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You said you wanted to do a bts reaction so here I am requesting a reaction of the boys being smothered by your kisses in the morning. Pretty please.

I’m sorry this tooke me so long  but I was very busy these days, plus is my first reaction so hope you like it -I think I  have to take confidence with these things eheh-

(guys I apologize for any mistakes but English is not my mother language)


You wake up alone in bed, just when you start feeling sad thinking that Jin went to work out, the door opens and you see him in front of you  with a breakfast tray and a huge smile on his face. He puts the tray next to you and bends to kiss your forehead. You grab him by the back of his neck and drop him in the bed with you smothering him with kisses.

‘‘Princess what are you doing, i’m choking’’ he says laughing and cupping your face in his hands.

As soon as you start pouting at him, Jin smiles and starts feeding you with his delicious pancakes, spotting your nose with cream.

‘’You’re so cute I want to eat you’’

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Your sleepy boyfriend was sleeping deeply as usual, one hand tucked under your -well actually was his- shirt and his soft lips resting gently on your shoulder, your legs were woven together and his breath warmed your neck. You wanted to stay like this forever but you decided to wake up and make him coffee. Despite you were tangled, you knew he wouldn’t wake up. When you came back to the room with a cup of hot coffee in your hand you found him still asleep, so you sat for a while next to him, that in the meantime replaced you with your pillow. A smile lays on your lips as you look at his sweet face just lighted by the sun rays that filtered through the window. 

‘‘Don’t stare at me’’ he says without even opening his eyes.

‘‘I’ve made you coffee baby’’ 

Yoongi wakes up, puts the coffe on the bedside and pulls your head on his chest. ’’I thought you left me’’  

‘’I did’nt think you would have miss me so much’’ you tease him. 

‘‘it’s just that the pillow is not that comfortable’’ he says being cocky.

you throw him on the bed underneath you and start kissing his whole face while messing with his hair. 

‘‘Baby girl if you keep going like this I’ll have to punish you’‘  he looks in your eyes and gives you a passionate long kiss ‘‘let’s just take another nap before’’.

You two fall asleep with your lips touching eavily and a scent of coffee in the air.

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Your head was resting on Namjoon’s chest, he was caressing your hair with one hand while the other was stuck behind your back.

“ Good morning sexy ” he smiles gently and you couldn’t resist the dimples that shows  on his face so  you start smothering  him with  kisses and he bursts out laughing.

‘’Baby  you’re tickling me, please stop.  Why do not you lie down and let me kiss you all over instead ?’’ a smirk appear on his face

“No! if you do to me what I’m doing, you wouldn’t  just tickle me but you’d  probably end up choking me for real, Honey”

Namjoon stares  into distance for a moment and than turns to you  with a pouty face ‘’ baby that’s unfair, but also true, I don’t want to kill you so if you want keep doing’’

With a big smile he turns to your face and you start again to kiss his cheeks.

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“ It’s time to wake up my sunshine ” Hoseok whispers to your ear and then gives you a little kiss on your cheek.

You turn to him moaning  in your sleep, then you open your eyes and seeing his big smile in front of your face you start smiling yourself.

‘’Hello sun’’  you say, giving him a kiss on his forehead.

In what is seems like a blink the two of you end up in a war of kisses, till you trap him under your body

“I give up jagi! You win this round, why don’t you kill me gently? ”

To his request you continue to kiss his smiling face until you two decide that it’s time to get up and have a good ice cream for breakfast.

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The two of you were sleeping so good till you suddenly wake up

‘’jagi don’t leave me!’’ Tae starts shouting while tossing and turning in his sleep, he was searching for you.

You get close to your baby, hugging him you whisper in his ear that you’re right next to him and you start caressing his hair gently.

Tae wakes up and sticks his head in your chest  ‘’stay always with me, please’’

You cup his face and smother  him with kisses,  giving him more when  his sqare smile start to appear

‘’jagi,  if I ever have to choose a way to die it’d be to be choked by your kisses, but for now I want to stay with you a little longer so give me five minutes to breathe and than we can start again’’ he laughs and gives you a small bite on the nose.

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You just woke up and you can’t help yourself from staring at the angelic face of your boyfriend,  Jimin was still in the world of dreams, an arm stretched toward you and the wrapped sheet  reveals his wonderful body.

You  were about to get up to take a shower when you feel an arm grabbing you strongly  and tacking you back on the bed

‘’child were are you going?’’ Jimin still have his eyes closed and was speaking to you with a thread of voice ‘’don’t live me’’

You let go of a laugh when you see him half asleep like a baby, you cup his face in your hands and shower him with tender  kisses till his cheeks became slightly red.  

