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Dude... Ryou meeting Kuro

well, color me super disappointed.  @theprojectava did a super cute picture of Ryou meeting Kuro for the first time and I cannot find the link to it!  And it was this super cute and perfect take on the whole thing too.  So while I keep looking, here, have a link to a super adorable (look at them all smiling!!) picture she did of the three of them.

Honestly though, if we’re going with Kuro as a clone of Shiro or something of that sort, yeah, I can see Ryou being leery at first.  But I don’t really buy the ‘Kuro would be pure evil!’ theory, simply because, if he’s based off Taka there’s - too much there that would mess that up if he inherits even the least bit of personality from Taka.  If its just a walking body that reeks evil because there’s no trace of Taka’s personality that’s one thing but if we’re going on the theory that Kuro was made from Taka in more than just body, than he’s got Taka traits, no matter how twisted those are and Ryou- Ryou loves his brother.  And, probably more than anyone even Taka, understands how truly dark his brother could be if he was anyone but himself.  He’s lived with him all his life, he’s watched him develop into who he is and he’s seen all the multiple times Taka could have taken a lower route than he did and didn’t.  If you give him someone that has Taka’s traits, that striving, that determination, that selflessness - Ryou’s going to recognize his brother in there.  If Kuro has parts of Taka’s personality, Ryou’s going to reach out for that.  It’s not his brother - but its what his brother could have been - and its worth saving.  Ryou’s a fixer.  And - there are times he can’t fix Taka.  Maybe there are broken things in a Kuro he couldn’t fix either.  But like hell is he not going to try his damnest.

And really - so the guy looks like his brother?  Well… so does Ryou.  Throwing one more mirror face in isn’t really going to throw him as badly as it might if he wasn’t already a twin.  He can recognize Taka through several dozen tells physically.  Someone that looks exactly like him isn’t going to stand much of a chance of fooling him so its really easy for him to look at Kuro and see… Kuro.  Not Taka.

And Ryou’s always wanted a little brother.

If we’re going with the ‘Kuro is a split of Taka’s personality’ version… that’s going to hurt Ryou.  This is his brother here, and something happened so horrifying to him that the only way his brother could survive was to split off a piece of himself.  That version, depending on the personality it takes, might get itself decked.  Ryou probably wouldn’t hit a clone but I’m sure he’s not above hitting his brother (I doubt they often ended up physically fighting but most siblings have had their moments when it just bubbles over).  Over all though - its still his brother, even if its only a part of his brother and Taka would protect and care for that part too.  He’d just do his best to try to find a way to merge it back into Taka so the piece could become part of the whole again instead of being a broken off shoot.  Ryou’s no psychologist though so who knows how he’d even approach something like that.  Probably just with support and encouragement and ‘have your back’ so that Taka could feel safe enough to not need a splinter part of himself to protect him. (I have not studied split personalities, I have no working knowledge of them, I am not writing this from a academic or psychological standpoint.  Please take this as nothing more than fiction speculation). 


As I made a post called BTS AT BBMAS (EXPECTATIONS) this is the part 2.

BTS getting out of the Limousine like “HEY you heard that screaming? We here to SCREW change your life”

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Walking the red carpet like KINGS I mean THEY ARE KINGS

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“Jin Blowing kisses” is now GLOBAL. The world knew peace for a second

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And OFC our car door guy made an impact - Now he is the “3rd from the left” guy

FIRE kept playing during the whole PRE-SHOW. It was like hearing  the song for the first time

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BTS interview at the red carpet: Namjoon speaking plus 5 lost souls and one hyped human.

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Paparazzies LOST it. They never saw creatures THAT beautiful

VOGUE was proud of their outfits and ARMYs were proud of the stylist noona (THANK YOUUUU)


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YET a particular someone couldn’t stay in his lane. I name PARK EFFING JIMIN 

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Meanwhile V was lost everytime Rapmon spoke (BTW BLESS THE MELANIN)

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*Trying to nod to hide it* Like BOII 

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THE FANCHANT MADE HOLLYWOOD STARS QUESTION THEIR FANBASES + Jimini smile alone  made the whole arena scream

AND AND AND THEY FUCK*NG WON !!!!!!! (Look t the pple in the back, knowing them for 30 min and stanning them already)

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AND LOOK AT THE ARTISTS THEY ADMIRED GIVING THEM A STANDING OVATION (At that moment half the ARMYs woke up their neighbors)

THEY DID THE INFAMOUS GROUP HUG (Stars were sooo touched)

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And we continued sobbing because of the interviews that bought us to the past aka their debut and strugglinhg days

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Speaking of the past, SUGA HELD THE TROPHEE, and we recalled their first win when he held it the same way - so we cried again

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CAMELIA CABELLO GAVE THEM A KISS KISS (meanwhile Yoongi is more amazed by the card)

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I tried to make a post that sums up the night. Hope you like it ^^

I don’t get how people are just…so nasty to their servers.

I went out to eat today at a pizza place and my waitress brought me a refill without me asking and I was like, “Oh thanks so much!”

And she just got the most startled look on her face, like she was flustered that I had said thank you of all things.

When she came back a few minutes later with the check, I complimented her socks (they had a super cute pretzel pattern on them and I’m a sucker for fun socks) and her face absolutely LIT up. We had like a three minute conversation about how they’re the only part of her outfit she can really customize, having a uniform and all that, and she left with a grin on her face.

But the fact that she seemed surprised that someone was being nice to her was just so upsetting to me.

Your servers are human. Treat them like it.

Dating Clay Jensen would include..

