look at them and love them

Onew’s smile is literally the most BEAUTIFUL thing in this entire world and all of shinee were serving LOOKS making sure we hella ate good tonight

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I love being in places and seeing staff going into staff-only places. I don't know it's just so cool, you go, you cool official person, do your cool official staff only things


This is exactly what I wanted to hear someone say omg!!

people who eat/drink in the computer lab to keep their energy up or save time on taking a lunch break

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people who leave CRUMBS on the desk for the next user

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Screw that anon asking to be your 4th spouse, I wanna be number 69 ;)

LMAO don’t tell my fourth spouse to screw themselves!!! #ProtectSpouseFour you can be spouse 69 though <3

AWW THANK YOU SPOUSE FIFTY <3 <3 <3 LMAO AT THAT AU IDEA. Have you seen the video game I Am Bread?? Dw I’m not suggesting an I Am Bread AU (too far for even me) but just imagine Victor and Yuuri playing that game together. That’d be the funniest thing ever ldfjs;fsd

The new Gorillaz songs are actually too perfect pls slay me


h ey howdy i love your oc berry so u m he re u go @bunblevee