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My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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Flight Buddy

Summary: 100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday! | On a plane. (Bucky x Reader)
Warnings: smut clearly; oral (f receiving), dirty talk
Word count: 1,7k
A/N: Let’s just all ignore that this drabble is way over the word limit. But oh look! It’s Gen! @bucky-plums-barnes (Babe don’t kill me for the word count lol) LEAVE ME FEEDBACK!!!!!! <3


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„Attention! Flight 343 from Sydney to New York is now boarding. Please make your way to gate 4.“

You gathered your backpack and started walking towards the gates, flicking your eyes up and down between your phone and the directions to gate 4. This was your first time abroad on your own and you were quite nervous at airports, fearing you’d board the wrong flight.

You followed the directions and some people that seemed to be heading the same way. You checked in successfully and boarded the plane, you were greeted by a lovely flight attendant wishing you a safe flight.

„19A.. 19A..“ you murmured to yourself looking at the numbers above the seats, looking for your own. Of course, you figured, that’s what the A meant. 19A was an aisle seat. You sighed and stuffed your backpack in the compartment above the seats and made yourself as comfortable in the comfortable leather seats that came with such long distant flights.

You were in the middle of texting your friend Genevieve of your safe boarding that you didn’t notice a man standing right next to you, holding a ticket of his own. The man cleared his throat loudly and you snapped your head in the direction of the voice.

„I think that’s my seat.“ He pointed his long slender finger to the seat next to yours.

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Finally, more out of frustration that expediency, Magnus flicked his wrist at the bedsheet as if shooing away a fly and sent the entire thing fluttering somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Alec raised his head to watch the sheet disappear. When he looked back at Magnus, the warlock was gazing down at him with a deep seriousness in his gold-green eyes.  “You spend your entire life looking out and sacrificing for people,” Magnus said, and his gentle fingers traced their way along Alec’s bare torso, making him shiver. “It’s your turn to just lay back and relax …


The Book of the White snippet

Hit and Run (aka another depressing af Victuuri fic)

This is unbeta’d so please inform me if I forgot to remove any unintended grammar mistakes!

Thanks to @ppastelderpp, @gays-on-ice, and @such-sparkly-trash for encouraging me to write this fic and letting me discuss my ideas with them.

Chapter 1…

Victor knew the instant something was wrong.

Yuuri had been laughing and grinning with him just a moment prior, but as soon as his eyes flicked to the left, his face paled significantly.

It took a moment for Victor to process just what was happening, as Yuuri sprinted to him, arms outstretched. Victor knew that something was amiss from the pure horror on Yuuri’s face, so he glanced in the same direction that Yuuri had looked just seconds before.

A truck. It was a truck, barreling at speeds that should be illegal in this part of Hasetsu. And it was only four yards, no thre-

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free and young and we can feel none of it

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philkas au in which the boys are on a roadtrip and they send a video update to gabe and helen

Helen brings the laptop over to the table, pulling up a chair and sitting beside Gabe. He scoots his coffee mug out of the way, making room for her computer, looking over at her.

“What am I looking at?” He asks. Helen smiles, and clicks to her messages on the computer.

“The boys sent a video.”

“I hope whoever took it wasn’t driving.” Gabe says. Helen smiles, pressing play on the video.

It’s Philip and Lukas, parked somewhere, a paper map spread across Philip’s lap. Lukas, holding the camera, reaches out and gives Philip a small shove, pulling his attention away. His brows knit together, and his eyes flick to Lukas’ face behind the camera, then back to it.

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“Comicverse Batjokes is an abusive relationship”

First of all, Batjokes is not a couple. It’s the complexity between two of the most iconic enemies ever put into comic books that is intriguing to look at from different perspectives and explore the psychology behind it. The romance we old Batjokes shippers celebrate has to do with the bond the two have developed for each other, how there can’t be one without the other, a theme that exists one way or another in about 80% of the Batman flicks out there INCLUDING the Lego Batman Movie. Lego didn’t just decide to throw the romantic undertones in there, it simply took them to the next level since it had less boundaries in doing so. It has nothing to do with domestic violence.

