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Cute Bus Stop Guy

Sterek, Teen, 2K words, Meet Cute AU

Stiles groaned and took a very long swig from his travel coffee mug as he hitched his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. It was barely eight in the morning, and consequently, he could barely keep his eyes open. He was a grad student for fuck’s sake, and it was understood that in order to make up for the shitty stipend and the whole working-around-the-clock thing, he got to sleep in until 10. At least. After all, if he was up until 3 working, it was only fair. But noooo, his advisor—fuck you, Finstock—had insisted on an early meeting today.

He passed the bus stop and realized that at least he was lucky in that he lived close enough to campus that he could walk instead of dealing with public transportation at rush hour. Small condolences, really, though.

He yawned and accidentally bumped into someone walking past him. Stiles tried to apologize, but the word got stuck in his throat when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the person he’d nearly knocked over. He was about Stiles’ height but bigger, all broad shoulders and muscles capped off by really great hair and an unfairly attractive face. “Uh.”

The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

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Brother’s Best Friend - Dylan O’Brien [Smut] (Teen AU)

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(S): Dylan O’Brien/Reader, Brother!Tyler Posey, Daniel Sharman

Word Count: 3153

Notes: Fingering, Oral (female receiving), shower sex, this is much shorter than my usual works - excluding my first two or three works - and it didn’t really take the direction I had originally intended, but it’s cute and I was in a cute mood, let me live. Huge thanks to @stilinski-jpeg​ for her help on proofreading this. She’s my #SinTwin and I don’t know where I would be without her, I love you, Nia!! We all know how much I love drummer!Dylan so lets go fucking overdrive.

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Request: Divergent imagine where you, a leader, notice that Eric has been especially grumpy lately. One day, you show up late to training because you wanted to bring Eric coffee. Thanks! xx

“Seriously?” I asked Uriah.

“Yeah, he just hung the poor guy over the chasm. I’m not sure, but I think it’s because the kid complained about having to throw knives.” I sighed, standing from the mess hall table. “I gotta go talk to him. I’ll be right back, ‘kay U?” I yelled over my shoulder as I made my way out of the mess hall.

As I passed the training area, I heard light grunts coming from inside. Of course, there can only be one man making noises like that while in the training area. Eric. Walking into the room, I’m welcomed with the sight of Eric, shirtless, assaulting a punching bag.

I leaned my body on the door frame and watched as he let his anger out on the bag, when he cleared his throat and looked toward me. “What do you want, Y/N?” he said, frowning in my direction. 

“Can we talk? Please?” I said, a frown replacing my once calm features..

Eric slipped on a shirt and turned toward me. “Sure, let’s talk. I wasn’t doing anything anyway.“

I stared at him silently, then sighed. “Did you really hang some poor kid over the chasm for complaining about knife throwing?”

Eric scoffed and turned away, throwing more punches at the bag. “Hell yeah I did. The kid needs to learn that one day, he’s gonna need to protect himself, and he won’t have the freedom to complain.” 

“He’s just a kid, Eric. Loosen up a little, alright?”

Eric ceased his movements, turning to face me again. “Are you done? I wanna finish here in silence.”

I shook my head in disappointment and walked to the exit, glancing his way before leaving.


Rushing down the hall, two coffees in hand, I hurried toward the training room. Today I’m helping Eric with the initiates, since I am a Dauntless leader. Walking into the training area, I’m met with the initiates knife throwing again and Eric yelling at them to work harder, faster, stronger. I slowly walked over to stand next to him, watching the initiates hit and miss the target.

“You’re late,” Eric said, standing stoic. 

“Yeah, I figured I would stop by the mess hall and grab some coffee. You probably need it, considering you seem to be more stressed than usual. It’s black, your favourite,” Eric looked over at me, finally noticing the coffees in my hand. A small smile appeared on his face as he took his coffee from me.


“Woah, did the great Eric Coulter just thank me?” I say dramatically.

“Yeah, yeah. Hey! You keep slacking off and you’ll never be Dauntless!”

Motorbikes and Medical Care  (Jason Todd x Reader)

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(lmao of course I used Matthew Daddario for a Jason Gif)

The beginning was inspired by this prompt. Yes I know the title is shit.

Warnings: Slight Gore (only a lil) and Violence, cringey fluff, a lil moody Jason. Italics are a flashback thingy. Also not beta’d lol
Word count: 3,100

Lungs burning, legs aching; every step they cried out in protest. They begged for you to stop but the adrenaline rushing through your veins from crown to toe was fuelling your every movement.  The loud and gruff shouts of the gang of brutes chasing you pierced through the night sky. Bullets flew incredibly close to you, narrowly missing and clanging loudly on the air ducts and various other parts of the rooftops. Ah, the lovely sounds of Gotham’s nights. Maybe you should move to Blüdhaven, possibly Star City?
You skidded the corner of the building taking a sharp turn before not-so-gracefully jumping over the ledge to the next rooftop. The men yelled, promising to skin you alive or cut off your slippery fingers once they got hold of you. Some still raining bullets down as you made your way down the fire escape. You moved quickly: it was only a matter of time before they managed to find another way down and continue to hunt you.
By now the adrenaline was wearing off, heavy pants left you as you doubled over in exhaustion and pain. You walked forward and winced, a sharp pain in your side. Gently brushing a hand over your side you recoiled, the blood on your fingertips clearly indicating a bullet had more than grazed you.
“Shit.” you whispered out through clenched teeth. Suddenly, this little job didn’t seem as fun as you first thought.

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droppin’ seeds - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/peter parker

word count: 648

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: gets quite racy, not gonna lie to you, folks

prompt: just a depiction of what it’s like 2 have hot make-out sessions wit my boi peter parker lol

notes: this was jus somethin i thought i’d post while i worked on the three requests i jus got. stay tuned folks. ya girl gotchu wit the peter parker fics lol. (alsoOOooOoOoO THANK YOU for all the compliments i got on my last piece. they were beyond anything i could’ve hoped for, and jus know that i’m humbled. always. thank u again HAHA)


kissing peter parker was like breathing a breath of fresh, crisp air. 

neither of you were huge fans of PDA, which limited you to hand-holding at least, and sweet, two-second pecks on the lips at most. you couldn’t count how many times MJ had poked fun at the two of you for making eye-contact longer than four seconds. 

behind closed doors was an entirely different story. 

being deprived of each other throughout the day led to an interesting evening. your parents weren’t around much, and peter was often over at your house when aunt may was in the apartment.

there were days like today, though, where the two of you were laying on peter’s bed, in the warm patch of sunlight that streamed through his windows, making the fuck out. 

you had to admit- peter was the clingy type, but you were no less. that attribute clashed with the overwhelming shyness the both of you had, which really made showing your affections in public an issue. 

but the two of you were behind the comfort of closed doors, and peter was settled between your hips, your bottom lip between his teeth. your arms wound around his neck, bodies slotting together like jigsaw, your fingers gently tugging on the ends of his hair. the way the sun hit it, you could’ve guessed his hair to be the colour of honey.

this was the side of peter parker that was solely reserved for you, and you only. the desperate side of him that couldn’t help but love the feeling of being held, and kissed till his lips bruised. 

you laughed against his mouth, and he pulled away from you for a moment, faces inches apart. he grinned at you, lifting a hand to brush the strands of hair away from your face.

 "what’re you thinking about?“ he asked, warm hands never leaving your skin. "what’s playing in the theatre of your mind?”

you paused for a minute, hands trailing down his shoulders as you arched up for another kiss, which he complied to wordlessly. “you,” you responded with a whisper, hand’s pressing against his chest through his shirt, feeling the way his heart pulsed through warm skin. “all of you.” peter said nothing, looking at you with warm, sleepy eyes before pushing his lips against yours again, pressing your bodies together with a more urgent force.

your hands had trailed down, past his chest and past his tense stomach, brushing just above the waistline of his jeans. he had stopped kissing you, then, and was breathing hard into your neck, his hands gripping you tight. you rested your cheek against his head, thumb drawing an invisible line from his waistline to his bellybutton, and back.

the moment was paused, and you knew that he was thinking, calculating. peter parker was a calculative man, and you respected him greatly for it. but your legs were around his waist and your hips were pressed together and- 

“please,” he whispered finally, kissing your neck softly, pressing gentle kisses in the area accessible to him. “please." 

and then your fingers were fumbling over the button on his jeans, and he sat up then, bringing his shirt up over his head. the look in his eye was desperate, and as soon as he had gotten rid of the offending fabric, he had managed to flip you over, so that you were sitting atop of him. you shifted slightly, and his eyes closed, jaw tensing.

when you leaned back down to kiss him, it was agonizingly slow, hands smoothing up his chest as his hands found your hips, pulling you forward. when he was satisfied with the new position you were in, his hands slipped up your shirt, your breath catching in your throat. kissing peter parker was like a breath of fresh air. 

but being with him lit your bones on fire.

