look at the way his eyes sparkle

I am inlove with a boy who likes kicking stones on the ground; he never looks up.

I am inlove with a boy who never keeps eye contact because he thinks it’s dangerous to let people see his eyes, but by some miracle I saw it; it was beautiful.

I am inlove with a boy who smiles and hides it; but little does he know, I see it all; I see the way his eyes sparkle just before he looks down and smiles at the ground.

I am inlove with a boy who likes to get lost in a book, so he doesn’t have to deal with the world; much like the way I do.

I am inlove with a boy who doesn’t have all the right words to say, but says it anyway; and he’s so beautiful I always find myself catching my breath.

I am inlove with a boy who feels trap; but he laughs with that laugh that keeps me on my feet; and I’m happy I’m one of the few ones who gets to see it; and I’m secretly foolishly selfishly hoping he won’t show it to anyone else.

I am inlove with a boy who feels so much of everything; and keeps himself from showing that he does; but I know and I understand.

I am inlove with a boy who never sees me; because he only looks up for one person; she’s his only exception.

I am inlove with a boy who’s in love with someone else; he’s secretly hoping maybe she’ll see him despite him hiding; but she doesn’t.

I am inlove with a boy who’s heart is breaking; the same way as mine.

—  waferqueen, I am in love with a boy who will never get to read this. I am in love with a boy who will never know.
Got7 Mafia Reaction: Them falling in love with an innocent civilian

||| @lucifer-octavius-bob asked: Could I please request a GOT7 mafia au reaction to them meeting/falling for a happy/innocent civilian ; v ; |||

Mark Tuan

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You worked at the gas station near his house where he would come every night to buy snacks. He remembered you since the first time he saw you as he thought that it’s quite dangerous for you to work night shift alone. You would always greet him politely and with a smile which eventually lead to Mark coming to the station more often. When he became a regular, he noticed how your eyes began sparkling whenever he talked to you, he actually felt the same way, but didn’t want to risk asking you out until you did it yourself.

“Look. I know this may sound weird but do you maybe want to go have coffee with me someday?”

Mark just laughed to that. There was no way he was declining this offer.

Jackson Wang

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He was waiting for information on his mission when you walked into the coffee shop. You looked around and turned to him. He followed you with his eyes as you began approaching him. He immediately tensed up and got his gun ready behind his back.

“I’m sorry, I seem to be lost, could you tell me where the nearest station is?”

Relieved that there was no threat he quickly put his gun away.

“I can actually take you there, I was about to go myself.”

“Really? Thank you so much” you said as a big smile spread on your face.

He didn’t want to admit if but he found you completely adorable deciding not to waist anymore time in case there was somebody tracking him he too you by the hand and pulled you outside. When he got you to the station he noticed how you were shivering so he took his jacket off and put it around your shoulders.

“You can keep it.” he said turning around to leave.

“Wait!” you shouted. “Could I perhaps meet you some other day to repay you?”

Jackson thought for a while. He knew that even as much as talking to you could put you in danger but he couldn’t resist your smile and agreed.

Choi Youngjae

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He was tracking you down for some information. One night when you got out of work he grabbed your hand, shut your mouth and dragged you into an alley. When he got a better look at you he realised that you’re not the person he need. He could feel your warm tears on his hand that was still on your mouth. He quickly let you out of his grasp but stopped when you were about to run away slamming his hand on the wall. 

“Great.” he thought. “You’re making her even more scared.”

He looked at you from the bottom up and couldn’t help but notice how you averted your eyes from his gaze. Youngjae sighed. He thought what to do with you and decided to let you go.

“Look, I got the wrong person, could you keep this meeting between us a secret?” he asked to which you quickly nodded and left.

He didn’t trust you and tracked you for a few more days soon realizing that he was actually doing it because he wanted to see you.

“How am I supposed to approach her after what happened?” he thought facepalming.

Park Jinyoung

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He found this whole situation kind of frustrating. You being his neighbour and living so close to him didn’t help either. You would always inquire how his day was and whenever he saw you, you had a bright smile on. You have seen him comeback all beaten up and would always ask him to let you help.

“Don’t touch me. I can take care of this myself.” Jinyoung said shutting the door in your face, immediately regretting for being so rude. He would always come up to you after a fee hours even if it was night to apologise because he couldn’t sleep without doing it. You were sleepy but still opened the door to see him standing there.

"Jinyoung? Is everything okay?”

He give you a quick, tight hug.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled and went back to his apartment without further explanation. He was blushing like crazy after that. 

“It’s impossible to ignore a sweet person like her.” he thought.

Im Jaebum

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You were so immersed in reading something on your phone that you didn’t noticed and bumped into him. The hit was so strong that you lost your balance and your phone went flying. Jaebum having good reflexes caught both of you.

“Are you okay?”

He was still holding you above the ground and his face was just inches away. You could feel your cheeks starting to burn and was just amazed by his skill and stayed silent. Seeing as people stopped to watch what happened he pulled you to your feet to avoid attracting more attention.

“Be more careful next time.”

You quickly thanked him and went away before he could see how red you have become.

“She’s cute.” he thought, deciding to find out more about you.

Kim Yugyeom

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He met you at his first day at college. He was quite angry that day because the other members didn’t want him to attend as it could get dangerous if he was found out. You found his book in the library chased after him to give it back.

“Excuse me!” you said grabbing him by the arm but his reflexes kicked in and he slammed you in the nearby lockers.

“What?” he asked fiercely.

You were shocked by his sudden outburst and just pulled his book up to your face.

“I believe this belongs to you.”

“I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he said letting go of you, unhappy that he let his emotions take over.

“No worries.” you answered, rubbing your head where it made impact with the wall. “But now, I guess you have to repay me somehow.”

“I guess I do.” Yugyeom laughed.


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You were drinking at the bar with your friends while he watched you from the opposite side. After a few more shots, your friends decided to hit the dance floor and left you by yourself. Thinking no more than a few seconds if he should risk taking this opportunity he approached you.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

“Go ahead.”

“You know if we start this, it could get dangerous.”

“Why? Are you in the mafia or something?” you laughed.

“Maybe I’m.” he smirked ordering the drinks.

A/N: I’m sorry but before I knew it these reactions turned into mini scenarios.😐🙈 I hope you enjoy either way, you can request again if you would like to see this done differently!! So anyhow feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female. 😄

you know what i love about oswald? i love that he’s such a nervous, panicking boy when he’s in love. he’s such a shaky teenager. the way his expression just lightens up when he sees ed, like his eyes are SPARKLING guys and he’s such a sweet little peng. i mean in that one scene he literally slaps his own head with his papers once ed’s looking away because he thinks he EMBARRASSED himself. oswald = small birb crushing and blushing on and around everyone who shows him genuine affection. he is BRUTAL and he should get some help but he is also a tender little egg

Just the way you are!

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Her eyes, Her eyes                                                                                                                         makes the star look like they’re not shining                                                                    Her hair, Her hair                                                                                                            Falls perfectly without her trying                                                                                   She’s so beautiful, and I tell her every day 


Klaus watched as you fiddled with your finger, avoiding eye contact. Your gaze traveled everywhere, from the beautiful sunset to the glowing city below the hills. You were nervous, this was not your first date with Klaus. Actually, you’ve had many over the years but every time, it was like your first, he had this effect on you. 

Finally, your eyes locked with his and you were mesmerized. Klaus fell deep into your eyes, he loved the way your eyes sparkle full of life, the way your eyes light up when you discover something new, your eyes alone can light up his life brighter than the stars that light up the universe. The (E/C)ness of your eyes makes him melt like a puddle something he never felt before. 

His eyes followed your hands as they held a lock of your hair before pushing it behind your ear. But almost instantly it fell right back to where it was originally placed making you grown in displeasure.  He couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute you were. His deep chuckle made you blush, as the tiny bit of pink spread across your cheeks. 

“you’re beautiful you know that right” Klaus mumbled taking a hold of your chin making you look into his eyes. 


I know, I know                                                                                                        When I compliment her she won’t believe me, and                                       It’s so, It’s so                                                                                                                 Sad to think, she don’t see what I see                                                                                               But every time she asks me “if I look ok?” I say 


You smiled knowing he would always say that to you just to see you smile 

“you always say that, and you know I always disagree” you mumbled 

“I know love but as long as you disagree I’m going to keep telling you until you realize how beautiful you truly are” he whispered in your ear making shivers run right down your spine 

“I honestly don’t see what you see in me” you sighed looking down 

“I see the world in you love, you are my world. Full of wonders and beauty”        

“I-Uh, you always seem to leave me speechless”     

Klaus smiled a victorious smile as you blushed darker from his previous complement, He couldn't help but think back to a few hours ago when you were getting ready for the date.

he watched as you put the small amount of makeup, which only consisted of mascara and eyeliner. You turned around to him with a smile and looked down shyly fixing up your outfit.

“Do I look okay?”

Klaus looked you up and down savoring every bit of this moment. You were wearing a white floral dress with black flats. He couldn’t help but notice the way the dress clings onto your curves making him groan in satisfaction, You were beautiful and he felt lucky to have someone like you as his own. 


When I see your face,                                                                                                 There’s not a thing that I would change,                                                                 cause you’re amazing just the way you are.                                                            And when you smile,                                                                                           The whole world stops and stares for awhile,                                                                      Cause girl you’re amazing just the way you are


“you know even the little amount of makeup you wear is not needed, you look beautiful without it too love. You don’t just look okay, you look gorgeous baby girl. Every time I look at you I know there is nothing I would ever change about you, cause you are perfect to me and I could never ask for more”

Klaus stepped towards your blushing figure and placed a kiss on your soft and warm lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck smiling into the kiss. Like always when you kissed him you felt fireworks.          

Klaus smiled at the memory that took place a few hours ago. Every time he hears your name he can’t help but smile thinking how beautiful you are on the inside and out. 

It was getting dark and stars started to light up the sky.

You looked up and the stars twinkled in your eyes, he always knew your eyes shined brighter than the stars but watching them at this moment left him awestruck.

“aren’t they beautiful” (Y/N) asked 

“indeed they are”

“They always seem to light up the sky no matter the weather, they are so beautiful. I love watching the stars I feel connected to the earth, I don’t really know why. They turn darkness into light. You can always count on the stars to light up the world in darkness" 

"You know love, you’re the star in my life. You always seemed to bring out the light in me when I’m with you. You’re the light in my dark world”

“Don’t say that Klaus, there was always light in you, you just needed help finding it”

“It seems like you’re the right girl to help me reach the light love. No one can ever replace you, you are the most beautiful girl I ever knew in my entire lifetime. I love you (Y/N)”

“Don’t say such things to me, it makes me embarrassed,” you said looking down blushing


Her lips, Her lips                                                                                                           I could kiss them all day if she let me,                                                               Her laugh, Her laugh                                                                                             She hates, but I think it’s so sexy,                                                                              She’s so beautiful and I tell her every day 


Klaus reached over pinning you down on the blanket from the small picnic earlier. 

“you know everytime you blush, it makes you even cuter and I just can’t resist you, love” he growled into your ear 

This caused a total hysteria of butterflies in your stomach. Klaus slowly leaned down touching his warm lips with your own, the feeling was indescribable, it was pure bliss. You felt as if the world didn’t matter anymore, all that mattered at this moment was Klaus and you. 

Klaus nibbled at your lips asking for entrance which you gladly accepted, his tongue darted into your mouth exploring your wet cavern. The mini battle of dominance was won by none other than Klaus. 

You both pulled away in need of oxygen. Your face was flushed, blood was rushing around so fast and you can hear your heart beating rapidly as Klaus’s lips traveled their way down to your neck. He was nibbling and sucking on your sweet spot making you groan in pleasure. 

You were 100 percent sure there was going to be love bite on your neck the next morning but you didn’t care. The love Klaus was showing you right now was all that mattered to you. 

Klaus loved the way you were so vulnerable with him, the way your lips tasted like strawberry and chocolate and the feeling of your soft locks as they tangled themselves into his fingers. The way your delicate body fits with his, and how your small fragile fingers played with his hair. He loved everything about you. You gave him immeasurable pleasure. The pleasure you both felt day in and day out.

Klaus’s hand traveled to your side and wondered towards your ticklish part. You began to protest knowing you would laugh like a mad woman and you hated it. But Klaus refused to listen. He started tickling your sides, you were a giggling mess and those giggles turned into full blown laughter as he kept tickling. 

