look at them being all fancy and shit

kent parson can sing

i dont mean like hes ok at it either. no. this boy can SING

  • he mostly just sings in the shower and shit
    • hes always loved gettin down to pop music but hes never been into music so to speak
    • like hes never rlly played an instrument or any of that 
    • he definitely doesnt know how to read sheet music no sirree
    • he cant harmonize easily or sight sing or anything technical mainly just cause hes never really tried
    • but hell he has PIPES and his voice is smooth as butter
    • but no one knows this except for kit purrson and jack ‘soft singing comforted teenage me when my anxiety flared up’ zimmermann
  • one day the aces PR are making videos and they decide to stage a sing-off
    • they get 3 of the aces including kent ofc bc whats aces promotional material without certified heartthrob and team captain kent v parson
    • each of them is told to pick 3 songs and theyll do one at a time for 3 rounds and their teammates will judge
    • the aces being in vegas they have a shit ton of money so they really deck it out, they bring in tech people to set up fancy lights and screens and shit and make the t-mobile arena’s center ice look like a hockey-themed the voice
    • each of them is given time to plan out their numbers with the tech guys so it looks snazzy af even though for all the PR people know they probably all three sound like dying horses
  • up first is chickens fish guy
    • homeboy comes in with this cutesy folk song from russia
    • he can’t sing that great but it’s p cute and the bright bubbly lights and visuals help
  • now taking center ice is jeff “swoops” troy 
    • swoops being a fool for basketball goes with some high school musical “we’re all in this together” and hey he actually has a nice voice. all in all it’s a good performance
  • and finally kent ‘most extra motherfucker this side of I-15″ parson is set to perform
    • this bitch comes out guns blazing with “i will always love you” by whitney houston
    • he fucking KILLS it and the visuals and everything… 
    • his stage presence is naturally on point 
    • every single person in t-mobile arena at that moment stopped in their tracks to take in this fucking amazing performance
    • finally when kent makes it to the end of the song everyones jaws are on the floor and hes like “how was that did i do ok”
  • chickens fish guy straight up walks out with his hands up. swoops concedes defeat and PR asks kent to do his other 2 songs
    • hes like oh um ok i didnt realize i was that good but sure if u rlly want
    • next he does a really fiery “i would like” by zara larsson and hes getting rlly into it with his dancing and everyone is mesmerized
      • (that song is definitely on his sex playlist but the aces and staff dont need to know that)
    • finally he comes in with the beyoncé everyone knew was coming but instead of one of her really well-known singles he does “start over” from 4 and it’s actually really big and powerful on the vocals and it has a lot of wild runs and kent hits ALL OF THEM and the jaws are on the floor again
  • the PR people put the video out and the public goes w i l d because seriously it’s just unfair?? that he can be so damn good at hockey AND singing
signs as niggas you probably gon put up with in your life