  • Cuddles
  • So many goddamn cuddles
  • Switching between big spoon and little spoon
  • Sometimes he has nightmares about the tapes and needs to feel protected
  • Lots of sci fi movies
  • Dancing together at 2 am
  • Gentle kisses
  • Trying to be there for him during Hannah’s death and the tapes despite not knowing anything
  • One night him cracking and telling you everything while sobbing
  • Your heart breaking because you want to help him so badly
  • Riding on the back of his bike
  • Him forcing you to wear a helmet
  • Cleaning him up after his fight with Bryce
  • Almost going to kick Bryce’s ass yourself before Clay begs you to stay with him
  • The first “I love you” being accidental
  • You’re eating a piece of pizza while binge-ing some show and have a bunch of sauce all over your face
  • Clay can’t help but grin at how cute you look and whispers “I love you” 
  • Pizza makeout sesh commences
  • Secretly stealing his sweatshirts (he notices but he loves how you look in them so he does nothing about it and pretends not to notice)
  • Playing with his hair when he’s upset
  • A lot of “You’re the Leia to my Han” or “You’re the Jean to my Scott”
  • Him still managing to be super shy towards you sometimes
  • You constantly reminding him how much you love him and how important he is
  • Your first time together is very intense and passionate
  • He cries after
  • You do too
  • Catching him trusting Marcus and almost slapping him
  • “He’s using you, Clay. Please just believe me. Tony’s been here since the beginning. Don’t trust any of those stupid meatheads.”
  • Anytime Bryce even makes eye contact with you, Clay is prepared to pummel his ass into the deepest pit of hell
  • You having to calm him down and remind him you would never leave him for a scumbag like Bryce
  • Being there with him for his confession
  • Him gripping your hand the entire time
  • Being utterly in love with Clay Jensen and him swooning over you every time you walk through the door
Why I can’t and won’t finish watching Iron Fist

Before anyone tries to jump down my throat about being a stupid SJW who only cares about the race angle, I would first like to point out that I enjoyed the hell out of Daredevil, another Marvel Netflix show starring a white man practicing Asian martial arts. It’s all in the execution, guys. And the execution here is garbage.

Let’s start with the martial arts. For the love of fuck, if you just HAVE to get a generic white man to play the lead, the least you could do was get one who was good at traditional martial arts. There are a lot of them. Charlie Cox, one Netflix recommendation over, pulls off some of the best fight scenes I have ever seen in a TV show (also, the man can act, so that helps too). Last month, I watched a red-belt student of mine in a local production of Macbeth. At twelve, that kid has more talent (in the acting and martial arts departments) than this Finn Jones tool.

Jessica Henwick’s form is nothing to write home about but at least she’s better than Jones. And both our action heroes would benefit greatly from some less shitty fight choreography and editing. (Guys, just adding loud ‘swoosh’ sound effects isn’t going to trick me into thinking the sword is swinging faster. I can see it).

To add insult to injury, the show condescendingly tries to make me believe that this pasty-ass piece of mediocrity is a better martial artist than Colleen Wing?? Just has him casually trounce her in her own dojo. With those wibbly-wobbly stances, son? I don’t think so. This is not real life, nor is it good fiction. This is some flabby-ass white guy’s jerk-off fantasy of being super awesome and showing up the hot Asian chick without any understanding martial arts whatsoever.

The acting in this show ranges from serviceable to painfully inept (lookin’ at you Meachum Jr. or whatever the fuck your name is, I’ll have forgotten your whole existence by tomorrow for all the impression you leave). Even the competent performances in this show only serve to remind me of more interesting characters from Netflix’s other Marvel shows. For example, Jessica Stroup’s acting is similar to Deborah Ann Woll’s performance as Karen Page, only serving to remind me that Karen Page alone is a more interesting character with more compelling scenes than half the cast of Iron Fist put together.

I will say that Colleen Wing is quite appealing and I applaud Henwick for making her both tough and charming, not an easy line to walk. If I wanted to be mean, I could point out that she is essentially just a Claire Temple 2.0 in terms of her temperament and her role as shelter and support to the Main White Guy at the point of her introduction. But I don’t actually want to pick on Colleen. She’s cute and I like her.

Now, back to being mean: STOP trying to make white characters look cool by having them speak Chinese (or any language they can’t speak for that matter, though I feel Mandarin generally gets a special kind of mangling for the crime of being a tonal language). It doesn’t sound cool. I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, guys. It makes you sound like a fucking idiot. Okay, sure, maybe you succeeded in making your white English-speaking audience think, ‘yeah, that’s really cool, he must be super smart and badass, I want to be like that.’ But White people, I am telling you this for your own good: you don’t want to be like that. Because as cool as that butchered-ass Mandarin may sound to you, it’s like a band-saw to my eardrums. It brings everything to a cringing, teeth-grinding halt in the middle of what might otherwise be a perfectly good scene. Remember when Wilson Fisk had a conversation with Madame Gao in ‘Mandarin’? That was the worst part of Netflix’s Daredevil. Worse, it made me embarrassed for an actor I greatly admire. So, to whoever decided it was a great idea to have Wilson Fisk show off his Mandarin, thanks dickhead. You wrecked an entire scene for my favorite Marvel villain.

Oh yeah, and if any of you want to try to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, fucking come at me bro. I have a black belt and 10+ years of training in traditional martial arts. I am a Chinese-American woman, proficient in Japanese and Mandarin, and I double majored in East Asian History and Buddhist studies.

Oh, did I mention that our protagonist keeps condescendingly spouting mystical pseudo-Buddhist bullshit to everyone he meets? And then throws temper tantrums when they (shock!) don’t take him seriously? God, I hate this show.

