look at them and drown

at the pool:
  • ken: (swimming in deep water)
  • leo: don't drown
  • ken: you would like that wouldn't you

You love somebody, right? you love them so much that you would die for them, but maybe they don’t love you back. and every time you look at them it’s like you’re drowning, like you are standing on the edge of a cliff and they are about to push you over, like giving all the best pieces of yourself away only to find they don’t mean a thing.

you would sell your love to the first person who looked at you if it meant you wouldn’t miss him anymore.

you think you’re better off without a heart but you are wrong. love doesn’t always give you back what it stole, and you might not be like you once were but that doesn’t mean you can’t love again.

you are so wrapped up in the ways he doesn’t love you that you can’t look around and see who does.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write– Lily Rain

I have always been vocal about my trans status, especially considering the fact that I’ve had the privilege to not only receive medical help and support in my transition, but also to have a voice and speak up. Over the years, many people in the trans community have reached out to me for support and help and all I can think of is how 4-5 years ago I was in the same situation as them, drowning and looking for help. Reaching out to anyone I could. That’s why it’s always been important to me to talk to anyone and everyone I can, to help in any way I can. I am only alive today because of the support I was given. 

In light of the election, I want to remind everyone that I am here to talk, to help, to support in any way that I can with the resources I have. If you are scared, if you feel like drowning, my door is open and you are not alone. Every one of you has a bright future and so much to contribute to this world and you can’t give up yet. Please. I beg you to continue fighting and remember that you are never, never alone. 

hello, can you spare some time to talk about brown eyes?

How about some head canons for undertaker - Asked by anonymous


  • He is absolutely, without a doubt, pansexual. Gender means nothing to him, and he only cares about the bonds he makes with people.
  • While he isn’t all too great at it, he enjoys making origami figures to pass time. He finds himself making them instinctively when he has free time, and he leaves little cranes and stars all around his shop.
  • He doesn’t really cuddle very often. However, if he ever finds his partner taking a nap in the middle of the day, he will definitely take advantage of it. He lifts their head up to place in his lap and just sits there, admiring them and very gently caressing their face, extremely careful to keep from waking them.
  • He once walked in on his partner trying on his trench coat and hat, an experience he actually really enjoyed. Every now and then he suggests they wear it again, loving how baggy the coat is on them and how adorable they look drowning in his clothes, his hat drooping on their head.
  • Arthur&Antonio: *Finally having sex after months without seeing each other* *at Antonio's home*
  • Antonio: *drowning in pleasure, looks upon them and sees the crucifix hanging on the wall* OH SHIT- *shouts in terror*
  • Arthur: *lil deaf after that loud scream* What the bloody hell-- Are you mad?! *disappointed*
  • Antonio: *points at the Crucifix upon them* CHRIST IS WATCHING.
  • Arthur: Oh, boy, not aga--
  • Antonio: HE SEES OUR SINS
  • Arthur: *internally facepalm* Antonio, ple--
  • Antonio: WE WILL BURN IN HELL!
  • Arthur: Antonio, we are immorta-
  • Antonio: *and, scared af, rolls out the bed, kneels down and STARTS PRAYING WHILE ARTHUR IS STILL NAKED ON THE BED WITH THE BIG BEN AWAKENED BETWEEN HIS LEGS*
  • And that's why they don't have sex anymore at Antonio's home.

hansy - after the war au 

harry was lost. he wasn’t sure what was next after the war. he was raised to fight, to slaughter darkness in the wizarding world. he was reassured by ron and hermione that there was more than just fighting to stay alive, but harry had lost his way. he was unable to see that love was still enough, until he reconnected with her. 

pansy was insecure, crippled with regret. how could she have lost her way at such a young age, to only find herself once again after completing all the bad deeds she was asked to fulfill? the worst part was, she wasn’t asked to do these things by the dark lord himself, she was asked to do these horrible things by the people she thought she loved most. 

they both fought to repress everything that happened to them, until they crossed paths one day in diagon alley. it took one argument, one look, for both of them to know they were goners. drowning in the madness they both thought they had forgotten. it was the most unlikely of pairs, but they made it work. they made the wizarding world see that forgiveness between sides was possible. it was possible to love the boy who lived for who he truly was, and it was possible to love a girl who betrayed the light side once and was able to find herself again.. or find herself for the first time. 

