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Sometimes I wonder if you think about me the way I think about you.
When you see a certain road sign, do you think about the way to get to my house?
When you see a certain shirt you think of me because it would be something I liked?
When you see the things I loved, do you feel a twinge of love for them too, because they were a part of me?
Do you wonder what class I’m in?
What I’m doing?
Where I’m at?
What I’m thinking?
Do you look forward to seeing me in the halls, if it’s just for a few seconds?
Do you wonder if we’ve been in the same places?
When you’re out somewhere, do you play the scenario in your head of “what if she walked in?”
Do you still see my face when we had our first kiss when you close your eyes at night?
Can you hear my voice telling you I loved you?
Am I somehow in everything you do, everyday?
Do you think about me the way I think about you?
Or do you just never think of me at all?
—  {via cheerupsavvy}
Happy new year.

This was written for the Ichiruki New Year celebration event set by  @arilimbrick‘s. I never wrote anything and I don’t even know how to put words together but I just wanted to join and do someting for the wonderful ichiruki fandom that always gives me so much happiness.

New year’s eve, Ishida’s residence.

“Sooo coool! This TV is so huge!!!” Asano Keigo is really excited about the many “cool” things the Ishida’s residence has and he is been screaming about them since he set foot inside almost a half hour ago.
“Well I have to agree this TV is awesome but you should stop screaming like this or Ichigo is going to punch you again for the 3rd time” Mizuiro said.
“How can I not scream when I see all these amazing things and I can actually thouch and use them!!! Ishida’s father has an amazing taste, look at these speakers WOW!!!”
“Keigo shut up we didn’t even start drinking and you are already acting like you are drunk” Ichigo said with an annoyed face.“
"but Asano is right, Ishida’s father really has an amazing taste! This house furniture and weird objects are really interesting, I am sure nii sama would love to see some of this weird looking things!” Rukia said excited.
“So as long as they are expensive things Byakuya would be interested in it eh? Ah so that’s why he let you come here this year” Ichigo murmured
“What are you insinuating about nii sama!?! And I don’t need his permission to go to the real world! The past few years you were always the one to come to Soul Society and spend the christmas and new year holidays there because you were the one to actually get a vacation! I am a VC and I am always busy” Rukia said
“Yeah, yeah I know" 
"I have to confess, I am excited to see how you humans spend the new year’s eve, I just only spent one christmas with your family years ago and it was fun! I loved the Santa dress you guys use to wear, the christmas three and all the decorations, the pres-”
“Kuchiki san when is Abarai kun coming?” Inoue asked coming from the other room
“Oh Renji said he will be here as soon as he finishes the last paperwork left for the day” Rukia said and looked at the time “He should be here it’s almost six o'clock”
“ Abarai is coming he send me a message early, he is a bit late because he is trying to buy some more sake, because he thinks we didn’t get much of it. I told him there was already plently of food and drink but he didn’t listen” Ishida informed his friends
“Is Abarai kun going to be all right? Has he ever gone shopping into the human world?” Inoue said a bit worried
“Ah don’t worry Inoue, I am sure Renji is going to buy all the sake from Urahra’s shop” Rukia reassured the girl.
“Tch Urahara san sure has anything in that shady shop of is” Ichigo said.
“Ah Ishida here you are!” Keigo started running to his friend “Man this house is amazing, can we see upstairs too, how many rooms are there? And the outside can we see what’s ou-”
“Asano I will show you the house but please don’t make a mess, or you will have to deal with Ryuuken and I assure you he is not really nice”
“Ishida kun don’t say things like this, after all your father gave you the permission to have the house all for ourselves for the new year’s eve party, he was really nice” Inoue said happily
“Uhm yeah I guess so..”
“Ooooooooiiiiiii, oooooooiiiii can someone open the door?
"Here he is, doesn’t Renji know that there is the doorbell? He is so stupid” Ichigo said already annoyed about his loud friend.
“Renji knows how to use a doorbell he is not that stupid…I think” Rukia tried to defend her friend
Sado opened the door only to find the man holding some boxes that looked really heavy “is that all sake?” he asked
“Oh there is more than sake but yeah pretty much is just drinks, Urahara gave me a discount since I agreed to help him for the new year cleaning. Can you give me a bit of help here this things are heavy”  
“uhm” Sado said a bit perplexed and started to help Renji.
“So Abarai kun is here, that means we are all here” Inoue said
“okay so all that’s left is to finish to set the dinner and we are pretty much ready to start” Tatsuki said thinking about the last things that needed to be prepared “everyone already knows what to do right? Come on let’s set this up so we can finally start this party”
“Yes!” Keigo, Rukia, Orihime and Renji answered excited following Tatsuki in the big kitchen

