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@klanceweek Day 5: Partners in Crime

Content Warning: Violence

“Have I told you,” Lance says, tone conversational and pleasant as if talking about the weather, “that you look very nice today?”  He shoots a projection in the head and continues.  “I mean, you look very nice every day, but I wanted to comment anyways.”

“Noted.”  Keith drags Lance with him towards a wall they can use as cover, cursing viciously as they narrowly avoid bullets.  “I appreciate it.”

By the time they stop running, Lance is already holding a sniper rifle; it’s almost unfair how quickly the man can create objects in dreams.  “Did you do something with your hair?”  He looks down the scope and pulls the trigger.  Something explodes in the distance.  There’s a lot of screaming. “I bet it’s the hair.”

It is the hair, but Keith will be damned before he admits it.  “Nope.”  A projection is trying to sneak towards them from behind.  Keith throws a knife at them.  “Guess again, Casanova.”

Lance scoffs.  “Liar.  It’s the hair.”

“Uh, no it’s not?”

“You’re lying,” Lance says, singsong voice completely incongruous with the violent chaos surrounding them.  “Your face is doing the thing you do when you’re lying.”

There are perks to being good friends with a Forger, but this is not one of them.  Keith splutters. “You’re not even looking at me!”

“I don’t have to.  I know you too well.”  Lance shoves his rifle towards Keith, raising his eyebrows expectantly.  “Hold my flower.”

Keith sighs, but replies with, “Kick their ass, baby.  I got yo flower.”  It’s worth it when Lance offers him a sunny smile before throwing a grenade at the angry mob approaching them.  

You sure know how to pick them, an imaginary Shiro says with fond exasperation.

I really do, Keith thinks.

Quick drawing and fic-thing from my Inception AU.  Probably won’t be part of the main fic I’m working on, but it was fun to write anyways haha.  Used a reference for the drawing because I am Bad at Poses.


Bts reacting to you cooking dinner for them for the 1st time!


“Woooow! Baby this is wonderful! Thank you so much! It all looks so great. Where should I start? Because I was thinking with you…” *smirky as hell*

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“You are the girl of my dreams. An angel with the key to my heart, food. I’m amazed, shook, truly. Thank you.”

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“For me? Baby! You shouldn’t have! Here stand next to the table so i can take a picture!”

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“Is it poisonous?”


“Did you cook it all the way through?”

“Eat the damn thing!”

“I’m going to die tonight.”

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“You made this because you want me chubby, don’t you? It’s okay! I like being chubby.”

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“All this? Its so much! I’ll eat it all though! For you. Thank you so much jagi.”

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“Woaaah! It looks good! I’m ready to eat and eat it all so I could become stonger! Thank you so much baby!”

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Dark Light

So I was reading the translated lyrics for Daehyun’s song, you can find them here. He dedicated the song to babyz, am I the only one reading into these lyrics as something really personal? What he felt during the lawsuit and even now.
“Don’t leave me baby.”
“A painful memory, a sad memory. No it’s over!”
“Hold my hands closely.”
“I know. I know. I’m still with you.”
Like just look at these lines! 

exo-m as dads

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- honestly the softest bean

- would always make them food and feed them even when they say they can already do that themselves

- soccer evenings tbh

- he would also play soccer with them all the damn time

- probably jumps around like a quirky fluff ball when his child says “dad” for the first time

- lu would make stupid faces to make his children laugh

- takes a picture of every damn shit…even their first poo bc he is just THAT sort of proud

- would teach his children all sorts of language he knows

- will deny that he ever had a song named lu when they ask

- would only let sehun or minseok babysit his children

- pinches their cheeks and always say how soft and cute they are

- will probably still look younger than his children (does he even age??)

