look at the time traveling dude

Cisco paused in the middle of Wrath of Khan, a tentative attempt between himself and Barry to repair their friendship, earning a confused glance from the other. 

 “Check it out.” He pulled his phone from his pocket and nodded towards the clock. 1:59AM turned to 1AM, and Barry didn’t pretend to understand what Cisco was trying to say. 

 “You wanted to show me Daylight Saving Time?”

“We time travelled and managed not to fuck anything up.“ 

“Dude — ”

We’re Watching A New Hope

coppersam: Are there ten million fanfics that posit that the Force must have been destroyed because we are descendants of the humans from Star Wars and we can’t use the Force? Like, someone wiped out the midchlorians.
tangent: um. I don’t think so?
Ranuel: i haven’t seen any. They aren’t in our galaxy after all
Iovelyhera: this took place in a whole different galaxy.
Isgebind: How could we be descendants of the star wars dudes?
coppersam: Why wouldn’t we be? They look like us and clearly they have super fast interstellar travel, so presumably they could get here pretty easily if they ever got their shit straightened out.
tangent: the opening says, “A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away” basically, “Once upon a time. It’s space fairy tale”
coppersam: But in theory there’s no reason it can’t be, right? I figured there’d be a lot of fics/headcanons connecting them to us because we’re the ones hearing the story about the galaxy far-far-away.
Isgebind: I saw a source talking about how it was a story told something like a hundred years later with the Legend of the Starkiller (Luke).
KwehNotWark: Oh, well then I’m wondering the same thing Sam is now
coppersam: Huh, how interesting. 
tehnakki: i’ve never seen that headcanon sam
tangent: It’s not new, I just think people like space fairy tale
Isgebind: Depends on what ends of the fandom you’re in, I guess.
coppersam: I like the idea that some portion of humanity got stranded here after we finally figured out how to kill the Force.

Star Trek 4 Finale: Translated

Hello? Whales? Hello?

Oh my God it’s the probe again…

Whales??? Are the whales there? Whales?

Why don’t they answer? Why don’t they sing?

Whales? Hello? Whales?

Yes, Geez, we’re here.

Whales! Dudes! Where were you guys???

Yeah we’re actually from a couple hundred years ago. Whales went extinct, species dead, man. We’re all that’s left, these time traveling guys-

OH DUDE. Extinct? Maximum bummer.

Yeah. Yeah. So these time travelers came back to when we were almost gone and captured us from whalers in the nick of time and-

Wait, wait why didn’t they just go to like a thousand years ago when there will zillions of you and no whalers to fight with?

Look man, I don’t know. All I know is you’re on loudspeaker and it’s fucking up the planet. Can you just go?

Oh my bad. Hey look can you just tell Bill that-

Bill’s dead. Bill’s been dead for 200 years.

Oh. Okay I’ll go then.

Yeah, it’s for the best. Our great grandkids will catch you next time, good night. Say good night, Gracie.

Good night Gracie!


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Could you do a list of dialog prompts? Can be for any topic

  • “I can’t believe you talked us into this! Why did you think it would be okay to play with a Ouija board on Halloween night?”
  • “How would you like to take a day trip to the beach? Maybe a vineyard? A backwaters BBQ joint? Just something to get us out of the house.”
  • “I love how whenever I’m looking at your tattoos, I always seem to find a new detail that I missed the last time.”
  • “Beware of the doctors; they’re not here to help you.”
  • “So what you’re telling me is that you’re a time traveler, and we’ve already had this conversation many, many times because you keep coming back in time to do…what? Save me? That’s impossible.”
  • “Sorry dude, but I accidentally killed your pet cactus while you were away on vacation.”
  • “No, you may not call me by a nickname. Learn my full name and how to pronounce it.”
  • “Bring me mozzarella sticks and a soda and I will literally kiss you. Yes I mean literally literally.”
  • “Shut up. Don’t scream. Don’t make any noise. There’s something in the kitchen.”
  • “I told him that I loved you and…well….it didn’t go exactly as planned.”
  • “Don’t think of it as being abandoned on the side of the highway at night, think of it as an impromptu camping trip from the comfort of our car!”