aries: the nigga’s probably an athlete, and a star athlete at that. unless he’s 100% committed to you, don’t even try it cuz everyone already loves them and if they’ve got options, they’re trying them. they KNOW they’re fine and they KNOW they’re a catch. loves to be complimented, like will truly BEAM cuz they like knowing you believe in them/think they’re great.
taurus: the real nice nigga who’s the netflix, takeout, and chill master. he wants a long-term stable relationship, but since he takes forever to make up his mind (cuz he’s in it for the lang haul), someone gon’ get hurt from him probably having like semi-deep non-committed relationships with 2+ people. knows all the best restaurants, though, and a cuddle monster when they actually wanna be touched. 
gemini: the nigga who looks cold and unapproachable but is actually really nice when you finally talk to them. he was sizing you up for mad long cuz he’s not about to talk to you if he thinks it’s gonna be a negative interaction. one day you say or do the wrong thing in his eyes and he switches up for a long ass time if not for life. you don’t know who he really until about three months in when he finally turns off his public persona around you. 
cancer: the nigga with all the emotions. like ALL the emotions. he’s gonna pretend he’s hard, and he’ll definitely fight a muhfucka with no hesitation, but they’re gonna cry about it (if not actual crying, you’ll here about how fucked up it was that they were pushed to fight for like two weeks). nice dude and a lot of fun, but moody and very literal. makes no assumptions about being together and expects you do the same.
leo: you know them niggas who dress for like lookbook.nu with fancy Polo socks and shit? that’s these niggas. look great, expect you to look great, too. need to feel in charge, at least in public. carries themselves like they own everywhere they go. most likely to be a momma’s boy along with capricorn. sexy and he fucking knows it and definitely feels you should know it, too. 
virgo: he’s got huge ambitions, but if he’s not fulfilling them currently, he’s a pessimist and cranky like hell. mad fun, likes going on adventures and hanging out unless he’s in a funky unfulfilled mood. WILL challenge you to follow your dreams and talents and get irked with you if you don’t take their advice. they don’t take themselves too seriously, but if you take them for a joke/act like they can’t handle their shit, they’ll immediately resent it and you. shitty at texting unless y’all are brand new talking to each other. 
libra: he’s gorgeous, he can dress, his hair/facial hair is always clean as fuck. either he’s always got money (cuz he likes nice things and gotta work to get em) or he’s broke (cuz he’s mooching off someone). you and his other 3 girlfriends all have the same pet name. ask him about other girls and he’ll start complaining about how you don’t trust him, but he’ll also brag about how other girls flirt with him (and how he supposedly curved em)
scorpio: big emotions – big mad, big happy, big sad, big hurt, big vengeful. whether or not you see it is another story. can and will baby/spoil you if you’re with them. disappears cuz he’s upset (or to avoid sharing feelings) and pops back up chillin. will quickly remind you that y’all are not together (either explicitly or indirectly) and then turn around and try to fuck you like it’s y’all anniversary night. J E A L O U S.
sagittarius: he doesn’t want your advice lol he just wants you to listen. the nigga who, unless he’s really examined himself, you gotta run from. as in, your momma said you gotta come home right now immediately. sweet as hell, but also a gaslighting master. this is the nigga that gets upset and then gotta turn into cuba gooding jr. swinging at the air in boyz in da hood and fight everyone cuz they’re hurt. if yall argue, he’s gonna act like he’s right even if he’s wrong. 
capricorn: the nigga that’s probably going places. swears he’s busy all the time (he’s only lying 30-40% of the time). talented and doing something about it. the nigga who really wants you to “be a lady” if you’re a woman, like keep yourself together and go out for business casual dinner after work. y’all break up cuz he got a new job (and a new partner) in a new city. the alpha male that still cares what his boys think too much.
aquarius: funny as hell if he’s a pothead cuz then he says all the weird shit he thinks. the “i mean, i GUESS we go together” type of nigga, like his main commitment is to himself and being stress-free as possible (even if it’s to a detriment), so if you not going along with that vibe, his attention’s gone. party nigga but then STUPID quiet if y’all alone sometimes.  
pisces: most likely to not be over his ex (along with scorpio, libra, and cancer) so make sure you don’t look like them. sensitive but not gonna admit it even though it’s probably obvious .he just wants to share earbuds with you and vibe out (but he wants to control the music). generally happy nigga, you won’t know he’s gonna break from emotions til he actually does and turns into a fucking puddle.

how-do-you-even-username  asked:

This is like basically canon but Aku is such a sugar daddy I'm?? I want him to completely spoil Atsushi and literally buy him anything Atsushi looks at smh,, just imagine them having a mission where they have to look fancy and aku gets them tailored suits but also Atsushi gets all buried in plush toys and good shit bc aku knows his bf deserves it after all the shit his been through?? Smh sugar daddy more like sugar caring father

Like, I’m just jndfjjjljnerjnjbh

Atsushi would casually glance at a window, and Aku would buy the entire store with a straight face. Like, we think it’d be Chuuya or Dazai who does that, but no. It’s Aku. Chuuya’s smart about being a sugar daddy, and Dazai makes you earn your gifts, so that leaves Aku to make ridiculous purchases. 

He’d buy him like hundreds stuffed animals in place of flowers.

being with t.o.p would include...

For my girl, @maztherhacker for always making me pretty things, like my series banners. Let me know, though, if you guys want more things like this. I might go back to doing reactions, if that’s something you guys would like. So let me know!