‘’I’m just going to take a shower, I’ll come back to you baby’’

‘’Please hurry ,  I want to smother under your kisses a little more’’ Jimin soon fall back to sleep with a sweet smile on his face,  leaving a stretched  arm ready to welcome you when you’ll go  back to him.

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Jungkoon was sleeping like a baby next to you, and didn’t  seem  to want to wake up.

You  take a shower, prepare  breakfast for him and go back to the room with the tray in your hand.

Your boyfriend  was still sleeping so you put the tray on the desk near the window and  jumped on the bed starting to tickle him

‘’jagiiii you scared me! I was sleeping so well..  Do you want to be punished?’’ he looks at you with a smirk on his face and  grabs  your wrist trying to act sexy

‘’yo bunny stop being cocky, now is me that is going to punish you’’  you get rid from his grip and smother him  with  kisses all over his face

‘’jagiii stop it i’m not a kid anymore! Now I’ll show you how  a real man does it, baby’’

He tries to get rid of your grip but fails and being unable to stop laughing  he makes you keep doing what you want  for a while, then he takes you in his  arms and  hugs you  tight

’’ I’ll always be your baby bunny, right?’’

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Jealousy (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: In which Eddie can’t help but feel jealousy creep against his thoughts.

Prompt 97“Are you jealous?”

Prompt: 26“Open your fucking eyes, it’s so obvious that I’m in love with you!”

A/N: Thankyou for this request @wrongsmakethewordscometolife! If you wanna ask me for prompts ask away HERE. If you want to ask an ordinary request ask HERE. THIS IS HORRIBLY RUSHED IM SORRY BUT I HAVE SO MANY REQUESTS AND I WANT TO POST AS MANY AS POSSIBLE

Eddie sighed in frustration with tired legs, crawling back up from out of the water with the rest of the losers club. He fixed his white briefs and found himself standing up despite his legs practically wobbling from kicking them that much under water; this was because Eddie was in fact too short to stand up properly under the water.

The others sat down, stretching their limbs and talking quietly amongst themselves whilst Beverly set up the boombox and somehow managing to get music echoing from the speakers.

Eddie zoned out, watching as the water swayed lightly in the lake and a grin took place on his lips. He didn’t need his inhaler today, he was fine swimming. Despite countless times of his Mom telling him to always be extra careful in deep water because of how weak he is, he was strong enough to keep his head above water and that’s all that mattered to him.

Eddie turned back around, going to engage in a conversation with one of the others until he noticed it.

Most, if not all of the boys were staring.

Eddie followed their gaze, his jaw slacked which revealed his open mouth as he noticed that all of them were staring at a sun bathing Beverly, relaxed and in her underwear. 

Sure, Beverly was pretty. Very, pretty. But what made her so enticing for all of the boys to stare at her in an alluring way? She didn’t have the best reputation with boys to begin with, which surprised Eddie as he would’ve thought some of them would’ve moved away from the thoughts that were currently going through their minds right now.

Eddie couldn’t help but feel out of place, especially because the only reason he was staring was because he was trying to find out what made he so special? Was it because she was a girl? Was it because she was a girl in her undergarments? Possibly so. 

Eddie’s eyes then shift to his friends, eyeing the way they were all in a trance. As Eddie wandered his gaze over to Richie he couldn’t help but feel his heart strings twist and turn and he helplessly allowed a sigh to release from his nostrils. Anger filled his thoughts. 

What was so special about Beverly? If she was wearing more clothes then he wouldn’t be staring at her like that, surely. She was a stupid girl. Does Richie like stupid girls? Does he like girls in general? 

Just as he stares back at Beverly with distaste roaming his tastebuds, Beverly’s head turns and glances at the boys through her fashionable shades.

All of the boys, including Eddie, look elsewhere and pretend to engage in conversation to disguise their actions. Eddie quickly squirms his steps across the path to where Stanley was sat and switches the song to something else to cover up his own acts.

Beverly merely shrugs, before looking elsewhere.

It was later on that day when the losers were all packing up to go home; Eddie and Richie left earlier than the rest as they both lived on the same road a few houses away from one another.

It was silent, with Eddie still having bad thoughts about Beverly due to an unknown emotion taking over him, almost alike to selfishness. Richie on the other hand was chewing upon gum obnoxiously loud, his mouth open when doing so. He followed up his actions by blowing a large pink bubble, before sucking it back into his mouth. He repeated this a few times until the silence was practically killing him.

