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Dear Urban Fantasy fandom,

What I would like to see more of in urban fantasy writing:

- More werecreatures besides werewolves, ie. werebears, werecats, werebirds, etc.

- Transformations for werecreatures that vary from person to person, ie. one person’s might be extremely violent while the other sort of just melds into it

- Werecreatures who have different behaviors while transformed besides “KILL EVERYTHING”

- Werecreatures who don’t have this messed up canon where there can’t be any females, or they can’t give birth, or they’re extremely violent, yadda yadda yadda

- Werecreature loners who were forced to be loners by circumstance rather than chose it and are actually looking for or to form a new pack

- More packs with werecreatures that are positive, supporting places

- Werecreatures with “transformation night” packs so they’re ready for whatever

- People who are friends with werecreatures who knows what’s up and try to help them through the night if they need it

- Werecreatures who are totally cool being werecreatures

- Vampires who are sensitive about their age

- Vampires who aren’t the most beautiful creatures ever to behold in existence UGH

- Vampires with acquired tastes to different blood

- Vampires with different skintones in their own variations of pale

- Vampires who don’t give a flying fatooty about history and are rather annoyed when people start to ask them questions like they should know

- Vampires who can transform into more than just bats

- Vampires who are endlessly frustrated they can’t get drunk but they try anyway

- Vampires who still wear the styles from, like, 20 years ago (70’s vampire guys!)

- Vampires who won’t drink blood without consent

- Vampires that still look like children but are actually well over 200 and swear like sailors

- Vampires in broods

- Vampires who are total geeks and have memorized every line of every Star Trek (or insert your own) movie and quotes them all the time

- Vampires who are totally cool being vampires

- Witches who can’t afford fancy glass vials so they use milk jugs or tupperware

- Witches who make more potions besides liquidy ones, ie. some are really thick and grainy, others slimy, etc

- Witches who specialize in a certain craft, ie. potions, divination, thaumaturgy, etc

- Mass-produced witch items you can find in grocery stores and other witches complaining about how they’re not as powerful as homemade

- More familiars besides cats

- More magical focuses besides wands, ie. a pocketwatch, a favorite old coin, a keychain, etc

- Witches with planters on their windowsill

- Witch magic developing at different times for different people, ie. at birth, puberty, a random age for no reason, etc

- Witches having to LEARN how to use magic properly, not knowing how to do it instantly

- Witch support groups for people having trouble controlling or even using magic

- Wizards who classify as witches and witches who classify as wizards and wizards and witches classifying as neither because that’s who they are

- Witches who summon monsters or demons just to chill or hang out and the monsters and demons are totally chill with it

- Witches who are totally cool being witches

- Other supernatural/mythological creatures besides the regular ones

- Lamias, kelpies, selkies, pischacha, jarita, chimera, xiāo, kui, yōkai, aswang, etc, etc, ETC

- A supernatural society that isn’t hidden from human society and even if they have problems they work together

- Supernatural creatures who run for political office

- Supernatural creatures working as baristas

- Supernaturals creatures who live in specific neighborhoods and identify with different races, classes, religions, etc.

- Supernatural creatures in gangs

- Romances between supernatural creatures, other supernatural creatures, and humans being A-OK and healthy and wonderful

- Romances beyond straight romances

And so much more! Please, guys, we need more variations! We can’t get stuck in an ocean of stale, overused urban fantasy stories! We need to improve upon the genre!

If you have any more ideas, please add on! :)

Having a little with social anxiety means

Having your little look at you with a panicked expression when they’re asked what they would like to order.

Constantly holding your littles hand and rubbing their hand with your thumb to keep them calm in public.

Helping your little make doctors appointments or giving your little pep talks to make doctors appointment because they’re afraid of talking on the phone.

Seeing your little go from bouncy and talkative to shy and quiet the second you leave the house.

Reassuring your little every time they think someone looks at them funny when you’re in public.

Taking the lead in conversations with new people so your little doesn’t have to strain themselves.