“K-k-k-kl-klu-Klaus pl-p-ple-please s-s-sto-stop” you breathed through your laughter 

Klaus admired the way you looked so carefree and delicate when you were beneath him, laughing like nothing mattered. The sweet melody of your voice rang through his ears like music, he can’t help but want to hear more and more of this infectious tune. 


Oh you know, you know, you know                                                                          I’d never ask you to change,                                                                                         If perfect’s what you’re searching for then just stay the same,                           So don’t even bother asking if I look okay                                                              You’ll know I’ll say 


Suddenly Klaus just stopped and stared at you. 

“Uh are you okay, is something wrong" 

"no, no, I just can’t get over how beautiful you are and how in the world did I get a girl so perfect and down to earth like you to be my girl”

“I’m not perfect and definitely not what you think of me, but I do know you’re worth my time and I love you wholeheartedly Klaus Mikaelson. and to answer the question of how you got me, it’s simple I saw the light in you”

“You always seem to amaze me, no matter how evil they are you always see the light in them, you have such a pure heart that I’m scared I might ruin it”

“Don’t be silly, you could never do that to me, as long as you’re with me, I  know nothing can hurt me, not even you”

“You know love, you are perfect the way you are, I would never what you to change no matter how many times I tell you this, its the truth. I love this woman I see in front of me and I will love you always and forever”

“I love you to Klaus Mikaelson”

You both leaned in for a small kiss while smiling. It was perfect, sitting under the stars, as the wind softly rubbed against your skin and the sounds of nature played a song. You were both lying on the blanket holding hands as you lay on his chest listening to his calming heartbeat while watching the stars. The night was Perfect, just like the both of you.                


When I see your face,                                                                                    There’s not a thing that I would change,                                                                  cause you’re amazing just the way you are.                                                            And when you smile,                                                                                           The whole world stops and stares for awhile,                                                                      Cause girl you’re amazing just the way you are



First of all the primary objective: to sniff TWH - was a complete failure. There are far more determined people in this world and I’m a recently converted pacifist (and it was getting nasty to get anywhere near him)

Now onto the good stuff - he is much taller than I expected, the walk in real life is devastating to behold. The battle worn jeans do wonderful things to those legs and bum.

The voice really, really reverberates even without a mike. The eyes sparkle and he really is blonder than what the pictures show.

His laugh is ridiculous (hehehe), I can confirm the boots are new, the soles intact (he really is a grandpa buying a dozen on the same thing) he looks devastating in burgundy and bless his little heart you can se him blush, those cheekbones get really rosy.

All three were really nice to us nerds, Brie’s shoes were amazing. But Mr. Samuel L. Jackson is beyond hilarious and super nice.

I’m happy I went all the way down to Soho almost 2 hours early because I got to see him really up close.

The mission to sniff remains active but postponed until further notice.

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BTS reaction to their girlfriend admiring a live orchestra

requested by anon


He would love it that you are into classical live music, enjoying it much more when he is with you.

“I never knew it’s so relaxing and interesting! Thank you for showing me.”

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Even if it might not be Yoongi’s usual music scene, he would do anything to see those sparkles in your eyes.

“If you would look at me like that, I would be the happiest man on earth - scratch that, I already am.”

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He would enjoy it with you, 100%. Sometimes he needs to feed his intellectual mind with something different, and what better way than to watch a live orchestra with his girlfriend?

“Who knows, I might get some inspiration for some new songs.”

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He would be so happy that you took him with you, because this sunshine here is always ready to experience something new, especially when it’s something you love.

“Ah~ thank you for taking me here, I enjoy it so much thanks to you!”

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During the whole concert he would’ve spent more time altogether staring at you, than the orchestra, but for him, you are far more interesting when you have that look of admiration in your eyes.

“Jagi, I’m really sorry that I didn’t pay attention to the musicians, but you’re the only entertainment I need.”

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Tae would sometimes interrupt you to ask the name of the piece that’s being played or what instruments the musicians are playing, but when he sees you caught up in the concert he would simply admire your love for the orchestra.

“Ah, sorry, to interrupt again, can you tell me why that spark in your eyes makes me love you more?”

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He would try to understand your love for it and wouldn’t regret going with you when he notices the way you admire the orchestra playing, seemingly caught up in the way every musician was playing their instrument.

“I see now why you wanted to come here, though I can’t figure out the look in your pretty eyes.”

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top 6 harry smiling gifs/pics

This post saved my life *sings Simple Plan song*

1. Look at that ball of pure sunshine. The dimples, the sparkling green eyes, the little teeth, the pink of his lips, the hair…

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2. Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of chocolate hair, with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green. Your smile is like a breath of spring, your voice is soft like summer rain and I cannot compete with you, Harrylene

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3. Baby you light up my world like nobody else… (cliche but true)

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4. I love the way his whole face lights up when he laughs *sigh*

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5. I don’t know which one is worse: the big laugh or the shy smile? I can’t choose…

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6. Harry & smiles… name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

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❤️BAMON ❤️

No one makes him smile like this. It’s one of my favorite Damon smiles. His smile looks so human and relaxed. Bonnie’s love wasn’t easily earned, Bc she’s the kind of woman you have to work for. But once you earn her, she’s not easily pushed away. She won’t abandon you. She loyal to a mf fault. No one makes her smile this way, let alone make her eyes sparkle like this. Damon gives her that twinkle. She’s feels loved and seen in this moment they shared. She’s not someone’s friend, daughter, or girlfriend… she’s Bonnie fucking Bennett. An entity and a force of her own. Damon sees her for who she is and that’s why he protects her to the fullest. Even if it means he has to walk away from her, Bc that’s what you do when you “truly” love someone. Damon’s loyalty is not easily earned. He’s hard to get close to and keep, but once you have him he’d never walk away, and he’ll fight for you in a selfless way. Because almost selfishly, he doesn’t want to exist without you. Damon’s existence is made real by the people he loves. He doesn’t want to exist without love. Bonnie, loves so hard she refuses to exist without loving hard. These two people are fiercely protective and beautifully broken. But together they are whole. Together they are the most complete pair in the entire series. Together, everyone in the show is alive because of them. The only person that’s gone, by default, is the one, who’s destiny was to bring them together. He wasn’t the most likable guy before her, and she wasn’t the most willfully open before him. They helped each other strengthen their weaknesses and become better people. They love each other so much, they don’t realize they are in love Bc all they ever do for one another is become selfless over and over again, sacrificing their own desires to see the other smile. They are so canon and so perfect that I can’t even… I love them so much it hurts 😭

Let Me Know [Taehyung x Reader] Revamped

Chapter 1. 

“Y/N-ah!” I turned around to see him. His eyes sparkling with delight and joy. Running down the hallway with absolute glee. I’ve been dreading this moment.

“Y/N, I’ve been searching for you everywhere! You didn’t answer my calls.” He puts on this pout and his puppy eyes, thinking he can get away with it.

“Sorry SeungJae, I was busy with work and school. I thought you were hanging out with Gaeun?” I looked at him. His nose scrunched in the way I used to adore when he was asked ‘difficult’ questions.

“I was, but I’m free for the rest of the day and I wanted to spend time with you, my love.” He winks at me. I went along with it, “Oh, alright, did you just want to take a walk around near the Park?” He smiles, “Sure” and grabs my hand

Five minutes in and he lets go, excuses himself, takes out his phone and calls someone. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that? Unless it’s your mother?? Then I heard it. Her voice.

He speaks so sweetly into the handheld device, “Hey Love, I’m with Y/N  right now, I’ll break it to her gently and then we can get going on our date right after I break it off.” Seriously? On our one year anniversary? Cheating on me?

He hangs up and walks back with a fake smile plastered on his face. “Hey babe.”

I look at him, “Hi.”

He starts off “gently,” “I have been meaning to talk to you…”

“Sure, what’s up? Is it about our one year anniversary?” I looked up in hope. Today was our one year of having a “relationship.” Honestly, I feel like he just asked me to be his ‘secret’ girlfriend out of pity for me.

He looks at me with sorrow. I doubt it though. You’re going to break up with me. I know it too, fool. I’m not stupid. I wish I could say these things aloud.

“Well…I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to break it off…It’s not you, it’s me. I think I stopped loving you in this sense.”

He stopped loving me. Is that a real thing? Stop loving… I look up at him, “Okay” and walked back to my apartment

I didn’t even tell him about the reservation. He didn’t even chase after me. Oh wait, he has a mistress to go to. My best friend.  Is this what it means to fall out of love? To stop caring? I want to cry, but the tears won’t fall. I just felt numb. I checked my phone, it said -4:30-

My reservation at C’est La Vie was at 7 I had a couple of hours to ponder and think. I got back to my apartment after half an hour. I decided that I was going to take my reservation, it was a lot of money. I’m a  poor college student that doesn’t go out at all  and I’m not going to waste my money at a nice restaurant by cancelling over a stupid boy.

And then….this happened. I got near the entrance and I walked into something– or should I say someone, since I wasn’t paying attention. A deep voice spoke,” Yah, you need to watch where you’re going. You’re going to ruin my clothes, person”

I looked up to see a man with dark, chocolate, brown  hair, I would be lying if I didn’t think he was handsome. But there was a problem. He referred to me as a thing that was going to ruin his clothes.

“I’m sorry” I looked up and scanned around to see about six other men standing in the vicinity.

“You know, you can pay attention and be careful unlike all the ditzes we’ve seen in this town” He snarled at me.

I would fight back, but honestly, I was really heartbroken and tired of the way I’ve been treated.

“Sorry, it won’t happened again.” I started walking by to get to my apartment and all of a sudden a hand grabs my left wrist.

“You refer to me as sir, wench. You don’t disregard that you almost ruined my clothes, these are expensive. Don’t think you’re going to get out of it by saying sorry multiple times. ” He kept a tight grip on my arm and it actually numbed out the pain, but something odd started happening. I felt tears roll down my face..

He looked at me in shock, “Yah, are you okay?”

“Taehyung, you made the girl cry” Said the silver-haired man. “I didn’t mean to! She just got in my way and I told her that she should ruin my clothes! That’s not something to cry over, she’s just a loser” He lets go of my wrist and I just walked away to my apartment. I opened the door and I heard footsteps behind me, I pulled out my pepper spray, just in case. (Y’KNOW LIKE A GIRL GOTTA BE ALERT)

“Wait! Don’t go in yet!!!” Yelled a man with bright orange hair, right behind him another male also with chocolate hair like the supposed Taehyung, earlier. They stopped in front of me, panting.

“ Jimin, but since you’re cute you can call me Jiminie” The carrot top says.

“ You can call me Kookie.” The other male looks at me.

I stopped observing them. “Is there a reason why you’re here? Is it to pay for your friend’s clothes?”

They had guilty looks. Jimin spoke, “Um..” He paused, “I don’t know your name, so this is a bit awkward.”

“Y/N” I stared at them. They kept staring back. This was getting awkward. I cleared my throat.

“Y/N-ah” Jimin started. “I wanted to apologize for my friend’s attitude. And since you seem like a nice girl, we wanted to take you out for dinner as an apology.” My eyes widened a bit, these guys seemed different.

“That would be nice, but I have to take up a reservation at C’est La Vie since my Boyfr- I mean Ex-Boyfriend dumped me.” I started to walk inside.

Kookie pulled me back, “Wait, we have reservations there too! Would you like to join us? If you don’t want to be near Taehyung,you can sit with us and we can make you laugh and smile? We could be friends!” He had the puppy eyes on. Ugh, I can never win at these things.


“YAAAAAAAAY!!” The two started to prance around like deers. I looked at them incredulously…

This was going to be interesting.

“WOAH, Noona you look beautiful!” Kookie was ogling me.

I never thought I was pretty, beautiful even. SeungJae never called me beautiful I was just “You look okay”. As sad as that sounds, we never really sought out to compliment each other. For a whole year, too. I don’t even know how I dealt with that.

After getting ready, I got to know Kookie and Jiminie more. Kookie was younger than me by a year and Jimin was older than me by a year. Basically all of them are Oppas and Jungkook was the Dongsaeng, The Maknae, The Baby.

I had a semi-fitted one-shoulder black dress with black ankle boots to match. It was simple, but classy enough (I was actually going to wear my pjs if they didn’t invite me) for this restaurant.

“Oh, thank you. Sorry I don’t know what compliments feel like after they’ve been delivered… haha” It was embarrassing…

“Noona, I’ll compliment you more, you’re very beautiful.” He looked at me with determined eyes, I had no idea if he was joking or not. But he was really cute about it. Jimin just stared he didn’t say anything yet. I waved my hand in front of his face.

“Jiminie-Oppa?” He snapped out of it and he turned red like a beet and hid behind Kookie.