If I want to see better acting, I can go see a middle school play. If I want to see better fighting, I can go to the dojo and watch my seven-year-old green belts spar. If I want to hear Buddhist philosophy mangled by self-impressed white people, I can go to the yoga studio next door. 

tbh “the barn of new crystal gems” isn’t actually an awful concept if done right… like just. imagine peridot, bismuth, the rubies and jasper all living under one roof with lapis bunking there occasionally on her trips around the world. the barn just gets more and more added onto it until it is an absolute chaotic mess and everyone loves it.

  • peridot sticks the water silo into the wall and declares it to be her room. she even puts a keep out sign on it with a drawing of her gem on the door like the temple door. inside is ten screens all showing camp pining hearts, the alien doll, and a bunch of other bits of junk peridot has acquired. it looks like a mess but there’s a system to it. only peridot and amethyst understand The System.
  • eyeball suggests they build a training area to keep their skills sharp. her true motivation is to be buff and attract girls. jasper thinks it’s a fantastic idea and praises eyeball for her pragmatism. eyeball didn’t expect her plan to work so quickly but she’s sure as hell not complaining.
  • lapis’s room is the truck. it’s sticking out of the roof and has a tarp over it. there’s loads of meep morps in there. no one is allowed in. especially jasper and peridot.
  • navy has a greenhouse. except it’s a redhouse because she doesn’t get why it’s called a greenhouse if it’s not green and since she’s red she’s going to call it a redhouse. steven gave her cuttings from rose’s gardens to help her get started. one day she will probably go all little shop of horrors on the others.
  • the ruby ship got cannibalised for parts, but it’s still bigger on the inside and is now doc’s room. very serious things happen in this room. mostly viewings of baseball games so that doc and army can figure out how that game actually works.
  • leggy starts trying to figure out how the universe works and ends up making a library for them all to use. peridot, leggy, bismuth and navy start a romance book club. it meets in bismuth’s room because the silo is a disaster, the library isn’t private enough, and the greenhouse is full of weird plants. they draw fusions of their preferred couples. it’s all over the library. jasper’s eye twitches every time she sees it.
  • bismuth was put in charge of the warp pad because she needs to get to her forge. she upgraded everyone’s weapons. every week or so she’ll go to the others with “so i had this idea for improving our gear…” and if the person she talks to is peridot then the results are spectacular. once they tried to make limb enhancers for all of the rubies. including garnet-ruby because they didn’t want her to feel left out. garnet kinda BSOD’d when she saw them because on the one hand EMBARASSING, on the other ADORABLE, on the other OH NO SAPPHY THINKS IT’S CUTE…
  • jasper’s room is completely metal. she made it out of bits of the beta kindergarten. there’s metal bars and random things with spikes on everywhere. and a bunch of mirrors which she can flex at and practise looking awesome. eyeball joins her sometimes.
  • (i have accidentally made the ship of eyeball/jasper. idk it’d be cute???)
  • army insisted on having an actual baseball field set up. she still doesn’t understand the rules but she HAS branched out into other sports. sometimes when the others are being loud a football or hockey stick or something will come flying out of army’s room and hit someone on the head. her aim is impressive. bismuth is very proud.
  • camp pining hearts is a running gag with all of them. they are all SUPER into it for varying reasons. they had to write a treaty to stop the ship wars because the last one saw two rubies, bismuth and peridot all get poofed and that was REALLY awkward to explain to the main crystal gems.
  • centipeetle gets healed and joins them. she introduces them all to chaaaaaaaaps.

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Do you happen to have any klance fic recommendations??

I DO! Sorry this took so long I had to go through my history to find some of the ones I really liked!

5 signs of Keith falling in love (feat. Lance) By Talinor (rated T)// Completed

I really liked this one, it’s basically showing how Keith progresses in realizing his feelings for lance and how they form. It even has a bit of Galra Keith in there. A teeny bit of angst but nothing too bad.

so why dont we fall by aknightly (rated E)// Completed

Oblivious Keith, which I usually don’t like but it was okay in this fic. It has some angst about the word love being used and cute nicknames that Lance uses for Keith. This one is super popular so you’ve probably read it but I thought I’d add it anyway.

Marital Mayhem by genellio (rated T)// WIP

This one is basically the team go down to a plant to look for supplies and the Galra go after them. Lance and Keith stumble into a religious temple and its like a big romance holiday where couples come to get married, and they have to fake a relationship so they can get safety at the temple until they can get to their lions. It’s really good so far

you never stood a chance by kagshina (rated T)// Completed

This is hands down my favorite Klance fic I’ve ever read. It has Keith and Lance accidentally becoming friends (through a wild accident on Lance’s part) and progresses from there. Angst in the form of what I would say is miscommunication and mutual pining. If you read any off this list, definitely read this one. 

I Dont believe you by pheonixyfriend (rated T)// Completed

If you never stood a chance is my fave this is my second favorite. It deals some with Lance’s emotional insecurities over his place on the team, and Keith dealing with his realized feelings for Lance. It has everyone concerned for Lance and Lance refusing to accept some compliments. It is really good and the Klance is awesome in iot, even if there’s angst.

That which is accessible by constellationqueen (rated G)// Complete

Pretty much just Lance comforting Keith after everyone finds out that he’s Galra

I wish you were mine by Reader115 (rated T)// Complete

A university AU in which Keith befriends Lance through Hunk and Pidge and their relationship progresses from there. It has Lance helping Keith with some of the work he doesn’t understand and an ER visit. Jealous Lance closer to the middle and end, Keith is a personal trainer, and Lance swims. It’s definitely in my top five favorites.