You can’t rely on anyone.” She shrugs and flicks the ash off her burning cigarette. “Even the people you trust most in the world will let you down at some point. Maybe not in a big way to them but your heart will sink to the pit of your stomach and it’ll stay there forever. You’ll never forget that feeling.” She purses her lips and takes a drag, then she looks at me. Her eyes bright with pain as smoke drifts from between of her berry stained lips. “So, save yourself the trouble and have your own back. Because no one is going to come along and save you when things go wrong. You have to stand on your own two feet and save yourself.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write

lydia is way too smart for beacon hills high school. i can just imagine her sitting in class, bored, because she already knows everything so she starts bugging stiles by flicking paper at him and kicking his chair with her heels and he looks up from taking his notes all annoyed, but it fades away as soon as she smiles at him but then he tells her off for distracting him when he’s trying to pay attention, so she just tells him ”I’ll teach it to you later”. So in conclusion lydia martin is way too smart for beacon hills high school 


“What I’m trying to tell you is…” Julian supplied with a light chuckle as he stepped forward and flicked at the horribly charred dishes lining the table. “As much I appreciate the effort, I don’t need something from home to make Christmas special… I walked away from that life for a reason and I haven’t looked back.” He paused and crossed his arms before finding you with a pair of honest eyes that had a way of pulling you in and making you sink into the depths of his blue irises as if you were drowning in his pretty stare. “We could be rich, poor, living in some godforsaken apartment or traveling the world. You’re anything but traditional and I don’t care if I come home every night to a plate of burnt toast because if you’re there waiting for me, that means I’m still doing something right. You make anything of the traditional sort rather… dull. You’re unpredictable and it excites me.”

“Not that I’m not in love with the sweet talk but…” With a smirk, you crossed your arms and asked, “You’re not just saying all that to make me feel better about burning dinner, right?”

“Well…” He huffed. “This is a complete disaster but… We could always go out.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Surprising Julian with a Traditional English Christmas Dinner*

@harrisonwellstrash: Imagine surprising Julian with a traditional English Christmas dinner after a hard days work (yep, that’s the best I can think of. I’m sorry)

A/N: Thank you for my first Julian request! He’s a pleasure to write for!

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Summary: It’s been almost two years since you and Peter Parker parted ways, and you never understood why. Unfortunately, he didn’t either. 

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 5,215

Your nails tapped against the fake wood desk, occasionally snagging on the scratched surface as your chemistry teacher droned on about the elements, hardly looking back at the ocean of inattentive students. If Mr. McKinley wasn’t the oldest and strictest teacher at Midtown, you’d be checking your Instagram feed unabashedly, scrolling through the pictures of yesterday’s party you decided to skip out on.

Your eyes flicked back to the clock, which had moved about a fucking millimeter since the last time you’d checked it. You held back a groan, knowing that somehow McKinley would pick you personally out of the crowd. It was like the old man had a vendetta against you, dubious of your ability to pass his class and maintain a popular social life.

He set his marker down, pristine oxfords clicking against the tile floors as he shuffled back to his desk. He ignored the cacophony of students settling in place, appearing as though they’d been enthralled at his lesson. You gave the man no such grace as you sighed, inspecting your green painted nails once more as the grey-haired man cleared his throat.

“That’s the end of the atoms and elements lecture. You have an assignment, as written in your beginning of the year syllabus, and it’s worth twenty percent of your grade this quarter,” he boomed, making the entire class sag their shoulders at once.

“You will have assigned partners, and I expect a certain degree of work from all of you. You will both do fair amounts of work, and if I hear otherwise both of your grades will be dropped, is that clear?” The class slumped even lower, some students slipping out of their chairs dramatically. You snickered at the classes antics, until you heard your name being called.

“…And Peter Parker,” Mr. McKinley gave you a side glance, milky green eyes watching for any signs of objection, but you gave none.

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The way Hardy looks at Ellie at the end of the infamous scotch egg scene is quite interesting. They could’ve chosen to play up the humour on that concluding shot of Hardy, but instead he looks at her intensely and seriously. Ellie’s looking away and focused on the phone call, which means she’s not aware of Hardy’s gaze - so he looks at her like this:

it makes more sense if you see it in motion, but he bites his lip, seems to sigh, and then flicks his gaze all over her. It’s a brief shot, but it wraps up a scene where he finally admits that he returned to Broadchurch because it was the only place that felt like home to him, and therefore the perfect place to give his daughter a fresh start. Ellie has to be the reason why he thinks this - she gave him a second chance by solving Sandbrook, and who or what else in Broadchurch could have made this place home for him? And then he admitted again how much he is struggling to come to terms with this case and how he can’t understand why anyone would choose to hurt a woman in that way.

Ellie dumps the scotch egg into his hand, cheerily answers the phone, and while she’s distracted he just looks at her. With what? Contemplation? Protectiveness? Love? They could’ve gone for another gag of him making a face at the scotch egg, but the concluding reaction shot is just him looking at her in this intense way. Thinking. Of what? Why he came back? The possibility of something happening to her? 