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- let’s all be real, this is minseok. he’d probably get the best dad award before his child is even born

- most likely to pain the entire children’s bed room by himself and even more likely that the color will be the same as his hair

- piggy back rides…AND A DAMN LOT OF THEM

- will cook for them and tries his best to make it healthy but still tasty (and ofc succeeds bc this is kim minseok we are talking about)

- when the kid gets injured he’d give a kiss on the band aid (which has depending if its a girl or a boy either bunnies or dinosaurs)

- would teach his kids how to ride a bike and make a video of it

- his children are probably going to get a nobel peace prize bc he raised them just THAT well

- would play tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny and whatever fairytale for them

- once they hit puberty he’d be the cool dad and all. would allow them more stuff, but not too much

- would buy them what they want, but will try hard to not spoil them 

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- father to the next generation of super musicians and actors

- is probably trying too hard to be a good father

- often busy, but would call and facetime all the time

- most likely to have his children in the same kindergarten, elementary and high school as baekhyun’s

- would always tell his children how beautiful they are

- always proud. literally. child fails a subject? no problem, he’d say they’ll do better on the next test

- very likely to have more photos of his children in his purse than cash

- would drive his children anyway and sing during the drive 

- would believe his children over anyone

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- the type of dad to scare his kid’s friends away at first, but then turns out to be the softest potato in the kettle

- kids will speak english, chinese and korean before they entre kindergarten. safe call

- suho is the mom. fite me

- would be a rather chill father tbh

- when suho flips his shit about his children failing a subject or getting drunk kris is like “hey, we used to be children, too. and we were wild”

- first present is most likely a telescope so they can watch the galaxy

- burned toast for breakfast basically

- everyday is selca day

- philosophical quotes in the birthday cards bc why not

- would prolly communicate with emojis 

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- oh god this is going to be a ride

- too swag to change diapers he says, but he’d do it still

- tries hard not to cry, squeal or lose his shit when his child does something utterly cute

- death glare @ everyone who wanna mess with his children

- never ending competition on whose baby is better with sehun

- “My kid can already count.”

- “Well, my kid already knows the principle of pythagoras”

- designer diapers provided by gucci much

- gucci barbie dresses

- gucci toothbrush

- gucci everything

- probably the kid’s middle name is gucci

- kids will prolly get into martial arts

- a lot of dog x baby pics on his instagram

- disgusted faces at poop and puke but would judge everyone who’d say “ew” and look at them like “dat ew is my child u wanna fite?”

- if he doesn’t get gucci stuff at father’s day he is gonna be one sulky individual

- at first he would be very much confused and would call luhan to help him bc he clearly doesn’t know what to do to calm a baby down

- when the child hits puberty he would involuntarily witness that there exist more salty people than him and would cry and then ground them

- the only one cooler than him has to be his child ok

- random nicknames given that he’ll forget the following day tbh

- has no chill when his child causes trouble, prolly turns into a drill sergeant when he is pissed 

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- what do you expect, he is a beagle

- prolly pouts when the child gets more attention than him

- the kid is likely to be more mature than him

- 5000 watt smile children

- excited over everything

- clingiest dad alive

- “dad, it’s just a sleepover…”

- “i know, perfect for father-son time!”

- his, bbh’s and pcy’s child would definitely become the new chaos trio

- angelic voice much

- would lose his child in the ice cream parlor 

- and then piss his pants bc wow he really managed to lose his child

- turns out child makes a public announcement in the mall

- “hey, i lost my clumsy dad, pls return… or no, just keep him.”


A/N: wrote this really quick. So I guess it’s a blurb? I don’t know tbh. BUT ENJOY.

“No baby, that’s not how you pronounce it. Look at me. Look at my lips-”

Shawn’s frown of concentration immediately turned into a smirk and you just knew that he would say something back.

“We both know that I can do more than just look at-”

You snapped your fingers in his face and groaned as you shook your head in annoyance.

“Shawn, we’re meeting my parents in 2 days. You gotta get this right if you wanna impress them.” Crossing your arms you made your serious face, only to earn another laugh from Shawn.

