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Song of Fire Epilogue

I don’t know man, I just decided to go with it and write one more chapter. @chaoslaborantin advice is always goals. Answering asks about Kira has also made me want to write her a little older and I also came up with a somewhat realistic plan for Mare and Cal… so roll with it I guess??? (some adorable fluff ahead, but also like serious shit too so be prepared)

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#wellnesswednesday : There will always be people out there to judge you by your looks. They will assume they know what’s best for you and will bully those perceptions upon you. The best thing to do in this kind of situation? Prove Them Wrong! I’m constantly being told-by strange Internet trolls-that I’m lazy and unhealthy. And they could not be more wrong. Be you and have the strength to rise above those negative perceptions by pushing yourself to be the best you can be!
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Hoodies and Slippers

Genre: Fluff. So much fluff.

Words: 2,342

Ship: Reader x Kim Taehyung

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First Night

You slammed the front door shut behind you, several thoughts crashing against each other and making your head pound. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you continued down the sidewalk with a particular destination in mind. You just needed some time alone, even if it was past ten at night.

Nothing was working out.

You were stuck in a country you didn’t want to be in. The university hadn’t contacted you yet and at this rate, it seemed like they never would. The sketches that you had spent hours on seemed like scribbled lines that disobediently ran across the page on their own will rather than forming the piece of art you wanted them to. Stress weighed down on you like a ton of bricks, cutting off your air supply slowly little by little, day by day.

An involuntary sigh escaped your lips as you kicked a stray rock lying on the pavement and watched as it flew into the kids’ playground you had reached. Your eyes snapped to a figure sitting on one of the two swings and you raised your eyebrows.

Clearly, somebody else had the same idea as you.

Not letting the fact that the place wasn’t completely empty perturb you, you walked to the vacant one beside him and sat on it, swinging at a painfully slow rhythm that seemed to describe your present days.

Of course, you couldn’t help but glance at the boy from the corner of your eye. The first thing you noticed were his long legs that were digging their heels into the dirt as he swung. His slender and long fingers were wrapped around the chains that supported him, drumming slightly on them but not seeming to follow a proper tune. Then came the unique, faded red hair that caused a small gasp to emit from you. The boy tilted his head slightly at the sound and made eye contact, raising his eyebrows questioningly and you looked away with such speed that you almost got whiplash.

However, the damage had already been done; your heart was racing – you possibly couldn’t have ever seen a more beautiful man in your life.

What the fuck, you mouthed to yourself.

You were horrified, not sure how you got stuck in this situation. You weren’t ready, not at all. A hoodie and slippers weren’t exactly flattering and you cursed your luck. You had joked with your friend about meeting a cute boy in this attire but you hadn’t expected it to actually turn out this way and you had caught his attention in the most embarrassing way possible. On top of that, he wasn’t just cute – he was fucking ethereal – and you wanted the ground to open up beneath you and swallow you whole along with your swing.

Pulling your hood over your head to avoid further shame, you tried to forget about the stranger beside you and chose to just clear your foggy mind. You didn’t know how long you both just sat there and the only sounds that filled the air were your breaths and the creaky chains of the swings.

Third Night

It was the third night in a row that your feet had mindlessly found their way back to the playground. He had been present the night before too but there had been no exchange of words then either. It had just been you two lost in your own thoughts, painfully aware of each other’s existence yet not knowing how to proceed with introductions. However, you were determined to change that as soon as possible.

This time, you were a bit earlier than usual – it wasn’t even ten yet – so you were alone and you chose to lie on one of the two wooden benches that were positioned side by side. Maybe it was luck taking pity on you but when he appeared, he walked straight to the bench beside you and plopped down on it with a sigh.

“Rough day?” you murmured questioningly, slightly amazed at your own bravery.

He looked up in surprise as if he hadn’t expected that night to be any different either. “Sort of.”

