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Dead of the night~

Pairing: Levi x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: None, except maybe mentionings of deceased people.

Type: One shot

Word count: 1597

No spoilers


He sighed, another long night of nothing but paperwork. Rubbing his temples he drank some more of his tea. It was his life blood. There was no way he would be able to do half the things he did without it.

Scribbling down his signature down more paper, he got up and stretched, working his aching muscles, before letting out an irritated breath.

“Fucking paperwork. Erwin is a god damn slave driver.” He muttered darkly as he instinctively clicked his tounge.

‘Maybe I should walk around HQ. Maybe I’ll find a brat up past curfew.’ With that thought in his head, he walked out of his door, making sure to close it behind him, last thing he wanted was for a certain eccentric scientist to enter and mess everything up.

As he walked he began to hear foot steps. They weren’t his own either as they were coming from the direction of the kitchen.

‘Are they really that fucking stupid that they would steal food during the night?’ He sped up and rounded the corner with superhuman speed.

Only to find no one there.

He glared and flicked on the switch. Nothing looked out of place - apart from the dust but only Corporal clean would notice something as mediocre as that.

He walked closer to the back, his knee high boots making clanking sounds against the tiled floor as he continued.

He was getting rather annoyed now, he was sure it wasn’t his imagination and that he had heard someone scampering about.

Turning around, he exited the area, finding nothing that would suggest disorder.

As he continued walking around the base, the footsteps started again, but this time they seemed to be coming from behind him. Turning around he found nothing, not even the murky floor gave anything away.

'I really need to get more sleep’ he grumbled continuing, hoping to wear himself out. Anything was better then continuing the atrocity that plagued his immaculate desk.

Once again as he walked the steps behind him started again. But this time they were accompanied by giggles.

His eyes twitched in annoyance as he was yet again greeted by nothing but darkness.

He wasn’t one to be paranoid but he knew no cadet would pull this bullshit. Especially not with him, not if they had a death wish at least.

'If they do it one more fucking time I will lose it.’

He turned the corner, this time no footsteps.

In front of him was a corridor that was rarely used. None of the cadets slept here and the rooms weren’t really used. They had belonged to the older squads that had all persished. It was said that the ghosts of the fallen soldiers haunted the rooms.

But Levi being Levi didn’t believe a single word of that bullshit, his excuse being, “Why would anyone waste their time haunting this shitty place?”

He walked down the hallway, goosebumps covering his pale skin as his lips curled further into a frown.

It was always unusually cold in this area, the various oil lamps scattered around never helped to add warmth.

While he was passing various rooms he couldn’t help but remember everyone that once occupied the space. They were all amazing people that all had their own extensive futures ahead them. He hated himself for never learning all their names, the first time he saw some of them was in the death list that rolled by after every expedition.

With a bitter sigh he carried on down the hallway, ignoring the faint nagging in his mind that told him to backtrack.

Faint sniggers came from behind him again. This time he could make out that they were a females.

He stopped and the laughter ceased. His smouldering eyes narrowed as he looked around, none of the area looking out of place.

Except for one.

The room at the very end had light shining through the crevices of the door.

His glare intensified as he marched straight over to the door, pushing it open as the light switched off suddenly.

Inside there was nothing. Not a thing was out of place. He bit his inner cheek to stop himself from growling.

“Get the fuck out and stop hiding. I know you’re in here.” He barked, the only sound being the squeaking that came from the old hinges on the wooden door.

Silence. It was deafening. He felt like it was personally mocking him. He was not in the mood for crappy jokes pulled by cadets.

“Nice to see you Corporal Levi.”

A feminine voice suddenly spoke from his right, causing his heart to leap straight into his throat from the surprise.

He growled and switched the light back on, glaring at the smiling woman who had her hands in a salute.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

She laughed, the sound eerily similar to the ones from earlier.

“I could ask you the same thing, Sir.” Her lips were uplifted into a cocky little smirk that he wanted to slap right off.

“Just answer the question.” He grunted as he folded his arms across his chest, waiting for an answer.

