look at them ahh


Why does this look like their wedding photoshoot…someone hold me


i reached 300 followers today, which is something never expected when i started using tumblr 

thank you all so much, you support means so much to me


may the light forever shine upon us.

tannerai replied to your post “knowing myself,, i know i wont finish this anytime soon. so I’ll drop…”

I noticed when you draw characters that you tweak their features every so slightly. Like here, you changed his eye shape. How do you know that when you change it it’ll still look like them? Do you have any tips for how to apply your own art style into characters and for it to still look like them?

ahh, I don’t really think about art style to be honest.. anything I do will end up being drawn in my style because it is just simply how I draw (unless I force a style onto a paper). I think I take their personality a lot into account and that affects how I interpret their features. 

For example, Otabek is a quiet and mysterious character who doesn’t show much expression, to me, I imagine a person like that with broad and strong features rather than soft. So I draw his eyebrows thicker and pupils smaller while keeping his jawline very strong.

Its the small details that count, while I do change his eye shape a little bit, I still keep the basis of his eye shape. His eyes curve upwards from the bottom so I drew the same. His eyebrow also is diagonal rather than straight so I place them the same way. His iris is always half shown, so I do the same.

Yuuri Katsuki has softer features.

I draw his eyes bigger than I would for Otabek, and his irises much larger to achieve a softer look. I draw his eyebrows the same way though and I tweak his eye shape a little bit for him to appear Japanese but it still holds the basis of his eye shape in a way.

I’m back! I owe you guys a huge gift, I had simblrween gifts but halloween passed a log time ago so i’m making more cc :))) I feel like i have the same excuse every time. I always say I’ve been so busy etc.. Which is true, but I’m in the process of moving and everything has been hectic. So I’m really sorry thanks for putting up with me. ily guys ♡


Some don’t starve snippets from over the months. Trying to figure out how to draw characters other than Wilson! :o Webber is my fave precious child. Craft him some toys to play with during downtime please.


4 - Night clothes

I.. kinda went overboard. OTL Missing-the-bf Survival Guide includes wearing said bf’s shirt to bed to ease the longing.