look at their shoes though

Revolver Awards 2016

I really like Bug type characters,,,,

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

To Everyone Still In Shock

I’ve been upset all day, too.

I hugged and received hugs from so many people. Our grief and fear are palpable. I work in a hospital that has seen the benefits of the affordable care act. I fear for me and my family, and I fear for my patients, who could well and truly die.

I did my best to push it aside today, to keep it together for my team. Discharge, stabilize, plan, teach. Do it again. Again and again.

Today I ran so hard today getting stuff done for my patients that the sole of one of my combat boots fell apart and I have holes in both of my socks. I negotiated the discharge of the most hostile and dangerous patient I have ever met. I ate and drank nothing.

And I’m looking at my shoes and socks now and I suddenly realize that even though the world I live in is a world of blatant danger instead of the covert, I am and have always been tenacious. I bet all of you medblrs, nursblrs, pablrs, etc. all are, too. We didn’t get to where we are because we gave up. And we can’t give up now.

Don’t move away. Stay safe. Defend what’s near and dear to you. Lend your voice and strength. Don’t give up. Our families, friends, and patients need us now more than ever. Medicine will not be on the wrong side of history. We promise to do no harm. We will promise now to do more, too.

Fuck you Trump. This nasty woman will never stop fighting.


I’m not really sure I like this set here. This dress is cute, but maybe a little too homecoming dance-ish? Idk, maybe being taken to a dance wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

 The cardigan look definitely doesn’t work with it! I love the shoes though :p 

Maybe its the fact that the pics just turned out soooo terribly. I need to be able to take higher quality pics! These phone pics are just driving me insane because I know I can do better lol

I can’t stop thinking about trans Javert even though I know I’ve talked about this before.
It’s why he only goes by his last name and gets all pissy when people ask (because you know people would ask. Even if it’s just for forms and shit). It’s why he always crosses his arms across his chest (canon thing he always does I love my grumpy cop son) because he’s always self conscious that he didn’t bind well enough. Did you know that men who couldn’t grow facial hair could get fake beards to wear instead since facial hair was very in fashion then (as it, it was weird and considered feminine and therefore Inferior to not have facial hair) and that’s like an actual period thing that happened? Javert getting big bushy sideburns to hide how round his face is. He has risers in his shoes to make him look taller that he makes himself, even though he’s already pretty tall. People think his voice is weird and gravely and chalk it up to Yet Another Weird Thing About Javert but it sounds like that because it’s not his natural range.
His laugh is weird because it used to be really feminine and he hated it so it’s all fucked up now, which is just fine with him because he doesn’t find much to laugh about anyway.
I’m just saying. Think about it. Canon era transman Javert.

I have never worn heels really but for this new job I need to learn how to walk in very high heels and it’s been such a struggle… To practice I wore a mid-height heel all day yesterday for about 7 hours and by the end of the day the front of my ankles felt totally fucked. This morning I woke up and my legs felt so sore and I have this crazy muscular / tendon pain in the front of my upper legs / hips. I have to keep going, though, and the shoes look really good. Hopefully soon I get the hang of things, baruch hashem!!!


she’s nearly 2 m & her favourite sweater is ‘the one that looks like grass’


Have some more breakdance AU because boy do I love it :’)))) also I’m sorry about her shoes I know they look weird

Also I though that a roller derby AU would be fun because why not :^))))


So I realized the shoes I posted originally, were fucking ugly. I was blinded by the idea I had in my head and didn’t see the actual reality of the gross, art in front of me. I think that happens to a lot of artists where you just don’t realize your art is messed up till you walk away from it for a little bit.

These shoes look soooooo much better now though! I added more texture, got rid the bones on the sides of the shoe, and added some chains on the side. I like these shoes way better than the original ones.

These new, better, shoes are available at https://www.etsy.com/listing/518376697/diablo-2-inspired-high-heel-shoes?ref=shop_home_active_1

anonymous asked:

I love that story about your drive, and it looks so pretty! Sorry about your shoes though lol. Where in California is that? I want to know if I live close enough to take that drive also bc it looks so nice. Thanks!!

thank you so much babe! lol all good about the shoes; i’m still laughing over that. i’ll share the location if you come off anon, but it’s a place i frequent so i don’t feel comfortable sharing it publicly.


oh cool i found a website selling smaller-sized mens dress shoes… yet now i dont think i could handle wearing shoes that “fit” anymore; im so used to wearing men’s 7s that anything smaller feels cramped

i do need to go have a look around at dress shoes tommorow though; my cousins wedding is coming up and im not really feeling sneaks or combats with my dress pants

i need to go get a jacket too, which im fucking dreading 

I spent all day drawing this. Well, took multiple breaks but still.

 So I heard if you call Ink smol/short/cute he gets angry? Yeah. So what better way to make your mortal enemy mad than by calling them smol?

 I seriously can’t stop drawing these two. I don’t want to draw them too much, however. That could be annoying to some people + the other Sanses need love too! This is the first time in a while I’ve draw full body Sans, or full body anything. And Ink’s design was a little complicated, this is only my second time drawing him. He’s still so adorable though.

 Sorry the shoes look cruddy(I suck at shoes) And I’m sorry for the lazy shading. It’s late and I kinda wanted to get this done. Making this a simple gif was a last minute choice. Speaking of gifs, I might do more detailed animated ones of sanses. I don’t know yet, but maybe.

 Hopefully not all my posts will be three paragraphs long. We can only hope.