look at the transformation that this character has had

shockwave is easily one of my favorite transformers because of the stark contrast between his personality and his actions

like, shockwave is a very emotionally dead character. he claims to only trust logic, never visibly emotes, and in some versions of the story he’s even has had his emotions forcibly removed from his mind.

he’s utterly emotionless and is purely dedicated to logic and science

here’s a short list of things Shockwave has done in the name of logic and science across his various incarnations:

  • forcibly turned Grimlock and the Dinobots in to robotic versions of Earth dinosaurs because he thought dinosaurs looked neat
  • brainwashed a bunch of Cybertronian neutral colonists in to thinking they were Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and all of the other “iconic” Transformers for seemingly no reason other than to watch them fight for a hundred years 
  • attempted to destroy the entire universe (and a weird zombie negative universe) to serve as fuel for Cybertron
  • discovered an ancient race of Cybertronian dragons and immediately began cloning them to try to have a clone dragon army 
  • discovered an ancient race of Cybertronian insects and immediately began cloning them to try and have a clone Insecticon army 
  • helped design Overlord, a nigh-indestructible Decepticon warrior designed to destroy entire planets, and the removed the Achilles Heel built in to Overlord to keep him under control. Shockwave removed this Achilles Heel solely for personal gain. 
  • built a functioning time machine solely to steal fuel from the past, where fuel was plentiful

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WELL I haven’t really had the time yet to look into her character etc and I will have to play her myself before I know what I think of her, but design wise, she looks like a cool lady! I’m excited there’s a new tank :D (btw I know she has a cannon arm but she has it switched to another hand in one pic so I’ll go with that for this)

Pictured above: A cool lady, rooting for you to stay cool as well!

Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 2)

Masterlist can be found (here) 

A/N: Make sure to check out Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 1) so you can understand most of the context or you will be confused  & I love this moodboard so much ????
Warning: Prepare for a hella wild ride of emotions y’all 

“I want you to be my morning so I can be your night.”