Hardy, in this scene, hinted at just how much he adores Ellie, and the depth of his feelings, and his desire to be with her but his inability to pursue those feelings because he’s just not good at human relationships. It’s certain that by the end of the season, something will happen to wrench Hardy’s feelings out of him. Let’s just hope it’s not life-threatening.

title: would you sit me on a couch (with your fingers in my mouth)
pairing: wolfstar
genre: fluffy smut
warnings: use of q*eer slurs, cursing
beta: @wolfstarbaby ty u r fabulous ♡
words: 2286
summary: remus and sirius sharing a flat post hogwarts and making good use of their sofa if you catch my drift… basically just an excuse to write sirius riding remus but shhh title from halsey’s trouble (aka the song that sounds like it was written for these losers)

excerpt: “hate it when you look like that and are too far away to kiss,” remus mutters, reaching up to brush his thumb across sirius’ protruding bottom lip. sirius grins breathlessly, eyes closed, and flicks the tip of his tongue against remus’ fingerpad. remus slips the finger into his mouth, watching intently as sirius sucks on it. 

a/n: had a prompt sitting in my inbox for ages but couldn’t come up with anything, so i wrote this instead bc im trash. @ravenhairedharry hope you enjoy

It’s late afternoon and Remus is sprawled out on the sofa reading an essay called “Shamanism - Magic or Muggle Hoax?” when Sirius strolls into the lounge. Considering that their flat consists of barely three rooms - kitchen, bath and joint living and bedroom - the word lounge is probably an exaggeration, but Sirius insists on the term.
The dimming light falls softly through the long flimsy curtains and draws lines across the pages of Remus’ book.
“For many centuries, the ceremonies of shamans have been a part of native cultures. But can they really perform healing charms?”
Remus flicks his tongue out in concentration.
A shadow falls on his book.
“Is shamanism practised solely by wizards that happen to live among muggle communities or -”
A weight settling on Remus’ knees and the squeak of the sofa springs finally make him look up.
Sirius is sat on his legs, dressed in ripped skinny jeans and a loose tank top, his messy hair in a bun and lips in a pout. “Stop ignoring me. What’s the point of you if you’re not giving me attention?”
Remus raises his eyebrows. “I’m reading, Sirius.”
Sirius huffs and folds his arms behind his head as if to stretch his back, flashing a stripe of pale skin above the waist of his trousers. “I can see that, I just don’t see why,” he whines, pushing his lip out further and frowning at Remus.
Remus chuckles and carefully marks the page before placing the book on the floor next to him. “Did you want something, love?”
Sirius’ lips twitch as if he’s trying not to smile, betrayed by the sparkle in his grey eyes.
“Oh no, nothing in particular. Just saw you lying there and thought I’d join you.”
He glances around. “What were you reading?”
Remus starts to explain but trails off when he finds Sirius isn’t listening at all, but rather staring at Remus’ shoulder where the worn-out collar of his jumper reveals quite a bit of skin. His tongue lashes out instinctively to wet his lips, and Remus feels it go straight to his crotch.

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Sneak peak at a little something that’s been partially finished since April… also, still not the big one shot I’m working on, oh well. Coming within the next few days. Oh, and, um… he’s very sweaty here. Kansas City sweaty. 

“N-no marks,” he warns you sounding regretful.

“I know,” you moan as your tongue flicks against the stinging bite. He tastes like salty sweat and hot skin and you whimper in disbelief. “You taste good,” you relay to him. You skim your nose along his neck and kiss just under his ear. “You looked good out there, too.”

“Yeah?” he asks in a strained voice. “Put on a show jus’ for you.” He’s very tense and each word is clean and succinct even though you can hear how breathless he is and feel it in the way his chest rises and falls against yours.

“Happy to see me?”

He answers your question with a quiet moan and a nod when you suck gently on his jaw, mindful about marks that you’d have to leave on a different patch of skin when you’re both trapped in his hotel room.

“How many girls get brought backstage to fuck Harry Styles?” you ask quietly, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt.

He bites his lip and furrows his brow on the heels of his sharp inhale. “Jus’ the one.”

You pause at that.

“Jus’ you,” he stresses. “You’re the one, Christ.”

♫The One- Kodaline// Marauders Era: James x Reader

Request(s):  Could you do a young James one shot based on the song The One by Kodaline? Thanks, deary!

Can you write something where James is playing with the reader’s hair? Feel free to combine it with another request, if you like

Y/N felt like her eyes rolled all the way back in her head as she saw Lily Evans throw her head back in laughter at James’ unheard words. Unintentionally, she allowed a groan to escape her lips, flinching a little at the realisation that it was absolutely audible.