“Y-You’re pretty” was all he squeaked out. He was cute too. I’m glad that there were some decent people on this world.

We walked down to the lobby where all the other guys were and they were ogling. Am I ugly or something? Do I have something on my face? I really don’t have high self-esteem… I’m starting to get nervous.

The man with the platinum blonde hair spoke up, “You can ride with me, Maknae, Jimin and Taehyung”

I started to panic. Taehyung? Wasn’t that the guy that called me a wench? The mean one?  I felt dizzy now. We start heading to the cars, and I had to brace myself for about a two hour ride with people I barely met. Tbh, I still can’t believe the freaking restaurant was two hours away. I honestly wanted to go to that restaurant and stay in that town to go to the famous museums the next day. I just had a thought….. What if they’re going to sell me?. What if they kill me? What if they’re part of a mob? There were so many ‘what if’s’

Taehyung sat on my right and Jungkook sat on my left and I was stuck in the middle…wonderful. Jimin was in the front helping with navigation since he was the calmest one while directing out the routes and directions.  Ten minutes in with the ride and I was already tired. I felt my eyelids drooping and I don’t remember anything after that.


“Hyung, she’s asleep.” Kookie looked with envy when your head slowly slid down onto Taehyung’s shoulder.

“She’s so annoying. Get her off of me.” He looked at you with disgust but inside he had butterflies fluttering around. He felt guilty for being mean to you. You looked so innocent and hurt when you started crying. He wanted to comfort you to tell you it was okay, but he couldn’t give up the act right now. He had to pretend to hate you. He didn’t mean to be scary and intimidating. He had a bad day.

“Hyung, what if I wake her up? She seems tired, can’t she just sleep?”


Jungkook didn’t even know you. He had an interest in you. Age wasn’t a bother for him. He stared at you. You looked so peaceful. He wanted to caress your face and just hold you in his arms. Was he beginning to like you? It’s been only a couple of hours.

You stirred a bit and got even more comfortable with Taehyung and he was becoming aggravated.

“Jungkook, take this girl off of me, who does she think she is, ruining my clothes and rubbing her drool on me?”

Without hesitation, Jungkook swiftly grabbed you and pulled you over to his shoulder without waking you up. He was celebrating inside. Watching you, being able to smell your sweet scent, He put his jacket over you to keep you warm.

“Jeon Jungkook, if you keep treating her like that she’s going to stomp all over you and take your money.” Taehyung sneered with jealousy, but he didn’t want that to be known.

“Taehyung-Hyung, she’s just sleeping.  I’m just doing what a proper gentleman would do.”

Jimin popped in, “Aish, I want her to sleep on MY shoulder, she’s so cute and adorable!!!”

“Hyung she’s sleeping on ME. I win.”

“I call dibs on sitting next to her, Maknae.”

“Fine” Jungkook cooly responded.

Unbeknownst to you, everyone kept stealing glances of your sleeping face.

You were worming into everyone’s hearts the rest of the ride and night.  


We finally got to the restaurant and I realized I was sleeping on someone…. this is awkward… I sat up quickly with shock written all over my face.


He put his hand over my mouth and said a simple sentence, “It’s okay, it’s my job to be there for you, now.” He smiled at me.

I looked at him with utter confusion. Be there for me? What does that mean? I don’t even know him that well. Then he took my hand to drag me out of the car and led me into the restaurant. I sat between Jimin and Jungkook. Awkwardly, Taehyung was across from me. It was already bad enough that he had a horrible impression of me. We ordered our food and everyone started talking. And then a man sitting on the right of Kookie threw a huge smile at me and said,

“Y/N, right?”

I responded with caution, thinking that he might be like Taehyung as well. “…Yes.”

“My name is Jung Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi-Oppa because it’s cute, and you’re pretty cute too. You should go around the table and tell us your first impression of each person by looking at them. I’m curious to see what you think of us.”

I looked like a lost child hearing his words. I only know four of them. How am I going to guess who they are? Hobi told me the other men’s names so I could do this and in my head…I was thinking of plans to leave.

Should I pretend to be sick and go pretend to throw up?

Should I say I’m on my period? Or something? I have no idea. I just stuck with it and went along with what he requested me to do.

“Uhh, okay Oppa. I can try.” I looked around with nervousness. I started with Jimin and then worked around.

“Jiminie-Oppa,you seem like you’re very caring and loving towards friends and family, and you have a very sweet nature.

Easy to be around. Yoongi-Oppa…”

I was scared to over guess what this man was about…He had an intimidating

His eyes narrowed in on me when I was figuring out who he was through first impression. “Swag.”

He looked at me. Opened his mouth and literally yelled “HOW DID YOU KNOW. ARE YOU A WIZARD, Y/N?”

Well….I guessed his  personality and life, apparently I got it right.

“Namjoon-Oppa, you seem very intelligent” He smiled with approval

“Jin-Oppa, very wise and a great eater!” He gave me a thumbs up and nodded.

I dreaded this. I didn’t want to do this one.

“Taehyung….. Oppa” I barely said in a whisper looking down at the table. “You seem pretty cool.”

He narrowed his eyes in on me he opened his mouth, “Are you trying to kiss-up to me?”

This made me furious. “No.”

“You shouldn’t kiss-up to someone who doesn’t like you.” He looked away.

Even if I was furious, I ignored it, I wasn’t having anymore of his arrogance. Who wanted to kiss up to a jerk?

I went on with Hobi-Oppa.

“Hobi-Oppa, you look like the hope to everyone’s day…life?” He giggled. “Y/N-ah, you’re so pure. Do you have a boyfriend?”

I blushed. I didn’t blush because he was a handsome man asking me this question, I was blushing because I was just in a relationship/thing/friendship something merely hours ago. I just shook my head. And moved to Kookie.

“Kookie! You’re a total sweetheart.” His face flushed red. “Kookie? Are you okay? Are you getting sick?”

He put his hand to cover half his face, “No Noona, I’m okay.”

Dinner went by quickly. It was awkward since everyone kept staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. Was there something on my face? I excused myself to the restroom.


“Hey guys.” Yoongi started. “Is it just me or is everyone staring at Y/N.”

The boys looked around the restaurant. It was true. Everyone was looking at Y/N while she was walking to the restroom. All seven boys felt a tug of jealousy.

Jimin felt anxious, “I hope our cute princess is going to be okay.”

Taehyung sneered at his comment, “She’s not cute.”

“Yah! Tae, what’s your problem?! She’s an innocent girl who accidentally bumped into you. She didn’t do anything wrong. As your intelligent hyung that you should listen to, you should give her a chance. You never know, everyone is at a different chapter in their life. She might be at that climax of the story or the downfall of it. She might be suffering.”

Namjoon looked pleased when he finished speaking. He never had the chance to be this philosophical during dinner. It was always food that got in the way of his thoughts.  

He was right. Namjoon was right. He didn’t know anything about the girl. Yet he despised her for no reason. Right when he was about to say something, he noticed it.

Hoseok had a mischievous look on his face.

“Guys, whoever can date Y/N first is king.”

Everyone stared at him with caution. Everytime he brought up a plan or bet of some sort, it never ended well.

“Hobi, are you sure? She looks intimidated by us, especially by Taehyung. Plus I don’t think putting a girl in a bet is a good decision…” Jin looked with worries all over his face. His parental-like personality was displaying its true colors.

“YES. I actually like her. She seems cute. But if she doesn’t like me, I won’t force her to date me. No catches with this one. I actually want to treat her with care. Plus I know I’m not the only one that likes her. She seems different. Even though we’ve just met her, she’s giving off a different vibe. It’s attractive.” Hoseok turned around to nudge Jungkook.

“Hey, she’s my noona.”

“WOOOOOOOOOAH, YOUR NOONA?” Jimin was surprised. Kookie was never like this around girls. He barely talked to them either. “I want her to be mine!!!! She’s cute like a princess, kind and she smells good. Her apartment smells good, too.”

Hoseok saw you walking back from the restroom and smirked.

“May the best man win Y/N’s heart.”


After dinner we got home fairly quick (quick = 1 hour with Yoongi’s speeding). Jungkook, Yoongi, and Jimin were keeping the conversation alive. I sat in shotgun this time because Yoongi-Oppa said that a girl like me shouldn’t be around that much testosterone. (LOL isn’t he testosterone himself)

They explained how they all lived together with Taehyung for work, but they were all going home this weekend to visit their families. All of the boys swapped numbers with me because they thought I was cool and wanted to stay in touch. Except for Taehyung.

Yoongi then spoke up before leaving, “Yah, Taehyung. Walk her up to her apartment and spend some time with her. You owe her for being mean. And the rest of us are tired. So we’ll park the car and head out. We’ll see you after our family visits.”

I stared at Yoongi with disbelief. He wanted this fool -personthatwantedtohumiliatemenotoncebuttwicetoday-, to walk me to my home and step into my home… What was he thinking?

“Hyung, I don-”

“Yah, I can care less. You walk her, stay with her for the night and talk to her. She’s a girl walking alone in her apartment complex, you don’t know how many creeps are around.”

“Fine I’ll walk her and stay with her. Just don’t expect anything.”

After we bid our farewells, the other boys left  so they can see their families by the time it would be bright and early in the morning. It was awkward. Taehyung didn’t even look at me. He just walked behind me. We got to my apartment and I spoke up, “You don’t have to stay, you know…”

He looked at me, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“I’m staying because I told my hyung I would. I’m not going back on my word” He walked inside and he sat on the couch. I changed, took off my make up and went back out. I sat next to him.

“Why are you here.”

“It’s my house?”

“I don’t like you.”


He was about to say something and then my phone rang. I picked up.

“Hello?” -It was Gaeun-

“You are such a little whore.”


“SeungJae and I saw you hang out with those seven guys at the restaurant”

My heart stopped. They were there? I felt my hand losing strength and my phone felt heavy. I put it on speaker.

“You need to stop whoring around, I know SeungJae just broke up with you for me, but selling yourself for sex with seven people doesn’t cut it in this society.”

I was furious. Who does she think she is?

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, after seeing you and SeungJae together for a year, I’m glad he decided to dump you on your anniversary today. You deserved it. I hope you die. Go kill yourself. And I was never really best friends with you. Just know that. Just delete our numbers and never talk to us again. Bye.”

I was in shock. The three of us have been friends for 15 years. And now it’s been thrown away. I wanted to cry. Then I remembered. Taehyung was right next to me. My breath hitched. I forgot. There’s been so much stress and pain building up, I felt vulnerable. I stood up. Thinking of sulking by myself. I felt a hand on my wrist again. Taehyung pulled me next to him and he hugged me while tears dropped from my cheeks. I put my head in the crook of his neck and I cried. I cried so much. I never thought heartbreak would hurt this much. They were my best friends. It broke my heart. I felt betrayed.

“I’ll be here for you.”

A sentence.

My heart beat faster. I felt nervous around him. I thought he hated me. I thought I was a loser to him. What am I feeling?

I don’t deserve any of this.

None of it. 

What the fans think of you...#7


Saying the fans were happy was an understatement. They could not be happier that their Niall has finally found his princess after so many heartbreaks. Many pictures of Y/N and Niall have surfaced and it has been nothing but positive feedback. You can see the way Niall’s eyes sparkled when he looked at her and the way her smile lit up her face just by looking at him. The fans caught her and Niall shopping one day and found out that she was super sweet even when the cameras weren’t around, which made them even more happy if possible knowing that she wasn’t there for the fame. The first picture together is what got the fans started and now they can’t get enough.


Harry’s announcement of his relationship on social media nearly broke the internet for good. Anyone who is a fan of one direction is secretly in a relationship with one of the boys in their head or just super protective, but for some reason Harry’s fans were incredibly protective and aggressive when it comes to him dating. Some were balling their eyes out and some were hateful at first. Some had speculated he might’ve been taken though, due to him being photographed with a dozen roses or random gifts or just this smile that no one has ever seen. Harry had asked y/n- nearly begged her to join him on the red carpet event he was to attend. Y/n didn’t want the fans to think that she was in any way using him for fame or attention. Harry assured her that even if they did think like that, he and she know that that’s not true in the least bit. Eventually she agreed. As they made their first appearance as a couple, paparazzi were going crazy and so were fans and interviewers, they were dying to see who would get to interview them first. Everyone seen and even heard how supportive and how caring she was of him and the way he held her, and whispered in her ear making her blush and or giggle. The way she’d look at him and how they kissed. The sparkle in his eyes that haven’t been seen in a long time, and his smile was true and not the least bit forced, he was so protective over her all through the night people seen that as he showed the world his precious baby. Everyone knew how real and serious this was for him as he’s never done this with anyone ever before. He’s never been public with his relationship. He even said himself that night that she was the one that stole his heart and stopped his world. Ever since that night he and y/n were one of the most influential couples and role models for all. When Harry and y/n were spotted sometimes the fans just wanted to have pictures with y/n and that made Harry smile. Not only did he have his personal friends and family’s approval but his fans as well. Not that he needed it but it still felt great.