“You’re awfully quiet, Eds.”

“Don’t call me fucking Eds.” Eddie grumbled, tightening his fanny pack around his hips to prevent it from slipping down his legs.

Richie was shocked at Eddie’s sudden tone, not to mention that he had been quiet for the majority of the day up until this point. “Damn, no need to be a bitch about it.” Richie mumbled, pushing his glasses up with his middle finger towards Eddie in hope he’d see it as a joke and lighten up.

He didn’t.

Eddie simply rolled his eyes and walked faster. “You’re not funny and I’m not laughing.”

Richie frowned, walking Eddie closer and closer to his house. He was growing impatient with the boys temper growing, but he was determined to find the cause of his lack of happiness and find the core reason as to why he was acting strange.

“Eds, c’mon. Don’t be like this.” Richie bounced against Eddie’s side, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

Eddie scoffed, ignoring the taller boys question and grabbing Richie’s arm and shoving it off him. “Go wrap your twig arms around Beverly, I’m sure she’d fucking enjoy that considering all you did today was stare at her.”

Eddie walked quicker now, his tiny feet pacing forth. A lightbulb went off in Richie’s head as well as his lips spreading into a knowing smirk.

Richie cleared his throat, “My my, Eds. Are you jealous?

Eddie stopped in his tracks, heat rising against the skin on his face and spreading to his ears and clothed chest. He turned around with an angered look on his face.

“J-jealous? What the fuck of Richie?”

Richie’s smirk turned into a sly one, walking closer and folding his arms. “You’re jealous of me and Beverly, ain’t ya’?”

Just as Eddie was about to protest, Richie walked up and pressed his finger against Eddie’s lips teasingly, rubbing it around over them to force a funny face upon Eddie.

“Don’t answer that, I don’t want you blushing anymore than you already are.”

Eddie was horrified, he didn’t know that the heat sensation over his skin was him blushing. Why was he blushing? 

“I’m not-” Eddie stuttered, before being shushed by Richie’s finger again.

“Is this why you’ve been ignoring me all day?” Richie tilted his head, his curls flopping to one side.

Eddie averted his eyes elsewhere, feeling the shame creep up behind his shoulder. Silence was the best option for Eddie.

“Hm.” Richie hummed, moving his finger away and standing closer to Eddie. “Can I give you some advice Eds?”

Both of the two boys stood in front of Eddie’s house now, Eddie barely moving head to nod as anxiety took over. The anticipation of not knowing what ‘advice’ Richie was going to give him was killing him; Richie was dragging it out purposely to create suspense.

Richie finally spoke in a soft and gentle voice, “Open your fucking eyes, it’s so obvious that I’m in love with you.

Eddie opened his mouth, only for Richie to once again cut him off. This time, it wasn’t Richie’s finger but in fact Richie’s chapped, gum flavoured lips merging against Eddie’s own smooth pair of lips.

Eddie was quickly filled with anxious thoughts, he thought about how many germs were in a human mouth. For instance, there are actually more germs in a human mouth than a dogs. Eddie hitched for a second, before somehow gaining strength and pushing the thoughts away as he trembled into his first kiss with Richie, the boy he was falling for.

Eddie felt the heat run down his shoulders and smothering his spine, sending tingles as he twitched his fingers against Richie’s cheeks whilst on his tiptoes. Richie confidently wrapped his hands around Eddie’s hips to hold him in place for the kiss. Both of the boys had their eyes closed as they enjoyed their moment in perfect unity.

After what seemed like forever, which forever was 10 seconds in this instance, both pulled away for fresh air. Their eyes opened slowly, Eddie looking up at Richie through his eyelashes and Richie surprisingly having flushed freckles over his dotted skin.

Both boys giggled, stepping away from each other awkwardly.

“So.. so uh- don’t get jealous.” Richie chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“i don’t.. I don’t think I’ll need too.” Eddie whispered, clutching his shirt for mental and physical support.

Richie smiled down at the boy, “Well.. goodnight Eds. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that, Richie quickly rushed off with quick steps and his arms frantically moving in-between his steps. 

Eddie watched from afar, his fingertips touching where Richie had kissed him. The bubblegum taste lingered on his own lips from Richie’s, his tongue licking at his bottom lip ever so slightly to remember how Richie melted perfectly against him with no flaws whatsoever. How Richie made him feel negatively about Eddie by making him jealous. How Richie managed to sweep Eddie up and off his feet in the end. How… Eddie loved Richie too.