“Kurosaki what is that smile? Are you having fun? Didn’t you say you wanted to be at home?” Ishida mocked Ichigo
“shut up Ishida” Ichigo’s face turned annoyed “I was just thinking that they look like little kids”
“I agree but while Keigo and Renji look stupid, I have to say Kuchiki san and Inoue san look really adorable” Mizuiro said before givin a weird smile to Ishida and Ichigo and following the others to the kitchen.
“what’s with him?” Ichigo said
“maybe he knows why you were smiling” Ishida told Ichigo
“what’s with you? Didn’t you see he looked at you too in that weird way?”
“No he was looking at you not at me”
“What? He looked at you too and what are you saying he knows why I was smiling?! Didn’t I say already why I was smiling?”
“Oh yeah you said because they look like little kids righ?”
“Yeah so what?”
“Kurosaki if you look at little kids with the expression you had before while looking at Kuchiki san, you would totally look like a creep”
“WHAT? What are you saying Ishida?!!” Ichigo started to blush a bit from anger and something else
“Kurosaki why didn’t you want to come here at the party? Maybe you were plannning to spend the new year’s eve at home with your family and Kuchiki san? Did you have the kotatsu ready so you could all bundle under it together and be cosy and warm?”
“Ishida! You bastard I am going to kill you”
“Well didn’t you agree only because Kuchiki san was so excited and wanted to come?”
“well yeah, I mean no, she insisted and started to call Renji and make plans with Inoue and Tatsuki and she pratically forced me to come”
“Ah I see like I thought it was because of Kuchiki san that you came eh? I am a bit offended that you don’t want to spend time with us, I understand that Kuchiki san is always busy and you don’t see each other often but you shuold cherish all your friends"
“Ishida I don’t think you will be able to see the new year”
“Relax Kurosaki, just let’s try to have a nice evening okay? Oh and Kurosaki you are not allowed to get drunk, I need someone to help me and watch over Asano and Abarai that will get wasted for sure and let’s hope Kuchiki san, Inoue san and Arisawa san don’t have any intention to get drunk or we will have to watch over them too.
"Yeah, yeah, I got it.”

New year’s eve, Ishida residence 11:30pm
The nakama group is fooling around.
“hahahaha that’s cool whe should try this sometimes Mizuiro”
“Keigo do you really want to try that?”
“Yeah I mean, if that guy can put fire in his mouth so can we!”
“and that’s why you shouldn’t let kids stay in front of TV too much” Ichigo said to Sado
“Ichigo I could suggest if he wants to try with kido what do you think?”
“Rukia are you carzy?!”
“Eheheh I was just kidding!”
“Kuchiki san you scared me there for a second hahaha!” Inoue laughed
“Why Rukia, that’s really a good idea we could try! And if something should happen there is Inoue that can heal us!”
“Renji shut up” Ichigo said and added “maybe it’s better if we change channel and watch something less inspiring
” I agree" Ishida said “ it’s almost time put something that will show the countdown to the start of the year”
“Roger” Tatsuki said and started to search for a nice show to see.
“Inoue when are we gonna eat the dessert you made?” Rukia asked to the girl
“Oh Kuchiki san I don’t know when everyone feels like it, i guess”
“Rukiaaa” Ichigo whispered in Rukia’s ear
“Inoue made the dessert?”
"Yeah so?”
“So? Why did you remind her? I don’t want to eat it!”
“You are so rude! Inoue came early and made it with Ishida so she wouldn’t start to add too many weird things in it, I am sure they did a wonderful job!” Rukia said and started to tear Ichigo’s ear
"ow ow you…stop it!”
"that was because you don’t appreciate your friends efforts”
“Hmp I aprreciate my friends…what is with you and Ishida saying things like this”
“Uhm what? What did Ishida say?
"Eh?” Ichigo thought about the conversation with Ishida and said “ah, oh well it’s nothing, tch he was just saying stupid things”
“But anyway, Rukia why are you blushing?”
“Eh? I am blushing?”
“yeah it seems like it. Did you drink a lot?
"Eh no, not much? I am fine”
“do you have a fever? let me ckeck-”
“No I am fine, did you drink too much maybe?”
“Kurosaki kun, Kuchiki san is fine, I just applied a bit of make up on her when we went to the bathroom five minutes ago
"oh so that’s why…”
“how do I look? I don’t usually put make up, I actually like it but…you just said maybe I was sick…that’s not a really good thing”
“eh I didn’t mea-”
“Rukia let me see!” Renji interrupted Ichigo “Oh it looks nice”
“Thank you!”
“Inoue san you look cute too” Ishida said
“Thank you Ishida kun!”
What’s with them, are they drunk? What is all this you look cute thing and I was going to answer, stupid Renji Ichigo thought