At first, when Liam showed the world his sweetheart, the fandom was not too happy together. They wanted to protect their puppy dog eyed, toy story loving man. After everything he has been through, the fans just want what’s best for him. But the more pictures and videos of the two that got released, the more the fans started warming up to Y/N. what really sealed the deal was when Liam broke his wrist again, and Y/N was there with him, by his side every step of the way until he was fully recovered, showing that she truly does care about him.


The fans love y/n and Louis together. Out of all the girlfriends Louis ever had, y/n was the one that had the fans most approval. Y/n nurtured Louis back to life and they saw that. She had helped him so much and got him through that horrible patch of life. He looked more lively, healthy and truly happy. He stopped the drugs, and drinking, he stopped partying so much. Every time they were spotted and how they’d look at each other they seen how much they truly cared about one another. When fans catch them some times, y/n would always offer to take pics for them with Louis by their side or sometimes even make friends with them which Louis found incredibly amazing.

 **Credit to @bbygprincessblog for harry and Louis’s parts


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for the prompt thing; reidvez with 62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

Ty! I’m tease af.

The team had struggled, the case having been one of the more draining for a long time. So, when Rossi had offered to buy dinner, there was a unanimous agreement. Each of the team sat around the table, smiling and enjoying each other’s company with the food and wine.

Luke glanced across the table at Spencer, catching a glimpse of his beautifully broad smile and perfectly positioned cheek bones. It was almost like he hadn’t noticed it before, but the resident genius was also a pretty face. In the low light of the restaurant, he saw his eyes glisten and sparkle yet remain deep and soulful. Snapping out of it, Luke looked back to the others, joining back into the conversation.

Spencer slumped onto the single bed, dropping his bag on the way down. Luke moved across to the bed opposite, throwing his case at the foot then sitting softly on the edge to take off his shoes. The room itself wasn’t anything to write home about but it was everything that anyone would need while on a works trip; bed, shower, dressing area, the usual.

Letting himself fall backwards, Luke stared up at the ceiling, wondering just how he was supposed to sleep with his mind racing and Spencer sleeping feet from him. As he dragged himself up into the proper laying position, he turned away, hoping that he could just pass out from the exhaustion of the week… but to no avail.  The longer he lay in the dim light, the more he thought into his glance at Spencer, the way he’d seen him in a suddenly different light.

“You know,” came Spencer’s voice after what felt like hours. “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?”

Luke rolled over, craning his neck to look at Reid who was awake and reading. The smirk on his face told Luke that he was joking, forcing his response to be a smile and a chuckle.

“Good night, Reid,” he answered, turning back over and pulling up the duvet. If only he hadn’t been joking. If only he’d been able to slip from his bed and curl onto the back of Spencer instead of his duvet.

All hope of sleep had gone from Luke’s mind and he was consigning himself to the fact that he’d be awake for the whole night when a hand slid up under the duvet to touch his side. The next thing Luke knew was that Spencer had curled up behind him, his lips pressed against the back of his earlobe. Maybe it was going to be a good night after all?

‘The Hot Girl’ - Scott McCall

Originally posted by thealpha

Summary: Scott has had a crush on (Y/N) for years. He then somehow gets invited to her party… along with Stiles.

Scott and Stiles walked into school side by side. Stiles was rambling to Scott about some weird tv show he had found last night and Scott tried his hardest to pretend that he was listening until he looked up and his eyes met with (Y/N). He inhaled sharply and stopped walking causing Stiles to stop talking and follow his line of view. Seeing (Y/N) Stiles sighed and looked over at Scott. 

“It hurts, doesn’t it buddy?”

“W-what?” Scott snapped out of his daze.

“That you can’t have her.” Stiles murmured as (Y/N) began to walk to class. Scott was silent for a moment.

“We better get to class”.

Scott sat towards the back of the room next to Stiles. He ignored everything around him. Surely it was more important to stare at (Y/N) all class then do maths for an hour or so. He watched the way the sun hit her eyes and they sparkled. How her hair bounced as she mover her head. Her adorable thinking face when she was trying to figure something out. And the w-

“McCall!” Scott snapped his head towards the teacher at the front of the class.

“Yes?” He said uncomfortably.

“I ‘said do you know the answer’. But I’m guessing since you haven’t been doing anything but sitting there with a dumb smile on your face all class that’d be a no.”

“Uh, yeah, I mean no. Sorry.” He mumbled and lowered him head trying to hide himself as he saw (Y/N) staring at him along with the rest of the class.

The bell rang and Scott grabbed his books and stood up. Everyone else cleared out within seconds. Before he had the chance to leave he was pulled back.

“McCall, I’m sorry for calling on you like that in class. But you’re falling behind. Do you need help? I can get you a tutor.”

“No, I’m fine. Just a little on edge at the moment” He said and walked out of the room. 

“That was rough.” Scott’s head snapped towards his right and he saw (Y/N) standing there. “Not every day you get yelled at by a teacher, McCall.” She giggled. Scott stood in awe for a couple seconds before regaining himself.

“Maybe not for you” He laughed although he wasn’t wrong. (Y/N) never got in trouble while Scott seemed to have a sign on his head that says ‘pick on me’. (Y/N) smiled softly at him and then it turned into a smirk.

“You know Scott, you’re really something else. Always so mysterious and running off. I always wonder where you go” She laughs a little as they begin walking towards (Y/N)’s locker. Scott was taken aback to think that she thought about him. 

“Oh, normally to help Stiles. He seems to get into trouble often.”

“Ahh yes. The sheriff’s son” She exaggerates the saying. 

“You know what Scott. I’m having a party tonight if you want to come. And you can bring Stiles too. I wouldn’t want you running off” She winks at him as she walks off.

“Bro you are getting laiiiiiddd” 

“Shut up Stiles” Scott playfully hit him as he went over to the mirror to fix his hair. They were both dressed well with as much gel as their hair could take. 

“Scott, I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. You’re the hot girl. You can do this” Scott laughed and smiled slightly at what Stiles said.

“I’m pretty sure Lydia’s going” Scott said after he was finally ready.

“I know. Why do you think I smell so nice. Girls love that”

“What do you know about girls?” Scott asked with a smile.

“Um excuse me but I am an expert.” Stiles went on as they made their way to Stiles’ jeep. 

“Scott! You made it!” (Y/N) squealed as she raised her arms in the air for a hug. She was obviously a little tipsy. Her arms wrapped around Scott’s neck and she encased him in a giant hug. He smiled slightly and breathed in her sweet perfume. They pulled away and she ran off to greet other guests.

“Good thing I brought two” Stiles said as he pulled out a small packaging.

“Put that away!″ Scott whispered harshly as he looked around.

“Oh come on Scotty boy. Let’s go dance.”

A couple hours had gone by but Stiles was still in the middle of the room dancing ridiculously with some chick who probably didn’t even go to Beacon Hills. Scott stood with a red solo cup filled with punch at the side of the room.

“Having a good time?” He heard (Y/N) say.

“Yeah, watching Stiles dance is great.” He chuckled. “What about you? You seem a bit more sobered up then when I saw you last” He saw the water bottle in her hand.

“Yeah, well I saw something that sobered me up quite well actually”. She had a sad smile. Scott’s face fell. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“James, he’s an ass.” She chuckled as Scott remembered that she’s had this ‘off on relationship’ with James ever since Scott liked her. “Why do you care so much Scott? People I’ve been friends with for years don’t even care this much” She sarcastically laughed.

“Because I care about you (Y/N). Anyone would be crazy not to see how amazing you are.” She turned to him and looked him deep in the eyes. Then, all of a sudden he felt her lips on his. He had been longing for this for years. Their lips moved so well together it was if they were made for one another. Scott unwillingly pulled back. “Look, (Y/N). You have no idea how bad I’ve wanted that and for how long. But I think what you need right now is to go to sleep. You’ve had a long night and I don’t want you to regret anything tomorrow.” Scott said as he grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to her room. “I’ll sort out the party. See you tomorrow.”

“Scott?” (Y/N) stopped him before he left.


“Thank you.” She smiled before fluttering her eyes closed. He smiled softly and nodded even though she couldn’t see and gently closed the door.

Don’t Touch Her

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: Daryl runs into the reader after her boyfriend has hit her. Daryl loses it and confronts the guy. He comforts the reader and they become close. Smut ending of course…

Warnings: Smut, Abuse


Daryl watched from the guard post point above the wall as Mike lead you around by the small of your back, down the street of Alexandria. He watched your eyes sparkle as you greeted everyone you met on your way, which Mike didn’t seem to like. He watched as you stopped to talk to Carol, trying to get into a conversation, before Mike grabbed your hand and led you away, to disappear into your house. Carol’s eyes furrowed a little at this and she waved goodbye to you as you apologetically look at her as Mike drags you away.

Daryl scoffed a little and rolled his eyes. He had no idea what you saw in that asshole. He was always talking down to you and making you feel small. Daryl hated how he tried to dim your shine. Daryl had noticed Y/N ever since his group had arrived in Alexandria, the very first moment he met her his heart fell. The way she smiled at him, the way her eyes sparkled when she talked, the way her body seemed to call out to him, wanting nothing more than to touch her and kiss her all over every time he saw her. She had an effect on him he thought he had long since lost in this world.

He had noticed how she would cover up her bruises, sliding her sweater sleeves down just a little longer whenever anyone noticed or came close to noticing the marks. She would sometimes stay inside for days, another sign that she was waiting for something to heal. Daryl knew all too well of the signs, he himself had done similar when he father would hit him as a child. It took everything in him not to kick Mike’s ass every time he noticed these things. But the way she looked at Mike sometimes… He knew they had been together since before all this and he was her first love. They met way back in college and had been together ever since. Daryl’s heart broke every time he saw her smile up at Mike, how badly he wanted to be the one she looked at like that.

“I don’t like how that’s going.” Daryl snaps his head up, after being lost in deep thought, and sees Carol looking up at him with concern, her arms crossed and her face contorted with worry.

Daryl scoffs again a little and shrugs, “She’s a big girl. Don’t know why she is even with that asshole.” He says to Carol harshly outreaching his arm to point to Your and Mike’s house, were you have now disappeared into.

Carol nodded and looked down, “A man like that can have influence over you like you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how I became who I did with Ed too.” She admits, staring at the ground.

“I guess…” Daryl admits, nodding his head down, feeling bad for making Carol feel that way.

“I just don’t get why she’d rather be with him, when she could have…” He trails off and stays sadly looking at his feet.

Carol nodded again and pursed her lips.

“She’ll realize it someday…” She says and looks up at Daryl’s sad face. She knew how he felt about Y/N and how for months since they had been here he had been pining for Y/N.

She loved her sweet Daryl, he was always so much more loving and passionate than anyone assumed. She saw right through his tough act and she could see the way his face lit up whenever Y/N was around.

Daryl nodded slowly, as if trying to believe Carol’s words. He looked up at her, pained.

“I just don’t see how she can stay like… I would never lay a hand on her…” He trails off again.

Carol climbs up the guard post and wraps Daryl in her arms for a minute.

Daryl sighs, closing his eyes sadly, and hugs her back, trying not to feel the tears welling up in his eyes.

Carol rubs the back of his hair a little as she hugs him.

“One day, she’ll see you, Daryl.” Carol says and the stands back a little to look him in his eyes.

“One day, she will see what a great man you are and after that, there will be no stopping her from loving you back.” She says, her eyes piercing into his softly, trying to make him hear her words.

He takes a ragged deep breath, composing himself again, and nods.

“I’ll see you at home for dinner.” Carol says. “Don’t be late.” She used her serious voice and smiled a little, causing Daryl to smile back for the first time since their interaction. He nods in agreement.

Carol climbs back down and heads to the house her and Daryl shared, going to start preparing something for them to eat.

Daryl sighed a little, looking back at Y’/N’s house and then turned his feet to stand back toward the open space over the wall. His eyes narrowed and he tried to focus on his task at hand.


Daryl chomped and chewed his food roughly, pushing the homemade bread into his mouth. Carol had been growing some tomatoes and lettuce in the backyard, so homemade sandwiches were the best idea that night. Carol had found a little bit of mayo she was allowed to bring home, making it as close to a BLT as she could make it.