“I couldn’t sleep Sir.” She responded.

“What about you?” She added, looking him straight in the eyes.

“None of your business.” He responded coldly as she continued grinning.

“Oh come on sir. I won’t tell, I promise.” She sat down on the hard bed, making sure not to break eye contact as she did so.

The way she was looking directly at him, something not even the commander dared to do sometimes, intrigued him.

“Same reason as you cadet.”

“Ah. Maybe we could talk until we get tired?” She suggested, her glittering eyes looking hopeful.


Her expression turned into one of confusion.

“And why not Corporal Levi?”

“I would rather do my paper work then talk with someone that runs around HQ laughing like they’re on drugs.” He deadpanned as she grinned broadly.

“Oh come on. It was funny Sir.” She began grinning as he stared daggers at her.

He for one, was not amused.

“Fucking get to sleep. Stupid brat.” He turned on his heel and switched off the lights.

A dark chuckle suddenly erupted from behind him.

“I can’t Sir. Will you help me?” She spoke. But this time her voice didn’t hold any humour, but instead malice that shook him to his core.

He closed his eyes, his impassive expression never changing.

“Fine. If you don’t sleep in 30 minutes, I will personally make sure you run laps till you fucking collapse.” He swivelled back around and turned the lights back on, surprised to see her at the other end of the door.

He could have sworn she was right behind him a few seconds ago.

“Yes sir.” She saluted him as he rolled his eyes, brushing the raven strands from his vision.

“What’s your name, Cadet?” He asked.

“(y/n) Sir.” She replied briskly.

“I heard you like cleaning and black tea Sir.” She randomly blurted, causing him to side eye her.

“And so what if I do?” He sassed back as she shook her head.

“Nothing. I like those things too.”

He had to raise an eyebrow at that, nor once in all his 34 years of living had he met another person who liked cleaning, he doubted she could match up with him though.

“I bet your cleaning is shitty.” He scoffed as a wild glint passed through her eyes.

“Is that a challenge Sir?”


She got up and returned with a bottle of bleach and windex.

“Try me.”

'There’s no way this idiot will beat me.’ He thought cockily as he took the bottle from her hands.

He couldn’t believe it.

He had lost.

The great Levi Ackerman had lost.

The way she had cleaned the wood made it so shiny that even looking at it hurt his eyes, and the floor looked so polished that if he even stood on it he would slip so far and fast he would fall off the face of this earth.

“You fucki-” he turned around only to see her sleeping figure collapsed on the bed.


He quietly shut off the light and closed the door, a slight yawn escaping him as he headed back to his own room.

'I’ll find that brat tomorrow and demand a rematch. She must have cheated.’ Was his last thought as he fell asleep.

He scanned the hall, she didn’t seem to be anywhere. He was expecting her to be with Jaeger and his shitty friends, but she wasn’t there. As hard as he looked he couldn’t spot her hair colour anywhere.

“Oi shitty glasses.”

“What is it, short stack?” Hanji responded, pushing up her glasses as she looked at him briefly.

“Have you seen Cadet(y/n)?” He questioned, tryibg to act nonchalnet despite the fact he was still burning from the fact that she’d won.

“No. Never heard of her. Why, is she your crush?” She cooed and he tch'ed.

Trust her to come to that conclusion.

“No, shut the fuck up.” He got up and headed towards the file room.

He couldn’t have imagined an entire person, could he?

He rumaged around looking for the file of the girl he had talked to yesterday.

He finally found her name. It was old and tattered. The yellowing pages looking like it had seen better days.

He flipped open the folder and began reading. What he read made his blood run cold and his mouth go dry in terror.

'Name: (y/n) (l/n)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
State: Deceased’

here have my self-insert shit that’s been sitting in my drafts for ages

it’s shit but it’s cute shit take it


It was a nice little shop.

Tucked away in a little corner of the street, it had plants climbing the outside walls and framing the old wooden door. It only had small windows to look through and a little sign to signify that it was actually a shop.
Inside was just as cozy looking as the outside, albeit a little cramped with all the trinkets scattered everywhere. There was a counter at the back, where two employees- or perhaps owners of the shop - were quietly chatting.

