look at them being all fancy and shit

Caitriona Balfe leads the BAFTAs worst dressed
It's one of the biggest nights in film and television, with the stars clamouring to walk the red carpet at the 70th annual BAFTAs ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night.

Dear DailyMail,

No one gives a shit really.

Worst dressed list?  I think she looks rather fabulous.  You know why?  Because she owns it.  She probably picked out the outfit herself and I dig it.  What’s more powerful than the right to choose something you want rather than being forced upon? 

She is confident in what her decision was.  If she had a choice, she would have picked out jeans and t-shirt instead of what was expected- all fancy, all seductive, all pleasing. 

These women up here.  Love them.  Ultimate middle finger to whatever you think should be beautiful and what’s ‘best’.

Home Again


Finnick had been counting the seconds, as they turned to minutes, unsure of how long he was going to be able to wait. He couldn’t bring himself to sit down, pacing around the room instead. How long did it take them to heal someone?! They had all their fancy equipment and shit. 

He had watched the whole thing with a sort of fascinated horror wanting to look away but not being able too. The past week had been hell, he had watched Caspian falling apart; to everyone else he looked strong, but Finnick knew, he could see it in his brother’s eyes. And yet… there was the nagging guilt that he felt…almost relieved. Of course he hadn’t wanted to see Eathelyn die, much less in front of Caspian… and yet, he knew that was the only reason his brother was still alive right now. 

Finally the door opened, and Finnick was rushing forwards, pulling his brother into a hug, not letting go even though it wasn’t returned. He tried to not care, Caspian was broken and it would take time for him to heal… all that mattered was that he was here, and he was alive. 

“I was so scared for you, Jellyfish.”