Miraculous by Merridiangrimm (rated T)// Complete, but may be a series

Follows some aspects of the show The miraculous Ladybug with Keith as Ladybug and Lance as Chat Noir. Basically Keith pining over Lance, who he thinks hates him, Keith making friends with Chat Noir and vice versa. It even has Keith arguing that Chat is the best hero, while Lance is on Ladybugs side. The whole Voltron team carries Miraculous’. It’s nice.

Relentless by anonymouschupacabra (rated G)//Complete

A short fic about Keith drunkenly telling Lance he’s never been on a date and then Lance trying to convince Keith to let him take him on a date. It’s funny and not long so it’s good for a quick read.

got got got it bad by kairiolette (rated T)//Complete

Keith realizes his feelings for Lance, and goes through the five stages of grief because Lance doesn’t reciprocate his feelings and he knows that because near the beginning of the fic Lance admits it. The ending is really sweet and how hard Lance is trying. But don’t read if you don’t like heavy angst.

Closer by chloroophyll (rated T)// Complete

A rivals to friends to lovers fic where Keith realizes his feelings for Lance very early on and has to deal with Lance’s animosity towards him but they become friends or at least something less than rivals. Then goes into Lance’s realization of his own feelings. It even has suave Keith at one point which I appreciated. The ending is adorable and eek!

Miscommunications and failures (Multiple ratings) Is a series 

Super awesome. Lance and Keith have a one night stand, but Lance leaves early in the morning before Keith wakes up. There’s angst because of a miswritten phone call and the fact that later that day Hunk goes out to eat with Hunk and his friend who ends up being Keith. It ends happily and there are three installments so far, all that are really good. 

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76, Roadhog, and Reaper's reaction to their s/o unexpectedly sending nudes for the first time. I hope it's not too much for you...

Soldier: 76

He’s in the middle of a mission, fortunately not combat just scoping out one of Overwatch’s former bases when his phone dings, indicating the message is from you

The both of you have an understanding that he may not respond instantly but as long as there’s no radio silence, you are free to text and message him as much as you want

He pulls out his phone and flips it up, glancing back at the dilapidated building before back at his phone and he almost drops his pulse rifle

He was expecting a text but not this. It’s a picture of you at an up angle, a smirk on your face and winking at the camera. And you were absolutely naked. 

This man’s mouth goes dry and the building is suddenly less important, especially when a few more come in

He tries to play it cool, but he instantly sends back a message telling you how good you look, how he wishes he was there and what he’s going to do to you when he gets back

‘You look incredible.’


He’s in the middle of a heist when his phone dings, your super sweet ringtone playing. He hookshots a guard and fires them once before he finally looks at your text

His eyes go round when he catches sight of your naked body his eyes go round behind his mask and he feels his face heat up in excitement

Your picture was sweet, blowing a kiss and arching your back as you looked at the camera, a playful wink being your expression

He’s completely stopped fighting, barely eyeing Junkrat as he jumps around and continues to fire off lobs, he quickly types up a response  ‘ 👍 👍 👍 cute. stay like that. be home soon’

He is then grabbing the loot and tossing Junkrat over his shoulder before dropping his fellow Junker into the sidecar. Normally the two of them liked to stay and cause a bit of chaos, but he wanted to get home asap to you


Reaper is wraithing through various areas gathering intel, before he hears his phone begins to vibrate, his phone still on silent, he not pulling it out until he finds a dark corner to hide in 

When he sees your face on the screen his brows cocks upwards, opening your message and brows shooting upwards in intrigue

You are bent over, the position lewd but somehow still cute as you peace sign at the camera, tongue poked out playfully. 

You jump because you were NOT expecting him to call you back when you sent that message out to him, just expecting to feel smug and triumphant in riling him up

‘Querida, what do you think you’re doing? Having a bit of fun? Thinking about me?’ You are a stuttering mess when he calls before getting a bit of your composure back and saying you were just trying to brighten his day

‘I’ll have to thank you for thinking of me’  he said and you blushed with the promis in his voice