BTS Reaction to walking in on you masturbating

Anon Requested:  Ok so this is very nsfw…but after reading the bts reaction to losing a bet I had to ask. Could you do bts reaction to accidentally catching you masturbating? *hides face in shame*

I didn’t know if you actually wanted me to make this nsfw but since you mentioned reading my other reaction I decided to make it nsfw :)))))) Have fun reading and I hope you like this 


Jungkook: You didn’t hear the knock on your door when Jungkook entered your room, all that was running through your mind was the small moans leaving your lips as you were trying to get yourself to cum. Your attempts have worked in the past it just takes you awhile to actually get the job done, you end up ignoring everything around you just so you can get in the mood, which coincidentally had you not noticing Jungkook who was staring hungrily at your fingers in your heat. His eyes glanced back up to you, he walked closer to you so he was in seeing distance and began to crack a joke as he saw your back slightly raise off of your mattress. “Need help with that?” He let out a small chuckle while watching you, you just opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling when you took your hands away and whimpered out a “Yes.”

“Wait what?” Jungkook now lost the hungry look and soon looked like a deer in headlights. His eyes were watching you, from the way your chest heaved up and down from trying to hard all the way down to how your eyes looked at him as if you were the lion and he was the deer. “Jungkook. Help me-”  You didn’t have to finish the sentence because before you knew it Jungkook had taken off his jacket and was now hovering over you, his fingers soon found your g spot and back began to arch off of the bed.

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Taehyung: You were never one to day dream, you were always focused and alert. Usually. Your head pressed harder into your pillows while your hands went to work, you technically were focused, you were focused on bringing yourself to orgasm. You were almost there, kinda. You knew how to bring yourself to orgasm pretty quickly, just the pressure of your thumb on your clit then you were all set but you wanted to actually and try and get yourself off without that. Your fingers were pumping in and out of you when hands immediately broke you out of your concentration, they soon replaced yours and an extra finger entered you causing you to let out a loud moan. Your back arched as you scrunched your eyes shut feeling yourself already on the brink of your much needed orgasm.

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Jimin: You instantly froze when you heard your door creak open and foot steps coming inside. You sat up quickly, the over sized t shirt that you were wearing draped over your private area while you looked up at Jimin, your boyfriend who decided to not knock when entering your bedroom. “I thought that’s what I heard,” Jimin smirked as he took another step towards your bed. “But please, continue.” He took a few more steps towards you as you didn’t continue what you were doing. This was the first time Jimin had ever saw you like this, legs spread and you pleasuring yourself, so you were a bit reluctant to continue. “Should I help you?” Jimin raised an eyebrow as he sat down in front of you, you could only give a faint nod before he spread your legs and dropped his head and hands down to your heat. You fell back letting your head hit your mattress and allowing moans to slip from your lips encouraging Jimin to continue whatever he was doing.

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J-Hope: Hoseok unlocked your apartment with the key you happened to give him and instantly opened your door, he’s always been fairly quiet because he’s noticed when he does come over you’re usually sleeping. When he came into view with what you were doing he froze, he saw that your eyes were open and you looked…bored? He glanced down at your hands and saw you were doing some things right but mostly you weren’t doing what was meant to pleasure you. He took two steps forwards and came into your line of sight. Your eyes widened and legs instantly shut. Hoseok decided to sit at the end of your bed beside your legs, he places his hand on your knee and looks down at you. “You know,” he starts while looking at you “You were doing that wrong.” His hand slipped in between your legs and slowly reopens them before glancing down at your heat, you were a little wet but not as wet as you could be. His hands slip past the panties that you were still wearing and his thumb instantly pressed down on your clit causing your legs to begin to shut but he quickly made his way in between you and inserted a finger inside you. He began pumping in and out and glanced back up to you seeing your head relaxed and eyes screwed shut. “That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

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Namjoon: You never try new things, you don’t like to. Maybe it’s because you’re scared or maybe because you just don’t like change but you never find yourself willingly trying new things, especially if you had thought of it first. Here you were, lying down on your bed with your feet planted on your bed and legs spread open trying to masturbate. The key words is trying. You couldn’t do it, you didn’t know if it’s because you weren’t necessarily in the mood or just because you didn’t really know what you were doing to bring yourself to feel any sort of pleasure, you just felt awkward if you were being honest. You let out a huff of breath and leaned up on your elbows when you saw a smirking best friend of yours watching you. “You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?” You instantly groan, letting yourself fall back against your mattress again shut your legs in the process. You stare up at the ceiling when you felt his hands on your knees slowly opening your legs, you fought your legs closed for maybe two seconds before you gave up and just let your legs open back up. “Do you want me to show you? I mean we’re close enough…” Namjoon was now positioned in between your legs, hands hovering your heat waiting for an answer. You simply nodded before you heard his voice again and his fingers slowly enter you.

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Yoongi: You feel just how wet you are yet you can’t seem to bring yourself over the edge. You’ve masturbated plenty of times yet you’ve only orgasmed maybe half of the times you’ve tried. It’s not that you couldn’t do it but it just takes you so long that you give up. You inserted another finger when you heard a knock on your door and soon enough the door opened before you could realize what was going on. You shot up and grabbed a pillow that was under you and chucked it at your friends head. “Get out!” You yelled once you saw he just caught the pillow and had a smile plastered on his face. “Min Yoongi!” You yell again hands pulling your shirt down to cover yourself up. “I already saw enough so you don’t need to cover.” He says before closing the door and walking to you, he tosses the pillow back over to you and climbs onto your bed. He’s standing up on his knees looking down at you, his hands find their way up your legs before he’s reopening them so he could get a better view. “Let me help you.” You watch him as he begins to lower himself down to your heat, he makes a comment about how wet you already were before he brought his lips onto you, you let out a gasp and before you knew it two of his fingers entered you already bringing you to your orgasm.

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Jin: You heard your door open as it hit the wall when it was swung open, your eyes shot open and you sat up almost instantly and covered yourself. Your eyes were wide as saucers as you sat frozen in place in Jin’s gaze. “Oh don’t stop on my accord, go ahead keep going.” He motioned for you to keep going but you just sat there frozen as he sat down at the end of your bed. You kept your eyes on him as his hands trailed up and down your legs, when his hands found their way on your ankles he tugged you closer to him letting a squeal sneak out of you. Your breath hitched in your throat and you felt your eyes grow wide again. “Do you want to continue or should I?” His head tilted slightly and when you didn’t speak he took that as his que to continue. His hand trailed up along your shirt and slowly pushed you back, you brought you legs back up as he spread them open and let his fingers trail along your folds muttering how wet you already were.

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Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by tyjosephs

Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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Could I request a cute little Drabble or headcanons with Soldier, Reaper, Junkrat and Hanzo (id love to request mccree but that's probs too many haha. My thirst for these boys I can't) when their sleepy s/o comes in wearing one of their shirts while the boy is working and tries to convince them to come to bed and rest because it's v v late? Please and thank you!

For you *points at you* I’ll write something for all of them. Enjoy!


Jack sat in front of the computer looking over the blueprints and surrounding area of the next mission site. It was well after midnight when you walk up from behind them. You yawn and try to rub the sleepiness out of your eyes.

“Jack, love of my life, please come to bed. It’s 3 in the morning and I can’t sleep knowing you’re up and still working,” you say, another yawn escapes.

“Sorry, but I need to look over this and make sure we have everything as airtight as possible,” he says without looking back at you, focused on the screen, “Go to sleep, I’ll join you shortly.”

“You said that 2 hours ago and you’re still up,” you say, pouting. “Please, Jack, come to bed with me?”

