look at the way the light reflects off his cheekbones

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What was Dazai's reaction to realizing he's caught The Feelings™ for Chuuya?

Dazai realizes one night on a mission, when Chuuya cusses at him in irritation, and he reaches out and tucks a strand of hair behind is ear, a little smile on his face. All he can focus on his how pretty Chuuya looks in the moonlight, the silvery beams of light reflecting off his sharp cheekbones.

“What are you doing?” Chuuya stutters, cheeks flaring as his cheek grows hot from Dazai’s touch.

“You had something on your face,” Dazai grins, though his heart is thumping like a taiko drum.

Chuuya raises an eyebrow, touching his cheek with a slender finger, “I did?”

“Oh, wait, that’s just the way your face is!” Dazai laughs. Chuuya kicks him in the shin.

Dazai goes to bed, clutching the new bruise on his leg, and stares at the ceiling in horror.

No one can ever know.

(Chuuya finds out two days later)

Cheating Fic - Yoosung Part 4

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There was a crashing outside of the front door. Even though you were wrapped up in the bed you could clearly hear a commotion outside the apartment. Intrigue got the better of you, so you pulled the blanket around your shoulders and made your way to the front door. Looking through the peep hole you sighed. Seven was in the other side, picking up whatever he had dropped. You could just ignore him and go back to bed, but you knew he had a key which he wasn’t afraid to use. On more than one occasion you had woken up to find him helping himself to whatever food you had in the kitchen. Then again, he was the one stocking up your cupboards seeing as you still refused to leave the apartment, so he could eat whatever he wanted. Letting out another slightly defeated sigh you opened the door quickly before you could change your mind. 

Seven looked up at you, grinning unbearably. “I brought some food and toiletries over for you,” he beamed. You scanned the mess in front of you and almost laughed. Scattered amongst the food he had bought were some personal hygiene products like shampoo and deodorant. “I have toiletries Luciel,” you informed him lightly, a rare smile tugging at your lips. He continued to smile as he gathered everything up into the bag it had all spilled out of. “Well I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have a reason to say no to going out tonight,” mumbled Seven, averting his eyes from you as he waited for your response. He expected you to chew him out, scold him for pushing you to do things you weren’t ready for yet again. You hadn’t left the apartment in a month. The thought of going out made you nervous, but the more you thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea. Drinking by yourself and shouting at the romantic comedies plaguing the to channels lately was not a thrilling way to spend your evening. Maybe going out for drinks wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It wasn’t like you would be alone, Seven would be with you, and you knew he would bring you straight home if you felt uncomfortable at all. After letting Seven into the apartment you left him alone in the living area and went to start getting ready. It felt nice to have a reason to dress up a little, to make a little effort in your appearance. For the first time in a month you felt excited. 

Before you knew it you were in a mainstream club nursing a drink at the bar. Having spent the past month drinking at home by yourself, you had started to build up quite a tolerance. Even though you were on at least your fourth drink, you barely even felt tipsy. Seven had been pulled away by some girls despite protesting and attempting to stay with you, but you didn’t mind too much. You could just about see him on the dance floor, and he looked genuinely happy. It was a nice thing to see. He had made a lot of effort in cheering you up since Yoosung, so seeing him happy made you feel a little better inside. In a time like this you couldn’t have asked for a better friend. He came over multiple times during the week, even bringing his computers over to work a few times. He knew how you hated being alone, and how being by yourself you drowned in thoughts about the one who had crushed your heart. Thinking of Yoosung made your stomach twist. Even when he only briefly crossed your mind it caused your breath hitch in your throat. Maybe if you had been sat here alone your thoughts would have gotten the better of you, but you weren’t by yourself. The moment Seven left your side, some guy had taken his place, flirting heavily with you trying to spike your interest.

You had been entertaining his attempts at getting you interested in him for at least 20 minutes now. It was starting to get boring. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with him, it was just so loud in here you couldn’t even hear yourself think let alone hear what he had to say. He was an attractive guy, with cute boyish looks and eyes that shimmered in the frantic club lights. It definitely seemed like you had a type. The way the lights reflected off his eyes you couldn’t tell what colour they were. In some moments they looked like a cool grey, in others an icy blue, and on a few rare occasions they looked like an emerald green. Either way you were slightly lost in them. He looked about your age, his smooth skin emphasising his defined cheekbones and sculpted jaw line. He was a vision. Even in the darkness you could see his nicely built frame through his shirt. He was built almost as good as Zen, maybe somewhere in between him and Jumin. But despite his obvious appeal, you couldn’t stop the empty feeling that was bothering you. This environment was not for you right now, it was too loud, too chaotic. Maybe if you had been somewhere else you would have been more into the guy next to you. 

It was so loud in the club you could barely hear a word he was saying. Just as you were about to tell him to move on and find someone else to flirt with, he leant in close to you and whispered in your ear with a husky tone. “Why don’t we go somewhere more private where we can talk more freely?” It was like he knew exactly what you were thinking. His hot breath on your neck sent a shiver down your spine, contrasting with the fire that was suddenly searing through your veins. His hand snaked up your thigh as he pulled away from you, his eyes looking at you intently. The feeling of his hand on your bare leg sent shockwaves through you. It took you less than a minute to make your decision. You wanted this. You wanted him. Grabbing his hand you led him away from the bar towards the toilets. Maybe it wasn’t an ideal location, but you didn’t have many options. It wasn’t long before you were pressed up against the wall of a cubicle, his tongue tangled with yours. His soft hands were caressing your hips, pulling your closer to him whilst simultaneously hiking up your dress slowly. You knew exactly where this was going, and you didn’t care. A month ago you would have said your first time should be special, with someone you loved. It was clear now how wrong you were. As long as it was fun, who cared? Oh, that’s right. Yoosung would care. The though of how much this would hurt him motivated you to speed things up, your hands leaving the guy’s silky brown hair and making their way down to free him. He gasped at the contact, his lips leaving yours for a brief moment. For the first time you could see his eyes. They were green, and they sucked you in. In an instant his lips crashed back into yours, a desperate need taking over both of you. Yoosung had taken everything from you, but he would never take this.