look at them boyfriend and girlfriend

wanted: f/nb (change the pronouns if you need to) - poly ship, high school or college

     “i thought we were staying in tonight.” indi reminded, giving the book in front of her another once over. really, this was her fault for inviting her girlfriend and boyfriend over when she had planned to study, but she couldn’t help herself. technically she could spare the night if she pretended she was helping them as well. she reached up, tightening her ponytail before she looked over at them again. “i really do have things to get done, although you’re both adorable.” she smiled fondly even if she was trying to be more stern about it. they were such a distraction. 

     teddy could barely keep still on the bed, his eyes on india as his hand grazed the back of his other girlfriend’s thighs, a hint at teasing that might tickle her but not rile her up. he was trying to coax her closer to where he sat on the edge of the blonde’s bed, wanting affection.  “if we stay in you’ll forget about the books just as fast.” he reminded, pulling the other girl closer as his arms wrapped around her waist and he pressed his face into her stomach, still glancing at indi. “convince her.” he said, finally looking up. 

if you’re closeted this holiday season, just think about how one day you and your girlfriend/wife, your husband/boyfriend, or your significant other are going to celebrate the holidays together… you’re gonna drink hot coco and look at lights… have family dinners and kiss on new years… you will love and be loved for who you are and being closeted for your own safety/comfort right now won’t change that. happy holidays :)

To all the straight girls complaining about not being able to find a boyfriend

Imagine being a gay girl. It’s 10x harder finding a girlfriend for us because we don’t know who’s gay. Half of us are in the closet and the other half, well unless she has “I’m gay” written across her forehead then it’s hard to tell. Sure, we could use the stereotypes to pick them out, but it’s not always accurate and that can be awkward. And on top of that, there’s you, straight girls who look good all the damn time, but nope you’re not into girls. Yeah it must suck not being able to find a boyfriend, but it sucks more for us

Sally Jackson, Mother to All
  • So I’ve been thinking, and we all know how most of the demigods don’t have a good parental figure in their life
  • And then there’s Sally Jackson, who, let’s be real, is the kind of person to look after all of them
  • Just imagine Annabeth being all nervous on her first dinner there as Percy’s girlfriend because Sally isn’t just her friend’s mom, it’s her boyfriend’s mom now
  • But of course Sally makes her feel at ease straight away by joking around with her and taking sides with her against Percy playfully
  • And pretty much from then on Sally is the mother she never had, because Annabeth loves Sally, and they spend days together doing the kind of things neither of them would ever do with Percy like going shopping
  • Just imagine Jason coming over for dinner sometimes and Sally hugging him hello and goodbye, and Jason has never, ever been given a hug by someone so comforting, and he can close his eyes and pretend he has a mother
  • And think about Sally helping Piper out with the cooking because they both love creating new dishes and just having so much fun
  • And Piper’s never got much affection or just been able to spend a normal day with her father, the best she got is Jane taking her to McDonald’s to buy her lunch, and she just cannot stop smiling
  • And Hazel, oh my gods, Hazel is so confused about modern life at first (of course) and sometimes she can’t help but feel out of place
  • But Sally just understands, she gently helps Hazel get used to everything, because I think sometimes we forget Hazel is thirteen and has never had a proper parental figure, and Sally gives her that
  • Imagine Sally reminding Leo of his own mom
  • Like obviously not the building things or anything, but just the way Sally goes the extra mile to make people feel better, or by just always smiling at people, and referring to them affectionately
  • Leo pretends like he doesn’t really care that much, but deep down he loves it
  • At first Frank is really shy around Sally, especially the first time when Percy invites him over
  • And obviously Sally can tell, so she doesn’t push it or anything
  • Slowly Frank gets more and more comfortable around her, especially after that time Sally helped him plan a date with Hazel and it’s pretty much the best date either of them go on
  • And eventually it comes to the point where if any of them have a problem or they are just feeling down, it doesn’t even matter if Percy’s there or not, they can just go talk to Sally, and she is always willing to help
  • Just generally imagine all the demigods loving Sally and she is able to give them what so many of them have never had
  • And just think of Percy seeing all of this and being so happy because he knew it all along: he has the best mother in the whole entire world

My cousin and I were talking a few weeks ago and she said something that hit me so deeply and it just made so, so much sense, and she said that instead of thinking of people as like, “Oh, they used to be my boyfriend/girlfriend…they used to be my best friend…they used to be _____,” we need to start looking at them as someone who was put into our lives by the universe during a time period of our own lives when we were struggling…and that sometimes when people are “temporary,” they were really just gifts given to us by the universe to help us through that time when we may not have been able to get through it all by ourselves. Like…picturing them as little guardian angels to give us a little extra help during that tough time, you know? This puts things in an entirely different view and perspective and makes me feel so…warm. Like, thank you universe, for sending me that person for the time they were in my life for helping me through some trials.

