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Genyatta Week

Day 2 - Beach Day/Pool Day

(”Beach Day” makes me think of the ocean, but I’m up north and surrounded by lake water so I ended up drawing lily pads. So a beach day at the lake it is lol.)

Edit: speedpaint

lots of people have redesigned her rlly bad costume so i thought i’d try too. even this might not be the best but i think it better suits her practicality-wise through giving her more support and coverage but still keeping enough exposed for maximum quirk usage.
idk the main things that bothered me were the heel shoes, bathing suit crotch, and no tiddy support at all, so i tried to help that.

ok losers it’s your girl polcry here to run you through the basics of what the darn heck to bring with you to university to cover your naked body 

B A S I C S 

If you’re edgy and ~minimalist~ these’ll probably comprise the majority of your wardrobe. Regardless, you’re going to want to bring at least a few each of these.

LEGGINGS: at least one black pair, possibly more if you’ve accepted the inevitability of not giving a shit how you look at for 9ams. You can also get funky and bring patterned ones if you so desire, you maverick.

JEANS: I prefer jeggings for the comfort feel and ability to do spontaneous high kicks, but if you’re a fashionista boyfriend or bootcut jeans are cool too. Trust me, the freshman fifteen is real and if you have to choose between a lil’ too big and a lil’ too small, go big. Belts exist for a reason.

T-SHIRTS: you can get a wide array of fits of tees, so bring a few of your favourite style in simple colours like white/black/grey/striped. I find slightly wearing a slightly oversized tee gives off a certain effortless vibe, especially if you tuck the front in to the waistband of jeans to give it an IDGAF drape and pair with cute AF shoes. Hella cute with no effort. 

SWEATSHIRTS/JUMPERS/SWEATERS: I live in jumpers. I’m not going to lie. Go oversized with leggings or skinny jeans, maybe add a layer underneath if it’s a lil’ chilly. If you live somewhere that feels like the depths of Antartica, you might want to go with a finer knit and layer under and above. The struggle of getting a thick coat over a chunky jumper is real, guys. Turtlenecks, crew necks, V-necks. They’re all good. Avoid collecting too many sweatshirts with your university’s name on it, though - you will look over-enthusiastic. 

SHOES: one word: COMFORT. Campuses are big places. Chances are, you’ll be walking a fair bit. I love trainers - I have a pair of black Nikes, a pair of white Reeboks and a black slip-on pair. Converse, Adidas, New Balance are all popular. They crop up on the feet of almost everyone. Look down, and I guarantee the vast majority of any university class are wearing trainers. 

If you’re like me and enjoy torturing yourself, you can also wear heeled boots. I find them weirdly comfortable, probably due to my excessively hyperextended knees. Pointy ankle boots always look chic, but frankly people will be so surprised that you’ve made an effort that any type will impress. Zara’s always a good choice for cute boots. 

I’d avoid opened-toed or flats that expose a lot of your foot during autumn/winter/spring. It’ll probably rain, and then you’ll be cold and miserable and have soggy feet. Wellies (or rainboots for you strange Yanks) are a good choice if you’ll be in a wet climate (hello England), but they can be a bit cumbersome. Try and get some lower-cut ones to reduce the weight and to stop you from stomping excessively. 

COATS: this is pretty personal. Again, if it’s wet, I’d recommend something at least water-resistant. I have a North Face windbreaker that I keep in my car in case it starts tipping it down, but it’s not particularly warm. Leather/suede jackets look cute but are not a good choice if it looks like it might rain. Other than that, anything goes. I have a cute beige pea coat from ASOS that I love, and a shearling jacket from Bershka which is far too cool for a dork like me.

L O U N G E W E A R 

PJs: buy yourself some new ones. Please. Your flatmates don’t want to see your lady parts through that ever-expanding hole in the crotch. Some university flats feel like the pits of hell, so it might be a good idea to bring a few pair of short PJs too. You can always swap them out for joggers or leggings when you’re not snoozin’. I can always find cute pyjamas in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Primark. 

SWEATPANTS: as comfy as PJs but with the added bonus of being socially acceptable. Whether you prefer a tapered, slim fit or big ‘n’ baggy, make sure they’re stain-free and don’t smell funky. Bring a couple of pairs and rotate through as necessary. 

BRAS: regardless of whether you have the athletic capabilities of a sloth or Michael Phelps, you will want to bring sports bras. Hides the nips with basically no discomfort. Bralettes are cute too, but I’m an advocate of sports bras if you’re just slugging out in front of Netflix and nobody is going to see it. Forever 21 do a massive selection of surprisingly pretty sports bras with all sorts of fancy backs. Not so good for exercising, but really the majority of people don’t wear sports bras to exercise. 

F A N C Y 

PARTYING: this will depend a little on where you attend university. For me, going out outfits are high-waisted jeans, a fancy-ish crop top and flat shoes of some description. Club floors get hella slippery. More casual dresses are fine too, but make sure you gauge what your friends are going to be wearing so you don’t look too overdressed.

EVENTS: bring a nice dress or trousers/shirt. There will be fancier events (sports balls, end of term balls, society balls). They don’t always require black tie, so a cocktail dress is a good choice. Boys, bring a suit jacket. It doesn’t have to be tails or a tux, but bringing a tailored blazer that’ll match or compliment a pair of trousers you own will come in handy. And absolutely NO JEANS. Along the same lines, bring at least one pair of smart shoes/heels. Ladies, flats are more than acceptable for fancy events. Just make sure they’re cute. 