Daryl chewed on the food happily and looked over at Carol and smiled through his chomping lips. She laughed a little at him and placed a napkin neatly on her lap before picking up her own sandwich and taking it to her lips. She takes a small bit and savors the food. They both sit in comfortable silence, enjoying their dinner.

Suddenly, they both hear a frantic knock at their door. Daryl look over at Carol puzzled before plopping his mostly eaten sandwich down onto his plate and pushing his chair back. He stands up and walks quickly over to the door, swinging it open. He sees Y/N standing in front of him and his heart stops. Her face was swelled up so much he barely recognized her. She had a big black eye, that bulged out due to swelling. He noticed a few cuts on her face and bruises everywhere. She was shaking like a leaf and looked up at him with fear in her eyes. Carol walks up behind Daryl and also takes in Y/N’s appearance.

“Honey!” She cries out in shock.

“What the hell happened Y/N??!” Daryl asked his voice becoming loud and angry instantly.

“I… I don’t know… I just… I didn’t do what I was supposed to do and he came after me… He has never been like that. I thought…. I didn’t think I was going to make it…” You say lips trembling as you feel the hot sting of our own tears run down your bruises.

Daryl opens the door to you and steps aside, Carol walks up to you and wraps you in her arms, with tears in her eyes.

“Come in, Y/N.” She says softly as she leans back and looks at you with care. She rubs her hands up and down your shoulders trying to comfort you.

You nod and smile a little, wincing at the pain even that causes.

You walk in to Carol and Daryl’s house and they lead you to their couch in the living room, where you sit down and stare forward. You had known Carol’s past with this kind of stuff, since meeting them a few months ago. You always knew she would be the one you would run to if you had to. But you never imagined it would ever get this bad.

You sit on the couch trembling and you feel Daryl wrap a blanket around you, gently. He walks to the kitchen and grabs an icepack that had been there since they moved in. He brought it back into the living room and kneeled down in front of you, lifting his hand up gently toward your face.

“Here…” He says softly as he applies the pack to your eye, putting pressure on it.  You wince a little at the feeling.

“Sorry.” He says apologetically as he keeps the pressure on your eye.

“Not your fault.” You say to him looking down.

“It’s my own damn fault.” You say feeling like you should have known or done better.

“Hey.” Carol begins, sitting next to you on the couch. “It is never your fault when someone hits you. You did nothing wrong. Nothing.” She says, staring at you with strong, kind eyes.

You look at her and nod smally, looking back down at your hands.

You notice Daryl taking your reactions in and you can see him getting more and more upset as he watches you chastise yourself on the inside.

“Damn. Asshole!” Daryl says and you can feel his arm shake a little in anger as he holds the ice pack to your eye.

“I should go over there and give it right back to him, prick.” Daryl’s voice growls. He drops his hand and hands you the ice pack, standing up and pacing the room a little with adrenaline pumping.

“I’ll be back.” Daryl growls and storms out of the house slamming the door.

You look over at Carol who has her lips pursed and worry in her eyes. You match the worry she shows.

“Do you think he’ll be okay?” You ask smally.

She smiles a little and nods, “Daryl isn’t the one I would worry about…. He’ll be okay. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. You are going to stay with us for a while.” She says, standing and offering her hand to you. You take it and nod gratefully, feeling safe for the first time since you didn’t even know.


Daryl heard his feet slamming against the pavement but couldn’t feel the impact, he was lost in his head, angry as hell, he pushed past everyone he passed on the street until he came to Y/N and Mike’s house. He slammed his feet down and climbed up the stairs, knocking harshly on the door with his open palm. He thrashed onto the door’s surface over and over until the door opened.

Mike answered, with a sloppy grin on his face, and a bottle of whiskey in his hand. His body swayed loosely and he smiled at Daryl, oblivious to Daryl’s angry face in his drunken haze.

“Hey, man! What’s up?-“

Before Mike could finish Daryl drew his arm back and propelled it forward, easily knocking the drunk man to the ground. Mike held onto the bottle even as he fell and went down with a slow, surprised look on his face. It took him a minute to realize what just happened.

“What the hell, man!?” He shouted, gripping his eye.

“What you can do it to Y/N, but you can’t take it?” Daryl asked angrily, with a low voice.

“Mike groaned and grit his teeth, putting together the fact that Y/N had ratted him out.

“Fucking bitch.” He muttered to himself.

“What’d you say?!” Daryl asked, shouting loudly and getting on top of the man, hitting him a few more times, as his chest heaved with anger.

“Don’t you fucking call her that, ya prick!” Daryl said hitting him again.

He straddled the man easily and looked down into Mike’s eyes seriously, raising his fist again in warning.

“I ever hear that you do anything like that to her again and I will make sure you end up outside those walls alone, with nothing.” Daryl said pointing toward the outside world.

“People like you only survive because of people like me. You ain’t nothin but a fucking coward.” Daryl spat, hitting him one more time, for good measure, before standing up over the man’s body.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch her again.” Daryl says lowly before turning his heels and walking away.

Mike heaved in pain as he held his face in agony, he whimpered a little to himself and rocked back and forth in pain on his doorstep.


You were sitting in the back bedroom with Carol, which you assumed was Daryl’s as you noticed clothes and items messily thrown around. You heard Daryl walk back inside the house, slamming his feet on the ground with every step, still angry as ever.

“Fucking, prick.” He said to himself as he walked through the house, trying to find where you two had went. He noticed the door to his room open, down the hallway, his heart rate began to slow a little as he tried to calm his breathing. The last thing he wanted was for Y/N to be afraid of him too. He calmed himself a little before opening the door to his room.

He saw you on his bed, with your arms wrapped around your legs, rocking a little, as Carol sat next to you on a chair, rubbing your back. Carol looked up at Daryl when he walked in, with concern in her eyes. Daryl looked at Carol with a worried face.

“How is she?” He asked Carol, who nodded slowly, looking at Y/N, who was quietly crying as she rocked.

She moved a hand to Y/N’s face and pulled her hair back a little.

“She’ll be okay, she’s tough.” Carol says looking at her.

Daryl nodded and looked over at Y/N, who sat there crying. He walked over and stood over her, looking at her concerned.

“He’s never gonna do this to you again, Y/N.” Daryl said, looking down at you.

Your breath hitches as you try and regain your breathing, looking up at Daryl with an innocent fear in your eyes.

“I’ll make sure of that.” Daryl said, wanting to reach out and wipe the tears that fell on her skin.

You nod, feeling relief at his words, and not even caring how he had come to such an outcome. You stared back down still in shock over the events that had played out today.

“I figured you wouldn’t mind her staying in here for a while, until we can figure out a more permanent place for her to be.” Carol said to Daryl, who nodded.

“No problem. I can stay out on the couch.” He said, nodding his head back towards the living room.

“Thank you.” Was all Y/N said, as she stared down at her hands.

“That’s what we do, take care of each other.” Carol smiled at her, rubbing her back a little more.

“Why don’t you try and get some rest honey…” Carol said to Y/N.

Y/N nodded and sighed in agreement, “I am pretty tired.” You admit.

Carol and Daryl leave the room and you feel the emotion pushed back to the front of your eyes. How could he do this to you? How did you let him? How did this happen? You think to yourself and begin to sob. You cry and sob for a while before finally falling asleep in exhaustion.

Daryl listened at the door and heard you crying, Carol looked up at him and put her palm on his chest, as she could tell he wanted to go back in.

“This is something she’s gotta feel alone Daryl… Let her feel it.” She pats his chest a few more times, before heading upstairs to her bedroom.

Daryl sighed and listened at the door until he was sure you’d fallen asleep. His face grimaced, the last thing he ever wanted was for you to be in so much pain. His heart broke as he plopped himself on the couch and thought of your crying face. He didn’t sleep much that night, listening for sounds from his room, wanting to be there for you in case you woke up. He shut his eyes and visions of your broken, tear filled face, flooded through his mind. How could anyone ever hurt you?


Over the next few days Y/N started to heal, sleeping a lot, and eating when they forced her to. Daryl sat in the corner of the room most days as you laid there, half awake and half asleep most times. He watched over you as you rode out your shock and he always made sure that you iced your wounds every so often as they began to heal.

You had never known what it was like to have a man just sit there with you, for the sake of your own well-being. You had not had a true family even before the world ended, Mike had become the only family you had known. You were an only child and your parents divorced when you were young, neither being very good at stability or love. You knew very well how to deal with a world where people were cruel to one another, but Daryl? He was something different.

You looked up at him through the corner of your eye as you thought about the man. He is staring at a magazine, only half paying attention to the content, as he haphazardly flips through the pages, his knee shaking as he reads. You take in his body, letting your eyes roam up his strong, exposed arms, and to his face. He stared down at the magazine, unaware of your eyes on him. You smiled to yourself as you watch him nervously shake his leg and lick his lips. You had always found Daryl attractive, who wouldn’t? But with Mike you could never ever let that secret out, so Daryl became one of your few secrets as you stole glances at him anytime you felt was safe. You licked your lips a little as you watched him, feeling a longing you had long since forgotten.

He notices your eyes on him and his head snapped up and looked at you.

“Ya need somethin’?” He asked with concern in his eyes.

You smile at his response and drop your eyes.

“No. I’m okay… Thanks.” You say, staring at your hands again.

Daryl walks over to the bed and stands over you, he reaches his hand out to grab your chin, gently pulling your face up. His eyes roam your wounds, that are now healing nicely, thanks to him, and he peers at them critically.

“Looks like it is finally healing. But we should ice it a few more times.” He said, looking at the yellow bruising around your eye. His finger reaches up to slightly trace the cut below your eye where Mike’s ring had hit you with the impact. You lean your head back a little at the sensation of his touch, he doesn’t seem to notice.

“I’m gonna go get one.” He says and drops his hand, walking out of the room.

You watched him leave and sighed a little yourself, disappointed he was out of your view.

He came back a few moments later, with a cold pack in his hand, he looked over at you and began to hand it to you. You don’t reach for it and instead pat the space on the bed next to you, signaling for him to sit down next to you.

He looks at you curiously for a moment before plopping down beside you. He sits up next to you and angles his body sideways to reach your healing wounds better. He presses the pack down softly, as he looks at you with admiration in his eyes, his face is so close to yours you can feel his breath on you.

You feel yourself get shivers when you feel his breathing on you and try and push the thoughts out of your mind. This was honestly the last thing you should be thinking about, but he made it so hard not to think about it. He looked at you with a look you had never known, something so soft and sweet about it. You loved the way he looked at you. He pressed the pack to your eye for a moment longer before moving it down to your lip with was also healing from a cut. You wince a little when he presses it into you and he winces in response, pulling back on the pressure, trying not to hurt you.

After a moment he retracts the ice pack and looks your face over again, moving his hand up to your hair, pulling it back and out of the way of his view.

“There.” He says satisfied at his work.

“Sun’s going down… You should probably get some rest Y/N.” He said, looking over at the window, where you can see the sun setting in the distance.

Daryl’s body begins to twist to the side, dropping his legs back to the floor, his back to you. Before he can stand you put your hand on his back. He stops and looks back at you, puzzled.

“I want you to stay.” You say, feeling your stomach drop nervously.

He looked at you with pure shock at first, before slowly nodding.

“Okay… I’ll just sit over there till ya fall asleep.” He said and again tried to get up.

“No. I want you to stay here.” You say softly and you look over at the bed.

Daryl couldn’t believe your words and his heart began to race as he entertained the idea. Was she really asking him this? He couldn’t believe his ears. He chewed on his lips nervously for a moment, lost in his thought, his leg shook a little and he nodded to himself.

He kicked his boots off on the side of the bed and laid his body back onto the pillow in the spot next to you on the bed. He laid back and put his hands behind his head, staring up awkwardly at the ceiling.

You smiled at how cute he was when he was shy. You look down at him, smiling, before laying down next to him. You turn your body timidly and look at his chest, you smile to yourself again and slowly lay your head onto it. You hear his heart beat going crazy and fill his nervous vibration at the feel of your head on his body. He tries to compose himself and takes a few deep breathes. You put your hand over his heart and trace it a little.

“I don’t know how to thank you and Carol enough for this past week…” You say, absentmindedly tracing his body through his shirt.

He looks down at you, watching your hand on him, trying not to feel the feelings that surged through him at your touch.

“It’s no problem, Y/N. You deserve someone who’s gonna take care of you.” He said matter-of-factly and moved his arm down that was closest to you, running his hand up and down your back a little before hugging you into his body a little.