Ichigo followed Ishida in the kitchen
“oi Ishida didn’t you say we shouldn’t get drunk?”
“yeah so what?”
“well aren’t you drunk?”
“what? Are you stupid Kurosaki? I am not drunk”
“So why were you all "Inoue san you look cute”?
“Wh-what!” Ishida blushed a bit “ only because I am not an asshole and I am nice doesn’t mean I am drunk!”
“If you say so…”
“Kurosaki if you are offened because you couldn’t compliment Kuchiki san you shouldn’t take your anger on me”
“Ishida shut up”
Ishida and Ichigo came back into the living room “so guys what time is it?”
“We still have ten minutes to midnight” Tatsuki answered “are we going to go outside now or after?”
“We can see the count down here and then go outside to see the fireworks, there is a nice view on the backyard” Ishida proposed
“AH YES THE FIREWORKS!!!” Keigo screamed
“God how can he be this loud I don’t know if he is drunk or just normal” Ichigo commented
“Eh I think he is always this stupid” said Mizuiro.
“AH THE FIREWORKS! I WANT TO SEE THEM!!! Rukia started to scream with Keigo
"ah isn’t she adorable? When she likes something hef face lits up”
Mizuiro said to Ichigo “How old is she again? And I heard she is a noble? If only she wasn’t from the Soul Society…”
“hahaha I am just kidding, I already have many girlfriends and I don’t think Kuchiki san would be interested but who knows maybe when I’ll go into soul society..”
“You know I would nevr hit on her, after all she hasn’t the right experience..”
“stop it”
“Okay, okay I am just playing with you, you know what I think about this matter no? After all I was the one that spread all those rumors way back in high school”
“ugh don’t remind me”
“Well it’s not like it doesn’t happen anyomre right? You two are still seen in that way from other people”
“and they are wrong and should mind their own business”
“anyway you should stop Keigo he is starting to get clingy with Kuchiki san
“ahahah I was kidding! You sure are naive”
“Mizuiro I am going to kill you!”
"anyway you should check on them who knows what stupid things Keigo is telling her about new years customs here in the real world”
“what do you mean?”
“eh,he could tell her we use to kiss each other at midnight like some western counrty do”
“Ichigo you know Keigo and he is drunk so you better check on them, there is Arisawa there but Keigo is unpredictable”
Ichigo started to go thowards the group in front of the TV and sure enough Keigo was telling Rukia some weird things
“-naked in the freezing sea!”
“Really? I have a zanpakutou that lowers my temperature maybe I could try that…but why naked?”
“yes, yes naked beca-”
“Keigo!” Ichigo interrupted
“Stop spouting nonsense”
“Ichigo he was just telling me some crazy things you humans like to do on the first day of the year”
“and that’s why I said that, because you don’t have to listen to what he says, it’s all bullshit”
“Ichigo why are you so mean! I was just telling Kuchiki san tha-”
“I don’t care! Shut up we have to get ready, look it’s almost time”
Ichigo took Rukia’s hand and put her aside “don’t listen to Keigo he is drunk and he says even more stupid things like this”
“he was just telling me some interesting things Ichigo, is not like I am actually going to do what he says, even if I think the shinigami man association would try something like that..”
“Ah forget it, it’s almost new year let’s join the others”
“Ichigo you can let go of my hand now”
"Wh-ah sorry I didn’t-”
“it’s okay, it’s just if Asano sees you he’ll start crying”