The neediness in your voice compels Jack to turn around and look at you. You are wearing an old blue shirt of his, from his early underground days. It hangs a little big on you but to Jack, you look incredible.

“Jack? You ok?”

“Yea, I’m fine,” he says as he quickly turns around and shuts off the computer. Quickly he goes to you and picks you up. You giggle at being picked up all of a sudden.

He gently kisses you on your forehead, “Let’s go to bed.”


Reaper is reloading his guns when he hears the door open behind him.

“I thought I said I wish to be alone,” he said menacingly.

You let out a loud yawn, “I don’t know who you said that to but I know it wasn’t me.”

“Come to see me train?” he asks playfully.

You stretch against the door and rub your eyes. “Not today Reyes. I came to ask you to please come to bed. It’s a little past midnight and I would really like if you come back with so I don’t have to sleep in an empty end.”

“That late huh?” he says loudly to himself. “I’ll go to bed after I’m finished training.”

“No Gabriel, it’s late and you need rest. Besides,” you look at the ground embarrassed, “I miss it when you hold me at night. I feel more relaxed and can sleep more soundly.”

Reaper turns around after reloading the gun and sees you wearing his old black tank top. It fits loosely on your body but exposes enough of your skin to make Reaper growl in appreciation. He loves how amazing you look in his clothes. He puts the gun back on the table and walks up to you. He turns you around and wraps his arms around you, nuzzling your neck.

“We’re going to bed, now,” he says, lowly growls in your ear.


Junkrat is sitting at his table, tinkering with a new bomb idea when you walk in to his “office” yawning.

“Jamison, it’s really late. Come to bed. The bomb will be there later.”

“Sorry Sheila,” he says still focusing on the bomb, “but if I don’t finish this now I’ll forget then it’ll never happen! Besides its pretty unstable right now so if I don’t do something it could blow up at any time,” he says cackling.

“Oh my god Jamison, please defuse it, do something but please make sure it doesn’t go off when we’re sleeping,” you say dejectedly.

“Yea, yea no worries, I got this,” still laughing.

You stand behind him for 10 more minutes before interrupting him again.

“Jamison,” you put your hands on his back, feeling the muscles underneath them. You softly kiss his shoulder, “please come back to bed with me? Defuse the bomb if you need to but please come back soon? I miss you.”

Junkrat turns his head to look at you and notices you’re wearing an old night shirt of his. It was an old white shirt that was ripped from the hem a bit but it seems to fit you incredibly well. He continued to stare at you even after you left him to his work. After you were out of his sight Junkrat quickly gets back to work making sure the bomb was stable enough not to go off and quickly hobbles out of his “office” and goes to join you in bed.


You walk outside your room and to the small garden that nearby and see Hanzo sitting, mediating.

“Hanzo,” you yawn, “please come to bed. It’s late.”

Hanzo turns his head only slightly to acknowledge that he heard you, “In a moment, I am almost done.”

You walk closer to him, bend down, and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “You’ve been out here for hours, so maybe it’s time to go to bed.”

Hanzo furrows his brows as he tries to focus again on his center.

“Fine,” you huff at him and let go of him, “You can stay here if you want but I’m going to bed.”

He hears the anger in your voice and turns around to look at you. He sees you wearing his black shirt. He sees how amazing it fits you. You walk away in a huff and leave Hanzo to mediate again.

He tries to slow his breathing and clear his mind but only thoughts of you fill his mind. Frustrated, he huffs and quickly stands and walks back to your room.


You walk into the living room and find Jesse sitting at the table hunched over something.

“Babe,” you plead, “come to bed. It’s late; you can clean your revolver tomorrow.”

McCree smiles without looking behind him.

“Can’t darlin’. If I don’t finish this tonight, I won’t have time tomorrow.”

You pout and hug him, pressing your body to him to try to convince him. He stops cleaning for a moment as he relishes the feel of you.

“I’m sorry that I’m staying up so late, but I need to finish this.” He turns around and kisses you a gentle kiss, “I promise, I will finish as fast as I can and go to bed, ok?”

“Fine,” pouting.

McCree looks at you and notices that you are wearing one of his dress shirts. He looks at how low hanging it fits you. He can’t seem to focus on cleaning his gun; his mind is only thinking of you and how damn fine you look in his shirt. He immediately gets up and scoops you in his arms and kisses you deeply.

“I don’t know where you found that shirt, but it looks damn good on you,” he said as he kissed your neck.

He picked you up and with a devilish smile, takes you to bed with him.  

anonymous asked:

Hello! Love seeing new hc blogs!!! Can I ask you to a classic scenario and hit me up with jealous RFA+V? I look forward to seeing all your work!!

*Hi, anon! I love seeing new requests. (: . I sure can do classics, thank you for the request and interest in my work, dude!! Hope you enjoy!

!!I believe this is pretty long!!


♥ You two were just strolling down the street, heading to the grocery store, (this boy needs food) when you heard someone whistle.
♥ Both of you turn to the sound and see some guy whistling at you.
♥ “Damn, why don’t you come see me sometime, yeah?”
♥ Zen was all, “Hell no, you fuck,” in his head, but he decided not to cause a scene, since it would cause damage to him, his career, and it could possibly have an impact on you.
♥ He growled, “Come on, MC, men are disgusting..”
♥ Wrapping his arm around you quite tightly, he fumes all the way to the grocery store.
♥ As you’re pushing the cart, he comes behind you, and puts his hands over your’s.
♥ Zen was basically caging you between him and the cart, so no one could approach you
♥ Even though you love him, he gets so jealous and protective.
♥ Who could blame him? You are extremely attractive, after all.
♥ You didn’t pick up much, just some vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, and a few more contributes for dishes.
♥ It took about 5 grocery paper bags, and Zen carried them all.
♥ It is very gentleman-like, but.. dude.
♥ “Zen, let me,”
♥ “No, I am going to carry it.”
♥ Zen must think carrying all the bags must mean he is badass, and shouldn’t be messed with..
♥ When you got home, he put all the groceries up. He was so upset that his grasp squashed a peach he was putting in the fruit basket.
♥ Zen cursed, and sighed.
♥ “Zennyyyy~, what’s wrong? Is it because of that boy today?”
♥ Zen put his head in his hands, muffling his words.
♥ “Well, what if it is? He was so disrespectful, and you’re my girlfriend, did I not project myself as your boyfriend? He pisses me off! Babe, men are-”
♥ “Wolves, yes, I know. Zen, you shouldn’t be upset, I know I am your girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend. I am so lucky to know that, so, please, don’t get jealous over this.”
♥ You slid your hand up his shirt, rubbing his back.
♥ “Jealous? You think that I, the beautiful Zen, is jealous?”
♥ He smiles.
♥ “There’s the Zenny I know.”
♥ You two spent that night cuddling and watching musicals.

☏ You and 707 were at the park to get some fresh air.
☏ You both decided to sit down on a bench near the pet area.
☏ As Saeyoung was on his phone looking at the *~dankest~* memes and you were eating a snack..
☏ A dog with a loosened leash came over, jumping on your legs. Your attention turned to the dog, as it whined for your snack. (Some snacks you eat, your dogs can eat too! See what is good and not so good to feed a dog here. This is not sponsored, (: )
☏ You give some of your snack to the cute husky dog.
☏ Saeyoung looks over and smiles, admiring of how generous you are. He gets so lost that he doesn’t notice the woman jogging to MC.
☏ “I’m so sorry that my dog bothered you, I guess that collar is for when she gets bigger..”
☏ “Ah, don’t apologize! She’s super cute! What’s her name..?”
☏ Saeyoung got lost into his memes again, letting you converse with the female.. that was until he tuned in again not long after.
☏ “..and her name is Dara! She is cute, but she can’t possibly be as cute as you.”
☏ He looks up, just in time to catch the woman wink at MC, then glide her gaze to him.
☏ She widens her eyes,
☏ “OH..is this your boyfriend..?”
☏ “Yeah, I am, and I’m allergic to dogs.”
☏ Saeyoung is quick to get you out of the area, and you’re now on your way home.
☏ “Since when were you allergic to dogs?”
☏ “Since five minutes ago, she was hitting on you right in front of me, I bet she trained her dog to sniff out pretty girls, so she can make a move! Cats would never!”
☏ When you get home, he goes into his ‘office’ and drowns himself in the light of his computer screen.
☏ You knew he was upset, so you grabbed a couple cans of PhD Pepper and a bag of Honey Buddha chips.
☏ You opened the door.
☏ “Baby.. I have PhD Pepper and HBC..”
☏ “Come here.”
☏ You sat in his lap while he worked, eating and talking, making him forget about today as you douse him in your ever-glowing love and passion.

