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Paring: Bucky Barnes/Hispanic!Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Reader being a HUGE flirt, spanish, talk about books and music in spanish, fingering, sofa sex, Bucky using some words in spanish. Alcohol.

Word Count: 1881.

Rating: 18+.


Apparently some people in this fandom (read White People) have a problem with authors writing for readers of color, since I am a real Bitch and I’m fresh out of fucks I decided I was gonna write not one, but two POC Reader inserts, this is one of them. The next one is gonna be Black!Reader and Bucky. This is dedicated to that anon @papi-chulo-bucky got last week who was crying about Haunting Me being a POC reader insert and, of course, to all the other bitches who want to complain about POC!Reader inserts being discriminatory towards White People.

Yes, I’m The Queen of Salt.

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I mention my dad’s favorite book “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez, you should check his books out.

Also, mentioned in the fic this argentinian group (hey! @connieisland) called Soda Stereo here are two songs one and two

And the lyrics are from this song by a Venezuelan rapper called Reis Belico.

Wow. This was long. By the way, Muñeca means doll.

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The Girl Next Door [Tom Holland Smut]

Request: “ #695 for tom holland 😛 [[know you’re busy but i feel u, take your time]] “ [anonnymous] 

Words: 1.7+k

Rating: Explicit

Trigger warings: Smut, cheesy romcom story lmao

Summary: You just wanted to take a shower and relax in bed after a rough day.

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble but I made it into a full imagine to fulfill the thirst of my sweet sinful followers that have been requesting Tom Holland. Y’all give me life. I hope you like this. Also I wanted it to be short but whoops. 

As soon as you walked into your apartment you slipped out of your shoes and started peeling off your clothes. You knew your room mate wouldn’t be home at that time and you couldn’t care less if your creepy neighbor was staring at you through the window. Not today. You were too tired to think about it. Too sweaty to stay on this hideous polo shirt that was the bookstore uniform. All you needed right now was a nice shower and lay in your bed reading one of those erotica books your sister gave you because not even your brain were working right to read anything with depth. You needed to relax.  

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For the Regency AU, does Tony ever get to see a circus? Or does Clint show hin some of his old tricks? I absolutely love this AU, and just love seeing Tony learning and reacting to new things that he never got to see in his childhood!

Unfortunately Tony can’t go to the circus because… uh… the circus banned Steve and Bucky after Dummy ate their peacock and its eggs. Tony could certainly go, but he wants to share the experience with his husbands, and since they can’t go, he decides not to as well. (Also he feels a little bad. Dummy is his panther and he ate the circus’s peacock.) Steve and Bucky try to insist, but Tony just shrugs, smiling. “Clint said they don’t have elephants, so I’m not really missing anything, am I?” They wonder if it would be rude to write King T’Chaka and invite themselves down to Wakanda so Tony can see his goddamn elephant. “Besides!” Tony adds cheerfully. “Clint’s going to show me some of his old tricks! He even said I could be his pretty assistant!” Steve and Bucky sputter. Natasha, straight-faced, cuts in, “Pretty assistants are basically a requirement for the circus.” Tony frowns at her. “But then why would Clint pick me?” “You’re the prettiest,” Steve and Bucky snarl. Whatever. It’s fine.

It’s not fine.

Well, in the beginning it was. Tony held up a book and Clint shot an arrow through the tittle of the ‘i’ on the cover. Then Tony held up progressively smaller objects for Clint to shoot, looking properly delighted when he nails each shot. But then Tony is told to put an apple on his head and he does and Steve and Bucky think there’s no way–there’s no possible way Clint would be that stupid–

And then there’s the twang of his bow string, the sound of an arrow cutting through the air, a crunchsplat. Tony’s eyes are wide, mouth opened in a surprised ‘o.’ Steve and Bucky swear that their hearts have stopped in horror.

Tony claps his hands together happily. “Clint, that was amazing!” Clint smiles sheepishly and rubs the back of his head. “I used to be able to do that while doing a backflip.” Tony is both impressed and intrigued. “Oh! Please try!” “NO,” Steve, Bucky, and Natasha snarl, and then Natasha slaps Clint in the back of the head and hisses something in a language Tony doesn’t understand. Tony yelps as Bucky and Steve immediately wrap him up in a tight hug and somehow still manage to pat him down for injuries. Tony doesn’t understand what they’re so upset about. He’s just got a little apple in his hair.