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omg i did not know kripke + timeless was sued for copying another show...dude just looking at the basics they copied it exactly :(

I know it perfectly because the show they copied is El Ministerio del Tiempo, a Spanish TV show that I watch. It’s exactly the same. Three people, 2 men and 1 woman (Alonso, Julián and Amelia, although since s2 Julián was temporary replaced by a character called Paccino that will come back for s3) that travel through time to avoid any kind of threat that will rewrite history.

Apparently, the producers of El Ministerio del Tiempo were dealing with some American producers to adapt the show to USA, but for some reason, they declined the offer and then, Kripke appeared and “created” Timeless, which is basically the same as El Ministerio del Tiempo but with a couple of changes. Hell, even in Timeless‘ latest episode, they killed Eliot Ness years before he was supposed to die. In the first episode of s2 of El Ministerio del Tiempo they killed el Cid (some character from Spanish history) years before he was supposed to die. They even copy the storylines ¬¬

geckoblep replied to your post: geckoblep replied to your post: …

oh dude YES the first half of the last chapter of DT was like pulling teeth but i smashed the last part out in HOURS it was INSANE. I FEEL U BRO. i’m looking forward to this so much.

Awww thanks! I knew I was in exposition trouble when I was searching google maps trying to figure out how long it would take for them to travel between two places by car and factoring in omnic issues and then looking up what languages were spoken in different places and and and and…

Yeah, time for a nap <3

also i had a very interesting interaction with a dude on the sky train today… i was wearing my green day shirt and the y was cut off by my hoodie and he was like “what happened in greenda was it a war” and i was really confused and he was like “your shirt… it says greenda on it….” and i was like “OH! it was green day!! they’re a bad that was from the 90′s…” and he looked at me and was like “are they…. time travelers….” and i was like “…what” and he was like “did they… travel to our time from the 90′s you know LOTS of people are talking about time travel these days….” and i was like “no… i mean that they got big in the 90′s….they’re still around today…” and he was like “oh, you have to be more careful about what you say!!!” and then he asked me what their best song is and i said jesus of suburbia and he thought that was really funny and then said he was gonna look them up!

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🎵⚡️🌺 hehe😣

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment

Tell me what is love by DO and that other dude
Spring Day by BTS
Curtain by Suho
Rain by Baekhyun and Soyou
Annnddd Borders by Amber💞💞💞

⚡️ if you had any superpower, what would it be and why?

Time travel so I can go to chanyeol and tell him never to say chogiwa because it’ll neVER DIE

🌺 which languages do you know? which do you want to learn?

I know English… I should know Spanish if my parents ever taught me😪but at the moment I’m learning Korean ( what a koreaboo yikes ) I would love to learn Japanese and Norwegian looks so cool when @dreamybaeks uses it, I might look into it👀

😣 talk about some things that have been making you depressed/angry/anxious lately


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All questions ending in 6!

oh boy

6. Have you been to Spring Champs? i do not know what that is so…no

16. Favorite piece you’ve ever preformed? (performed) umm i’d say my this year prose because it’s just fun to practice and it’s really dumb

26. Favorite coach you’ve ever had? my speech head coach 

36. Favorite tournament snack? BAGELS i will eat so many bagels in a day one time postings were going up soon but i was making a bagel to eat so i put it in my suit jacket pocket and just. went to postings and uh bad news i broke so i had to dash to my round and eat an entire bagel in like 2 minutes

46. Do you have any forensics crushes? yes i have vague posted about them before. they are beautiful and probably very talented there’s this girl who looks like she just time traveled from the 50s and this dude who looks like that tech guy from James Bond

56. Is your debate team more liberal or conservative? ummm i once saw a kid wearing a Turnip/Pens tshirt ?? at practice? but i’m pretty sure the rest of em are pretty liberal