φ He was gone on a business trip from Monday to Thursday..
φ At least, that’s what he told you.
φ This cute fuck wanted to surprise you, and show up on Wednesday with nice gifts, since he knew it had to be lonely when he wasn’t around..
φ He walked into the penthouse, just to find you chatting with one of the younger bodyguards.
φ Oh hell to the no.
φ Why was the bodyguard talking to you, does he want to be fired? Why were you smiling, have you ever smiled like that when talking to Jumin?
φ All his thoughts accumulated, but he pushed them to the back of his head.
φ Jumin sets down MC’s gift bag, making sure it was audible enough to attract attention.
φ “Jumin, you’re home!”, you smiled and hurried to Jumin for a hug.
φ He accepts, obviously, but glares at the bodyguard.
φ “Welcome home, sir, I hope your trip was enjoyable.”
φ “Yes, it was, so how enjoyable was it to speak to my wife, and look at her the way you did?”
φ “Jumin, he was just speaking to me,”
φ “It was very enjoyable, thank you, I’m disappointed that you were to marry her before I did.”
φ Oh shit.
φ “I hope that remark was worth it, you’re fired, goodbye.”
φ “Jumin, it’s fine,”
φ “It is everything but fine, MC, excuse me.”
φ The bodyguard left, and you saw the gift bag on the floor.
φ You looked through it to find a box.
φ Opening it, you found a necklace inside. It had your’s and Jumin’s fiirst initials, intertwined, your initials crested with your birthstone, Jumin’s with opal.
φ It was gorgeous..
φ “Jumin..? Dear, please help me.”
φ “Is something wro-..oh.”
φ He came in and saw you had the necklace.
φ “I couldn’t help but look, I hope you don’t mind.. would you latch it for me..?”
φ “It is no problem.. but yes, of course.”
φ You give him the necklace, him putting it around your neck. You turn around, hugging him.
φ “I am so sorry.. it gets lonely, I didn’t catch onto the liking he had for me.. I missed you so much..”
φ Putting his strong arms around you, he sighed a relieved sigh.. “It’s alright, honey. I missed you so much more. It feels so great to have you in my arms.”
φ That night, you rubbed his back, and he played with your hair. You cuddled up together, intertwining your bodies, along with your love for one another..
mushy gushy.

★ Yoosung begged you to play LOLOL with him.
★ He wanted you to play LOLOL sooo bad, that he created an account for you, and leveled it up!
★ Sike, he paid 707 to hack in and level the character up.. the thought still counts.
★ After teaching you how to play, (you caught up quickly,) he decided to let you play with some of his LOLOL buddies.
★ Giving you a mic, he turns his on and notifies everyone that he’s on.
★ Yoosung is greeted by them all, and they’re all connecting to the servers until they see your username.. ‘yooscutie’
★ “Yoosung, why is that my username?”
★ Becaaaaause, it’s true.”
★ Everyone gasped when they heard your voice.
★ “Yoosung, is that who you’re dating?”
★ “Yeah, I am very lucky!!”
★ You blushed, yet the members made retch noises into the mic.
★ As everyone played, you managed to get everyone cool armor and potions, and levels by the intervals!!
★ “Oh my gosh, Yoosung, whoever you’re dating is a legend!!”
“I taught them, that’s why..”
★ “Oh really? I’m looking at your pictures on FB right now, I bet you also taught them how to be hot, yeah?”
★ They continued to laugh, but Yoosung was turning red, starting from the tips of his ears.
★ “We are logging out. Bye.”
★ Yoosung saves, and turns everything off, huffing.
★ “Yoosungie.. I’m sure they were just joking..”
★ “They called you ‘hot’! They’re not allowed to say that, I am. I’m the one dating you! We shouldn’t play with them anymore..”
★ Babe, your yandere is showing.
★ You get him up and take him to the kitchen.
★ “Okay, then let’s bake.”
★ Baking is stress-relieving!!
★ Soon after, Yoosung cooled down..
★ Until there was a food war!
★ You started it, throwing flour on his cheek. He giggled, and flicked cupcake batter at you.
★ It all ended when you put frosting on his lips, and kissed him.
★ “You taste as sweet as you look.”
★ Never-ending blush!!!

✎ You and Jaehee were finishing your shifts for tonight.
✎ It was almost closing time.
✎ You were so ready to leave!!
✎ Just as you started to lock up cabinets, a girl walked in with long locks.
✎ Dammit.
✎ Jaehee was already jealous of her hair, for her’s was in the awkward stage of short and medium.
✎ You smiled at Jaehee, as a signal that you would take the order.
✎ As you took this girl’s order, she kept giggling and twirling her hair around her fingers.
✎ You smiled, “Alright, miss, please take a seat as I get your order for you.”
✎ She didn’t take a seat, instead she stayed and stared you down as you put her order in the brewer.
✎ While waiting, you decided to wipe down the counters of baked goods.
✎ The girl spoke up, “Whatchaaaa doooin’?”
✎ “I’m cleaning, bitch, this isn’t Phineas and Ferb rocket science, damn.”
✎ Yeah, you were tired.
✎ “I’m cleaning, miss, your drink will be with you soon.”
✎ After cleaning, you heard the brewer beep, and you catered to it.
✎ Jaehee was locking the rest of the cabinets, tuning in on the conversation.
✎ You served her drink to her with a tired and fake-ass smile.
✎ “Thanks, cutie~!” She slipped a napkin with her name and number on it.
✎ Jaehee sighed.
✎ “Do you like her..?”
✎ “What? No, Jaehee, I don’t. I like you, don’t worry.”
✎ “But, she was so beautiful, that hair..”
✎ “She kept playing with her hair, I wanted to cut it all off, and she was annoying, I don’t want anyone like her, especially when I have you right here..”
✎ Jaehee smiled. “I like you too, MC.”
✎ You beam, tossing the napkin in the garbage. “I’m glad to hear. Can I treat you to coffee?”

V / JIHYUN (He isn’t entirely blind for this, just slightly impaired sight.)
☽ You were out with him, taking pictures of what you find beautiful in the world around you.
☽ You took pictures of cherry trees, flowers, streams, and areas of the park.
☽ You couldn’t find anything else, so you had an idea.
☽ “Jihyun, we should ask people what they think is beautiful and get a variety!”
☽ “That’s a good idea, Pumpkin, let’s do it.”
☽ nicknames from v is my kink
☽ You asked plenty of people. and many of their answers were thoughtful, and sentimental.
☽ Finally, you came to this young man. 
☽ “Hello, sir, we have been asking many people what they believe is beautiful, and photographing it. Please tell us what you think is beautiful.”
☽ The young man stands up.
☽ “Excuse me, may I borrow the camera?”
☽ V looks at him and grins, “Yes, here you are.”
☽ The man then proceeds to take a picture of you. 
 “I believe that you, miss, are quite beautiful.”
☽ You smile and thank him, as that was such a sweet thing to say. 
☽ He proceeds to go on his way after handing V his camera, V is a bit jealous, and admits it.
☽ “I’m quite jealous of him..”
☽ “What, Jihyun, why..?”
“He had such a clever and true answer.. I just wish I could experience it fully.”
☽ “Jihyun.. you’re so soft and sweet.. I love you so much.”
☽ “I love you, too, sweetheart.”
☽ You printed the pictures when you got home and they were so beautiful, so indeed.
☽ V was even so sweet that he framed the picture of you, and put it on top of his dresser.

*This feels so half-assed and I am so sorry. It is currently 4:05am as I have finished this. I really wanted to finish it and post it asap, I apologize if it sucks eggs. Have a great day, guys! Thank you for the request! ~Admin Shayne

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63!! X

I hope this was okay! Thank you for the request,xx.

Drabble prompt list

63. Can you just man up and change his diaper?


“Harry I’m not doing it.” She said looking at her husband standing beside her as they both stared at their new born baby boy laying on the changing table.

