look at them all happy and cute

Random Thought:

So, I came across these pictures again and it made me realize that the thing that I love the most about them is that they’re actually canon. That thought makes me so happy because it makes me think of all the cute and dorky pictures Laura has (most likely) persuaded Carm into taking with her lol.

Like I can just imagine Carm sitting on a chaise lounge, reading her book, and Laura comes in to sit next to her and says how they should “document their adventures” or that she wants to update her account for her viewers. And Carm (after some mild complaining on how pointless it is) reluctantly agrees to be in them. And Laura is all excited in the pictures while Carm just casually looks at the camera and broods.

However, I also like to think that when they’re alone and Carm drops her walls with Laura, that when she decides to take pictures (just for them) that Carm is more open and authentic in them. Like she’ll genuinely smile and be warm towards her in pictures. Like with this one:

Anyway, just a random thought…


Akari icons from Boku ga Namae wo Yobu Hi

Half a year of improvement.

The first picture was drawn in june… I am so glad how Keiths hair developed. From angry Emo Mullet… to the glorious fluffy cute Mullet we all love. Lance developed from asshole fuckboy… to a beauty prince. Also Hunk finally got a few pounds more on his glorious body and … yeah everybody else looks better as well. Sorry for not drawing Shiro for a comparison… I was lazy :D 

2016 was not the best year ever, but at least I can be proud of my improvement. 

Hoseok Appreciation post

look at him and tell me you’re not feeling all hot and bothered rn?

He’s so flawless just by standing still

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ok…let me just grab a  drink of holy water real quick

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EXCUSE ME SIRRRRRRRRR ( #jesslyfeReference)


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Manages to look cute yet sexy even if he just woke up

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His gorgeous happy smile~

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Perfect body line with curves prettier than any female idol

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His jaw could cut you

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*shooting right through your heart*

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Why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene

Some people are probabaly wondering why do I ship an animated couple so much. Let me explain why using just the Tangled Before Ever After movie.

1. When Rapunzel asked “Have you seen anything so beautiful?” Eugene looked at Rapunzel and said YES

2. The moments when they almost kissed and Eugene was mad/upset that he didn’t get to kiss her

3. There was a lot of hand holding moments and I thought all of them were really cute

4. Eugene poured his heart out in the proposal and Rapunzel was so happy at first to hear what he had to say

5. Rapunzel felt really bad for saying no to Eugene’s proposal

6. The guards were front of Rapunzel’s bedroom doors and Eugene was trying to do anything to see her.

7. Then Eugene poured out his heart AGAIN to what he thought was Rapunzel minutes after his proposal

8. Eugene tried to find Rapunzel after Pascal told him he didn’t know where she was.

9. When Eugene broke down the door

10. When Rapunzel wasn’t scared to show Eugene her hair

11. When Eugene wanted to make sure Rapunzel was okay wondering how she got her hair back.

12. When Rapunzel walked into her coronation and Eugene couldn’t stop staring at her (even though she was wearing a crazy wig).

13. When Eugene said “that’s my girl”

14.When Rapunzel gave Eugene a frying pan for self defense

15.When Eugene gave Rapunzel a cupcake (just like he did in the movie)

16. When Eugene didn’t understand why Rapunzel said no to his proposal but he would do ANYTHING to make her say yes and do ANYTHING to make her happy.


Eugene tries to do whatever he can to make Rapunzel happy and Rapunzel loves having Eugene in her life but doesn’t want to commit right away because she’s trying to find herself.

(Sorry most of them were about Eugene)

Smooch the husband

Things that make me happy :

My OTP having the most perfect & cutest moment AND living happily ever after😊😆😘💕💕 Arthit & Kongpob F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!

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exo: *watching zootopia* wow this is cool

chanyeol: oH MY GOD THEY ARE SO CUTE I WANT TO HUG ALL OF THEM LOOK ATE THIS BUNNY ITS TOO LITTLE AND CUTE looks like you baekhyun, I WANT TO PROTECT ALL OF THEM *close his eyes, smile and hug himself*

Some Undertale Headcanons

I figured I’d post these and contribute something to this fandom. Some of these are from my brain and others were influenced by other posts or fan fics. Anyway these are a few of my headcanons for various undertale characters x reader.