‘I hate you so much, Newt Scamander!’ - Cuddling with Newt

as requested by a very lovely anon!  ❥

Newt is knocking on the door of your shared apartment and as soon as you open the door, he has his arms wrapped around you tightly.
‘I missed you so much, (y/n)!’
‘You only crossed the street and bought some bread, Newt.’
‘Wow, okay! Can’t a boyfriend miss his girlfriend anymore?’, Newt asks with a cocky look but breaks out in laughs, when he sees your angry face and crossed arms.
‘Do you even know how cute you look when you are annoyed by me? I’m gonna tell you: very cute! But I still prefer your lovely smile’, he states and you can’t even think before he has his hands all over your body, tickling you.
‘Newt Scamander! Stop it right now! I’m serious!’
‘Well hello, serious! I’m Newt Scamander’, answers the man while he carefully places you on your bed and kisses your neck softly.
You push him off of you.
‘I hate you so much’, you tell him.
‘I love you too, (y/n), I love you too’, Newt replies, puts one arm around your waist and pulls you closer.
You turn around and face your boyfriend.
‘How did I ever get so lucky, that one hell of wizard like you shares a bed with me’, you question and look into his piercing green eyes with admiration.
‘You are too good for this world, (y/n)’, Newt states and pulls your head to his chest.
Together you drift into a deep sleep.
The only thing you realise before slipping into your dream about the man lying next to you, is the feeling of a soft, fluffly creature rolling itself into a ball, on your back.
The niffler had escaped from his case once again. 

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Punishment (M)

Words: 1358

Jimin X Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader

Based on this request

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He was late, again. It was the fourth time that week he got home late. He was probably drinking with the boys. It’s not like you didn’t like to see him with them, but his time was already restricted, he used to spend all day in the company, so the period of the night was the only moment he could stay with you, with his girlfriend, and what he did? He didn’t stay with you. Argh! Was it this bad that you wanted your boyfriend to stay with you? Of course not. We would pay for it. You would remember him that you were his lover, not the guys.

 You looked at the clock beside your bed as you heard the front door being opened. It was already 2:48 a.m.

 You weren’t sleeping tho, you were laying waiting for him, reading your book as if the fact he was late again was nothing. You heard him getting upstairs till he opened the bedroom’s door, his eyes widened when he saw you were still awake.

“Was it a good night for you, Jimin?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him as he slowly took off his jacket. You could feel the smell of alcohol filling up the room.

“Hey, Jagi. I…hm… It was fine. I’m sorry i’m late again, but Namjoon called us all to go to that new bar that opened recently-” he started saying, his words dying as he saw you getting up and walking towards him.

“I waited for you. You promised you wouldn’t be late again and you didn’t keep your promise. That is not nice, Chimchim” you said as you approached your body to his. He stepped back, leaning against the door as your lips made contact with his jaw. You felt his entire body tensing up.

“Are you mad, Jagi?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fucking mad. I waited for you on that bed, thinking about what I would let you do to me when you arrived home” you said, your lips placing wet kisses along his jaw as your hands were playing with the waistband of his shirt. He let out a low groan as you ran your fingers through his chest. “But now, I’m the one who is gonna do something” you whispered, “I was so horny… but you didn’t give me what I wanted” You finished your sentence and kissed him. The taste of vodka hit your tongue and you pulled away.

“Drinking vodka? Is that correct?” you teased, lifting up his shirt and taking off.

“N-No” he whispered. Ah, you liked to see him that way. All yours.

“So, you have been a bad boy. Bad boys get punished, don’t they?” you asked, your lips traveling down his chest till you got to your knees and started unzipping his pants. His eyes were locked with yours in an intimate stare. You took off his pants and underwear, licking your lips as you saw his already hardened dick dripping with pre cum.