  • You were basically still puzzled at the wolf cause bro you have been living the same neighbourhood for the last 20 years
  • The only time you came across wolves was when you watched ‘Twilight’
  • You told Daniel about the incident as you were still weirded out by it 
  • His expressions seemed a bit strange but you just assumed he was concerned about your safety
  • okay Daniel was freaking out cause he wasn’t sure if he realized it was him and he still didn’t know how to tell you about his other side
  • But Sungwoo had advised him that it was best to just drop hints
  • Daniel took it literally
  • He deadass made you do a netflix marathon on 'Teen Wolf’ with him;;;;;
  • While you were watching it, he low-key kept trying to check for your reaction when the main character transformed into a wolf by averting his gaze while seating his gummy bears
  • But you had a blank expression on throughout the show since you had previously watched it
  • You honestly couldn’t say no to your boyfriend’s suggestion since you had been picking the last 5 movies or series when it was movie night
  • He couldn’t judge from your expression cause ??? so another day just went by LOL
  • It has already month since you last encounter the wolf and it was the last thing on your mind
  • That was until Daniel became sick
  • He had been looking pale when you two went out for a date yesterday so you told him to rest and you will come visit him
  • It was actually one of the aftereffects of the pull and full moon as his wolf side was becoming stronger
  • If a mate has not acknowledged the other yet, they are unable to recover quicker which leads the wolf side to be stronger
  • The pull also makes the wolf side of a werewolf crave for their mate even more and will make it want to dominate the mate so it could acknowledge its presence
  • This is because when mates have accepted each other, they will become stronger and wolves take pride in their strength
  • Daniel became dizzier as he had to constantly tame his wolf side to ensure that he could stay in his human form while he was with you
  • He nodded but told you not to visit him as he was scared to pass it to you and he had 10 other boys to take care of him
  • More like e was really scared that his wolf side might just appear suddenly and god know how would you react to it
  • However the next day, you were anxious as he had not text you at all and for some reason, you couldn’t reach the other boys
  • They were out for a run except for Guanlin who had extra classes
  • The boys left Daniel at home alone since werewolves usually just need a full day of rest with no disturbance and they will be up in no time
  • You decided to get some food and head to his house since you know where they hide the spare key
  • As you entered, you realized no one was at home as it was silent which was an unusual occurrence for a place with 11 boys
  • You knock on Daniel’s door with the porridge and medicine in your hand
  • When there wasn’t anyone to greet you, you opened the door yourself and saw  him asleep his bed
  • You wanted to get his temperature so you sat on his bed and laid your hand on his forehead
  • That’s when you saw his wolf ears and you were wondering if Sungwoo had put them in as a joke when he was asleep
  • You took a few photos for future blackmailing purpose lmao
  • But let’s be real here, you were still wondering how does your boyfriend even look this good while he was sick
  • You decided to just leave it there after you had a good laugh over how freaking adorable he looked with them
  • You treaded your fingers into his hair and that’s when you accidentally tugged at the ears
  • He woke up immediately since his ears were extremely sensitive to touch
  • You realized that his ears weren’t those hair bands you did get at amusement parks but they were very much real
  • You literally jumped out of his bed and went W T F ???
  • There were folktales of people who were part mythical creature you heard when you were a child but experiencing it at first hand was a whole new story
  • “Fuck, I can explain.”
  • His ear and tail immediately disappeared as that sudden shock had made him stronger for a short period of time
  • He immediately stood up and tried to hold you back
  • But you turned your heels and sprinted out of the house
  • Ignoring Guanlin who had greeted you who was playing a video game
  • Moments later, Guanlin saw Daniel coming down with the most crushed expression on his face
  • His eyes were close to tearing up and he gnawed his bottom lip so hard that blood seemed to be seeping out
  • “What the hell - JISUNG HYUNG!”
  • Guanlin yelled out as he immediately went to the white wolf side and pulling him to the couch
  • Daniel immediately collapsed on the couch as he still had a fever and the sudden change of events did not help
  • He passed out and the other boys who ad came back moments after you left became incredibly worried
  • Jisung stepped in and said that it was just him being sick since Daniel wasn’t showing any sign of being rejected
  • On the other hand, you were running in fear to your apartment
  • You had so many questions wanting to be answered but yet you didn’t know if you even dared to approach him
  • Sure it looked cute on him but what in the world was that;;;;
  • A day later when Daniel had recovered, he just rushed to your place
  • When you opened the door for him, it broke his heart when you gazed at him warily as if he was something dangerous and foreign
  • It was strange for him to sit opposite of you rather than next to you in the couch and had his head on our thighs as a pillow
  • He explained about mates, werewolves, the pull and just everything you needed to know
  • “I … I don’t think I can do this right now. Just give me more time to think about it.”
  • The mate thing was just messing with your head, there was just so many things for you to process that you weren’t even sure that the decision right now would be right
  • He sighed as he had expected this reaction and was thankful that you still haven’t rejected him even after knowing the commitment of being mates
  • Days went by of you not having any contact with him
  • But you knew that he was keeping an eye on you as you could spot a white wolf wandering near the bookstore and your apartment
  • Just like it had been your guardian angel the first time, it seemed to be fond of taking its role again
  • While you told him to gave you time, you acted like you didn’t notice the wolf as you were worried Daniel will stop being there
  • One day, while walking back from work, you left some food on the pathway and motion for the wolf to eat it as you saw how he had been waiting for you all day as you had to skip lunch to clear the book store’s storage room
  • Daniel trudged towards the food and ate it hungrily
  • You smiled fondly and was prepared to throw it the plate which contained the food when you saw it coming at you
  • It’s mouth had a bright red ball in it as it cautiously approached you and dropped it near your feet
  • As if Daniel wanted to show you that this white wolf was more than a dangerous creature as you took the red ball in your hand and threw it somewhere else
  • Moments later it came back and you were engaged in playing catch with you before the sky started darkening and it growled at your apartment’s direction as if wanting you to go home
  • While you accepted the wolf, it was still hard to establish the connection that the white wolf you saw was the same person as Daniel
  • Just a week later when you made your decision
  • You were coming back from grocery shopping when a tall boy with sapphire red hair slung his hand on your shoulder
  • You tried to push his hand off you but he was far stronger as he slammed you against a wall in the alleyway and gave you a smirk
  • Before he could mutter a word, Daniel pushed him away and that boy laid on the ground as he touched the fresh scratch on his cheekbones
  • “Get your filthy hands on her, Im Youngmin.”
  • “So we are on real name basis now huh? How friendly Kang Euigeon.”
  • “Don’t touch my girl! Aren’t you aware this is our territory?”
  • Youngmin chuckled bringing a glare from Daniel as he pointed to you again
  • “Yours? Don’t make me laugh, she hasn’t even accepted you yet judging from her scent. Of course, I’m just paying a visit to my cousins from faraway.”
  • Your eyes widen when you saw the two boys in front of you turned into a rusty brown wolf and a white wolf respectively
  • This was when it really hit you that yes, they were werewolves as they pounced at each other, teeth-baring sharply
  • You muttered a curse as you sprinted back home while sending a text to the Wanna One boys that Daniel was in danger
  • You didn’t feel too assure as you became increasingly worried as you slammed your door shut until Woojin texted back that his hyungs were already there to help
  • He was outside of your door as he told you to listen to him for the last time
  • He apologized to you and telling you to move as far as you could to start afresh
  • He didn’t want to put you in danger and mentioned that you could just reject him
  • After all, you being far away from him would just lea to his wolf side to be out of control and he would rather be dead like the rest of his predecessor
  • He was worried that other packs might kidnap you to blackmail since he was the white wolf everyone was after
  • He told you that he will slip in enough money to your bank account once he reaches home and that he loves you and hopes you will never forget that
  • You opened the door as fast as you could and looked at him in the eye as you gather your thoughts
  • You then cupped his face and kissed him as you were sure of decision
  • You realize how much you love him when you were so worried when he was fighting with Youngmin
  • How you were silently praying that he will make it out alive and that all you wanted was to just see him again
  • Whether it was 'the pull’ like he mentioned, but the sheer thought of him leaving you sliced through your heart
  • “I’m not going anywhere with you …. I’m going to say this every single day when we are together but I love you. I promise that I always will.”
  • “So does that mean you are going to be my mate?”
  • “Do you even need to ask?”
  • Daniel had the biggest smile on as he just lifted you up and spun you around until you complained you were dizzy
  • But moments later, he lifted you into your place and closed the door with his feet as he gently laid you on your bed
  • Your face was matching his as you were both scarlet red after you whispered to him that if he really wanted the other wolves, he should get you two to have the same scent or whatever the werewolves like to call it;;;;;
  • Which only means one thing, yup I will leave it up to your imagination 
  • So yeah after that, Daniel actually made ramen for you
  • Which you laughed out loud cause he made you the hello kitty ramen your friend had given you as a souvenir from Japan
  • “Wow the big bad wolf likes Hello Kitty???”
  • He grumbled at you for being such a bad mate for judging his love for cats but you just chuckled and fed him more ramen
  • You kissed him on the cheek as you told your mate to forgive you
  • He went !!! and made you say the ‘m’ word again cause he honestly still couldn’t believe such a beautiful human like you had accepted him
  • Mate was such a foreign word to you yet somehow you liked the way it rolled on your tongue
  • You knew Kang Daniel could be anything and you honestly wouldn’t care
  • After all, you loved him even more when you realize all these things about him
  • You guys don’t really go out for dates but more of a netflix & pizza sort of couple
  • Especially when he was going through the heat, you are literally glued to him
  • Peppering him with kisses even if he didn’t experience a lot of discomforts anymore
  • Matching Cross Earrings !!!
  • Since it was an accessory where it wouldn’t break when he transformed unlike necklaces or rings
  • Yours was on your left ears and he wore his on his right
  • He likes to braid your hair
  • Much like how you like to thread your fingers across his fur when he becomes a wolf
  • He turns to the cutest pup when you are with him as he wags his tail and just has his tongue out
  • What intimidation ???  
  • He loves it so much when you pet his head and just stroke his fur in general
  • His eyes are literally closed and he has a look of pure bliss
  • He rewards you with an extremely steamy hot make-out session with him after that at the kitchen counter (that went from 0 to 100 real quick hjjkl)
  • Because he’s a werewolf, his sense of smell is heightened and a lot of sharper than the average human
  • Hence he loves it when your scent is drenched with his since it shows that you belong to him and vice versa
  • Which is why he literally has the urge to kiss the hell out of you whenever you are in one of his sweaters
  • Or even better when you are only wearing his t-shirt and nothing else
  • He knows you are the right one when you get so worried when he transforms
  • You are always looking out for him in case there are hunters or anyone dangerous
  • But he will always just lick your hand in assurance that he will be okay and runs into the forest
  • You get amused whenever he comes back with flowers in his mouth
  • Like it’s the CUTEST thing you have ever seen
  • Cause he looks so S O F T
  • He will nuzzle your hand whenever you thanked him for the flowers or compliment his fur
  • Which results in him just giving you lots of kisses once he transforms back
  • He will do anything to protect you cause you weren’t just his mate; you were his everything
  • Lots and lots of cuddles
  • He is the best thing to cuddle with in the winter with thick comforters and hot chocolate since he radiates heat
  • His body temperature is higher than usual so you just feel so cozy and warm when you are next to him
  • Whenever you try to step out the bed, he will just pull you in again and wrapped you in a hug and whispered in your ear
  • “I sleep so much better with you next to me so don’t leave.”

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Is there statistical proof that players react better to characters that are like them? Sure, the role of the "self-insert" character is important in a story, but though many readers look through the Frodo's eyes while reading, he scores pretty low in many voting lists. Meanwhile, Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas, characters that the readers/viewers look up to, occupy the top spots. So what's with the fixation of making sure everyone gets a character identical to them, down to the hair color?

