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I Want You to be Safe

Hey there, you lovely people!  

Because General Hoff is my new favorite thing (and can there really be too much General Hoff? LOL I think not). Sooo I had to write a fic about it (and Hiccstrid), of course!

Shoutout to @dragonlovertr for this idea and also being the one I send all my rough drafts to LOL. What would I ever do without you, girl? <3 

Also, there is a scene in here that I based off of @tarched new and AMAZING General Hofferson fanart. Thanks for letting me use it, buddy! 

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Hope you guys enjoy this! 

Astrid strode out of the Haddock house and wrapped her arms around herself. Winter was officially here and it was getting colder by the minute. 

She walked down the many steps that led into the village and began searching for the new chief. The girl strolled past buildings and houses that were finally rebuilt. There was still some ice here and there, but Berk was finally starting to look like it used to…before Drago Bludvist. 

As she made her way through the village, some of the fellow Vikings smiled at her and some gave her an annoyed look. Change was difficult for some. So, losing their chief and getting used to a new one was hard for many. She was getting the same looks now, with the announcement of her new role. It didn’t bother Astrid at all, not like it seemed to trouble Hiccup. She would tell him not to worry, that it will take time to earn their trust. He would agree but she could tell it still ate at him a little. 

The girl spotted Eret heading up to the Great Hall. 

“Eret!” Astrid called from the bottom of the steps.  

He turned around, “Astrid?” 

“Have you seen Hiccup?” 

Eret stood in thought for a moment, his hand on his chin, “I think the last time I saw him, he was flying down to the docks.” He pointed in the direction, like Astrid wouldn’t know where the docks were. 

“Thanks!” Astrid turned back around and headed that way. 

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Guys. GUYS!!!!

So EverythingGeek have just had a podcast with Art and Doug, and someone created a summup on Berk’s Grapevine!!!


First a couple of episode names:

Gruff Around the Edges - very comedic, focuses on Gruffnut (who is most likely the Tuffnut-lookalike from the trailer!)
Twintuition - the twins think they have developed psychic powers and start predicting the actions of the others
Dire Straits - introduces the Submaripper
Gold Rush - the dragon riders work to get back Berk’s gold
The Longest Day - takes place on the week of midnight sun, when the sun doesn’t set for an entire week, which means we get to see the riders very sleep-deprived; this is also the same episode where Hiccup and Toothless are stranded together on an island and cornered by a new dragon
Midnight Scrum - focuses on several different villains all trying to hunt Hiccup down
Shell Shocked - introduces the Shellfire (or Shell Fire?) dragon and sounds like it’s going to be a two-parter

And then they also talked about the Dragon Eye for a bit, and mentioned that the way the dragon riders find it again is going to be very unique.

Futher more:

-the dragon Hiccup and Toothless meet when they’re stranded on the island is huge, and carries other dragons on its wings
-we can look forward to “a first” with Hiccup and Astrid, taking place in an episode called Blindsided (I think that’s what they said, the connection was a bit choppy) that’s the third to last episode in the season and they say it’s well worth the wait
-new species called Fire Terrors that live on Defenders of the Wing island
-the Triple Stryke will be returning

-we can look forward to “a first” with Hiccup and Astrid, taking place in an episode called Blindsided (I think that’s what they said, the connection was a bit choppy) that’s the third to last episode in the season and they say it’s well worth the wait

it’s well worth the wait



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Hiccstrid are you flirting with me

“Wait,” Hiccup said, stopping in his tracks and putting his hands up in front of him in a ‘pause’ manner. “Are you flirting with me?”

Though his tone was incriminating and accusatory, there was no denying the note of amusement–and confusion–that it held. Coupled with the glint in his eyes as he lifted an eyebrow… As a result, Astrid couldn’t help but cautiously slide her gaze toward Hiccup as he looked at the other viking they were conversing with.

The viking, who was from a completely foreign tribe.

That they just so happened to come across during one of their mapping expeditions.

…Who was also so obviously hitting on Hiccup.

She couldn’t blame the girl. When a mysterious, handsome, green-eyed dragon rider with a charming smile swoops into your village, trying to catch his eye was a pretty reasonable way to respond.

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New day, new prompt: This is all your fault.

Set in the cannon universe.

“This is all your fault!”

Astrid was covered in mud, clutching an equally muddy lamb.

“My fault?” Hiccup laughed. He watched as Astrid dropped the lamb back in its pen and stormed over.

“Yes, Haddock. All your fault!” Astrid tried to brush the drying mud from her clothing. “You had to go and kiss me in front of the entire village. Now they assume I’m your second-in-command-“

“You kind of are-“

Astrid glared at her boyfriend.

“You announced our relationship to the entire world, now they come to me asking for the stupidest things.”

“Our relationship was the worst kept secret on Berk.” Hiccup reminded her.

“Yeah, well, people were never asking me to rescue their sheep before then. Bryn can rescue her own Thor damned sheep! I have other things to do.” There was a smudge of dirt across her forehead.

“Come here you.” Hiccup pulled Astrid over. He cupped her cheek with one hand and with a calloused thumb, brushed away the smudge. “Welcome to my world, Milady.”

“How do you find time to do it all?”

“I don’t.” Hiccup threw an arm around Astrid’s waist and they made their way back to their dragons. “If you try to do everything, you’ll burn yourself out and you’ll still have people angry at you for not doing the thing they wanted. I learned that the hard way.”


“I know,” Hiccup sighed. “Dad made it all look so easy.”

They had reached the grassy hill where Toothless and Stormfly were basking in the weak winter sunlight, though neither Viking was quite ready to return to the village and the demands of their new roles.

Finding a dry patch of grass, Hiccup sat. He watched as Astrid tried to brush more of the dirt from her skirt and leggings. It clung to the fur of her boots, cracking and crumbling as she stomped her feet.

“Are you sure this is the life you want?”

Astrid looked up from her task.

“Babe, I am covered head to toe in mud. This is not how I pictured my morning.” Giving up, she sat down on the grass.

“Hiccup, we always knew this was going to happen.” Astrid reconsidered her words. “We always knew that one day you would become Chief, not this way-“ it was still a difficult subject, even after a month. It would always be a difficult subject. “-but it was going to happen… some day… somehow… it was going to happen. You becoming Chief, me beside you, that was always part of the plan.”

“I just didn’t think we’d be doing it on our own.” Hiccup picked a blade of grass, twisting it through his fingers and tying it in knots.

“We’re not doing it on our own,” Astrid told him. “We’ve got Gobber. He knows the ins and outs of the village. We’ve got Spitelout-“

Hiccup made a face.

“I know… but he was Stoick’s second-in-command. He knows what he’s doing.” Astrid plucked the grass away from Hiccup’s grip, using it to tickle his jaw.

He swatted her hands away, turning to face her and catch her hands.

“We’ve got your mum, and the dragon riders and we’ve got Eret and they’ll always have your back.” Astrid tried to tug her hands back. When that failed, a mischievous smirk crossed her features. She let her weight fall forwards, knocking them both over.

“Astrid- Wait- You’re getting mud all over-“

Astrid pulled her hands free and scrubbed them on Hiccup’s cheeks leaving dirty streaks on the laughing Viking’s skin.

The two dragons noticed the Vikings rolling on the grass and came bounding over. Toothless’s lolling tongue dragged up Hiccup’s face, cleaning it of dirt but leaving a trail of drool.

Astrid covered her head with her arms to save herself from the dragon bath, laughing as Hiccup tried to wipe the sticky saliva from his skin.

“Thank you for that,” Hiccup tried to deadpan. He pushed the grinning dragon away and sat up.

Astrid rolled onto her knees, turning the conversation back to the previous subject. “I know what I’m getting into.” She reached up to Stormfly who was trying to groom the dirt out of her hair. “So even if I’m being hounded by every single villager who wants to complain about every tiny little thing… that’s okay… Still, this-“ Astrid gestured to her filthy clothing that was now matched by Hiccup’s grubby armour. “All. Your. fault.”

Hiccup stood and held out his hand. Astrid took it and let herself be pulled to her feet.

“You’re completely right Milady. How can I make it up to you?” Hiccup put his hands on Toothless’s saddle about to climb on.

“A bath would be amazing,” Astrid climbed onto Stormfly.

“Done,” Hiccup and Toothless launched into the air. “I will keep the hounds at bay for the rest of the afternoon.”

Astrid rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s dramatics.

Stormfly beat her powerful wings and they rose, heading back to Berk and the new challenges it brought every day.

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Turning away from watching the baby dragons play with the Alpha, you smile at Valka as she walks up to you … with a stranger. “Who’s this?” you ask, sizing up the handsome brunette man with entrancing green eyes.

“This,” Valka says, gesturing to the man, “Is my son, Hiccup.”

Your eyes widen, shocked, and Hiccup extends his hand out for you to shake. “Nice to meet you,” you say.

He smiles. “The pleasure is all mine.”

You blush slightly and turn back to Valka. “I didn’t know you had a son.”

She smiles and looks lovingly at Hiccup. “Well, I never thought my past would catch up to me.”

Seeing a flash of black behind Hiccup, you look around him, eyes widening at what you see. “Is that a night fury?”

Hiccup nods, stepping out of the way and scratching the back of his neck as the black dragon bounds forward with curious green eyes. “This is Toothless.”

You scratch Toothless’s head and look at Hiccup with wide eyes. “You trained him?”

He chuckles nervously, bringing his hand down to scratch the back of Toothless’s neck. “We sort of trained each other.”

You smile at him, both of you refusing to break I contact with the other. Valka smiles. 

HTTYD and Trollhunters crossover: Mixed Worlds Chapter 2


               I am so surprised by the feedback I got on this! 15 followers, reviews, and asks for more on tumblr. I mean, WOW! I hadn’t expected this story to get as many as 10 followers, seeing as how it is a crossover and those are never very popular.

               But seeing as how you all seemed to enjoy the first chapter, I thought I’d be nice and update sooner then what I originally planned! :D

               Jim gulped as the blue dragon dropped to the ground. Well- he assumed it was a dragon- seeing as how they seemed to be back in the time of dragons- but this one looked quite a bit different from Toothless, instead being a sky-blue color with two legs, being taller, bulkier, having a beak like snout and lots of spikes surround its head.

               But what made Jim do a double take was that there was a rider on this new dragon’s back. I mean, he could understand why Hiccup rode Toothless- he didn’t really have a choice given to the broken tailfin. Then again, it really shouldn’t’ve surprised Jim as much as it did that there was another dragon rider. It did seem like a very effective way to travel.

               The rider jumped down, and it was only then that Jim realized it was a female. He was about to step forward and introduce himself, but then her eyes caught his, and they narrowed harshly before she grabbed a HUGE, very sharp looking battle axe from the back of her dragon, holding it loosely in one hand, but looking, oh, so threatening.

               Jim gave a nervous laugh and took an involuntary step backwards, gulping when he realized that this blond could probably swipe his head right off in one quick swift movement, and he wouldn’t even see it coming. He backed into Claire, who by know was once again holding that stick, looking equally as fierce, but just not as… intimidating. A stick against a battle axe? Not much of a fight.

               “Uh… Astrid.” Hiccup said with a nervous chuckle. “You can- uh- put the axe away.”