Jungkook’s Affection

After hearing all the news today, I’m just so so sorry to anyone and everyone affected, I really hope everyone’s okay or will be okay and hopefully some fluff will cheer you up bc this is why I love fluff, it’s something to make your mood better, even if it’s only for a few minutes!! Now it’s time for the second half of the Busan line, our amazing maknae who was so fucking cute in the Home Party live, he’s always cute but that was just that was some good shit man how are all of the Jungkook stans doing, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Sweetest boyfriend
  • Who initiates the affection is a 50/50 chance, sometimes it’ll be him, sometimes it’s you but he’s actually pretty affectionate he’s a bit of a cuddle bug
  • Playful troublemaker
  • Teases you 25/8 in the most loving, playful way possible
  • It seems like the more comfortable he is with someone, the more he’ll tease them, like the boys have said that when they first met him he was so shy and now he’s forever imitating them and teasing them and it’s so obvious he loves them
  • Goes to tease you about being in love with him but then realizes he’s just as in love
  • “Lol someone has a crush”
  • “We’ve been together for three years”
  • Will make faces at you whenever you look at him
  • Asks you to tie his tie regardless of if he knows how to tie it or not, just so he can see how flustered you get when he’s so close and is acting all romantic
  • Will playfully lean away when you go to kiss him afterwards
  • Absolutely 100% will let you play with his hair and probably falls asleep when you do it
  • The boys/camera crew have documented it quite a few times but when he’s asleep, not much can disturb him
  • So you could very easily squish his cheeks, you could play with his hair, you could give him lil kisses on his cute face, you could cuddle up to him and take a nap with him that’s a r e a l l y good option bc he’s super warm
  • He’s s o ideal for cuddling don’t even get me started
  • He’s all broad and tall and probably so fucking warm and his cologne is probably amazing and cuddling him is just so pleasant
  • He’s a spooner for the main part, he’s definitely big spoon judging by his love for back hugs, also gotta mention the one Taekook moment in Bon Voyage where kook gets in Tae’s bunk and automatically lays on his side and puts his arm around him like that’s top quality spooning material
  • But he also really really loves it when you have your head on his chest bc he can play with your hair or rub your back or kiss your forehead 
  • The two are for sure the most common but there are certain days where he’d prefer to rest his head on your chest or just have you hold him really tight
  • Days where so many things have gone wrong, days where he’s either leaving for tour or just coming back, days where he just really really missed you, etc.
  • Also if you ask him to, he will be v v happy to sing you a song to help you fall asleep (just picture that for a moment)
  • Pillow talk is super playful but also really sweet??
  • Like he has his moments where he gets really close to your face and just makes a weird face to make you laugh but then he’ll kiss your nose really softly when you do laugh 
  • Tbh, making you laugh is one of his biggest goals in general, he loves making people laugh so seeing you laugh and smile and just be happy around him is one of his favorite things about the relationship
  • His hugs are equally as amazing
  • As I mentioned earlier, kook has such a love for back hugs and it’s so fucking cute
  • There are literally entire videos dedicated to kook and his back hugs, he loves them so much and I’m so here for that I mean his back hugs look amazing
  • Sometimes he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder or lay his head on it, sometimes he’ll sway the two of you all slow, sometimes he’ll wiggle you or play with your hands, it all depends on his mood 
  • But he’s also super okay with being back hugged, I mentioned it in Tae’s post but I gotta bring it back up here bc it’s so fucking precious, there have been a couple time where Tae has latched on kook and they just waddle around together
  • Will probably, at one point or another, hum the Titanic song while one of you is back hugging the other
  • He kinda always has that habit of putting his chin on your shoulder or on top of your head (if it’s at a comfortable reach and he doesn’t have to stretch too far) whenever he hugs you
  • He won’t say much during the longer hugs, he’ll just close his eyes and relax in your arms and he’ll get a lil smile when he notices you’re wearing the perfume/cologne he bought for you and it’s all very peaceful and relaxing and it’s one of those moments where you both feel really safe and warm and you wish those hugs could last forever
  • Also has a habit of leaning his arm on your shoulder whenever he stands next to you tbh, doesn’t matter if you’re shorter or taller (but he’s okay with you doing the same to him) if he doesn’t back hug you that is
  • Very soft kisses, always
  • In the beginning of the relationship, his kisses are a lot shier, a lot quicker a lot more “mission abort missION ABORT” but the longer you two are together, the more confident he gets with everything but especially kissing
  • The super quick, shy kisses that you can barely acknowledge before they’re over turn into sweet kisses that take your breath away and make your mind just go blank the entire time he’s kissing you
  • His kisses are always really sweet but they get more and more playful as he gets more comfortable with kissing you and some of them are purely to make you laugh
  • Like sometimes they’re super super quick and it’s mainly to annoy you but then to make up for it, he’ll kiss your cheeks and your nose and your forehead and just all over until you’re laughing
  • But then he has the sweet kisses that are s o so so so love filled and passionate bc he’s a passionate lil bun and he’s almost always cupping your face, if he isn’t, his hands are on your waist to pull you super close or they’re in your hair, one or the other
  • He loves initiating kisses when you least expect it bc he loves the moment of shock before you kiss back, he loves the playful scolding, he loves all of it but if you ever do it to him, he’s gonna get so flustered
  • He’s not gonna know what to do, he’s just gonna squirm around and resist the urge to scream or squeal until his heart calms back down and tbh, it’s pretty amusing to watch
  • Forehead kisses are frequent, they’re his favorite but he also loves nose kisses
  • Forehead kisses are more of his way of silently saying “I love you” or “hey you’re cute” whereas nose kisses are more of a “you haven’t smiled in a few minutes let’s change that”
  • He’s more likely to hold your hand rather than intertwine your fingers together (even though he’s got n o t h i n g against the latter) .
  • He loves being able to give your palm lil squeezes or rub circles into the back of your hand when you’re nervous (and vice versa he would really appreciate that)
  • He’s more of a hugger, more of arm over the shoulders type of person so hand holding isn’t the most common show of affection but it’s still v v loved and he’s not gonna complain if you wanna hold his hand 
  • His favorite thing to do (when you aren’t in motion) is to have one of your hands in both of his and to toy with your fingers
  • His hands would be so warm and so gentle with yours it’s just so 10/10
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He’s one of the more shy members when it comes to PDA, especially at first
  • It’ll also depend on where you two are, if you’re with the boys, it’s pretty much the exact same as being alone bc kook’s so beyond comfortable with all of them that they’re family to him 
  • But if he’s in public and the boys aren’t there, it’s gonna be restricted to hand holding or very basic PDA bc he’s a shy bun at times
  • Like kissing is definitely private, quick hugs are a maybe (an occasional arm over the shoulder or around the waist is okay though) hand holding is a yes, playing around and teasing each other is a yes
  • D e fi nitely has a couple item but it’d be something really subtle, like a matching pair of earrings (since we all know the boys loves him some piercings and I’m so fucking for it I can’t stress it enough I love his piercings so much) or matching phone backgrounds, things that are lil and easy to miss bc then it’s more of an inside thing
  • Side note, speaking of phone backgrounds, he’s the type of boyfriend that takes your phone when you aren’t looking and takes a bunch of selfies at all the weird angles and then sets them as the background after changing his contact name to something like “best boyfriend in the world” or “cool dude” with the fucking sunglasses emoji and then the smirking emoji bc he’s just he’s a meme sometimes and I love him for it but don’t let him near your phone unless you want a hundred photos of him trying to pull a double chin and another ten photos of his dog
  • Jungkook’s affection is very playful but loving (just like him) it’s constant, it’s almost always about making you laugh/smile bc that’s one of his favorites, especially when it’s caused by him

lucifers-donk  asked:

RFA +V & Saeran reacting to MC being SUPER strong despite her looking like a smol cute bean? Thank you ^^


  • One night when MC got drunk, she wanted to arm wrestle.
  • “MC, I don’t want to hurt you. I think we both know who would win anyways.”
  • Zen finally gave in, then proceeded to get his ass handed to him.
  • e m b a r r a s e d
  • but also proud????