Your eyebrows shot up in shock - his voice was much deeper than you thought it’d be (you prayed silently that he was around your age and that it wasn’t an old man with a secret beauty technique) but it just made him more attractive. You hummed in response, agreeing that your day had been pretty shitty as well.

He made himself comfortable on the bench too and both of you stared the vast sky above in silence as if all the endless possibilities were buried in it, visible yet out of reach. There has been no news from the university today either and not to mention that you hadn’t been blessed by the art gods in weeks. The pressure was eating you alive.

“Do you know what constellation that is?” His question broke you out of your miserable train of thought.

You looked at the direction he was pointing in, trying to at least see a pattern that the stars drew even if you didn’t know its name. However, you couldn’t make out anything.

“Um no…?” you trailed off.

“Me neither.”

You turned with an eyebrow raised in amusement just to see him staring back with a grin on his lips and you could feel the air being sucked out of your lungs. He had a spark of innocence in him that made you feel all fuzzy inside and you suddenly envisioned both of you cuddling together underneath a mess of blankets while laughing at the stupidity of characters in a horror movie. You almost choked on the fluffiness of your thoughts.

Too soon, too fast.

Fifth Day

“So…” Vee looked up from her laptop with a raised eyebrow, “you’re telling me that you don’t even know his name?”

“We never got to it,” you replied, shrugging. “And besides, I prefer it that way. Adds in a little bit of mystery.”

“It sounds like a plot for a very cheesy movie,” Cece murmured from her spot on the bed, a mud mask spread on her face.

Lou frowned. “I swear to God he’s going to end up being a serial killer and we’ll find your dead body in an alleyway.”

You rolled your eyes. “He’s not a serial killer. He looks way too innocent for that kind of thing.”

“It’s always the innocent ones that turn out to be psychopaths, Y/N,” Vee tut-tutted. “But seriously, what does he look like?”

Red flushed your cheeks almost immediately and you stuttered, “U-um he’s definitely very handsome.”

“Is that all you’re going to tell us?” Cece asked with a laugh. “Okay let’s start off with a simple question: how tall is he?”

“179 centimeters,” the answer flew out of your mouth automatically and your face started flaming again.

A teasing grin appeared on Vee’s lips. “How specific.”

“We asked about each other’s height as a random question,” you said, desperately trying to defend yourself, which wasn’t a lie.

“That’s actually pretty tall,” Cece commented, her hands fanning her face.

“I bet he packs a foot long,” Vee said with a smirk and you spluttered weird sounds, choking on air.

Lou covered her ears. “You all are way too young for this. My children, what is happening to my children? Vee, you’re grounded.”

“Lou, we’re all pretty old although younger than you.” Cece laughed. “And mother, you’re only twenty-one.”

“And the oldest!”

Seventh Night

“Worst fear?” you asked from a few feet up in the air, your legs dangling over the sides. Your side of the seesaw was obviously outweighed by his.

“Hmm…” he trailed off. Moonlight generously fell on his face, a silvery tinge accentuating each of his features. The tiny freckle on his nose was somehow more visible than usual and made you want to poke it. “Needles.”

“Needles?” you chuckled.

He shuddered. “They’re nasty, stinging, manmade mosquitos that have evolved a thousand times,” he stated, making you laugh. “You?”

“Everything actually,” you muttered in embarrassment. “I’m not too fond of heights. Fire can burn me to a hot toasty crisp and I feel like every single animal out there is out to get me.”

“Even dogs?” he asked incredulously, his eyebrows shooting up. “I’m sure you’re not scared of the small ones… Right?

“Dogs of all sizes,” you confirmed and the boy looked positively horrified as if you had killed his whole family.

“But they’re so cute!”

“And they have razor sharp teeth that can sink inches into you in milliseconds,” you deadpanned. “But the worst is pigeons,” you continued with fiery passion in your eyes. “I hate those motherfuckers.”

“Really? Pigeons?” It was like he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yes!” you exclaimed. “I swear they’re planning world domination. Have you seen their evil, little beady eyes? And those eerily soft necks that can turn almost one-eighty degrees?”