BUSINESSWEAR: “But Isabelle!” I hear you cry, “I’m in college! I don’t need businesswear!” Yes, my friend, yes you do. Interviews happen. You might need a part-time job, or get a spontaneous interview for an internship. Bring an office-appropriate skirt/trousers and a blouse/shirt, and some simple, smart shoes. You don’t have to go full-on Olivia Pope, but make sure you have one suitable outfit in your repertoire. 

Q U I C K   T I P S 

Accessories make an outfit: bring a choice of belts, scarves and miscellaneous wraps or shawls. By throwing on a buckled belt and a cute layered necklace, you can go from meh to a-meh-zing. 

Sign up for student discounts: British students, that means unidays. Register with your university email for discounts ranging from 10-25%. They’ll notify you when retailers that don’t have a permanent discount (like H&M) run promotions as well. Make sure you use your discount for eating out and going to the cinema, too!

Quality > quantity: the capsule wardrobe trend is real, folks. I’m an advocate of having a smaller, but better-made and better-fitting, wardrobe over one that’s overflowing and filled with cheap, low-quality clothing that’ll last a couple of wears. If you’re wearing pieces day-in day-out, make sure they’re flattering and of good quality. Having a smaller wardrobe makes moving in and out easier, too, and you’ll spend less time staring at all your clothes trying to mentally piece together something cute. 

Expensive =/= good quality: along the same lines, just because something is pricy doesn’t automatically make it of good quality. You can get really good basics at affordable shops. Feel the material (and make sure it’s relatively opaque), make sure the stitching is solid, and that it doesn’t have pulls or piling or holes. I like New Look and ASOS for simple pieces. 

Make an effort: it sounds silly, but lecturers and tutors do appreciate it when you don’t turn up looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Looking presentable makes them feel like you want to be there, which can make them a) like you more and b) more inclined to want to help you out if you need it. It isn’t that hard to put a pair of jeans and a blouse on instead of throwing a pair of joggers on under the T-shirt with ramen stains on that you slept in the night before, is it?

That’s pretty much it. University is a place to explore your own personal style, and you’ll see a massive variety in how people dress. Express yourself, learn what you like on, and don’t feel under pressure to dress a certain way! Style is definitely a creative outlet, so if you want to - use it and enjoy yourself!!

Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 3

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests | 

Chapter 3: Confrontation 

Word count: 3542

Series type: Angst, Smut (in later chapters) & Fluff.

Warnings: Mentions of sex and bad language.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

Rough summary: Christian is your boss but also your best friend. You both have feelings for each other but his way of living complicates your relationship.

A/N: Thank you for all the nice comments on the second Chapter! It means a lot as it keeps motivating me to write the series. Also keep in mind that English is not my first language, therefore there could be some spelling/grammar mistakes.

3 Days total went by since that incident.

The amount of times Christian called or texted you was insane. What also drove you insane was the fact that every time you received a call or text from him, it made it harder for you not to cave in and answer already.

You weren’t even angry anymore, just sad. A sad mess.

You continued on your schedules as they were, knowing that your work was the only thing that could distract you.

You sit on your couch scrolling through your emails when you see that your schedule for the rest of the week has arrived. It was still new to you that your schedules were now managed by someone else. You had to admit it was easier this way, but still you had made up your mind on leaving DPR and buying out your contract.

Your eyes scan through the excel sheet and you frown. “No Kim Yura?” you whisper to yourself.

You called your manager to ask for clarification. He answered right away, as if he knew you’d call.

“Hello? y/n, you haven’t been to a meeting in a few days now, what are you up to?”

“Ah-yeah, Hi oppa, I’m just not feeling so well.” You lie adjusting your phone closer to your ear so you could hear him better.

“Oh, make sure to get some rest then y/n-ah, is there a reason behind your call?”

“Yes, ehm, I was wondering why all of my schedules with Kim Yura suddenly disappeared?”

“Oh, I thought Ian told you already. We dropped her completely. He told us that you found her too difficult to work with.” Your manager answered casually.

Your heart sank a little. Confused and taken aback by the news. Why would he do that?

“Wait, so it was Christian’s idea to drop her? What about her debut mv?” you ask, your body language gave away your alertness and curiosity.

“We’re not going through with the package deal anymore y/n-ah. I honestly don’t know why we won’t. It’d be huge for us, but Ian made his mind up, he just didn’t want to do it anymore. He said he wanted to focus more on CF’s and stuff.”

“That’s bullshit” you say under your breath furrowing your eyebrows

“Excuse me?” your manager asked, obviously hearing what you said.

“Ahh-nothing oppa, It’s nothing, thank you for the info. I know enough for now.”

“Alright, get well soon.” He dryly says, probably knowing you’re not sick at all.

“Thank you, will do” you say and hang up.

You stare at your phone in your hand for a moment. CF’s?

Christian wanting to focus more on CF’s was the biggest lie you have heard since three days ago.

What has gotten into him all of a sudden? He completely dropped her from your scheduling, meaning someone else was going to have to teach her how to dance, which also meant no DPR. It also meant that the mv deal must be off the tracks.

You let yourself fall back on the couch putting your hand to your forehead. Maybe you should just resign as quickly as possible so he can still recover the deal with YG and Yura.

You can’t let this petty personal situation come between something as big as this. Reeling in Yura was one of the best things that happened so far this year for the crew. Apart from all the underlying drama of course.

You’ve never disliked Christian more than you did right now, but you wish him and the rest of the crew well. And the though of him declining such a huge offer because of personal drama made you feel guilty. But why did it make you feel guilty? When all of it is his own fault?