(Sarah hears about this. Sarah wonders what she’s done to deserve this. Why. She thought she had her hands full with Steve. But Steve would never let someone shoot an apple off his head. Why.)

“The life of Sirius Black a trouble maker and professional smooth talker” (Reader x Sirius Black)

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders era)

Pairing: Reader x Sirius Black

Warnings: none just fluffyness

Request: Could you write a Sirius x reader where they never spoken and are in the common room at night and she looks so cute reading and start taking and then you can include the 50sog ‘there’s nothing much to tell about me, look at me. -i am'❤❤❤❤❤

Word Count: 800

You sat in your favorite spot in the common room, it was right beside a window so you could see the raindrops falling and the gloomy sky, you loved this weather it just meant you got to stay inside and read with nothing but the soft sound of rain hitting the window.

You were a pretty quiet person, you spent most of your free time reading, you always chose your own books to read rather than textbooks. It was late at night and most people were in their dorms you told yourself one more chapter until you would go to bed but you always failed to listen to yourself.

That was until he walked in, you knew exactly who he was but you had never spoken to him, he and his friends were always throwing parties in the common room, taking away your favorite reading place. You weren’t mad at them for it, maybe slightly annoyed, but you couldn’t be mad at them for something so trivial.

He came through the common room entrance and the painting shut behind him, he was aloe for once, no other boys at his side and he didn’t notice you at first but you looked over the edge of your page to see him run his fingers through his hair until he looked at you making direct eye contact which you tried to break but you just couldn’t look away. He had a smirk on his face as he now walked towards you he used a finger to push your book down which was blocking your face

“hello there, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

You just placed your marker in your book and folded it in your lap and responded

“well I sit here almost every day”

He glanced down at your book and sat beside you as he said

“hiding your face behind a silly book”

you slightly pouted and retorted

“hey books aren’t silly, the party’s you throw and the pranks you pull are silly this caused Sirius to chuckle a bit he tilted his head t the side and questioned you again

“I’d like to know more about you”

you smiled sweetly and fiddled with you thumbs

“there’s really not much to know about me. Look at me.”

You motioned to yourself, your hair was pulled into a messy bun and you had your usual uniform on but a fuzzy blanket draped over your legs and a cup of tea beside you, Sirius just smirked and said

“I am”

This made you blush, was he trying to flirt with you, you of all people, god this was a nightmare what would you say back to him, you were lost for words but you managed to mumble

“I would say I want to know more about you but I already know most of it”

this made Sirius laugh again, knowing some of the rumors or reputation of his you must have heard but he decided not to give up based on that.

“Did you read that in one of you books?”

You giggled and replied

“As a matter of fact I did, it’s a small book called “the life of Sirius Black a trouble maker and professional smooth talker” found in the restricted section of course, see other tittle such as “Remus Lupin the boy with a hundred sweaters” and “James Potter the Chaser in Quidditch and the chaser of Lily Evans.”

Sirius couldn’t help but laugh at your remark mid laughter he accidently said

“your cute”

this made you blush more but you quickly replied

“I just labelled you a professional smooth talker Black, and that wasn’t very smooth.”

Sirius stopped laughing and looked at you with no smirk on his face this time he was scanning your facial features as he said

“Well I guess you make me a bit nervous if you must know, it’s hard to be smooth when talking to such a pretty face paired with a witty comeback to everything I say.”

You nodded in approval
“That was much more Smooth Sirius.”

He just laughed and the two of you continued talking until the rain stopped and the sun started to rise, by the time you both went off to bed he had convinced you to come to their next party and you had made him promise to read one of your favourite “silly” books in return.

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Headcanon that next time Yuuri stays at Viktor's apartment for a competition, while putting his clothes at Viktor's closet he accidentally bumps and scatters a pile of books and when he goes to pick them up he looks at the tittles and notices that said books are all about psychology, mind diseases, anxiety, depression... turns out Viktor spent a long time reading about anxiety in a effort to understand Yuuri better...