  • Starting off casually dating because you’re both really busy people
  • But, before you know it, you’re including each other in important things and you’re spending a lot of your free time together because you annoy each other less than other people
  • The other Big Bang members calling you their parents cause lol T.O.P’s the oldest
  • Which doesn’t stop Seungri from flirting with you whenever he gets the chance but T.O.P lets him do it cause he’s cute and fluffy and not tall enough for you
  • Insisting you’re too mature for couple items but you probably have matching fancy jewelry cause you’re high class
  • Being able to talk through raising your eyebrows and giving each other looks so you can talk smack about other people without them knowing
  • Not showing a lot of skinship in public but being super cuddly when you’re alone
  • And all the KISSING. On your lips, on your neck, on your shoulders, just a-kissing everywhere~
  • Lots of dinner dates where he brings you somewhere swaggy
  • Hating the word swaggy cause wtf is that
  • Going to all his art shows even if you understand jack shit about art
  • He appreciates you trying, though, and that’s the most important
  • Taking a while before you move in together because you both enjoy your space
  • Knowing he loves you because he lets you rearrange his furniture and he doesn’t complain
  • Random dance parties in the living room where Choom Choom T.O.P comes out
  • Him watching you from across the room cause wow you’re amazing and he loves you
  • Either having really hot rough sex in the evening or sleepy fun sex in the morning
  • There’s no in between
  • T.O.P defying his name and letting you top him
  • Always touching in at least some way while you’re sleeping
  • Always waking up first and having to make him breakfast and he comes downstairs to decide you’re the most amazing thing ever
  • Like they’re just eggs bro, calm down
  • Insisting no matter how much everyone asks that you’re not getting married cause boo conforming to what society wants you to do
  • But then asking one day
  • “Wanna get married?”
  • “Okay.”
  • And registering your marriage without telling anyone
  • Then deciding like five years later to renew your vows and confusing all your friends when you tell them
  • Waiting to have a kid because T.O.P’s worried about being a good father
  • But he immediately turns into a pile of mush for his child and insists you always send him pictures whenever he’s away
  • In return he sends you pictures of Seungri sleeping cause why not
  • Always being that couple who stays together though people wonder why because they don’t understand
  • Growing into that old couple who watches shitty reality television together so they can snark the contestants but you’re secretly super invested in it
  • Waking up one morning and you’re sixty years old and you don’t even know where the time went
  • But T.O.P wakes up and sees you and smiles and you remember

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I have this vague memory from my childhood, of watching what I am pretty certain was a queer retelling of the Cinderella story. It was animated, in that sort of rough sketchy way that seemed to be dominant in the 90s, and it was British, I remember the accents clearly enough. It was recorded on the back of a VHS, likely by mistake, because I can’t imagine either of my parents wanting to watch it, but for whatever reason I found it and watched it.

I didn’t know what was going on other than “hey it’s Cinderella but with boys”. I think my little child brain thought the “two ugly sisters” were just really dedicated pantomimers in fancy dresses, but with hindsight they were likely meant to be drag queens. And they bullied  the shit out of their adopted little brother Elliot, usually called Ellie, if I recall, for being “not like them or like any one else for that matter” which I just thought they meant was “you don’t look like us, so we’re going to be mean to you because you look scrawny and ugly, here wash all my shit.”

I forget if there was an evil step-parent figure, there likely was. But what I do remember, was that the Fairy Godmother appeared in a shower of rainbows, and Ellie’s transformation resulted in him wearing a dress which he didn’t like, but he liked the shoes, so he ended up wearing a  nice blue suit with pink high heels which he twirled around in, admiring himself in the mirror, thanking the Godmother and then running off to the party to “meet the girl of his dreams” which, my little child brain had figured out by now, Ellie, you’re supposed to like boys, any boy who likes heels is supposed to like boys, I’d heard my dad’s brothers using slurs often enough to know Ellie was a feminine boy and I knew what that meant and then I really knew I was watching something I wasn’t supposed to be watching because all the adults I knew spoke about it with such vitriol it was frightening.

It’s taken me well over twenty years, sitting here thinking about this random cartoon that sometimes pops into my head, that Ellie was likely genderfluid, and possibly either bisexual or asexual. Somewhere on the spectrum of queer but not Gay. I remember the party, I remember thinking I should maybe turn it off because Ellie and the man might kiss and that would be bad but I didn’t know why, I just knew what I’d been told. But once he got there, Ellie decided not to kiss anybody even though Prince Charming wanted to. He was just happy to be there, in a safe space, where other people dressed and looked like him, and no one was being mean. And him and Prince Charming were having a nice conversation when of course the ugly-step-sisters showed up and ruined it, saying he shouldn’t be there with real people because he wasn’t their real family so the invite didn’t extend to him. And Ellie stood up for himself! He shouted at them! And called them mean and hurtful! And everyone stopped to stare…and Ellie returned home at midnight, donning his usual grubby looking clothes, and hiding his pink shoes in the closet and the whole thing ended with Ellie going back to work and I remember thinking, “hold on, that’s not how it’s supposed to go, he’s supposed to keep the shoes on and live happily ever after, this isn’t right!”

