look at them all flirty and checking each other out

Bite - Kai

Title: Bite (one shot)

Word Count: 1820

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Requested by anonymous

“  Yaaaaassssss omg ok so bite by Troye Sivan has gotten me all kinds of fucked up, I can’t stop listening to it *__* and can it be with Jongin pls~ I feel like it could be smutty or angsty, whatever you want to do with it! Thank youuu “ 

A/N: First of all thank you for introducing me to that song. Secondly, this is in 3rd person POV but was intended to be Kai x Reader. I don’t know, it just happened this way. The song just read smut to me so this is smut. And it’s essentially my first. I’ve written smut once before but it wasn’t anything like this, so this is basically my first real full on smut writing. A link to the inspiration, Bite by Troye SivanHope you all enjoy~

In case you didn’t read the above note, this is SMUT, as in NSFW. Read at your own risk. 

Reckless wasn’t usually her style but sometimes life gets monotonous and tiring. Clubs were new to her, masses of sweaty people all crammed together, swaying and grinding together. Tonight was time for her to do something reckless, to ‘enjoy life’ as some of her friends called it. Her morale was at an all time low and she was ready to avoid her problems for once. In a borrowed dress and heels, her hair loose and make-up done, she strode into the club with her friends, not exactly looking for trouble but definitely not opposed to it. 

It was foreign and exciting to her, the feeling of being so close to this many people at once. The music and dancing alone was enough to make her head swim then add at least one drink and she might as well have been drunk, though she was more drunk on sensation and her surroundings than the alcohol. Some girl was behind her and a strange man in front and God knows who else was pressed around her when she saw him, dancing nearby with a coordination not present in the others around them. All she knew was she wanted to look at him some more, to watch him dance, to dance with him, if she could keep up. Shuffling away she managed to get closer to him, letting herself brush against him, somehow garnering his attention despite the others so close to him.  They locked eyes, a flirty smile appearing on both their lips. A sultry sort of mood came over the room, or at least over them as they rather obviously checked each other out before getting even closer to each other. His smirk invited her closer and she gladly acquiesced. She was so close to him, she could see the sweat beading on his forehead as they danced ever closer, eventually grinding against each other, her back against his chest. His hands were on her dress and hips, his breath against her bare shoulder as her hand moved with his, her other in his hair. She pulled his face up to look at hers the way it turned to look over her shoulder, his breath hot on her face. She looked him in the eyes, glancing to his lips. She didn’t need words. 

Kiss me.

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