  • He actually thinks a lot about how lucky he is that he found her, and although it’s for a number of reasons, one of them is because there’s no way she’s stronger than him.
  • He has the opportunity to be the knight in shining armor. The buff guy. At least to her. 
  • They’re moving furniture, and Yoosung can’t move this big dresser to save his life. When MC offers to try, he tells her that he’s got it handled, but she just picks it up, 
  • “Where’d you want this, babe?”
  • “Uh…. Just-Just put it in the corner.”


  • They’re about the same size/ weight.
  • Jaehee’s a little sad because she knows for a fact that she can’t hold MC, and she figures that MC probably can’t hold her.
  • Like, she just wants to carry MC like a princess, is that too much to ask for?
  • One day MC dramatically picks Jaehee up and carries her around a spilled drink on the floor and Jaehee is just mind blown.
  • Heart eye emoji @ MC forever.


  • “MC, I really don’t know where your ring went, but it has to be somewhere in this room if you had it last night. We can look for it when we get back, but we have to leave now if we don’t want to be late.”
  • “No! I see it under the bed… But I can’t reach it.”
  • “Here, I’ll move the bed. Just grab it and let’s leave.”
  • MC moves the bed instead, grabs her ring, and pushes it back all by herself.
  • “Okay, I’m ready to go!!!” But Jumin just stares at her with his mouth open.


  • “Ugh, looks like we’re going to have to make two trips.”
  • MC refuses to make two trips. Two trips are for weenies. She’s taking in ALL of the groceries in one trip.
  • Seven goes ahead of her to open the door, she grabs the rest of the groceries, and practically screams while running to the kitchen to put them all down.


  • Why the hell is there so much photography equipment in the back of the car???? V hasn’t used half of this shit in months and there’s not enough room for the groceries.
  • So she grabs all the shit and brings it into the house to lay it all down on the couch.
  • “Wait woah, babe, what are you doing??? Don’t hurt yourself, that equipment is heavy!”
  • She fuckin knows its heavy?? She just carried it up the stairs.
  • But she’s not even sweating???? V couldn’t have even done that so easily and he carries this shit around all the time???? Heart eyes????


  • “Babe, don’t get in my way… Let me do the heavy lifting. Go grab the lighter boxes. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”
  • s p i t e
  • MC forces the box that Saeran is holding right out of his hands and caries it out to the car, then proceeds to go back to grab all of the other heavy shit.
  • “How about you go grab the lighter boxes? Wouldn’t want you getting hurt, babe.” and smirks.
  • HE WANTS TO THROW DOWN DON’T gIVE HIM THAT SHIT WTF but then again,,,,,,,,

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Hello! Just dropping by to say that I check your blog religiously and worship you, the actual Scenario Writing Goddess of every century ever. I love your characterizations! It's like, they're not so obvious sometimes, they don't fall into the exaggerated stereotypes that certain idols have attached to them and it's so refreshing! Thank you for sharing all your lovely writing with us all! I was hoping you'd write a small wonho au if you have the time or inspiration? Thank you! 💕

that’s,,,,,such a nice compliment im ????? floored,,,,,thank you for liking my writing so much, it means the world to me~~

  • tattoo artist!wonho 
  • loves doing full color, vibrant tattoos,,,,,especially of animals
  • always pays great attention to detail and loves putting his own style into his drawings which make him really popular among younger people who are looking for something unique
  • and it’s kinda cute because his style is so so SO much more different from the kind of tattoos he has on his body
  • which is mostly black and grey quotes and flowers. some traditional korean elements incorporated in his sleeve
  • has got the intimidating, muscular tattooed guy look if he’s frowning
  • but the minute he smiles it’s like,,,,,sunshine???? pure angelic??? sunshine????
  • and he’s always so sweet and gentle with people who haven’t gotten tattooed before,,,,,he’s always got water ready and asks if they need breaks and tries to distract them with nice words
  • people don’t expect it, but he gets super embarrassed when people compliment his art he’s like,,,,,,i wish i could be better!!!!! and he hides his face,,,,,,this actual CUTIE
  • you’re actually an apprentice under another artist there and while your artist is kind of demanding and stern
  • and very very,,,,,,,,not rude but,,,,,,straightforward with his criticism
  • wonho is always there to motivate and encourage you about your own art
  • and he’s always staying with you even after everyone’s gone to go over your portfolio and to clean up your teacher’s station
  • and since the shop closes super late, around one am every weekday, wonho always offers to drive you home
  • and it’s just,,,,,something you two do. he’s being the considerate friend 
  • but one night as you’re making way to wonho’s car you run into a friend of his and the friend is like “where are you going with this cute person wonho?” and wonho is like “im driving them home”
  • and the friend winks and is like “you’re totally his type, i can see why you’re dating”
  • and you and wonho look at each other and wonho’s ears go supER red and he’s like “i-uh we’re no-”
  • and the friend is like “sure,,,,,,who else drives someone home if not a boyfriend? anyway, there’s another party across town i need to go to, don’t have TOO much fun tonight love bird~”
  • and with that they’re gone and you and wonho are on the sidewalk, two blushing messes
  • can’t even look at each other again until you turn and see his profile under the street light and ,,,,,,,, there’s no denying it,,,,,, he’s handsome
  • and the way he takes care of you,,,,the way his laugh brightens up anyone in the shop,,,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,,hard to not fall for
  • and wonho is like “im,,,,,,sorry about my friends they always-”
  • and you’re like “it’s ok,,,,but um,,,,,,”
  • and you shyly put out your hand and wonho looks at it before biting back his lip and taking it in his own
  • and silently you two walk to his car, holding hands like a couple for the first time
  • and it feels so right,,,,,like something that should have happened long ago,,,,,,
  • in the morning you and wonho arrive to work together and kihyun is like “they finally did it, the finally started dating” and the whole shop goes into cheers
  • until your artist is like love is great but GET OVER HERE AND DO YOUR JOB
  • and you’re like yikes, but lean up to give wonho a kiss before hurrying over (A kiss wonho thinks about the whole time he’s working and sneaking peeks over  at you)