“Y/N you have to do it baby. What are you going to do when I’m gone for work?”

“I dunno, I’ll call someone. Maybe your mum or mine or even Gemma.”

“You’ll call my sister to change our baby’s diaper? You’ve got to be kidding me, love. This is ridiculous.” He shook his head, chuckling at his wife’s incessant denial. She refused to change his diaper ever since he was born, which was only a week but still. He knew certain things made her squeamish, things like this but he was kinda hoping that she’d get over it as it was their child.

He stared at the little baby, who was surprisingly sleeping through his parents’ fiasco and his own wed and dirtied diaper. He looked so cute, the little nugget, was born quite small too with a delicate tuft of hair, rosy cheeks and green eyes that matched his dad’s. He was a screamer, this one, most of the time he was awake it was either to cry or to eat and something he did both which drove them off the walls but they had to deal with it. 

It’s not that Y/N didn’t change her son’s diapers cos she did not just when it was poo that she had to clean. Something about it made her very squeamish, she did diaper changes when he peed, got peed on quite often too but the other thing? That was a big no. She called Harry when that problem arose, didn’t want to deal with but with Harry going off on tour for three weeks soon, he wanted her to get used to cleaning up all sorts of diapers, he was her baby too after all.

“It’s quite simple lovely. All you have to do is take this one out, wipe him clean, put a little baby powder and put a new one on. It’s not much different from when you do it.”

“If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it yourself?” She retorted with her arms crossed in front of her chest, a small pool of wetness around the nipple area of her shirt from when she had leaked, she didn’t bother changing cos it was just her husband and he had seen worse and besides they weren’t expecting any guests.

Can you just man up and change his diaper, please?”

“Okay, fine.”

She did as he instructed, being extra careful as to not jolt the sleeping baby. She finally strapped in the new diaper, placed a little kiss on baby Oliver’s head, nose and cheeks before putting him back in the bassinet. She turned around to see her husband look at her with a smug expression on his face. 

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“Oh shut up, Harry.”


Tips For Passing Androgynous/Gender Neutral

Tip 1: Hair

Generally keeping your hair natural but a little bit messy is best for a neutral look. Most people will say short hair is best, but it’s still possible to look neutral with long hair. Keeping things generally unkempt works well, and things like messy ponytails, undercuts and middle partings are great for looking androgynous.

Tip 2: Makeup

Now you can wear whatever makeup you like, it all depends on what kind of look you are going for. A general androgynous look consists of sharp cheekbones, defined brows, and sculpted lips. Everything is often sharp and defined, but designed to accentuate your face with a ‘natural look’. If you want to look neutral and not femme or masc, stick to minimal makeup, just focus on showing off the features you like best. 

Tip 3: Chest

A flat chest can be very helpful in creating a neutral look. Plenty of women naturally have small breasts, and if you want to appear neutral, having a flat chest can help dfab people achieve this. Of course it’s up to you whether you want to do this, and to what level. A tight sports bra could help you achieve this fine, or binding could be a better option for you. Please remember to never use ace bandages or tape, and always be safe when binding.

Tip 4: Clothing

Experiment with your look to find something thats neutral and suits your shape and taste. Darker shades are more popular for this, but it’s completely up to you. Good fashion staples are cardigans, straight leg trousers, blazers, and shirts can work great. If you’re not into binding, fashion can be a great way to help this. Wear chunky scarves and cool open coats to create a great look that doesn’t draw attention to the chest area. While tailored shorts can be great, be careful with them. The shape of your legs could potentially give away your dg. But if you want to rock it, definitely go ahead!

Tip 5: Femme/Masc???

Some people want to look completely gender neutral and thats completely fine. But if you want to make yourself lean more femme or more masc, don’t be afraid of it at all! Your gender represents you, and being non binary doesn’t mean you have to stay completely in the middle all the time if you don’t want to! Have fun with your look and experiment to find what makes you feel great about yourself.

Tip 5: Confidence and Self Love

The tip to anything is feeling great and being happy with yourself. Don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone if you don’t want to, and don’t let anyone police you and tell you how you should look, or that you look wrong. You’re a beautiful person and no matter what you wear or how you present, you will always look gorgeous. These are just guidlines, you dont have to follow them, and you don’t have to have the same opinion on how to look androgynous or gender neutral. Just do and wear whatever makes you happy!


1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I call bullshit.“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @arryn-nyx

Sam should know better than to fucking listen to Dean. Never again. He’s in too deep now. He just needs to get in and get out as fast as he can. Sam lets out a shaky breath as he hears the door open and it makes his stomach drop. Damn it.

“Hi. I’m Dr. L/N.” You greet with a warm smile walking into the exam room. You immediately recognize the insanely handsome man in front of you. You’ve never talked to him before but you’ve seen him around town many times.

“I’m Sam. Nice to meet you.” He replies with a shy smile. Well isn’t this fucker just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

“Ok so…you have some back pain?” You mention looking at the nurses notes on the laptop in front of you.

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Coffee (JungkookXReader)

Pairing: Jungkook X Noona!Reader

Request: No

WC: 1,345

POV: 1st person

Rating: M

Contains: Kitchen counter sex, Noona!Reader, slight needy Baby Boy!Jungkook at the end, not much else to it. 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

The past few days were terribly stressful. Having to go in for work around 8 AM but not getting off around anywhere from 12 AM to 1 AM and my boss also sending me home with things to work on made me not even get in bed until around 3 or 4. Jungkook didn’t work that late anymore but he did leave really early, he got up every day at 5, went to the gym, ate, went to practice, had studio time, hung out with the boys, and came home hoping you might be home. 

Sadly, the last three weeks haven’t allowed me to even eat dinner with him, talk to him on the phone or even just see him before he left for work. By the time I was in bed he was fast asleep and I was far too tired to even try and wake him for maybe a five minute conversation about his day. And when he woke up he was either far too busy or just didn’t wake me knowing how much my day had in it. 

The only thing I ever remember from every morning is the little notes he leaves me. He stops by the apartment every morning around 7:50 and leaves me a coffee, ice coffee, or hot tea from the cafe down the street we usually get our breakfast from and we have cute little dates at. Every time with a sticky note on the side or a message written in permanent marker on the holder. Always along the lines of,

“Noona, I know how stressful your days have been, but I’ll try and swing by today to lift your spirits? :)”

“Noona, I miss you… stop being so busy~!”

“Noona, I hope you have a good day, I love you.” 

Tomorrow was my first day off and all I wanted to do was sleep and just rest in general. My body was so used to waking up at 8 that I happened to anyway and I walked down stairs and saw my coffee in the normal spot he would set it down. 

“Noona, I should be able to stop by before I actually go to practice, maybe we could have brunch if you’re awake?” 

I smiled and sent him a text saying to bring our normal breakfast from the cafe down the street, but sadly never got one back. I changed into one of his shirts and shorts before sitting on the couch and watching one of the many shows I needed to catch up on for Jungkook’s sake. 

He came in around 9:30 with bags of food and a little coffee carrier before setting everything down and asking me to come help him fix the plates while he went to wash up before eating. I kissed him softly and then he kissed my head before going to wash his hands. 

“What kind of coffee did you get?” I asked as I took off the lids to the food and started fixing his plate. “Iced. Just watch out though I couldn’t get the li-” He was cut off by the sound of me yelping slightly in surprise as I bumped into one of the coffees, causing it to fall off of the counter and spilling on the way down, covering my shirt and the floor in coffee. “i couldn’t get the lid to stay on mine.” he finished his sentence before he started to help clean up the ice and when he leaned up after throwing the towel in the sink he noticed the coffee had made my white shirt almost see through. 

“Noona, we have to get you cleaned up…” He sighed softly as he moved to me and he pulled me close before he nuzzled into my neck and pulled off my shirt slowly. His hands were so warm on my sides. He threw the shirt in the sink, it landing on top of the towel. 

“Oh haha” I said in monotone before I grab his jacket and try and pull it on before he grabbed it. Slowing pulling it away as he backed me into the counter. 

“Noona… I haven’t seen you in so long…” He said almost as if he was out of breath. He picked me up by my thighs and sat me on the counter in front of him. Pulling me by my legs so they were wrapped around him. He nuzzled into my neck and let out a small whimper before placing kisses until he found the spot he was looking for. He started nipping and sucking on the skin, making it bruise almost instantly before moving on to the next area he wanted to attack.