Midnight cheers, hugs, happy smiles and whishes where excanged between the friends, they watched the firewroks, played and spend some more time having fun, Keigo got punched again and the time to go home came.
“all right time to go Rukia” said Ichigo
“Yeah, bye guys see you later!”
Ichigo and Rukia started walking home, he noticed that Rukia was trying to get her hands warm
“did you forget your gloves?”
“Eh? Ah yes I didn’t bring them with me, it wasn’t that cold when I left the house so I just forgot to take them. It’s freezing now”
“Here, take mine”
“Really? Wan’t you get cold?”
“don’t worry I am fine just take them”
Rukia put on Ichigo’s gloves"They are big"
“of course they are big, they are mine what did you expect?”
“eheh, well they are warm so it’s good”
They arrived home and went to the kitchen and find something on the table
“look Ichigo, Yuzu left something for us”
“what is it?”
“it’s a little cake, oh there is a note too”
“onii chan, Rukia chan I left this for you, I made one big cake to bring with me this afternoon and I did a little one so you could try it too! Hope you like it!” Rukia read the note Yuzu left "she is so sweet. Ichigo can we eat it now?“
"What? You want to eat this now? It’s late”
“ah but I want to try it and I am still excited and I don’t want to go to bed just yet”
“Uhm okay..well what do you say if we make some hot chocolate too, you were cold right?”
“Ah really? Yes! That would be nice! Can we turn on the kotatsu?
"Yeah that sounds good" They made the chocolate, cut the cake and set everything on the little table in front of the tv and sit under the kotatsu.
"ahaaa so warm I don’t think I will be able to get up from here”
Rukia said looking really relaxed and happy drinking her hot chocolate.
“don’t tell me I’ll have to darg you upstairs”
“maybe” she smiled again “ I had fun today, I am happy I came here to spend the new year with all of you”
“Yeah” Ichigo agreed “when will you have to come back?”
“The day after tomorrow, so we still have time to do some other fun things and we should go visit the temple too”
“uhm” Rukia looked at Ichigo and noticed he had a weird espression, he saw her looking at him
“you looked weird for a moment there”
“don’t tell me you are sad that I have to go back?” Rukia mocked Ichigo
“Wh-what? No I don’t care!”
“Ah! Like I am going to believe you”
“ I said I don’t care, so I don’t care”
“yeah because probably you still have some days off and you are planning to come to the soul society with me so you can wish a happy new year to everyone”
Ichigo blushed a bit and said “you are really something, how did you know?”
“Ichigo we have known each other for more than 5 years now, I can pretty much guess what you are thinking just by looking at you”
“ah really? What am I thinking now?”
"that I am annoying”
“well that was easy, you are annoying after all” they smiled and kept eating the delicious cake Yuzu made for them and drink the hot chocolate. They sat there near each other, content with just staying warm and confortable.
"I think I am getting sleepy” Rukia said while resting her head on Ichigo’s shoulder
“we should go to bed”
“Uhm are you sure we can’t sleep here?”
“Rukia don’t be a kid”
“I am not a kid, it’s just so warm and confortable here, I don’t want to leave”
“It’s nice I know, maybe we could really sleep here? I don’t think the others are going to get home untill much later so they will not find out we slept here and make fun of us”
“Ichigo are you drunk?” Rukia said rising her head and looking at Ichigo
“No” he looked at her with an annoyed espression “it’s just that if I think about it, it really looks like a good idea sleeping here, instead of going to my cold bed upstairs”
Rukia kept looking at him and smiled “you just want to sleep near me right?”
“WH-WHA-WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!!?” Ichigo screamed embarassed, Rukia just laughed and said, I was just guessing what you were thinking but it seems I was wrong"
“YOU…I wasn’t thinking that!” Ichigo sighed “but it’s not that I would mind” he admitted
“so can we really sleep here?”
“yeah who cares"Ichigo was the one that got up to turn off the ligh and then came back under the kotatsu and laid next to Rukia.
"it’s nice isn’t it?” she asked turning on her side and facing him, he did the same, they could clearly see each other since the little TV was still on
“yeah it’s nice" Ichigo looked at Rukia’s smile and thought at  how happy she looked and said "I am glad you had fun today”
“me too, thanks to all of you. I was thinking Ichigo, do you have fun when you spend your holidays at the soul society? Things here are so nice while over there, there is always someting crazy going on..”
“Rukia are you stupid? If I wouldn’t have fun I would not go there to spend time with all of you no?”
“I guess” Rukia looked a bit weird, Ichigo sighed and thought what is she thinking now? Is she that stupid?
“Rukia you said you could look at me and know what I think right?”
“so how come you don’t get that I don’t care if I spend my holidays here, or in soul society as long as you are with me, that’s the only thing that I care about”
Rukia looked at Ichigo with her eyes wide, then smiled “ah is that so?”
“yes, look I am sleeping on the floor under a table I barely fit in and I wouldn’t be anywhere else because you are here next to me and that’s all that matter”
“Ichigo..are you drunk? You are so bold tonight, well it’s morning alread-”
“Ah shut up and let’s sleep!” Ichigo said putting his arm around rukia and pulling her close to him, Rukia snuggled against him and got confortable then laughed
“Nothing I just think that it’s funny how you couldn’t say a simple I love you”
“Shut up you know how I am”
“yes I know but…do you realize that you said something even more sappy?”
Rukia looked at him and said “shouldn’t I get a kiss?”
“Y-you what a-”
“now you get embaressed? You said no matter where you are as long as I am with you without problem and now you get embarrassed because I asaked for a kiss?”
“Rukia… you are having fun aren’t you?”
"ugh you are the worst”
“Ichigo, you know I feel the same right?
"What? That I am the worst?”
“No, that I love you" Ichigo’s heartbeat quickened and he looked at her and said "I know" He put his hand on her cheeck and started to lean down, they closed their eyes as their lips met, all too soon the simple kiss ended,
they looked at each other, smiled and closed the gap between them to kiss again and again, when they stopped Ichigo whispered "happy new year Rukia” and hugged her close, Rukia put her arms around him smiled and said “happy new year Ichigo”.