You gave it a quick lick before standing up and whispering:

“Go lay” you said. He did as you said, and you managed to take off your shirt and pants, so you were in your underwear and bra only. He gasped with the sight of your semi naked body. You opened the drawer, searching for your handcuffs. You fucking loved when you were the one in charge. You loved when he was there, all submissive to you. You could feel your wetness dripping down your legs.

“Don’t complain, or I won’t touch you” you said as you handcuffed him to the bed. He whined a little but stayed quiet.

 You sat on him, your clothed pussy making contact with his pulsing dick. God you wanted him so bad but you couldn’t let that go this easily. You kissed him, licking his bottom lip and then kissing his neck. You traveled down his chest again and when you reached the place he wanted you the most, you stopped. He looked at you, his eyes begging you not to stop.

“Watch me” you said and took off your underwear. You were naked now and he was dying to touch you.

 You sat in front of him with your legs opened, giving him a great view of your soaked pussy.

“See how wet I am? that’s your fault” you said and started rubbing small circles on your clit. You could hear him pulling against the handcuffs. Ah, poor boy.

“Y/N, please…” he said.

 You ignored him and pushed one finger in, and soon another one. You started pumping it in and out of you, arching your back in pleasure and making sure to moan his name as sexily as possible.

 One of your hands started playing with your nipples and you felt your climax already approaching. When you were about to cum, you stopped, only to see Jimin struggling with himself. His dick was almost purple and you thought it must be even painful.

“Y/N!” He groaned. Aw, poor boy.

 You took his erection in your hands and started pumping him really slowly, and he immediately bucked his hips against your hand.

“Don’t do it, unless you want me to stop. You don’t want me to stop, do you?” you said, leaning in and licking his tip, but then pumping again, making eye contact with him.

“Fucking hell, Y/N! Do something, please!” he groaned, begging for your touch. You smirked to yourself at his reaction.

“As you wish, daddy” you said and took him into your mouth. He let out a loud, deep groan as you massaged his length with your tongue, your hands squeezing his balls softly. He bucked his hips up, what made his tip hit your throat and occasionally making you gag. By the way he was twisting his face, you could say he was close so you stopped. He looked at you, silently asking you why had you stopped.

“Now it’s your turn to pleasure me” you said, “If I let you go, will you make it worth the wait? Will you fuck me the way I like, huh?” you tilted your head to the side. The truth was you were dying for his touch. For his dick to be inside you.

“I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t be able to remember your name, now let me go” he groaned. Once the handcuffs were of, he automatically pulled you to lay on your back, he on top of you. He placed himself between your legs and started placing kisses on your neck, sucking your skin.

“Don’t fucking tease me, Jimin. I wanna fuck” you groaned, needy. “Besides, I am in charge here. I say” you said. He smirked and laid on his back.

“So, how are u gonna punish me, huh?” he teased. Ah…

 You got on top of him, leaning in and sucking his lip. “I’m gonna ride you” you said. He grabbed his dick, keeping it and place as you lowered yourself. You let your head fall back, pleasure hitting you by the moment he filled you up. You started bouncing up and down, he let one of his hands grab your boob as the other circled small circles on your clit.

“Ah, fuck” you groaned. A few seconds later, he pulled your down, your chest colliding with his as he held your back. He started moving, your hips meeting his aggressive thrusts. The sound of both your skins slapping against each other mixed with your moans and groans, and you momentarily thought about the possibility that the neighbors maybe could hear you two. But you didn’t care, Jimin pulled you from your thoughts when he slapped your ass cheek.

“Fuck, you’re so good at punishing me” he groaned. He slowed down, his thrusts became erratic and you knew he was as close as you were.

 It didn’t take long your walls to clench around his thick dick, and when it did, he came, you both cumming.

He kept moving, your orgasm washing you over.

 You laid beside him, catching your breath.

“So… you forgive me or want to punish me more?” He asked cockily.

Mercury Retrograde: why everyone should not be afraid of it – how to get through it

When mercury goes retrograde, the energy of this planet turns inward. Mercury is the planet of communication, transportation, communities, thinking/thought processing, understanding, logic, reasoning, etc.

Most associate mercury retrograde with only bad things. Cell phones breaking, breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, communication not being clear, technology mishaps, your car breaking down, etc. While these may be characteristics of a time when mercury is in retrograde, there are usually always benefits from it, if you take the time to look for them.

