look at them hugs and i got them all on film

can I talk about my favorite Astro bros

okay first off is moonbin and rocky
“we’ve known each other the longest” “7 years” rocky is kinda camera shy still and awkward when he’s being filmed bc he’s used to dancing as his performance that he can perfect before showing but when filming interviews or variety or even vapp he can’t practice and he’s still learning to improvise so he really looks up to moonbin bc moonbin has been in the business for so long rocky respects moonbin and wants his attention and approval

then moonbin and eunwoo
I’m happy these two got the 2 person room I feel like of all of ASTRO they are the most likely to go to bed at a reasonable hour and I feel like they have bonded bc they have been in the entertainment industry before the band as child stars and kind of just understand each other.

rocky and eunwoo
they like to hug each other which makes me happy like one of them is talking to the camera and the other one just clings on to him both of them are also v shy when the camera is in their face and they probably have bonded over their platonic love for moonbin

and sanha and jinjin
nerds with their matching slippers I feel like sanha jinjin dynamic is like sanha is the baby and jinjin feels as the leader and as one of the older members he’s gotta be sure to watch out for sanha also jinjin is kinda chill and mellow and sanha is sometimes not so chill and mellow and I think the two of them make a good dynamic like they can be fun

then jinjin and mj
so as the two oldest members they have probably bonded over that and jinjin has someone to help him out with keeping the crazy bunch of boys calm and he turns to mj for help but mj has probably joined in the crazy boy chaos and jinjin just sighs.

sanha and mj
youngest and oldest. (Almost) tallest and the smallest. mj is a big influence on sanha the two of them go and get coffee for the group and mj is like lol lemon juice thatd be funny and sanha is thinking “wow he’s a genius amazing so funny” and they are both so excited to prank their leader I feel like this would be a common occurrence

jinjin and rocky
The two rappers who create a good dynamic: jinjin whos voice is deeper and rapping is slower and somehow smooth and rocky road who’s style is hard and fast and energy pumping. performance wise I think they are the most fun to watch especially with their rendition of give me everything