“I love you too.” Eddie whispered to Richie, despite Richie being very much so far away and couldn’t possibly hear Eddie’s silent confession.

With that, Eddie turned on his heels and made his way back inside.

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Can you do more msr smut? maybe one where someone walks in on them? It would be nice to see how they'd react and feel afterwards!

Here you go anon, the last in my series of caught fics. 

Warning, NSFW. 

Mulder doesn’t quite know how it all happened. One moment he was stood at the door to Scully’s apartment, flashing her a cheeky yet hopeful grin as he held a Chinese takeout bag in one hand and a bottle of red in the other, and the next he was sat on the couch, his legs spread and his jeans unzipped as he watched his hot little partner sink to her knees in front of him, take his cock into her mouth and proceed to give him the best blowjob of his life.

He’d gone to her apartment on a whim – they hadn’t made plans to spend the evening together, and even as he placed the order for their takeout he’d decided that he would share the food with the Gunmen if his partner wasn’t at home. But she was, and if the way she’d kissed him and pulled him into her apartment was anything to go by, she had been missing him too.

It was pathetic really, he’d thought to himself. The two of them had only “officially” taken their relationship to the next level a few weeks ago, when Scully had crawled into his bed, very much naked and very much not tired, after he’d returned home from his visit to England. Since then they’d slept together only twice, heavy workloads and Scully’s family commitments keeping them apart. They’d got back from their latest case late last night, too late for Mulder to stay, and today they’d been back at the office, knee deep in paperwork. Tonight was their chance to catch up, as a couple, and to spend some time together outside of work. Mulder was hoping deep down that the evening would end with Scully inviting him to spend the night, but he’d never expected this. The Chinese is cooling on the coffee table but all Mulder can think about is his partner sucking on his dick as though it’s her favorite flavor lollipop.

“Sc…” After seven years, Scully has finally rendered her partner speechless. Her right hand is wrapped tightly around his cock while her mouth bobs up and down on him, her teeth lightly grazing his flesh. Mulder is hard, possibly harder than he’s ever been, and he knows he’s moments away from one of the best orgasms of his life. His partner isn’t exactly making things easy for him either; she’s looking up at him with her big blue eyes, smirking around his flesh as her left hand moves to unbutton her shirt ever so slightly, then heads down and disappears beneath her skirt. Seconds later Mulder feels her moan vibrate against him, the sensation driving him closer to the edge.

“Get up…uhhh…get up here Scully.”

She shakes her head, unwilling to release his cock, though he notices that whatever she’s doing beneath her skirt – and he has a reasonably good idea of what that is – she’s speeding up.

“Please.” First she rendered him speechless, now she’s got him begging. Dana Scully has her partner wrapped around her little finger, and he loves it. “Scully I wanna be inside you.”

“No,” replies Scully, pulling back momentarily to catch her breath. “Like this.”

“I’m close.”

“I know.” She flashes him another smile before her mouth sinks back down over his cock.

He’s given her plenty of warning, he tells himself, and before he can even think about pulling out he suddenly tumbles over the edge, spilling into her mouth with a cry. Scully isn’t that far behind him, groaning around him as she cleans him up.

As he comes down from his rush, Mulder suddenly hears the scraping of a key in the lock at Scully’s door. He looks down at his partner, her wide eyes reflecting his own horror, and then it all happens in a blur. A visibly post-coital Scully quickly gets to her feet, setting her skirt in place, while Mulder lifts his hips up off the sofa, trying to zip up his jeans. As the door opens, Scully suddenly flings a nearby cushion onto her partner’s lap in an attempt to conceal his modesty. But it’s too late.


“Oh my goodness!” Maggie takes in the scene, looks at her daughter’s unbuttoned blouse, her healthy “glow” and her partner sporting a cushion in his lap and then immediately spins round, facing the door to the apartment, while Mulder and Scully scramble to make themselves look more presentable. Both of them are blushing furiously, while Mulder’s heart is beating double time. Shit. This isn’t good, not good at all. 

“It really isn’t what it looks like.”

It’s exactly what it looks like, and all three of them know that. Unable to stop himself, Mulder smirks as he raises his eyebrows at his partner, his jeans now zipped once more. He figured she’d be a little more inventive than that. 

Thankfully, Maggie seems equally flustered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I knocked and I didn’t hear anything -” Mulder curses inwardly. If he’d just been a little quieter, they’d have heard her mom knock. But then again, he thinks, Scully is equally to blame for being so damn good at what she does, and besides, she was as carried away as he was. 