I was distraught, that wasn’t how fairy tales were meant to end, and I couldn’t ask my parents what it meant because then they’d know…but I still remember thinking, “I wish he’d kissed Prince Charming”, because how could a kiss be worse than sadness? What could possibly be so wrong about a kiss, that you deserved to never to be happy…and that always comes into my mind when people say things like “but how will I explain that to my child?!” and my reply is always “so you think it’ll be easier to explain why another human being doesn’t deserve to be loved?” because that, that was what I needed explained to me as a child. Not why the ugly-sisters wore dresses, not why Ellie wanted to wear pretty shoes and almost kissed another man, not any of it, except for how it ended…

Part of me still isn’t sure what I watched and I’m bloody furious I can’t find it anywhere because I want to see if I’m remembering it correctly. But it left a lasting impact…clearly, as I sit thinking about it twenty some years later, mulling it over in my head as I watch family and indeed some supposed friends argue on Facebook about how they don’t see the need for LGBTA people to be in shows or books, because surely none of it matters, and why does the Orlando “thing” need to be about sexuality, why can’t it just be a human tragedy.

And I’m just sitting here on the cusp of posting a reply which is the equivalent of nuking bridges via orbital strike and thinking because you won’t let them, you won’t let them, and anyway, what’s so wrong about a kiss…

“Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing” – Swan Queen and why it’s endgame.

I have been watching Once Upon a Time for around a year and a half. Since starting it, I’ve rewatched it countless times and for one reason only, Swan Queen. To me, and many others, Emma and Regina’s development is the main core of the show. After the best hiatus swen have ever had, I thought it was fitting to create a masterpost and tell/show everyone why The Evil Queen and The Savior are endgame. Brave yourselves, it’s going to be a long one.

I knew we were witnessing something special between these two characters right from their first meeting in the pilot episode. For starters, every gay/bisexual woman knows that theres nothing better than shipping a blonde and brunette, so there’s that. But, all jokes aside, one thing that these women do constantly is talk with their eyes. As an actor myself, one of the first things you learn in training is how important eye communication is. Eyes are the window into a characters soul, eye contact with another character can determine the relationship between them. Half of the time, acting is all about the eyes. So to start off this post, heres our two favourite ladies speaking volumes with the way they look at each other in Season 1.

Ah the first time they meet. They haven’t even spoken two words to each other yet, but notice Emma licking her lips and Regina looking her up and down. The chemistry is undeniable. And so it starts.

Look how Regina never breaks eye contact with Emma. Acting 101 with Lana Parrilla.

Another moment from the pilot. Now I know we would all look like this if we saw Regina Mills approaching us, but Emma doesn’t do the best job of hiding her attrction. I mean just look at her face, it screams ‘holy shit she’s hot af’

Do you remember the whole ‘if you fancied someone in school, you’d push them over in the playground because you don’t know how to deal with your feelings’ analogy? Emma and Regina don’t know how to be nice to each other just yet (YET being the operative word), so cue the sexual tension, longing looks and angst.

One of my favourite early SQ moments just because of Emma’s eyebrow raise. ‘That’s all I’m getting? Oh really well time will tell my friend’. I LOVE SUBTEXT.

It’s all in the eyes, guys, seriously. Why else would Emma get so flustered and pour hot chocolate over herself? It’s cause of Regina Mills, thats why.

This moment is iconic. ICONIC. IT’S ALL IN THE EYES. Even now, when speaking with my fellow swen, this moment is something we all look forward to when we’re re-watching the show. To those who don’t even watch the show and look at this moment without context, it honestly looks like Regina is leaning in for a kiss. It’s even mentioned quite regularly in a lot of sq fanfics. The almost-mine-kiss is nothing short of super gay. And we also see the first time Regina ask for help and turn to someone else when she doesn’t know what to do. And of course, that would be Emma.

Regina is dreaming in this scene, but what does she dream about? Emma coming for her. Coincidence? I think not.

Ok so before I get to the most important exchanging of looks between these two, can I just point out that they really aren’t subtle, at all. Over the seasons, the looks between them escalate from angst and lust to the looks of two women who really do care a lot about each other. But more on that later. For now let’s talk about this.

Sometimes I remember this moment just as I go about my daily life and just think ‘If Emma Swan doesn’t want to bang Regina Mills on her kitchen worktop then I don’t know what the fuck Lana and Jen are playing at’. Seriously, that’s all I have to say about this look.