               She glanced over at him, her eyes warming a bit as he said the words. She glanced back at Jim and the others, Toby huddling close to Claire’s side while hiding behind his paper bag.

               “But- you sent a distress signal-“

               “Toothless’s tailfin is broken.” Hiccup explained, waving a hand towards the black dragon; who by know was running about playfully with the other dragon, both chasing that same old butterfly.

               Astrid glanced back between Hiccup and the strangers, before nodding and lowering her axe. Jim breathed a sigh of relief, although he kept an eye on her, seeing as how she still had a hold on that axe. And she looked like she could still do some serious damage, even with only one finger on a weapon.

               Hiccup grabbed the blonds hand, pulling her towards Jim. They stopped before them, the two still holding hands, Astrid gripping her axe tightly in her free hand.

               “Jim, Claire, Toby, this is Astrid.” Hiccup introduced, looking fondly at the girl.

               Jim gave another nervous smile, laughing uncomfortably. “Uh- hey. I’m Jim.”

               Claire glared at the blond, shifting the stick in her hands. “Claire.”

               Toby peaked around the two, “I’m Tobias, but most call me Toby.”

               Astrid nodded to each of them, her eyes warming up to them- but only slightly. “So, who are you?” she asked. “Dragon hunters?”

               Again, Jim was confused. Dragon hunters? Were those similar to a Troll Hunter? And if so, why were these two so hostile towards them?

               “No.” Toby shook his head. “We’re Tr-“

               “Trying to find our way home!” Jim hurried to finish, giving Toby a warning look. He wasn’t certain they could trust these people with their secret. Trollhunters? Wouldn’t that sound rather suspicious?

               “So, you’re lost.” Astrid deduced, tossing her axe in the air and deftly catching it again, looking relaxed and calm- almost friendly. But the guarded look she wore denied that.

               “Um- yes.”

               Hiccup cleared his throat. “Yeah, about that, Astrid…”

               Astrid turned to look at him, her gaze unwavering as she silently told him to finish.

               Hiccup smiled nervously. “Uh, so… they’re actually kinda… they’re from the future.” He finished quickly. “They didn’t even know dragons existed until now. And I believe them, because they seemed beyond scared when Toothless found them. Besides, look at their cloths! And- and they have this weird… thing… that allows you to talk to someone from long distances.”

               Astrid looked puzzled, and she turned back to Jim and Claire. “Really? You’re from the future? How is that even possible?”

               Jim rolled his eyes and rubbed his neck, “Well, Blinky and all of us were in the Troll car, traveling back to another Troll Market, and somehow, he goofed up the travel system.”

               Claire waved her stick. “And also, if you try to hurt any of us.” Her eyes traveled over her friends.

               “I won’t.” Astrid replied, equally as firm. “Unless you threaten my friends or our dragons.”

               “So wait.” Jim interrupted the girl’s fight, “There’s more than just you two?”

               Hiccup nodded. “Yes. I mean, here there’s just me, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, and Ruffnut. But back on Berk, lots of people ride dragons. And Berserker Island, and even some on Outcast Island.”            

               Jim blinked in disbelief. “Wow, so… there are a lot of dragon riders.”

               Hiccup grinned. “Not too many. I can name all the ones who do, since it is rather difficult to allow a dragon to let you ride them.”

               Silence fell heavily and Jim’s eyes flitted from place to place, trying to find something to say. Claire stepped away from him, going to toss her stick in the woods before walking back, clapping her hands together to get rid of dust.

               “So…” Toby said casually. “Can we see your base?”

               Hiccup was already walking over to the dragons, stopping at Astrid’s to search through her saddle bags. “Yes.” Hiccup whispered happily as he pulled out a thing medal bar. “Toothless!” he called out, moving closer to the black dragon.

               While Hiccup was fixing the tailfin, Jim slipped his hand into his pants pocket, wrapping his fingers around the amulet to make sure it was still there. With all this crazy time-travel stuff, he wasn’t certain if it would stick with him. But, it was still there, and if it lasted this long, hopefully it would stay for the time they were in the time of dragons.

               “There.” Hiccup stated, stepping back and patting Toothless’s head happily. “Ready for the sky again, bud!”

               Astrid smiled at the two softly, making Jim assume that there was something between the boy and girl, which made him smirk to himself as well. Romance in the dragon age. Sounded like some fictional tv show you’d see on Netflix.

               “Ready?” Hiccup asked, turning to look back at Jim and his friends. Jim smiled nervously and nodded.

               “Um- yeah, I guess. But there’s three of us, and only two dragons…”

               Hiccup shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. Toothless can take two of you. Maybe Claire and you, and Toby can ride with Astrid.”

               Claire looked doubtful as she looked the smaller black dragon up and down.

               Hiccup laughed. “Seriously, my Dad- a 400 pound Viking- has ridden Toothless with me on him. He’ll be fine, especially for such a short flight.”

               Jim hesitated a moment longer before stepping forward and climbing up behind the saddle, his legs dangling in front of Toothless’s folded wings. Claire came next, climbing up behind him, her arms wrapping tightly around his waist, making his heart flutter oddly. It was still strange having her touch him.

               Hiccup was just about to climb on as well, but a little grunt from behind made him hesitate. Jim looked to where he glanced at, letting out a snort of laughter when he noticed that Astrid was struggling to help Toby aboard her dragon.

               “Er, here.” Hiccup offered, giving Toby’s behind a shove up towards Astrid. Toby practically rolled onto the dragon, coming to a stop when he flipped over onto his back.

               “I’m good!” he called out, lifting a hand in the air.

               “Okay.” Hiccup said, jumping up into the saddle, locking his feet/medal prosthetic into the pedals. “Ready to go?” He called behind him.

               Jim nodded and hung onto the saddle tightly while Claire tightened her arms around his stomach and buried her face into his shoulder. Toothless gave a little coo before jumping into the air, and they were flying.

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Princecup?  Princecup

Do you guys remember princecup?  @saracorinnelikesthis inadvertently reminded me that he exists, and she’s such a treasure trove of happy videos, that this had to happen.  Also, I forgot how fun this au is?  And maybe it’s because I’m in a super rom com place in my life but…I think I need more dumb but inevitable prince/security guard romance.  

Part 1 | Part 2 

(Part 1 is bolded because it’s smutty.  So at your own risk right there.)  

So, Hiccup isn’t stupid enough to whine about being a prince.  That’s a long and pathetic road full of dictators and less-successful assholes, and he’s not complaining anyway, that’s too strong of a word.  He just wishes that someone understood that being Crown Prince of Berk isn’t fun, most of the time.  Grand balls aren’t fun, they’re just an excuse for his father to trot him out in public like a show horse.  Charity events aren’t fun, they’re just a reminder of how much and how little power he has, simultaneously.  Someday, he’ll be able to sign anything he wants into law with a flick of a pen, but now all he can do is sit there in front of walls of cameras, looking glossy in tabloids and being judged on the front page of newspapers.  

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just wondering what you make of the scene in 'Gift of the night fury' where toothless breaks the new tail hiccup made for him? Could you analysize that please?

See also this analysis post about the tail breaking scene.

What is most important about this scene is that it demonstrates how much Toothless values Hiccup’s friendship and the time he spends with this friend. Earlier in Gift of the Night Fury, Toothless received a new tail which allowed him to fly on his own; he fully comprehended the freedom this new tail entailed, and he used it to fly off and locate Hiccup’s helmet. However, this scene shows that Toothless would rather not have a tail that allows him to fly on his own.

Hiccup wakes up the same manner he does every day: by Toothless pounding on the rooftop early in the morning. In a good mood, Hiccup steps outside, talking to Toothless… but cuts off in the middle of his sentence when he turns the corner and spies his dragon. This is the first view Hiccup gets of Toothless:

Toothless’ body language is clearly readable. Headplates are perked up. His back and neck are straight and poised. He’s on the tips of his feet. His eyes are extremely wide and attentively focused on Hiccup. At his feet is his saddle. Toothless is obviously indicating a desire to fly through the skies with Hiccup on his back.

Hiccup, however, does not understand all that Toothless means by this gesture. Hiccup understands that Toothless wants to fly with him, but the old saddle and tail rigging are now unnecessary. “Toothless, what’d you pull this out for?” Hiccup asks in an upbeat mood. “You don’t need this anymore. Come on, let’s get going.” At the same time, he pushes the old tail rigging aside and tries to mount on Toothless’ back.

As tiny as this detail is, I think it’s cool to note: Hiccup tries to push the old saddle away with his prosthetic leg. One of the elements Hiccup and Toothless share is a prosthetic body part: Toothless with his left tail fin, Hiccup with his lower left leg. Gift of the Night Fury demonstrates the limitations Hiccup has with his leg: though he can walk, it makes walking more hazardous because he will slip on patches of ice. Toothless has a similar limitation: he can fly, but he needs someone else to operate the tail fin. That is… until Hiccup creates the new tail.

Thus, Hiccup kicking away the old saddle and tail rigging is ironic… because Hiccup is using his own prosthetic limb to reject what has been Toothless’ prosthetic since they met. He’s kicking away what’s made them, in a way, more “balanced” and “equal”. 

It is to note Hiccup still wishes to continue the morning routines he has established with Toothless, flying together through the sea stacks. Hiccup has no intention of spending less time with Toothless, even if Toothless can now fly on his own. As Hiccup sees it, they can still fly together and have good bonding times regardless of Toothless’ new mobility. But Toothless does not let Hiccup mount on his back… because to Toothless… riding without the old rigging is a compromise of their quality time spent together.

Hiccup gets perplexed and frowns at Toothless. He and the dragon circle around, Toothless stepping just far enough away to prevent Hiccup from climbing on his back. Toothless continues to rotate around the saddle, indicating he wants to use that, instead. “Will you quit fooling around? You have your new tail now,” Hiccup says. He frowns, squints, and peers at his dragon. “Toothless?” At this point, Hiccup is starting to understand soooomewhere in the back of his mind. He’s starting to comprehend what his dragon wants… that his dragon wants to fly the old way, the one which first brought them together as dragon and rider. But it’s not soaked all the way in, and Toothless needs to do something else to gain Hiccup’s full comprehension.

It is at this point that Toothless looks down at the saddle, turns to look at his tail, and pauses. It is as though the dragon is comprehending the powerful meaningfulness of Hiccup’s gift. He understands that he can fly, just as before they met, through the skies unrestricted. There’s going to be deep emotion and nostalgia in that. But then Toothless makes very clear body language that this tail is nothing compared to his time with Hiccup. He doesn’t look at the tail, he stares straight at Hiccup, and at the same time unashamedly begins to bash the tail behind him.

You can tell Hiccup still doesn’t fully understand because his first instinct is to hold his hands forward, crouch down, and exclaim in shock, “Toothless! What are you doing?” Toothless gives a little moan in response and pulls the saddle in front of him with his teeth. He gives the biggest, widest, cutest, most begging eyes he possibly can.

And then you see Hiccup’s face. His own eyes wide with full understanding.