“We were just doing some paperwork -“ 

"Paperwork?” mouths Mulder to his partner, wincing as Scully shakes her head and slaps his arm hard, warning him to stay quiet.

“I didn’t realize you were back. I came over to check on the apartment –”

“There’s a lot of paperwork for this case –”

“So I used my key -” Maggie cautiously turns her head, then when realizing the coast is clear and that her daughter and partner are fully dressed, turns around. Mulder notices that neither mother nor daughter are able to make eye contact with one another. 

“We’ve got a lot of work on you see.”

“Of course." 

"And I was just helping Mulder with a report.”

“I should go.”

“No,” Mulder interrupts, unable to listen to the awkward conversation any longer. “I should go.”

“No,” Scully announces firmly, looking between the two of them. There’s a hint of resignation to her voice. “You should both stay.”

She’s right, Mulder knows - if they try and avoid her mom now, the next meeting will be even more awkward.

Maggie nods down at her feet, and so Mulder tries to break the tension in the room. “I’ll put the kettle on. Coffee Magg…Mrs Scully?”

“I’ll take tea please,” she replies politely. She doesn’t need coffee, having just had a wake-up call. Scully nods in agreement and so he leaves the room, giving the two of them time to speak alone. He figures Maggie will have some questions for her daughter, and sure enough he’s right. 

“How long has this been going on?” He hears Maggie ask the moment he’s - she presumes - out of earshot. Scully seems to have pre-empted the question and is ready with her answer. 

“About three weeks.”

“Three weeks?” The surprise is evident in Maggie’s voice. “You’ve only been together for three weeks?” While Mulder busies himself with boiling the kettle, he contemplates Maggie’s shock. He’s sure she thought they’d been together a lot longer – he’s always presumed she knew about his feelings for her daughter. He still feels awful for her walking in on them, and understands why she’s annoyed – she’s embarrassed after all, and no doubt feels out of the loop for not being aware of their relationship. As the kettle boils he suddenly feels bad for leaving Scully alone to face her mom, and slowly pads back out into the living room.

“…better of you Dana…” Maggie pauses as she notices Mulder’s presence. He shoots his partner a look, silently asking her if she’s ok, and she nods ever-so-slightly, though her eyes tell him otherwise.

“Mrs Scully,” he suddenly interrupts, moving over to stand by Scully’s side. He reaches down and takes hold of her hand. “I can only apologize for what you saw tonight. We certainly didn’t mean for you to walk in on that, and I’m sorry that we’ve embarrassed you. No parent wants to walk in on their child doing that, no matter how old they are.”

Maggie hums in agreement, but she says nothing, waiting for him to continue. “But I want you to know something. Dana’s told you we’ve been together for three weeks, and that’s correct. Officially. But if you’re asking me when I fell in love with your daughter, it’s been longer than that. A lot longer. More like three years.” He feels Scully’s eyes on him but he’s unable to trust himself to look at her. “I know what you’re thinking, and rest assured that I’m not taking advantage your daughter. I love her. This isn’t a quick fling, this is it for me, and if I’ve read the signs right, it’s the same for Dana.”

“It is,” Scully whispers, and he can hear the tears in her voice.

Maggie appears a little surprised at their admissions, but Mulder is pleased to see that she no longer looks as though she wants to kill the two of them. “So it’s serious.” It’s a statement, not a question, and Mulder sees her let out the breath she’s been holding as both he and Scully nod.

“Very much so,” he answers.

“I should have knocked again,” she replies. “Just to make sure you weren’t home. I know you’re both adults, and I didn’t mean to walk in on…that.”

“It won’t happen again,” promises Scully,

“No,” agrees Maggie, her lips twitching up into a smile. “Next time I should think you’d at least use the door chain to keep out unwanted visitors.”

Privileged (23/?)

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“With *yn* now trapped in Mount Weather, Bellamy will do whatever it takes to get her back. Despite horrible circumstances, *yn* is also reunited with close friends and is forced to finally face some horrid truths.”

Warnings: SO MUCH ANGST, torture, swearing 

Notes: Based on 2x11 “Coup de Grace” of the 100.

“You struggle again I knock your teeth out, get me?” The guard snapped.

Gritting her teeth she glared at him unwaveringly as the two men dragged her backwards into another room. 

“Put her in this one.” The other man spoke before the two hauled her up and tossed her into a cage, her back hitting the wire with a loud thud.

“In a cage, right where you belong.” The first guard smirked as he shut the cage door on her. 