You smiled to yourself at how gentle he was with you. You stop your finger and look up at him, from his chest. You smile softly and stare into him.

Daryl moves his other hand down and traces your wounds with his fingertips, starting under your eyes, moving across your cheek, and down to your now, only slightly cut lip. He stared into you as his finger moved around your face. Even covered in bruises you were still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“I don’t know how anyone could hurt you…” He said softly, as if to himself, continuing to trace his finger around your face, memorizing you.

You tilt your head up further toward him and peer into him curiously. Is he really saying this right now? You ask yourself, feeling a ache for him, you had not felt that in quite a while. You bite your lip a little and shyly look down, shrugging, before glancing back in his direction.

His eyes never left you as he took your shy smile in. He loved the fact that you didn’t even know how damn beautiful you were, he loved the way you traced you fingers around him, and how you closed your eyes when he ran his fingers over you. His heart thumped louder in his chest as he contemplated a move, he did not want to take advantage of you or move too fast. But it seemed that you kind of wanted him to. He took in your eyes, he saw confusion and a hint of something else that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

You look into his eyes, that made you feel like you were suddenly on fire. You move your hand back down to his chest and rub it up and down a little. He moves his hand up and down your back in return, making you lean your head back and close your eyes for a moment. He rubs it more feverishly and you do the same to him.

“Daryl…” You say with a tone that is half moan and half question.

“Yeah?” He asks in a low growl.

You force your eyes up into his, “Kiss me.” You say, forcing the words out of your mouth and staring into him, revealing your hungry eyes.

It takes him a split second before his hand comes up and tilts your chin up, moving it closer to his face. He looked at you, scanning your face for any hesitation, he found none. He licked his lips and smiled a little at you as he moved in. His hand softly cupped the side of your face as he moved his face towards yours.

You moaned a little, feeling his hot breath so close to your lips. He slowly placed his lips on yours, for a quick kiss, watching your reaction. You smile and part your lips, wanting him inside your mouth. He slowly licks along the top of your lip and slightly tongues inside your mouth, flicking your teeth a little as he retracts.

“Mmmm.” You say to yourself softly and close your eyes, leaning your head up further to him.

He stares as you, his thumb caressing your cheek, before crashing his tongue into your mouth and taking your tongue along a ride with his. He swirls around your tongue, licking and sucking on it. And you swirl yours anxiously around his, trying to take all of him in all at once. You hear him groan a little, feeling your rush, he grabs your face into his a little more and swirls around your mouth even harder.

Your hand reaches up and you begin to run your fingers through his hair as he makes love to your mouth. You feel yourself getting more turned on with every circle he made inside your mouth and you began to tug lightly on his hair, pulling him harder into you. He roughly slams his tongue into your mouth, over and over with more urgency, when he does this he hits the small cut on your lip and you cry out a little into his mouth.

He detaches his lips and looks down at you concerned, “Sorry. You alright?” He asked.

You smile and nod, “Yeah. Don’t stop…” You say, with lust in your eyes.

And he smiles in return before carefully plunging his tongue back into you.

You run your fingers through his hair and sigh a little into his mouth as he swirls around you, making you feel so good. He detaches his lips from you and begins to move them down your chin and to your neck, he grunts a little, not being able to kiss you the way he wanted to at the angel you were in.

He stops and looks down at your smiling face.

“Come here.” He said, pulling your body into him.

You lift your body up and swing one of your legs over his body, straddling his stomach. You smile down at him, feeling your core become wet at the feel of his body underneath you. You rock a little into his stomach and he quickly moves his hands down to your hips, softly rubbing them. He looked up at you with a smile that showed pure happiness, you stare at him the same way before lowering your body down to rest your chest on his and push your tongue back into his mouth, wanting to feel him again.

You swirl your tongue around him over and over, slowly sucking on his tongue every once in a while, which always causes him to push your hips into him harder. Your kiss becomes more and more hungry as you feel his hands on you. You reach down with a hand and put your hand over one of his, slowly guiding it to your ass, he groans in pleasure and arches up into you, as he grips your ass tight with his hand.

You moan out into his mouth, in response, loving the feeling of his touch.

You detach your lips and sit back up on his stomach, looking down at him playfully. You smirk and rock into his body a few times, watching his reaction. He loved watching you on top of him. You grab both of his hands and move them slowly up your sides and down again. You bite your lip and moan softly at the feel, never dropping his hands from yours. You stare into him and you use them again to move up you again, but this time you shove his hands under your shirt, closing your eyes as you feel his hands on your bare skin. You move them up your sides and then over to the front of your shirt, where you make them cup your breasts, you massage yourself with his hands a few times. Your eyes still closed, loving the feeling.

“Damn.” Daryl growled lowly as you made him caress you. He fucking loved the feeling of your skin underneath his hands.

You look down at him with a smile and drop your hands, allowing his hands to take over. He rubs his palms up and down your breasts, rubbing hard, and swirling his palms around both breasts. You lean back and ride him slightly, loving the feeling. His fingers pinch at your nipples a few times, causing you to shoot your head back and cry out to him, “Daryl!” You scream and rock into him.

He smirks, watching what he does to you, and his hands start massaging your skin faster and harder.

“Yes!” You cry out again, lost in pleasure.

Suddenly his hands move down to your stomach, rubbing it harshly for a few moments before moving them to small of your back. He rubs your skin all over as he watches you writhe in pleasure on top of him.

You slowly move your hips down so that your core is lined up with his, as you grind on top of him. You feel how hard he is and you snap your eyes to him in reaction. You move your hands up and down his chest a few times before moving one of them down to his pants, you force your hand underneath your bodies and palm his throbbing dick from outside his jeans.

He stares into you as you do this, growling like a wild animal. You stare back at him and smile at his reaction.

“Do you want me, Daryl?” You ask, cocking your head to the side and staring at him as you palm him.

He licks his lips and moves his hands to your hips, gripping them tightly, as he nods. “Yeah.” He says shortly, trying to control himself from pinning you down right then and there.

You smile and lean back down, moving your hand, to kiss him. Before you touch his lips again, you peer into his eyes and say, “I want you to make love to me, Daryl.” You say sweetly and take his lips back into yours for another long, slow kiss.

He moans into your mouth, in response to your words. His hands move your hips up and down into him as you ride him, making love to his mouth. He pulls his lips away and looks up at you softly for a moment, pulling the hair away from your face and tucking it behind your ear.

“Are you sure, Y/N? We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do…” He asked concerned that it would be taking advantage of you.

You smile at his sweetness and caress the sides of his face with your hands,

“You are so sweet… I’m sure. I want you all over me…” You say running your hands up and down his face faster as you feel him grow harder underneath you.

Daryl nods and smiles, he softly pushes you back to your original position over him, and stares up at you. He moves his fingertips to the bottom hem of your t-shirt and begins to dance them along the sides, sticking his fingers underneath, rubbing your bare skin ever so slightly.

You close your eyes, feeling goosebumps explode suddenly all over your body at his touch. He growls a little as he feels them too, because of his touch.

You stare back down at him and reach your hands down, grabbing the hem of the shirt and pulling it over your head, throwing it on the ground next to the bed. You rock your hips into him a little and feel the cool air hit your exposed breasts.

“You are so beautiful.” He says, staring in awe for a moment before bringing his hands up to caress your breasts again.

“Daryl…” You cry out as he caresses you, rubbing his palms around your breasts over and over again.

He groans at the sight of you crying out in pleasure at his touch and writhes up into your core harder.

You slam your hips down onto his harder, in response, making him groan.

He moves his hands off your breasts and they run back down to your hips, pushing you into him a little harder, before moving his hands to the middle you our stomach. He rubs the skin slowly and looks up at your reaction. You bite your lip and close your eyes, needing to feel him just a little further down, you rock your hips into him and feel his fingers pop open the button and unzip your zipper.

You open your eyes and look down at him longingly, begging him with your eyes. He smiles and moves one of his hands down into your pants, rubbing along your pussy, which is soaking wet through your panties. He moans a little at how wet you are, looking at you completely turned on now.

He licks his lips and moves his fingers up and down your folds a few times over your panties a few times before forcing his fingers underneath the fabric. He moves his fingers down and thrusts one into you.

“Yes!” You moan and look at him, still begging. He thrusts his finger into you a few times, before thrusting in another, seeing how much you love him being inside you.

You stare at him as you rock onto his fingers, his palm begins to put pressure on your clit, as he rubs it up and down your pussy harder and harder, as his finger thrust into you. He groans a little, trying to push his hand into your pants further, he is unsuccessful. He retracts his hand and you look down at him sadly.

He smirks a little and grabs your hips, twirling both your bodies over, so that you are laying on the bed and he is now leaning over you.

You run your hands up his chest outside his shirt. “Take this off.” You complain, needing to feel his skin under your fingers. He leaned back on his knees, inside your open legs, and ran his fingers down to the bottom of his shirt, he crisscrossed his arms and pulled the shirt easily over his head, using his big, muscular arms. You gasped a little as he revealed his big strong chest and broad shoulders. You absentmindedly run your fingers up and down your stomach, getting more turned on by the sight of him.

He leaned his body back even further and jumped to his feet at the bottom of the bed. He grabbed your ankles down so that you were laying flat and he began to tug at the bottom legs of your jeans. You lifted your ass up, to help him, and he pulled the fabric off your body, leaving you only in your soaked panties.

“So fucking beautiful.” He said to himself, staring at your nearly naked body on his bed.

He slowly pushed your ankles up again, and spread your legs apart using his big, strong hands. He kneeled down in between your legs on the bed, he looked up at you and saw you touching yourself as you watched him. He looked back down and focused his eyes on your aching wet pussy.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, Y/N.” He says, staring down at your core, licking his lips.

You run your hand up to your breast and cup it, pleasuring yourself and thinking about how good he is making you feel. You arch your hips up at his words and he growls a little.

“So good…” He says and he slowly lowers his head down to your pussy.

He moves his tongue slightly up and down your folds, outside your panties, making you cry out and arch up into his face. He does it again and then swirls his tongue up you your clit where he plunges his big tongue down onto it and sucks and swirls around it.

“Oh Daryl!” You cry out and massage yourself harder.

He sucked and swirled on your clit a few more times before pushing himself off the bed again. He grabbed your ankles and pulled your body down the bed, so that your legs were hanging over the bed and your ass was at the bottom of it. He nudged your legs apart and stared at you for a moment, before reaching both his hands onto the sides of your panties.

“Let’s get these off.” He says to you and you arch you your ass off the bed, allowing him to pull them off and down your legs. He pulls them off you very slowly, gently tracing his fingertips along the outside of your thighs as he does, until he reaches your ankles. He gently pushes the fabric down to the ground, letting them fall with gravity. He traces his fingertips all the way back up your thighs and you moan out to yourself, loving the feeling of his touch. His fingers trace their way over to your knees and pull them apart.

You open your legs to him and you feel his big, strong hands take one of your legs and prop it on his shoulder. You can feel his soft hair tickling the inside of your thigh as he leans down and slowly plunges his tongue into your glistening pussy.

“God! Yes!” You cry out loudly again.

He plunges his tongue in and out of you a few times, wiggling the tip of his tongue up toward your clit a little as he does. Causing you to cry out to him again. He darts his tongue into and begins to wildly swirl it all around inside you, as he moves in deep circular motion. He looks up at you and sees you have your eyes closed and have both hands on your breasts, pulling them into you harshly.

“Mmmm.” He growls into you, creating a vibration inside you, and making you feel so good.

His tongue moves up and down as he swirls around inside you over and over. He moves on of his hands up your inner thigh and slowly pressed his palm into your clit, moving it up and down for a moment.

“Baby!” You cry out and buck into his face, feeling yourself so close to feeling everything you wanted to.

He moans at your words, he loved you calling him that. He moved his hand down and took his lips out of you, kissing the side of your thigh sweetly a few times, before bringing his hand over and tracing his fingers down your folds a few times before shoving one inside you. He begins to thrust his index finger into you over and over, watching as you rock your hips down into him over and over. He thrusts another inside you, thrusting his fingers into your pussy as you rock onto his fingers in pleasure.

“Baby! Please, don’t stop!” You cry out in pleasure, rocking your hips faster, feeling so ready for release.

“Cum for me baby.” He says with a growl and slams his lips back onto you clit. Sucking on it harshly and swirling his tongue around it, as his fingers darted in and out of you.