Toothless does not want to fly without Hiccup. Although this is how Toothless has flown the first two decades of his life, he doesn’t want to fly unrestricted anymore. To Toothless, flight itself has become an intimate moment shared between his dragon rider and him. Though a dragon is naturally unrestricted in flight, now Toothless cannot enjoy a life in which he doesn’t have someone on his back. He doesn’t want to fly with Hiccup when he has the new tail. He only wants to fly when it is a team effort - when the two of them together navigate through the skies.

And this is so, so, so powerful. Toothless is willing to live without an experience uninjured dragons have… because he has come to associate flying with his best friend. Hiccup is so valuable that even a basic life function of dragons - flying - is something he has to do with his best friend. That’s powerful. That’s REALLY deep friendship.

And that’s why this moment is so meaningful between Hiccup and Toothless.

HTTYD ~ Burning Midnight Coda

Just a small oneshot taking place after HTTYD2 and after the brand new, ten pages long comic called “Burning Midnight” we got last week. I’m actually not completely satisfied with how it turned out but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.


Once the riders got their dragons free, they were able to defeat their foes in a matter of minutes.

Nobody could argue that Valka’s profound knowledge of dragons proved to be especially helpful in those sticky situations.

Flying straight away back to Berk was, however, downright impossible at the moment – their home island was too far and the dragons simply too exhausted to endure such a long flight.

Thus, when Fishlegs suggested travelling to a nearby, isolated island that had seemed rather peaceful when they’d flown by its shores earlier that day, all the riders unanimously agreed without a second’s hesitation – something Fishlegs himself was, admittedly, not exactly used to.

They soon landed on a smooth plateau that seemed comfortable enough for both dragons and riders. Setting up camp was an easy task since everyone knew what they had to do.

Hiccup was just about to ask for some wood when he and Snotlout spotted Astrid and Eret coming back from the nearby forest where they had been collecting enough logs and dry branches to keep the campfire going all night long.

Hiccup’s cousin could not help but snigger and elbow his young chief in a gesture of what he probably thought was male camaraderie.

“You might need to mark your territory soon, if you get what I mean!”

“I certainly do not. Would you care to elaborate?” Hiccup replied, scowling a little.

“Aw, come on! Don’t tell me you can’t see that Eret’s after Astrid!”

“You’re ridiculous. They just get along well, given that they’re both very capable warriors.”

“Fine,” Snotlout shrugged before turning round and walking to where Hookfang was lying, “but don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Unbeknownst to Hiccup, Valka had been standing close enough to him to overhear the small conversation but she’d wisely chosen not to say anything. She herself was not worried at all about Astrid’s commitment to Hiccup - she was, however, certainly interested in seeing how her son was going to react to Snotlout’s teasing.

When everything was ready, Hiccup had Toothless lit the fire and the riders prepared themselves to turn in for the night, safe for Valka who volunteered for the first watch.

The young chief sat down against the Night Fury’s flank, drew one of the fur blankets he’d brought with him over his body and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep and taking comfort in the purring noises Toothless was making.

It was not enough.

Hiccup found himself unable to shut his mind off and grew increasingly restless. Eventually, out of sheer frustration, he decided to get up again. Looking around, he realized that Astrid was not sleeping either – she was busy tending to Stormfly, who had suffered a few minor injuries during the earlier battle.

As perceptive as ever, Astrid quickly noticed her boyfriend making his way over to where she stood. He looked agitated for some reason, and she didn’t like it.

“Hey, Babe. Can’t sleep?” She greeted him softly, not wanting to wake up the other riders.

“How is Stormfly?” was the only answer she got as she watched him rub her dragon’s belly, and it instantly piqued her curiosity. Hiccup was rarely elusive with her, but when he was, it meant something was troubling him – sometimes for no particular reason.

“She’s fine. These are just scratches – they’ll be gone within a few days. Nothing to worry about.”


Her brows furrowed as he kept his back to her, clearly avoiding her gaze. She could practically hear the cogs turning in his brain. People said women were difficult to understand but, Odin helped her, she could say the same about men. Well, one man.

“Hiccup?” She tried to get his attention, reaching out to grab one of his hands in hers. “What are you not telling me?”

“Do you like Eret?” He blurted out, still not meeting her eyes.

She felt her eyes go wide with surprise. Out of all possible answers, she’d certainly not expected that to come out of his mouth.

“Well, I suppose. I mean, we have some identical interests. He’s very good with weapons and he still needs to learn a lot about dragons.”

Her boyfriend actually grumbled at that and she could not help but wanting to have a little fun at his expense.

“Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s so very handsome.”

At that, Hiccup span round so quickly he almost made her tumble to the ground. An offended, high-pitched “WHAT?!?” instantly came out of his mouth, making her double over with laughter.

“That’s not funny!” He hissed, feeling angry, which only served to make Astrid laugh harder.

“It so is!” She replied with difficulty, clutching onto her stomach whilst honestly trying to calm herself down.

Hiccup was just about to go back to where Toothless was when she finally managed to straighten up, an amused smile still gracing her face. She instantly noticed how he was stubbornly staring at the ground, his whole body tense and his mouth set in a grim, straight line.

She shook her head in obvious disbelief at her boyfriend. The idiot had actually taken her words seriously.

“Babe, you know I was only teasing you.” She soothed, cupping his face in her hands.

“Do I know that?”

Astrid smirked in that particular way which dared him to imply the opposite and his shoulders finally relaxed. His hands settled on her waist while she joined hers around his neck. At last, a small smile curved his lips.

“Okay. I’m sorry.”


“I shouldn’t have –

“You really shouldn’t.”

“But Snotlout said –

“Since when do you listen to Snotlout?”

“Point taken.”

Both Vikings grinned at one another before leaning in for a gentle kiss as she stroked the fine hairs at the nape of his neck, making him moan softly in appreciation. When they broke apart, Hiccup kept his eyes closed and rested his forehead against Astrid’s, rocking the both of them from side to side for a little while. His hands never left her waist.

“Hey, Babe?” She quietly breathed.


“How about we sleep together tonight?”

He took a step back from her, clearly surprised by her suggestion, and she furiously blushed when she realized where his mind had gone.

“Hiccup! I meant actually sleep.”

He chuckled, winking at her. “I know, Milady. Just teasing you.”

It did not take long for the both of them to find a comfortable position, wrapped up in a single blanket. Hiccup sat down with his back propped against Stormfly’s belly while Astrid lay nestled against her boyfriend’s side, her head resting in the crook of his neck, his heartbeat beneath her ear.

Neither spoke a word for a while, feeling content to just be together. However, when Astrid thought back to Hiccup’s unexpected insecurity earlier, she felt like she needed to clear it up once and for all. And now, she decided, was as good a time as ever.

She laced her fingers with Hiccup’s, taking some time to choose her words with great care.

“You know, when I told that story about Stoick and myself, earlier, I kind of had an ulterior motive.”

Astrid felt her boyfriend’s body tense a little at her confession, but he didn’t say anything so she went on. “I will admit to choosing that particular tidbit partly because I wanted to see how your mother would react to it. How she’d react to Stoick regarding me as the daughter he wished he’d had with her.”

“I didn’t realize you were worried about that.”

“To be honest, I didn’t realize it myself until the thought hit me.”

“Mmm. And how do you feel now?”

“Happy. And sort of relieved, too.” She smiled up at Hiccup as he pecked her forehead.

“I’m glad.”

“But Hiccup – don’t you see what it means?”


“It means that you really needn’t worry about Eret or any other man, for that matter. We’ve been together for several years already, and even though we’ve had our fair share of troubles, we’ve always managed to overcome them. I’m happy by your side. Both your parents said they see me as their own daughter. Do you really think I don’t know what that means for our future?”

“I – uh – I didn’t want to presume –

“And that does you credit. But let’s be realistic here: the Council is soon going to remind you about your duties as Chief. One of which includes getting married.”

“I know.”

“And who are you going to propose to, pray tell?”

The young man just looked at her pointedly, as if she were crazy to ask that question, and she laughed softly. “My point exactly.”

“So,” Hiccup replied, feeling oddly nervous and confident at the same time, “are you saying that Berk should gear up for a wedding soon?”

“What I’m saying, Babe,” Astrid retorted easily as she settled back in his arms, humming contentedly, “is that when the time comes, you should not worry about what my answer is going to be. We’re practically married already, anyway.”

Hiccup could not help the huge grin that came over his face at her answer. There was a moment of silence before his chest rumbled with laughter, causing the young woman in his arms to look up at him inquisitively.

“What is it?”

“I just never thought I’d be able to call you my wife someday.”

“Tell me about it.”


As they laughed and kissed again and eventually went to sleep in each other’s arms, Valka watched from afar with a smile on her face.

Stoick had most certainly been right about the girl her son chose for himself – the daughter they’d wanted to have.

The daughter she now had for sure.

(This one deserves a story so) 

Toothless landed beside lake in the cove to get a drink. Hiccup hopped down and slipped off his riding harness, laying it over Toothless’s brand new saddle as Astrid dismounted Stormfly, the name she’d decided to give the Nadder she’d befriended. The teens had lost track of time, which wasn’t an easy thing to do on Berk until now, with dragons to fly and screw about with. 

Hiccup took a bit too heavy a step and felt pain shoot up his leg from the wound he’d received two days ago. He winced and tried to hide it but let himself limp just a tiny bit. Astrid was scratching Stormfly’s neck as Hiccup approached his own dragon, whose black scales gleamed orange in the setting sun. 

Hiccup tried to recall the events of the day that seemed so far away to him. He’d woken up by his dragon excitedly nudging him and then accidentally stepping on his groin–which, to say the least, was a rude enough awakening by itself–and then he’d found out that one of his legs was missing. Just a little something to jar you into reality. Then Hiccup had been startled by a huge Monstrous Nightmare, which was being ridden by Snotlout (in every way that was not surprising), and then he’d seen that his village was crawling with dragons. 

A very much unexpected change of pace, to be completely honest. 

Then he’d gotten praise from is father; a punch in the arm and a kiss from Astrid Hofferson, the last person Hiccup would expect to take a liking to him, let alone lock lips with him; and new riding gear from his mentor, Gobber. Then he and the other teens took many laps around the island on their newfound friends before Hiccup and Astrid broke off from the group to do exploring by themselves. Now they were in the cove together, like four days before where Astrid had yet again punched him and given him a kiss on the cheek. 

Hiccup knew Astrid remembered that clearly. She’d given him this knowing grin right before they’d landed. 

Now he sat beside his dragon, watching the fading sunlight glint off the surface of the lake. Fish swam among the fallen, algae covered logs and a toad croaked on the far shore. The waterfall trickled a lullaby into the evening and a mourning dove cooed somewhere in the trees that were rustling softly in the breeze. The occasional magpie would call in the distance with its repetitive trio of “mag-mag-mag”. Sometimes a dragon would squawk and Toothless or Stormfly would answer it. 

Hiccup looked up at the sky again. A half hour had passed already and only the orange and pink sky was visible above the cove’s rim now. 

Astrid sat next to Hiccup. “You’ve been awfully quiet, just sitting here,” she observed. 