Let’s explore this idea. Below are the top 25 grossing movie franchises:

1) Marvel Cinematic Universe - Mostly humans (albeit many with superhuman abilities). Has gods, but they look human.

2) Star Wars - Has lots of aliens and droids. Main characters mostly human though.

3) James Bond - All humans.

4) Harry Potter - Moat characters are technically wizards but essentially humans. Has some fantastical creatures.

5) Fast and the Furious - All the main characters are human. One could argue cars are kind of characters.

6) Transformers - Here the cars are literally characters. First on the list to have main characters not be human although every movie has had its POV protagonist be human.

7) Despicable Me - Main characters are human. Minions do get a lot of screen time though.

8) X-Men - The heroes are technically mutants but essentially human in appearance and demeanor.

9) Jurassic Park - The main characters are always human, but obviously the dinosaurs are the Draw of the franchise.

10) Pirates of the Caribbean - Primarily Pirates but other than a few dead ones, mostly human.

11) Mission Impossible - All humans.

12) Spider-man - Protagonist and antagonists are superhuman but human nonetheless.

13) Toy Story - This is the second franchise where they main characters aren’t human but toys. The main characters are facsimiles of humans.

14) Ice Age - Not only are the main characters animals, but humans have had very little screen time in this franchise.

15) Indiana Jones - All human.

16) DC Cinematic Universe - Superhumans, some of which are human, some of which while technically not human pass easily for human.

17) Kung Fu Panda - This is another IP filled with animals. Unlike Ice Age, these animals primarily act like humans, walking on two legs, using martial arts, etc.

18) Terminator - Main characters are humans but robots get a lot of screen time.

19) Star Trek - Mostly humans with a few aliens that look a lot like humans with a little face make-up.

20) Planet of the Apes - Another IP where the main characters are not humans but apes. Like Transformers, movies also have a human POV protagonist.

21) Alien - The bad guys are not human but mostly everyone else is including all the main characters.

22) Jason Bourne - All humans.

23) Men In Black - Main characters are mostly human, but lots of aliens.

24) Rocky - All humans.

25) Die Hard - All humans.

So, of the top twenty-five grossing movie franchises, only five can be argued as not primarily being about humans, three of which are animated. Both of the non-animated ones always have its protagonist be human. Of the animated ones, only Ice Age don’t have the characters anthropomorphized.

The fixation on humans is because that’s what works.

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hello, I feel you may be getting sick of ship asks so I thought I'd bring up something else for you if its something your interested in. I've noticed kirishima's inferiority complex about his none-flashy quirk is commonly pointed out and since watching the ova, and seeing tokoyami's reaction to his own, what are your thoughts on a possible quirk stigma about body altering quirks vs effects based quirks (e.i. katsuki & todoroki)? Feels like that's a underlining issue that hasn't been explored yet

Quirk Stigma

As far as I can tell, there isn’t really a stigma with transformation and mutant Quirks compared to emitter Quirks. I don’t think society cares too much if a Quirk transforms a body. Stigma is more determined by HOW the Quirk affects the user or others around the Quirk user. 

Someone suffering from stigma regarding his or her Quirk depends on the Quirk itself. A Quirk is a part of someone like other features of the body. Just like how people can face prejudice because of things like their their appearance and intelligence, characters can face prejudice because of their Quirks. People judge others based on their Quirks and often a Quirk can determine someone’s self-worth. 

Midoriya is considered worth less as a person because he has no Quirk. 

Manguusu had trouble making friends because of her scary Quirk. This has nothing to do  with her looking like a snake.

At first glance, Shinsou has a Quirk that’s not suitable for being a hero. It’s a scary Quirk that a villain would normally have. Shinsou’s Quirk doesn’t transform Shinsou himself, but it affects others. 

Shinsou’s and Manguusu’s Quirks aren’t scary because they change their bodies in some way. They’re scary because of the nature of their Quirks. Tokoyami most likely suffers from a similar problem. His Quirk is very dark and if Tokoyami loses control of Dark Shadow, it can be horrifying. It’s understandable for him to be self-conscious of having such a frightening Quirk. It’s also understandable if people are apprehensive of Tokoyami because of his Quirk. 

I don’t think there’s much of a stigma against Kirishima’s Quirk. People don’t seem to care that Kirishima’s Quirk changes his appearance. If anything, Kirishima’s Quirk changing his appearance makes the Quirk flashier, something Kirishima likes. (Red Riot Unbreakable may be a different matter, but we don’t know for sure).  

Because Kirishima wants to be in the hero business, he has to prove himself as useful and use his abilities to get attention of others in order to make a name for himself and have a career as a hero. The more popular a hero is, the more successful they are. Kirishima knows that all too well, which is why he’s self-conscious about how his Quirk doesn’t stand out. Kirishima worries about others overlooking him because he doesn’t have a flashy Quirk. He wants to stand out like Bakugou and Midoriya because that’ll equate to success, and he worries he can’t do that because of his Quirk.

It’s difficult to tell if the lack of flashiness is negatively affecting Kirishima’s future. It may mostly be in Kirishima’s head. He appears to be holding his own just fine. He was second in the entrance exam, was eighth in the Quirk Apprehension Test, was ninth in the Sports Festival obstacle race, made it into the top eight of the Sports Festival Tournament, and received 68 pro hero nominations. Although, now that I mention it, Kirishima has had a lot of moments that has made him feel weaker. 

All those failures kill Kirishima’s confidence, and it’s easy to understand those failures making Kirishima feel less confident about his Quirk. That’s not to say Kirishima blames his failures on his Quirk, but he does feel like his Quirk is holding him back as a hero. 

He’s not completely wrong. His Quirk can make or break his career, and if Kirishima had a Quirk as strong and flashy as Todoroki’s or Bakugou’s, he’d have an easier time keeping up with them. However, as far as I can tell, Kirishima doesn’t really suffer from a stigma against his Quirk, even as a hero. Kirishima is simply extra critical of his Quirk and gives himself too high of expectations. 

Does that answer your ask?

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Why do you think maiko has more character development

This is referring to my observation last month that Meiko in only four movies has seen more character development than half the Zero Two cast (including, sadly, Hikari). After watching Loss again in preparation for tomorrow’s festivities, it’s hard to deny.

The Meiko we are introduced to in movie 1 is completely different from Meiko we see (in a very precarious situation) at the end of movie 4. Through the course of these movies she has had a complete transformation, at least from our perspective

Look at her in Reunion. She’s shy, timid, sneezes too much, doesn’t want to impose on the other Chosen (almost like she’s afraid of them), and the only time she shows any backbone is when her partner’s in direct danger. Once you hit Determination, Mimi starts to make her feel more comfortable, getting her to engage in the festival project. Meiko ends up returning the favor when she goes out of her way to throw herself in a personally embarrassing situation to encourage and reassure Mimi.

