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Headcanon that next time Yuuri stays at Viktor's apartment for a competition, while putting his clothes at Viktor's closet he accidentally bumps and scatters a pile of books and when he goes to pick them up he looks at the tittles and notices that said books are all about psychology, mind diseases, anxiety, depression... turns out Viktor spent a long time reading about anxiety in a effort to understand Yuuri better...

In the time between chapter 13 and 14 Viktor reads literally everything he can get his hands on on anxiety to try and understand Yuuri better, especially how best to help people with it like the best way to deal with a panic attack and things like that 

Tittle: Teach You A Lesson

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested” Yes

Warning: Smut

Rating: M for Mature

A/n” So I put this in Storybrooke


   “Love come take a shower with me.” Peter groaned from his spot on the bed beside me. When I didn’t answer, he leaned over to gently poke my cheek, smiling when I turned to look at him. “Shower. Me and you. Right now.”

   “Hmm I’m going to pass. This book is getting so good.” I replied, smiling softly as I leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek before turning back to my book.

  “Your blowing me off for a book? A book?” He scoffed, his hand covering the page so I would be forced to give him my attention.

  “Peter you are a big boy, you can shower by yourself.” I giggled, sighing when he only scowled. “I promise once I am finished this chapter, you can have me all to yourself.”

  “You said that three chapters ago.” He cried, glaring at me when I giggled. When I returned my gaze back to the book, he let out an annoyed groan before getting off the bed. “Fine. Read your book, but know this. I will prove to you to that I am better than a bloody book.” I hummed, earning a groan from Peter as he made his way to the bathroom, being sure to slam the door shut behind him. I rolled my eyes playfully before I settled back into the pillows and started to get lost in the magical world of Harry Potter once again.


   The next time I was pulled out of my book was by Peter pushing my black lace panties to the side. Instantly I looked at him wide eyes, a soft gasp leaving my parted lips when he started to rub his thumb along my clit. “Peter what are you up to?”

    “Keeping my promise.” He chuckled, wiggling his eyes brows at me before he started to gently suck on his fingers before returning them to core. “I am going to prove to you that I am much better than a book. So keep reading or I will stop.” With that he leaned down and connected his mouth to clit as he slipped to fingers into my core. Instantly a wave of pleasure washed over me, small pants leaving my lips as I turned back to the book. I knew for a fact that Peter would stop should I not continue reading.

   “I was reading!” I moaned the instant his mouth left my center, a small chuckle leaving my boyfriend.

   “Read aloud to me darling.” He instructed, waiting until I was reading the first sentence to return to my center. Like usual Peter had me dripping, my desire for him coursing through my body with each tiny little kitten lick he placed on my clit. The more I read the faster he went, his fingers curling inside of me as he devoured my clit. Before too long I was unable to focus on the page before me and tossed the book to the side, earning a displeased tut from Peter.

   “I thought I said to read aloud.”

   “Peter I was wrong. You are much better than a book, a silly book can never please me like you. Please just fuck me Peter.”

   “That is all I needed to hear darling.” He chuckled, his dark lust filled green eyes meeting mine as he went back to where I needed him the most. Instantly his started sucking on my clit, switching between kitten licks. His fingers pounded into me, curling upwards each time so they could brush against my g-spot. I moaned, my back arching off the bed as Peter pushed me towards the edge. When I my high swept over me I screamed out his name, my hands tangling into his hair to hold him against me. Once I was finished he looked up at me with a smirk, a evil gleam in his eyes.

   “Next time I won’t let you off so easily love.“ He warned me, winking as he slowly got up from the bed, leaving panting in the middle of it. As he slowly began to strip I knew for a fact that he was telling the truth and next time, I would have to find a way to read a whole chapter while he giving me pleasure.

Clues that have link to Wren!!

 There are some clues over the course of pll that have linked to Britain/England. Things that I feel like were always hinting to Uber A. (these are google images) 

Balaclava was first worn by British troops.

Decca Records is all a British record label.

Mark Gasson was a British doctor to first use human microchip implants.

The Red Devils was the name of a Parachute Regiment in the British Army.

Bryn Mawr is a place in Pennsylvania but was named after a farm estate in Wales England.

Song of Innocence 6/02 and Song of Experience 6/03 both episodes are titled after the book by the British poet William Blake.

Don’t look Now is the title 6/04 and also the tittle of a movie released by British Lion films. It’s about a young girl who drowned in a red jacket.

There may be more but these are some of clues I found that lead me to think Wren is still important.