“The second I get outta here I’m going to fucking slaughter you and everyone else in this mountain.” *yn* spat as she defiantly kicked the cage with her foot, rattling it as the guards began to walk away. 

“You hear me?” She shouted after them as they shut the door behind them, clearly unaffected by her threats. Letting out a defeated sigh *yn* slumped against the back of the cage and buried her head in her hands as she tried to keep herself calm and level headed.

“*yn*?” A shaky voice croaked out from her left. 

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“Next time.” A Nolan Holloway Imagine. (Slight smut.)

It had been a long day, a frustrating one. Not because it had been a bad one, no, it was just your hormones going crazy, but how should you be able to control it, when Nolan would be walking around looking like a freaking Greek god all the time? Your dreams lately hadn’t been helping you in any way either.. You would have the steamiest dreams and then wake up, right before anything good would happen. So it wasn’t surprising to you that you had a hard time focusing during your last period when Nolan was sitting right in front of you, his leather jacket covering his torso. You were thinking about your dream when all of sudden the teacher called your name. 

“Y/N and Nolan, you two will be working together on this, I expect you to use time outside of school on this too, it will be taken into consideration for your final grade of this semester, so work hard. That goes for all of you! Okay, you’ll get the last fifteen minutes to discuss your choice of topic. Get started.” You sighed as you rubbed your face trying to shake your frustrations off of you. Nolan smiled when he turned around to face you, those blue eyes doing nothing to help you stop your thoughts. 

“So what do you wanna do?” he asked, his smile sending a tingling to where you wanted him. You, oh god do I wanna do you, you thought but smiled instead. 

“Um, how about we do something about the comparison between then and now? Show how we evolved from primal survivors to more complex people who no longer just do things because it’s a basic need?” you said, hoping you weren’t rambling as much as you thought. 

“Like sex.” Nolan chuckled, when he saw your face, he turned red. “I..I- just meant that we no longer do that because it’s a basic need. You know? Look, I’m sorry, it was just the first thing that popped into my head. I think it’s a great idea.” He coughed out. You smiled at his nervousness. 

“Okay, yeah. Um, how about we meet up later and start outlining, is that fine with you?” You questioned, Nolan already nodding before you had finished. 

“Of course. We can do it at my place, after practice?” he offered. You nodded as you gathered your things, ready to go home. 

“Sure, text me the address and time, and I’ll be there.” You said, pushing a piece of paper towards him with your number on it. Nolan nodded and watched you leave. 

You hurried home after school, so sexually frustrated that you knew you had to take care of it before heading to Nolan’s place. Luckily, your family wasn’t home, so you threw your stuff at the end of your bed, and stripped from your clothes and picked up your toy. It had been a while since you had used it, but oh boy was it a great feeling to finally have some pressure relived. With all of the built up tension it wouldn’t have taken you long to finish. Just as you were about to come, a text from Nolan occupied your screen. 

Hi! Practice got cancelled, I can pick you up in ten if you are ready, so we can get this thing started.”  You sighed even more frustrated than before. Typing a quick okay back, you rose from your bed, and got dressed in a pair of sweats and a tight white top before throwing your hair into a ponytail, grabbing your toy to wash it quickly. It wasn’t long before you heard a car pull up outside, so you grabbed your bag and hurried outside to meet Nolan. 

The first few hours went by fast, you made your outline, got started on the presentation and ate plenty of ice cream. You couldn’t help but laugh as you looked at Nolan, ice cream covering the very tip of his nose. He looked at you strangely. 

“What?” He chuckled, you rose from your position and walked towards him, wiping the ice cream of his nose. His cheeks got a slight pink tint afterwards, but it was nothing compared to his reaction when you licked it off you finger, not thinking anything of it. He stared at you from his seated position and when you looked down, you couldn’t help but get a rushing feeling to your core. Nolan reached out for you, his fingers brushing against yours in a soft attempt to pull you closer, without crossing your boundaries. You didn’t mind his contact, and walked closer. It was when he pulled you into his lap that your own cheeks matched his pink tint from earlier. You were straddling him, looking into those blue eyes when he leaned in, looking for any discomfort. You reassured him by closing the gap between the two of you. The kiss was soft at first, but it wasn’t long before your frustrations from earlier came into play, your hips grinding into his, trying to remove some pressure. To your surprise, Nolan pulled back looking at you, his eyes a shade darker and a smirk playing in the corner of his lips. 

