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Imposter | Halloween

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: This was requested by anon, thank you darling and I hope you like it.

Prompt: “Look, I dressed up as you.” from this Prompt List

Halloween Masterlist

Fixing the backwards cap on your head perfectly, so that it allowed the right amount of hair to fall from each side, you grinned at your reflection in the mirror. You picked up the main prop of your costume, that you believed completed it to no end, before skipping out your bedroom door; excitement evident on your face. You were going out trick or treating with your boyfriend, who was adamant on wearing couple costumes, but you really didn’t feel like walking around your neighborhood in Princess Leia’s infamous gold bikini in Return of the Jedi, so after hours of arguing, Stiles allowed you to pick your own costume.

The doorbell rang, and you grabbed the bucket of candy on the table that contained two awfully bloody candles that had wax dripping all over the table. You couldn’t help but get into the Halloween mood this year, hence the fake cobwebs lining your foyer much to your parent’s dismay. You opened the door, jumping at the sight in front of you with a small yelp. It wasn’t kids dressed as princesses and a frog, it was your boyfriend with fangs, fake hair stuck to his face and blood seeping his white ripped up shirt. You laughed at the sight of wolf ears attached to his mop of brown hair.

“How ironic,” you said, opening the door wider for him to enter.

“At least I put effort into my costume. What the hell are you meant to be?” His voice was muffled with the fangs still in, but you knew him well enough to understand what he was saying.

You grinned at him, pulling the baseball bat out from behind you and fixed your blue, unbuttoned checked shirt, “Look, I dressed up as you.” You shouted over the bang of the fireworks, lighting the sky up. Stiles jaw dropped, before the laughter was uncontrollable, he doubled over, patting his hands to his knees. You continued to giggle at him, waiting for him to say something.

“That… that is absolutely brilliant.” Stiles laughed, flicking away fake tears from the outer corner of his whiskey colored eyes. “I love you,” he giggled, pulling you closer and planting an unexpected kiss on your lips. You smiled into the kiss, but pulled away and grabbed the two open head plastic pumpkins by your door.

“Now, let’s go get some candy.” You squeaked, popping around him and slamming your door shut. You handed him a plastic basket to fill up with his candy, which he accepted but stood in his spot, pulling out his phone. He flicked open the camera, pointing it towards you. “What are you doing?” You groaned, but didn’t cover your face. It was scientifically proven that if you covered your face instead of smiling for a photo, you automatically look ugly.

“Just making sure there’s proof of an imposter if someone that looks strangely similar to me is witnessed to be anywhere near a murder scene.”

You rolled your eyes at his words, “It would be you at a murder scene, you scone.”

Sometimes.. quality is better than quantity. I felt like if I added more, I would have ruined it but do let me know using my ask box or by commenting on this. Thank you.

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snapstreak - four

Originally posted by nochuie

genre: fluff
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: in which your snapstreak with hoseok is in danger because he decided to go without internet access for ten days but he hires someone to maintain his streak
words: 1.8k

read on ao3 // previous chapters

day seven

You wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs frying in the pan, a small smile playing on your lips as you saunter out of bed, attempting to rearrange your bedhead. The sound of plates clinking together can be heard as you draw closer to the kitchen, leaning against the doorframe while watching Yoongi casually splitting your breakfast on two plates. He glances up and gives you a little nod before turning away.

“Just so you know, these two plates are for me,” he tells you, pouring tea into two mugs. “So are these two cups of tea. If you want breakfast, you’re gonna make it yourself.”

You laugh, settling yourself down at the table, placing your chin on your hands as you watch him set the plates down. Yoongi sits opposite you, passing you a set of cutlery before digging in. You take a sip of tea, sighing as the warm liquid slips down your throat.

“I’m so glad you’re my roommate.”

“I can’t wait to move out.”