You didn’t respond and just stared at him.

“Okay, okay! Let me repeat what I understand.” He cleared his thrust and thought to himself for a second. “Hola, yo me llamo Shawn. Soy el novio de Y/N” he continued.

A smile grew on your face and you clapped in approval. “Yes! You got that completely right. Very good pronunciation, babe”. You leaned in, cupping his cheeks and gave him a quick peck on his soft lips.

Shawn blushed lightly at your words and pecked your lips back. He bit his bottom lip once he pulled away.

“Okay what’s next?” He rubbed his hands together confidently and sat down on the bed.

Thinking for a second, you decided on teaching him the basics for now.

You went on for a few minutes, mostly focusing on his pronunciation because he seemed to have more trouble with that.

After a while, you both were now laying on your sides, facing each other. Your fingers stroked his fluffy brown hair, which made him close his eyes lovingly.

“Y/N?” Shawn whispered, his voice deep and raspy. It was getting late, and you could make out a hint of sleepiness.

“Hmm?” You continued to comb your fingers through his hair and then slowly move them up and down his back.

Shawn’s eyes opened and looked straight into yours. “You know that tattoo of yours? It’s in Spanish right?”

Nodding with a smile, you sat up and leaned on your elbows. “Yeah, what about it? Wanna see it again? It’s pretty cool, I don’t blame you.” You said jokingly as you pulled your shirt up to the side so your ribcage was revealed.

Your first tattoo, out of everything, it was the one thing you were so sure of ever wanting.

Tracing your finger on the 1 year old jet black ink, a smile grew on your face as you looked at Shawn.

“What does it mean again?” Shawn whispered as he sat up as well.

“I’ve told you many-” you began but got interrupted.

“I didn’t say I forgot. I just like hearing it” Shawn simply said.

A small smile grew on your face, you nodded and began your story.

Growing up, life was thrown at you like a fucking dodgeball. You had to catch it to be safe. Unfortunately for you, you could never catch it. Your early teenage years had fucked you up big time.

You had it all. And no, not in a good way. You dealt with every harsh word, action, secret, and rumor that was thrown at you. But each scarred you just a little, each and every time.

Insecurity was your biggest enemy. In fact, it still is to this day.

You grew up believing that you weren’t beautiful. That you weren’t strong enough. And that you simply didn’t deserve anything.

But it wasn’t until 2 years ago, that you had finally started to heal. You chose not to remember the past.

And so you got a tattoo instead. Small, simple, and in cursive.

It says, “Hermosa.” Which means beautiful.

You are hermosa. And although it took you so long to believe it, you knew that this tattoo would never let you forget it.

Finishing your story, you saw a crystal clear tear run down Shawn’s cheek.

Wiping it away, he pulled you into his arms again.

“Tú eres mi niña hermosa.”

You are my beautiful girl.

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(not a question. okay well... a question but statement form IDK JUST YEAH) Jungkook was tan and looked amazing. (?) im saying that as in "do you agree?" cause wooo buddy he looked FINE LAST NIGHT AT THEM AWARDS. SHOW OFF YO SKILLS MY ANGEL BABY

dskdsmklmsd (this is me agreeing)

Du Riechst So Gut 95

This song still gives me chills. It may be from their first album but it remains one of their best.

Till is so hot but he looks as though he’s about to pull a Lecter and bite your face off.

90% of the budget was spent on baby oil.

Those Goggles are doing something to me.

Bless them. They all look so uncomfortable, but so beautiful. Paul and Richard are really struggling to take this seriously and I can’t say I blame them.

I usually prefer my Ollie without a side of hair but he’s just stunning here.  

That moment when Till looks up with those beautiful green eyes. Have you no regard for my ovaries?!

Also why does he have prettier lips than me, and most other women.

Awkward and 90′s as it may be I still love this video. There’s something very appealing about its simplicity and rawness. Getting to admire six sexy shirtless men isn’t a bad deal either.