“So that’s why you were squirming in your seat earlier huh?” He teased, his hands traveling to the exposed skin on you back and sides. You rolled your eyes trying to hide the fact that he was right. Nolan chuckled as he leaned forward a little bit. 

“So I take it that you’re not super horny right now?” You shook your head , not wanting him to know how you felt about him. The devilish smile that erupted on his face sent chills down your spine. 

“Soo, if I, let’s say, start kissing your neck right now, I won’t get a moan out of you? You won’t enjoy it in any way?” You shook your head again, but decided to play along. Letting your hand travel from his chest to his hair, you shrugged. 

“No, you won’t, but I’ll bet I’ll get one out of you.” You smirked as you saw the dark shade become darker. 

“You sure ‘bout that?” You nodded. Nolan took your nod as approval and seconds later, his lips were attached to your neck, sending the most thrilling feeling through your body. You reacted immediately, tilting your head to the side to give him the access he needed but biting your lip holding back the sound he so desperately wanted to hear coming from you. You grabbed his head, forcing it back so you could kiss him. He responded immediately, his hands grabbing your hips harshly making you smile in triumph and your feeling of victory only grew, when something beneath you did as well. 

Pulling apart, you smirked at him, “getting excited?” Nolan rolled his eyes, “screw you.” He growled making you laugh. “Gladly.” You responded. When he realized what you said, he didn’t waste any time. He got up, you still in his lap and walked towards the bed, throwing you onto it. However, just as he hovered over you, lips on your neck once again and hands ready to rip your pants off, the sound of a door slamming rang through his house. Nolan’s eyes went wide with panic and then he sighed loudly. 

“Of course today was the day she had the short shift at work.” He grumbled, head falling onto your chest. A few moments later you could hear footsteps and you both jumped apart. 

“Nolan, I thought I told you to not slee-” his mom stopped death in her tracks when she opened the door and saw you lying on the bed, book in front of you and Nolan in his chair, reading a paragraph. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were sleeping again, you know how I feel about sleeping during the afternoon.” Nolan smiled at his mom. 

“Not sleeping. We’re just doing homework.” You tried really hard not to laugh, since you could still see the lump in his pants, but he did a great job at hiding it from his mom. 

“Oh that’s great. I’m just gonna leave you to it then. It was nice to meet you young lady.” 

“My pleasure Mrs. Holloway.” You said sweetly. As soon as she had left, Nolan sighed loudly and walked towards you looking like a hurt puppy. Plopping down next to you, he apologized. 

“It’s okay. You’ll make it up to me next time.” You said, winking.  

Hi guys! I guess I’m back! So, I know this imagine is not the smut I wanted it to be, but it was getting sooooo long! So if enough people like it, I will write a part 2 to it. Have a great night! 

Host Club - Sungwoon Au

- Admin Xion <3

Originally posted by choigiraffe

genre: fluff but like mature fluff ?
member: ha sungwoon
word count: 1065
requested: yes
side notes: this scenario is mainly based off of ouran highschool host club, the anime. this scenario itself made me, the writer, shookt 

requested by: pinksungwoon [fuck off annie ily <3]

can i get an ouran highschool host club au with wanna one??? it can be any member you want!!