In the time between chapter 13 and 14 Viktor reads literally everything he can get his hands on on anxiety to try and understand Yuuri better, especially how best to help people with it like the best way to deal with a panic attack and things like that 

Tittle: Teach You A Lesson

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested” Yes

Warning: Smut

Rating: M for Mature

A/n” So I put this in Storybrooke


   “Love come take a shower with me.” Peter groaned from his spot on the bed beside me. When I didn’t answer, he leaned over to gently poke my cheek, smiling when I turned to look at him. “Shower. Me and you. Right now.”

   “Hmm I’m going to pass. This book is getting so good.” I replied, smiling softly as I leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek before turning back to my book.

  “Your blowing me off for a book? A book?” He scoffed, his hand covering the page so I would be forced to give him my attention.

  “Peter you are a big boy, you can shower by yourself.” I giggled, sighing when he only scowled. “I promise once I am finished this chapter, you can have me all to yourself.”

  “You said that three chapters ago.” He cried, glaring at me when I giggled. When I returned my gaze back to the book, he let out an annoyed groan before getting off the bed. “Fine. Read your book, but know this. I will prove to you to that I am better than a bloody book.” I hummed, earning a groan from Peter as he made his way to the bathroom, being sure to slam the door shut behind him. I rolled my eyes playfully before I settled back into the pillows and started to get lost in the magical world of Harry Potter once again.


   The next time I was pulled out of my book was by Peter pushing my black lace panties to the side. Instantly I looked at him wide eyes, a soft gasp leaving my parted lips when he started to rub his thumb along my clit. “Peter what are you up to?”

    “Keeping my promise.” He chuckled, wiggling his eyes brows at me before he started to gently suck on his fingers before returning them to core. “I am going to prove to you that I am much better than a book. So keep reading or I will stop.” With that he leaned down and connected his mouth to clit as he slipped to fingers into my core. Instantly a wave of pleasure washed over me, small pants leaving my lips as I turned back to the book. I knew for a fact that Peter would stop should I not continue reading.

   “I was reading!” I moaned the instant his mouth left my center, a small chuckle leaving my boyfriend.

   “Read aloud to me darling.” He instructed, waiting until I was reading the first sentence to return to my center. Like usual Peter had me dripping, my desire for him coursing through my body with each tiny little kitten lick he placed on my clit. The more I read the faster he went, his fingers curling inside of me as he devoured my clit. Before too long I was unable to focus on the page before me and tossed the book to the side, earning a displeased tut from Peter.

   “I thought I said to read aloud.”

   “Peter I was wrong. You are much better than a book, a silly book can never please me like you. Please just fuck me Peter.”

   “That is all I needed to hear darling.” He chuckled, his dark lust filled green eyes meeting mine as he went back to where I needed him the most. Instantly his started sucking on my clit, switching between kitten licks. His fingers pounded into me, curling upwards each time so they could brush against my g-spot. I moaned, my back arching off the bed as Peter pushed me towards the edge. When I my high swept over me I screamed out his name, my hands tangling into his hair to hold him against me. Once I was finished he looked up at me with a smirk, a evil gleam in his eyes.

   “Next time I won’t let you off so easily love.“ He warned me, winking as he slowly got up from the bed, leaving panting in the middle of it. As he slowly began to strip I knew for a fact that he was telling the truth and next time, I would have to find a way to read a whole chapter while he giving me pleasure.

The Perfect Family//Part 6

A/N: Reposting for the masterlist! 

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Chapter Six: Lock Down

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, 8 am sharp” you said throwing your bag around your shoulder. “Are you leaving?” Cassie looked confused as you continued to gather your things. “Oh yeah, and you should too, we have a tough day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“But it’s not even four, you usually don’t leave until way later, and we have to go over all the questions, and—“ Cassie stopped in her tracks when she saw Spencer walk through the doors. “Don’t worry about it, we got this.” Cassie watched as you and Spencer walked to the elevators with a huge smile on her face.

The last couple of months you had been a completely different person. You felt free, confident, brave, you felt happy. It had been a long time since you’d felt this way, there was only one person to thank, Spencer.

“So I got you something,” you said reaching into your bag. “Why you didn’t have to get me anything? 

“Well it’s a book you love books” the book had a big baby blue bow tied around it.

“’Dude You’re Gonna Be A Dad’” Spencer said reading the tittle of the book out loud, you looked at him awaiting a reaction. “Is this some new humor book?”