Those are nice steps, but Confession adds in her backstory and her awareness of Meicoomon’s condition. Between the flashbacks and her own grief, the picture we see is not someone who’s naturally shy and cautious, but someone who’s been worn down into that state. Now her fear of the Chosen, her own sense of shame, and her skittish attitude carry more weight to it, and Takeru, as part of his character arc, helps her understand that she’ll be forgiven if she can move forward. So she does.

Loss is the massive turning point where we see her growth firsthand. After Takeru dismisses her chances of surviving in the wild (an opinion most of us would have shared after Reunion), she proves to be quite outdoorsy. Most importantly, she matches Meicoomon’s ferocity, defying her partner’s angry scratches and saying she can’t give up on Meicoomon no matter how much she wishes she could and no matter how much of a dangerous life-wrecker she is.

The journey from flashback Meiko to movie 1 Meiko to movie 4 Meiko and beyond sees her undergo several character evolutions in a short time. It’s impressive and deserves more recognition, especially when you have seasons like Zero Two (though that’s certainly not the only offender), who grant some of their main cast such little development over the course of 50+ episodes.

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What is your current verdict on Build so far? As for me, it is still too early to say anything, but I still can not wrap my head around Sento... I don't know, after a recent slew of KR protagonist with depressing past like Haruka and Emu, Sento is just seems... off.

My current take on it, a very HOT Take as I just watched it today and the first episode currently exists in a vacuum as we have only that to judge the series from is this, I liked it.

The series is very consciously trying to address recent criticisms of the last few entries in the series (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Ghost) that the franchise has wandered so far from the original core concepts of Kamen Rider i.e. actually riding motorcycles on a regular basis and having a somewhat bug-themed costume. In that way, what I have seen of Build feels like a merger of the older Showa Era Kamen Rider with the more story-focused long form narrative of the Heisei Kamen Rider series.

Let me explain further.  In the original Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo, who was a genius (his stated IQ was 600) who was abducted by an evil organization and experimented on to create a monstrous super soldier by a shadowy, evil organization.  He escaped before he could be brainwashed and spends his life fighting other monsters created by the same evil group all while riding a motorcycle.  

In Kamen Rider Build we have a genius captured by a shadowy, evil organization experimented on and apparently mentally messed with to wipe his memories.  He has somehow escaped them and now uses his genius to transform into a superhero to battle monsters created by the same evil organization while riding a motorcycle.

The big difference is that while Takeshi knew the identity of the evil organization that had turned him into Kamen Rider, Sento has no idea who they are beyond guys in gas masks and some commander who looks like a bat.  That’s part of the hook for the longer story as opposed to the episodic nature of the older series.  Our main character has amnesia (which yes is kind of an overused plot device, see Kamen Rider Agito) but it gives us a good device for slowly revealing not only the bigger picture of what is really going on but also our heroes backstory.

We’ve also had a bigger focus on motorcycle combat in the first episode, taking us much closer to the older series which had more cycle scenes because motorcycles are just cool.

So yeah, this feels different from the last few shows but it feels a LOT more like the really OLD entries in the franchise. As to Sento’s background, I’m not sure how much darker and more depressing you can get than being taken, violated and having your memory stolen from you.  Does he have a family?  Who were his friends?  His Mother?  His Father?  He doesn’t know!  That’s pretty damn sad and tragic on a very personal level.

Regarding Grey Branch

Since the release of the trailer for the new holiday special “Trolls Holiday.” 
I’ve seen some debate amongst the Trolls fanbase about why Dreamworks made the chose to turn Branch back into his old greyself. 

Originally posted by ky-jane

I have a theory and I’m sorry if someone has already touched on this.

I can see from the creators point of view why they chose to tone him back down into grey Branch. I say tone down because he does have some colour to his hair when it is caught by the light, muted and dim but not jet black like it had been before. 

Looking at it from a production stand point I believe that the creators worried that people won’t take to a bouncy happy Branch straight away. 

Lets face it, we as an audience fell in love with a grumpy, sarcastic and damaged character and by giving him a metamorphosis near the end of the movie, it changed his appearance and behaviour dramatically.  

Originally posted by trollstookmysoul

Now, for a stand alone film this wouldn’t have been a problem but because they are continuing the franchise it causes problems. 

Would people take to him being as happy and bouncy as Poppy? Would the two character be able bounce off of each other for comedy value Like they had before? 

In my opinion, no. I don’t think it would have worked. Sure they could have had him still sarcastic and grumpy and be bright blue but that would have gone against the law they created in the movie. When a troll is depressed, upset or completely broken down, they lose their colour. 

But Branch isn’t broken down anymore and fixing all of his faults from the last movie so quickly wouldn’t be very entertaining to watch or continue a story for a holiday special, a tv series and another movie. 

The reason I thought of this was because I remember watching behind the scenes footage of Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast.

Originally posted by hannahbakxr

During production the creators knew that the transformation of the beast at the end of the film was going to be hard for the audience to except because they fell in love with the Beast not the Prince. 

They had worries about the design of the princes character because he looked and sounded completely different from the character that we had gotten to know and became emotionally invested in. 

 Although god knows why they chose this design…

Personally I’d rather have the beast, thank god Branch stayed cute.

Anyway, I only brought this up as an example but this is what I thought of when I saw the change.

Honestly I think Dreamworks has done this the right way, now we get a mixture of both the old Branch and the new. A little bit of colour with the sassy attitude, singing and a character thats changed just enough both physically and emotionally to be believable. 

Plus bedhead Branch singing to his coffee in a bathrobe and crazy stalker Poppy had me in stitches.  

Can’t wait for its release. Interested to hear peoples thoughts on this.


The iconic group of teen sleuths and their talking, hungry dog has resonated with many, young and old throughout the years. Scooby-Doo has always been a favorite and has generally been geared towards younger viewers (despite the trekking new waters of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated). But nothing quite as unique or dark has ever been released like Scooby Apocalypse, the DC comic book series that was launched in May 2016. It has been almost a year since its initial release and the twelve issues that fans have had the opportunity to read so far have told a story unlike any Scooby-Doo story told before. Since its birthday is coming up on May 25th, I thought it was time to really look at the series overall and analyze its successes, faults, and other curious qualities.

Before I begin delving into Scooby Apocalypse’s contents, lets first make sure we know the basics of what the story is about. The name really says it all. Scooby-Doo and the four teenaged sleuths are now given a modern, darker, and more grown-up perspective in a post-apocalyptic setting. A nanite-technological virus goes haywire and transforms the entire world population into homicidal, malevolent, and truly frightening monsters. The gang must band together to find out what has happened to the world while simultaneously fighting to survive in a world where everyone is literally out to get them.

Understand that this review will contain many SPOILERS for Issues #1-12 so if you intend on reading the series at some point and don’t want it spoiled for you, you may want to skip reading this.