“I’ve missed you.” He choked out before pulling my shorts down and kissing down to my collar bones. He pulled off his shirt and he started kissing further down. Past my stomach and then he started to leave kisses on my thighs. 

“Jungkook, no. Please. I can’t wait any longer baby boy.” I whimpered as I cupped his cheek so he would lean back up, his head went back to my neck as he pushed down his sweats and boxers at the same time. 

He pulled me closer and slowly slid into me, almost going as slow as one could imagine, wanting to remember the feeling just in case we had to wait almost another month or so before even getting to see each other again. 

He gripped my waist as he kissed me hard. My hands went to his shoulder and his hair as my fingers pulled lightly at his roots. He started thrusting slowly as he put one of his hands under my thigh to lift my leg just a bit more so he could go a bit deeper.

His thrusts got more shallow as he went faster. His mind blank with nothing but the feeling of me. He started to kiss down my neck as he nuzzled closer. His breathing heavy and warm as he let out small groans and hesitant whimpers with almost each thrust. 

“Fuck noona… are you sure it was only three weeks?” He laugh turned into a moan quickly before he kissed some of the tender spots on my neck he had previously attacked. 

I smiled and I moaned as his thrusts started to be deep again and a bit harder. His hands now on both of my thighs as he was holding me steady and I would circle my hips ever so slightly around him, driving him crazy. 

He started breathing harder, sometimes even holding in his breath and letting it bubble into a loud groan from deep in his throat when he’d start thrusting faster. I released hard and scratched lightly down his shoulder blades, just enough to leave marks but not enough to hurt or for the marks to be anything more than red for a couple of days.

I clenched around him and that was enough to send him into a moaning mess. Thrusting quickly before pulling out and pumping him self until he released onto my stomach. I just smiled as he grabbed the shirt that had coffee on it and cleaned it up before pulling up his sweats and boxers, putting his shirt on me and nuzzling into my neck again as he panted.

“Noona… don’t make me wait that long again…” He said softly. “I needed you almost every single morning the last two weeks…” He blushed.

“Have I neglected you baby boy?” I asked softly and he laughed slightly as he formed a soft pout on his lips and nodded. “I need you to help make up for lost time.” He added and smiled a bit.

“Good thing I’m off tomorrow too huh?” I said causing him to pick me up and start carrying me to our room. “Brunch can wait.” was all he said before slamming our door shut with his foot and basically throwing me onto the bed. 


This sucks lol, hope you like it tho xx

As the door opened and she stepped inside her friend’s flat, tension filled the air. And everyone in the room could feel it. “I’m leaving.” The dark blonde boy said, instantly getting up before brushing past her, not even bothering to look at her for a second. Silence fell over the apartment and the host of the night couldn’t bare to see his best friend acting like this. Caspar got up , walking to Y/N as he hugged her briefly. “I’m sorry about him, just settle down with the rest of the boys. I’ll be right back.” The blonde boy affirmed, smiling at her before running up after his mate whistle Y/N did as told and was greeted by the other boys.

Joe wasn’t sure of how or why but there was something about her that pissed him off. He had tried to find out what it could be but he couldn’t exactly define what it was. Every time that she walked in the same room as him, he couldn’t even stay and it was childish but he didn’t like her. On the other hand, Y/N had nothing against Joe, even though he seemed pretty rude to her. She would have loved for them to be friends but he had decided otherwise and the whole group of friend had to switch between these two every time.

Caspar grabbed Joe’s arm as he was able to catch up on him , the dark blonde boy letting out an annoyed sigh. “Stop your stupid attitude, Joe! What are you? 12?” Caspar exclaimed, annoyance as he watched his mate roll his eyes at his words. “I can’t pretend to like someone when I don’t.” Joe admitted, crossing his arms. “Oh come on, you didn’t even gave her a chance. You’re ruining everything by yourself!” He now snapped, anger through his veins as he couldn’t get around the words coming from his friend’s mouth. “What am I ruining exactly?” Joe asked, confusion itched across his face as he obviously couldn’t notice what the problem was. “Our friendship! We’re all friends here and you’re ruining everything. So get your ass back there or I swear to god, you’ll never walk into this apartment again.” Caspar ordered before walking back in his own flat, followed by a whiny Joe.

It had been an hour since their little party had started and most of them were already tipsy and laughing loudly to the stupidest jokes but Y/N smiled at that. It was one of the reasons why she loved her friends so much, they were always so carefree and joyful. After emptying her drink, she got up walking over to the nearest bedroom in order to change her outfit. The dress that she had showed up in wasn’t the comfiest and she had prepared a simple outfit in case she would have enough of it and she was most likely to stay the night anyway. She stepped into the room, getting the outfit out of her bag, not even bothering to close the door behind her as she striped down the dress and of course, someone had to walk at that moment. But not anyone. Y/N looked up to see Joe standing there, mouth opened as his eyes trailed u and down her almost naked body. Y/N cleared her throat as she noticed him staring, a smirk growing on her face as she watched him cover his eyes with his hand, his face as bright as a flamingo. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were there.” Joe apologized but did not move a finger. Y/N let out a laugh as an idea came to her head, half because she liked to be a tease, half because of the alcohol burning in her veins.

“It’s fine, Joe. Can you pass me my shirt please?” She asked, smirking as she watched him get his hand out of his eyes, looking between her and the clothes. Joe swallowed loudly, clearing trying to fight against a certain area of his body and it only amused her more. She stepped closer to him, her eyes directed into his and for the first time, she noticed how blue they actually were. Joe leaned down for her shirt laying on the bed, handing it to her as he licked his lips, still trying to maintain himself. The two were now standing only inches from each other, the tension being way different than the one hanging in the air when she had stepped in the apartment moments earlier. Y/N grabbed hold of the shirt and tossed it above her head. She took a step forward and she could feel Joe’s heavy breath on her. “Go on, show me how much you hate me.” She teased and just as she was about to smile, Joe has his hands on her waist and his lips pressed against hers. Neither of them would have predicted this would happen but at this moment, everything felt right and Joe didn’t want to pull away, ever. Joe’s grip tightened on her hips as he pulled her closer to him, allowing her to sit on the desk behind them and him to be standing in between her legs as he lifted up her shirt, the contact of his hands on her skin sending electricity through the two bodies.

As Caspar walked by giggling at something that Jack had said, he caught a glimpse of what was happening and smiled to himself, “He does like to pretend that he hates someone when it’s the complete opposite apparently.” He mumbled to his friend who quickly noticed the make out session that was going on. “Come on, he’s just obsessed with her.” Jack admitted at the two laughed before joining everyone back in the living room.

Maybe Joe was trying to convince himself that he didn’t like her when it was the complete opposite after all.

koups  asked:

a drabble with seungcheol x hickeys? please hehe

“What the fuck did you do?” You whined in front of the bathroom mirror, stretching your neck as far as it would go so as to see the red-purple spots scattered all over your skin. You clicked your tongue in annoyance, pulling your shirt down to reveal more around your chest and collarbone area.

“What?” Seungcheol asked, walking in, his hair still disheveled from sleep and his eyes barely open. He moved around you to get a closer look at the mirror and immediately stopped when he saw all the hickies he had left. 

“Uh, oops?” Seungcheol said sheepishly, grinning at you. “I didn’t mean to leave so many.”

You rolled your eyes and turned away from the mirror.

“Yeah, right. You knew exactly what you were doing.

KatsuDeku NSFW Headcanon

Hickeys/Love Bites
(This is a repost, I had to delete the first one because reasons, but here ya go!)

🔥  Katsuki loves giving Izuku love bites

🔥  Like absolutely adores, cannot go a round without sex without doing it levels of loving it. He loves seeing Izuku with his school uniform shirt unbutton, exposing pale skin that is perfect for Katsuki is mark with his teeth

🔥 He loves how warm Izuku’s skin is when he starts with small kisses from collarbone to the bottom of his ears. In doing that Izuku lets out small, light noises of pleasure, his eyes become a bit hooded and his body a bit more realized as goosebumps cover the skin of his arms and his nipples grow tight.

🔥  Then he leaves the tiniest of nips right near Izuku’s pulse. He enjoys feeling the shiver claw through his partner’s body.