Hiccup shrugged. “Well, I’m kinda used to it.” Making conversation with a person who, not five days before, hated your guts and wanted you gone, was harder than he expected, and he’d expected a lot. “Before…before I kinda blew it in the Ring, before anyone knew about Toothless, we’d just sit here for a while in silence and watch the sunset,” Hiccup explained. “It’s a great way to forget about all your troubles and relax. I like it down here. It’s peaceful and I don’t have my dad yelling at me here." 

Astrid chuckled. She was silent for a moment, then she looked at Hiccup. "I’m…I’m sorry for everything we put you through,” she mumbled. 


"You know, the teasing, the laughing. The bullying. And I’m sorry I didn’t step in and do anything about it. I kind of just sat there and watched. And…me getting mad at you when you started acing in the Ring probably didn’t help." 

"Eh, you gave me a few bruises and a twisted wrist, but I can heal,” Hiccup laughed. 

Astrid smiled halfheartedly. “I’m serious though,” she insisted. “I really am sorry for all that." 

"I forgive you. I’ve forgiven all of you for that many times over. Every time it happened I’d forgive you in my head even if you didn’t actually apologize." 

"But wasn’t that hard for you?" 

"Very hard. I could have been a jerk and said ‘I told you so’. I could have said 'You’ll all have to work for my forgiveness’. And truthfully, that would’ve been easier. But I didn’t want to do that. So I didn’t." 

Astrid was quiet. "But, we don’t deserve your forgiveness." 

Hiccup shrugged. "No,” he said, “you don’t. But I’m forgiving you anyways so you should be happy about it.” He laughed a little, and Astrid joined in. 

Toothless ran past Hiccup after a pine marten that had just jumped out of a tree. Stormfly followed and the two took a detour through the lake, splashing water on Hiccup and Astrid. They yelped and jumped out of the way, and that pain shot through Hiccup’s calf again. This time Astrid noticed, and her expression grew into one of concern. “Your leg." 


She repeated, "Your leg. It…it hurts, doesn’t it?" 

"Eh, it’s not that bad,” Hiccup lied. Astrid glared at him skeptically. Toothless ran by again and Hiccup stepped out of the way, but stumbled and yelped in pain. 

Astrid looked him up and down. “You’re a liar. It obviously hurts like Hel and I’m not letting you convince me otherwise." 

Hiccup tried to protest. "Really, I’m good, I got–” His leg wobbled as pain overtook his calf and he sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth. “Okay, it hurts pretty bad,” he admitted, “but I can walk on it." 

Astrid still looked skeptical, but she signed and gave in. "Fine,” she relented. “Let’s go get our dragons back. But if it keeps making you stumble, I’m personally carrying you back home." 

"Aww, you DO care about me!” Hiccup teased. Astrid futilely held back a laugh and punched him lightly in the shoulder, blushing slightly. Hiccup laughed. “Ow!” he whined, holding his arm in fake pain. “You hurt me!" 

"Oh shut up, you baby. I’m not doing anything for you unless you truly cannot walk.”

“Sure you aren’t.”

“Hiccup, I will sew your mouth shut.”

Hiccup laughed, and caught up with his friend as she went to fetch her dragon.

I Lost Myself

NEW DRABBLE. I promised you guys, didn’t I? So, I am back in school and soooo busy. I probably should have been studying something but wrote this instead. Hehe

This drabble is a little sadder than normal but I have been going through a lot lately so something sad was coming. 

I dedicate this to @dragonlovertr because she is so sweet and awesome! Thank you so much for helping me put this together and always being there for me when I need you. You’re the greatest. <3

Enjoy!! :) 

Hiccup made his way up the stairs leading to his house. He almost didn’t have the energy to make it up them all. Were there always this many?

Astrid was inside, watching the sun make its way down, wondering if her husband was going to make it home tonight. It didn’t look promising. She was about to make her way upstairs to get ready for bed but stopped when she heard the front door open behind her. 

Hiccup walked inside, but looked like he would fall over any second. 

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highlyfunctioningfan-girl  asked:

I was so emotionally shaken by your words about Hiccup shoving off Toothless and I was wondering if you could continue by explaining how Toothless got rid of the Alpha's control and what made Toothless challenge the Alpha. The way the story went wasn't that convincing. Thank you.

It means a lot to me that you found my analysis about “Stoick Saves Hiccup” so impacting to you, and I would love to talk about the moment Toothless rids himself of the alpha’s control. For me, that moment is just as powerful and incredible as the moment Hiccup shoves Toothless aside. The moment Toothless finally becomes free of the alpha and then chooses to fight that Bewilderbeast demonstrates to us the amazing bond between Night Fury and Hiccup. It’s full of drama, emotion, and a near-death experience. Hardly a dull moment! The moment might pass by to audience members because it comes in such close conjunction with the end of “Battle of the Bewilderbeast,” but the more one looks into “Toothless Found,” the more that scene stands out as something jaw-droppingly special, too.

How Toothless got rid of the alpha’s control and choose to fight the Bewilderbeast… was his dedication to Hiccup, and Hiccup’s devout actions in turn. I’ll talk a lot about the significance of this scene, how it ties into Toothless’ ability to fight off the alpha’s hive mind control, and then what happens when he challenges the alpha.

Other analyses on this topic:

Setting the Scene for “Toothless Found”

At the start of all things, Toothless is hovering mindlessly over the village.

This in itself speaks volumes. Toothless is an extraordinarily empathetic dragon, one who is able to synthesize how others feel and emote for their sorrow. Toothless, were he not under the Bewilderbeast’s mind spell, would be gazing down on Berk with enormous worry and concern. He’d be crooning painfully for what has befallen his home, staring worriedly over the people and hoping that the Vikings are safe. Yet Toothless is so possessed and so trapped within the Bewilderbeast’s control that he doesn’t even look down. The dragon stares straight ahead, unfeeling, unmoving, just robotically flapping his wings to hover aloft. Nothing could be more unfeeling, more impersonal, and more unnatural than this.

This is no reaction when Hiccup approaches on the Scuttleclaw baby. Toothless doesn’t recognize Hiccup, and it’s almost like the dragon doesn’t even notice other living beings are approaching. Nothing changes about his movement; his mind is completely gone, completely controlled, and thus there are no thoughts to register, “Someone’s approaching,” let alone, “It’s my best friend.”

Hiccup’s emotions, by contrast, could not be more apparent. As he rises to meet Drago and Toothless in the sky, his fear manifests itself. Hiccup nervously puffs his cheeks and exhales heavily; the young man knows how daunting of a task he has before him, and how dangerous. Hiccup needs extraordinary courage to approach Drago and Toothless and has to steel himself before flying forward. The last time Hiccup and Toothless interacted, Toothless almost shot him with a plasma blast - a blast that is so powerful it can destroy entire siege towers with a single hit. He did kill Stoick. Toothless can aim and fire in a frightfully short notice. And Toothless is still under the control of a man and dragon who can make him shoot again. Drago threatened Hiccup last time; he’ll make true his word this time.

Hiccup is voluntarily flying toward someone who threatened his life. He’s flying toward the very person who murdered his father with a point-blank shot, and the person who threatened to kill him were they to reunite.

Hiccup knows he could be flying to his death. 

One little plasma blast, and it’s over. Hiccup wouldn’t be able to react. He’d be dead before he could blink.

How completely frightening would it be to fly toward your nearly certain death - death at the cause of your best friend, a friend who now frightens you so much your heart is pumping and your palms are sweating? What Hiccup is doing isn’t just courageous… it’s insane, and borderline suicidal. He’s willing to risk everything - even his own life - for the chance to reunite with Toothless.

I absolutely love that facial expression we see in the gif: that combination of poorly-buried fear, hints of pain, and forthright dogged determination.

Hiccup’s Words

Luckily for Hiccup, Drago chooses not to end his life then and there. Drago is a villain who is more than a mere brute: he is a man who controls people through psychological intimidation and breaking, too. While this is his strength in many aspects, it also opens up Drago’s main weakness: he flaunts. Drago does not jump up and execute a death as quickly as he should, but rather lingers, mocking someone to demonstrate his strength before enacting that strength. Therefore, Drago engages Hiccup in conversation to mock him rather than cutting his enemy from the sky and decisively winning the confrontation.

The first thing Drago says is, “You certainly are hard to get rid of, I’ll say that.” It’s meant to be a conversation started between Hiccup and Drago, picking up on the last conversation they had. That conversation was about Drago demonstrating his power and putting Hiccup “in his place.” Now that Hiccup has returned, Drago obviously sees the need to do that again.

But Hiccup doesn’t respond to Drago. He doesn’t even look at him. In fact, throughout this entire exchange, Hiccup doesn’t communicate with Drago even once, doesn’t look at him, doesn’t respond to him. The only way we know that Hiccup registers Drago is there is by the fact he doesn’t talk over Drago. 

The very first word Hiccup says when he gets close enough is… “Toothless.” For Hiccup, this moment is all about reuniting with his best friend. While we know this was planned, part of the strategy, as he outlines in “Riding the Hatchlings,” now that Hiccup is in the moment, it’s all emotion. He says the word “Toothless” with quietness, a bit of a crack, and clear nervousness. There’s some hesitance and fear addressing his own dragon. He needs to be gentle; if Toothless becomes aggravated in any way, he’ll shoot him.

Yet even while Hiccup is terrified that Toothless might kill him, he still flies closer… and reaches out his hand for his dragon before the hive mind control leaves the Night Fury.

It’s the exact opposite of what happened when Hiccup rejected Toothless. In the previous scene, Hiccup shoved Toothless aside when the dragon initiated an approach. Now, Hiccup is the one initiating the approach, and he is hoping to use his hands to reestablish a bond rather than shove one aside.

The words that Hiccup say are incredibly important and powerful:

Toothless? Hey, it’s me, bud. It’s me, it’s me, I’m right here, bud. Come back to me. It wasn’t your fault, bud. They made you do it. You’d never hurt him, you’d never hurt me! Please, you are my best friend, bud. My best friend.

Although Hiccup is nervously rambling, there’s a good sense of progression in those words. First, Hiccup identifies himself. He tries to reach the possessed dragon by verbally identifying himself. Toothless has appeared not to see Hiccup when possessed, but perhaps… if Hiccup is gentle enough… Toothless can hear him. So he identifies himself to get some aid, and to help provide the context by which he can plead for them to reunite.

Next, he asks Toothless to “come back to me.” Note that this is the exact opposite of the last thing Hiccup said: “Go on, get out of here! Get away!” Before Hiccup said “get away” …and now it’s “come back.” He’s showing Toothless right from the start that he’s not going to chase the dragon off again, but rather wants to extend the invitation for him to return.

Next, Hiccup addresses the reason why he chased Toothless, and why that’s not going to affect their relationship now: “It wasn’t your fault, bud. They made you do it.” Hiccup chasing Toothless off was caused even though, as Valka pointed out, “It’s not his fault.” Now Hiccup is acknowledging it right to his best friend: Stoick’s death is not your fault. I don’t blame you. Now that the blame has been revoked, there is no reason for Hiccup to reject Toothless anymore.

It ends with Hiccup appealing to the relationship they had before the death. What happened before Toothless “got away” from Hiccup? Hiccup blamed him. What happened before Hiccup blamed him? They were best friends. Hiccup is going from the worst and most recent problems they’ve had, to the further past - the more stable past - the past that matters. Hiccup reminds Toothless, “You’re my best friend.” It’s in the present tense. And he’s pleading with Toothless. It’s no command.