The bell above the door rang as it was pushed open, allowing two people inside. One of them was a human, pulling a skeletal monster by his hand deeper into the shop. Both employees at the counter glanced their way, but soon went back to their conversation after offering the two a smile.

“Why are we here, exactly?” The monster asked, shoving his free hand into his jeans pocket. He didn’t really mind his datemate dragging him into the shop, but he still wanted to know why. Said datemate only looked over their shoulder at him and grinned.

“Uh… Happy birthday..?”

“It’s not my birthday”

Their grin turned somewhat sheepish, but they just shrugged and turned to face him, letting go of his hand in the process. "It’s a nice shop, I’ve been here before. Besides, one of my bracelets broke and I want to get some new ones” To prove their point, they lifted up their arm to show him their wrist. Usually, they would have all sorts of bracelets and hairbands on both wrists, but he noticed that one of the ones they wore every day was missing.

Glancing around quickly, he spotted a small stand with an assortment of different bracelets on it, and gestured towards it with a nod of his head. “Take your pick, then” They wasted no time in bounding over to the stand and leaning over to look through the accessories.
While they were doing that, he decided that he might as well look around the shop while they were both there. There were all sorts of things available: arts and crafts supplies, hand made bracelets and necklaces, notebooks and art pads, even some food in one corner of the shop. The chocolate bars that were stacked up were tempting, but he decided against buying any.

It wasn’t long before they had picked out a packet of bracelets that they liked. Black leather - probably fake, but looked nice either way - and brown and white cords that were tied together. They hadn’t brought that much money with them, but they had enough for the one pack.

They were about to head up to the counter to pay when they caught sight of their boyfriend flipping through the pages of a notebook that he had found. He closed it and ran his fingers over the cover, then switched it to his other hand to feel along the back as well. They could tell by the look on his face that he quite liked it - perhaps because he needed a new notebook anyways, his other ones were completely full as far as they knew. Pursing their lips, they glanced down at the bracelets they were holding, then back up again. Assuming that the notebook was £5 or under, they would only be able to buy either that or their bracelets.
While they were trying to decide what to do, he had put the notebook back down and had continued to look at the other things lined up on the shelves, until he noticed them stood staring down at the bracelets they held.

“Decided on which ones you want yet?” His voice seemed to make them jump, as they jerked their head up abruptly to look at him. They opened and closed their mouth a few times, but no words came out. He was used to them doing that from time to time, though, and knew to wait while they tried to vocalise what they were thinking.

“Uh… No, not yet..” They managed to reply after a moment, shrugging lightly.
He looked down at the ones that were in their hand, then gave a small nod. Personally, he thought those ones would be fine, but that wasn’t for him to decide.
They went back to where the bracelets were kept, and although they kept the ones they had in their hand, they leaned over to continue looking. Soon after, he went back to browsing through the different items as well.

‘To be a nice person and get the notebook, or be a selfish person and get the bracelets..’ They were still mentally debating with themselves over which to get. Really, anyone would’ve most likely thought that they should be a good datemate and get him the notebook - and they wanted to, but.. They were still a naturally selfish person, as much as they hated it. 'This really shouldn’t be such a difficult decision.’

Muttering inaudible words to themselves, they put the bracelets back and looked over to see where he was. He wasn’t near where the notebook was, so if they were quick they would be able to grab it.
Once he was turned away from them, looking at some of the necklaces that were hung up, they snuck over and picked up the notebook he had previously been looking at before turning away again and going back over to the bracelets. They had to admit, it was a very nice notebook. And, thankfully, they had enough money for it.

Taking one last glance over their shoulder at him to make sure he wasn’t looking, they then walked briskly over to the counter where the two employees still stood. Their conversation had stopped a few minutes ago, and one was sorting out some bags when they approached.

Quickly paying for the notebook, they gave the two an awkward smile before hurrying back over to where their boyfriend stood, holding the notebook behind their back. He soon noticed their presence, and turned slightly to look at them.