🔥  Izuku will look up at him, his cheeks red enough that they make his freckles stand out even more, his eyes blown out with lust and his breathing heavy. His cock is hard and leaking pre-cum that’s making his lower half slick. He mumble Katsuki’s nickname and the blond will say that he’s “Not finished yet”

🔥  The blond places this first of his marks, small and just using his front teeth so it leaves a thin dark red mark close to his partner’s collarbone.

🔥  Izuku lifts his hips in response and grips the back collar of Katsuki’s school uniform shirt.

🔥  “You looks so fucking good and you taste just as good.” Katsuki growls against his lover’s flushed skin. He then moves his lips a bit farther up right to where the collar of the other boy’s shirt would stop.

🔥  Then he sinks his teeth into the skin, making the area wet with spit as he bits and sucks at the spot which sends Izuku into a frenzy, he lets out a high pitched whine and squirms his body, but the blond’s strength is able to keep him in place

🔥   “K-K-Kacchan, please, oh please.” Izuku whines.

🔥  Katsuki smiles to himself before leaving a few more bites. He then takes his head away to examine the mark.

🔥  Purple and red aren’t even words to describe what it looks like, it stands out so beautifully against Izuku’s freckled skin. Almost like a photo of those galaxies he sees in class and the stars are the freckles around it.

🔥 “You’re looking pretty good Deku, you always look so good when I finish marking you up.”

🔥 “W-Wait till we get home, then it’ll be your turn!” Izuku practically squeaks as he once again feels Katsuki’s lips on the other side of his neck.

🔥  “We’ll just have to see, or maybe I’ll just mark up those thighs.” Katsuki purrs against Izuku’s neck as one of his hands now trails to his boyfriend’s thigh.

🔥 Katsuki starts to rub Izuku’s cock through his uniform pants, grabbing at his balls to fondle them then rubs his hand up down his length.

🔥  Izuku lets out small moans as he feels his boyfriend’s mouth on his neck and hands on his hard, leaky cock. His brain feels like its short circuiting and as a result his body is turning into jelly.

🔥 It isn’t long before Izuku is whimpering, his body so close to orgasm, but Katsuki is not relenting his pace. He moves his hand faster, only encouraged by his green haired boyfriend’s submissive noises. He only adds more dark marks to dot the larger ones he leaves behind, creating something beautiful, something his.

🔥  Katsuki takes his mouth away for a moment, his hand still in motion. He sees how the dark reds, the pinks, the purples and the slightest hints of blacks. All of the colours swirling together across his boyfriend’s neck create a feeling of pride that burns deep in his stomach.

🔥  Izuku clings into his boyfriend tightly, feeling himself grow closer to orgasm. He feels like he’s tip-toeing the edge and he needs to get past it in order to reach his climax.

🔥  Katsuki can pick up on it and starts to move his hand faster, gripping Izuku’s dick a little tighter as he continues touching him.

🔥   “K-Kacchan, please, please! I can’t hold it much longer!” Izuku begs, his voice strained and hoarse.

🔥  Katsuki trails his lips up to his boyfriend’s ear and whispers one word “Come”

🔥 And then like a swtich Izuku lets out a loud moan that is quickly cut short by Katsuki’s hand covering his mouth. His boyfriend gives him a look that screams ‘shut up, Deku’.

🔥 Katsuki’s mouth keeps working on Izuku’s neck as he orgasms all over himself. The blond takes great pleasure in watching his green haired boyfriend make a mess of himself.

🔥  When the blond is finished, and his boyfriend is slowly coming down from his high, he examines his work on the other hero, seeing the dazed looking his eyes and his bruised mouth open slightly. The marks are a reminder to all that Izuku is taken, and gets all the loving that he could ever need. The marks are a visible hint at Katsuki’s possessive behaviour over his boyfriend.

🔥  What Katsuki enjoys most of all about giving Izuku hickeys is watching the green-haired boy trying to hide them, but only to fail because Katsuki always puts them well above the collar.

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Ajax Imagine -“I Haven’t Felt Anything In A Long Time”

Hello again; can you do an Ajax imagine where he gets sent to look for the next experiment as “agent smith” is sick, and Angel jokingly tells him to get acupuncture. He does and when the needles are in he can remarkably feel things. He then picks the acupuncturist as the next experiment if only to keep her around for himself; as the only time he can feel anything is when he has the needles. You can choose how it ends/if she mutates. If you don’t want to you can ignore it. Thank you.

 Warnings - none

Spoilers - small spoiler for Deadpool (movie) (spoils the identity of Ajax)

“Hello.” You said, smiling politely at the man who had just walked in. Working in customer service as an acupuncturist had its perks, one being that you got to meet lots of new people. The man who had just stepped into the reception was not, however, like your usual customers. “How can I help you?”

“Hello.” The man replied in a British accent you hadn’t been expecting. He indicated to the board. “You er, do acupuncture?” he asked.

“Yes, although we usually ask people to make an appointment in advance.” You said, looking at the appointment slots listed on the computer at the receptionist desk. Ajax scratched the back of his neck, and was about to speak, when you cut him off. “Ah. I have a free hour now where I can fit you in.” you said, smiling up at him. He returned your smile politely, indicating that you should lead the way. You walked over to the consult room, opening the door and following him in. “Is this for medical purposes, meditation purposes, or curiosity?” you asked, picking up a form.

“Curiosity?” Ajax asked, a confused look on his face as he leaned against the table.

“People often wonder what it feels like.” You replied, handing him the form and a pen. “Please fill this out, then we can get on with your treatment. Are there any particular areas you’d like me to focus on?”

“Er, I’m not really sure.” He replied, handing you the now completed form. “What are the most common treatments?” he added.

“The shoulders and lower back are where we find stress is usually concentrated. Do you have a stressful job?” you asked, looking at him.

“You could say that.” Ajax said, a slight smirk on his face.

“Well then, we will focus on that area. We ask that you take off your shirt, but if you aren’t comfortable then by all means…” you trailed off as he took his shirt off, revealing a toned chest and abdomen. You could tell before that he had a good figure, from his stature and broad shoulders, but it was different up close, and you had to supress a sigh at the sight. You cleared your throat before pointing to the table. “If you’d like to lie on your front.” He did as you said, as you moved the trolley with your acupuncture equipment towards the table. You prepared the needles, and wiped a quick cleansing lotion over his back, feeling the movement of his muscles under your hands as he shifted slightly. “Well… Ajax.” You paused slightly, glancing at the man with a raised eyebrow before continuing. “You will feel a slight pressure where I insert the needles. It shouldn’t hurt, but if it does don’t hesitate to let me know and I can stop.” You heard him laugh slightly as you said this, but chose to ignore it. As you inserted the first needle, you heard a sharp intake of breath. “Are you ok? Would you like me to stop?” you asked in a slightly panicked voice.

“No, I just wasn’t expecting it to feel like that. Please, continue.” He said, relaxing once again. You continued with the treatment, as Ajax still seemed to marvel at the effect of the needles. When you were done, and had removed all the needles, Ajax putting his shirt back on, you looked over the form.

“So, Ajax - ”

“Francis.” He said, cutting you off.

“Pardon?” You asked, looking up at him.

“My name is Francis. Francis Freeman.” He replied, smiling at you as he put on his coat.

“So Ajax is a nickname?” You asked, confusion etched on your face.

“Something like that.” He shrugged. “What’s your name?”

“Y/n. Y/n Y/l/n. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.” You said, smiling. “I do have a question though.” You added.

“Hmm, what’s that?”

“Why were you so shocked by the treatment? I mean, you seemed shocked that you had felt it at all.”

“I haven’t felt anything in a long time, so it was a bit of a shock. It felt… good, though.” He said, looking at you. “Besides, I got to meet a beautiful woman.” He added, smirking. You blushed slightly, looking down. “Did you always want to do this?” he asked, pointing at the acupuncture equipment.

“Ha, no. I’m just doing this job for the money. I don’t really know what I want to do.” I said, shrugging, as I led him out of the room, into the waiting area. He paused at the desk. “How much will that be?”

“What? Oh, nothing. It’s on the house.” You said, grinning at him. He returned your smile, turning and walking towards the door. He opened it, but paused once again before leaving.

“The line of work I’m in, we do something similar to this. We make people better, in a way.” You looked at him, confused.

