look at them girls

February 10, 2017 (Day 230)

“Babe? Sorry I’m late. The meeting with Dr. Manning ran long. Babe?” 

The only sound Rick heard in the brownstone was music coming from upstairs. He followed the music until he reached his and Michonne’s bedroom. The sounds of Bruno Mars’ Chunky greeted him.

If you ain’t here to party take your ass back home
If you getting naughty, baby here’s my phone
Slide with your boy to the bar
Slide with your boy to the car
I’ve been searching everywhere and now here you are

Rick walked over to the attached bathroom and saw Michonne standing in front of the mirror getting ready. Well, she was supposed to be getting ready. She currently had her eyes closed and was dancing and singing along to the song. Rick decided to enjoy the show and see how long it would take his wife to notice him.

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I can understand why Onision doesn’t like tall women & claims they’re ‘masculine’, some guys are just intimidated by tall women … Just like some guys are intimidated by strong, confident women their own age, so they date teenage girls who look up to them. That makes these men 'feel’ masculine.