You bend your leg on his shoulder and pull his head into your pussy as hard as you can, loving the feeling of his fingers fucking you. He flicks his tongue over your clit a few times and starts to swirl his tongue around it faster and faster, with each pass putting more pressure onto it. He slams his fingers into you and sucks and swirls on your clit.

“Right there!” You cry out and grab your breasts, harshly pulling at your nipples, as his tongue fucks you.

His speed and intensity increase even more and he swirls around and around, he flicks your clit a few more with his tongue and feels your hips arch up and tense up as you cum all over his thrusting fingers.

“Yes!!” You cry out, climaxing hard.

He sucks hard and slow onto your clit, prolonging your high.

“Fuck! Daryl!” You cry out in surprise and rock your hips into his lips harder.

He groans at the sight of you cumming for him and he pulls up his fingers, moving his lips back down to your folds and plunging his tongue into you again and laps up your cum. He licks and swirls around inside you and gathers all he can find.

“That feel so good.” You say breathlessly as his tongue swirls around inside your pleased pussy.

He pulls his tongue out after a minute and kisses the side of your thigh gently again, sucking on it a little.

You drop your leg from his shoulder and look down at the gorgeous man in between your thighs, dangling your feet. He looks up at you and smiles. He slowly moves up your body, leaving little kisses up your stomach, your breasts, your neck, your cheek, until he plunges his tongue back inside your mouth, and taking your tongue on another adventure.

His lips play with yours as his hands come up underneath his body and rub their way up your stomach to your breasts. He takes both of them in his hands and begins to rub them roughly, making you moan out into his mouth, as he swirls around inside you.

After a moment he detaches his lips again and looks down at you, still rubbing your breasts with his hands. He stares down into you, with piercing lustful eyes. He fucking loved the feel of you cumming for him, his dick throbbed in his pants as he rubbed his hands on your breasts, flicking your nipples.

You stare up at him, loving the feeling of everything about him. You try and bring your legs up to wrap them around him, but gravity won’t allow it, so they dangle helplessly, toward the ground.

“You are so beautiful when you call out my name, Y/N.” He growls, still rubbing on you. You again try and raise your legs to him futile, as you stare him down, wanting to feel him inside you. He notices your legs twitching underneath him and he moves his hands from your skin and props himself up over you, in a push-up stance.

“Scoot up.” He said lowly and you quickly scooted up the bed, eagerly awaiting what was to come. Your head hit the headboard and you laughed a little at yourself.

Daryl slide his body back down the bed and to the floor, standing at the foot of the bed again. You laid on the bed, your legs swaying back and forth, as you watched him reach for the button to his pants. His fingers popped it open and unzipped the black denim jeans. He took one of his hands and slowly reached inside his pants, pulling out his huge cock. He moaned a little when he took himself in his hand and then let go long enough to wiggle the pants down to the ground. He kicked them behind him, roughly, and then looked back at you. You were biting your lip, looking at him like he was the only thing in the world.

You stare down at his big cock that he holds in his hands. You lick your lips and arch your hips up a little at the sight of it, your pussy already soaking wet again for him.

He stares you down as you look at his cock, “All for you…” He growled and eye fucked you from the end of the bed.

You bite your lip harder and open your legs to him, “Come here.” You say in a soft, lustful voice.

He lets go of himself and stares you down as he climbs up to your naked, awaiting body. He walks up your sides like a jungle cat ready to pounce and your breath quickens as you feel his naked body come so close to you. You heart races and every cell in your body feels more alive the closer he comes to you.

He climbs up until both of his rippled arms are propped up on either side of your head. His chest heaves above yours and you feel his hard cock throbbing on the inside of your leg. You stare up at him and caress his cheek, softly staring in awe at him for a moment.

He leaned into your hand and nuzzled it a moment, before turning to kiss it shortly. He turned back to your eyes and slowly lowered his head and thrust his tongue into your mouth, pushing his tongue in harshly, making more room for him. He swirled his tongue around inside your mouth and you darted yours after his, trying to keep up with his intensity. He sucked and swirled his tongue around yours faster and faster, until he accidentally bit you in the process.

You moan out into his mouth and arch your hips up in response. He stares down at you and begins to swirl his tongue around yours even faster. He then takes your tongue in his lips and slowly sucks down it, pulling his tongue out of you.

“Baby…” You say breathlessly, your breasts heaving up into his chest. You move your hands up and down the sides of his body and slowly around and down his back. You rub his skin roughly, wanting to feel all of it you could.

“I need you.” You say, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

He stares you down, loving how much you wanted him, he kisses you shortly on the lips and slowly lowers one of his hands back down your bodies, until it reaches his dick. He grabs himself into his hand again and groaned a little as he pumped up it slowly a few times, causing it to grow even bigger.

Your hands rub around his back, over to his chest where you rub on him up and down, with more intensity each time.

“I need you too.” He said and guided his cock over to your awaiting pussy. You open your legs farther for him and stare into his eyes above you as you feel the tip of his dick run its way up and down your folds, slightly entering you. You shoot your head back in pleasure, arching your hips up, trying to force him inside you.

He smiles and leans down to pull your lips back into his. As his tongue swirls around you, you feel his cock run up and down your pussy a couple more times and then feel him push himself inside you, slowly filling you with the biggest cock you have ever had. You moan and groan into his mouth, feeling both pleasure and pain as his pushed himself into you, to the hilt.

His head shoots back and out of your mouth as his cock plunges into you.

“So fucking tight.” He moaned to himself, with his eyes closed.

You look up at him and watch him as he pulls a little out of you again, and then slowly pushes into you again, this time slamming his hips up a little, causing your body to bounce.

“Fuck!” You cry out and arch your hips up to meet his, loving the feeling of his big cock inside you.

He looks back down at you, hearing your reaction. He pushes into you again, this time a little faster, and hits into you a few times, watching as you bounce with his cock.

“You like that, Y/N?” He asked thrusting in and out of you slowly.

You look at him and moan, “You feel so good!” You cry out a little and he smirks.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, Y/N.” He said lowly and he began to slam his cock inside you, faster with each thrust.

His hands reached up so that they gripped the headboard, giving him more traction to push into you. He watched as you cry out over and over to him as he slams into your pussy.

“Wrap your legs around me, baby.” He said breathlessly as he fucked you.

You comply and wrap your legs around his waist, digging your heels into his back.

“Fuck!” He cries out, closing his eyes for a moment, feeling you pushing him into you.

You arch your hips up into his, thrusting onto his cock, finding his rhythm. He looks down at you, eye fucking you again, as you fuck him just as hard back. You rock and arch up onto his cock and he slams down into you over and over. You can feel the groan of the headboard squeaking back and forth as Daryl’s hands grip into it as he slams into you.

You stare up into him as you rock onto him, concentrating on his rhythm. You ride his cock and put pressure down on your clit as you arch up, trying to hit It over and over. He groans a little feeling you slam your clit onto him. He begins to thrust faster and with more urgency, making your body bounce up and down, you hit the headboard over and over as a result, but feel nothing but pure pleasure as he fucks you, hard.

“Take it, baby!” He said growling down at you as he watches your body and your breasts bounce up and down as you ride his cock, loving every minute of him inside you. You cry out to him and close your eyes, loving the feeling of him fucking you.

“Yes! Right there!” You cry out as he slams into you and swirls his hips around, putting pressure on your clit.

He smirked as he watched you cry out, he does it again and adds it to the rhythmic pattern you are creating.

“You like when my cock fucks you?” He asked slamming into you harshly loving to watch as you ride his cock in pure bliss.

Your eyes shoot open and you look up at him and nod rapidly. “Yes! Don’t stop.” You say with urgency, letting him know you were getting close.

He growled and his pace picks up. He fucked you into the headboard harshly, slamming in and out of you, swirling his hips, and putting pressure on your clit. He noticed your legs trying to hold him inside you as he slammed into you, he knew you were close. He looked down at you and saw your eyes closed and your head thrashing back and forth, licking your lips, and moaning to yourself.

He concentrated and continued his pace, he slammed his cock into you, holding himself in you for a moment and hitting your clit long and hard. He did this over and over until he saw your eyes shoot up and your head shoot back as you exploded onto his cock.

“Yes! Daryl!!” You cry out, looking up at him as you cum all over him.

You arch your hips up and down grinding your body onto his roughly, as you ride out your high. Daryl thrusts into you as far as he can go and stops, putting all the pressure he can on your pussy.

“Fuck Yes!!” You cry out, digging your nails into his back at the feeling.

“Yes, baby!” You cry out again as he slams into you one more time, again, holding himself.

Daryl groaned and whimpered a little at the feel of you cumming over his cock.

Your breathing is heavy as you come down, your sweat covered body ached in pleasure as you ride out your high. You look into Daryl’s eyes gratefully and arch your hips up into him a few times, showing him that it was his turn.

He groans, his eyes rolling back in his head a little, feeling you rocking onto his cock that made you feel so good. He stares down at you and just starts going wild inside you, slamming you into the headboard harder and harder as he slammed his cock into you. He thrusts into you wildly, going faster than the speed of light, he moans and groans as he stares down at you while he fucks you. He looks down at your bouncing breasts and up to your eyes as you stare up needily at him. His hips rocks into you, slowing a little, and then picking up speed again. He begins to thrust short and wildly fucking you into the headboard as he explodes inside you.

“Fuck!! Y/N!” he cries out, shooting his head back and closing his eyes as he holds himself into you, cumming all over inside you. You wrap your legs tighter around him, clenching your pussy a little over his cock, causing him to whimper in pleasure.

“Damn!” He cries out to himself and hits into you a few more times as you prolong his high.

His heaving body falls down on top of yours and he lays his head on your shoulder for a moment, trying to regain his breathing. Your sweat covered bodies heave breathlessly together as you wrap your arms around him. You unwrap your legs and let your legs fall to the sides of his body, in exhaustion. Your hearts beat rapidly together for a few minutes as you lay there together, with him still inside you.

After a while, your breathing returns to normal and you both come back down to earth. Daryl lifts his body up again, pulls out of you and lays on his back beside you, still soaking in the experience. He looked over at you and smiles a playful smile you had never seen from him, it was fucking gorgeous.

You smile back and lean over to him plant your mouth on his again, lovingly swirling your tongue around his a few times before pulling your lips away and looking up at him. You caress his cheek softly and stare into him in awe.

His eyes soften when he sees your face looking at him in a way he was sure he’d never seen. He reaches back over and pulls you into his lips for a long passionate kiss, before detaching his lips, and peering into your eyes again. His eyes roamed over your almost healed face, looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing in the world, and to him you were. He rubbed the side of your face with his thumb and smiled softly at you.

“I’m never gonna let anyone hurt you ever again.” He said softly before pulling you in for another kiss.

That night you fell asleep in the arms of Daryl Dixon, in the arms of a man like none other you had known, a man you hoped you’d fall asleep next to every night for the rest of your life…


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Chivalry // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer wants to propose to Reader but is scared because he doesn’t know what Hotch will say due to the fact that the reader is his daughter.

Requested by: @madlittlecriminal

Falling in love with you had been easy. Spencer’s heart had simply melted into the palm of your hands after your loving gestures; the way you always reminded him to eat during tough cases. The way you’d stay with him until he’d fallen asleep, often in comfortable silence until his light snores floated to reach you. The way your smile never wavered, the way your hugs actually felt like home to him instead of creating a sense of discomfort.

Loving you had come naturally. He looked forward to seeing you, to spending countless hours wrapped up in warm blankets and drinking coffee as you sat watching the latest groundbreaking documentary together. That sparkle in your eyes whenever you caught sight of him made him feel as if he’d found himself lost in a romance novel where the two characters had been built for each other, as if made from the same constellations and dancing around each other as naturally as the universe compelled them to.

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Gajevy Week 2017 - Day 4 - Trouble Twins

“C’mon! They’re supposed to be just in here!”

Shutora’s voice was hushed as they crept through the empty apartment. Getting in had been easy with the shadow magic they had been practising with their father, much easier than they had expected anyway. The door had opened to a large living space, a kitchen to the left and four doors across the large living room in the middle. The door to the far left was their aim, and they made their way to the goal. The whole apartment was filled with the scent of it’s occupants, along with the various visitors. They obviously entertained often because the twins had trouble discerning individual scents even with their heightened sense of smell. With one hand on the door Yaje took a deep breath, before slowly opening it and stepping inside.

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(A/N): I just thought this would be cute but as I was writing it I realized it was significantly less cuter than I thought it was going to be…

Summary: Sebastian alludes to the fact he’s got someone back home, aka (Y/N)

Warnings: Maybe some swearing

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   "So Sebastian, many of your fans would love to know if you’re single,“ Anthony chuckles at the question, knowing just how damn desperate all the girls out there were for this answer.