66. How many times do you practice a week? most weeks, 4 days a week. sometimes i’ll do 3 if i got stuff to do but that’s pretty rare

76. How many coaches are at your school? 3 main ones

86. How often do you cry during tournaments? i cry throughout the entire tournament actually?? yeah um do people not do that….?

once time i observed drama finals then cried about it in the bathroom for like 10 minutes because it was so good and i was so happy my friend broke and her performance was so good

also one time after a tournament we went out to eat and the place had tvs on and i saw a commercial with a dog in it and cried and would not actually stop crying for the rest of the night

96. If your team had a motto, what would it be? AAAAAAA™

so since it’s October, I should probably tell my ghost story from last week

so I was staying in the Ottawa Jail Hostel last week, and I got there at like midnight after a 5-hour train ride and a 45-minute walk, and then finally go into my cell, and because sound travels really easily through the bars at the top/bottom of the doors… while it was really cool, it was hard to sleep, and so I woke up every hour or so

About 3am, I wake up, check the time, groan, look at the end of my bed, and see a dude just… standing there. On my bed.

Now, apparently Patrick Whelan was hanged there in 1869 (weirdly enough, on my birthday) and likes to do exactly that, mostly to freak people out, because he’s kind of an asshole like that

But I was tired. And, really, barely conscious at all.

So my response was to flip him off, say “Fuck off” drowsily and then go back to bed.

Not because I’m any sort of badass or anything, just because I was too tired for that shit okay

things that suck about writing Reaper: how the fuck does he travel? he is a six foot fucking shadow. even without his mask and creepy ass duster the dude was still brought back from the dead like he ain’t gonna look cute or even pass for normal. he is a wanted criminal. he is armed and dangerous at literally all times. how the fuck does he get into other countries? is there like a private reaper jet manned by like, talon agents? you can’t just stroll the fuck across borders okay I need an explanation. does his passport still have a picture of him as gabriel reyes and the guy at customs just holds it up to compare like ?????

I saw this new poster thanks to halefi  and I’m so excited.

First we need to watch the trailer

1. Nakamori-keibu has more tv/movies appearances than his daughter.

2. it looks so similar.

but if you watch the trailer again there’s a spoiler about this paint!

also the kids are pointing to the sky, i think they weren’t in the plane what am i saying (?)

3. Ran, protecting Sonoko for the 22343423534th time.

There are so much SonoRan moments in these movies, this could be the biggest since movie 13

4. And Haibara, protecting Conan-kun for the 22343423534th time too.

i’m saving your ass again, dude (I want to hug Conan, he looks so freaking adorable)

5. Both in the trailer and the poster the background is New York. If they are traveling maybe there’s not going to be Tropical Land memories but NYC memories this time *please please*

6. The mOST important part in this poster

Kaito with his perfect smirk being the center of the plot but BUT

Please let this be the second part of this confrontation

with Shinichi, please bring Shinichi. Please Santa, please Toho (you are bringing back Godzilla, bring back Shinichi too).please someone.

When I travel somewhere by train, I like to read a book.

Yesterday I was reading a really good book.

And just because I looked up for 10 seconds to confirm that you were on the right train,

doesn’t mean that I want to talk to you.

Not even when you change seats to sit over me.

Or when you started tapping your box, the table and your phone.

Or when your feet started tapping obnoxiously loud.

Or when you keep giving me sidelong glances.

I will keep reading my fucking book.

Only this time, I will feel horribly uncomfortable while doing so because I can fee your creepy stare and hear your dumb tapping even through my headphones.

Don’t try to talk to me when I’m reading a book and wearing headphones


Toa Destro - aurum-type Toa of Iron/Toa of Time. “Aurum” stands for gold

He doesn’t remember how he has become a Toa. He is just wake up like this. Last thing that he remember is that he was shot. He find out that he can travel through time and even stop it. He became a first guardian of time.