Taking long period of time to help your little relax and calm down after being around a lot of people.

Watching your little at social events and looking for queues that they’re in an uncomfortable position or need to leave and be alone.

Being patient with your little and encouraging them and supporting them and being as reassuring as possible. Littles with any kind of anxiety need lots of patience and reassuring, especially when they’re anxiety revolves around other people.

some nice things to do

1. carry a plastic bag and pick up litter that you see
2. pay for the person behind you
3. put a cute anonymous note in a library book
4. send a kind anon ask to someone you’re following
5. tell your friends and family you love them
6. make cookies for your best friend
7. include someone who looks left out in a conversation
8. hug people tightly
9. say “thank you” to someone you appreciate
10. compliment your friend’s talents
11. have a checklist and challenge yourself to tick everything off
12. stand up, stretch, and drink a glass of water every hour
13. start jogging, don’t feel bad if you’re slow
14. wake up early so you have time for both hobbies and studying
15. look at things with your eyes more than you take photos
16. treat yourself how you would treat your best friend
17. learn how to bake a cake
18. give yourself some time alone
19. read a book
20. try a new hairstyle
21. learn a new language
22. look at things and appreciate their poetry and beauty
23. keep a journal for all the moments you want to remember
24. pay more attention to the good things than the bad things
25. have manners and don’t be aggressive or rude
26. if someone is rude, be the bigger person and walk away
27. but sugar-free chewing gum so you don’t have to give in to junk food cravings
28. write down your favourite quotes
29. if it’s raining, share your umbrella with someone who needs it
30. be nice to kids even if you dislike them
31. keep making your art, writing, and photography. keep doing things even if you think you suck
32. keep doing something you’re passionate about even though no one is being supportive
33. stop changing yourself to fit the standards of other people
34. plant a garden of fruits and flowers
35. stop sitting down so much and go out and see the world
36. be strong. don’t let people walk all over you
37. focus on your studying for 30 minutes and give yourself a 10 minute break
38. look at the moon and the stars
39. look at the clouds, sunrise and sunset
40. stop using your phone at dinner
41. have a bubble bath
42. message someone you haven’t talked to for a while
43. let go of toxic people who don’t deserve you
44. don’t be afraid to say that you were wrong
45. keep yourself busy so you stop overthinking so much
46. don’t assume things about someone you don’t know
47. say kind things behind someone’s back
48. be nice to others even if you feel angry, sad or bitter. it’s not their fault
49. remember that your emotions don’t have to rule your actions
50. stop caring so much about what other people might think
51. wear what you want
52. smile at a stranger
53. don’t worry. worrying about the future is useless. it will be a lot less scary than you imagined
54. stop not caring about important things. care about everything and everyone you love with all your heart.
55. stop checking your notifications every 2 minutes
56. don’t play mind games with people
57. make your resting face more happy
58. think happy thoughts even if it feels fake, and you will turn more positive
59. be confident. fake the confidence until you have natural confidence
60. make every morning a new beginning
61. try to understand people rather than be judgemental
62. educate yourself on societal issues
63. stop blaming other people for your own mistakes
64. swear less and don’t call people mean and derogatory terms
65. either learn or be inspired by everything you see
66. constantly find new ways to improve yourself
67. have little goals every day and feel great when you achieve them
68. your comfort zone is nice but don’t stay in it too much. be brave and try something new, even if you fail it’s not a failure
69. tidy your desk
70. watch all the best films
71. stop saying mean things to yourself
72. be happy for no reason
73. say hi to everyone you know
74. don’t dwell on your past
75. keep doing something you’re passionate about even if people criticise you
76. put your alarm away from your bed so you get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off
77. let your emotions out, either by talking to someone or letting it out creatively
78. google everything you’re curious about
79. use a dictionary for words you don’t know
80. don’t feel sad about all the unanswerable questions
81. be kind to everyone, everything and yourself.
82. spread love and happiness constantly
83. help people who need it
84. don’t be afraid to cry
85. pick yourself up. you don’t need other people to save you
86. if you don’t have anything kind or constructive to say, don’t say it
87. breathe through your stomach, not your chest
88. sleep earlier!!
89. eat more fruits than chocolate
90. be there when your friend is sad, not just when everything is fine
91. make your bed every morning
92. observe everything and pay attention to what’s around you
93. quit any addictions you have
94. give more attention to all the great things
95. learn, accept your past, and move on
96. write things down to remember them
97. be proud of every little victory
98. be proud of who you are
99. remember that you’re loveable, important and worthy of happiness
100. don’t give up. you’re still young and you have a whole life ahead of you.