 “Spencer, you’re gonna be a dad” he looked up from the book his jaw almost hitting the ground. “What? I’m… going … what”

“I got you a baby book, I knew you’d probably want to read up. I also didn’t know how to tell you I mean, we never really discussed this happening, at least not this way, and now we’re together so it’s kind of different and I just—“ Spencer threw his arms around you holding you tightly.

 “I’m so happy, are you sure, are you okay, have you gone to the doctor, I should’ve gone with you” he said hanging on to your shoulders.

 “I’m pretty sure, I’m okay, I have gone to the doctor, everything is fine”

“How long, how far along are you?”

“10 whole weeks today” you said with a smile on your face. Spencer placed his left hand on your stomach, “Two and a half months. 

Getting out of bed was hard when Spencer had his arms wrapped around you. “Call out, we can stay in bed all day, all three of us”

“All three of us, that’s something I’ll have to get use too”

Reluctantly you both got out of bed, Spencer made coffee while you showered. “So you get the pleasure of interviewing Michael Larson today?”

 “Yeah, I’m sure he’s a real nice guy once you get passed the fact he’s killed 10 woman.”

 “We’ll good luck, I’ll miss you both” Spencer gave you a tight hug.

As soon as Spencer walked into the briefing room he knew something was wrong. Everyone was gathered around the television, “And they haven’t given us the okay to proceed with this?” JJ asked Hotch confused. “They’re saying an electric wire fell, and this had nothing to do with any kind of breach involving the prisoners.”

“So they don’t want to draw any attention”

“What happened” Spencer said hesitantly approaching the team. “The prisons on lock down, the power went out, they’re saying they got everything under control.”

“Why aren’t we there, we should be there, Y/N is there” Spencer’s throat tightened and he felt his heart almost beating out of his chest. He couldn’t live with him self if something happened to you. To either of you.

“Have you heard from her? From Y/N or Cassie?” Hotch shook his head, “Hotch we have to go, she could be in trouble, she’s locked in a room with a serial killer and absolutely no way to contact anyone”

“Hey kid,” Morgan said putting his hand on Spencer’s shoulder, “It’s going to be okay, she’s going to be okay”

“I’ll call, see if there’s anything we can do”

“Hotch we need to get here out there, we have too”

 “Reid, I am aware of the circumstances, but right now our hands are tied”

 “She’s pregnant, she is pregnant, I can’t lose her, I can’t lose them, please”

Everyone looked around at each other shocked. But Spencer didn’t care to notice any of their expressions. There we’re only two things he cared about and he needed to do everything he could to protect them.

Some ramblings about Sansa / Sandor
These are some disordered thoughts I wrote a while ago talking with a writer in FF.net about her story and about writing Sansan facfiction and I thought I could also share them here. Be aware that these are only my own very personal ideas that I take into account to write my fics, and they don’t have to be related to canon (well, just to my imaginary canon)   About the existence of a wall between Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane.   I think it’s clear that there is a wall between S&S since the moment they met. Age, social gap, birth, education, physical appearance, etc. make a natural barrier that separates their worlds. That said, despite the clear differences between them, I’ve always had the impression that the Hound had been instinctively trying to short the gap between them since he travels to Winterfell (in his odd harsh houndy way, of course). The first time I read the books, some years ago, before any preconception about what was going to happen to the characters, I remember myself thinking “ey, this guy is always trying to get the girl’s attention.” “Shouldn’t he be more careful about who she is?” “ Ey look, he even dares to touch her!”  I mean, in such a classy society as the westerosi, during GoT and CoK, he (a man from a lower house that hers, that hasn’t even a tittle) is always trying to talk to her, to touch her (grabbing her chin or her wrist) or flying around her (the serpentine stairs). I’m sure he is not even aware of it, but I think it’s a significant fact that he tries so hard to be in contact with her even though she is going to be his queen and the most important woman in Westeros. So, what I’d like to say is that the wall is there and it’s important it crumbles so their relationship could flow and develop further, but I’m under the impression that somehow he’s tried to break it before.   About names and their importance in Westeros and therefore in their relationship.   This is a fascinating subject for me and I’m sure many people have develop it deeper (and better) than me. Names and also nicknames are soooo important in Westeros! They have a huge influence in the development of each character, who wears them as a sign of pride (Lannister, Stormborn, Giantsbane, Hound) or as a burden or a blot (Kingslayer, Snow, Reek, crow). It’s also very significant that some of the main characters have to hide under another personalities and names in order to survive (Alayne, all names Arya has during the series) In the Earthsea books of Ursula K. Le Guin, the characters can have several names because the *true name* of each person has power, so they try to hide it and only show it to who they really trust. I believe this to be the same for ASOIAF, and especially for Sansa and the Hound. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I like to think that the first time Sansa calls him by his name(“Sandor”), a little piece within him, maybe so tiny he even notices, breaks deep inside him. This is the moment when he really realizes that she doesn’t see him as the Hound, a dog or a warrior; that’s the moment when he knows she has looked further inside of his skin and she now sees him as just a man. Actually I tried to use that idea in my fic. It took her many chapters to call him “Sandor” aloud, and since then, she has rarely used it, only in very important moments of the plot, because instinctively she knows the name matters. The same happens for him in my story (and I think also in Got, CoK and SoS) he thinks of her as “the girl” or the “little bird”, but finally in a significant moment he calls her “Sansa” and it’s just then that, when he pronounces the name of the person he so cares about, when something makes “crak” inside him, one of the last walls between them falls and part of his true self is exposed. (I don’t really know if I got all this translated in the text, but at least I tried and that was the idea behind)   [More Sansan ramblings here and there]
Clues that have link to Wren!!