“I don’t understand.” You said, as he searched his pocket for something. He pulled out a black business card, handing it to you. On one side it was blank, but the other had a phone number.

“This number, you can call it if you get tired of this life.” He said, looking around the room. “You deserve better.” He smiled once more, before leaving, the door swinging shut behind him. You looked at the card in your hand, and then around the room, sighing before putting it in your pocket and sitting at the reception desk.

(I will be posting a second part to this imagine.)

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Road Trip ~ Shayne Topp and Damien Haas Imagine

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“Wyoming. We all got invited to come to a con in Wyoming?” You say with Chinese half hanging out of your mouth.

“Yeah. Guys! It is going to be Y/N’s very first con!” Wes said in high voice turning the camera onto you.

“I’m looking forward to seeing at five of you that are excited to see me as well,” You say covering your mouth from the camera.

“We all know that is not true. Those that will be attending need to come and say hello to Y/N and tell her how much you love her. Now, how about we do some twitter questions?” Wes said flipping the camera back over to himself.

“So this is the flight that we are all taking,” Damien said pulling the flight up on my computer.

“Flying?” You ask, your voice a little weary.

“Yeah, it is the quickest way for us to get there without having to worry.” He said nonchalantly.

“I ugghh.. can’t fly.”

“Well no one can fly, that is why we have planes,” Damien said with a slight chuckle.

“Like the last time I flew was when I came out here and I was sick for a week. It makes me so anxious that I get ill.” I said quietly.

“Oh. Yeah, that is a problem cause they want you on a panel and throwing up would kinda ruin that,” he said clicking out of the page.

“I’ll just dive up early! Easy solution.” You say nonchalantly because you love road trips when they come about.

“That’s like 18 hours away!” Damien said without any chill.

“Oh, I thought that it was going to be longer. I’ll definitely just drive up a couple days before so that I can split it up.

“Are you not concerned about driving through the desert all by yourself?!” He said a little bit hysterical.

“I’ve driven from here back to Massachusetts last Christmas. This is going to be a piece of cake.”

“What?! I’m going to feel like an awful friend of I know that you are doing it by yourselves.” He said pulling up the flights on his monitor.

“It is going to be fine. What are you doing?” You said craning your head over to see what was going on.

“Cancelling my flight. I need to make sure that you don’t die on your quest across the west. And there goes the ticket.” he said spinning in his chair and facing you again.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Was all you could say.

“Well, now we have an adventure ahead of us.” He said rubbing his hands together.

“Shayne, can I speak with your for a minute?” you say sticking your head into the Squad’s area. Shayne took his headphones off and followed you into the hallway.

“I don’t want you to think that I’m bitching, but your best friend just invited himself along to our road trip.” you say in a hushed voice.

“Shit! How did he find out?”He said running his fingers through his hair.

“He was just being nice and helping me book a flight. I said I can’t fly and he sorta invited himself.” You say bashfully.

“He canceled his ticket didn’t he?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t stop him.”

“It can still be a fun time. So what if we just have one more person tagging along.” He said trying to brush it off.

“I can always suck it up and get on a plane. Maybe I have changed in the past two years.” You offer.

“You almost got sick on the Ferris wheel a month ago.” He reminded me.

“I know. We are just gonna have to make this work.” You say resting your head on his chest.

“It may be better than we think it is going to be. Just a nice relaxing summer trip for three friends.” He said massaging out your shoulder.

“Fine. Everything is better with a good attitude, right?” You say forcing a smile onto your face.

“That’s the spirit. I know this is gonna turn out a lot better than what you expect.” He says flashing you a giant smile.

The weeks had gone by and it was finally time for the road trip to start. Well, it was about to start once the boys finish getting snacks and paying for gas. You lean back in the passenger seat, feet up on the dash and close your eyes. It was a steal to get the camper bus at the price for the next week. They made it back to the bus, laughing about something.

“So someone in there told us that if we take this path, there is a great area to spend the night out under the stars along a quaint,” Damien said showing you the map that a new path had been highlighted. “They said it is about six and a half hour away so we can get about halfway there.”

“Sounds great!” You said before slipping into a hippy voice. “Like it seems like the universe is trying to tell us to go there.”

“Well then I say that we get this journey cruising,” Shayne said pulling out of the gas station and slipping into his hippy persona.

The city bleeds away to the desert. The heat emerged as well, causing everything to get a little stuffy and sweaty. You wiggle around until you unclip your bralette and toss it down to your feet.

“Alright, alright, alright.” Was all Shayne said glancing down at the scrap of fabric and your chest with a smirk on his face. Normally this would have caused some sort of embarrassment, but it just made you confident. Throwing your arms over the back of your chair, letting him catch a couple more glances.

“Oh, this is so perfect.” You say taking everything in. The river nestled around the land, flowing strong and steady. The river wasn’t too deep, but the larger rocks gave it that wonderful babbling brook feel. There were a couple of trees granting shade.

“The guy was right. This place is so relaxing.” Damien said taking the tubs of camping stuff out of the car.

“It is nice but kinda humid,” You say throwing your hair up in a bun.

“It isn’t awful. But I sure could go for an actual meal.” Shayne said helping Damien out.

“There was a place down the road that had firewood for sale. Once we get it, we can start cooking!” Damien said rubbing his hands together.

“You do that. I’m gonna wade around in the water.” You say reaching for your book from the passenger seat before taking off to the water and kicking your flip flops off.

The water was surprisingly warm as it rushed around your calves. You wade out the middle of the stream towards some of the larger rocks. You find one that seems flat and large enough to lay out on. The sun warmed your skin as you rest on your stomach, the book laid out in front of you.

The best thing was that there were no bugs. Absolutely no bugs making noises and no bugs biting at you to ruin your lovely set up. It was perfect, just yours thoughts and the gentle river to keep you company. The sun was nice, but it started to get a little too warm. The little devil on your shoulder did all the persuading as you slip out of your tank top to keep it dry and slid into the cooler water.

It was heavenly relief as you sat on the small stones and feel the water part at your waist. You let everything wash over you and drown out any thinking until you hear the bus pull back into the area.

“Looks like someone found out how to take a bath,” You hear Shayne’s voice say at you. You flash him a wide smile over your shoulder and see the shock on Damien’s face.

“Oh1 You are not wearing a shirt!” Damien stumbled out as he turned away quickly, almost dropping the pile of firewood. Laughs explode out of you and Shayne at the other boy’s embarrassment.

“Would you please get a bralette for me so that your friend doesn’t have a heart attack?” You say batting your eyelashes at Shayne. The idea of being restricted back to a bra is very evil sounding in your tone.

“A little bit of squirming might do him some good.” He said with a smile still wide on his face. “I’ll come get you when dinner is ready.”

His understanding of our hatred for bras was a god send. You lower yourself onto your elbows and let more of the stream cover you.

“Ok water nymph, it is time for you to get out.” You hear a voice say and you pry your eyes open to see that it is actually Damien standing at the edge of the water.

“I think by now my skin has lost any smoothness and I am now a water prune. But thank you for the compliment.” You say stretching your arms up and feeling a couple pops in your spine.

“Well, you don’t look like a prune so you can still be considered a nymph. Oh, Shayne said that you might want this,” Damien had the scrap of fabric that was your bra.

“My cursed foe,” you say reaching for the bra. He was doing his best to make it look like he wasn’t looking, but the couple side glances were not so subtle. He had retreated once you made it back onto land with your shirt in hand.

The boys had set out a blanket and pulled the cushions out from the bed to make sitting a little bit more comfortable. The tree was settling under the tree line, casting small sunspots across the moving leaves. Once you finished your share, you lean back and take in that last of the warmth before the sun ends its goodnight. You feel the edges of the blanket get pulled up around you. A few seconds later, you feel arms lift you off of the soft cushions.

“I can get up on my own,” You say in a sleepy voice.

“I’m sure that you can,” Shayne’s voice tumbles around you. It is so soothing it pulls your head up into the crook of his neck. There was the gentle thumping of his heart just visible. The smell of sweat clung slightly to him.

“Looks like I finished putting the bed back together in the knick of time. We have a sleepy goob.” You hear Damien from a distance away. You didn’t have the energy to retort, just letting the bounce of Shayne’s steps lull you to sleep.