Hiccup has learned how to confront a dragon controlled by the hive mind. The first time he does so back in “Hiccup Confronts Drago,” Hiccup just frantically shouts at Toothless for stop, he stares at the Bewilderbeast as much as Toothless, and there’s no sense of reminding them of familiarity. But now, Hiccup is doing the opposite: he’s pleading rather than commanding, speaking intimately rather than shouting, and appealing directly to Toothless rather than paying heed to the Bewilderbeast and war lord around him.

Now that I’ve gone through Hiccup’s words themselves, I want to talk a little bit about them in the broader context of the scene, because how it plays out is amazing.

This scene is actually a direct opposite of “Hiccup Confronts Drago.” The events play out in opposite manners and come to the opposite result. This is on top of the visual symbolism which I talk about extensively in other posts… as well as a really telling series of reactions from Drago. “Toothless Found” is flawless.

Approaching Toothless

Hiccup begins the conversation by nervously addressing Toothless. He’s flying toward Toothless very slowly, the exact opposite of Battle of the Bewilderbeast where he was backing away from Toothless and holding out his hands in self-defense. Now, however, Hiccup holding out his hand isn’t for self-preservation. It’s to reach Toothless. He’s exposing himself, making himself vulnerable, in order to reach his friend.

At this point I highly, highly encourage you to read this analysis about Toothless’ face and this analysis about the camera angles. Since I’ve already analyzed those moments in depth and this is a lengthy analysis already, I should probably not repeat myself. In those analyses I mainly point out:

  • The camera angles go from far away to closing in on Toothless’ eyes. It allows audience members to feel they’re approaching Toothless just like Hiccup is. Also, as the conversation becomes more intimate and Toothless struggles more with what Hiccup is saying, his eyes flicker more and become a greater visual focus in the scene.
  • As Hiccup flies closer to Toothless, it’s him physically closing the gap between himself and his best friend. It correlates to his words: his actions are trying to emotionally close the gap between himself and the dragon, too. Toothless’ body language throughout the entire scene as he struggles to fight from the alpha is amazing, detailed, and very telling of the situation.
  • Toothless’ eyes are initially slits but grow into wider pupils. This is part of an ongoing animation choice that dragons with slit eyes are distanced, unapproachable, hostile, or in negative emotions, while dragons with widened pupils are approachable, understandable, relatable, and friendly. Furthermore, when Toothless’ pupils are mere slits, you can’t see Hiccup; they’re closed off like shutters to the young man. When Toothless’ pupils get sufficiently open, you can see Hiccup’s reflection in Toothless’ eyes, symbolizing their friendship and the fact that Toothless’ eyes - and his soul - are all for Hiccup (the eyes are the window to the soul, as the saying goes).
  • Camera angles originally show Toothless’ view, shots on Hiccup, shots on Toothless, shots on Drago, and shots of the Bewilderbeast looming in the background. However, soon everything fades into the background and only shots on Hiccup and Toothless remain. As their friendship bonds, that is the only thing audiences see on screen.

I’m sorry I rushed all that, but there’s no possible way to actually write everything within this scene. It’s just too intense, detail-oriented, and incredible to include everything without writing a novel.

Drago’s interactions are also very telling. Drago speaks up several times as Hiccup speaks to Toothless. When Drago first talks to Hiccup, it’s addressing Hiccup directly. The next time, he is still trying to talk to Hiccup, but this time, he’s switched the focus to be about Toothless. Drago reacts by directly countering what Hiccup says. Hiccup pleads, “Come back to me,” and Drago juts in, “He’s not yours anymore.” Drago is still trying to make this conversation about his power over Toothless, Hiccup, and everyone around him. He mockingly tells Hiccup to try, expecting the young man to fail, become depressed… and through that acknowledge that Drago is the stronger.

But the final thing Drago says is not about Hiccup. It’s not about his control over Toothless. His conversation has slowly been sliding away from demonstrating his control, to being dragged into what Hiccup and Toothless are doing. The interaction is no longer about him. In the end, all he can say, in absolute bafflement is, “How are you doing that?”

Again, it’s the exact opposite of the last Hiccup-Drago-Toothless interaction, by which the conversation became more and more about Drago. Now it’s becoming less and less like him… as Hiccup and Toothless come to reunite.

Note that physical touch plays an enormous role in Toothless breaking free of the Bewilderbeast’s control. When Hiccup first touches Toothless on the snout, the dragon’s eyes widen significantly. I talked before in the previous analysis about how physical touch between human palm and dragon snout is critical in the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless; for Hiccup to reestablish that touch is to evoke back every good thing their friendship has been.

The Bewilderbeast, however, is still trying to gain control. But the way Toothless is interacting with the Bewilderbeast has changed. He’s now trying to fight the Bewilderbeast off; he has enough sense of mind that he can start to shake his head, trying to throw off the hive mind control and think independently. It’s the exact same sort of thing as in the Battle of the Bewilderbeast. Toothless scrunched his eyes and tried to fight off the Bewilderbeast in that scene, too… this time, though, it’s with Hiccup right before him. With Hiccup in front of Toothless, the dragon can concentrate on what is important… and pull through.

What is happening is that Hiccup and Toothless are focusing on what they have in common. They’re completely shutting out Drago. They’re reversing what Drago did in the last battle - to the point they’re step-by-step reversing what went wrong before, and doing the opposite to ascertain they can come together. This scene is the exact opposite of “Hiccup Confronts Drago.” Hiccup lost Toothless - now he gains him; Hiccup saw Toothless fight and lose battle for the Bewilderbeast’s control - now he sees Toothless shake the control off; Hiccup shouted for Toothless to snap out of it - now Hiccup pleads for Toothless to come out of it; Hiccup chased Toothless off - but now Hiccup asks for Toothless to come back.

Even the colors are opposites: whereas in the Battle of the Bewilderbeast, colors go from bright to dark… here colors go from dark to bright.

At last - after all this symbolism - after all these crazy camera angles - after all this reversal of the bad that happened in “Hiccup Confronts Drago” - Toothless shakes off the Bewilderbeast. It is through the power of their love for one another that this becomes possible. It’s not just Toothless alone who got to shake free from the alpha’s control. It’s not just Hiccup. It’s them together, fighting together, and concentrating on each other. And as soon as Toothless does that, he has the power to throw Drago off his back. Hiccup shouts in excitement - and for the first time since his father died - pulls up a genuine smile.

Challenging the Alpha

After this, Hiccup and Toothless realize the direct need to fight to save Berk. They have done this before, such as in the fight with the Red Death; Toothless, when he feels urgency, is willing to stand up and fight. Hiccup and Toothless fly together, fighting the Bewilderbeast. At this moment in time, though, they’re just trying to drive off the dragon; there’s no intent for Toothless to become the alpha. Together, Hiccup and Toothless believe they corner Drago, and that the battle is done.

But then Hiccup and Toothless become frozen in ice. The Bewilderbeast comes out of nowhere and attacks. Hiccup almost suffocates for the short time he is frozen. Toothless breaks them through. Because of the near-death circumstance, Toothless is able to unlock within him a previously latent ability: he glows bright blue, gains extra strength with his plasma blasts, and shatters the Bewilderbeast’s ice which encased them.

At this point in time, Toothless makes his decision to fight the alpha. The fact Hiccup almost died is what makes the decision for him. Notice this is a parallel to what Hiccup has just done for him: Hiccup risked his life to save his best friend, standing up before the human warlord and his dragon to rescue Toothless. Now Toothless is risking his own life to save his best friend, standing up before the Bewilderbeast. Hiccup breaks free Toothless from the Bewilderbeast; Toothless breaks the other dragons free in turn.

As Toothless recognizes, Hiccup and Toothless cannot just corner Drago and expect to succeed; as Toothless has deduced, they need to do something about the alpha. The most pragmatic thing to do is to challenge the alpha and take over the dragon’s power. It’s the way to prevent more hive mind control and mass possession from occurring. As Valka recognizes, Toothless is doing this for Hiccup; Toothless has no desire in and of himself to become the next alpha, but is doing that because there’s a need to save the dragons and people of Berk - and especially Hiccup - from the Bewilderbeast’s presence.

What is so cool about this is that Toothless has learned how to break free of the alpha’s control by focusing on his rider. Now, he uses his knowledge to challenge the alpha, and help all the other dragons break free from that control, too! Toothless is the dragon who leads the way to all the others rebelling. The Bewilderbeast becomes so distracted and so overwhelmed by Toothless’ plasma blasts that he cannot keep control of the other dragons; he quits “broadcasting” the ultrasonic hive mind, loses grip of the dragons, and they fly straight to Toothless. The dragons know Toothless is defending Berk and the humans; that is where the dragons belong, too.

What Hiccup proclaims in the end is telling: “This is what it is to earn a dragon’s loyalty.” Because of a dragon’s loyalty, Toothless could break free of ultrasonic broadcasts that are wired to force him into submission. Because of a dragon’s loyalty, Toothless could break Hiccup free from the ice. Because of a dragon’s loyalty, Toothless chose to fight and become a leader when he otherwise would have not taken the role. Because of a dragon’s loyalty, Toothless could gain the loyalty of other dragons so that they could turn against the Bewilderbeast, too. Because of a dragon’s loyalty, the battle of Berk is won.

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can you write something with Hiccstrid please? Like Astrid comforting him after a fight with Stoick or something?? I really need some fluffly hiccup and astrid stuff right now!

Here we go! Sorry it’s a few days late…but I’m actually really happy on how this one turned out. Enjoy! 

Astrid was only halfway up the steps of the Haddock household when the door flew open, revealing a very flustered Hiccup. She could hear the angry voice of Stoick the Vast. He jumped backwards with surprise as he locked eyes with Astrid, he had a bag slung over his shoulders and an angry look planted on his face.


Astrid heard Stoick’s stomp down the stairs. Her mouth hung open out of confusion, she tilted her head just past Hiccup to see Stoick chasing after Hiccup with his hands out to grab him.

“RUN!” Hiccup grabbed Astrid’s hand and she went flying down the steps with him.

“Hiccup-” Astrid asked as he dragged her away, “what in Thor’s name is going on?”

“Astrid!” she turned back to see Stoick chasing after them, “stop him!”

She knew she could stop him, one pull on the wrist and he would go flying into his father’s grasp, but she could also tell by the look on his face that Hiccup needed to fly. Fly far away and forget he was the son of Stoick the Vast for awhile. Astrid merely looked back to the chief and shrugged her shoulders. Stoick came to a stop and she watched as he imitated strangling his son before pinching the bridge of his nose. She had only come over to ask Hiccup if he wanted to go flying. She didn’t know she just became part of the heir’s escape plan.

Keep reading

I just can’t get over the way Hiccup and Astrid look at each other in a romantic situation bc just by looking at their eyes you can see how much they love each other and it’s so beautiful

Like in HTTYD 2

When Astrid first approaches Hiccup after Toothless gains the title of Alpha, Hiccup gives her this dreamy, relieved look, as if she was the one he really needed to see. His entire face says “I love you and I’m glad you’re here” when he sees her.