“Need some help putting them on?” He must’ve heard the cash register open and close when they payed.
“Putting what on?” They answered innocently, blinking up at him with a small smile.
“.. The bracelets” He murmured, bonebrows furrowing in suspicion.
“What bracelets?” Nyx’s smile shifted into a cheeky grin at his growing confusion, and they pulled the notebook out from behind their back when he didn’t reply.

G looked down at it as they held it out to him, unresponsive other than a light golden colour that had dusted over his cheekbones. After a few seconds, he chuckled quietly and took the notebook in one hand, while the other reached into his pocket. Taking out the same amount of money that the notebook had costed, he held it out to them with a light shake of his skull.

“Go buy yourself those bracelets, dear”


okay yes, i’m a tiny bit upset, but listen, so would you be.

so, the reason behind this INTENSE BURST OF HATRED is this:

and you’re probably thinking: “oh, that’s not that bad,” and yeah okay, it’s bad, but not that bad.

nope, the THAT BAD comes when you mosey over to the actual page for this trope:

mmh, yeah, let’s just- savour that serving of horse shit. because what. what are you even talking about person who wrote this.

@sharada-n so helpfully pointed out that this is (probably) from the early days of the fandom, which, yeah okay, i can see that- the Sans craze has died down since, and people have recognized that Papyrus is more than just Sans’ dumb brother.

but you know what? no. no this isn’t going, i am not going to let this fucking go.

like, let’s take “as Papyrus really isn’t any good at his job or anything he tries to do.”

yeah let’s just- take a quick breather to let that sink in. Papyrus, one of the Bosses, is not that good at his job.

Papyrus is a sentry. his job is to capture you, and hand you over to Undyne. and you know what, depending on how you play the game, it’s very easy for Papyrus to whittle you down to 1HP, and capture your sorry ass.

and yes, he doesn’t hand you over to Undyne. but that’s because he doesn’t want to. the main reason Papyrus doesn’t fucking annihilate you, is that he doesn’t want to! he’s too kind! he doesn’t want to hurt you, or anyone.

and let’s focus on the last part, the “or anything he tries to do,” and let’s just- think that over.

yes, we know Papyrus’ spaghetti is horrible. which i might have let slide, but now we know for a fact that Papyrus doesn’t even eat spaghetti.

what else does he do? he builds a really good snowman, he paints over a cliff-thingie to make what looks like a real ass bridge. that shitty as sentry station is made out of cardboard and pasta. he made the battle body (with Sans, granted), ‘improved’ his dating outfit, and, oh yeah, he makes the puzzles. the only one he didn’t make was the colour one, and just.

i wouldn’t say for one second that he’s not good at these things. like! he’s good at stuff! heck, we know from Undyne that he’s strong, so he’s not bad at fighting either!!

so i don’t know where the fuck this person got the idea that Papyrus isn’t good at stuff, because it’s flat out wrong.

onto the next line, and this one is a doozy, okay, it makes me go all red-eyed: “and Sans secretly spends a lot of his time keeping his brother out of trouble without letting Papyrus find out and hurting his ego.”

like just. no. no, Sans does none of these things. not for even one second does Sans keep Papyrus out of trouble. not. one. second.

Sans is lazy. Sans is a lazy, depressed fuckass, who’s kind of self-centered, and listen, i love Sans as a character. he’s interesting! he’s an extremely flawed character, who you understand- you get why he’s so unmotivated, so reliant on his jokes and stupid puns, but jesus christ people.

the only thing Sans does to help Papyrus is pay the fucking rent.

Sans and Papyrus relationship is co-dependant, yes. but it is heavily leaning towards Sans relying on Papyrus- Sans needs Papyrus, he needs to cling to this idea he has in his head, that Papyrus needs him, and that’s not really true.

Papyrus would be fine on his own. he’d not be as ‘happy’ as he is now, definiately, but he’d be fine.

