look at them bonding

After Joyce has officially adopted El, Will and El bond by staying up late at night whenever one of them has a nightmare and they sit outside on the steps and eat strawberry ice cream with two spoons straight out of one container. Sometimes they talk. They talk about school, mike, drawing, or whatever else strikes their fancy to tall about to avoid talking about their nightmares. Sometimes they’ll bring a board game out and play it under the light of flashlights and lanterns. Sometimes they dont talk, they dont do anything, they just sit there shoulder-to-shoulder eating the ice cream and stargazing, just taking comfort in the fact that someone else is there. That someone else understands.

In case someone still doesn’t get it:

headcanon ≠ canon

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The rivers of Silla are magical. It makes brothers out of foes. :))))

Sun Woo & Ji Dwi | Soo Ho & Ban Ryu

It looks like Allura and Keith bonding over Keith being a Galra is a popular topic but all the headcanons for it so far are sad and angst, like I get why, but also please consider:

- Allura turning purple to make Keith feel better.
- Keith being all like “oh yeah well my purple is more purple” and he fully changes into Galra because apparently there’s a dumb competition now over who can get more purple
- Allura countering with “Okay but can you do this?!” and she gets like 2m tall
- rip Keith

Celebratory ice cream and matching tacky gold and diamond tennis themed charm bracelets for the winning team. Rick got one too cause he wanted to match his girls.

esparzugh  asked:

Pleeeaaase write about them in the car for half an hour?

Once they’ve pulled away from the curb and started the trip to Rikers, Nick casually taps his hands on the steering wheel. Next to him, Barba is staring resolutely down at his phone and typing away. He steals glances at him occasionally as he weaves through the streets to get to the Williamsburg Bridge and then 278. 

“It’s nothing personal,” Barba says suddenly. “My phone never stops going off all day. I’m sure you understand.”

“I do.” Nick agrees. 

“Especially with this case.” Barba drops his phone onto his lap. He sits back in the seat, seemingly comfortable and relaxed. “It’s… It’s one of the most difficult cases that I’ve ever worked on.” 

“I know what you mean.” Nick doesn’t mean to sound terse. 

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