Happy trans day of visibility! 

This comic isn’t completly true, I’m only out to 2 of my friends. I also haven’t started T yet, so no beard…

Even tho I wasn’t able to fully participate today because im still in the closet, I wanted to do something. When i look at myself 6 month ago and how horrible I felt and look where I am today (huge thanks to my 2 friends to who I came out to (one of them being the amazing @tashanootje !!!)) I grew a lot! I feel like im much closer to the person I am supposed to be. There are a lot of things I don’t yet know, and a lot of things I still have to do, but I now have friends who will support me and Im so ready to discover myself. 

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This thing is a giant mess but at least it’s done. It’s also a long mess, but it tells the true story of a Mei I had on my team once that was just not shy at all about spamming I NEED HEALING regardless of how much HP she actually had or what more or less impossible location she was in. Plus she started out the match blocking me off all over and just generally trying really hard to annoy the one support. Moral of the story, me and Reaper murdered everyone and won yaaaay. Also the first and last images have a little more effort put into them than normal cause why not.


Edit: ps I decided I wanted to fancy up that last image 

Ratings of Ash by Gens

Gens 1 and 2

The original hero! We first meet this guy at the very start of his journey. Though it was a rough start, he overcame a lot of obstacles, and learned a lot from them! He and Pikachu became best buddies, and we saw how passionate he is for Pokemon and Pokemon battles! 10/10

Gen 3

Look at this fashionable boy! He’s ready to take on the Hoenn region! Along with his friends, new and old, he explores a brand new region, with brand new Pokemon! He’s a more experienced trainer, and even became an aura master, and the king of the sea! 10/10

Gen 4

Our favorite boy again! This time in the Sinnoh region! And what a good boy he was! He became friends with lots of new Pokemon, and got even stronger! He took a poor Chimchar abused by his rival, and turned into the battling machine known as Infernape! He matured as a trainer, and look at that Pikachu, taking out a Latios in the semifinals of the Sinnoh league! WOW! 10/10

Gen 5

Aww! What a sweet little boy! How cute! He and Pikachu are still best buddies! He’s carefree and prefers taking chances! He doesn’t let anything get in his way! Though he was a little on the shaky side, that’s ok! It’s a whole new region with so many new friends to make! Everyone makes a few mistakes here and there, but he is still a good boy! 10/10

Gen 6

WOWZA! Look at this boy! Looks like he got a bit older! Look how strong he is! He came off the plane to Kalos with his head held high and a huge smile on his face! He raised some amazingly strong Pokemon, and can even fuse with one of them! WHAT! SO COOL! He supports his Kalosian friends no matter what, and he even got himself a girlfriend! He made it all the way to the finals of the Kalos League, then took down the evil Team Flare! What a strong boy! So proud! 10/10

Gen 7

AWW!!!! LOOK AT THIS LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL! He looks a bit different, but that’s ok, being different isn’t bad! He’s in the paradise that is the Alola region, making lots of new friends at school! And look at how responsible he is, going back to school after traveling for so long! He’s such a pure boy, we must protect him! 10/10

inspired by this post here by pkmncenters :)

Could we just take a moment to appreciate the precious bean that is Kim Namjoon??? This man works so hard not only as Bangtan’s leader, but as a general human being. He led BTS from where they started to where they are now, global icons, in less than 5 years. He takes care of and looks out for each and everyone one of the members and make sure each one knows they’re loved and is constantly supporting them??? He not only makes sure to give his speeches in korean but also in English for all the international army’s??? He works so hard to translate and does a phenomenal job at it too?? On top of all that, he goes out and advocates for diversity and the gays??? He’s constantly talking about societal issues and I love the man so much??? We honestly don’t deserve him but I’m so thankful for him.