And then after he pulls away from kissing her a few moments later they just gaze into each other’s eyes for a couple seconds with this intense affection for each other and I can’t

Lean on Me: Part 4

This got a little heavier than I thought it would. Following the episode ‘Snow Way Out’ when Hiccup is angry at Astrid for lying to him. Really heavy-hearted angsty hiccstrid. Let me know what you think:)

See You Soon!

  - Prue

Part1  Part2  Part3


     He was mad at me, more than he had ever been before. The last time he looked at me was back at the Glacier Island. After I admitted I was lying to him about Heather. The look was so betrayed and angry with such disappointment that the fact that it was directed at me made it unbearable. Even back at the Edge, Hiccup was almost completely silent, giving curt orders to everyone but me.  I tried explaining myself to him twice with frugal results as he flew further or higher in the sky away from me. We dispersed to attend our responsibilities as assigned to us with our tails tucked between our legs. I stayed behind the longest, watching Hiccup untack Toothless and praying he would just look at me.

“Hiccup?” I held my arms. He only paused putting Toothless’ saddle up on double hooks, his head moved just slightly, barely giving me side eye. Without a word he resumed his course of action.

“Hiccup, please just listen to me. I’m sorry I lied to you, I was only trying to protect”

“Save it Astrid.” He snapped sharply. His back was still turned towards me and the ice in his voice made the hair on my back of my neck bristle. Toothless and Stormfly sensed the tension, warbling and clicking to their respective humans. Hiccups shoulders squared and tensed, his presence became menacing and I saw the chief’s shadow in it. He had just dismissed me. I felt so disgusted I didn’t know with whom I was more, myself or him.  The twisting of my stomach was caused by unnamed emotions boiling off of immense shame and anger and for once in my life, I didn’t fight back. I held my chin high and walked on with Stormfly. He had to know why I did it, why I lied to the one person I never would.


Once complete darkness descended over the island and I had finished a triple reconnaissance flight to secure it. Leaving nothing left to do but plan a possible counter defense if needed. Everything was still bubbling inside me, everything I wanted to say; how desperate I was for him to look at me, talk to me.  

I passed by Fishlegs heading to the stables on my way up to Hiccups hut, figuring my best bet was that he would be there. I had seen him touch back down from a particularly long flight when I was circling the Edge. Tack never stayed hung up for too long when something bothered Hiccup, sometimes he just never took it off at all, not that Toothless minded.

“Astrid,” Fishlegs approached me.

“Hey Fishlegs, how’s- how’s it going?” I asked, trying to fake confidence. Leg’s ignored my fraudulent question and went straight for it.

“Look, we all understand why you kept Heather a secret from Hiccup, and we got your back. Just explain it to him and he will come around.” He pat my shoulder armor and I forced a hopeful smile.

“If it were only that easy. He hasn’t so much as looked at me since he found out.” I shook my head, confiding in him. He was a steady voice of reason in bias situations.

“He just feels  a little betrayed, you know how much he trusts you. He knows you had your reasons. You guys are a team.” Fishlegs made it sound like it was no big deal. Maybe to them it wasn’t as much, but again, they weren’t getting the brunt of Hiccup’s aversion. I think he saw the apprehension I tried to conceal and looked up. “Hiccup’s in the main hut trying to devise a new plan, everyone else is sorta staying out of his way, so it’s a perfect time to go talk to him. I’ll go with you if you want me to come.” I thought about it but declined his offer, I needed to do it alone. Partner to partner.

“Thanks Fishlegs, but I think I’ll go alone. I’m grateful you have my back.” I pat his shoulder in passing on my way to the stairs.

Hiccup was standing next to the hearth, contemplating every last detail on the numerous maps pinned up onto the wall. He didn’t hear me come in and stayed fully immersed in the mechanics of battle plans.  His leather flight suit was off and on the floor against the wall, showing his red tunic. He snapped out of it with surprise when my boot scuffed across the floor at the mouth of the hut.  Hiccup stiffened the moment he laid his eyes on me, they scraped like steel wool over my cheeks and down my body.  He wasn’t going to be the first to speak, although his body language already set the tone.

“Can we talk?” I tried, hitting a main point other than an apology. Hiccup snickered with a sarcastic retort. He shrugged, folding his arms over his chest.

“I don’t know. Can WE talk?” It was like stone.

“Yes. I you have to understand why I lied to you. Why I held so much back.” His smugness only fueled my fire.

“Sure, Astrid.  Are you sure you should tell me know, or wait until it’s life or death?” Oh gods did I want to punch him, although my level-headed side knew I had it coming and saw it justified.

“I am going to tell you right now, Hiccup Haddock.” I shot back with fire in my belly. The use of his full name had dignified implication, it was a direct statement to a young man of privilege, not a begrudged teenager. Hiccup’s glare intensified and he widened his stance, open body language that he was listening to me, but not as I wanted him to as his arms were still firmly folded.

“We- I kept it from you because I knew how you would react. You would want to get her away from Dagur as soon as we had the shot and we couldn’t take that chance. Without her as our contact, we wouldn’t have any information and Thor knows what could have happened if we failed a rescue attempt.” Hiccups jaw unclenched so slightly that I only noticed because I was looking for it. Taking a deep breathe I tried sorting my thoughts into a more concise explanation.

 “You couldn’t have known. It would have fallen apart and we needed to keep track of them with a secure knowledge from the inside, but everything went to smithereens when Viggo outsmarted us and everything went, well, belly-up.” Hiccup didn’t react to anything I was telling him for a few seconds, like he was on a time delay to process my reasoning. Once it clicked, his demeanor softened from intimidating to disappoint.

“ You should have come to me. I would have listened to you.” He said bluntly, that bitter betrayal dripped in his voice.

“ I know. But it was too risky. I never wanted to lie to you, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to choose.” Immedietly, I regretted my word choice. Hiccups eyebrows shot up and his mouth gaped slightly.

“ And you chose to break our trust.” His words hit me harder than a bat of Gronkle Iron swung by Thor himself ever could.  Hiccup shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“ No- Hiccup- I”  I just stammered. I was wrong. I made a mistake even though I knew the costs - the people that could get hurt. When Hiccup looked up and into my eyes, the weight of his gaze bore into me and gripped my lungs. It felt like molten rock was poured down my throat and the air was being shaken out of my lungs. Behind his eyes were broken but strong, sure but utterly betrayed, bleeding but too defeated to limp.  He shook his head and walked right past me and over to the door. Leaning an elbow on it he rubbed his face and looked out for an answer.  He was so far away from me now and my feet felt like led welded to the floor.  

“ Hiccup. Look at me.” I said, turning to face his back. He just didn’t move. “Hiccup please just try to understand. I didn’t want to hurt you, none of us did.” His sillouhette was hazy in the moonlight, where I stood in the dark.  His silence was the worst punishment of them all, worse than any hell I could think of. “ Do you understand why? I knew I was breaking your trust, but I did it for the good of our people. To keep them safe. How can you not see that? I did it for you, your purpose; and I did it for mine. If you don’t forgive me, than just understand me.” I said with more confidence than I thought I had. If there was one thing I knew at this moment it was that a warrior never backs down in the name of their people. It was for Berk, this Berk and the Berk Hiccup would create once he became its Chief.

“I do understand, Astrid. I know you did it for our home. But I don’t know if I can forgive you yet, I want to, but I can’t.”  He said looking away from me, his eyes still facing out and up at the moon. “You understand why.” He said softer than everything else with a sigh, and it hurt even more.

In an embarrassingly mousy tone I said “I’m sorry- I” and he moved his head to the side again.

“Don’t do that. Don’t be sorry if you’re not.” Now he was just stabbing to hurt. Stepping forward I denied it.

“I am sorry. I’m sorry, Hiccup.”  I reached out hesitantly and touched his side. He flinched defensively and it scared me. The air was too thin and gravity was too heavy, and I caved.  He let me wrap my arms around him and I pressed my cheek in-between his shoulder blades. It was submission and weakness that meant something significant. It was against everything the Vikings had taught us, and against everything I stood for. 

 Hiccup didn’t move, his breath was deep and shallow and he kept an arm pressed to his side. He didn’t push me away but didn’t embrace it either. The silence became unbearable and tightened my hold on him, sliding my hands to press into his torso and burrowing my cheek into his back.  I needed his absolution, his pardon. I drowned in a sea of foreboding guilt for every second he didn’t acknowledge me. I beat back of sob of relief when he finally did soften. His arm came down from the door frame and his hand crossed over to cover my hands, followed by the other. His head bent and I could hear him breathe.

“You hurt me, Astrid.” He said, and I unmistakably heard a repressed sob in his throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and dug my forehead into him. I stamped my foot in frustration and grit my teeth in guilt.

“I’m sorry. Hiccup I’m sorry, I’m sorry for doing it.” I repeated, rubbing my hands back and forth.

“I know. I understand. It was- for the best.” He fumbled over the last part, mostly I think just to appease me.  I tore a rift between us, I knew it, and if he forgave me after this it would still heal into an ugly scar. We had both fired arrows at the other and got hit with sharp end, ourselves but it was all my fault. He was only trying to work through it. For a while we stood there, I was too ashamed to look at him, knowing I had hurt him. When I thought he would pull away he turned around crushed me into a hug.  His head turned to press against mine that pressed into his neck.  “We’re a team. No more lying. No more secrets. We work as one or not at all.” He whispered. It was another proposed vow, and if I were to agree it would be taken to Valhalla.

I pulled away to look at him. His eyes were fierce and unyielding. “As one or not at all.” I swore, and he sealed it with his lips to mine. The vow was pledged.


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Can we just talk about Hiccup's hands? Idk I just really love the way DreamWorks animated his hands to be so realistic. In the scene in httyd 2, when he was showing Astrid the smoke from Eret's camp, you could see his hands, and if you look closely they actually look real. And also when he was drawing toothless and the map in httyd 1, the way they curl and the little wrinkles that appear, they look exactly like actual human hands! I just really love DreamWorks' animation &lt;3

Official Hiccup Hand Appreciation Post
because woohoo!

If you zoom into screencaps like this, you can see great texturizing. Freckles, little hair, the little “scaling” one gets especially near the side, even the little white of the distal free nail from his fingernail.

Here let’s just zoom in because HANDS.

Elsewhere, we see some fun animation of knuckles and tendons.

In both movies, of course.

You can even nicely see the lunula and cuticle of the fingernails in HTTYD 2 along with more wrinkles on the knuckles as he bends his joints. Yeah, that’s detail alright.

The second most expressive body part is the hand (the first most expressive being the face). Hands are versatile instruments, able to curl about and move in many ways that can express the emotions someone is feeling. They are one of the areas of the body most sensitive to touch, meaning they really feel a lot. So they’re going to express a lot. Hands are the tool by which a human navigates their world, constantly touching and arranging and exploring the world by these ten fingers and two palms; it means that they are some of the key ways in which we understand the environment around us, and are full of hints of us emoting and interacting with our surroundings.

This means that animators who get hands animated correctly help us feel even more emotion and understanding for our characters.