When the planet of thinking/communication’s energy is turned inward, this becomes a time for introspection. Mercury retrograde is a time for rethinking, re-planning, and reevaluation. This is why people tell you not to sign any agreements during this time or make any big decisions. It’s a time to rethink what you want, rethink if there’s anything else you could do, rethink the whole situation. Then when mercury goes direct again, you can have a well formed opinion or decision made, and be more confident in your choices.

Not everything is mercury retrograde’s fault. People like to use it as a scapegoat or just an easy explanation for the wrongdoings in their life. Mercury retrograde is not an excuse to say/do the wrong thing.

Mercury retrograde is like a cerebral vacation. Bad things usually happen during this time because your mind’s energy is not being forced outward, you’re entering a trance of introspection and meditation, so obviously expressing yourself properly during this time won’t be the easiest thing as opposed to when mercury is direct.

Take this time to rethink, re-plan and reevaluate things; look at the house mercury went retrograde in. Look at the sign mercury is in. Create your own mantras, rituals and new state of mind during mercury retrograde so you can feel more confident after.

Crystals to aid you in mercury retrograde:

• Amethyst
• Clear quartz
• Amazonite
• Celestite
• Blue kyanite
• Blue lace agate
• Smoky quartz
• Black obsidian
• Ametrine

Being Jason's Girlfriend and like a Sister to Damian Headcanons

Prompt: Headcannon of Damian being really close (like in a sister way) to Jason’s girlfriend and them fighting for her attention


Dating Jason and Damian looking to you as a big sister would include:

> Jason was a great boyfriend, and with him came his family of vigilantes - Damian taking a liking to you in particular. You were basically his big sister and he treated you as such.

> Damian stopping by your apartment at random times and even during patrol.
“Hey (y/n)!”
“Morning, there’s hot chocolate on the side if you want it.”
“It’s 2am. I’m fine thank you.”
“Oh really? It’s got marshmallows and cream. Plus I made it and not Jay.”
“I suppose it’d be a shame to waste it.”

> Having the Batmobile parked outside of your home and Damian arguing that no one will mind. Jason threatening to jack the wheels if he does it again.

> The boys fighting over who gets your attention, Damian usually winning but you’d make it up to Jason on the rare occasions you get to spend alone. Supporting Jason 100% and he knows that despite insecurities and Damian being argumentative.

> Whenever Jason leans in to kiss you Damian manages to interfere somehow if he’s in the area.
Your boyfriend sighs before speaking, as this happens far too often for his liking.
“Are you kidding me?”
Jason knows better than to kiss you in front of anyone that age so he picks you up and takes you to another room much to Damian’s displeasure.

> Damian mostly using the window since Jason often refuses to let him in.

> Damian always taking your side in arguments with Jason, numerous threats have been made which have lead to you covering Damian’s mouth.
“Those words should not come from someone as young as you Dami!”
“And you thought I was bad (y/n).”
“You can shut it as well Red.”

> Damian acting like an overprotective big brother and actually being kinda scary, though Jason usually finds the whole ordeal amusing.

> “Jason get away from my sister!”
“I introduced you to (y/n), and they’re my girlfriend demon spawn!”

> If anyone hits on you with Damian around he’s willing to fight them.
“I apologise but this young woman is dating my… brother so back off before I -!”
“Todd may be an insufferable human being but I know he loves you and will protect you at all costs. He’s worth more than this jerk.”

> They can agree on a few things despite their consistent bickering.
“Todd, where is (l/n)?”
“Y'know I’m not actually sure…”
“Oh, (y/n) is in the infirmary -” Barbara claimed strolling into the room.
“Woah is she alright?!”
“What the hell happened?! How could you let her get hurt?”
“Is it serious? Can we help?” Came all at once before the red head could even finish her explanation.
“Jason, Damian - (y/n) bumped into some furniture so it’s nothing serious.”
“Are you sure Babs?”
“I’d say Gordon knows what she’s doing Todd.”

ylimx  asked:

Hello! May I request a scenario where RFA + V and Saeran find out that MC's parents have strict rules about dating and that they aren't sure about MC in a relationship with them? Have a nice day/night~

I like this one! I didn’t put Saeran in here because I lacked inspiration. But I might add him on later.