 There are some clues over the course of pll that have linked to Britain/England. Things that I feel like were always hinting to Uber A. (these are google images) 

Balaclava was first worn by British troops.

Decca Records is all a British record label.

Mark Gasson was a British doctor to first use human microchip implants.

The Red Devils was the name of a Parachute Regiment in the British Army.

Bryn Mawr is a place in Pennsylvania but was named after a farm estate in Wales England.

Song of Innocence 6/02 and Song of Experience 6/03 both episodes are titled after the book by the British poet William Blake.

Don’t look Now is the title 6/04 and also the tittle of a movie released by British Lion films. It’s about a young girl who drowned in a red jacket.

There may be more but these are some of clues I found that lead me to think Wren is still important. 

Why Supernatural fans should give Constantine a chance.

I’ve heard of some supernatural fans refusing to watch constantine because they’ve heard things about it being a rip off of supernatural, and I’d like to start by telling everyone this is a 100% not true! Couldn’t be further from the truth actually.
For those of you who don’t yet know, the character John Constantine was introduced in the DC comics book swamp thing, and then became the tittle character of Hellblazer in the 80s, way before supernatural was even an idea yet. Supernaturals creator actually loves Hellblazer, and admits to using aspects of it in supernatural (including Casitel’s famous teach coat) and he wanted to use John Constantine in the show but couldn’t get the rights.
Now do I think anybody ripped off anybody? No. Lets just put aside the which-came-first argument for a second, and take a moment to look at how different the shows are.
However they are in the same genre, so they’re similar to a degree, they aren’t the same. In fact if you watched an episode of supernatural and then watched an episode of constantine you’d probably laugh at the fact you ever thought it was a rip off.
Sam and Dean are heroes, and they love being heroes and doing the right thing whenever possible.
John Constantine on the other hand, does not want to be a hero, he just kinda got stuck with the job and frequently screws it up. He does the wrong thing without regret sometimes, and then other times is torn up by guilt. He’s a pretty layered and interesting character.
Just one of the many differences between the shows and characters.
now onto the rest.
As much as it hurts all us supernatural fans to admit, supernatural will have to end one day. Hopefully later then sooner, but still. So why do fans of supernatural dramas not want another demon hunting badass to fall in love with on tv?
We all know when the sad day of the supernatural series finale comes nothing will be able to fill the hole it leaves, but wouldn’t you rather at lest have something related to demon hunting to obsesses about? I know I would.
Assuming Constantine gets picked up for season 2, if supernatural ends four years from now constantine would only be in its forth season and still have lots of life in it. That’s what we love about new shows, after all.
Now that we’ve been over the differences, lets look at the similarities. Both shows feature a witty, sarcastic, demon hunting protagonist fighting the good fight for humanity. Both shows have great writing and acting, interesting characters and storyline’s, and are both scary and funny in the same episode. What’s not to love?
Here’s some other things supernatural fans may like about Constantine.
1. I know of a few supernatural fans who complain that the snow usually kills off strong female characters, that one isn’t a problem with Constantine. The shows female lead, Zed is about as badass as they come. She’s a physic, artist who doesn’t take crap from anyone, and frequently calls out the male lead (constantine himself) when he does stuff wrong instead of going along with it.
2. The racially diverse cast. Zed is Latino, the angel on the show is balck, as is a morally on the fence voodoo priest who stars beside Constantine in a few episodes.
3. The soundtrack. All the music is done by the same guy who does the music for the walking dead.
4. John Constantine himself. He’s sarcastic, witty, never fails to amuse, always questions authority, and don’t even get me started on his accent.