It’s not just Hiccup’s hands are animated nicely in a variety of positions… 

(which they are)

…it’s the fact that they animate Hiccup’s hands moving in such a human and emotional way.

Aw look at how happy his hand is.

And how scared.

Oh gods.

He has these little gestures that recur over and over again with his hands which makes him personal and emotive. Hiccup will take his thumb and rub it up with his first two digits when he is idle or trying to act casual. His fingers fiddle around sometimes, as they do with the writing device in HTTYD 2. And there’s the way he’ll just hit his head and pull back his fingers when he remembers something obvious.

And he flaps his hands and his arms around when he talks. Over half of communication between humans is gestural rather than verbal, and a large portion of those gestures come from the hands. Let’s not get started on sign languages, either! This means that Hiccup’s wild hand movements are a manner by which we as audience members can get in and feel him more. It’s because he’s radically communicating with us!

And really, some of Hiccup’s single most touching (pun intended) moments with Toothless are those without words. They’re just moments with him, his dragon, and his hands.

Even when there are words, the hands make so much a difference.

You can tell entire stories with just pictures of Hiccup’s hands and Toothless. In fact, there’s almost a symbolic story within the first HTTYD on this very idea.

When Hiccup first meets Toothless, his hands are curled around the hilt of a knife. His hands are tight, squeezing, hard. They are the opposite of opened up to Toothless.

The next time Hiccup approaches Toothless, his hands still are not free. This time, he brings a little book and a writing utensil with him, by which he sketches Toothless. His hands are still not open up and free to the dragon, but they’re not holding something threatening anymore. They’re filled up with something more peaceful.

…and then he drops his pencil, opening up one of his hands. It’s the first time he really opens his hands to Toothless.

The third time Hiccup and Toothless interact, the start of the Forbidden Friendship sequence, is really special. Hiccup again comes in with his hands full. But this time, he’s coming in with the intent of freeing his hands and opening them up.

He’s bringing a fish that he wants to feed Toothless. The entire point of the gesture is to get on the dragon’s good side; if Hiccup is successful, the dragon will take the fish out of his hand and free his hand up.

So first time Hiccup sees Toothless, his hand is holding an object meant to kill him. Second time, it’s hold an object meant to study him. Third time, it’s holding an object meant to befriend him.

And Toothless takes the fish. This is now the first time Hiccup and Toothless have been around one another with Hiccup’s hands truly free.

But they’re still acclimating to one another and don’t have enough trust to really make it work. When Toothless sees Hiccup’s free hand reaching out to him, he growls. Hiccup is reaching out to Toothless in a friendly gesture, a gesture meant for him to feel the dragon and get to know him better. But touch is sensitive and requires touch, and that is something Toothless is not ready for.

Throughout Forbidden Friendship, we see the interaction between Toothless and Hiccup’s hands. 

And the moment they finally connect is when Hiccup’s hands are free and open… and able to touch and fully feel Toothless.

His hands go from closed, gripped on a dagger, to open, touching Toothless on the snout.

And from there on out, they are able to touch one another, feel one another, understand one another, care for one another, live for one another.

Hands are so totally awesome and important like yes yes yes wow and yes.

Okay lovely followers! I posted my fan-fic here! Hope you guys like it! (I know I need to work on my writing, but I tried XD)


“HICCUP!” Elsa called over the dark blue ocean, her call echoing and fading into the bright sky.

“Ohhhh.” She whined, ringing her hands and biting her lip as she trailed back to Fishlegs; he was in about the same condition as she was.
“You’re positive he didn’t leave the island?” She asked and Fishlegs nodded.
“Toothless’ tails are still in his room or the shop. There’s no way he could’ve left without flying him.”
Elsa sighed, her head falling as she tugged at the cuff on her glove, her eyes franticly tracing the ground while she thought of more locations Hiccup may be in.
“Astrid and Snotlout already checked the cove, right?” She uttered through her pink lips, setting her jaw together in a funny way as she picked at her thumb nail with her index.
“Yep. And the twins turned over the village and coastline.”
Another deep sigh passed through her chest.
“Well, we have to keep looking.” She said.

Fishlegs hopped on Meatlug and offered Elsa a hand up; she struggled only a little, but managed to get herself on.
She flipped her pearly bangs out of her eyes and the two flew off, continuing to look for Toothless and Hiccup.

“Ugh, his dad is probably throwing chairs, by now.” Elsa groaned softly, her eyes scanning the ground as she peered over the dragon’s side.
“Uh, I imagine that probably occurred earlier. It should be getting to barrels by now.” Fishlegs piped, turning his head over each of Meatlugs wings. His hands firmly locked onto her ears.

A few minutes passed and finally Elsa saw something in the forest down below. She called out for Fishlegs to stop and head down.
“Look there!” She said as they hovered closer to the lumpy ground. Jumping off, she ran over to what she saw, and traced her finger through the newly stamped track.
“Those are Night-Fury tracks!” Fishlegs yipped, pouncing off Meatlug and running to her side.
“Toothless.” She peeped.
She cupped her hands and called for Hiccup.

The trail sprawled out further into the forest and her and Fishlegs knew that Toothless would be at the end of it, hopefully with Hiccup.
“Cmon Els, they must’ve come this way.” He stated.
He motioned her to follow, and both their eyes latched to the ground on the tracks. .
Toothless’ tracks were mixed in with a bunch of others, but Fishlegs helped spot the right footprint. They spent a few of minutes howling for the two as they wandered deeper in.

Finally their hollers paid off.
Toothless scurried towards them and Elsa gasped with she caught sight of him.
“Look, it’s Toothless!” She cried as she ran at him, petting his head when they got close.
“But where’s Hiccup?” Fishlegs asked, trailing towards the two and staring at Toothless’ empty back.
“HICCUP!” Elsa shouted, her brows pitching together in worry when she heard nothing but crow calls. Toothless butted her legs, circling around her and nudging her hastily.
“I think he’s trying to take you to Hiccup.” Fishlegs uttered as Elsa’s eyes grew; her heart starting to race.
“You don’t think he’s hurt, do you?!” She squeaked, Toothless continuing to butt her and Fishlegs shaking his head as his shoulders raised.

Her eyes were suddenly lit by a dull reflection and she squinted when she caught sight of the object. She wandered over to it and her pounding heart befriended a nervous stomachache. “What the?” She picked up the item and Fishlegs gulped, both their pupils shrinking.
In her hand sat Hiccup’s prosthetic foot.
“Ha-How did he lose this?” She uttered.
Fishlegs nervously glaced around and Toothless continued to nudge her, whining deeply in his throat.
“He can’t walk! We’ve got to find him.” She said, shoving the tool in Hiccup’s brown satchel on Toothless’ back, starting to climb onto him.
“Wait! What if Hiccup’s captured or something? You just want to run towards whatever he brings you to?” Fishlegs cried, Elsa turning and holding back Toothless.
“I have to make sure he’s okay. If someone really is after him, he can’t run away! We just have to follow Toothless.”
Elsa sat down on Hiccup’s saddle and Fishlegs sighed, Meatlug and him following after her as they took off.

Toothless rode Elsa to a near cave and she furrowed her brows as she stepped off of him.
“Hiccup?” She lightly uttered, grazing Toothless’ head and observing the location with a confused glare.
Turning and pulling the foot back out of the bag, she slowly started strolling towards the entrance. She halted, studying the large cavern, nervously. She listened to the dripping and pulled her hand into a light fist. Toothless crowed and shoved her deeper towards the dark stone den.
“Okay, okay.” She assured, rubbing the dragon again and squinting as she headed into the tunnel.
“Wait, you’re going in there?” Fishlegs asked, jumping down from Meatlug with a unsure look, his fingertips wiggling as he brought them close together.
“If Hiccup is in there, yes. I have Toothless with me. It’ll be fine.”

Elsa’s confidence grew since she had come to Berk. She’d been there almost 7 months and after spending so much time with Hiccup and other Vikings, she had started to grow some of their personality and steadiness when it came to reckless and dangerous sort of things. Her gentle and shy personality stayed, but her braveness grew. Someone was always in trouble on Berk, and she needed to learn how to help out when it was needed. Hiccup certainly built up her backbone. He made her stronger.

Fishlegs whined as she stepped deeper in, calling Hiccup’s name. Toothless lead her through cautiously. She continued trailing into the cave and the bright entrance started growing smaller, but soon she noticed a small head of chestnut-brown hair peeping behind a boulder.
“Hiccup!” She belled happily, darting over to her fluffy headed angel and folding to her knees so she was near at his level. Her excitement soon faded when she reached him, watching him franticly wipe his eyes as he sniffed in harshly a few times.
She slowly crawled towards him on her hands and knees as he peeked out of his curled up position. His eyes burned with tears when he looked up at her and his brows fell shamefully.
“Hey…a-are…are you okay? ” She cooed ever so gently, scooting closer to him for comfort.
He turned his head and mumbled hurtfully, his chin shaking as a tear slipped down his cheek.
Her eyes turned to his left leg and she sincerely frowned, looking at his empty stub.
Leaving the foot near Toothless, she slid closer to Hiccup and stroked his hair, her eyes still worryingly gazing at him. What caused his heartbreak?

“W-what happened, love?”
He sniffed and buried his nose into his tucked arms, twisting his view back to her when she tenderly started brushing her hands up and down his shoulder cuff. His brows tightened sadly when he traced her sincere face.
“Nothing.” He whimpered.
He sounded completely broken-hearted.
“Nothing?” Elsa asked and his eyes fell to his artificial behind her hand.
He lifted his face out and swallowed largely, his jaw trembling as he shook his head dully. After a while, he started to clear his cheeks again.
“It’s okay, Hiccup, you can tell me.”
Hiccup’s eyes fell back on her crystal blue irises and his chest pains lightly faded from her loving gentleness. He deeply exhaled, batting his lids a few times to clear them of their dampness.
“I-It’s nothing…it’s stupid.” He croaked, dully huffing out a fake laugh as he tried to lighten the mood, hiding his problem.
Elsa sympathetically pulled her lips into a small smile and uncovered the issue again. She knew it meant more to him and wanted to understand his heartache.
“It’s not nothing. What happened?”
He combed his bangs back and pulled a sharp breath through his nose again, clearing his throat when his tears started to overflow his eyes.
“It’s just–its. It’s so stupid, Els.” He chuckled, rubbing his right eye harshly, his unrealistic smile falling as he looked down in emotional humiliation.
His freckled tanned cheeks became mistier, his inhales squeaking when he tried his hardest to continue burying his sadness. Elsa tenderly pinched her brows and lips while Hiccup started to cry again. She felt awful, and her nurturing instincts kicked in. She stretched her chin and lightly kissed his neck, his whimpers growing short as she cuddled him.

Toothless came over to them and lovingly licked Hiccup’s damp red face, a sweet grin appearing across Elsa’s lips as Hic softly laughed. He held and patted Toothless’ ruff head, glancing at Elsa with his bloodshot eyes that unsteadily hitched when he finally gave his answer to her question.
“Mu-My dad and I–’ve been getting into a lo-t of fights lately…and uh-..I…I–”
He swallowed harshly to open a clear path so he could finish his thought, but his jaw trembled too much and his face was wet with another teardrop. She frowned, stroking his hair again as she awaited his finish.