Please make this post public because people are frustrating me today:

I get so frustrated when people automatically claim fanservice with Jikook. It’s like, “Guys. We know what fanservice is.” I am a seasoned veteran of K-Pop for a decade. I know all about that shit. I even know that certain acts know how or are taught to push the right subtle buttons to make people believe what they want in order to get the fans squealing. What I don’t know is if Jikook is real, but I do know that those moments are not fanservice. Why? Because openly obvious fanservice is a playful joke, like Nam/jin, who are family. They are just being goofy and loveable and cute for fans, but also just for fun. It’s not meant to make anyone believe anything. It’s just Nam/jin being Nam/jin. Purposefully acting out subtle moments that can actually be genuinely interpreted as legitimate tension or feelings is rather exploitative of fans who are LGBT and might look up to them or fans in general who see them as brothers. It’s basically calling their moments false. BTS would not play like that, because they are family and because they genuinely care about their fans. They behavior is not fanservice.

Interpret it as too super close friends who share intimate moments or two romantic lovers who are having trouble hiding their feelings…do either if you want…

But don’t call it not geniune.

my top 10 BL otps/ships (♥.♥)

i have a damn long list ! believe me imma hardcore fujoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

p.s those only are MY top 10 otps/ships in real life and they’re not arranged in order, all of them have the same amount of love in my wild heart ♥

  • ChanBaek/BaekYeol “because chanbaek is love … chanbaek is life
  • SeBaek/HunBaek “because i’m a fuckin’ kinky hoe, why wouldn’t i love that TOUCH MY BODY ship… pffff xDsorry chanyeol
  • EunHae “who fuckin’ doesn’t ship this?!
  • MyungJong “maybe it’s love, maybe it’s a sexual tension, but there’s something and i can see it damn well!!
  • JRen “because fuckin’ confess already Kim Jong Hyun, if you didn’t yet -.-!!!
  • 2Min “once you’re into this, there’s no escape.. and they’re fuckin’ hot!!!
  • SeJin “discovered them today and they became in my top list…why? look at this gif!!!!!! that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

someone horny for the maknae 24/7

  • VinSeop “gay and fabulous (♥.♥)
  • HanJoo “because you gotta respect the one-sided love effort
  • YuZhou “Chinese otp from drama Addicted Heroin♥ and there’s a HUGE thing going on between those two not just in the drama


  • update 7/11/2016: MEanie grinding & humping but still being super fluffy & cute kind of couple

i forget them.. i forget to add them!!! ‘cuz imma stupid bich (how dare me?)
im guilty af for forgetting about ‘em sorry

anonymous asked:


Well don’t worry Anon because I somehow see this kind of comment coming!

I assume you seeing this because I tend to draw Papyrus’ eyes in a slightly anime style, and when I draw his eyes full black, he may looks like lack of soul or unconscious due to without reflect of light, which is a common express method on character lost self-consciousness or being control by others.

There are some artists who does draws Papyrus’ eyes with light reflected, one of them I know more would be Powaro (which usually draw Papy with super cute anime eyes but when they are drawn all black he looks REALLY soulless and even cruel). I once does think of drawing Papy’s eyes with light, but I want to stick more closely to the canon, also I don’t really want to draw too similar to Powaro’s style. (Which the way I draw Papyrus’ eyes shape is actually heavily inspired by them… *blush*)

But it would be kinda weird to make Papyrus lifeless yet he is suppose to be a super energetic monster! So as I can’t change his eyes, all I can do is work more on his other features like facial expressions, posture and movements, to build up a dynamic image on him.

I know my skills cannot fully 100% portray out his characteristics, yet I hope to do my best, to draw my favorite character in a best way.

reasons to love this episode:

- the episode finally was about their main characters kara and elex

-sanvers (obviously)

- sanvers fighting together as the powerful couple they are

- that cute scene between winn and maggie 

- james olsen being super cute and pure

- maggie, alex, winn. james and lyra together 






- kara leaving mon-hell alone to go save her girlfriend 

- kara biting her lip looking at lena … !!!!