Your thoughts frustrate you and you swear to god that you were about to scream until you heard the sound of your doorbell.

Maybe it was Dabin? He hadn’t contacted you since that day, you didn’t blame him. You figured he had enough of the situation as it was.

You reluctantly get up rubbing your eyes while walking to your front door. As you open it you see an unfamiliar face.

“Package for y/n-sshi” A tall looking guy said looking at you with a black expression.

“I didn’t order anything” you say giving him a confused look.

“It says ‘For miss y/n, are you miss y/n?” He asks annoyed.

“Well-yeah, but-” “Then this is yours” he says shoving the box into your hands. “Have a nice day” he says walking away.

Jesus, he was in a mood. Even though you wouldn’t be happy either if you had to deliver packages in the pouring rain, his attitude bothered you as you closed the door behind you. You walk to the kitchen area, sitting on a chair behind your bar inspecting the box in front of you.

You look at it and read the label connected to the plastic wrap which was wrapped around the entire thing.

“From Ian” it said.

You frown, is it your stuff that you forgot at his place? Is he cutting ties from you this time? Is that why he dropped Yura? So he can actually date her? Different thoughts go through your mind as you just stare at the box in front of you, not knowing what to expect when you’d see what’s inside of it.

You cut the plastic wrap across the box and carefully remove it. “Fragile” you read out loud as you remove the sticker as well.

You shake the box to hear a soft rumble and place the it down to open it.

“Holy shit.” You whisper to yourself. This might have been the last thing you expected.

You carefully lift the shoes out of the box as your jaw dropped.

Your nude Valentino pumps. Suddenly your mind flashed back to that night. That damn night where he had not only broken the heel of your shoe, but also your trust.

These looked different though, they looked like they were a lot more expensive than your old pair. You carefully inspect the pump, looking at the Swarovski crystal imbedded straps, carefully putting them back into the box, searching for something else.

There was a note.

“I told you I’d buy you new ones. Please take these as a peace offering. I beg you to give me a chance love. I know I have a lot of explaining to do.”

You bit your lip not knowing how to feel about this. Putting the shoes back into the box.

                                                   - time jump –

You barge into his house the second he opened the door, not making eye contact with him or even thinking of people being in his house. Luckily there weren’t any.

A startled Christian followed you. He hasn’t seen or spoken to you in 5 days. And for you to show up here unannounced was a very unlikely thing for you to do.

“Christian I can’t accept these” you say putting the shoe box down on his coffee table. You were nervous as hell. On the ride here you thought of a hundred different scenarios. What If Yura is there? What if another bitch was there? What if Dabin is there? Or one of his many famous friends?

You were relieved none of these scenarios came true, even though you had everything you wanted to say planned out already. Still, standing in front of him like this took balls from you. You hated confrontation, but you couldn’t avoid him forever.

Christian cautiously took a few steps closer to you and the coffee table where you had just put the shoe box down on.

“Why?” is all he could ask, giving you a look up and down. You know you didn’t look like you always looked. Sleeping was still an issue, and eating had become one of your new issues.

“Because, Christian. I googled the damn price and that’s just ridiculous.”

He shook his head picking up the box and shoving it into your hands again. “I told you I’d buy you new ones. So take it.”

“No, that doesn’t make sense, these are worth 3 times more than my old pair, I can’t accept them. End of story. But that’s not the reason why I came here in the first place” you say all in one breath.

“What is it? Are you finally here to talk to me?” he asks looking for answers into your eyes.

“Yes, but not about personal stuff.” You say crossing your arms.

It took everything you had not to run out of that door right then and there.

“Then what y/n?” he asks still confused at your odd behavior.

“I came here to return these” you say putting the box down on his coffee table again. His eyes quickly followed your movements but fixated back on your eyes again in a split second.

“And to tell you that I want out. I’m going to buy out the contract Ian. I don’t want this anymore.”

He fell quiet. Looking at the ground. You couldn’t read any emotion from his posture or face. He just sighed and looked up, meeting your eyes once again.

He stayed quiet for a little while longer, making your insides turn once again. The silence was cutting you in half. So you decided to speak up first.

“I’ll have the money ready in a week, maybe it’s not too late to contact Yura’s management. Maybe you can still get the deal.” You say determined.

“No.” he simply says walking to his couch and sitting down. He leaned his elbows on his thighs to support his head. His hands clamped onto his messy hair in frustration.

“I’ll terminate the fucking contract. You don’t have to buy that shit out, y/n that’s ridiculous, I also don’t give a fuck about that deal anymore. It cost me the most precious thing I had.” He says looking up to you again.

What was that look on his face? Was he…hurt. Did he mean you?

“That’s not what I signed for.” You simply said, steering the conversation back into the planned direction, keeping your emotions in check while trying not to break your professional composure.

“Cut the crap please. Why are you acting like this!? Talk to me like you’re a person with actual feelings, not like a programmed robot” he yells at you getting up.

His sudden outburst scared you but you made sure not to break, fearlessly looking straight into his dark sparkling eyes.

“Don’t yell at me” you softly say, having a more and more difficult time to suppress your emotions.

“Terminating the contract also means terminating our relationship doesn’t it.” He says looking straight at you.

“What relationship Ian? That was terminated the moment you walked back to that damn club” you spit out to him.

Oh, and you promised yourself personal feelings wouldn’t get in the way this time. Guess this was a failed attempt at that.

He looked at you. “This is why I wanted to talk. You and Dabin jump to conclusions all by yourselves but you won’t hear me out first. How can you believe your side of the story when you haven’t heard mine yet?” He looked like a last puppy. He knew that if he didn’t talk about everything to you now, he probably would never get the chance again.