their love was like a war, constantly fighting both sides, both wanting to find peace within each other. it was nearly impossible, because she was rough waves crashing against stones, and he was fire that charred everything in his path. when he looked into her eyes, he saw the cold blue sea, and when she grabbed his hand, she was set ablaze. if there was one thing they both had in common, it was passion, ferocity, the soul of fighters. never giving up on something they believed in, and after the war.. the only thing they believed in was each other. 

daiya no a act ii ch 36

i was so excited to see the ball of sunshine, eijun pitching to okumura (i lowkey ship those two but hey miyusawa doesn’t want me to ship others bruh)

can we talk about how miyuki fucking kazuya look so freaking proud when eijun throws to okumura and okumura looked so shock bcos of eijun’s 4-seamer pitch?

look at him looking so smug. like he’s saying “his pitches are amazing aren’t they?” dafuq miyuki kazuya.

and he’s gazing at eijun like that. tell me how to unship them!! i’m drowning seriously. LOOK AT THOSE EYES GAZING SO LOVINGLY AT EIJUN. TELL ME WHY NOT TO SHIP THEM?! ssdfghjklljiuy

okay imma stop now. but it really feels nice to see miyuki kazuya complementing eijun srsly. bcos he seems to prefer furuya more but in this chapter, it just help me realize that everyone (note: miyuki kazuya) is watching eijun grow and eijun’s kouhais really look up to him (esp koushuu).

failure is unknown
in the eyes of a
you all sip
your drinks
and judge with
cowardly eyes
you don’t see
what i see
you see a man
broken in half
one half digs his grave
and the other climbs
you see a man
with anchor on his feet
bringing him down,
too deep
for him to swim
I see a man
that never breaks
a promise
to himself
nor to others
and he, as many
before him did
is looking for
in the depths of
the abyss
a man that never
breaks a promise
made one to himself
he said
that he will live
to see
his foes drown
and he will look
upon them
with the same eyes
they looked at him
but the man
is no coward;
they will see
his eyes shining
with bravery
and while sinking,
they will understand
how wrong
they were;
they will,
trust me.
—  filthy young man

steelmagpie  asked:

Eyes, and mouth! Go!


Misaki had always loved her eyes, even if part of her had envied those with lighter hues. Hers were a darker brown, but with amber undertones that made them sparkle like rich gemstones, with shards of gold and zircon, smoky quartz and topaz. They’re multifaceted, and though they may not be the hue of the sea, one could easily drown in them if they look too long or too intensely. 

They’re monolid, and on the larger side. Long, thick, black eyelashes frame them, enhanced by black eyeliner and mascara. Even when she’s fatigued, it’s rare that she has bags or dark circles beneath her eyes. They have a tendency to be gentle and alert when listening to someone speak, though the resting expression tends to be sharp and intelligent, as if she’s always paying attention to her surroundings and those around her. When in high spirits, there’s definite mischief in them, a wild type of playfulness that’s hard to resist. 

When no one is looking, Misaki tends to have a very far away expression in her eyes, like she’s never really present when alone with her thoughts. When brought back to reality, she’s quick to snap back to attention with those eyes softening and a smile on her lips. 


Her mouth is rather full, with both top and bottom lips plump, plush, and soft. She has a subtle cupid’s bow dipping into her top lip. The natural color is a rosy kind of pink, which she usually enhances with a slightly darker pink lipstick. Misaki has a pleasant resting expression, not generally one to look too sour or put out, even when relaxed and not making an effort to hold her face. 

She has all of her teeth, and there’s not a stain on one of their glossy white surfaces, nor a crooked one in the bunch. Though she tends to smile with her mouth closed, her most genuine ones reveal her pearly white teeth, straight and perfect. It’s a sunny expression, almost blindingly endearing, that reveals the rarely-seen dimples in her cheeks in their entirety. When in thought, or embarrassed, she tends to bite her bottom lip or frown. 

(( Thank you for the ask, @steelmagpie! <3 ))

also i’m really amused by the idea of jack playing a sim game like roller coaster tycoon or simcity or something. just makes a bunch of disastrous decisions that kill a lot of people

“hahaha rhys look I made a roller coaster that launches everyone into the lake i’m awesome! look at them all scream and drown”