For the last few months, she had noticed how often Hiccup and his father got into fights. Both would get enraged and sometimes hurtful things would spill out, causing a bigger wound then they intended. Obviously Stoick had gone too far, this time.
“Did you guys get into another fight?” She delicately asked, a light nod motioning from Hiccup’s hanging head as he pursed lips. His glassy eyes produced more tears and he was clearly irritated and embarrassed by his weeping.
“It’s nothing, I’m–…I’m alright.” He uttered through stiff vocal cords.
Elsa frowned and scooted closer to him to give him a hug.
He lightly smiled as she fondled him, stroking his hair and clearing his tears away with her thumbs. He looked up at her with his sweet red stained doe eyes.
“Hiccup, are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” She asked warmly.
She wanted to know what had happened, of course, but she didn’t feel right to keep urging him to talk if it only worsened his pain.
He nodded gently and she kindly respected his wishes. She still wanted to know what had been said to her baby, and why he was crying so much. They both smiled lightly at each other as she cradled his chin.

“Elsa?!” Fishlegs called nervously and Hiccup furrowed his brows.
“Is that Fishlegs?” He asked tensely, Elsa nodding as she peered over the boulder, watching Fishlegs’ silhouette tilt back and forth.
“Everything’s fine, Fishlegs. I found him! We’ll be out in a minute.” She cawed back.
His head bobbed as he stepped out of the tunnel and back into the warm sunlit area. Hiccup hugged his knees and bit his rose colored lips, his glassy green eyes peeking up behind the rock as he looked towards his friend.
“Why’s Fishlegs with you?” He asked curiously as he turned back to Elsa.
“He was helping me look for you. Your friends and I have been trying to find you all day. You were gone a while and we got worried.”

Toothless came up and nudged Elsa’s arm as she answered, her hands lovingly scratching his ear.
“I uh…I thought I might go flying, but then I realized I’d forgotten his tail, so I sort of…crashed here.” Hiccup uttered, rubbing Toothless as well.
“How’d you lose your foot? I thought something bad happened.” Elsa murmured.
“No…it-it was nothing. Nothing that bad. I was riding too fast and it busted off. It wasn’t attached to the pedal and I was…I was a little…upset.” He wheezed.
He reached for his foot and she handed it to him, watching him reattach it to his leg and soon offering him a string to lock it on.
“Didn’t feel like going after it, at the time.” He added, patting it once it was set.
Toothless warbled calmly when he nuzzled Hiccup’s head. He seemed pleased that Hiccup’s foot was back.
“Uh, sorry I–uh…worried everyone.” Hiccup blushed, his eyes switching away. Toothless purred as Hiccup petted him.
“It’s alright, I’m just glad we found you..I’m glad you’re somewhat okay.” Elsa sweetly belled.
She adjusted his stray bangs and Hiccup wiped his eyes again, scoffing at how pathetic he must’ve looked to her. He brushed himself off, trying to dry the damp areas on his red shirt.
“Cmon, honeycomb, you need some air.” Elsa offered sweetly, her thumbs drying his burning face as he chuckled at the pet name.
She gave him a hand up, fondly intertwining their fingers.

Toothless happily stared up at healing Hiccup, a kind smile pulling together on Hiccup’s face as he used his free fingers to rub the sincere Night-fury.
“Uh..uh–wait.” He urged, wiping his face down so Fishlegs wouldn’t see he was crying before. I guess it wouldn’t come across as very Viking like, even to the most sensitive Viking on the island.
“Do I–do I look okay?” Hiccup asked, Elsa smiling and nodding lovingly.
“You look lovely.” She cooed, walking up and pecking his nose.
Hiccup’s goofy self returned and before she pulled back, he grabbed her chin and pulled her into a few soft kisses. Elsa chirped happily and complied, smooching him back a few times.
She chuckled happily when they released and stroked Hiccup’s neck.
“Alrighty, cmon…” She gingerly sighed, walking backwards as she pulled him with her.
“Els?” Hiccup muttered lightly as he let her hand go and rubbed the back of his head.
“Yes?” She asked, stepping towards him as his expression grew serious again.
“Uh..tha-thanks for..coming and…rescuing me.”
He drug his foot through the dirt as he stared down, blushing and patting his fists against his thighs.
A gentle smile relaxed Elsa’s face and she picked his rough warm hand back up, interlocking it with hers as she raised his chin.
“I’ll always come rescue you.”
She pecked his cheek and he grinned, tightening his clench on her fingers and walking out with her.

When the pair came out, Fishlegs sighed in relief, eyeing Hiccup for a minute when he noticed his red eyes.
“So…everything’s okay?” He asked and Hiccup nodded shyly. Once everything was settled, the three took off back to the village.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of cloudjumper and toothless relationship development in Httyd 2?

Cloudjumper and Toothless have such an endearing relationship in HTTYD 2, and intricate, now that I can think about it. These dragons progress through multiple dispositions of one another as they interact. It begins with mutual hostility, or at the very least, mutual suspicion, yet it grows into something warm and friendly… then lastly supportive and respectful.

It is quite the dynamic relationship. And fascinatingly, it directly mirrors the growth Valka and Hiccup experience with one another, too.

Phase One: Unfriendly Strangers

When Cloudjumper and Toothless first meet, it is not an extroverted, friendly encounter. Rather, the two dragons face one another almost as though in opposition; Cloudjumper seems alarmed and wary of the Night Fury, while Toothless glares up at the Stormcutter with his trademark first-meeting hostility. It would not be beyond Toothless to even fire a warning plasma blast.

Here, Valka is like Toothless. She stands, boldly, imposingly, in a way threateningly, and even dares to kidnap Hiccup straight from the sky. Hiccup, like Cloudjumper, is startled and nervous, staring at the dragon/rider duo in wide-eyed surprise.

There is no trust between Cloudjumper and Toothless, nor Hiccup and Valka. There’s no reason to trust, either. Though the meeting is accidental and surprising, they regard one another with a wariness, almost an expectation the other is an enemy.

Phase Two: Tentative Warming Gestures

By the second time Toothless and Cloudjumper interact, it’s already markedly different in nature than their first interaction. Toothless is bubbly, bouncing around, in the dragon sanctuary. He’s no longer reacting by his instinctive wariness of encountering suspicious strangers and opens a new side to Cloudjumper. He intentionally initiates an interaction by coming straight up to the Stormcutter’s side. He thus purposefully approaches Cloudjumper - with some opening warmness - hoping for positive reciprocation.

What we notice, though, is that the interaction is not so smooth. Toothless even sticks his head amiably under Cloudjumper’s left wing, but this does not garner an appropriately friendly response. Cloudjumper, disinterested, turns aside, leaving Toothless disappointed and alone. Toothless might be opening up contact, but Cloudjumper is not responding off of it.

Yet again Hiccup and Valka are acting largely the same way. In fact, I believe their cautious but hopeful dialogue directly influences how their dragons regard one another. We see Valka, like Toothless, hopefully reaching out to her son. She nervously hopes to satisfy him, asking tentatively, “Do you like it?” But Hiccup does not bounce up and down to provide his mother an assuring answer. He instead wavers, scratches his hair awkwardly, and rambles about how this is just a lot to take in. But this conversation, cumbersome as it may be, still forms the first link of attachment between mother and son… and between the two dragons. Toothless no more feels suspicious of Valka after seeing her treat him well; he curls around her, sticks out his tongue, and even exposes his belly to her while he sprawls on the ground.

So Toothless experiences a good interaction with Cloudjumper’s rider. And because that happens, it opens the gate for Toothless to approach Cloudjumper himself. It makes Toothless more emotionally upbeat and it sends out a virtue-by-association reasoning. If the rider is a good person, why not also the rider’s dragon? Thus, Toothless bounds over to Cloudjumper, initiates an interaction, and even goes so far as to stick his head under the Stormcutter’s wing.

The last thing i want to mention of this thing is the little underlying sense of inequality - that is, a distribution of power - not anything bad. Valka is Hiccup’s mother, an older woman than him whose position lends some respect. Cloudjumper also is an older dragon than Toothless - not to mention a resident of this nest rather than mere visitor. So there’s a bit of “looking up to” in their interactions. Hiccup might feel uncertain, but he’s still going to, in a way, look up to a vigilante dragon lady mother, while Toothless looks up to the older, larger dragon. There’s a bit of a sense that, when he peeps out from under Cloudjumper’s wing, Toothless wants to be noticed by a dragon for which he’s already developed interest and respect.

Phase Three: Reciprocal Friendliness

The interactions between Toothless and Cloudjumper become more open and lighthearted during “Flying with Mother.” They have the opportunity to come to know one another better, do some activities together, and open up. Cloudjumper’s earlier dismissal to Toothless in the sanctuary does not repeat; instead of eliciting to ignore the Night Fury, Cloudjumper watches Toothless draw in the snow with curiosity and attentiveness.

After all this time together, Cloudjumper and Toothless loosen up. The younger Night Fury bounds through the snow, hopping around Cloudjumper excitedly. Cloudjumper starts acting a bit silly himself, dumping snow from his head on top of Toothless’ own. Cloudjumper still keeps in his more stoic personality, but he’s definitely opened up. Now we are getting fun, successful, reciprocal interactions. They’re comfortable and connecting.

It’s no accident this is what’s happening with Hiccup and Valka, too. Valka and Hiccup excitedly rave about the flight suit and dragon species, even drawing into a hug. This time, Valka gets an enthusiastic response from her son rather than a timid stuttering.

And this time, when Toothless approaches Cloudjumper’s wing, the Stormcutter engages, and in a rather informal way.

Really, everyone is feeding off one another. Growing familiarity passes between dragons and riders; dragons see good human interacts, humans see good dragon interactions, human and dragon see good human and dragon interactions, and all that plays into the growing familiarity, comfort, and connection between Valka, Hiccup, Toothless, and Cloudjumper.

Phase Four: Deeper Connections

Meaningful interactions begin to occur between dragons. As Valka cooks for her family, Toothless and Cloudjumper share a meal, too. The Stormcutter does a very clear gesture of kindness: regurgitating half a fish for Toothless to eat. We know from HTTYD that this is a symbol of goodwill, friendliness, and bonding. The dragons are forging a closer connection by actively attending to the other’s needs.

Phase Five: Leadership and Respect

There will always be reason for Hiccup to respect Valka and for Toothless to respect Cloudjumper. But new deference is shown to the younger individuals by the end of the movie when they become chief and alpha of their kind. There’s a shift in power from the dragon sanctuary scene.

It’s also a huge shift from the start of the movie. Cloudjumper dips his head and is the first to bow to Toothless as the new alpha, just as Valka is the first to verbally acknowledge her son as chief. These people and dragons were hostile to each other at the start of the film. But the movie’s opening suspicion changed to regard changed to care changed to closer bonds and deep respect.

When watching Toothless and Cloudjumper in HTTYD 2, it might be easy to consider their interactions as mere fluffy comedic moments. Yes, these moments definitely are humorous, and their intent is to bring laughter to audiences. But they’re also dynamic, transformative, and deep moments. It’s not just two friendly dragons being silly around one another. It’s the growth of a really profound relationship.