You didn’t say anything. Stubbornly looking to the floor, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

“I didn’t fuck Yura. I never have. I also never intended to” He says articulating every word to his best ability.

You look up to him. His eyes almost screamed at you, trying to get you to understand with just the look of his eyes.

“I swear y/n I would never do that to you.” He says taking a step closer to you.

You pinch your eyes closed looking to the ground, when he softly takes a hold of your hand.

“No!” you yell at him, yanking your hand out of his grip.

“You can’t just do that!” you yell letting your guard down.

Here come the waterworks.

Tears start to prickle your eyes when you look at him again. He took a step back without realizing, giving you some much needed space, still startled at your rejection.

“You have been fucking me up for months now Christian. This is not me being mad at what happened last weekend, this is me finally realizing I should have been mad at you all this time.” You say with a breaking voice. Even you acknowledged how sad and broken you sounded.

“I was going to come here, give you back those fucking shoes and get out of that fucking contract so I would never have to see your god damn face again.” Your voice cracked multiple times. Tears were flowing down your cheeks now. As you noticed you wiped your face with your sleeve, closing your eyes at the second hand embarrassment of crying in front of him again. You promised yourself you would keep it together at least once.

Christian just stood there, looking at you not knowing what to do. He wanted to touch, hug and kiss you so bad. He wanted to tell you that your tears were all for nothing. That everything was going to be okay. But he also realized that he had broken you, without knowing he did.

Of course he knew that having all of these meaningless sexual relationships with different women would catch up to him eventually. He only did it to feel less lonely. He had you, but not in the way he wished to have you. Contracts and being in the public eye complicated that wish for the both of you. But Christian was never the type to deal with his emotions the healthy way. He’d try anything to forget his feelings for you, not knowing it would end up hurting you as much as it did.

“Y/n I-” he starts, but you don’t let him finish.

“I was going to leave here, feeling content with myself for once but then you had to go and try to touch me again.” You say crossing your arms. Giving him an angry look with tears in your eyes, just standing there in the middle of his living room.

“Y/n please just don’t do this.” He says cautiously taking a step towards you again.

He sounded sad, and tired. Tired of this mess. The two of you were a toxic cocktail when not blended well, but a fucking match made in heaven if everything would have just worked out.

You cover your face with your hands. Crying into the sleeves of your black sweater not knowing how to get yourself together anymore.

He means too much to you. So much that it hurts.

He grabbed your wrists, pulling you into the tightest and warmest embrace he could give you. It was a risky thing to do on his end, but he didn’t know what else to do at this point anymore.

His body emitted a warmth you felt save in. A warmth that could make you feel relaxed at all times, a warmth that felt like home. Even though you knew you had to be strong, your mind doesn’t know how to resist anymore.

You were so tired, stressed and overworked. Your last descent meal was that damn macaroni and cheese, and your last good night sleep was probably almost two weeks ago.

He held you while you bawled like a baby. Unable to move or push him off of you. “Y/n I’m so, so incredibly sorry” he whispers while caressing your hair.

“You know me better than anyone y/n. You know I never had the intention to hurt you I’m just a fucking idiot sometimes” he says with his chin resting on the top of your head.

Your arms were now wrapped around him while you held him close, resting your head onto his chest listening to the soft thuds of his heartbeat as silence surrounded the both of you when you finally stopped sobbing.

After a while he slightly loosened the grip he had on you, taking your face into his hands inspecting it thoroughly. You had bags under your tired eyes which were red from crying. You looked pale, your lips were slightly chapped and your cheeks had sunken in a little.

He sighed and kissed your forehead while you still had your eyes closed.

“Let me take care of you a little before you hear me out okay?” he whispers caressing your cheeks with his thumbs

You nod and let him take your hand to lead you to his couch. You sit down, looking around. His suitcase from his trip to Peru was still in the middle of his living room floor, nothing unpacked except for toiletries. You sighed at the sight. It has been weeks. I guess his mind is in the same mess as yours is right now. Suddenly you feel bad for being here and being as cold as you were when you first entered.

A soft thud on the couch made you look up. Next to you Lori had joined you, laying down beside you, knowing you would always pet her. You smiled slightly at the sight of the dog cuddling up to you.

“How have you been girl” you ask petting her head. She just gives you a look and closes her eyes after, as if she was trying to tell you she was tired. “Same girl” you say shaking her paw as if you were shaking hands with her.

Christian returned with a glass of water and an ibuprofen.

“Take this” he says. “Your head must be pounding.”

You nod, taking it from him. You had missed these surroundings. Watching movies all night on the couch with Christian and Lori, or the so called ‘weird Wednesdays’ when you’d try to cook something together that you’ve never had before. Coming here was a good decision, even though it didn’t go as planned, at least now you realize that cutting ties with him completely without talking first wouldn’t resolve anything.

You still desperately wanted things to go back to normal, but you just didn’t know how at this point.

Giving you some space he sat on the opposite end of the couch, looking at you as if you were going to disappear at any second.

His eyes were glued on you and he studied every move you made when you took the medicine, flushing it away with the cold water and putting the glass down on his coffee table.

You brought your knees up to your chest, making yourself less vulnerable and more comfortable.

You finally collected the courage to look at his face. He was beautiful as always. He looked tired, but still effortlessly attractive.

You sigh still looking at him, resting your head on the top of the couch.

“Stay here tonight” he finally says.

You looked at him and shook your head.

