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The most important thing in my life, and the thing I try to focus on, is to try not to live a life of cruelty. That means trying to make sure I look people in the eye when I meet them. Sometimes you jump in a taxi, or maybe you only have two minutes with someone, and you never see them again. I try to always look them in the eye and have a real experience of what it is to communicate with someone…I guess it’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world….While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here.


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“You knew about it?!” Both girls demanded making you look down to avoid making eye contact with either of them. Betty and Veronica had found the playbook that you’ve heard so much about and discovered your name was in it, beside your boyfriend Reggie’s name.

“Reggie told me about it” you muttered “he told me about it after the two of us started dating. He promised me after that that he’d never write my name it in it again”.

“You should of said something” Betty said, she was obviously hurt and you had no idea how you could possible make this situation better for her “did you know Polly’s name was in there?!”.

“No! Betty of course not. I didn’t ever see the playbook, I didn’t even know where it was. If I told anyone I’d have no evidence and… I don’t I just thought it was a stupid thing guys do. I didn’t take it seriously”.

“[Y/N] treating girls like sex objects is something to be taken seriously” said Veronica “especially when they lie about it to the entire school and call girls sluts”.

“I agree with you that’s it’s gone too far” you insisted “I never thought it would come to this and I’m sorry. I’ll help you guys in anyway I can”.


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Sorry this turned into a Sastiel x Destiel fight, but it was comical in my brain this morning!

Summary: Dean is pissed when Sam and Cas tell him they’re dating.

Sam’s hand reached for Cas’s on the table.  “We’re, um,” he looked to Cas as he continued to speak.  “We’re together.”

Mary’s face lit up, smiling in happiness for her younger son.  “Oh, Sam!  I’m so happy for you!”  

Sam smiled his gratitude to his mother, his eyes downcast as he turned toward his older brother for approval.

Dean looked between the three of them, eyes landing finally on Sam and Cas’s joined hands.  “Hmph,” he grunted.  “Well, nobody cares.”

If Dean noticed the shock on Mary, Sam, or Cas’s face at his response, he ignored it.  He immediately changed the subject, talking about their plan for the stake out of the house they were investigating that night.

When they left the diner after lunch, the foursome split up: Dean and Mary to go interview some witnesses and Sam and Cas to the library for some last-minute research.

Once Dean had shut the door to the Impala and turned the engine on, Sam turned to Cas smiling.

“Our plan is working,” he said, clapping Cas on the back.  

“I’m not sure that it is, Sam,” Cas replied, skeptical.

Sam scoffed, steering Cas down the sidewalk.  “Of course it is.  He was pissed.  Soon enough he’ll be admitting to himself that he has feelings for you, especially now that he knows he can’t have you!”

Cas sighed, hoping Sam was right.  He guessed they’d just have to wait and see.

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Letter writing is a great idea but some parents (mine!) will think this method very impersonal and get very offended, so letters may not always be the best way to go, so make sure you know your parents before you try this. If your parents are like mine, write cue cards and speak to them face to face, and that should work much better. Remember, you don't have to look them in the eye!

There is no wrong way to come out to your parents, everyone’s parents are going to be different. Whatever way works for you.


    roaming the aisles in the small fuel station, mickey bit at her lip a little too hard. her small fingers were twisted up in the pocket of her dirty jumper, her hood over her head in a feeble attempt to keep herself warm. her mind was foggy, body weak from exhaustion and hunger. lackluster hues shift to the front of the store to watch the attendant before reaching to take a banana, slipping it into her large pocket. when she turned around in a quick motion, the raven haired girl stumbled causing her freshly stolen piece of fruit to drop to the floor. “i –” she murmured realizing that there were someone else near, someone that had obviously seen. “don’t say anything.” mickey looked up at them, eyes pleading. 


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If it’s love, it must be more than most

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