✨juno sign thoughts✨

aries: aries in juno folks love a partner who’s very independent and low maintenance. they typically like a partner who’s dominant and decisive rather than passive or “whiny” in any way. aries in juno loves someone who can give them new experiences and supports their ambitions. confidence is big with them, they need to be confident and love it in partners. a healthy dose of conflict/debate is important to them as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

taurus: people with taurus juno appreciate partners who are very physical with showing their love. they also love to be reassured; about their relationship, looks, worth, etc. taurus juno tend to be very faithful fully, maybe even at a point of being rather possessive. jealousy is common so that reassurance really helps them.

gemini: gemini juno, being ruled by mercury, loves to be able to talk and muse with their partner at length. that mental connection has to be there before anything else. as a flighty air sign, they hate becoming too serious too quickly, so their friendship has to be completely solid before even considering anything else. if they feel they’re not on the exact same page as their partner, they get really anxious so they need to be able to be super open.

cancer: someone with cancer juno love to take care of their partner and they love being taken care of. simple things like cuddling, doing errands, or cooking for one another are very important and mean a lot to cancer juno people. they also tend to be a little clingy or have mood swings, so like taurus juno, reassurance is key. similar to other luminary leo, they need lots of attention and are fully prepared to give their partner lots of attention. loyalty is key

leo: this juno placement is in love with love; romance is a big thing for them. because social status is so important to them, they tend to choose partners who they are super proud of ranting to their friends about. although they’re a bit bossy and me-me-me, they are extremely caring and generous towards their partner. i feel like this is one of the sugar daddy placements tbh, they look giving gifts to show love as well as receiving them. they don’t like being passive or like their partner being passive, so they usually get into powercouple type relationships where equality is key.

virgo: virgo juno, and other virgo placements, are known for their high standards in love (and everything else). although it can sometimes become lost, virgos can actually be very romantic and value this in a partner. they can tend to be highstrung and like a partner who caters to them in helping achieve perfection in health and home. they love partners who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and work hard for their dreams.

libra: people with libra juno are seen always trying to impress. this sometimes drive them to directly competing with their partner. they’re romantic, and can be fixated on appearances like leo. they view relationships as complete partnerships and like to tell their partner about all of their decisions and to ask for help with them, so they love partners who are systematic in the way they live their lives.

scorpio: scorpios crave emotional intimacy, so knowing everything about their partner is really important. they can become possessive, like their sister sign taurus, and sometimes even controlling. they want to be able to bare their soul to their partner and vice versa but have a hard time getting that trust, so this is why they have a reputation of being mysterious or being attracted to mysterious people. they love passion and ambition. scorpios tend to get a bad rap of being disloyal but they crave this loyalty in themselves and others, they just need to be completely sure they won’t get hurt.

sagittarius: this juno placement loves partners who are funny and, like aries, love to experience new things with them. they love a partner who can share and support their philosophies and need freedom as well as loyalty. they can be competitive like libra, but in a more goodspirited way. they also are similar to aries in that they appreciate partners who are low maintenance and don’t need constant reassurance.

