look at them being perfect


Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
“The four of us make a pretty good team. We should double date more often.”


Malec Appreciation Week Day 1 - Favorite Magnus Moment

I’m not talking to you. 

Bonus: Alec’s Little Smirk and Shrug


Stephen Street: But the playing on it is incredible. I mean the actual musicianship, you know? That is a real hard song to play.
Graham Coxon: It is hard because I’m playing the same chords as Damon…but because Damon didn’t know other chord shapes apart from an E shape, it’s just…[starts playing]

–Graham Coxon and Stephen Street talking to Gray Guitars about “Chinese Bombs” (x)

baumanelise Digging these shirts from @mysisterorg which donates a percentage of their ethically sourced apparel to non-profit organizations that work to provide after-care programs, education and job training for survivors of sex trafficking. I love my “Intersectional Feminist” shirt because I believe in rights and equality for every race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender/non-binary and sexual orientation. #mysisterorg #mysisterlivesfree (x)

The shits that Jonny Frost has to put up with though


Listen…it’s always Dwarf Appreciation Week…in my heart…

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what do you think about so'hara?

What do I NOT think about SO’Hara.! SO’Hara is life!

My beautiful freckled Georgian peaches! 

Look at them being perfect!

Look at these models!

Look at their convos..

Look at their dancing!

Look at them sharing recipes!

Look at them celebrating their big goals!

 I’m gonna let Kelley summarize it..



ʜᴇʏ, ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ? ɪᴛ’s ᴛɪᴍᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs sᴇᴜɴɢᴋᴡᴀɴ ᴛᴏ sʜɪɴᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʜɪs ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇs!

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)
Just Know That I'm Sorry [Tate Langdon Imagine]

A/N: Y/N finally spills how she feels about Tate to Violet, who instigated her to the point of letting out her real emotions and Tate hears everything.

Requested: No

Pairing: Tate Langdon X Reader

Warnings: cursing

Being in love with Tate Langdon was painful, but to watch him be in love with Violet was excruciating. Just seeing the two of them smother each other in kisses disgusted you, and instantly ruined your day. You knew you could treat him better than she ever could.

This morning you instantly felt off; from the moment you woke up, you were feeling quite anxious and on edge. You got up out of bed and changed, then went to go brush your teeth. You turned on the tap, and wet your toothbrush before you applied the toothpaste and began brushing. As you went to spit out the remaining toothpaste, you felt two large, cold hands being placed upon your waist, giving you the chills. It was Tate.

“Jeez Tate, you scared the shit out of me.” You giggled, leaning back into him. You felt his chest vibrate against your back as he chuckled, before leaning down and kissing your cheek.

“Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean it.” He said, placing his chin on top of your head. You blushed profoundly and escaped his grasp, ignoring the urge you felt to stay in his arms a bit longer.

“You can’t just do that, Tate. You have a girlfriend.” You sighed, hiding the jealousy that ignited from within you. You watched his face light up as the word escaped from your lips, immediately making you upset.

“Yeah, girlfriend..” He said wearily. You gave him a small smile and sat down on your bed.

“So Y/N, do you a-” Tate was immediately cut off by the sound of footsteps approaching your room. You gave him a panicked look, and ushered him into your closet.

You returned to your spot on the bed just as the door opened, revealing your father.

“Hey sweetie, Your mom and I are going out for a bit, money is on the counter if you want to order something for dinner.” He said.

“Okay, thank you. Have fun!” You smiled, waving him goodbye. Your dad closed the door and you heard his footsteps fade away. You waited until you heard the front door close and the car pull out of the driveway before letting out a relieved sigh.

“Well, I’d be relieved too. Finally getting away from your sorry ass. One can only wish for such a blessing.” You heard from the corner of your room. You whipped your head around, your eyes catching the devious glare of Violet’s.

“What do you want, Violet.” You replied in a flat tone. You and Violet hadn’t gotten along from the very start. She was fully aware of your feelings for Tate, therefore doing anything in her power so that she could win him back, and make you jealous with any chance she could get.

“Oh you know, I just wanted to talk..” She teased, sauntering over to your bed sitting down directly beside you. “About…Tate.”

You felt your breath hitch in your throat, realizing that Tate was still hiding in your closet. You squeezed your eyes shut. You didn’t want him finding out; not now, not ever.

“W-What do you mean?” Your voice wobbled, trying to sound completely oblivious, but failing miserably.

She scoffed at me, “You know what the hell I mean, Y/N. Your huge crush on him. I wanted to settle things once and for all, you know? Really connect the dots, here.”

You gave her a confused look which she completely disregarded, and pulled you up from your bed. She dragged you over to your full sized mirror, fixing you so you both stood in front of it completely.

You see now, Tate loves this,“ She said gesturing to her body. "He likes a skinny waist, and a decent sized rack and a bit of an ass. Not whatever the fuck your body is.”

You were genuinely hurt by her words. You always thought you had a pretty nice body. You weren’t a twig but you were decently skinny with a nice ass and boobs. You worked out whenever you could, and always tried to watch what you eat. But compared to Violet, you always believed it was like looking at an elephant next to a peanut. You listened to her go on and on about your flaws, and compare them to her perfect being.

Violet realized the look on your face and scoffed, “Listen. This isn’t to be rude, but to let you know that Tate doesn’t want you. Not now, not next week, not ever. You’re fucking garbage, Y/N. Tate likes pretty girls, with good personalities. Not a dull nobody who thinks they’re really something special. He’s in love with me. You need to get that threw your thick fucking scull.” She gave me a hard shove before sitting down at my desk.

You felt your throat tighten and your eyes began to well up with tears. It was like being hit with an unknown force; the sudden reality hitting you, igniting all of the pain and sadness you hadn’t known you’ve had to surface.

When suddenly, something inside of you snapped. “Violet, you don’t need to remind me that the boy I’ve been in love with for the past few years doesn’t love me back. He’s completely in love with a girl who will never really love him for who he is, what he’s done, and what he ever will be. I don’t need you to give me a constant reminder that he’ll never love me the way I love him.”
You sobbed, not giving a shit whether Tate heard you or not.

You heard the closet door creak open. “Y/N..” Tate’s voice began.

“Oh, shit..” Violet let out.

You sniffled, “Save it Tate, I don’t wanna hear it.”
You walked over to him so that you were both face to face until you finally looked up at him, trying to decipher his facial expression.

“I just want you to know,” You cried, “That I’m sorry..”

You wiped your eyes and backed up, walking towards the door.

“For ruining this friendship, for making things awkward.. For possibly ruining your relationship. And if you’re happy..then so am I.”

“Just.. know that I’m sorry.” You mumbled, and with that, you ran.

Part 2?


Happy MidoTaka Day! [June 10th] ♥
↳ “This year, Shutoku acquired Midorima Shintarou, a member of the Generation of Miracles. Sure, he’s strong, but he’s also super sensitive and willful. I couldn’t stand him at first, either, but there’s not a guy on the team who doesn’t acknowledge his strength. I know he puts in more effort than anyone else. He’s a bit weird, but it’s somehow impossible to hate him.