“It’s pouring outside, and it’s late. Just stay” he says again. A little more determined this time.

“I really can’t.” you voice sounded raspy, raspier than you thought. You clear your throat and stare out the window.

“I won’t melt in the rain; besides I drove here so I should be fine” you say.

Both of you were just avoiding the obvious subject that needed to be spoken off.

“Still it’s dangerous” he says.

“Christian…” you sigh closing your eyes. Even though you had stayed over plenty of times, This just wasn’t going to happen now. He knew you’d never stay, not after everything that happened.

“Fine, at least stay until the rain slows or stops alright?” He says getting up. “I’ll fix up something to eat in the meantime. You look like a zombie.” He says giving you a sarcastic smile, walking to his kitchen.

You watch him open his fridge and inspect the contents. “Always so subtle with your choice of words Mr. Yu” you say getting up, leaving Lori’s sleeping state on the couch.

He didn’t pay much attention to you. He was lost in thought. Searching through his fridge for an egg and some spring onions to make you some ramyeon.

You walked towards his bathroom, opening the door and taking a look at yourself in the mirror.

You looked like shit. Absolute shit.

Your tired red eyes were even puffier than before. Your lips were chapped and your complexion looked lifeless with your sunken cheeks.

You turn on the faucet, splashing some cold water in your face. You pat you face dry with a towel and pinch your cheeks for some extra blood circulation. You also decide to steal his lip balm and apply some of it. You already looked a lot more alive with such little effort. You sigh looking at yourself one last time.

You stretch out, lost in thought when your eyes wander to see the door connected to his bedroom crooked open just enough to see inside of his bedroom.

You figured it’d be a mess as always, but as you look around your eyes stop at the sight of a female sleeping in his bed.

Your movements froze, and so did your heart.

Kim fucking Yura.

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Chapter 4 

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

gothfop  asked:

Just a quick inquiry, what are Amun and Angelo's heights compared to each other? I just want to make sure before I start doodling because I know that heights can vary from different art pieces and styles.

ah yeah this is a good question, i’m horrible with keeping heights consistent as we’ve all established through felix and bridgette (’:

they’re about the same height! angelo presents as a little taller because he wears better shoes - he’ll have basketball converse or heavy boots with thick soles while amun tends to stick to flat sandals. that can put an inch or so difference between them, but it’s just superficial! 

The Labyrinth Chapter 16

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 1.7k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8 Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17

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requested by  fuckkoffcourtney <3
Could you do a part 2 sorta thing of being Harry’s secret girlfriend and lupin finds out and gives Harry the overprotective dad ‘you better take care of her’ talk? Thanks!!!

a/n; the only question i have is: who’s courtney?


Silence. Neither dares to say a word. Harry looks down at his shoes and patiently, though anxiously, waits for what Lupin has to say. He had admitted. Admitted in loving you and so explaining all of your sudden disappearances from classes and getaways from home. Whilst Lupin’s face was expressionless for the most part of the story, he frowned when Harry finished and retreated into his thoughts. Behind the window snowflakes spiraled downwards in perfect circles. Your voice, ringing from way above along with Hermione’s somewhere in the Burrow, shook both of the men from their thoughts. Lupin clears his throat, leans back into the comfortable armchair, his gaze directed straight into the playful fire in the fireplace.

“You shouldn’t have waited to tell me his, Harry.” Lupin finally says. The said boy flinches at his words. “That being said, however, I must admit that I already…knew.” Lupin smiles faintly. Harry blinks.

“What? Did—“

“No she didn’t tell me and Tonks didn’t either.” He sighs, “Listen, Harry. I don’t know why you kept it a secret – it was most likely (Name)’s idea, I assume – but let me tell you this now. If you want my blessing, by all means, you have it. You are my best friends son and there is no one in this world that would be a better man for my daughter than you, Harry. But,” just when Harry started to feel his nerves easy they spike back up again. Lupin lowers his voice, “And I will only say this once. You better take care of her. Protect her. Cherish her beyond thought. I would say keep her out of trouble, but we both know that’s impossible.” He cracks a smile. Harry too. “Now, if you wish to take her on a date you tell me. Must be back before 11pm and no exceptions. Got that?”

“Yes, sir.”

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“Why’re you even here?” Jonathan asked quietly, avoiding your gaze, after almost an hour of trudging through the forest in silence, looking for his brother.

You looked at him confused, “Why wouldn’t I be here?”

It was quiet for a beat as Jonathan momentarily got lost in his thoughts before saying, “Because we don’t talk…you don’t know me or my family…you’re friends with the popular kids, Steve Harrington is your brother and he hates me…”

You glanced over to him, though he still wouldn’t meet your eye so you turned your gaze back to the forest, “Well, I’m not my brother, am I?”

He paused. You were several steps in front of him until you realised he’d stopped so you spun around and looked at him with concerned eyes and a raised brow. “No,” He answered, “You’re not.”

You walked back over to him and took slowly and gently took his hand, not wanting to make him uncomfortable but he clutched your hand tightly and you smiled at him, “I’m not,” You repeated and though he was looking at his shoes and not at you, you continued, “And I want to help you find your brother…That’s why I’m here. There’s no ulterior motive, no malice intent, I just want to get him back to you and Joyce,” You assured him, giving his hand a squeeze.

When Jonathan finally looked up at you, he look as though he was about to cry, “Thank you,” He whispered and you smiled softly at him.

“Thank me when we find Will,” You replied, tugging him along as you continued walking. “And we will find him, by the way!” You said over your shoulder and for the first time in a while, Jonathan truly believed someone when they said Will would be found.