capricorn: capricorn juno are attracted to partners who have similar goals to them and are not afraid to work hard for them. they love someone who they can be proud of like leo, and look for someone who is responsible and trustworthy. they lose all attraction when their partner loses any ambition for their future. capricorn juno are actually very generous in that they love to show their loyalty to their partner, and also love to show off their accomplishments to woo them. they fall for people they strive to be like. juno in cap need the push and drive to become someone as respected, independent, and confident as the people they love. “We need to become that responsible partner we are looking for.” - astrobutterfly

aquarius: on the other side of capricorn, aquas don’t like to be too traditional and like freedom in everything they do. they’re very friendly and fun, and like to try out different dynamics in relationships. they hate to feel misunderstood or have their intentions falsified so they love someone who’s openminded and adventurous. they like quirkiness and dorkiness. it’s important for this placement to feel like they’re not giving up anything in their relationship.

pisces: pisces juno are known for their romantic and idyllic view of love. they’re attracted to partners who try to fulfill this fantasy. they love to share; their lives, their dreams, their interests, everything. they’re very imaginitive and can paint a picture of the perfect partner in their head that can ultimately lead to dissapointment when their partner fails to live up to it. they’re very emotional and caring, they love to sit up late at night and talk to their loved one. pisces juno tend to be sensitive and intuitive to others emotions and this is a big placement for emotional growth for them and their partners. they want to be coddled but it’s important for them to take responsibility for their actions.

*sorry if u cant relate to your juno sign maybe try looking at sun/moon/venus*

anonymous asked:

UM IDEA ?????????? Yuri actually has to wear glasses but he always wears contacts until one day he loses them and has to wear his huge nerd glasses and he hates them and is really self conscious but otabek tells him he looks adorable and that makes yura feel so much better !!!!!!!! MY EMOTIONS

oh my god YES!! I support this headcanon with my entire being! I love it when you guys send these!

i think what i found the most heartwarming about this moment between isak and even and their friends is not just the fact that it looked adorable. what touched me the most was how much thought was put behind it. julie cares about fans of the show so much, she cares about how they feel and she sees the impact the show has on its viewer, she sees the impact isak and even had (and still have) on the viewers. she actively wants to find out what we think of the characters and storylines she creates, how we feel about them, she reads what people have to say on social media. this part of the clip, how they were all standing, was directly inspired by a fan’s drawing 

and she knows how important it was for some of the viewers to see a same-sex couple have a happy ending, she knows how important it was for some of the viewers to see a character who has a mental illness be with someone who loves them, for them to be in a successful relationship. she knows how important it was to see them be surrounded by people who love and support them, friends who appreciate them for all that they are 

and so this moment wasn’t just about making the viewer go “awww” and making them smile. it was so much more than that. it was about making the viewers feel like they matter, like they are cared for. it was julie telling us “i see you, you who have been watching them, you who care about them and their happiness and their well-being. look at them doing so well, look at how happy they still are”

I want to know why people who think that sex work is bad think that sex work, the act of exchanging sex for something of concrete value, is so much worse than casual hookups, people having sex to procreate, drunk sex, breakup sex, sex you have because you want to feel closer, and all the other weird reasons people have sex–sex to just get losing your virginity over with!–so much worse than all these reasons and ways of having sex.

Talking to other sex workers and people in harm reduction, we keep encountering the idea that sex work is more “high risk” than any other kind of sex except gay sex.

This is demonstrably untrue, however. When sex workers are given the tools to have safer sex, we have exponentially lower rates of sti infection that the surrounding population of civilians of pretty much any age.

Sex workers need protections from civilians, not the other way around.

I understand that a lot of people think sex should ONLY be had in the context of a loving and committed monogamous romantic relationship, but relationships end. At a certain point (say, 2017) divorce rates and breakup rates and hookup culture all combine to make the censure of sex work seem truly hypocritical and ludicrous. So many people are having so many kinds of meaningless sex for stupid reasons, but it’s adult women, trying to leverage the one thing society agrees that we have of value, that need to be protected from themselves.

But take it to the logical legislative conclusions.

Can we really be sure that drunk co-eds can be trusted to make good decisions about who to have sex with? what if in two weeks they find out the person they were sleeping with was LYING to them and sleeping with other people? what if he was doing it without condoms? That’s pretty fucking rude and unethical, shouldn’t we protect young women from this all too common scenario? CAN we? what does that look like?