  • you met Yoosung’s parents and won their hearts
    • they even invited you to go on vacation with them!
  • Yoosung is so happy your parents approve of you and how much you love them
  • “When do I get to meet your parents, MC?”
  • you just get kind of stiff and you start sweating
  • (O_O;)
  • your parents were always so strict with dating
    • it’s probably the reason why you never even had a boyfriend/girlfriend before
    • if you showed even the slightest interest in someone, they would look them up and down
    • and of course the answer was no
  • but you think maybe things can be different?
  • you set up a meeting with your parents
  • and already they’re peeved you’re already dating someone
  • sweet precious Yoosung wears his nicest casual clothes to impress your parents
  • you think the meeting is going pretty well
    • both of your parents were engaging with Yoosung
  • but when Yoosung leaves to use the restroom
  • your parents don’t give their approval
    • they don’t think he’s manly enough for you
  • Yoosung thinks the dinner went well but you tell him otherwise
    • he’s extremely disappointed
    • omg you cannot let your precious nugget be sad
  • when Yoosung gets his phD so early
  • it starts to turn your parents’ around


  • after hearing Jaehee’s story
  • you wanted her to meet your parents
  • so she can count on two more people as her family
  • when you tell your parents about Jaehee
  • they are a little unsure
    • your father doesn’t like that she’s older than you
    • your mother thinks she lacks a personality
    • both seem to think she missed her opportunity working for Jumin
  • >->
  • and you just have to sit there listening to this nonsense
    • baehee is beautiful and SHE LOVES YOU
    • lacks personality HA
    • they haven’t even met her and they’re judging her so hard
  • when Jaehee asks what’s wrong, you tell her about your parents
  • she doesn’t frown or get angry
  • she just sits there, looking down at the table
    • because it’s just more people she felt like she let down
    • she begins to think she IS a burden to you
  • “Jaehee, I don’t care what my parents think. I love you.”
  • she’s honored how much you care for her
    • but she knows your parents are important to you too
    • and she can’t let you let go of your parents just for her
  • so she tries hard to make the cafe work
  • as you tell your parents constantly about how hard Jaehee works, not just for her but for you as well
  • your parents decide to visit to meet her in person
  • they’re still unsure, but they’ve lightened up to her at least


  • you were on cloud nine when Zen said he loved you for the first time
  • and every single time after that
  • (*ノ▽ノ)
  • you could just shout it to the heavens
  • when you heard your parents were coming to visit you
  • your parents had really strict rules about dating when you were younger
    • but you figured they had let that go
  • but when they finally met Zen
  • they were very unsure
    • sure he’s a complete gentleman
    • but they can’t stand his narcissism
    • and they’re actually not into Zen’s acting career
    • they think he’s using you
  • they legit don’t want you dating him
    • you’re a full grown adult and yet they whip out this bullshit
    • nah
  • it hurts you seeing your parents’ words affect Zen so much
  • when you get home, he thinks that you were just going to pack up and leave him
  • nah you’re crazy Zen!
  • your love is too important than to listen what your parents have to say about him
  • eventually, he manages to win your mother over in his new series
    • your father was tired hearing your mother gush about him
    • but eventually he started watching it too
  • needless to say, they were sold


  • when your parents heard that you were dating a multi-millionaire CEO
  • they give you the stern parent stare
    • like the one where they’re very unsure
    • you know the one
  • your father does NOT like how much older he is than you
    • come on dad
  • but what bothers them the most is that after almost a WEEK after meeting, you LIVE WITH HIM
  • and he’s just fueling your cat obsession
  • you first introduce your donut to your parents and he’s very polite
  • in their EYES you can see that they’re listing reasons why you shouldn’t be dating him
    • (;¬_¬)
  • and Jumin can see it too
  • when you two get home he faces the dilemma of letting you go with your parents
    • because family is important and he’s not going to let you abandon them just for him
    • but he doesn’t want to let you go
    • he’s already shown interest in marriage
  • you assure him that they’ll turn around at some point
  • it takes a while but they start to see how you two are really meant for each other
    • maybe no cats at the wedding?