- for those of you who dont know what ouran highschool host club is
- its an anime where a group of guys serve girls some drinks for a certain amount of time and entertain them
- sorta like a maid cafe but
- with boys
- and themed shit
- and no maid costumes or cat ears
- well sometimes cat ears but-
- anyways
- also ouran highschool host club also takes place in a really rich school
- so your friend, lets name her jeongju, was dragging you to the club
- in which was something you honestly didnt want to do for multiple reasons
- you tried to prevent from going there bUT NOPE
- as you entered, 11 guys stood there in a line smiling brightly as some had fake cat ears one matching the colour of their dyed hair
- “welcome! all i wanna do, wanna one-immida!” they all chanted
- you stood there, slightly questioning life as jeongju squeeled
- two guys [in which both of them wore cat ears and chokers] assisted you guys to a seat and served you both tea
- since tea was the only option there
- “we are…” one out of the two said
- “ONG”
- “NIEL”
- “IS”
- “S C I E N C E !” they said as they clasped their hands together
- jeongju was in shock as she was blushing so hard
- you softly smiled
- in a way you wanted to laugh but didnt
- “oi? is this your first time coming here?” one of them said as he pointed to your nose very very closely
- “yess..¿” you replied
- “whats yourrrr name?” seongwoo asks
- “i’m y/n, im in third year,” you replied
- “ohmygod, third year? sungwoonie is in third year!” daniel spoke happily as he suddenly got all jumpy
- jeongju, whom was still dying couldnt even speak properly
- daniel and seongwoo made eye contact as you stared at them both blanklessly
- “RIGHT LETS DO THAT” seongwoo said after their intense eye contact
- “fucking telekinesis,” you said to yourself
- “we’ll be right back!” daniel spoke
- they both skipped off as you sat there and drank the tea from the rose petaled shaped teacup
- jeongju wandered off to the short looking guy and the guy who looked extremely handsome and had a group of girls surrounding him
- soon enough, a boy whom was being pushed by daniel and seongwoo approached you a bit confused
- he sat across from you as he shyly smiled and daniel and seongwoo bLASTEd off
- “h-hi! y/n right?”
- “mmhm, sungwoon? you’re in my class right? sorry if im wrong,”
- “yup! so it’s your first time coming here?”
- “yeah, seems interesting,” you replied
- sungwoon softly chuckled
- “everyone here sorta as their own persona, i guess. like ongniel is that one couple everyone ships despite some of the girls wanna have both of them, and over there is daehwi. the most innocent playful child you’ll ever meet,” sungwoon spoke as your eyes scattered the whole entire room
- “so what does that make you?” you asked
- “guess,” he replied
- you observed his whole body
- he wore quite grunge-casual clothes as his hair was styled nicely
- “the normal one?” you replied
- you both softly laughed as he shook his head
- “nope,”
- “then what are you?”
- “it’s best if you find out for yourself,” sungwoon replies with a cheeky smirk
- you played it off and nodded
- “you should come to next weeks host club, it’s royal ball themed,” sungwoon suggested
- “royal ball? as in, big poofy dresses and guys in suits?”
- “okay- not big puffy dresses but classy dresses and yes- guys in suits,” he replied
- you hesitated a bit to reply
- “sure,” you said hastily
- “i mean- you don’t have too if you don’t want too,”
- “how would i figure out what category you are if i dont hang out with you then?”
- “well said,” he replies
- being convinced you decided to go to the ‘royal ball’
- and like every other fanfic
- you wore a black well fitted dress with high heels
- with hair parted and curled
- as it exposed a part of your collarbone and dangling earrings
- you entered the host club as you spotted jeongju already there trying to make conversation with the innocent daehwi
- you noticed a door open as sungwoon exited tying up his tie all sloppy
- as he took a few steps away from that door another girl left
- he spotted you as he approached you
- “hey y/n,” he spoke still tying his tie terrible
- “hey, uh, did you just come out of that closet with a girl?” you questioned as you decided to take his tie and tie it for him
- “maybe, wasn’t really into her though,” he spoke
- “o h? thats interesting,” you replied as you finished tying his tie
- “and dont get the wrong idea, it was just a small-”
- “make out session- i see i see,” you interrupted as you slightly chuckled disbelieving him
- music began to play
- and no- not your edm hype music
- your “royal ball slow dance” music
- “may i have this dance?” sungwoon asked cheekily as he placed out his hand
- “you shall,” you replied
- sungwoon placed his hand on the back of your waist as you followed his lead within the dances
- “you’re waist is really thin. are you seriously wearing a corset?” sungwoon asked as you did a small turn
- “nope. i hate them, they make it hard to breath,” you replied
- sungwoon grinned softly
- “so you’re saying your body is naturally this beautiful?” he asks with a smirk
- god hes so smooth
- im shaking in my boots
- i wrote it but its too much for me
- you scoffed a bit as a small smile formed
- “maybe,” you replied as sungwoon twirled you around
- “look at that, you’re already like a princess,” he commented as he placed his hand at the back of your waist again
- suddenly, he pulls you in closer as both of your steps become slower and slower
- as you only soon get lost in the look of his eyes
- as that small smirk remained on his face
- he leans in closer and closer
- and immersed his lips onto yours
- “hey sungwoon really knows how to keep up a persona,” daniel spoke
- “wait whats his persona?” guanlin asks
- “you dont know?
- hes the flirt of the group,” said seongwoo

I can see people’s auras… and it’s a curse.

by A10A10A10

Yes, I can see people’s auras.

And I hate saying it so bluntly. It makes me sound like some hack psychic who fakes the ability as a means of exploitation and a paycheck. I’ve never made money from my ability. I’ve never taken advantage of it. And, until now, I’ve never spoken of it to anybody.

But I really do see them, and I’m starting to view it as more of a curse. I have a reason for typing this out and I assure you, there isn’t a happy ending.

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