What about a couple having sex to get pregnant when neither of them is really feeling it but they both want a baby?

Under Oregon law, a stay at home housewife having sex with her husband who pays her bills and mortgage, is trafficked.

And it’s frankly shameful that people criminalise adults under the guise of concern trolling about sexually exploited children when they aren’t lobbying even close to as hard to a total reboot of the child welfare system–Texas’s CPS system recently made international headlines after human rights abuses so bad they make Minnesota’s or Oregon’s look fine. (I’m being bitterly hilarious, the abuses of different cps systems are never fine).
People are willing to support misogynist and racist abuses overseas and at home (TPP, H&M, Goodwill) and they’re willing to close their eyes to child abuse in the the very system made to protect them, but they love to jerk off to the idea of exploited people and being the magical white saviours of fragile exploited women and children. it’s this ONE SPECIFIC CONTEXT they love to circle jerk about.

They don’t give a damn about other kinds of slavery, they don’t publicise instances of it, they don’t organise against it, they don’t support sex workers trying to organise to aid vulnerable people. they genuinely JUST care about this one aspect of sexuality, regardless of how interconnected all misogynist and racist abuses are and the realities of survival under global capitalism.

I think it’s amazing. Just amazing. In one hundred years, nothing has changed except to become worse for poor people around the world, but the middle class is still more concerned about legislating adult women’s sexuality than real change that would protect vulnerable people.

Ok but this scene is actually SO FUNNY because Viktor just casually proposes in front of everyone??

because as symbolic as the rings are Yuuri doesn’t ask Viktor to marry him at the stairs outside the church?? It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing because he specifically buys a pair of WEDDING RINGS, as shown on the receipt, but he never voices his wish to marry Viktor and instead talks about the Final and how he’s grateful for Viktor’s help, all while being incredibly flustered

And Viktor is obviously SHOOK at the start of this scene, because he knows it isn’t just all about performing well in the Final 

and then he softens out and reassures Yuuri that the feeling is mutual in a language they both speak well (aka skating) and go on their merry way


I can’t really figure out Yuuri’s reaction here to be honest because he’s visibly shocked by what Viktor is saying bUT LIKE HUNNY YOU JUST BOUGHT A PAIR OF WEDDING RINGS WHAT DID YOU EXPECT

even so 

IT’S JUST SO FUNNY HOW THEY TREATED THIS ??? because while Yuuri is taken aback by what Viktor is saying he doesn’t DENY IT and then proceeds to wear the ring for the rest of the show without fault

THEY’RE SO CUTE AND PRECIOUS AND OBVIOUSLY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND I LOVE HOW THEY MADE YUURI GET THE RINGS !! because it gave Viktor a chance to casually reveal his desire to create a life with Yuuri (and we’ve seen before how Viktor likes to drop casual hints about what he wants from Yuuri) and it also plays into Yuuri’s quote “When I open up, he meets me where I am” while also showing that Yuuri is as equally invested in their relationship as Viktor AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT 

And although Viktor’s inner monologue talks about Yuuri’s actions being unexpected, Yuuri had actually most likely been planning this for hours at least, because we can clearly see that he’s looking for something earlier in the day, and Viktor’s line “It’s unusal for Yuuri to suggest sightseeing”, supports this, because even though Yuuri isn’t one to suggest these things he does now and IT’S JUST CLEAR WHY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO GET RINGS FOR THEM AND IT’S SO PRECIOUS OF HIM


Yuuri opening up about what he feels for Viktor but being unable to say those specific words, and Viktor fills the gap for him. I love them so much they’re a perfect pair


Quick concept designs for @monstersheithzine! Can you guess what this is inspired by?