~ Clara


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melliaze  asked:

Hello, I'd like to request RFA reacting + Minor Trio reacting to Lawyer!MC. Keep up the great work, your posts are really enjoyable to read!

Everything written below is based on the K-drama Suspicious Partner and Legally Blonde :)) Huhu sorry guys, I’m really not familiar with this one but I tried my best ;;; I’m assuming MC is a criminal defense lawyer, I hope you like it! ^^

Note: To any lawyers/future lawyers out there please don’t hate me hahaha and feel free to correct my mistakes :))


  • W H O A
  • Respect
  • He saves animals while you put the bad guys behind bars
  • Yoosung is really proud of you and is your number one supporter
  • He gets interested in your job and browses through your law books when he has free time
  • Remember, Yoosung is really smart
  • So one day when you’re telling him about a case you’re handling
  • He totally understands all your law terms and he can keep up with everything, even asking questions or citing certain cases
  • And you are more in-love with him more than ever
  • Because this guy not only took interest in what you did, he learned about it so he can understand you better
  • When you’re stressed with work, he cooks you something nice and even makes you coffee for when you have to work late
  • He always makes it a point to pick you up from work since you finish later than him
  • And if he sees that you’re overwhelmed with work, he tries to help you
  • He really looks up to you and he loves that you’re trying to make the world a safer place
  • But he makes sure you guys have dates every now and then and makes sure you don’t live on instant noodles and 4 hours of sleep everyday


  • He’s played a lawyer before but he still wants to know everything about what you do
  • And he loves that you’re so dedicated to your job and he can see how hard you work
  • Just like him
  • He can watch you talking to yourself about your case and debating with yourself for days
  • Honestly, Zen loves watching you work
  • He goes to one of your trials and he just loves how brilliant you are and how confident you are
  • When he gets free time, he studies up on your cases and pretends to be the other lawyer or the judge so you can practice your arguments
  • And at first it you just laughed at him because he’s so cute and adorable and supportive
  • But when you guys get into it, you realize how good Zen is as a lawyer/judge
  • Lol he watched a LOT of court dramas just so he can pull this off
  • And his arguments actually made sense so you got a chance to prepare for other angles of the case
  • Your female co-workers would always swoon over him when he visits you or picks you up from the office
  • He always reminds you to be careful and he worries endlessly over you
  • But he loves the fact that his girlfriend is so smart and badass


  • He can respect that you want to continue working despite not needing the money anymore
  • Because you truly wanted to do what’s right and help other people
  • He would, of course, help you in any way he can
  • This guy is very powerful and has a lot of connections so if you needed information, you will have it
  • Insists that you have a bodyguard with you at all times because he knows lawyers can get threats too
  • You work as hard as he does so you two barely get enough sleep
  • He sets up a home office for you so you can continue working at home; Jumin doesn’t like it when you stay late at your office
  • And when you lose track of time and stay in the office past midnight
  • He will pick you up personally and carry you home if he has to
  • He’d watch you in court when his schedule will allow it and he will glow with pride at his wife in action
  • He knows about law of course, but reads up on criminal law so he can understand you better
  • And you often see him slumping against the headboard of your bed with one of your law books in his hands, his eyes closed
  • He’s very much enamored with you and always takes you out for celebratory dinners whenever you win your cases


  • Oh my God his girlfriend defends people in court
  • He totally wants you on his side
  • Especially when Vanderwood comes over and starts nagging him
  • And you come to his defense and Vanderwood would always lose the argument
  • Of course, you also put the bad guys in jail
  • Ehem he’s a hacker ;;;
  • Not that he’s a bad person, it’s just he’s done a lot of illegal bad things for his job
  • You accept him and love him all the same
  • And he helps you in any way he can
  • “MC, I can hack into his laptop for you~”
  • “Saeyoung, no”
  • Whenever you have to go to the crime scene to investigate or meet up with potential leads, he makes sure to watch you through CCTV cameras
  • You bring home so much paperwork ;;; Saeyoung can’t really cook for you but he buys you decent meals and drags you away from work (LITERALLY) just so he can feed you~
  • You have come home to him dressed in your corporate attire more than once
  • Never misses an opportunity to use legal jargon with you
  • “Saeyoung, are you wearing my shoes?”
  • “Careful MC, false allegations can get you in trouble~”
  • “…Saeyoung.”
  • He would grin and swivel in his chair, showing you his feet
  • “Alright, guilty as charged,” he would say, grinning
  • “You have to admit though, I look good in your shoes.” 😉


  • He’s more into the creative stuff —photography, the arts, performance arts, music —but he will learn as much as he can about your job
  • He’s a very good listener and he pays attention to every detail whenever you tell him about your case or rant about your job
  • But he can tell you’re very passionate about what you do
  • And he will always try to support you
  • He attends most of your trials and you see him give you encouraging smiles whenever you look in his direction
  • Also has an album in his phone of you in action and you keep wondering how he manages to get good angles of you
  • You take clients who have been wrongly accused and your goal is to clear their name, at the same time try to find the culprit
  • V accompanies you to client meetings and as he listens to your conversation with your client, he finds himself more drawn to you
  • Because you have such a good heart and pure intentions
  • He’s so lucky to have someone like you as his girlfriend
  • You work hard and always end up bringing work home
  • He always makes you a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and plays soothing music in the background
  • When it’s past midnight and you’re still working, he will persuade you to go to bed with him
  • And if you insist on staying up
  • He will legit carry you into his arms and shower you with kisses and hold you in his arms until you fall asleep
  • He understands hard work, but he won’t let you value work over your health