Sans, on the otherhand, is a complete mess. Sans would literally just lie down and die if he didn’t have Papyrus.

that isn’t keeping Papyrus out of trouble. in fact, Sans is probably actively damaging Papyrus, by constantly lying to him, treating him like a fucking child.

like, seriously? telling Papyrus that his friends are just on a vacation. that’s a fucking dick move, no matter how you turn it.

people need to get their fucking heads out of their asses, and realises that Sans isn’t a good person. because he isn’t.

they need to realises that he’s not this fucking symbol you’ve all dreamt up in your head- that he doesn’t do all the things you say he do.

Sans isn’t a god damn angst ridden weepy-skeleton who protects Papyrus and does EVERYTHING. he isn’t.

like, fuck. i’m so god damn tired of this fandom, and it’s fucking desire to fuck this slime-bag skeleton.

i’m so god damn tired of this fandom literally flanderization characters, every character, to make Sans look good. to justify the angst.

i’m tired of people portraying Papyrus as this child, who’s stupid and dumb and innocent, and he is none of these things! he’s smart, he’s knowledge, and he’s not a fucking baby for Sans to take care of!

and look, okay, i get it. i get the desire to push around your fave and make their life miserable, and i do that too! and it’s fine if you do that!! but don’t fucking kill the other characters. just- don’t.


I took the trouble of translating this bullshit for you all. 

1) So fucking what if you like to decorate your glorious nails. HE doesn’t like it so you’d better cut that shit out right away. HE doesn’t like you having ‘tantrums’ over broken nails like those silly, vain, unworthy ladies he’s seen in films written by men. (Has anyone actually ever had a tantrum over breaking a nail? I’ve hung around with girls my whole life and I’ve never once seen this happen.) Better to just get rid of them. What’s the point if he doesn’t approve, eh?

2) Guys like to be on time so don’t you dare be late! 

But wait, ladies! There’s more! He wants you dressed well (not too sexy, not too prudish), and he wants you with a perfect face of 'natural’ make up (as evidenced in point 8). Also you must smell good and be smooth all over. Somehow you’ve got to get this shit done in a way that makes it seem effortless, and also in the same amount of time it takes him not to shower or bother to look decent and just roll up at your door. 

3) Don’t stalk him. This is actually great advice. 

Oh, wait, that includes not calling him out when he sends flirty texts to other women? It includes not questioning why he won’t refer to you as his girlfriend? It includes not asking why he’s never home when he says he’s going to be?

I get it. Don’t be 'crazy’ and obsessive. Just accept these things as a fact of life. He’s a man. He needs his freedom. (But god forbid you paint your nails a pretty colour without his say so). 

4) He wants you to look skinny (with big boobs and butt), but you mustn’t diet to achieve this end! Oh no! It must happen by magic. Without his notice. He doesn’t like to be reminded that you are a real person so maybe starve yourself silly when he can’t see you, eh? (Seriously, though, don’t do that. Do not. You’re gorgeous how you are. Eat what you want.) 

5) Don’t talk. Only HE can talk. Smiling and nodding and forcing yourself to giggle at his shitty jokes is acceptable, but don’t overdo it otherwise he’ll think you’re 'crazy’ and obsessive and you don’t want that! Make sure to keep your thoughts to yourself because if you say them out loud they might irritate him. You’re only there to look good, remember? You don’t have a mind of your own.

6) Never express any emotion other than adoration for your godlike boyfriend. Don’t be sad or he’ll get fed up of you. Don’t be angry or he’ll call you a 'crazy b*tch’ or a 'nag’. Don’t enjoy anything too much without his approval or he’ll think you’re vain and vapid and irritating. Happiness is okay, so long as it’s on HIS terms. God forbid you cry. You’ll spoil your 'natural’ make up and ruin his illusion of you having flawless, poreless, smooth, doll-like, hairless skin 24/7. This may frighten the man. 

