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July 6 - Nao [Ameba]

The influence of music 


Good evening,
Team K2′s Furuhata Nao here.


A wonderful thing happened to me today ♪

The Team K2 stage performance on the 8th that I was
not supposed to be on, will now have me performing in it!


Which means that…

I will be able to perform with
Team E’s Maa (Umemoto-san) ✨


To be able to perform
together with Maa, it’s truly a blessing,,, (;_;)

The last time we performed together was in Team E

It’s been such a long time 
and since this is such a rare opportunity,
I’m feeling very nervous but
very excited too 💕

It’s just so emotional for me *laugh*


And now I’m looking forward ecstatically
to performing with Maa on the 8th 




The theme song for 

Yamegoku ~ Yakuza yamete itadakimasu~ 

has piqued my interest

I have finally gotten my hands on

Thinking Dogs’
Sekai ha owaranai

So happy at my purchase (;_;) ✨


The voice flows smoothly into your heart,
the catchy melody
and the meaningful lyrics

I love it how the song 

explicitly express the desire to protect,
or more of to give for your partner, 
by staying by their side…

All these were expressed so softly
yet it still manages to suggest the 
strong emotions behind it. 

I love it so much.



I too, want to do that for someone,
I want to be that sort of person.
I’m always shaped (by all the) different songs I listen to.

I really just love how music
brings so much new forms of feelings into me,
the power, the love.


What shocked me the most was that
the lyricist for this song was Akimoto-sensei.

I was taken aback the moment I heard about it
It was quite an emotional moment for me!


I’ll listen to it a lot more form now on


Thank you all very much for
reading, liking and commenting
on my AmeBlog. 

You’ve all worked hard again for today.


なお #581

Black Sheep
Wherein Sirius' Uncle Alphard is actually the Margrave Royston and after he runs away from home, instead of staying with the Potters, he goes to live with him.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Look!! what’s finally! finished! Sapphicmodernity and I have finally finished the first part of our pet project and it’s up please go read it!

carbonaova asked:

What would be father times and mother nature's reactions to Bo

Mother Nature: OH MY GOSH A SHEEP look at him hes a literal sheep hes so fluffy and adorable this was the evil overlord before??? Oh gosh look at that innocent lil face i wanna squish it eeee

Father Time: what the fuck lmao