  • Researches what being a criminal defense lawyer is
  • Asks you questions about your job every now and then
  • You’re actually a pretty good lawyer and he comes across several articles of the cases you’ve won and innocent people you’ve freed
  • And Saeran’s respect and adoration for you grows
  • You’re working on a new case where your client is someone who got framed and you’re trying to prove his innocence
  • When you get threats from an “anonymous” person telling you to drop the case you’re currently working on
  • He realizes that your job isn’t as safe as he thought it was
  • And he gets mad
  • You have to calm him down and make sure he doesn’t do anything that would land him in jail ;;;
  • Saeran becomes your bodyguard, making sure to send you to work and pick you up afterwards
  • He doesn’t tell you but he also uses his hacking skills to look for the killer
  • And the evening before the trial, you receive a usb containing surveillance footage of the murder
  • You win your case and the killer gets a life sentence
  • And when you come home you kiss Saeran’s cheek
  • You tell him all about the trial and he smiles, seeing how happy you are
  • Neither of you acknowledge the USB, but you know it was him and he’s just glad he was able to help you keep the bad guys off the street


  • He’s not supposed to exist or have relationships
  • But when you guys fall in-love and he discovers you’re a criminal defense lawyer and your goal is to put as much bad people in jail as possible…
  • Baby if only you knew how many people I’ve killed with my gloved hands ;;;;
  • But you love him all the same
  • You guys would get into arguments a lot, mainly because Vanderwood would push you away
  • He feels guilty that you’re with him, a criminal, when your job is putting criminals in jail and letting the innocent ones walk free
  • He doesn’t want you to go against your morals for him, he feels like he doesn’t deserve it
  • You don’t believe he’s a bad person though
  • And you stand by your decision to love him
  • You volunteer to be his lawyer in case anything ever goes wrong
  • But since he doesn’t technically ‘exist’, there’s nobody there to sue him
  • The people in his line of work would probably kill him than sue him ;;;
  • He makes sure you’re always safe though
  • Because you get threats a lot
  • Vanderwood cooks you decent meals whenever you work late and he will carry you to bed when you fall asleep on the table on top of your notes
  • Teaches you basic self defense in case he has to go away for a mission and can’t be there to protect you
  • He gives you his taser too, just in case

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The Viking’s Sannr Ast part 3

Description:  Viking AU, Bucky is the king of the Vikings who come to raid your village.

Warnings: THIS IS A NON-CON/RAPE STORY.  Please do not read if this offends you.   Also it’s just smutty smut, smut, smut.

Word: 4,200

Tags: @jademox @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @thecynicalnerd @marauderice @mac5323 @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @negan-is-god @kellyn1604 @i-am-negan-trash @taintedgenre @xbergiex @bellaballanda @girlyfandomfighter13 @theariel85 @kyleannsmut @screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl @roschelesworld @chipilerendi 

A/N: This is for @jurassicbarnes   ‘s writing contest.  

Thank you so much for all the love for this story! It was a lot of fun to write!  

Part 1      Part 2

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               Tears decorated the pillow.  You kept your hand on the space next to you, imagining his warm body there.  You couldn’t figure out what James wanted from you, but you couldn’t figure out what you wanted from him either.  None of this had been your choice, every bone in your body was screaming at you to hate the man, to fight back, but all you wanted was him next to you, holding you, stroking your hair.  A tiny sob came out.  Was it because you were disgusted with yourself or because he wasn’t here?  You could no longer tell.  

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Taking Comfort in Your Touch

Word Count: 1512

Originally posted by princejimin

“Are we really going to sit back and watch this happen?” Taehyung mumbled to Jungkook as the two of them watched Jimin bustle around the kitchen. His cheeks were flushed pink with exertion and both boys could clearly see the struggle their friend was having while attempting to cook.

“That depends. If he fails and burn the food, then Y/N will be the one to suffer, not Jimin.” Jungkook pointed out and Taehyung whined.

“Y/N doesn’t deserve that. This is supposed to be a reward, not a punishment.” Taehyung stepped into the kitchen as Jungkook leaned against the counter, watching the confrontation that was about to happen.

“Hyung, don’t you want some help?” Taehyung asked, stepping up behind Jimin to watch him slowly cut up an onion.

“Don’t you dare Tae, I want to do this myself.” Jimin scolded lightly, pointing his knife in Taehyung’s direction. Taehyung held his hands up in defense.

“Yield the knife my friend, for I am just an innocent man trying to look out for the wellbeing of his friend’s girlfriend.” Jimin rolled his eyes and went back to chopping.

“This is supposed to be a surprise for Y/N for finishing her finals. She’s worked so hard and has been stressing out so much, the least I can do is give her a nice meal and a relaxing evening. It’d feel wrong if it wasn’t 100% from me.” Jimin admitted.

“Aw, hyung, are you crying?” Jungkook teased from the far side of the kitchen and Taehyung laughed.

“Shut up! It’s the onion you brat.” he growled and Jungkook snickered.

“You’ve spent the entire day cleaning and shopping for this night Jiminie, c’mon, let us help you out.” Taehyung urged.

“I don’t need it Tae, I have everything under control.” Jimin said proudly as he finished chopping.

“Oh really? Is that why the sauce is burning on the stove?” Jungkook pointed out and Jimin’s head whipped around so fast Taehyung could’ve sworn he’d broke his neck.