this poor little red ribbon was bullied in elementary school. i just have this hc in my mind with poor kid tendou crying his eyes out in front of his parents after a volley practice because the other kids did not want him to play because they said he looked like a monster. he started playing volleyball because blocking one of his bullies’ spike made him feel good and he wanted to feel that same satisfaction over and over again, but you can clearly see from both the anime and the manga that even if he was good at it, he still struggled to make friends. teammates still talked behind his back.
that was so real. like, kids are adorable and all, but they can also be so mean. and really, being good at something doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% accepted.
i have this other hc in my head with tendou playing volleyball 24/7 after he got complimented by someone. and this other one with tendou seeing wakatoshi and thinking “wow” and despite being afraid of being rejected still tried to talk to wakatoshi. at first he thought it was just a one way conversation because waka’s not really looking at him as he’s talking, so tendou stops, but then after a second waka just goes, “and then?” and that’s like one of the most precious memories of tendou satori’s high school life. but enough of that, tendou’s such a bittersweet character, okay? he takes pride in his team, he 100% supports them, he compliments goshiki on his haircut AND WE CAN ALL GUESS WHY. and then after losing against karasuno he goes and says those words that broke us all. i think his “farewell my paradise” isn’t just about him quitting volleyball. it’s more than that, it’s volleyball played with his team, with shiratorizawa. JUST. JUST APPRECIATE TENDOU SATORI OKAY? HE MAY BE TALL AND HIS RED HAIR MAY LOOK FIERCE BUT THIS BOY NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST. don’t let him quit volleyball furudate sensei. let him break more spikers’ hearts.

Assistants au

EDIT: I’ve already started writing for this au, just check my writing master list for the chapters.

( in this au ) Most people have holographic assistants, they can shoot from your phone when you have an issue while in your house however they can be full scale as tall as an actual person.
Each assistant has a different personality so none are the same but each have a different function that depends on said personality.

Roman’s assistant is
P.a.t.t.o.n. His personality is very bubbly, happy and friendly. His main objective and purpose is to help Roman’s emotional stability, encourage/support him, and keep him Happy. Overall his function is to help Roman with his self confidence issues.

He decides to project with a dad like appearance as he feels like that’s what suits Roman’s needs the most, A peppy supportive dad.

Virgil’s assistant is L.o.g.a.n. As Virgil is very anxious and disorganized, Logan’s main function is to ground him in reality, tell him when he’s being irrational and help to get his life organized.

Logan knew that while Virgil needed a figure that’s comforting but he needs something more serious like a teacher so that’s the look he went with.

Virgil originally doesn’t want as assistant as he finds them quite odd and they aren’t real humans anyway, just code. But despite his wishes Roman, his best friend buys him Logan for his 29th birthday.

Society is very dependent on assistants and people are incredibly scared of something going wrong with them. So the government and media never report on glitches. So few people know about them and fewer know how to fix them.

Glitches turn assistants into doing the opposite of their function, their appearance changes slightly. Corrupted assistants have this state permanently and their appearance changes more.

An assistant can get glitched three ways: overworking, overloading and hacking.

So overworking is leaving them on 24/7, making them do functions continuously that they aren’t fit to do.

Over loading is like for Patton he can support a couple emotions at a time. So if Roman’s really sad he can set patton to sad support mode but if he didn’t to go ape shit and just put him on all of the modes he has installed that’ll cause a glitch out.

And hackers is kinda easy to understand, the ai just get changed due to someone.

Hackers are usually outcasted by society in fear as most hackers know of glitches and even worst corruptions.

Thomas, a hacker in this story lives far away from civilization with his “low tech” assistant deceit or dee for short. A corrupted assistant that is unfixable after he got pass the glitch stage. But due to this Thomas understands how to fix glitches.

I’d like to make a chaptered fic on this just let me know! And if you guys do want a fic or art or whatever I’ll make a tag list :D hope you guys enjoy~

Random fact: all assistants wear glasses like garnet’s from Steven universe but way more see through so you can see the assistants eyes but they all have different colors. For such Patton’s is light blue as he deals with more emotions And For Logan’s it’s royal blue as he deals with more security

Rowan Blanchard is biphobic??

