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The Cutie List!!

Apologies if I can’t remember how adorable you are (^-^)/ I’m only listing the people I’m talking to or seeing this exact second so yeah o.o

@angstphilosophy look at this complete cutie!! They’re trying to escape but it’s too late!! Their adorableness has been discovered!!! And there’s so much of it!!! They’re SO CUTE!!!!

@atomiktaco okay go look at their icon alone and tell me they’re not the most adorable person EVER!!! Cause you can’t!! They’re so nice and amazing and CUTE!!!! It can never be hidden cause everyone automatically goes awwww when they see them!!!!

@jiminy-krispies *smoochies* they’re going to sleep but they’re super cute too!!! And they make me smile and wanna cuddle ‘em cause they got so much adorableness in their cute lil smile and fluffy hair!! They is so super adorable!!

@thatonegirrl16 they’re so talented!!! Like super duper talented!! And so nice!!  It makes them even CUTER. AND OH MY GOSH THEY JUST SENT ME AN ASK AND AAAAAAAAAA I CAN’T STOP SMILING THEY’RE SO NICE OKAY THEY’RE SO NICE

@http-jack I just found them but!!!! They’re so nice!! And super talented!!! And so adorable!!!!!! They deserve SO MANY HUGS!!!!!

@tintas-galhadas don’t think I forgot you!!! This person is working super hard to do stuff right now but they still deserve all the loves!!!! CAUSE THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!! AND TALENTED AND AMAZING AND SWEET!!!!!

@teacup-satan psst they are so super cute like oh my gosh they are the visual representation of a kitten yawn I swear 

@pandapopplay is super talented!! And really really nice!!! And aaaaa THEY’RE SO ADORABLE!!!

and um um that’s all I can think of right now!!! But all of these people!!! Are SO CUTE!!! THEY BELONG ON THE CUTIE LIST!!!! And if you’re still reading you do too :) 


Here she is!! Her name is Brenna but I call her Mouthy One.

The College Experience; alternatively, What To Do In Case of Goblins

so my friends and i were looking for a place to study after midnight on campus, and so we headed over to the basement of the english building to see if there were any unused classrooms. we were having a good time, laughing and joking about being in this unfamiliar realm at night. looking in the windows, most rooms had a few people in them, so we went into the first dark one we saw. i should mention, the door to the classroom is inside an alcove, so directly to the right of the door inside the classroom is hidden from sight from outside the door. we entered the room unsuspectingly, which was a horrible mistake, because there was someone hiding in the hidden corner of the classroom.
the conversation went something like this. 

friend 1: “follow me into this dark room~!! sshh be quiet now~!” 
friend 1: *turns around to see the dude sitting there, holding his phone (on the home screen, so you know he just closed whatever he was looking at) sweater pulled hastily down over his lap*
friend 1: oh shit, you need a minute? 
jerk-off goblin: *staring into the distance* “do you guys have class in here?”
friend 2: “..no, do you?” 
and then we ran. we found another classroom to work in, truly empty (thank god). but hes still there sitting in the dark jerking off in some nondescript classroom.

and in short that is what college is like. you think you’re gonna have a fun and productive time working with your friends and then you encounter a jerk-off goblin lurking in a basement and you Suffer. 

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can asexuals find other people good-looking? i think i'm ace but i'm not sure because i think i've had crushes on particularly nice looking celebs and people in general? i think that aesthetically both girls and boys are really gorgeous and i might want to kiss them and stare at them but i don't want to have sex, so i don't know.

Yeah, definitely! That’s called aesthetic attraction, when you really enjoy looking at somebody without it being attached to wanting to do anything physical with them. If you sometimes want to kiss them or otherwise cuddle/touch in nonsexual ways, that’s called sensual attraction. And if you get crushes and want to date someone, that’s romantic attraction. You can feel all of that without feeling sexual attraction, which is the key part of being ace. 

You can love looking at pretty people, want to kiss them, want to date them, and still be asexual.

look people, stop reblogging photosets just to complain about them in the tags.