All I’m asking is give it a chance, watch one or two episodes and see what you think. You might like what you see!
I’d recommend you watch the first episode first of course, but if you want to start with episode four its a fan favorite for good reason! Episode six is also a favorite of mine.
Constantine comes back from its winter break on Friday, 1/16/15 at eight PM, and you can catch up now on NBC.com, Hulu, and amazon prime.
If you’re already a Constantine fan, recommend it to any Supernatural fans you know!

Milestone Moment #10: The Black Panther Shows You What It Means To Be Royalty in Wakanda

There a few things you can count on when you read a book about Black Panther: while a casual fan may look at him as a second stringer or even an obscure character in the Marvel Universe, he’s actually a pretty big deal. Specially in the sovereign nation of Wakanda where the moniker “Black Panther” is not a codename but a tittle that grants the bearer political and religious power on par with a president, a secretary of defense and a pope all rolled into one. As always I choose to highlight an specific moment of a story without actually spoiling the tale (Maybe this will spark your interest and make you go pick a comic about the character!)

It’s business as usual in the Great Mound, the place where Wakanda mines the Vibranium. One of the rarest minerals on earth and only found in the country. But something is not quite right in the field today and a school trip is taking place on location

A sudden hit meant to tear a big chunk of the mineral, sends vibrations up to the surface provoking what it may well be a disaster for the visiting school. The soon to be victim gets a grip of the only faith he knows…

The Black Panther is on site to answer the kid’s prayer…

Immediately tending to the problem regarding the instability of the Vibranium, T'challa notices that his fellow countryman doesn’t accept medical attention until he can show his gratitude to his God.

His fathers commending his son to show him gratitude for saving his life.

The Panther pauses for a moment and unmasks himself to remind his fellow Wakandans that he is no God. That God works through him and gives him the will and strength to achieve any feat he set his mind into and that everyone can do so as long they have the will…

This is only a tiny preview showing some of the best traits of the character. If this is it’s not the true markings of great royalty and leadership I don’t know what it is!


Bookstore: See, i told you!

It’s such a nice day… 

Yes … it’s true mommy…

We should spend more days out, spend more time together before you start school.

mm… mommy?

Yes my love?

Did you remember to bring the school textbooks’ list?



Ups!.. i was so excited for your acceptance letter that i… but i remember.. some of the tittles. Don’t worry sweetheart.


Good day! i’m looking for some books for my daughter. She’s starting the 10th grade at the Bradford Elementary this year.

Would you like a list of the required textbooks?

Do you have one?

Yes madam, every year the school sends the list to the nearest bookstores so parents know what to buy. Here, have this and return it back during checkout.

Thank you.

See… everything is fine.

You lucky woman.



oh! Look em, look this cute things right here. We need all of this.

Look mommy!, they have toys here too.

Remember what we are here for, sweety. Let’s see… how about you pick the supplies & utensils and i look for the books.



Umm…. hi!…. there was other people here a while ago..

It was their time to leave, we’re in charge during the night afternoon shift. How may i help you?

Ummm… we would like to check out this things… have we met?

Yes miss, we’ve seen in the park.

Oh… yes, I remember now… it’s not far from here.. so you work here?

I do.

See mommy. i told you he wasn’t a creepo.

Emilia.. hush!.


Is everything okay mom?

Yes.. it’s your aunt… she wants me to help her with something.. don’t worry. Come on… it’s getting late and you’re father will be home soon.