7) Never tell the man what to do. Even when you’re doing everything and he isn’t pulling his weight. In fact, maybe you should do everything for him? Uncomplainingly. He doesn’t put his washing away? Don’t nag, woman. He’s watching the game. He’ll do it later. (He won’t.) But that’s okay. Keep him happy by never expecting him to do anything he doesn’t want to. Never expect him to contribute to the household chores. Never expect him to keep that promise he made. That makes you a nag. Nag nag nag. 

He wants a girlfriend, not a mother, silly. That means in addition to doing all the household chores you also have to be sexy. 

8) He wants you looking perfect at all times, but without having to acknowledge that you are a human being. Never mind that you love that new glittery eye-shadow. Just look natural, okay? It’s easy….

But you can’t look natural natural. You can’t just roll out of bed like he can! You’ve got to have flawless skin, kissable plump lips, long lashes, perfect brows… you know, the natural stuff. 

(Don’t take longer than ten minutes to achieve this or you’ll be late and we’re back to point 4). 

Notes: Just wanted to add here, on a more serious note, that if this and all the many many articles like it isn’t an indicator of a patriarchal society, then I don’t know what is. Notice that the woman is always required to change her behaviour to please the man. It is never the other way around. You don’t get articles telling men to suck it up and compliment their girlfriend’s beautiful sparkly nails. Also, worryingly, this 'article’ was written by a woman. See how internalised misogyny poisons us all? How many of you have seriously considered one or more of these points at some time in your life? I have. Most of my teenage years were spent poring over magazines that taught me how to improve myself for the male gaze. Well fuck the male gaze, quite frankly. And fuck any many that agrees with this way of thinking. Any man that requires you to hide your humanity is not worth your time. 

I also wanted to point out how heteronormative these articles are. The attitude seems to be that if a man doesn’t like it, then there’s no point. Well, we’re not all out to bag a man. Sorry to break it to you, but some of us are lesbians, bisexual, pansexual etc… Not to mention that some of us aren't interested in relationships. Where does that leave those people? Are they entirely useless? I guess so, if they’re not there to be entertainment for the men. 

(This was going to be my new YouTube video but I still don’t have a voice so I thought I’d make it a post instead). 


Feeling shitty about my art recently so I redrew some old ass OC for comparison.

 Ho boy, back in 2011 I was so proud, now I look at it and think oh good god.       2011 draw took me days to do, 2017 draw took a couple of hours (I’m freaking slow zzz I like to watch horror movies, draw and get distracted)

I guess there is some improvement??? The face and body anatomy is a little better but the colouring/shading I don’t know. I really don’t have the attention span to do detailed shading anymore. Drawing style has changed quite a bit I guess. I used to draw nothing but long-haired pretty boys pftttt, now all I draw is sad old men ;)


I got a river for a soul, and baby you’re a boat
Baby, you’re my only reason

my computer is dying, so I’m back to trad’ for God knows how long :T I’m fine with trad’ but I want to add colours to this and it’s frustrating that I can’t?? anyways, my girl Mal looks cute, you prob can’t see but Higgs is wearing fishnet tighs~ oh and Eli is wearing Dan’s “death is nor the end” T so yah, my children are aight

Special thanks to @sugar-poem for suggesting this ExR prompt <3

Enjolras paid no mind to who was on the streets as he hung the posters up for his rally. His thoughts were wrapped up in the upcoming event and all the preparations he had to organise if it was going to be a success.

He hung the final one up and took a step back to admire it, when his foot made an unsettling crunch on something soft behind him.


“Oh God, I’m sorry.” He said twirling around and expecting to come face to face with the person he’d trodden on. Instead he found himself looking down to where a scruffy haired young man was knelt behind him, rubbing his hand. 

“What are you doing on the ground?” He asked with a frown, offering a hand to the stranger.

“Trying to add some goddamn brightness to this shitty city.” He mumbled, hesitating before taking Enjolras’ outstretched hand. He got to his feet and brushed a colourful powder from his jeans, which only served to encase them further. 

Enjolras looked down to see a spiraling chalk drawing beneath his feet. A sun stretched out in pattern and colour, swirling brightly around them. He was just about to compliment the artist when the other decided to open his mouth, smirking in a condescending matter. 