First allow me to address the story’s progress over twelve issues: it hasn’t gone too far. Scooby Apocalypse, while presenting a unique perspective on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, is a very slow-moving story despite the plot. It really isn’t clear how much time has passed between Issue #1 and Issue #12 but it could be estimated to be about a month. Over the course of this month, Scooby and the gang have managed to travel from a Nevada desert to Seattle, Washington.

For a group that is supposed to be based on teenaged mystery-solvers, the 2016 post-apocalyptic Mystery Inc. is not very good at solving mysteries at all (despite this portrayal of Velma being a genius with seven doctorate degrees under her belt). So far, all that we’ve really been able to decipher from the mystery is that an elusive technology-development organization called the Complex has, with the direction of the Dinkley family, spread nanite technology worldwide in order to improve the human condition. But things go awry when the technology is activated prematurely and malfunctions, transforming humanity into a race of monsters that have decimated the planet. Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred are all inside a safe zone within the Nevada Complex facility when the nanites are activated, protecting them from the transformation. As they venture out into the unrecognizable world, they try to figure out what happened. All we’ve learned is that not all humans were transformed and that the nanites also have a sense of artificial intelligence. This isn’t a lot of information regarding the apocalypse to be relayed to readers over a whole year of reading.

Another thing to address is the small stories at the end of select issues. At the end of the main story, there are sometimes short stories that are included in the issue that tell another developing aspect of the Scooby-apocalyptic world. In the first issue, the short story revealed how Scooby and Shaggy first meet in this story. Other stories that have been shown throughout this story have been about Scrappy-Doo, a mutated dog experiment from the Complex who has a grudge against Scooby. As the stories progress, it becomes clear that soon the main story and the small stories will collide.

I’m personally not fond of the writing when it comes to Scooby Apocalypse. I find the dialogue to be severely repetitive, tiresome, and a bit flat. The dialogue is constantly pandering and trying to crack jokes in moments when it really isn’t necessary or warranted. It also makes the characters a bit exaggerated and unbelievable. There is a constant bickering between several characters over the same topics throughout all twelve issues and it gets old fast. Aside from that, we don’t learn much from each issue. There are times that an issue doesn’t really progress the plot at all, but rather the gang’s location.

I think the writing really hinders my opinions on the characters, which I will address in a moment, but it doesn’t do the story any favors. Looking back at the year this comic series has had to tell a never-before-seen Scooby-Doo story, I think its story is too slow, repetitive, sometimes pointless. There needs to be a change because readers will not be learning much about the apocalypse’s cause over the next year at this rate.

GRADE: 5/10


The problems with the storytelling in Scooby Apocalypse translates to the characters as well. It is obvious that the Mystery Inc. we all know and love have been transformed dramatically for this version of Scooby-Doo. The changes do play big roles in how the story has and will unfold.

Scooby-Doo has taken on a subtle role so far in the story as compared to the other characters. This isn’t a bad thing. Scooby has been portrayed in many ways over the course of the Scooby-Doo franchise’s history. The original cartoon Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! had the character use minimal dialogue but lots of action and comedic roles. This has changed in later series such as Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated where Scooby’s role was central and vital to the overarching plot. He had more dialogue and relevance to the story. But the most recent iteration of the franchise, Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! has brought Scooby back to his core role in the show as has this comic book series. The rest of the gang really drive the story while Scooby talks very minimally. He isn’t the most important character when it comes to the plot because there are four other main characters to consider. The speech he does have is primitive because he was an early Smartdog experiment in the Complex. He acts like a real dog which is refreshing considering the new storyline being oriented towards adults. The character still draws on some of the key qualities of the source material: always wanting to eat food, scared of most things, and is courageous when his loved ones are in danger. Design-wise, I love the emoti-goggles that Scooby sports in this comic. They make him stand out compared to past iterations and make this version of him unique and recognizable.

Shaggy has some good and bad qualities in this comic series. Fans were split on how they felt about Shaggy’s new character design. Some were praising the design as it speaks to the modern-day idea of hipsters while others found it pandering and a cheap ploy to make the character more likable. But this isn’t about making Shaggy more likable; rather the design was an effort to make the character more relatable. The original Shaggy was a stereotype of 1960s/1970s hippy teenagers. It could easily be argued that Scooby Apocalypse’s Shaggy is designed to be a stereotype of the 2000s/2010s hipster culture that is observed among many millennials. This Shaggy is an employee at the Complex whose responsibility is to oversee and train the Smartdogs including Scooby-Doo. He’s an opinionated individual and is not afraid to voice what he thinks (despite this sometimes making him appear as a stereotypical hippy-minded pacifist). This Shaggy appears to be the glue in the group at this point in the story. When characters bicker or fight, he tends to try to break it up and calm the situation. Like his original counterpart, Shaggy in Scooby Apocalypse is easily frightened but does have courageous qualities when need-be. He loves to eat like Scooby, and like the original Shaggy, is best friends with the canine.

One of the most developed and interesting characters in the Scooby Apocalypse story so far is Velma. Dr. Velma Dinkley to be exact. She is one of the leading scientists in the Complex who conceived and spread the nanite technology that has transformed the human race into monsters. This character is unique compared to the others because so far, she is the only one whose backstory has been fully fleshed out and explored (Scooby’s in the first issue isn’t really comparable as it only covers two or three pages). Readers know where Velma’s choices, opinions, and motivations are coming from unlike other characters such as Daphne and Fred. Her backstory addresses her perceived neglect from her parents, superiority to her peers, and simultaneous inferiority to her four older brothers (who I will discuss later). These ideas in her head influence her career path and adult motivations because she seeks approval from her brothers. She is super intelligent (having earned 7 doctoral degrees by age 17) and still doesn’t seem to stack up to her brothers’ successes in the eyes of every member of the Dinkley family. Velma tries to remedy this by developing Project Elysium during her work at the Complex with her brothers. Project Elysium was the nanotech effort to improve humanity which has been corrupted. Velma is conflicted in regard to her role in the project and whether or work on it is responsible for the world’s demise. Visually, her design is unique as it exaggerates her smaller stature compared to the other members of the group. Velma is reserved and prefers to work alone which resonates in her character design. Her development and role in the story makes her the most interesting and successful character among the story’s roster.