    "Uh- I’m actually not,” Sebastian smiles a bit, his eyes sparkling in a soft fashion. “I’ve got someone back in New York," 

    "What?” Anthony looks at him, a disbelieving smile on his face. “No way, Seb’s no longer a single Pringle?”

    “I haven’t been a single Pringle for months,” Seb smiles, one corner of his mouth twitching upwards. 

    “Can you tell us about this mystery person then?” The interviewer asks, clearly eager to get a scoop. 

    “Yeah I wanna know too,” Anythony adds in, giving his full attention to Seb. “Didn’t even tell me you had someone back home,” he grumbles making Seb laugh just a bit. “Freakin’ bullshit," 

    "Well, they’re gorgeous for starters, absolutely stunning, the funniest person you’ll ever meet, so kind too, um-" 

    "I hope you don’t mind me Interrupting but can you tell us their name?" 

   "Yeah, their name is (Y/N),” Seb smiles, an almost find look overtaking his features.

    “And how long have you guys been dating for?" 

    "A year, almost a year and a half,”

    “What the hell?” Anthony smacks his hand down on his chair, a mock anger coursing through his veins. “Why didn’t I know about this?" 

    "I don’t know,” Sebastian shrugs, “you never asked,”

    “Oh, I’m pissed,” Anthony turns back to the reporter, seething just a bit. “I’m real pissed,” The reporter chuckles, smiling as well.

    “So, have the two of you talked about getting serious, settling down, having kids?" 

    "Yeah, yeah we have, we’ve both waiting for the right moment for everything but we’ve talked about that kind of stuff,”

    “How did you guys meet? I’m so curious about this mystery person,” the interviewer smiles, leaning forward onto her elbows to get a better look at the two.

    “Well, I actually met them at some Starbucks in LA, they were studying there and I just fell head over heels for them instantly," 

    "So, is this person living with you?” Seb nods, smiling once again.

    “Yeah, we’ve got this apartment in New York that we’ve been staying in for a few months,”

    “Wow, this must be one lucky person,”

    “No, I always feel like the lucky one, like I’ve landed this amazing, wonderful human being who, y'know, actually likes me,” The reporter and Anthony smile fondly, each of them making their own “awwing” noise. 

    “Look at that,” Anthony pets Seb’s arm. “Sebastian’s getting all sentimental. But when can I meet this person? Like, a year and a half? What the hell man?” Seb laughs, raising his hands in mock defeat. 

    “We had never discussed coming out about our relationship is all," 

    "But now that it is out can we expect to see this (Y/N) with you more often?" 

   "Oh yeah, expect them at every event, every premiere, every photo you see of me (Y/N)’s gonna be in there too,”

    “Well, I sure hope I can interview the two of you together, that’d be tons of fun,” Seb laughs, nodding his head. 

    “Well, hopefully we can," 

    "But like- I get to meet them first right?” Anthony asks, his tone only slightly hurt. 

    “I will bring them around if you stop asking, yes,”

    “Yessss,” Anthony hisses, smirking to himself in victory.

    “Well boys, I think that’s all the time we have for today, it was so great talking to you two and I hope I can have the pleasure of interviewing you guys again,” With that conclusion (Y/N) clicks out of the video, smiling softly at Seb’s words. 

   In only a few hours time he’s be home from filming one of his various projects and (Y/N) would be more than happy to kiss his lips and tell him that they were the luckiest son of a bitch this world had ever seen.


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Taemin foreplay smut. Based off his song Sexuality.

Lost in the sunrise, you gazed at the calm beach before you in the early hours of the day, trying to relive the evening before as the waves of the ocean met and parted the sand softly. It seemed like a dream; staring at the curves of the sand on which you and Taemin made love on the night before. Flashbacks of the way his hands moved slowly up your thighs whilst his plump lips brushed your neck made your spine shiver and it was like Taemin could read your mind as you heard the wooden boards beneath you creak. The wind blissfully blew his brassy blond hair as he came out on to the deck from the beach house in nothing but a towel around his waist; his adorable sparkling eyes were still sleepy. You wondered how he always looked so perfect.

 “Reminiscing, baby?”

 Taemin wrapped his arms around you, his warmth protecting you from the nipping morning breeze. You took one last look at the beach before facing him. 

“Something like that.”

 You uttered quietly, not being able to help your eyes from admiring his body. 

“Mmm it was a good night. I slept like a baby, although when I woke up for a drink, you weren’t there. I missed you.”

 You bowed your head, finding it hard to concentrate when you looked in to his sparkling eyes.

 “Sorry… I couldn’t fall asleep for some reason.” 

You felt Taemin’s finger tilt your chin up. He looked so serious; it wasn’t like him. 

“You don’t regret it, right?” 

He questioned, anxiety making his jaw tense. “What?” You questioned, before letting out a giggle at Taemin’s insecurity. 

“Of course I don’t.” 

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, showing him you still felt the magic you felt the night before. Taemin’s smile made the sun shine brighter. “I’m happy. I’ve never felt that way before…”

*The night before*

The boys had gone back to their beach house after the barbecue, leaving you and Taemin to splash in the last of the waves as the sun began to go down. There was a strange magnetism that had begun to pull you to him since the start of the holiday. Through the time you had spent with him, you couldn’t help but notice how he had grown from a cute maknae to a driven man who, no doubt, had his own sexual desires. As the two of you laid the towels down on the sand and sat down on them to relax, Taemin brought up the very topic you didn’t want to speak about. 

“Has something been on your mind?” 

He asked before squeezing some sun cream on his hands and rubbing it on his bare chest. You couldn’t help but stare as he teased you. Before he noticed you looking, you stared down at your feet. Your chest tensed up.

 “Uh, no. Why?”

 Yet all you could think about was his plump lips, his strikingly beautiful eyes, and his bulge when his swimming trunks got wet and clung to his body.

 “Turn, I’ll put some on your back.”

 He insisted. With your back facing him, you awaited his touch; the only fabric on you was your bikini bra and bottoms. The sun lotion was cold to the skin but it wasn’t the only thing making you shiver; his hands were so close to the sides of your breasts, it began to make you aroused.

 “I don’t know (Y/N). It’s like you’re always thinking about something…someone, maybe?”

 You bit down on your bottom lip anxiously. He was on to something.


You uttered, goosebumps spreading across your body as his fingertips ran up the spine of your back. 

“I hope so.” 

His hot breath tickled your ear. Suddenly, the attraction between you became blatantly obvious. Turning to him, his eyes had become glazed with burning desire and his lips were screaming for you to kiss them. Taemin began to move in closer, edging so dangerously close to your lips and you couldn’t help yourself; you couldn’t stand it any longer. It was nothing to be afraid of, sexuality. The moment your lips touched, your whole body became alive, charged with a sensual buzz. Taemin’s hands rested on your thighs as the kiss deepened; your tongues playing a cat and mouse game, his teeth tugging gently at your bottom lip. You couldn’t decide where to put your hands. First, they were running up his legs, then cupping his neck and then they were grabbing roughly at his hair like they had a mind of their own. Taemin groaned deeply in to kiss before laying you down on the towel and climbing on top of you; your lips still locked on his. Under the sunset, his lips caressed your neck, making you pant heavily. At his point, you didn’t care if anyone saw you; you wanted Taemin right there and then. With the sound of the waves crashing in the background, Taemin grabbed the thin fabric of the bikini top and dragged it down, revealing your breasts; your hard nipples to him. You gasped.


You moaned his name as he toyed with your nipples in his warm mouth, causing you to squirm under him. He tugged at your nipple with his teeth, making you cry out, almost loud enough for people to hear. Lost in your lust, you wrapped your legs around his back and began to rub your core against his ever growing erection. 

“You want this?”

 He asked, his eyes piercing your soul as he yanked his trunks off, showing his perfectly hard dick. Your mouth made an ‘o’, staring at his beautiful manhood; you couldn’t speak, lost for words. He was thick and longer than you thought. You nodded, your heart thumping hard, making your head dizzy.

 “Tell me. I need to hear it.” 

It was already too late to blush but you’d never been great with dirty talk. 

“Please. I want you Taemin. I want it.”

 You couldn’t take your eyes away from his impossibly flawless body. You grasped his shaft, making him grunt and began to pump it with your hand, watching it grow in your palm. His cock was as hard as steel and you could see in his wild eyes that he wanted to dominate you. Surprisingly, Taemin pinned your wrists down dominantly and began to kiss down your trembling body. Arching your back, you needed more and more of Taemin’s lips. You wondered how he could play your body like a puppet; he drove you wild with desire. Seductively, he let go of your wrists and began to pull your bottoms off frustratingly slowly; his kisses following every inch of skin that was revealed. Taemin put two of his slender fingers in front of you. 


 He instructed. It was such a different side to him. Usually he was so playful, so boisterous and now he was all deep and mysterious, smoulderingly sexy. Following his commands, you sucked his fingers, coating them in your saliva. The eye contact between you was burning hot; the foreplay was just the calm before the storm. Your pussy was already incredibly wet before he took his time, easing his lubricated fingers inside you. He began with one, letting you adjust to the feeling of having something inside you before adding the other, stretching you, preparing you for his cock.

 “Oh Taemin! That feels so good.” 

You whimpered, closing your eyes, trying to balance the pleasure but it was so strong.

 “Oh no, don’t you look away from me.”

 He stressed, tugging at your hair with his other hand. 

“Oh my god! Taemin, please.” 

You weren’t even sure what you were begging for anymore, just some sort of release as his fingers sent you in to a daze. He crushed his lips back against yours and worshipped your tongue with his, taking over your mouth hungrily as his fingers stimulated you.

 “Are you sure baby?”

 Taemin questioned, his eyes so serious like you were his conquest, his muse. 

“Please. Oh please Taemin. I want you so much.” 

You pleaded, running your fingers through his messy, boyish hair. Holding your hips strongly in his hands, he plunged himself forwards, his cock invading your core and claiming it at his.


You cried out, gritting your teeth together.

 “Wow. You feel incredible.”

 Taemin whispered in your ear, staying still; making you want him even more. You were going to combust if you didn’t get your fix of him. Underneath him, you gyrated your hips, desperately trying to feel him deeper. Taemin chuckled. 

“Patience Jagiya. I’m going to make love to you all night long. I’m not going to be able to get enough of you…you’re so beautiful.”

 Taemin took your hands in his, your fingers interlocking to the sound of the calm water, the sun almost down and started to move slowly, building up the earth shattering orgasm you needed. You had no clue just how much pleasure he was about to give you.


“You were amazing Taemin… you’re amazing.” 

It was so difficult not to get lost in his heavenly eyes that stared so deeply in to yours. 

“I want to introduce you to the guys as my girlfriend. Is that okay?” 

Taemin enquired, holding you so warmly.

 “Is that you asking me to be your girlfriend?” 

You giggled. It turned out that Taemin was struggling with his words too. He grinned that grin that you were beginning to fall for so much and nodded. You couldn’t help but smile up to your ears, bubbling with joy. 

“Then the answer is yes.”

 Within milliseconds, the lack of sleep hit you, causing you to yawn loudly.

 “Do you want to go back to sleep with me, my sexy boyfriend?”

 Taemin smirked.

 “Not until I get to use the bed for the other thing it’s used for.” 

He swept you off your feet, making you squeal and laugh loudly. It was a holiday you’d never forget.

Jensen was never big on tattoos, he didn’t mind them but he never saw the appeal of them.

Then he met Jared and that all changed. 

Jared with his sunshine smile and eyes that sparkled, Jensen feel head over heels for him and when Jared turned that love nothing could make him happier. 

But Jared also brought out Jensen’s possessive and protective side, he hated seeing Jared hurt in any way. 

“Come on. I think you would look so hot with it. Certain fans already think you have one.” Jensen whispered against Jared’s ear as he trailed his hands down Jared’s body. 

A tiny breathless whimper escaped Jared’s lips as Jensen continued to tease him. “Jensen, where would I even put it?” Jared asked once he forced himself to think. 

A wicked grin crossed Jensen’s face as his one hand reached out and squeezed Jared’s partly covered ass. “I think here would be a good place.” 

A huff escaped Jared’s lips. “I don’t think getting ‘Property of Jensen Ackles’ tattooed on my ass is going warn people off.” Jared pointed out. Letting out a small laugh Jared twisted around enough so that he could kiss Jensen’s pouting mouth, “I guess you will just have to be your usually possessive and protective self and warn all my suitors off. This way they won’t have to see me naked.”