“Oh, so you’re the one whose been hanging these ugly things up?”

“Excuse me?!” Enjolras asked, baffled by his bluntness.

“No offense but whoever designed these things has no idea how complimentary colours work. I mean I admire them for breaking every single rule known to art and creating this godawful mess of saturation, but really? Comic sans? That’s where I draw a line.”

“I designed these.” Enjolras said through gritted teeth.

“Oh.” The man paused for a second and seemed to be contemplating how to react. He suddenly burst into rough laughter causing colour to rise to Enjolras’ face. Colour that was definitely only there due to anger, and not due to the way the strangers eyes lit up like candles and creased in the corners. “Well I guess even marble works of art have to have one flaw.” 

“I’d like to see you do better.” Enjolras said coldly crossing his arms over his chest.

“I could you know. But you see my hand’s a little stiff after some statue decided to tread on it.” The mans tone was joking and his smile grew as he watched Enjolras roll his eyes.

“My place is just around the corner.” He sighed, his stiff demeanor dropping. “I have some ice if you think that would help.”

“You know there are better ways to pick up guys then by stepping on their hands.” 

“I’m not.. I wasn’t-”

“I’m joking. Ice sounds amazing.” The stranger walked beside him, taking in the posters that Enjolras had littered the buildings with. “I wasn’t joking about that font though.”

“I was just trying to add some colour to this city.” He retaliated.

“Would you like some help? I mean assuming you haven’t broken any bones or anything. I can make you something that won’t make passers by want to tear their eyes out.”

“That would be… Nice”

The stranger shot him another smile as they walked on in comfortable silence. 

anonymous asked:

This might be really really stupid but why are people calling Tay swift a White Feminist? I know she said once that Beyoncé's version of feminism makes her uncomfortable but other than that are their any other things she's said/done that equal white feminism. I don't know her v well

Okay, so basically the feminism that she preaches, is entirely based on the idea that the issues that face white women, are the main issues that need addressing. Her feminism focuses on issues that affect her, and not on issues that affect women as a whole. For example, she speaks out about the fact that the media constantly bring up the fact she seems to date someone for a few months before she releases a new album and how that’s sexist bc no one mentions Ed Sheeran writing songs about his relationships. But then, she doesn’t understand how much harder it is for Women of Colour in the music industry, and that the challenges they face are different to the issues she faces, and there’s a lot more of them. Please see the debate with Nicki Minaj for what I mean. Nicki spoke up about the issues regarding how few women of colour were nominated for the VMAs, raising issue with how hard it is for women of colour to be taken seriously in the industry, and then rewarded for the efforts. How they have to work thrice as hard as a man, bc not only are they women, but they also aren’t white. And Taylor was like “ummm, why are you dragging down other women???” like Taylor, this wasn’t about you? If you’re going to get involved, actually educate yourself on the issues other women in your industry face, or don’t say anything at all. 
Then there was the Shake it Off video. I get that she was trying to be like “oh look at me, i’m so awks and don’t rlly know where i fit in but it’s ok bc i embrace it” but having women of colour twerking, whilst she crawls under their legs, and then trying and failing to emulate what they are doing, is shitty. That kind of dance started in black communities. It’s also something that women of african/caribbean backgrounds have been sexualised for doing, like their naturally bigger waist and ass have meant that something as simple as them dancing, get’s them sexualised. Taylor just shows up in this video, makes a joke about it, but doesn’t have to deal with the blatant sexual remarks that women of colour deal with for doing the same thing. It’s the difference between cultural appreciation, and appropriating it for a moment of your own entertainment. 
Then in the video for Wildest Dreams, she’s supposed to be in Africa and there’s not a single person of colour in sight??? Literally everyone there is white???? She uses the aesthetic of Black Africa, the cultural backdrop of Africa, to make her video look pretty, but doesn’t actually show a single person of colour that this culture belongs to. 
Also, one of her best friends is Lena Dunham who is actually the leader of the white feminist movement, and on top of that, is a self-confessed child molester, so there’s also that.