I get it, a lot of you are weirded out by the idea of beardless Blackwall - and apparently not aware that beards do come off in the real world as well - but then just don’t reblog, or you know interact with the phototset?

Do you have any idea how obnoxious is is to go through my notifications, and having to see so many people complaining about beardless blackwall?  You do realise I can see your tags right? I kinda can’t avoid seeing them unless I never go into my notifications and start to ignore people.

Not to mention that after having posted a few of these phoptosets where Blackwall “isn’t himself because I can’t deal with it”, I’ve literally seen every tag possible.

And I get it, I don’t like seeing Dorian without his moustache, but do I reblog those sets with long lamenting tags? And old jokes? Nope. I just reblog a photoset where he does have his moustache.

Which isn’t even getting to the point of why are you even reblogging something you clearly dislike so much you can’t shut up about it?

Not to mention what has landed in my inbox.

And if you think you’re being funny, look, the ‘put it back or so help me’ joke has been done by everyone already, we’re good on that joke. In tag form and gif form.

harry and louis are such a good looking couple!!!!!!!!!!!!… fate worked very hard to put two people like them together to live happily ever after… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Angelkin piss me off. Angels aren't "uwu humans with wings". They don't look human at all, people in the bible were terrified of them SINCE THEY DIDN'T LOOK HUMAN. In Sodom, an angel had to /disguise as a human/ to get Abraham's brother out of there. Angels don't get reincarnated either way, there would be no point in it. God probably wouldn't put an angel in a whiny 16 year old "vessel" anyway. I love how they want people to respect them, but greatly disrespect stuff, such as religion.



SN: From the Economist comes “Parkageddon”. The concept seems so simple but so few cities in North America seem to be onboard. Size is not a distinguishing factor here, all population centers should be aware of the impact that parking has on their environment from both a health and aesthetic standpoint. Cities should be designed for communities to gather not as Walmart parking lots.

How not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl; Don’t let people park for free

…parking influences the way cities look, and how people travel around them, more powerfully than almost anything else. Many cities try to make themselves more appealing by building cycle paths and tram lines or by erecting swaggering buildings by famous architects. If they do not also change their parking policies, such efforts amount to little more than window-dressing. There is a one-word answer to why the streets of Los Angeles look so different from those of London, and why neither city resembles Tokyo: parking.

For as long as there have been cars, there has been a need to store them when they are not moving—which, these days, is about 95% of the time. The parking problem in the US can be loosely traced to 1923, when Columbus, Ohio began to insist that builders of flats create parking spaces for the people who would live in them. “Parking minimums”, as these are known, gradually spread across America. Now, as the number of cars on the world’s roads continues to grow, they are spreading around the world.

The harm caused begins with the obvious fact that parking takes up a lot of room. A typical space is 12-15 square metres; add the necessary access lanes and the space per car roughly doubles.

The more spread out and car-oriented a city, as a result of enormous car parks, the less appealing walking and cycling become. Besides, if you know you can park free wherever you go, why not drive? The ever-growing supply of free parking in America is one reason why investments in public transport have coaxed so few people out of cars, says David King of Arizona State University. In 1990, 73% of Americans got to work by driving alone, according to the census. In 2014, after a ballyhooed urban revival and many expensive tram and rapid-bus projects, 76% drove.

Free parking is not, of course, really free. The costs of building the car parks, as well as cleaning, lighting, repairing and securing them, are passed on to the people who use the buildings to which they are attached. Restaurant meals and cinema tickets are more pricey; flats are more expensive; office workers are presumably paid less. Everybody pays, whether or not they drive. And that has an unfortunate distributional effect, because young people drive a little less than the middle-aged and the poor drive less than the rich. In America, 17% of blacks and 12% of Hispanics who lived in big cities usually took public transport to work in 2013, whereas 7% of whites did. Free parking represents a subsidy for older people that is paid disproportionately by the young and a subsidy for the wealthy that is paid by the poor.