And that concludes the ‘way too much eye sex and tension in season one’ section of this post. Lets move on to something that is one of the main reasons as to why I think Emma and Regina belong together.


Funny you should say that, Daniel, dear. It could be argued against but magic is the main theme of this show. True love creates the purest magic, it can transcend realms, defeat the strongest of evil and save lives. Mix together light and dark magic and what do you get, Emma and Regina performing the strongest magic. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

We first witness the connection between their powers in the season two premiere. Regina’s struggling to create the portal to the Enchanted Forest until Emma’s touch finally opens it. Right then, I knew they would be making magic throughout the rest of the seasons. Was I wrong? Duh. 

Look at her face, man. You can see the realisation on her face, Emma can use magic, I can use magic, we can create magic together. Yes she’s surprised, but how would you react if you just found out the person you’re lusting after has powers just like you, eh?

Oh I’m so proud of how far these two have come. Even Henry notices it, he knows the potential of his two Moms creating magic together. Then Regina’s face. Again, I can’t stress it enough, it’s all in the eyes. Don’t forget that Regina has so much experience and knowledge about magic, she’ll know that true love is the strongest magic of all, she’ll know that her and Emma’s combined magic is special. SHE KNOWS. Which is why she doesn’t even bother protesting against it when Emma offers to help. Emma knows too, why else would she suggest it? Their magic destroys the trigger and saves the town. What else do I need to say?

Oh the Neverland arc was so important for the development of Swan Queen magic. Who is the biggest supporter of Emma’s magic? Who teaches her to embrace her powers and use them for good? Who can relate to her and show her that having magic makes you special and you should use it your advantage? REGINA MILLS.

There she goes again, believing in Emma Swan. Damn, Regina. You really do care for Emma don’t you, you little shit.

And then it becomes second nature to these two to work together and defeat evil. All it takes is a nod from the other to start up ‘operation lets make magic together’. Also notice the colours of their magic, look familiar? Well of course.


Swan Mills Family

Now we get on to probably the most important part of this post. Family is a huge theme in this show, HUGE. And what is the biggest connection between Emma and Regina? Henry Mills. Their son. All the way through the show, both Emma and Regina have tried to give Henry his best chance, they love their son more than anything else and thats pretty clear to see. Although, to me, the most important thing to notice is the development between this little trio. First we see Regina and Emma fighting over his affections, screaming at each other that he is ‘MY SON’ etc etc. But eventually we see them work together to do the best for their son. I mean, they share a child. How important is that? The answer is VERY. 

Emma and Regina put their differences aside and looked further than petty arguments to notice what they share. They’re both loving and caring mothers to the same boy. Emma backs up Regina in front of Henry, and Regina does the same. Look at how Emma and Regina look at each other whilst in the company of their son. ‘Look at her being a great Mother to our son’ I MEAN COME ON NOW. They’re a family. If that isn’t enough evidence to see Swan Queen as canon, then I don’t know what more you need. But, just keep on reading.

Remember when Adam Horowitz, the creator of this god damn show, tweeted this and then deleted it?

I wonder why he did that, was it to distract us away from the obvious colour choices worn by Emma, Regina and Henry? Well, it didn’t work. Costume is super important when portraying a character so it’s quite fitting that the Swan Mills Family seem to have colour co-ordinated wardrobe, that they share.

Look at the colour parallel(!!!)

I don’t own these gifs so credit to whoever created them, but holy hell doesn’t this speak for itself??? Also, we were treated to season five spoilers recently. One of which was a scene between Regina and Emma. Guess who was wearing a Red blazer – matching the colour of Emma’s infamous red leather jacket? That’s right.

They do enjoy sharing clothes too

Another important factor in all of this is the way Mary Margaret notices. I’m pretty sure she’s certain SOMETHING is happening between her daughter and Regina. Whether it’s scripted or an acting choice by Ginny herself, I don’t know, but it definitely adds fuel to the fire. Take a look for yourselves.

Every look exchanged in these gifs is when Emma is around Regina, talking about her, or wanting to help her. The last one is by far my favourite. Subtext orgy I’m telling ya. ‘Well, we didn’t want to come but your love sick lady wanted to check up on you’. Amazing.


Ok this is going to be a big section, because the entire show is FILLED with paralells left right and centre. Sometimes I lose faith in the writing of this show, but then parallels suckh me back in and I’m like GOD DAMN THIS SHOW IS GOOD. Here’s the key moments that are paralleled with Swan Queen directly. Enjoy.

I suppose having a knack for seeing through people’s barriers is something that runs in the family, am I right?