Hey y'all, I need to say a thing.
I keep seeing posts in the allenbert tag like “Barry and Iris broke up!! Now allenbert can be real!!”
Look. Barry and Iris are one of the healthiest canon relationships I’ve seen in a while.
Please, you can respect their relationship while still shipping allenbert. Talking about how Julian should have kissed Barry in the musical ep instead of Iris? That’s not respectful of Barry and Iris.
I just need us to remember that we can still have fun with this ship without being anti west@llen.

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Talk about something you love. It can be anything

Oh gosh… What do I want to talk about? Ah… how about vet med?

I have a feeling you all know that I love animals. Like a lot. I grew up with dogs and a cat and have had them my entire life. They all hold special places in my heart and I have fond memories with every single one of them. I always was outside at my grandparents’ house chasing down frogs and toads and watching deer walk through their yard. I went horse riding a few times and marveled at how large and gentle they were. I remember back to when I was three or four years old and standing on my toes to look over the exam room table at our family veterinarian to watch him look our dogs over. And that’s when I realized I wanted to be a vet.

I love all of the innovations that have come to vet med thanks to human medicine, as well as things we’ve found and started ourselves. I love the passion involved in research and clinical treatment, and how much the field has changed in the last 50 years. We know more about our domestic animals than we ever did, and there is still so much to learn.

Okay so one of the things I absolutely love about veterinary medicine are the people. So many people that go into the profession have 1) a love for animals, 2) ridiculously brilliant minds, and 3) innovative thoughts and ideas, all of which center around the budget of a pet’s owner. The thing I love about the last point is the fact that I’ve seen so many clinicians bend over backwards and come up with something that’s never been done or thought of before and have it work perfectly when a client comes in with $200 dollars in their pocket. I love the compassion in this field and how, even though it hurts their wallets and they make nothing, clinicians will sweep charges under the rug or severely discount it and give a patient a treatment their owner can’t otherwise afford. I love the passion and the compassion. 

I feel like I’m rambling, but you asked me to talk about something I loved and this is definitely something! Lol. I just love the people and the pets I can interact with. I love being able to fix an innocent soul with my hands and do things that will make the human-animal bond stronger. I don’t know I’m not making sense but I just love it! I could go on forever but I can already tell that there is no direction to this and that I’m talking in circles, so I’m going to cut it there! 

frozenbrimstone replied to your post “*looks at all the hockey reblogs, coughs awkwardly* oops…?”

I’ve also been having the same thing. like, okay, when did half the people I follow become hockey fans and why was it all at the same time.

batwynn replied to your post

I WAS WONDERING TOO. My entire dash is hockey, all day, all night. Hockey all the time.

My dudes, for real. All at once! One day my dash was Sterek and happiness, and how it’s hockey guys being all…hockey guys. Whatever they’re like, I don’t even know, because who cares about hockey.