He let out a soft laugh. “You make them sound so creepy.”

“Correction,” you muttered. “They are creepy.”

Ninth Night

“I’m wearing a skirt!” you hissed.


“I can’t climb trees while wearing a skirt! Besides, this is a children’s playground. I might as well flash the whole damn country!”

The boy rolled his eyes. “It’s eleven at night. No one will see.”

“You will see!” you exclaimed.

“I won’t complain,” he replied cheekily with a mischievous grin and you felt your face heating up for the millionth time.

“Oh shut up,” you mumbled in embarrassment, making him chuckle.

“It’s easy as pie to make you blush,” he teased. “I just have to say something and you’ll turn into a ripe tomato.”

“You just compared me to a tomato,” you said. “That’s like the least flirty thing you could say.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Does that mean you want me to flirt with you?” he asked, making you blurt incoherent words in shock.

“That’s not what I meant!” you groaned and he laughed.

“Okay seriously, I really won’t peek,” he promised. “I’ll climb first so when I pull you up, I won’t be able to see anything.”

You hesitated for a few seconds before thinking fuck it and nodded your head. “Oh alright.”

He beamed at you in response, making you swear that you were falling too hard too fast and it was like a freight train you couldn’t stop. (mabushi ikimono)

Within seconds, he was already up and settling on one of the branches and just looking at him made your lazy butt feel tired.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” you muttered, trying to backtrack and weasel your way out of it. It’s not like you’d miss out on much – maybe a sore ass but that would be it.

“Oh you’re not getting out of this now,” he said, rolling his eyes and offered you a hand. “Come on up.”

Maybe it was his large, warm hands or maybe it was the prospect of sitting next to him so closely that was appealing to you, but you found yourself placing your hand in his. His long, slender fingers wrapped around yours and he helped you up and you finally settled next to him.

Then came the cliché part. You turned towards him to mumble a thank you but found his face inches from yours and you both froze. This was closer than you anticipated to be. Each tiny detail of his face was visible under the pale moonlight that shone through the gaps between the leaves: the tiny freckles – especially the one towards the bottom of his nose –, the gentle curve of his full lips, even each individual eyelash.

Then you noticed he was looking back at you in the same way, the same intense curiosity and determination to commit every single part of you to memory. The whole thing was so pure, so innocent that it made your heart race.

It was safe to say that you weren’t the only one blushing for the rest of the night.

Fifteenth Night

You ran as fast as you could to the playground, almost tripping over your feet in the process. A lot had happened in the past five days: your family had discovered your nightly escapades and forced you to put an end to them; you had gotten your acceptance letter to your dream university and you felt like your latest drawing was worth being proud of.

Everything was perfect. Except the fact that you hadn’t seen him for four nights.

The possibility that he might think that it had been your choice caused a kind of dread that you had never felt before. You had so much to tell him and something to confess.

You were moving into an apartment with Vee right beside the university, which was on the other side of the country, and it was highly unlikely you’d ever see him again. So why not just admit it?

You had a humungous crush on him.

However, you never got to tell him that because he never came. Not that night, not any of the nights that followed.

Sixty-fifth Day

“I can’t believe I’m late, oh my god,” you yelled, adjusting the straps of your bag.

Vee snorted. “I can.”

“Wow you’re so helpful, thanks,” you muttered, slipping on your trusty slippers in a hurry. Not like you had anyone to impress.

“You’re welcome!” you heard her yell as you ran out the apartment. It was only the second day of classes and you couldn’t afford to miss a lecture already.

That day, you learnt the key to getting a moving bus to stop for you: all you have to do is yell like a deranged woman.

Sighing in relief, you took the first empty seat you could find and leaned back, closing your eyes. You heard the person next to you clear his throat and you turned to him. A gasp escaped your lips immediately as you recognised his familiar features.

“Hey,” he grinned at you. “I’m Kim Taehyung and I have a thing for girls in hoodies and slippers.”

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