Daphne is the character that has changed the most compared to original Daphne. Her character in Scooby Apocalypse is probably the most problematic as she drives a tiresome conflict that most readers are over at this point. Daphne is a journalist who sought to uncover the nefarious plans of the Complex. When the apocalypse breaks out and the gang begins their quest to remedy it and survive, Daphne devotes most of her dialogue to interrogating Velma and trying to blame her for the result of spreading the nanotechnology. This Daphne is good-hearted deep down as she has a strong distaste in killing monsters because she views it as murder. But the character is aggressive, impulsive, and blunt otherwise. Her friendship with Fred is complicated by his love for her which she does not reciprocate. She gets along most with Shaggy and Scooby in this story which is odd considering her long history with Fred in it. I don’t think her motivations are consistent and even when they appear to be, Daphne backtracks on the same old argument against Velma. It does appear that this is beginning to end as Issues #11 and #12 see them finally arriving in Seattle, but it has not done her justice otherwise. The only thing worth praising about Daphne in this storyline is her leadership role. Unlike most Scooby-Doo incarnations, Daphne takes on a stronger leadership role. It’s interesting because the only times she has shown leadership qualities otherwise in the franchise is when Fred is not present, but in this story where all characters are present, Daphne resonates as the one driving the gang. It’s an interesting and progressive choice on the writers’ part and it’s worth acknowledging and praising despite her exaggerated anger and distaste towards Velma.

There isn’t much to say about Fred. Fred has not impacted the story much at all in Scooby Apocalypse (which may be attributed to making Daphne the gang’s leader as this leadership role has always been characteristic of Fred). Over the course of 12 comic book issues, all readers really know about Fred is that he works with and is in love with Daphne. And that’s it. Fred has no real motivation other than his love for Daphne. He has tried proposing to her and at this point the jokes about his proposal have become awkward and repetitive. The character has been injured twice so far in this story which has only hindered his role and relevance to the group. This is not a complaint that Fred is not the leader; it’s an intriguing and progressive idea to make Daphne the group’s leader. But otherwise Fred doesn’t really have anything to offer the gang other than being dead weight. While the rest of the gang is off completing tasks that have been presented in each issue, Fred spends most of his time sitting in the Mystery Machine either sleeping, being unconscious, or worrying about everyone. This just isn’t a character anyone would find interesting or to be driving the story.

Oddly enough, Scrappy Doo is actually more interesting than Fred in Scooby Apocalypse. I won’t spend too much time talking about him but it should be noted that the transformation of the character into a bipedal mutant Smartdog that is rallying other Smartdogs to find Velma and Scooby-Doo is a fun idea. The mutation is a subtle reference to the 2002 live-action Scooby-Doo movie and it’s fun to see Scrappy’s revival as a character since that movie (despite many fans not liking the character in one or all of his performances throughout the franchise). His role is antagonistic in the story which is great because of his complex personality. He is spiteful towards humans for how they experimented on him in the Complex, but fears how these experiments and the apocalypse have transformed him into an inhumane monster. While I find his motivation to kill Scooby a bit weak and unprecedented, he does present a threat to the gang as he searches for Velma to improve and fix the Smartdog technology allowing him to be so intelligent and observant. He may also take a stab at her too. His short stories have been giving readers a good idea of what he’s been up to since the beginning of the apocalypse and it’s going to be fun to see how Mystery Inc. will collide with Scooby’s reimagined nephew.

The only other notable character that can be discussed in Scooby Apocalypse is Rufus Dinkley, one of Velma’s older brothers. We’ve only seen him in three issues and he’s only had dialogue and a real role in two (Issues #11 and #12). He’s notably violent and impulsive. A selfish and evidently childish businessman, Rufus is abusive to his wife Daisy and his current motivation is to keep the monsters out of his tower in Seattle, Washington. We the readers know he has killed two scientists trying to figure out how to fix the transformed world and that he feels superior to his siblings. It’s going to be a violent turn-of-events come Issue #13 when he is confronted by Velma and the rest of Mystery Inc.

Overall the characters have varying levels of development, interest, and relevance to the story. I find some of them to have very weak motivations and personalities while others have clear ideas on what they are trying to accomplish in the story. Their designs are unique takes on the original counterparts and the new characters that we’ve been briefly acquainted with do present conflicts. There is a weakness though in the lack of characters in the story. Aside from the main five characters and Scrappy, the only human characters that have been introduced at all are Rufus and Daisy Dinkley in Issue #11 and Issue #12. The lack of any other characters driving the present events of Scooby Apocalypse do make the story slower and the dimensionality of it weak.

GRADE: 6/10


This portion won’t be as extensive as the discussions on Scooby Apocalypse’s story and characters but the conciseness will get my opinion across. Scooby Apocalypse, over the course of 12 issues, seems to have been divided into two different categories being Issues #1-7 and Issues #8-12. My reasoning for this statement is that for the first seven issues of the comic series the art style has been consistent and appears to have been drawn or directed by the same comic artist. This then goes into Issues #8-12 where mid-comic book, the art style will dramatically change. No joke, the left page could be drawn by one artist and the right page will suddenly change art style dramatically giving the reader a quick idea that a new artist has taken over. This is a weakness for many reasons. First and foremost, I had to take a second midst reading to compare the conflicting art styles. I literally have to stop reading the story and take a look because of how dramatic the change can be at times. It also invites inconsistency to the story making me concerned about whether this problem is going to be evident in future comic art and writing for Scooby Apocalypse. I recommend that if other artists are going to experiment with how they draw Scooby Apocalypse, they do it with whole issues rather than a quarter or half of an issue. It pulls the reader out of the story and subtly but effectively changes the tone of the story itself. There are times the comic art is very sharp and intimidating, giving the reader a sense of danger which is appropriate for Scooby Apocalypse. Then the reader turns the page and the art style has changed to something a little more cartoonish which diminishes the prior tones and moods the first artist was effectively portraying.

Despite the inconsistency and changing of artists mid-issue, Scooby Apocalypse does provide a beautiful palette of colors, line art, and character designs. There was careful consideration before the comic was launched as to how the writers and creators wanted to portray Mystery Inc. in a post-apocalyptic story. It is no secret that Scooby Apocalypse stands out compared to the art of every other iteration of the Scooby story ever made (including its simultaneous cartoon on Cartoon Network Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! which is more light-hearted and comedy-driven with a modern animation style). The comic has great artists at the helm and it really does help my eyes wander throughout the books. The backgrounds are very detailed and helps with the world-building. The colors are vibrant and arguably drive the sinister aspects of the post-apocalypse at times throughout Scooby Apocalypse’s freshman year.

Whether fans love or hate the character designs, it can be agreed upon that the designs set the characters apart from their original counterparts. Seeing any of these characters will instantly make a fan identify them with Scooby Apocalypse which is a good thing if DC Comics and Warner Bros. is trying to gear Scooby Apocalypse towards older mature audiences as compared to current Scooby-Doo television programming and direct-to-video releases. The art should be praised despite its faults because it really does make Scooby-Doo fans like myself appreciate comic book art.

GRADE: 7/10


Scooby Apocalypse strives for uniqueness in a franchise filled with cartoonish chasings of bad guys in costumes. I can see the writers, artists, and producers trying to pan the comic book series as something that is very “out there” but simultaneously respectable.