COLOURS ARE IMPORTANT. Guess what happens a few episodes later?

Can I just…

Anyway, moving on.

Wish for home, wish for family, and that’s what you get.

WOOP there it is

Save the one you love and fight for them. Also, notice the costume choice here as well. Like I said, no coincidence. At all.

I’m sorry to say that this won’t be the only mention of sacrifice between these two, but this is so super important I can’t stress that enough. They don’t want the other to risk their lives for them. They don’t feel worthy. But they do it anyway. I’m sure you know why by now.

Bringing each other back to reality and showing them they’re better than violence. So married.

Probably the most significant and important parallels of the entire show, never mind my otp. I remember watching the episode where we are first introduced to Lily. I was with my best friend, someone who has never seen an episode of Once before. After the episode had finished, I asked her what she thought about it and she said ‘Well it’s pretty obvious Emma is into both brunettes really, is she gay?’ And that was all I needed to hear to be honest. The links between Emma and Lily and Emma and Regina is so so SO obvious. Emma and Lily started off as best friends then turned into enemies, Emma and regina started of as enemies and are surely becoming best friends. But still, the lesbian subtext surrounding these characters is a big as my gay radar.

As well as the obvious growing relationship in the show, the interviews/tweets/conventions that the actors and crew take part in are just as important. No-one knows their character better than the actors, and I think we can all agree that Lana in particular knows her character so well. Jen does too. They speak on behalf of their characters, their show and they really are the best people to ask sometimes. So here’s a list of evidence that supports my argument that Swan Queen is endgame, but also shows the representation Swan Queen finally deserves.


Madame Mayor and Sherriff Swan, The Evil Queen and The Saviour, Emma Swan and Regina Mills. They were always the basis for this show, and they have the strongest development.

Granny is the co-captain of our ship.

Oh Josh.

Never ever forget that this tweet exists.

And now lets move onto interviews from the actors/creators … I consider these the most important, because Swan Queen.

Now why would you put this voiceover on the scene where Emma is happy to see Regina enter the Diner because she invited her there.

The conventions this year have been an absolute blessing for the Swan Queen fandom but this is by far my favourite moment from them all. Lana herself has said that helping Emma was an ACT OF LOVE I mean do I really need to elaborate on that? I shouldn’t have to.


I’m pretty sure that there will be some negative attention on this post, some of it relating to the fact that ‘EMMA AND REGINA ARE STRAIGHT THO!!11!!1!1’ Let me stop you right there.

It’s been confirmed at Dragon Con a few days ago that Regina is indeed bisexual, here’s the link to the interview where Kristin says so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCUxetAWP9g

Heres some more evidence of Regina being hella bisexual, as if you even need it.

However explaining Emma’s bisexuality needs more detail but this post explains it perfectly.

Also, whilst we’re at it, read this theory on the Dreamcatchers. Just do it. http://sacredbookofswen.tumblr.com/post/78900448868/dreamcatchers-a-theory


With both of them having such troubled pasts, it’s pretty obvious that trust is important to both of them. That’s why it makes it all the more iconic when they tell each other that they can trust in them to do the right thing.

Low key wanting to bang each other is something that these two are experts on. The amount of times their words can be mistaken for sex talk when taken out of context is actually laughable. Heres just a few examples.

I decided to be a bit mean and leave all the important, and most obvious, Swan Queen moments towards the end of this post. Enjoy it loves. 

Emma is the first thing that comes to Regina’s mind after she collapses, she’s the one that she wants.

For the first time in her life, someone is there for Regina and protecting her, hence why the surprised look on Regina’s face. Emma is her saviour.

LOOK AT HOW EMMA LOOKS AT REGINA WHEN SHE WALKS IN .. This whole episode is a gift from God. Emma notices Regina, Emma wants her there, Emma notices her leaving. Emma always notices her wife.

Emma is Regina’s biggest cheerleader, no doubt about it

The look that Regina gives Emma is so sincere and genuine, she’s super happy to have Emma back.

Nervous Emma is nervous to hold Reginas hand. She’s hesitating for a reason. She knows that her and Regina make magic together, she knows that. I’m surprised she didn’t rub her palm on her trousers because she doesn’t want her wife to feel about sweaty she makes her.

They care enough about each other, they want the other person to be safe.

Regina giving Emma a happy ending at the end of season 3a is super important. All the way through season one, Regina wanted to run Emma out of town and now she’s wanting to give her everything she’s ever dreamed of. And do you know why, because she fucking loves her. Look at how they’re looking at each other. It’s all in the EYES.