He still acts like matoran/child (in-fact he is looking like brutal young man)

I built this dude for one Bionicle MOC contest. It has “Toa of Time” theme thingy. But they suddenly changed the theme because not all newfags understand that. Golly, I had so much fun of building him!

A Crack In The Hourglass (Part Two of The McCall Pack Chronicles) by XProSkeith (Gen, Rated T, 57k, minor Scott/Kira, minor Derek/Braeden, WIP) Summer is finally here. The nogitsune incident, the War Of The Nemeton, and the Benefactor situation have all been resolved and the pack is looking forward to some relaxation before senior year starts for most of them. Things have been pretty quiet until, suddenly, time itself begin to crack and collapse on itself. Now the pack must travel back through time and through alternate universes to find out what’s causing this to happen. Can they find the cause and stop it before it’s too late and everyone and everything is wiped from existence?
from chapter nineteen, Back To The Future: 
“Dude, you’re like the werewolf president,” said Stiles.
“No way,” said Scott, shaking his head. “I don’t want that kind of power.”


Life Is Strange

Okay, people, I saw this on my Steam recommended list today, and holy shit. It’s an episodic interactive graphic adventure game made by DontNod and Square Enix, with two female lead characters. It’s all about time travel and the butterfly effect, and it’s coming out on the 30th of January.

The game seems to be getting a lot of flack already for its gameplay design and its focus on women (the Youtube comments on that video were vitriolic).

I personally love the look of this game. It looks different, and new, and fucking fresh in a sea of white dudes with stubble toting massive guns or even more massive swords. It looks slow, and calm, and rich in storyline. I just pre-ordered the whole season. This post isn’t asking you to do that. This post is just me trying to bring attention to a game that could easily slip under the radar because of everything that it is.

I want Civil War to be a huge sprawling epic where Cap and Falcon and Widow follow Bucky’s trail from Russia and they go all around the world interrogating people and searching old safehouses but they find no trace of him
And then they go home and Steve’s really upset because he lost his best friend again so he goes to the Smithsonian one last time to remember him and Bucky’s just in the gift shop
So Steve’s like “OMFG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH WE TRAVELLED THE WORLD LOOKING FOR YOU” and Bucky’s just like “dude, do you know how hard it is to get a passport when you’re dead? I’ve been stuck here since you crushed HYDRA, how could I leave?”


dude look i love dipper with all my heart, ive seriously been whispering “oh god dipper, oh poor little dipper pines” under my breath for the last like, two months. i care a lot about him and im sympathetic to his problems and i identify with him a ton, especially wrt his trauma caused by bill. im sorry that i made a slightly mean post about him but like. i dont need the dipper pines defense squad on my ass. i am a proud member of the dipper pines defense squad. but im also a proud member of the mabel pines defense squad and sometimes i feel the need to talk about her feelings too! which includes her being hurt by dipper, even if unintentionally. and it’s not like dipper hasnt ever been unfair and selfish to mabel.

The plot thickens: The unexpected proposal from “The Exhibitionist”

So. The exhibitionist is a SUPER nice guy who I watch jerk off around twice a month for 200$ each time. He just likes being watched, no touching or anything. Very respectful. And we always end up talking for an hour or two before or after. He’s a bit lonely. He asked for my email because he had a request for me….

“Have enjoyed our meet and watches….lol…..
Look, I’m looking for an easy going travel partner. Just some weekend stuff. Separate hotel rooms and some shopping money for you, all I ask in return is a few watch sessions. No pressure, just thought I’d ask/offer.
May be headed to LA this weekend..interested?”

DUDE. It sounds perfect. No sex and I’d get an allowance and get to go somewhere I’ve never been before all paid. He’s probably there for work anyways so I’d have the days free. I will need to clarify how much spending money (I want to save it, not spend it), the days we would be there and also if he’d pay for my meals and transportation expenses, but it seems so perfect. If I don’t go this weekend, I will definitely travel with him in the future.

Unpredictable life man. Unpredictable.