-he’s actually pretty good at cooking spaghetti and when he cooks for you on a date he makes the spaghetti from scratch and it’s delicious.

-he always plans something really fun for a date and even if some of his ideas are a little childish or strange you always end up having a blast 

-he makes you shirts for your dates (like his “cool dude” shirt) that are very cute and while you were originally a bit embarrassed about wearing them you eventually end up wearing them all the time because they’re comfy and he always looks so happy when you wear them.

-in terms of intimacy he really wants to make you feel good and to make sure you’re comfortable. He spends a lot of time learning what he should do and then has a long conversation with you about what you like and what you need to make sure he does everything perfectly


-he flirts with you through his puns and enjoys saying really cute things that make you blush

-however he gets flustered VERY easily and just the smallest of sweet comments will make him go very blue and he’ll spend the next hour at Grillby’s underneath his hood blushing furiously because he can’t stop thinking about you

-once he realizes you’re flirting with him he has no idea how to handle it starts to act really nervous around you until you finally drag him to Grillby’s on a date because every time you’ve asked him out he’s just cracked jokes because he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions

-the first time you kiss him he practically passes out

-He regularly tells you that you are the best thing to ever happen to him

W. D. Gaster

-the first time he rips through the void to see you it absolutely terrifies you and while you can see signs of his presence for the next few weeks (like late night dishes being clean in the morning and revisions on your essays) he doesn’t try to contact you again

-you start leaving him notes and cups of tea when you go to bed

-you still have to call out to him to get him to finally materialize which he is very scared to do because he doesn’t want to frighten you again

-he loves to talk to you about science and his eyes just light up when he gets going, even if you don’t understand what he’s talking about you still love when he talks about science stuff with you

-when he gets flustered he gets gloopy and starts to speak in wingdings until he calms down

-he thinks you are incredibly beautiful and doesn’t understand why you would like a messed up monster like him

-it takes forever for him to be comfortable with letting you get close to him physically, eventually he lets you get close to him and you start having cuddle sessions with him 

-because he can influence the form of his body he is the best. cuddler. ever.


-very easily flustered and its super noticeable since he goes bright blue and you have almost too much fun making him blush

-he is very skilled at healing magic and when you fall victim to your own clumsiness he patches you up

-and lectures you on being more careful

-which you both know will have zero affect on your future actions

-his chuckle is the sound of a fire crackling

-however when he really laughs its a loud bellowing laugh as well as the crackling but to laugh like that he has to open his mouth which he rarely does as it looks quite monsterish and he’s super self-concious about it

-one day when hanging out at his place you tell a joke that makes him laugh very hard and its the first time you actually see his mouth, you think it is the coolest thing ever.

-he, however, is mortified and locks himself in the bathroom for half an hour while you call through the door to try and get him to come out, eventually when he realizes you haven’t run away he comes out blushing and the bathroom is filled with steam - which is his form of crying - and you reassure him that you aren’t afraid

-his biggest fear is that you will find something about him terrifying and it will scare you away

-he is incredibly worried about burning you so it takes a long time to get him comfortable with being physical with you

-he is also nervous about you being around any open flame, even a candle, which is mostly because burns are the one thing he can’t heal


-as flirty as he is, he doesn’t actually know much about relationships and is very nervous when he finds himself falling for you

-he doesn’t blush, but when he overheats his fans start whirring and the sound is very noticeable when its quiet, he also happens to be very embarrassed about it

-he doesn’t know how to handle it when you ask him about why his fans are always running and he begs Alphys to make them quieter which she says she can’t so the next time you fluster him he turns the fans off which causes him to get way too hot and glitchy and he eventually has to force shut down which terrifies you

-you take him to Alphys who figures out what happened rather quickly and when she gets his systems back online she yells at him for turning off his fans just because he likes you so much that he gets very flustered around you very fast and that’s how you find out he has a crush on you

-he loves to get you gifts but he really just wants to do what will make you happy, and if that’s movie night then that’s what you do

-that being said when he can get you out in public he does because he just adores showing you off to the world

-he marvels at your body, your softness, your curves, and he regularly tells you how beautiful you are

-he’s incredibly gentle and in terms of intimacy he is very vocal, asking you just what you want and he picks up on what you like an don’t like very quickly

The Lapidot is still so real

- They had their very first “lover’s tiff” - which is something that happens to all couples.