Cue romantic zoom

Regina sticking by her wife, because she knows she’s better than Golds plan to turn her dark. Choosing the saviour over everything else is something she’s good for.

Regina taught Emma magic, she knows she’s special, that she’s worthy. So when Regina finds out that Snow and Charming are allowing her to rid herself of her magic, this reaction speaks volumes. Amazing.

Frozen parallels with Swan Queen was the best thing about 4a. Despite the history between her and Regina, Emma still wants the best for Regina. And also, remember when Regina said ‘the next time a happy ending knocks on my I’ll be ready’. Look who does…

This scene is super important though. Emma is trying so hard for her wife’s affections and looks like a child on Christmas morning when she gets what she wants. No two characters relate to each other as much as Emma and Regina. That’s a fact.

What even is this, seriously. The more romantic zooms between these two, the more longing looks they share, the more I’m convinced they’re married.

Regina protecting Emma. Again.

I’m pretty sure Adam and Eddy wouldn’t have edited this moment like this unless they wanted us all to think that Emma Swan is super jealous of Robin touching her wife.

Helping each other, backing each other up, being each others cheerleaders. These two have to foundation for a great fucking relationship and nothing can tell me otherwise.

(And now they can get super drunk together and have sex)

Yin and Yang. Honestly.

Yes, fate does push us, it pushes to the people we belong to be with. That’s why you adopted the Savior’s son.

Emma needs Regina. Regina needs Emma. After so many times that Regina didn’t want Emma around. This is the biggest development of character and relationship in the entire show.

THIS is the moment what Lana was talking about. Regina brings Emma back from darkness and makes her realise the good inside her. It’s an act of love. Lana has spoken.

The first time Regina meets Emma in an alternate universe, she has no idea who she is. She has no clue and yet she understands her, she boinds with her, she listens to her. ENDGAME

Right. I’m so sorry that I’ve left the best/worst Swan Queen moment until the end of this post. But it is the most important development throughout the entire show. First, lets recap what happened in episode 1.08 where Emma saves Regina from the fire.

Emma: Seriously? You’re complaining about how I saved your life?
Regina: (fire engines approach the scene) The firemen are here. It’s not like we were really in danger. Emma: (starts walking away) Fine. Next time I’ll just… I’ll just… Ah, you know what? (turning to face Regina) Next time, I’ll do the same thing. And the time after that because that is what decent human beings do. That’s what good people do.

Next time, she did do the same thing. She sacrificed her happiness, her life, her light magic, for the sake of Regina. She put herself into danger, she put her life into the hands of others, she risked her mental health, she risked her relationships with other people. She gave her entire soul to the darkness just so Regina didn’t have to go through the horror and torment again. She gave everything. Her family didn’t want to, but she did it anyway. Her beared didn’t want to, she did it anyway. She didn’t have to, she did it. Regina didn’t wat to, but she sacrificed everything for the sake of the woman she evidently loves.

Emma and Regina have come such a long way since the start of the show. Their relationship is one of the most genuine, beautiful and legitimate I’ve ever seen on a TV show. They share a son, they are a family. They save each other, they back each other up, they make magic together, they see the best in each other, they want each other to be happy. They belong together.

This post is why Swan Queen is endgame. We will get there one day, we will get what we deserve, what the show deserves. What Emma and Regina deserve. Hang in there, Swen. It’s happening.

Disclaimer: All gifs and pictures aren’t mine, credit goes to the creators. Thanks to sarahpaulsonsfuckinglisp for finding things I couldn’t. All opinions are my own

@phosphorescent-naidheachd​ replied to your post “*snicker*. I had the sudden mental image of Chancellor Kenobi putting…”

<3 I love the idea of Obi-Wan being able to bury some of Palpatine’s influence behind living things that help him relax & reconnect to the Living Force.

I decided that he deserves some good things as well, the poor dear. <3 also should Palpatine come visit it will piss him off a lot and that’s what I’m all about

Also giggling at the image of the frustrated & confused politicians who are trying to find acceptable gifts for him.

How are they supposed to gain his favour if he wont accept any bribes?! ;D

Probably years and years into the future, it will have become some sort of tradition to give the incoming Chancellor potted plants, but no one will remember how it got started.

That, or the Jedi Temple is going to wind up with a truly ridiculous # of plants, as the word will spread that Jedi LOVE plants and that it’s the best way to thank them for their help. Several individuals within the Temple are probably cursing Obi-Wan for giving the population that impression, and quite a few of them are probably laughing about it. ;-)

Both. Both is good. Absolutely both. 