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From what I can tell, fans of Yurie on Ice and CP started watching actual Hockey (possibly because of curiosity or because they needed more knowledge for fic writing/reading), and then people just got really into it. At least that’s what I’ve seen from the people I follow who started posting it.

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So basically, a certain contingent of the omgcp fandom decided the Penguins were basically the irl Falconers and got super hardcore into watching their games. So you get a lot of Crosby as Jack, Malkin as Tater, and (not a Penguin, a Dallas Star) Tyler Seguin as Kent. And now they’ve started doing RPF. It’s getting a little extreme.

So it’s not Bing Crosby we’re talking about here. Lame, but I understand. We can’t all be swingin’ from a star, carrying moonbeams home in a jar.

Also this really isn’t making me want to even try to enjoy CP, I’ve gotta say. Invading my dash with hockey, of all sports, is so not the way to do it.

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NAME: Translates to “Flower”
HEIGHT: smol
FAV MUSIC ARTIST: Rockapella.  Also Robert Vaughn, though he’d never consider himself a music artist.  But the few times he has sung, he’s been wonderful–even if he didn’t think so.  I also like Genesis/Phil Collins and the Monkees.
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: At the moment, it’s the season 4 theme of the Pokémon anime
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: The Woman Hunter.  I suffered through movie this just because of Robert Vaughn looking pretty.  Sigh.  The things I watch for him sometimes…
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: MFU/Robert Vaughn/David McCallum, Pokémon (games and anime seasons 1-8), The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario, and sometimes Hogan’s Heroes and other Nintendo stuff.  In my archive, you can find DW, Sherlock Holmes, and the Monkees.
OTHER BLOGS: I have RP blogs for Napoleon, Jamie, and the Skipper–though the latter two are on hiatus.
FAVORITE COLOR: Blue/Violet/Blue-violet
AVG HOURS SLEEP: 6 on weekdays, 8 on weekends
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH: 1-2 depending on the weather
DREAM JOB: Basically what I’m doing now (studying bird intelligence), only getting paid for it.

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what do you guys feel about this picture? regardless of knowing the obvious person who took this. beautiful? ethereal? peaceful? cute? a bundle of fluff? or all of the above? well for me jimin is all of those things above and beyond. thus i wonder if what jungkook saw when he was taking this picture is all of those feelings above too. like it was obvious that this isn’t recent picture since jimin has brown hair for a while now. i mean, could you imagine how jungkook decided to share this beautiful picture of an angel jimin because he wanted us, fans, to know how much is the pure beauty jimin is? and how much he looked at this picture just after he took it and now decided to post on twitter? please i’m so emotional rn, i’m just… gosh can jungkook let me live peacefully without having heart palpitations every single damn day?!

I tried to make a lil animation thing. And I know it doesn’t look like much to you but I went through hell making this ;; (I’m probably never doing this again).

But seriously, props to animators for actually making so much cool stuff in maybe less time that I made this, you guys are literally heroes! I swear, we all take you for granted, when you spend hours making a bunch of the things we enjoy! To all animators out there: You all freakin’ rock and I love you! Thank you for everything you do and all your wonderful animations!

“No, unlike Alice, I don’t sit in a pool of tears. Not when there are tombs to be uncovered, crimes to be solved, Doctors to be rescued… and married. Look at us. Marooning ancient powers at the dawn of time, disbanding corrupt societies of secret dictators, and we didn’t even get to meet for tea. What would I have said to you if we had? Young, doing what you can amidst that terrible war. Don’t be afraid? The future will take care of itself? No, there are things you always know. Don’t stop being you, perhaps. Only you have to, so you can become my Doctor. But that’s all in the past. Or is it the future? So hard to tell these days. Until next time, my love, orevwa.”

                    -  The final words of River from Big Finish’s The Diary of River Song

Dating Nathan but not knowing anything about swimming making things difficult bc you just want to support him but you literally have no fucking clue about anything he’s doing or what he talks about while you’re hanging out and he totally knows and you can tell that it’s kinda disheartening for him so you google EVERYTHING there is to know. Like who holds what records, what the hell the IM actually is, and you even have to google Michael Phelps bc you had heard of him but never really cared too much about the specifics of how great he was to the Olympic sport. Then on your next date catching him totally off guard by STARTING the conversation about swimming and asking if his form for the Butterfly had improved any because it looks really hard and just seeing his face light up with that wonderful smile because you genuinely cared about his sport enough to look into it and had actually been paying attention to the things he said when you had asked about his training in the past.