The writers do want to create a post-apocalyptic world where Scooby and the rest of Mystery Inc. need to face serious problems in a sinister and adult-oriented story genre (which has been done many times before). If they can get organized and stop depending on the same flat motivations of some of these 2-dimensional characters, the story will improve and progress (readers really want to see progress; arguably nothing has happened over the course of 12 comic book issues). A lot of these issues seem like filler and could easily be cut out and replaced with more character development and progress in the gang’s quest for answers in this chaos.

The artists are doing great for the most part but need to get consistent in what they’re trying to portray. Artists that do cartoony renditions need to stay out of the mix if DC is really trying to push an adult Scooby-Doo story (take some notes from some of the villains and episodes in Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated for God’s sake!). Unless the writers and artists plan to do an issue where all the characters, monsters, and backgrounds are drawn like the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, I don’t want to see cartoony. I, as well as many reading, want to see sinister imagery and graphic content in a sharply drawn world of danger and uncertainty.

Scooby Apocalypse does deserve credit though for not completely abandoning its source material. I’m not talking about the main characters here but the subtle hints of dialogue and artwork that are trickled throughout the comic series. It should be noted that Dr. Krebs, a Complex scientist Shaggy worked closely with who invented the Mystery Machine, is named after Maynard G. Krebs, the beatnik character of the 1959 television sitcom, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis who inspired the character design of Shaggy himself. Velma’s father, Dale Dinkley (credit to him keeping his name from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated), works in politics and notably worked with Senator Jaffe when Velma was born. Senator Jaffe is named after Nicole Jaffe, the original voice of Velma in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! It’s also stated that Daphne still comes from a rich family background due to her family’s business, Blake Bubble Bath, which is inspired by her family’s business in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Blake’s Bubbles. It can’t be overlooked in Issue #12 that Rufus Dinkley has killed Complex scientist Cassidy Williams (named after the character of the same name from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated). Outside of writing, background artwork in Scooby Apocalypse has shown the small classic Mystery Machine (Issue #3) and pet store signs that say “puppy power” in a Scrappy Doo short story (Issue #9). These many Easter Eggs are subtle and fun for Scooby-Doo fans like myself so I can’t help but give Scooby Apocalypse some extra credit.

If you are a Scooby-Doo fan, I do hope you give Scooby Apocalypse a try at least. Its slow story, inconsistent art (as of late), and various character development levels and motivations do hinder the comic overall but I’d say it’s still worth a read for those who love Scooby-Doo and want something adult-oriented. While you could arguably say that Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated can give you the same thing, which it can, Scooby Apocalypse is not for children. The story does struggle to live up to stronger and more complex subject matters but it does hold onto source material that many are excited to see in this kind of genre. Scooby Apocalypse is stuck in a limbo state because while it wants to be loyal to its source material, it has yet to push the material to a point where it really takes a good stab at the story genre it’s trying to imitate.


Scooby Apocalypse is published by DC Comics and has released 12 total comic book issues. The first six are available in a Volume 1 graphic novel edition and Scooby Apocalypse Issue #13 will be available for purchase on May 10th.

Let me know what you think! Do you think that I was right in what I said about the comic? Do you disagree? Reply to this post or send me a message or chat to further the conversation!

anonymous asked:

How do you start dressing the way you want? I mean, I know the answer is "just start" but, like, practically speaking, how do you go from wearing completely "normal" clothes, to outfits like you wear while un-awkwardly maintaining all of your same relationships? Especially your family or SO, like, what do you do when they're like "you've literally never worn anything other than jeans and a tshirt in the 30 years of your life, why are you wearing that?"

You’re right, the answer really is I just started. But it was gradual change too, I didn’t suddenly have alternative clothes in my wardrobe. I’d find a new piece like a pair of shoes or a jacket and slowly start building a new wardrobe. I think if you look at anyone’s style change you’ll see it’s always a gradual transformation - maybe it starts with getting a more “edgy” hair cut, or your first Gothic dress. Maybe you can start with brands that are alternative but still have somewhat of a “mainstream” look like Killstar or Restyle.
I’ve honestly never had anyone from any kind of relationship say anything. If they did ask me “why are you wearing that?” then I’d tell them because I want to. If they judge you then it’s their own character flaw and not mine. Fashion is all about expressing individuality and experimentation with styles until you find one you feel suits you best - is has nothing to do with anyone else. 

I gotta say that I’m feeling super bummed out about the Till All Are One cancellation. It was an utterly brilliant book that was getting better and better with every issue; @spewpew and @mscottwrites both did a mind blowing job on it and I really, really hope that the Transformers IDW continuity will be graced with their talents again in some respect in future. 

Speaking of the Transformers IDW continuity, or rather the Hasbro Universe as it is now, I have to wonder what’s in store for it after the First Strike event. In addition to the cancellation of Till All Are One, it looks like M.A.S.K. and Revolutionaries are getting the chop too, plus the latest solicitation for ROM is pretty ambiguous as to the book’s fate. I’m also not sure what’s in store for Micronauts after the Wrath of Karza event, plus of course Action Man barely got out the gate before it was cancelled, despite being fantastic. I find it all a bit worrying…but still, the Transformers aspect of the ‘verse has been around since 2005 and has gone through a number of reimaginings without wiping the slate clean of prior continuity, so there probably isn’t cause for too much concern. That fact certainly mellows the blow of loosing Till All Are One; while a fantastic title may be gone, at least the characters and world it took place in are still around, and the plot and character arcs left hanging can be picked up by other creators down the line. 

Still, while I’m ultimately glad so long as we still have some quality Transformers IDW titles on the shelves, it’s a damn shame that they’ve had to cut back on the number of books they’re releasing at any one time. The universe they’ve created has become so rich in fantastic characters and plot threads that two ongoings just doesn’t feel like enough to cover it all. Three ongoings managed to cover the three most important bases of Earth, Cybertron, and deep space, and even then a lot of interesting characters were left hanging. Look at poor Sunstreaker for one; he has so many really fucked up issues that could be explored, yet he’s been largely ignored for years now. I just hope that by the time Till All Are One wraps up, the situation on Cybertron will be left in a stable enough state that it won’t feel as though we desperately need a dedicated ongoing to keep track of what’s happening in that corner universe. 

If we can’t have ongoings covering the action in all relevant corners, maybe more mini-series and one-shots could pick up the slack. That way they could hop around exploring ALL corners of the ‘verse, like Prowl and Fort Max on Luna 1, Springer and Verity on Earth, Impactor…wherever the hell Impactor is now. It wouldn’t need to be limited to the present day either; they could expand upon periods all throughout the war, or even before the war. In fact, the upcoming Rom vs Transformers mini (which I’m keen for) sounds like it’s going to be exactly that, so I really hope it’s setting a precedent. Bringing back the Spotlight issues could be great as well. Having lots of minis and one-shots would allow lots of different creators to add their own particular flavour to the continuity too, which could attract lots of different types of readers, who would probably be more easily convinced to dabble in a mini-series/one-shot, rather than commit to an ongoing. If enough of them are won-over and the fanbase expands enough, it may eventually be able to support more ongoings. 