Newer Chancellors are sorta put out that no one gives them really valuable shit anymore (why can’t they get fancy bronzium statues?!) but at the same time, that potted Fern really does look nice on the desk.

Jedi keep being given plants on finished, successful missions and are like “??? where did this ‘Jedi love plants’ idea come from???” and then they get to learn in history class all about Master Kenobi who, among other things, refused bribes but really enjoyed being given plants as anonymous gifts—of course that turned out to be because the Living Force in the plants cancelled out the terrible feeling of the Sith artefacts hidden in his office—and now as far as the Galaxy is concerned, all Jedi really love plants.

Qui-Gon is so pleased. It’s his legacy to the entire order. lmao 

anonymous asked:

707 for the headcanon thingy? Please and thank you! Love ya !

Seven Zero Seven

What they smell like:

Honey Buddha chips. Okay let’s be real he probably really does smell like honey. You know those milk & honey body washes? That’s what Seven uses.  

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc.):

When he’s actually sleeping and not working, he’s not a huge fan of having too many blankets on him, if any at all. He likes to sleep on his side curled up into a ball.

What music they enjoy:

I would imagine that he likes oldies. He’s a huge fan of 80s music.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

Have you seen how messy his house is? He works from home so at most is he probably takes a shower, puts on some deodorant and gets dressed in comfy clothes to hack in. If he’s going somewhere then he takes a little bit more time to get ready but not much.

Their favorite thing to collect:

Floppy disks and cars. It’s canon.

Left or right-handed:

Right-handed although he’s pretty decent at using his left hand.

Religion (if any):

Canonically Catholic

Favorite sport:

He’s not a sports person

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc.):

He likes to look at all the fancy foreign cars

Favorite kind of weather:

He likes stormy weather. It calms his nerves if a job is too stressful.

A weird/obscure fear they have:

He fears someone smarter than him being able to hack into his personal computer and hard drive. That’s why he’s constantly erasing his hard drive and improving his security. He’s also afraid of his father somehow finding him and Saeran.  

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

Seven is probably good at all those rigged carnival games because he figures out the algorithm to beating them or some shit like that

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if temporary fix was a music video in Harry's verse he'd be in the back of a taxi in a fancy ass suit completely disassociated with all these people falling all over him showing all this attention but he's just there smirking not even LOOKING at them and being all smug and shit while people are literally kissing up his neck and petting his chest through the open parts of his suit shirt and I'm so HOT NOW BYE

oh my god i just woke up bye

and harry just singing into the camera even though there are people tugging on his arms, fingers running through his hair, someone trying to open his shirt and get his jacket off him but nooo harry doesn’t pay them any attention and is just smug as fuck singing his verse

we gotta copyright this idea ok
Hiding every cloud under a smile pt. 2

Jungkook x Reader

Admin Abbie


This chapter can be a bit intense so read at your own risk <3

Please enjoy!!!

Part 1

A week has passed since your fated meeting with this man called Jungkook, and you haven’t stopped thinking about him since! It was like he put something in your brain that made you think about him constantly….it was starting to really bother you.

As morning shined through your curtains in your bedroom you decided it was time for you to stop becoming one with your bed and actually get up and live life a little.

You crawled out of bed and walked towards your bathroom and got ready for the day, You showered and washed off all your sleepiness and once you finished you dried your hair, brushed your teeth and applied a little make-up

You picked out some leggings and a burgundy sweater to match, once you finished you walked downstairs and saw your dad casually sitting on the couch.

“Morning, shouldn’t you be at work?” You said

“Oh! morning sunshine. And on a normal day, yes i should be at work but not today”

“Why? Whats special about today?”

Your dad smiled at you and walked to his room quickly and brought back a box with some ribbon tied on it. He handed it to you and told you to open it.

You gave him a curious look but soon sat the present down and began opening it, Once you removed the ribbon you opened the box to find a beautiful dress and some jewelry and shoes to match. You looked at your dad only to see a huge smile plastered on his face.

“What is this?” you asked

“Well tonight i have a dinner for work, and they want us to bring our families and well i thought its about time to show off my beautiful daughter.”

“Dad! You know I’m not good in those situations!”

“I understand but its about time you started getting out there and meeting new people! Don’t worry i will be by your side the whole night! okay?”


As much as you hated to admit it, your dad had a point. You cant live your life inside this house forever.

~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~

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