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Canon Shiro is 25 and canon Pidge is 14. Do you ignore this when you ship them? What kind of thought process do you have? (Btw I'm not judging. I lowkey ship it too, but I'm genuinely curious as to what you think of the age difference)

I’ve explained my thought process in previous asks. I think when they said 14-25, they were giving a general age range for the Paladins that anyone could interpret for themselves. For example, children may see them as adults, preteens may see them as being in their teens, and adults may see them as older teens or early 20s.

Because I grew up military (and as I’ve been rewatching and adjusting ages in my mind based on maturity), I believe none of them are younger than 17. Genius or not, Pidge is way too mature to be 14. Shiro is at most two years older than the others. (Besides, he looked like a total baby before his trauma did him in!)

I just found the saddest thing, guys.
I found a litter of five bunny kits and they had all passed away. They’re so small it looks like they were born during this past week’s snow storm. Like, I’ve never teared up while doing my hobby before but by golly I did when I picked up these babies. The momma had kicked them out of her burrow and she was actually sitting fairly closely to me watching her babies.

I’m so sorry bunny mama but I swear I’ll take care of these little darlings for you.

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Also I can't stop looking at all your snoodles, I love them. I have a classic corn, she's very weird and adorable. I want so many snakes but I live in an apartment 😭😭 You live the dream.

D’aww, thank you! I love my babies, too, and it’s always wonderful to meet another snake enthusiast! 

I think it’s really admirable that you’re limiting yourself to one very well-loved, well-cared-for snake in your apartment instead of trying to house more and compromising space for each animal. That’s the sign of a good reptile keeper and a good snakefriend. <3 <3 <3

Also, classics get overlooked a lot because they’re “normal” or whatever but the classic wild-type corn snake is a creature of beauty. Their colors and patterns are quite striking and I think they’re severely underrated as a morph. 
Classic corn snakes 4eva!

Who feels that Nazz and Kevin’s rolls should have been switched upon being asked where babies came from?

I dislike how Nazz is hardly able to control herself. She is always the one to teach Sarah and Jimmy. Nazz looks out for them. Seeing her like this feels so out of character.

My favorite trait about Nazz is how she is sincere and protective. Making fun of others is against how she acts towards humanity.

I’m surprised how mature Kevin was. I applaud him for keeping his cool and explaining in the best way he could where babies came from.

What are your opinions about this scene?

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I hate myself bc I get a bit jealous when I think about other people discovering bts and they can't be my secret anymore. But then again I want everyone to know who they are, I want them to be number 1 of everything lol

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Okay, like I agree. I want to keep them my secret (even though they’re not at all small lol) but I see them on the carpet and how happy and healthy they look. They’re so excited and in their element. I want everyone to know the true talent that is BTS. Like I’ve heard fire play 500 times and I’ve cried because they’ve come so far! Like what? Who knew these young babies who were asking people to come to their shows gets flown to Las Vegas because of us!? Everyone needs to bow down to our boys because they’ll always be ours! Okay, I’ll shut up. lol

[Announcement type thingy]

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5 things I like about you: 1) Your pastel babies. I love mer Oliver and angel Oliver so much and how you characterize them. 2) Your artstyle; it looks to have a Disney influence, and it's nostalgic while also being its own unique thing. 3) The passion you have for your characters. The love you have for them is obvious, and I love that. 4) You're a talented story-teller! 5) You're so sweet and supportive towards other artists, which is amazing and there needs to be more of that on here <3

Thank you, anon! I really appreciate that your enjoy my characters and art! This means a lot right now, since I’ve been stressed out lately over school and my art! I hope you have a good afternoon!))

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Just ignore those salty people, love! Let’s us focus on supporting our boys, gushing over how amazing they look, and let it be known how proud we are of them! Those people don’t deserve an ounce of attention and they can stay mad lmao