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doodles - we all know I’m a serious artist

04/08/15 || First of all, I’m so sorry for being so “inactive” lately (reblogs doesn’t count as posting). The truth is that I’ve been all this time so busy trying to find the perfect notebook so I could start my first bullet journal. I have to say that I haven’t found it yet (I’m so picky I guess), so I’ve decided that I’m starting my BJ in a plain one and I’ll decorate it the way I want later in the future. So here is my Bullet Journal:

As you can see, it’s plain (so plain it hurts). I found this baby like two weeks ago in a store and it only costed me 1.50€. The fact that it’s so ugly is rewarded with the fact that it has great quality. Like, really, the paper is so thick permanent markers don’t mess the other side of the page. As you can see it’s “extra white 90grs (grams) paper”. It’s green on the outside and matches my pen! Let’s take a look inside:

This is the design I’ve went for. It’s really simple and, in my opinion, so cute. Under my name I’ve decided to write my phone number (covered with the red stripe), so if I lose it, someone can call me and give it back to me. Right after I’ve decided to write my two Tumblr blogs, because let’s be honest, if I wasn’t here with this blog, I’d never have discovered what a bullet journal is. By the way, I’ve found out that the best way to inspire myself is by drinking coffee in the biggest glass I own. Let’s turn the page:

Here in this picture we’ve got the legend. It’s not mine, I found it in the internet. I haven’t set the colours yet because I want to wait till I start university (right now I don’t really need to separate themes in this journal).

This is the index of this journal. As you can see I’m keeping things pretty simple. I don’t have much to explain here. You know, it’s an index. A boring and plain index.

So here we’ve got the year overview. You might have noticed the months are in Spanish, but it’s my language and I know it’ll be easier for me this way. It only includes last five months of 2015 because when we reach 2016 I’ll be doing another overview for that year. 

And here it is the detailed year overview, where there’s a little more space to write down things. As you can read if you know Spanish, it says first day at ECI and last day at ECI because…I got the job!! I’ll be this entire month (an part of the next one) working on the jewelry section of a mall and I’m so happy!! And the other thing you can read is 2th year of biotechnology, because I’m an old lady and I’ll be starting year two of my degree. To be honest, time has past so fast. I remember myself playing with dolls and now I’m at university. It’s so scarfing how fast time passes by. No more nostalgia. Let’s move forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, my 2015 goals. Yeah. As you may know, I’m the procrastination queen, so I don’t set myself any goals so I don’t feel bad if I don’t complete them. Just kidding guys, this year’s goal was losing weigh, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Now I can wear clothes two sizes smaller than the ones I wore before. I’m really proud. So, at the moment, I guess my goals are stay in college and don’t mess around too much. Next!

Agosto (August for english speakers). This is the overview of this month. You can see I marked the day I started working (tomorrow) and the days that my job will last. It’s supposed to end on an arrow, but my job finishes in September, so I’ll be finishing the arrow then. By now, that’s the only event it’ll take place this month.

Those are my goals for this month. The first one says “learning to use my bullet journal” and the other one says “looking for a cover for my journal”. I know the second one will be the hardest, but I really need to hide that horrible cover. If you guys have any idea just let me know on my ask box or at the end of this post.

This month tracker is unfinished yet, because I don’t know what can I include here. Again, if you want to give me an idea leave your wise words here. By the way, let’s have a sneak peek of what’s inside that pink post-it.

Red for “you failed”. Orange for “you were close”. Green for “you did it!”. Simple but effective. As you can see in the previous picture, it’s imposible for me to drink more than 1L of water in one day. But I’m pretty good at cleaning my face twice a day and a total sucker at bullet journaling, because this is my first time. 

This is my page for my monthly expenses. The design is quite simple as the rest of this journal but, as you can see, I made a pocket for the receipts and it turned out so cute! I followed the instructions given in the picture below:

Credit to Paula Beardell Krieg! Such an amazing origami! I’ve to admit that I cheated and added a drop of glue in the last step, but anyways, origami pocket!

I finish this post with today’s entry. Music in the background (Sunrise - Our Last Night). If you wanna follow me on Spotify I leave the link here

Hope you liked this long post! I’d be so happy if this post inspired you to start your own bullet journal. And don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated, posting the progress of this journal. Lots of love!!

xx :)

Roddy Piper vs Bret Hart (WWE WrestleMania VIII - 4/5/1992)

REQUESTED! (by anonymous)

“Are they saying anything? Nope, they’re just staring at each other. Two ugly people looking at each other, that’s fun!”

This match is one of Bobby Heenan’s best commentary performances. Heenan was a true heel commentator, didn’t give credit to any of the good guys, but in this one, he gets lost in the quality of the match and compliments both sides. And that’s because it is, as Bobby says, a hell of a match.

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