A few crowded American cities, including San Francisco, have watered down their parking minimums. One shrinking city (Buffalo, in New York state) has abolished them entirely. But most of the country seems to be stuck with a hugely costly and damaging solution to the parking problem. And the American approach to parking is spreading to some of the world’s fastest-growing cities.

SN: Click through to the article for more examples and proposed solutions. It’s worth the read.

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What do think is the chemistry between grimmjow and ichigo? What's the appeal?

Short version:

Ichigo is a highly empathetic character, and he understands Grimmjow despite Grimm’s stubborn refusal to show anything other than unadulterated rage

Long version:

And I’m so sorry because I got waaay into it and it got really long.

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Candles, Pillows and Phone Cases

Originally posted by andantegrazioso


Why the weird ass title Amanda?

Good question my friend, wonderful question actually because I have some exciting news.

My sister and I have decided to do business together. (Outside of working at dominos together). 

We want to start making and selling those three items. They are basic items that we enjoy and know that they are three itmes that everyone else will/do enjoy as well.

Right now we are in the middle of pricing and searching for products to use. If this works out we will make an Etsy page/shop (whichever you fancy).

We need your help with getting the word out and with ideas. 

We know that the candles will be sold first. We want to know what kind of candles people are looking for. We can’t sell them without knowing what people are wanting. Would rather have a basic idea than just willy nilly sell some and it not work out for us. Nothing has been made yet and we don’t even know prices. It’s basically only an idea and all the tools sitting and waiting to be made. We really really hope these work out and that’s why I’m here with this post for you guys. 

We will have come up with three categories of candles to chose from:
Basic, Custom, and Fandom. 

Okay, Amanda, that’s nice and all but I need more information about these categories. I want a candle to smell like Sam. Make it happen.

Want a candle to smell like Sam? Okay. Well, what specifically, Cedar, Musk, and Leather or Books, Gunpowder, and Oak? Because those are my best guess at what he would smell like…

That’s why we need your help. Sent me a charater and scents you would assosiate with them (that could be purchaced at hobby lobby or online) send me a spesific location like The Bunker or Hell and we can have those basic background candles made too. We want this to be fun and to actually make some kind of profit from it. 

So we won’t limit ourselves to just the Supernatural fandom. The Marvel fandom as well. (As we actually make money off these candles more fandoms will be added to the list)

Basic candles will be simply as stated. Basic colors and scents, but scents that linger and actually work. Like Lavender, Vanilla, and Sea Breeze. (these are ones that I know I personally like and that actually fill the air unlike a lot out there) 

Custom candles we want you to tell us what specific color and scent you want and we’ll make it. Also straight forward. If you want a blue candle that smells like cinnamon we’ll do it. 

The more I explain the longer this post gets, but I’m excited I’m sorry >.<

The Pillows and Phone Cases will be set up the same way as far as we have planned. These two will be made later on down the road after the sucsess of the candles.

That’s something else. We don’t have a name for these products. We need that more than anything. I laughed at my weird and not going to happen name. ‘AA Aroma’ (my name being Amanda and my sisters name being Ashley) but like I said that isn’t happening. 

Send me ideas for a product name guys. Remember we will have pillows and phone cases later on down the line so the name as to fit with those two items as well.

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Hey!! So I was looking up other NHL imagines or other people that wrote them and I can honestly say that yours are the best. Your writing is so awesome like it's not awkwardly written at all it's just so perfect I don't know I how to describe it❤️❤️ keep up X😘❤️

Asdfjkl it’s been 84 years since someone has complimented me like this on anon thank you so much ???!!!!! This is unbelievably sweet and i love it!!! Thank you friend :’)))))

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I have this headcanon that stiles is bi and one day he and Lydia are out somewhere and he tells her that there's a guy checking her out and she looks and says he's not even that cute and Stiles is like uh he does have a nice ass



Grant, Candice and Keiynan cuteness before filming
(a very spoilery scene, proceed with caution)

Day 7: V

V posing with a ‘V’ sign (◐▽◐)

Guys, he’s not blind…yet. But I made him bump into the glass anyway hahaha

Happy Valentine’s week! ❤

Day 7 of @mysticmessimaginesevent ^^