- sanvers always being so healthy and beautiful and the perfect relationship

and finally remind you that that no matter how much more screen they give to mon-el or how many more kisses they karamel have, THEY WILL NEVER have such a beautiful relationship as sanvers  

I had this idea of matt crusing on kandreil. here me out:

  • so i imagine matt being a bit on the sidelines of kandreil (not knowing kevin is in on andreil) always looking out for neil to be safe and protected even tho he has the other two dudes
  • he’s not super obvious abt it and it takes him some time when the 4 of them get drunk together over a movie or game to realize that kandreil is a thing that he finds oddly fascinating and attractive
  • cue the next morning when he wakes up on the couch with kevin cradling him that he has a near meltdown from the cute 
  • wondering if he blacked out the night before 
  • but all that happened was that kevin was too drunk to move to his dorm room, and used matt as a pillow so matt wasnt heartless enough to move him
  • after that morning, matt is not the same anymore

  • whenever he sees anyone of the 3 he images what its like being with them. at first it’s kevin cuz kevin seems to be more cool abt affection than the other 2. he talks openly abt thea (in this case as an ex) w/o shame, and a lot abt sex as matt found out that drunk night before
  • so matt goes to think he has a crush on kevin
  • but then he finds neil also attractive and his protectiveness over him is more fierce than before and he has wild thoughts and images that he cant stop whenever they are close
  • like when they study, and neil shows him something on a paper, matt wants to grab his hand and never let go and maybe put it to his face??
  • he’s so lost

  • he see’s affection between andrew and kevin, and andrew and neil and he kinda learns the way andrew shows affection and cares and is blown by how much it makes him want to show affection to andrew - the dude nothing and no one gets close to or moves 
  • and he cant help himself but think he must be going crazy
  • and he even thinks would andrew care at all. he knows that kevin and neil are somehow able to with him
  • and he remembers the unconventional way andrew made sure matt got sober. and even tho he knows that andrew did that for aaron, it still matters to him that andrew saw him struggle, and was the only one to do something about it.

sorry, i have no idea where I’m going with this but it’s my new jam 

How you can convince your parent/guardian your betta is more than decor.

Most people think of betta fish as decor, and this is due to the fact that big companies like to advertise false myths about their wild habitats, and its ingrained in society to view betta as unintelligent, lazy, and their only personality trait is that they like to fight. People don’t put fish in the same caliber as dogs and cats, so they’re viewed as cheap and expendable. All of this, of course, is false, but it can be quite difficult to change peoples’ minds about what they deem as “common sense”, which is dangerous because it’s not based on fact. As a result, you may clash heads with family members in the household, and no amount of powerpoint presentations or interpretive dancing can persuade them…  

Alright, if they won’t listen to facts, then the next step is to have them bond with your betta! It’s undeniable how cute betta look when they wiggle for food, and the amount of time they spend one on one with your betta (e.g. feeding them) can do wonders on their perception of your fish! Betta fish who live in healthy environments will thrive, swimming all around the tank and being super curious about their surroundings! This is how my mother became enamoured with my betta; it started with me asking her to feed them in the morning, so every day she gets to watch the boys rush over to the front of the tank to wiggle at her. She enjoys this so much that she now feeds them in the evening as well! She even talks to them when she visits the tanks, which she does multiple times a day to check in on the boys. 

My mother use to be annoyed that I dedicated so much time to my betta boys, and it really irked her that I loved them, “ Because they’re just fish! It makes you seem crazy that you’re so emotionally attached to them! “ When I first brought home the 10 gallon tank, she was livid, and wanted me to return it immediately because she thought it was such a waste of money and effort on my part. All of this changed when she grew attached to my betta boys, and she seems genuinely happy to watch them in their tanks. She’s fully on board to having Triton move into the 10 gallon now, and even conveys her worries to me about my bettas’ health:

“ I think Triton’s constipated!! Look, there’s a bulge where his butt is!! “

“ Mom, that’s his swim bladder. He’s fine.” 

I’m happy to say that my mother has taken my bettas’ quality of life more seriously now, and that she cares for them a lot ( refers to herself as their grandma since I’m the mom lol ). A happy ending, yay!!!!

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Random headcanons for Seven, please? ^^

ayyyy i’m technically still alive ;; but i am so tired holy shit. i think we got two asks for this? but i’m just gonna answer the one for now ^^

- Admin Ace in Space

  • okay so he’s that type of guy that LOVES the smell of petrol and car tires
  • also has a scented candle that smells like petrol
  • he has depression and when it gets bad, he just. doesn’t leave his bed. at all.
  • doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t eat, doesn’t shower, doesn’t sleep
  • someone help him pls
  • he also doesn’t want to go to a therapist, but will consider medication if MC talks to him about it
  • Seven definitely owns Cards Against Humanity and all its expansions
  • in addition to his usual pranks and silliness, he also likes to bring out the dark humor every now and then
  • everyone tries to keep Yoosung from playing with him bcs Seven has no mercy
  • whilst the others try to keep it down a bit for the sake of not traumatizing the poor boy, Seven can and will bring out the “sodomized by a silverback gorilla” card i’m like 94% sure that’s an actual card, at least i vaguely remember playing it once
  • there are few things he loves as much as seeing MC in his jacket
  • he usually complains about sharing it, but if they steal it and he sees them sitting around and looking all cozy and cute, his heart beats so much faster
  • also if MC is only wearing his jacket…….. they’re in for a very long night
  • he is a sadist, let’s not forget that
  • but he is also super super caring and showers MC in love and affection, especially at first when he wants to make up for being so distant and rude
  • aside from MC, the person he loves the most is his brother. Seven jokes around a lot and playfully pokes at Saeran whenever he can, but he would never ever want to hurt his brother again
  • he feels incredibly guilty and sometimes has nightmares about it
  • but he uses humor as his coping mechanism
  • so even if it seems like he’s joking around at inappropriate times, he’s doing that because it helps him deal with everything
  • also this is 100% a conversation that happened at one point:
  • “saeyoung what are you doing” “waiting for the sweet embrace of death”
  • and finally: he announced a movie night for the RFA once
  • and everyone was kind of unsure but they all went anyway
  • he rented out a drive-in cinema
  • you guys all know what’s gonna happen
  • cue a lot of yelling feat. him cackling in the background