“Alright there, Y/L/N?” Sirius’ words reached her through her vexed daze and she looks at him, a grimace on her face as she nods towards the redhead.

“I get you,” he nods, light bouncing off his hair as he flicked the lighter in his right hand on, bringing the flame to the cigarette hanging from his mouth.

“Do you? Do you really?” sarcasm clings to her voice as she narrows her eyes at him, and a chuckle follows the smoke coming out of his mouth.

“Couldn’t be more simple love. You love him, she can’t keep it in her pants around him, and you’re ticked off,” a content grin lingers on his face as she sighs, nodding lightly.

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Damon x Reader

“This is nice.” You admitted to Stefan who chuckled.


“Yeah, the urm… teen crowd gets a little old pretty quick.” Stefan smiled and flicked at one of the lights that lit the bridge.


“I dunno, the Caroline girl… Pretty cute Stef.” You teased making him double over and snort.

“She’s far from my type.” He chuckled and glanced backwards to see Elena stood with Bonnie both looking away when they met his gaze.

“She likes you.” you mumble as you link arms with your best friend and lean your head on his shoulder.

The two of you continued to talk quietly, neither noticing the dark haired vampire watching the two of you huddled together in the seemingly picturesque way.

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trc aesthetics » ronan & blue

For a moment they remained that way, Ronan holding her as tightly as he would hold his brother Matthew, his cheek on her shoulder. Every time she thought she could go on, she saw the face of her mother’s corpse.

Finally, she pulled back, and Ronan stood up. He looked away, but not before she saw the tear he flicked from his chin.

Dean Winchester Imagine Sleepy

You stared up at the ceiling, listening to the distant sounds of cars driving down the street. Your eyes flicked over to the clock by your bed and you groaned when you realised only 5 minutes had passed since you’d last checked. Groggily, you sat up and sighed, wondering why you couldn’t sleep. Deciding that there was no point staying in bed, you grabbed a couple of blankets and made your way out of the room. 

Silently, you tiptoed down the corridor, ensuring that you didn’t wake the boys and padded into the kitchen. You opened the cupboards and looked for something to eat, as you made yourself a warm drink. Frowning at the lack of food, you turned around, letting out a small scream when you saw Dean standing in the doorway, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“What are you doing?” He mumbled in his raspy morning voice. You felt guilty for waking him up and looked away.

“I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d watch a movie or something and have something to eat. Don’t worry Dean, go back to bed.” You said, sending him a smile and turning around again, assuming that he would leave. When you heard no footsteps, you turned to see him still standing there.

“Seriously Dean, I’m fine. Go back to sleep.” You said, but Dean shook his head.

“I’m not going to leave you alone (Y/N). It’s not right. I’ll stay up with you.” Dean offered and you sighed at his stubbornness. 

“Dean I-”

“No arguments. I’m staying.” Dean interrupted you and you shrugged, conceding. You started making a drink for Dean, as he looked for food. When you’d finished, you looked and saw him holding a pie.

“Want some?” Dean asked, raising an eyebrow at you and you looked at him uncertainly. 

“Really? But it’s your pie, Dean.” You pointed out, not quite believing that he was willing to share it with you.

“Well, I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to share.” Dean said and cut you a slice. You looked at him in confusion. He never shared with anyone, except for Sam occasionally. 

“Come on, let’s go watch a film.” Dean said and you took the food and drinks over to the sofa. Dean flicked through the channels, until you settled on something you both enjoyed. The two of you sat in companionable silence, making the odd comment here and there. Eventually, the movie was ending and you’d finished eating. 

“You feeling tired yet?” Dean asked you and you shrugged, not really sure if you could sleep or not. He moved and grabbed the blankets you’d brought and draped them over the two of you, before pulling you closer to him. You blushed at the contact, having never been that close with Dean before. You ignored your pounding heart and snuggled into him, until eventually, the sound of his heartbeat lulled you to sleep.

You blinked slowly, your eyes opening as you heard Sam and Dean talking. You realised that you hadn’t left the sofa that night and had spent the time curled into Dean. 

“Morning sleeping beauty.” You blushed and looked up at Dean, seeing him smiling down at you. Sam chuckled and handed you both breakfast, before sitting down next to you. Throughout the meal, you kept exchanging shy glances with Dean and wondered why you’d never picked up on these underlying feelings before.

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(@luvleekaotix-imagines​: special dedication of these for you, have your man.)

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