  • seriously…this guy?
  • your parents were pretty adamant on you not dating him
    • he’s loud, obnoxious, and childish
    • plus he’s a hacker? what would he be bringing to the table?
  • “secret agent, yeah right”
    • ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
  • you decided to leave out the details of the special security system or the grand search for the unknown hacker
    • “no Seven it would NOT tip the scales in your favor!”
  • Seven even has intentions of marrying you
  • but your parents make it pretty clear they don’t want him in your life
  • this upsets you and Seven
    • after all, you two been through it would just end for some stupid rules your parents had
  • he’s made it a mission to impress your parents
    • because hot damn he wants to marry you
    • plus the father of the bride pays
      • (to the space station!)
  • and he goes all out to win their hearts
  • dresses nicely, keeps the place clean, even does his hair
    • keeps the glasses
    • he’s still got to stay true to himself, right?
  • he wants to see more of your parents
  • with more frequent visits, they pat him on the back for his tenacity
  • this eventually leads to your DAD inviting him on trips
  • you find yourself at the alter and you can’t believe that he was able to turn a no into a yes so fast


  • you remembered how barren your love life was in high school because of your parents’ stupid rules
  • now that you were in adult, you thought it would be different
  • apparently not
  • V was reluctant to actually meet your parents
    • very conscious of how they will think of him
    • is he worthy enough to be with you?
  • his worst fears come to life when you first introduced him to your parents
  • your parents express their doubts to you
    • “oh he’s blind? how is he going to take care of you :/”
    • and he’s older than you  ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)
  • self-conscious V becomes a sad V
  • you constantly reassure him that you love him and that’s what matters
    • your family is the RFA
  • then he does something odd
  • he uses a photo of you in his gallery
  • when your parents see it, there’s just something about it
    • there was a beauty to it, beyond what they knew
    • but it was like looking at you from a different lens angle
    • a part they FELT like they’ve never seen
    • how could V capture that?
  • that photo just changed them
  • and knowing that V took it 
    • A+
  • sad V becomes happy V

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What would the seijoh 3rd years do if they found out a teacher has been hitting on their girl?

Oikawa Tooru:

  • As someone who’s quite popular among the student body, he’s also had his fair share of teacher admirers. Although when he finds out that another teacher he’s not too happy. He makes sure that whenever he’s in that teacher’s presence, he’s got an arm around your waist. He won’t even hesitate to blatantly make out with you.

Iwaizumi Hajime:

  • Do not mess with this boy’s girlfriend, you’re off limits to everyone. That includes teachers. If you ever feel uncomfortable in their presence, Iwaizumi makes sure to let them know what’s up. If looks could kill, your teacher would be dead. Jealous sex will ensue.

Matsukawa Isse:

  • Will most likely blow it off with a shrug of his shoulders. He doesn’t consider your teacher to be a threat because honestly he’s a great guy and en even better boyfriend. 

Hanamaki Takahiro:

  • Once he learned that your teacher has been trying to make a pass at you, he makes it a point to point to make flirtatious jokes around him or kiss you. No one hits on his girl without him doing something about it. He’s lucky he’s a teacher.

Remember when genius consulting detective Sherlock Holmes thought John Watson was asking him out? Remember when the man at the restaurant thought they were on a date? Remember when Mycroft thought John and Sherlock would have ended up together? Remember when Mrs Hudson asked them if they needed two bedrooms? Remember when John’s girlfriend thought John was actually with Sherlock? Remember when Molly Hooper said “you look sad when you think he can’t see you” to Sherlock about John because even if she’s in love with Sherlock she just had to admit he’s in love with John? Remember when the man in Dartmoor asked John if his boyfriend was a snorer too while glancing over at Sherlock? Remember when really smart dominatrix Irene Adler told John Watson he was in love with Sherlock?

Well forget it, they were all wrong apparently 🤷🏻‍♀️

What if one day, Carter and Zia go up to Sadie and Walt and ask them if they wanted to go on a double date (because “Isn’t that what normal kids do?”).

And so they go on a double date, but at some point Carter and Sadie start arguing.

So Walt and Zia are like “You know what? They do this all the time anyway” after spending 5 minutes trying to stop them.

The two of them start talking and getting to know each other better and generally having a good time so that, after Carter and Sadie stop fighting they just stare at their boyfriend/girlfriend/??? with a really fond look on both of their faces.

Walt and Zia hang out more after that (because #brotp amirite?)

“I am very much in love with no one in particular. I’ve been trying to figure out relationships, you know? I don’t know if it’s responsible for kids of my age to be so aggressively pursuing monogamous binds, because I don’t think we’re ready for them. The romanticism within our culture dictates that that’s what you’re supposed to be looking for. Then, when we find what we think is love… Even if it is love… We do not have the tools. I do feel that it’s possible to be at this age unintentionally hurtful just by being irresponsible - which is fine. I’m super down with being irresponsible. I’m just trying to make sure my lack of responsibility no longer hurts people. That’s where I’m at in the boyfriend/girlfriend/zfriend type of question.”