- They’re still clearly so comfortable around each other.

- They gave each other some really cute looks throughout the episode.

- Despite their petty argument, they realised that their behaviour was wrong and were perfectly happy again by the end of the episode - and had even worked together to make a new sign for the car wash.

- Their fusion was potentially foreshadowed by the fact that they both wanted to be Garnet (a fusion who’s literally “made of love”), and by the fact that we saw them both using their powers together for the very first time.

…You freaking know that I’m adding all this (and probably more) to my Lapidot Moments masterpost over the weekend!

I’m so happy right now, you have no idea~

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King AU. Ryan exhausts himself teleporting. Good thing there's his lovely husband ready to kiss it better.

( *blows kiss*)

When Ryan voiced his interest in practicing his longer blinks, teleporting longer distances, Gavin already knew exactly how the day was going to end. So he isn’t surprised at the sight of his exhausted husband stumbling into their bed chamber in the late afternoon, looking like he’s just run twenty miles.

“Have fun?” Gavin chirps, standing up from the small desk he was writing at. He moves over to Ryan, reaching out and taking his hand, smiling brightly.

“I think I blinked over three miles in one shot,” Ryan grins back, squeezing his hand lightly. “Also might have scared some of your knights blinking back out from the jungle.”

Gavin chuckles, shaking his head. “I’m sure they’ll forget all about it. Or Dan will convince them it was nothing.” He pecks a kiss to his cheek. “But that’s good! You’re going farther! Is it getting any easier?”

“Not yet,” Ryan says, shaking his head but still beaming down at Gavin. “It’s still just as tiring.”

“Then let’s get some rest, shall we?” Gavin says, moving them both over to the bed.

Ryan all but collapses into it, letting out a low sigh as his body aches, soar from the energy he had used up. Gavin shakes his head fondly at him, knowing full well he did this to himself. But Gavin still lays down with him, throwing his arms around the other.

“I’ve already told a servant to bring supper here instead of the dining hall,” Gavin mutters, brushing Ryan’s long, blond hair away from his face. “Figured you’d just sleep through it anyway.”

Ryan gives a small hum of pleasure, already closing his eyes and nuzzling close to Gavin. “That sounds good. You always know how to treat me right, my love.”

“It’s almost like you married me for a reason,” Gavin hums back, placing a gentle kiss to his forehead.

Ryan gives a sleepy smile. “Hm, I thought it was just for your beautiful face.”

“No, that’s why I married you, remember?” Gavin teases, placing more kisses to his face.

“Oh yeah. That and my ‘bloody beautiful eyes’,” Ryan mimics, exaggerating Gavin’s accent.

“I don’t bloody sound like that,” Gavin chides.

“No, you sound much prettier than that…” Ryan mumbles.

“Well I can tell you’re really tired, that didn’t make any sense.”

Ryan yawns then, only proving Gavin’s point further. “Blinking’s hard,” he explains simply. “Stay with me?” he mutters, wrapping his arms over Gavin’s thin frame.

Gavin chuckles, giving him a big grin. “I’m already in the bed, aren’t I? I’m staying. Now get some sleep, love.”

Ryan only nods, drifting off cuddled close to his husband, in his warm and safe arms. Gavin presses one more kiss to his hair, hearing his breath even and his weight press against him. 

“Love you, you big nerd,” Gavin whispers against his hair, letting his own eyes slip closed and dozing off not long after him.

Baseball pro player Miyuki that gets caught kissing a cute boy that looks like his former high school battery partner
from a convo with my bruh @kuroohina:

eijun is so scared about ruining their pro’s positions, he’s probably all “what if they fire us what if people hate us”. he’d probably be up all night just reading comments under the posted pictures

and then he starts seeing comments by all the kids that are afraid of coming out that sees them as an inspiration

and that’s when eijun rushes into their bedroom to wake miyuki up at like 3am or something all happy like “KAZUYA LOOK WE’RE AN INSPIRATION TO KIDS ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL”

oh that would indeed be