtest bean ok 
  • doesn’t want to rush his s/o, he’ll just let them take their time with it and let them confess when they’re ready
  • if his s/o did something awkward or is visibly feeling awkward, he will try to lighten the mood which is not hard bc his smile&laugh is inFectiOUS
  • if his s/o does confess to him, his eyes will just light up and his smile becomes the most radiant thing ever and he’ll just reply in the most cheerful tone ever ‘i like you too!’


  • is oblivious at first in the cutest way
  • just kinda like ???(◕‿◕✿)???
  • kinda of brushes it off at first and just continues to be super playful and chill with them
  • if his s/o had tried and failed several times to confess to him, he would start to get a little confused and would ask leo or pichit about what was happening and what it meant; they would have to help him out on this
  • when he finds out that his s/o wanted to confess to him, he’d look like :o but his eyes would kind of twinkle bc omgtheylikeme
  • suPer hopeful anytime he sees his s/o after that
  • like he really wants to hear it so that maybe something else could happen between them
  • he finds it adorable when his s/o gets shy
  • he really wants them to confess but he won’t try to rush them into it in any way
  • he’ll just continue to be the sweetest bby to them
  • hopes that one day they’ll be comfortable enough around him to do it
  • but he’s super understanding that it’s in his s/o’s nature to be shy and he wouldn’t change the way that they are
  • if his s/o did confess to him, he would break out into the most precious softest smile and would look like he might almost cry bc he’s just so happy and his heart would just swell with affection for his s/o
  • the wait would have made it all the more memorable
  • he’s proud of his s/o for doing something that was a little outside of their comfort zone
  • really appreciates that they confessed to him despite it possibly being difficult for them
  • he’ll reply and tell them that he feels the same 
  • would ask if he could hold or hug or kiss them with a massive blush on his face; he doesn’t want to do anything that would make his s/o uncomfortable

 Where is she? Left and right and left and right he madly paced. The beat of his heart wouldn’t stop pounding maniacally. The flow of his breath only grew harsher and harsher. Where is she where is she where is she WHERE IS SHE?! One by one by one his mind began to overflow with guesses and assumptions. Sweat trickled from the sides of his head. Teeth gritted tightly until his jaw strained.

 Memories of the battle between Hoshido came popping into his mind, further tightening the bars of his teeth. Memories of Kamui’s indescribable expression once she learned the truth came splattered in his thoughts, causing him to cringe in utter discomfort.

 Memories of the young woman transforming into a dragon and flying off after being pressured to choose sank deep into his frantic heart, finally ceasing him in his agitated steps.

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