My Pilot Based Lucaya Future Theory

Okay, I’ve been over analyzing things again. 

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“You make me happy, you don’t pay enough attention to me. We should break up. It’s not me. It’s you…”

I think that for the next few episodes Maya and Lucas are going to be the ones doing the official-unofficial thing (much like RIley and Lucas were doing at the beginning of the season), they might even go on a date or two, or just spend time together when they go out in group. They will have some sweet moments, though

Then Maya is going to dump him because Lucas is still not quite over Riley’s whiplash declaration of “we brother and sister now” and still wonders what they were. 

“We can still be friends. Not really.” 

Maya dumping him will be what will make him take action. He’ll finally look into who is the one he wants to ask out and realize it has been Maya all along. Maya and him can’t go back to being friends - like him and Riley could - because they are so much more than that. 

And this time around it will be up to him to take the initiative, because so far he hasn’t: He has been reacting to what others do. 

Maya talked to him first, then Maya sent Riley to him. Then Maya asked him out and he reacted by asking Riley out (though due to his convo with Farkle at that point it was clear he wasn’t sure, and due to the convo with Tombstone we now know he has always been a little afraid of Maya), and then they get peer pressured into a second date. 

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Now Riley pushed him to Maya, without asking his feelings or opinions. And Maya will dump him again, leaving the ball in his court, he’s the one who is going to have to make a choice. 

It needs to be that way, because Maya needs someone to choose her. Because people don’t, and that hurts her a lot. 

And I do feel like she will be Lucas’ choice. Because Sloppy Joes Don’t Lie!!!! 

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in lsw, fushimi looks up mikoto after the fire bottle incident and it said the ones that can't handle the red king's flames die. is that just internet lies, or is there actually some truth in there? and if it's true, how does homra feel about it?

I’ve always kinda wondered about this one, actually. In MOR I think it was mentioned as well, that anyone who can’t pass Mikoto’s test gets burned into ashes, but is there any proof of that ever actually happening? Considering in R:B there’s a thing with random Homra members doing what they like without Mikoto’s order and presumably having little respect for him it seems like just about anybody can get Mikoto’s power. Maybe the whole thing really is just a rumor, cooked up by Mikoto, Totsuka and Kusanagi to be sure that people don’t just try to join Homra to get awesome fire powers, they have to be willing to risk their lives to get it. (If it wasn’t a rumor though imagine poor Kusanagi’s face the first time Mikoto immolates someone in his bar. Friends help you move, real friends help you sweep up the ashes and cover up all traces of the guy you technically just murdered.)

Five things

My kid is at a play date with the neighbor kids. I can’t believe it either. We didn’t have to drive anywhere. He’s not on the computer. It feels like 1983.

I had a talk with a Tumblr friend about how I never get hit on. It’s a sad but true story. Even married ladies like to get flirted with on occasion. I do want to amend it to say that the librarian totally digs me. He just gets this look when I walk in and he’s at the front desk…and he may have just knocked 35 cents off my overdue fines. So, yeah, I’m feeling pretty pumped.

Related: People on Tumblr are obsessed with my eyebrows. Stop objectifying them. Would it kill some of you to compliment my rack? Jeez! No wonder I couldn’t decide on the shape of my boobs. I have a complex.

Last week we had a great dinner in town after drum lessons. This week I’m not so jazzed to go. Even the record store’s Instagram post of new arrivals did not entice me.

I love jeans and scarf weather. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Not to mention being able to go so many days without washing out my blowout. Fall is the best and I will fight anyone that says otherwise.

Miyusawa idea

Miyuki takes Sawamura to a café and he is teasing him about coffe being a “grown-up thing” and that he can stop pretening to like it. Sawamura gets annoyed and tries to drink the coffe but just end burning his mouth.

After laughing and teasing him some more, Miyuki can’t help but feel sorry for the other, who has small tears in his eyes and is looking away for the embarrasing moment, so he ask:

“Hey, you fine?”

Sawamura doesn’t answer him wich makes Miyuki sigh and leans a bit forward him.

“Is it hurt?”
“…just a bit”
“Then, anything I can do to make you feel better?”
“Well… if you really want me to feel better” Sawamura looks at him with bright golden eyes,blush covering his face, and says “You can kiss me”.

And all Miyuki can do is wonder when his kohai learnt to flirt.