“Shit.” Jimin cursed as he removed the pan from the stove, waving off the smoke with a dish towel. He huffed and looked to his two friends who wore smug looks on their faces. His pink blush grew brighter as he stomped out of the kitchen.

“Thanks guys.” he grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched the two boys high-five.

“Anything for our hyung! You should probably change though Jiminie, your clothes have seen better days.” Jungkook pointed out as he and Taehyung started to recover the tteokbokki Jimin was making. Jimin noticed for the first time how he had gotten the red chili sauce all over his shirt and pants, despite wearing the apron Seokjin gotten him for Christmas a while ago that said “Caution: extremely hot.”.

Jimin made the journey to his room in the shared apartment and closed the door behind him with a sigh. He could hear Taehyung and Jungkook singing something in the kitchen, and he shook his head and sighed as he discarded his clothes into the empty hamper.

He had tried so hard to make sure everything would run smoothly for this night. He woke up early in the morning and cleaned the entire apartment (sans Tae’s and Kookie’s room, he wouldn’t dare go near their toxic waste). By the time he was done and his friends left for the day, it was already noon. He went out and bought candles, flowers, the whole shebang and fresh ingredients for the food, only to foolishly burn it trying to make sure everything was perfect. Jimin just wanted to spoil his love tonight and hold you in his arms without you having to worry about deadlines and exam schedules and studying until you passed out.

Jimin threw on his comfiest pair of sweats and one of his black t-shirts that made his soft brown hair look like a warm cup of coffee. He walked back out into the kitchen and saw Jungkook washing the dishes, the dining table set in their finest plates with the candles Jimin purchased lit. He was about to smile and thank his adorable maknae when Taehyung slid by him. His pants were off, shirt unbuttoned, with big black sunglasses over his eyes as he danced around the kitchen while using a broom as his partner.

“What did I get myself into?” Jimin mumbled as he ran a hand over his face, snatching the broom from Taehyung’s hands who shouted out a protest.

“Hey! Don’t kill my Tom Cruise vibe.” Taehyung whined.

“Put some pants on Tae, Y/N will be here soon and you both promised to leave tonight.” Jimin’s voice took on a small whimper and Jungkook looked up from his washing.

“C’mon Tae, go get dressed, we’re going to see Cars 3 with Hobi tonight.” Jungkook smiled. Taehyung’s face lit up and he cheered in excitement, running off to his room to change. Jimin sighed and sent a grateful smile to Jungkook.

“Thanks Kookie.” Jungkook smiled and wiped his hands.

“Of course hyung. It’s no problem.” he said as Taehyung came hopping back into the kitchen.

“Don’t wait up for us Jiminie! Have fun tonight!” Taehyung said, sending him a boxy smile and throwing up a V sign before dragging Jungkook out the door. Jimin let out a sigh of relief, running a hand through his hair before heading off to the bathroom; he hoped that he still had enough time to finish preparing before Y/N arrived.

Jimin heard the front door open just as he finished his finishing touches. He smiled and ran up to the door and his heart soared in his chest. He saw you kicking off your shoes and he swore you never looked more beautiful. Even though you just came back home after a long day, he didn’t care as he walked up behind you and hugged you, his hands splaying out over your stomach.

“Hey Y/N.” he smiled, nuzzling his head into your neck and peppering your skin with sweet kisses. He could feel you melt into his arms and you gratefully accepted his kisses.

“Hi Jiminie. It’s so quiet, where are the boys?” you asked.

“They’re gone for the night, I thought since you finished your finals today we could just relax tonight.” he murmured, placing a sweet kiss on your cheek before leading you to the table.

“Oh, Jimin, this is so sweet of you, I don’t know what to say.” you gushed, admiring the sweetheart candles and the flowers on the table. Jimin’s smile grew as he pulled out your chair for you.

“You don’t have to say anything my love, just enjoy it.” he said, taking his seat next to you. Jimin made small talk with you as you both ate, and he made a mental note to thank both of his friends again for their help in saving the food because hot damn was it good. His hand gently grabbed your thigh, rubbing small circles into the skin as you finished up your food. He noticed the blush rise on your cheeks and he wanted nothing more than to kiss the cute blotches of rose colored skin.

“Jiminie, that was amazing, thank you.” you told him once you finished, your belly full and heart warm at the kind gesture.

“That’s not all though.” Jimin took your hand and led you into the bathroom where a hot bath was waiting, the water was light pink and the scented candles made the room smell light and perfect.

“Jimin,” you cooed, wrapping your arms around him in a loving hug. He hugged you back, running his fingers through your hair and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“You like it?” he asked softly. You nodded and pulled him down into a sweet kiss. Jimin happily reciprocated, placing his hands on your waist to pull you closer. His lips moved tenderly against yours, humming in content when you gently tugged on his hair. His fingers fleetingly ran down your back as he playfully nipped on your bottom lip, causing a soft gasp to escape your lips. Jimin started to place sporadic kisses down your jaw and neck, grinning against your skin when he heard a soft moan.

“What did I do to deserve an amazing guy like you?” you spoke softly and Jimin looked up at you with a smile on his lips.

“You took my heart and I fell in love.” he said simply and he kissed the blush on your cheeks.

“Now c’mon, before the water gets cold.” he smiled, taking off his clothes and helping you with your own. He sat back in the water and helped you into the tub, settling you in between his legs as the two of you relaxed in the warm water and the embrace of each other.

“Thank you Jimin, for everything.” you mumbled softly, interlacing your hands into his and leaning deeper into his chest. He squeezed your right hand, bringing it up to place a kiss on your palm.

“Of course Y/N, anything for the love of my life.”