look at the tiny tongue

Prompt: “So Modern Au with Bones (cause obviously thats probably all Ill ever ask you for) ends up in her small town as new country doc and she gets him acquainted to the town and fluff ensues. And if she could have a dachshund/golden retriever named benton that would be awesome but not necessary.”-Anon

Tags: @yourtropegirl, @outside-the-government

Word Count: 1,805

Author’s Note: I’m back from my Christmas “vacation!” I had a blast and I got a lot written in the last few days. Please enjoy this cute little AU; please keep in mind that all I know about small towns and small town doctors I know from Waitress.

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so i designed rudy (german bby w/ big eyebrows) a cute tiny baby spanish bf called emilio!!

emilio is here to kick down ur gender roles and rock floral outfits and mascara as rudy quietly supports from the background. rudy’s eyebrows are emilio’s pride and joy