So, if you’re confused about this whole situation, basically Rowan Blanchard liked a bunch of tweets that are… how can I say this? Blatantly biphobic?¿!??! And also ridiculously on the “social justice warrior” side. Ew.

She hasn’t “disliked” them since, you can literally go on her twitter and check it out yourself!

I know. It’s disgusting.

On another note… look at what her “boyfriend” thinks about bisexuals. Hmmmm, so cute!!

Dude is literally hiding biphobia behind his “wokeness” lmao. Just admit you don’t like, accept and support bi people and move on.

Honestly, I am so fucking sick of biphobia. Homophobes being biphobic doesn’t surprise me at all, of course. But LGBT+ people being biphobic????? Like, what is wrong with you all? Fucking social justice warriors.

Stop hiding your biphobia and hatred behind the whole “uwu man suck” thing that, for some reason, so many people still agree with (in a “not joking at all” way).

Bisexuals are allowed to be in relationships with someone of the opposite gender. That doesn’t make them any less bisexual, any less LGBT+, or any less valid.

Bi people are attracted to 2 genders, even if they are in a “straight relationship”. I don’t know why that is so hard to understand for some of y’all.

Also, while we’re here, there is nothing wrong with straight (or apparently straight) couples. Come for me, SJW’s. :)

Y’all really need to stop pretending you’re good people if you’re gonna invalidate bisexuals if they aren’t in “gay uwu” relationships. Admit you’re a bad and hateful person and move on.

Bisexuals, you are valid and loved.

I don’t mean this in a this ship vs that ship way, because it’s bigger than that, but I feel like more than anything S7 EP1 really finally showed that Keith is the greater love of Shiro’s life, even just as platonic friends. Like it wasn’t unintentional to parallel how Shiro’s ex-boyfriend treated him vs how Keith treated him, and it’s all about who could stay strong enough for Shiro. And yeah, loving Shiro and staying by his side clearly isn’t easy. We’ve seen that struggle for Keith over six seasons, and now we find out he was seriously ill and probably not going to last much longer. And he’s so worthy of someone fighting to love him and be there for him, but it’s a fight you gotta be willing to undertake.

But Adam wouldn’t do it for him. He gave up. And that’s okay, this isn’t me slandering him because I get it, he’s just an average person, and it’s hard to live through watching your boyfriend push himself to the brink of death and leave you behind. But Shiro needs that support, he needed someone to never ever give up on him because he can do it, he can survive and be stronger and be happy. And Keith NEVER gave up. This dude even fought death to bring Shiro back!!

And guess what?? Shiro could do it. He went to space, and he became a paladin and helped save billions of lives, including his own. Adam could have been there for Shiro, but he bailed. He didn’t have enough faith. And when you look at it from Shiro’s pov, staying with Adam would have meant unhappiness, sickness and eventual death for Shiro that he wouldn’t have come back from. But by letting Adam go and following his dream, even if it caused him more pain, also brought him a cure and a new, unconditionally loving family in Voltron. Yea I am very sad Shiro lost that beautiful relationship, but he would never have reached his full potential if he had stayed. It would’ve clipped his wings.

But like I said before, Keith was willing to fight. Shiro fought for him, so he returned the favour. Because he knew Shiro was great and amazing and deserved to follow his dreams without being made to feel guilty and selfish because Shiro WOULD pull through. There’s no doubt in Keith’s mind Shiro will always make it, that’s why he’s always searching for him and saving him even when it looks like there’s no hope. And we now see that the love that grew between them was so honest and supportive it even became stronger than what was between Shiro and the man he wanted to marry. I think Shiro absolutely knows this when he wakes up after he’s dreaming to see Keith still by his side. He’s probably known it all along. And man I’m so happy that after all that suffering Shiro went through, Keith was there to support him and help him become the man he was always supposed to be but couldn’t because his illness was stopping him. They really saved each other.