(More) Design Trivia from The World of PL!

With regards to Aurora’s design, Nagano states:

‘I was aiming for a design that would make Aurora stand out as a unique and special individual, even within the often unusual cast of the “Professor Layton” series -’

(Flora, Arianna and Aurora edit from @forbodium‘s post)

0_o …Well, in Aurora’s defence, I think she was intentionally meant to resemble Flora, right down to her having a similar ponytail and colour scheme in her ‘street’ disguise. As for the resemblance to Arianna (especially with the eyes), uuuhhh… you could make an argument about how Arianna is somewhat linked to the Golden Garden - and the Azran by extension - but that’s very farfetched. (Most of the Azran linked characters seem to have ginger or blonde hair, but we’ll leave that for another day.) 

Aurora might be my favourite character, but I’ll be the first to admit she doesn’t have the most unique design. By this point, we’re six games (and one movie) in to the PL series, so we can forgive some repetition from the developers. Like Janice, Aurora’s most distinct feature is probably her eyes, because they look so otherworldly. Her bun and pink lips are a nice touch, though they’re very reminiscent of Lady Dahlia…

Once again, you can chalk this up to Aurora’s supposed similarity to Flora (and by extension, Flora’s mother and Lady Dahlia). 

Nagano continues by saying:

‘..The more detailed aspects like her age took longer to decide because I was warned against making her too similar to characters like Emmy and Angela.’

Another reason why Aurora resembles Arianna and Flora is due to their ages. Aurora was intentionally made to appear younger, and to pass as a ‘normal’ (Azran) girl. It makes it all the more depressing and shocking when Bronev stabs her, and we find out that she’s actually a golem. 

Yes, this is a good twist, but I personally would’ve liked to have seen a golem version of Aurora at some point. (There has been some awesome fanart of Golem Aurora posted lately!) Imagine if Aurora had transformed when the Azran Legacy was unleashed! 

But maybe that would’ve been too outlandish even by PL standards. And in making someone more robot-like, one could argue that it reduces the empathy we have for a character.

From Nagono’s quote, it’s clear that he realises how recycled the designs could get by the time Azran Legacy came out. In his defence, he did make sure Aurora had a different appearance to Angela or Emmy…
While she looks more like Flora and Arianna, neither of those characters had appeared for 2 games. 

So, Level 5 are aware that many of their female characters have a 'template’ design. That’s a start. Now, they just need to incorporate this into Layton’s Mystery Journey and future instalments. 

(Once again, I hope this post hasn’t been overly critical of Nagago’s designs. Many of these are his designs, so he can do what he likes at the end of the day, and we should respect his creative choices. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with discussing these designs or hoping for more diversity in the Layton series.)

arcee is one of the funniest characters in transformers fiction because her depictions vary so wildly… in the g1 cartoon she was basically just The Girl who was soft spoken and gentle and she always had to look after daniel, but in most other transformers fiction (especially these days) she’s a stone cold assassin who always has at least two guns and two swords on her person at all times

A Reader’s Poignant and Insightful Email About UNWIND

Dear Neal Shusterman,

Books are simply words strung together on pages that tell a story to intrigue a reader. If they are good, they will have a hidden theme or message among the words. Many times an engaging book will touch my heart, capture my interests and I will eagerly be led through the series. Suddenly the series will finish and I will feel such a loss, as though there is a space inside of me that needs to be filled with more words and events that happen next in the series. But then after a few days, life carries on. The book that is so amazing is returned to the library, put back on the shelf, and forgotten. A new book is picked up, and the cycle repeats. Your book Unwind, Mr. Shusterman, does NOT fit into this category.

After reading Unwind, I could not continue to read another book. I was stuck. I have never before faced a book that has kept me from moving on and finding the next story. Perhaps it is just that. Your book is not really a just a story, and it has more than a simple message. Your book has a voice.

The voice is quiet, and probably not heard by all. It repeated itself over and over in my head, as my mind attempted to decipher what exactly it means to be alive, and how our modern society functions. This concept turned into an internal battle, as it did with many of the characters in Unwind. The thoughts of when your soul develops and the importance of life itself engulfed many hours of my day. Repeating over and over inside me. Every time I thought I had come to a conclusion, new questions would form.

The exaggerated form of our own society that is depicted in Unwind has truly transformed the way I view our modern culture, and allowed me to question society itself. Reading your book has made me focus on the way our society overcomplicates and creates inefficient and unproductive methods to “solve” controversies. When looking at society from the outside, steps taken forward to resolve issues are in fact steps moving backward. By writing Unwind, you have stimulated the bystander viewpoint, and gifted a new perspective for readers to explore. This alternative view permits readers to not only see into their own future, but the future of my generation as a whole.

That is why in I would like to thank you Mr. Shusterman. You have disguised in a book a large concept for young people to discover. We are society, and we are the future. No matter what happens, the world will one day be in our hands. Whether we decide to make a change for the better is our choice now, and I know more of us must grasp this idea and use in to our advantage. The Unwind Dystology pointed out to me a direction that displayed what my capabilities are, to clearly see the large influence I can have on our future.

Sincerely yours,

Grace H.

This has got to be one of my favorite fan emails ever! It captures the point and purpose of Unwind in a way I haven’t seen before. Thank you so much, Grace.

Hot. Damn. Son.

Sooo, is nobody going to acknowledge just how handsome my nigga Kaneki has gotten over the years?

I mean, he started out as a cutie, but in a really dorky, little baby boy sort of way.
Character development has transformed him into a majestic creature though.

I’d say his looks rival Ayato’s at the moment.

Ya know Touka has had to have noticed what a sexy beefcake her future-husband has blossomed into.
She better snatch him quick before some other ho comes along for that sweet Kaneki booty.

anonymous asked:

Could you do “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear" with Saitama and Genos?

Ahhhhh, it’s cute. I can’t. Cut for length, not for content.

When Genos got back from a relatively extensive period of repairs, Saitama noticed he had started acting a little…differently. And that was saying something because, well, it was Genos after all, but they had been living together for so long Saitama had gotten used to the usual habits: the note-taking, the fawning, the at-times-inappropriately-detailed observations…

But this was…much odder.

“Sensei,” Genos said suddenly as they were walking in the grocery store, drawing his attention away from the two-for-one Pocky sale.

“Huh? What’s up?”

Taking a deep breath, the cyborg fixed him with a serious expression. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”

“Uh.” Saitama glanced around, confused. “Well, you’ve been standing there, and…I don’t…dude, what?”

“Hmm. Yes. You are right. As always,” Genos finally acquiesced, brow furrowed, as if making some sort of mental note to himself. “My apologies.”


On another day, as they were returning home from “fighting” a monster (Saitama had let Genos try out a few incineration upgrades before finally punching it), Genos asked, “Did it hurt?”

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