look at the second one boo

imagine it’s the second period in a game where the Falconers are playing the Capitols. The Falconers are ahead by three goals, so no one is really worried, they’re just gonna defend and ride this one out.

Jack is on the bench, resting his chin on the top of his water bottle as he watches the players skate by, working out plays idly in his head. Suddenly a familiar tune plays and he smirks as he looks up at the jumbotron as a couple kiss for the camera. It switches to a couple, obviously just friends, who get booed when both look away from each other embarrassed. Then the camera switches to the Falconers bench, more specifically him and Poots who jump a mile when they see themselves on the screen.

Jack feels a blush rise high on his cheeks as the crowd erupt into cheers, and sneaks a peek at Poots who is staring straight ahead. The cheers begin to turn to booes and jeers as its evident that neither Jack or Poots have any interest in kissing each other, both out of respect for Bitty (jack is out to his team fight me).

Just as the heckling begins to die down, the crowd losing interest, Jack sees a figure skating towards the bench at top speed and before he can react, the figure jumps the boards and grabs his face, kissing him more forcefully than Jack has ever been kissed in his life. When Jack opens his eyes again, Taters lopsided grin meets him and he mumbles through his mouthguard, “Couldn’t leave Zimmboni home without kiss!!” Before planting a kiss on Poots’ cheek and returning to the ice.

The screaming and cheering of the crowd can only be matched by the noise created by the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, as they watch from the Haus couch in Massachusetts.

my reactions

uhh yea why are they holding hands?? lol

uhh what are you talking about boy lol 


O M F G I UNDERSTAND NOW *gulps and spits out the fake water* 

at this point im just squealing at the absurdness but am so looking forward to it LOLOL

i personally red press against wall first and was like uh what okay yes but like omg theres more like the second one i saw was the pic of any pose and my mind went off for a bit LOL 

lol mutsumi is me after reading all that but was like awww boo they never showed it right away that is 



Danganronpa 2 pre-release trailer showed previews of executions. The newest V3 trailer is probably no exception.

1. The first picture shows a crowd of Monokumas booing. This looks like an execution for Yumeno. There’s a chance it might be one for Ouma, Iruma, Kaede, or Angie though.

2. The second one shows a giant robot. I don’t even know if it is an execution, and it could be anyone’s execution. Maybe it’s Kiibo’s or Iruma’s execution since robots and technology seem to be in their talents’ rhelm. Kaito’s talent also heavily relies on science and technology, probably as much as Iruma’s, so it could be his execution as well. (This one is most likely not an execution since it looks like the player interacts with it.)

3. The third one has Monokuma in the middle of the street using a flamethrower to make a fire. It looks like there’s an old western background (a saloon maybe), so maybe it’s Shirogane’s execution. Monokuma is wearing a gas mask, so the execution has something to do with poison gas. The gas could be pesticide, implying this might be Gonta’s execution.  

4. The fourth one I didn’t think was an execution at first, but some people seem to think the spiderweb at the top means it’s an execution for Gonta. I also saw a great theory from @atterozen about it being a Shinguuiji execution.

  • Child: Mom tell me a bedtime story
  • Me : *coughs* This one is called "same parts."
  • People at the party and I'm wanting to dance . Other ugly-ass bitches ain't standing no chance. Dudes looking at me like they want to get in my pants. Come on, bitch, see me with 'em hands. His back on the wall. My ass on his hUMP! Grinding for a second. His stuff's getting thick. He doesn't know it, but I'm getting firm too. His boys really need to know before calling me boo.Because what you see isn't always the truth. Because, baby boy, I've got all the same parts that you do.
“I don’t want to sleep alone”

Summary: It’s late at night and you’re struggling to sleep, Tossing and turning and it’s not getting better. You notice Braun isn’t there, you look around the house and finally found him and beg him to come sleep with you.

  • Warning: Fluff
  • Word Count: 814

Tagging: My two Braun lovers @hardcorewwetrash and @screamersdontdance

A/N- This one is dedicated to my fellow Braun loving boos they are the best and we had practically 24 hour long discussion about Braun and i loved every second of it! I tried my best to make this the cutest fluffiest/little story ever so bleeh >.


You couldn’t seem to keep your eyes closed for nothing and it was haunting you. You turn over to look at your clock and it was just barely 3am. “Braun..” you whisper in the dark. You place your hand on the other side of the bed to feel an empty blank space. You wondered if braun had just left to the bathroom but after 15 minutes passed, then an hour, you decide to get out and look for him.

You checked the bathroom but the light was off and shower curtains were closed. You creep downstairs slowly and look around the living room, still no sign of Braun. Its rare that he’s up and around especially at this time, you began to worry.

You peek into the kitchen to see Braun sitting at the island that you guys installed after moving in. He had a glass of milk to the side of his arm and the carton in front of him, you heard him let out a long sigh. You make your way behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, You placed your head against his back. “why are you awake baby?”  He slightly turned his head towards you. “ I was struggling to sleep, I don’t want to sleep alone..” you mumble against his skin. “ Why are you awake?” You tapped your fingers lightly against him. Braun was silent for a brief moment before clearing his throat. “cmere”.

He removed your hands from around his waist and turned towards you and pulled you close. “ I just hate leaving.. I know how you get when I have to go.”  Braun sighed again. You look up at him and pinch his cheeks.  “I’ll be okay i promise. Every time you come home to me i treat it as if we haven’t seen each other in 100 years. I’m glad to have you come home to me.” You stand on your tippy toes and kiss him softly. “Now come back to bed with me please or at least come lie down with me until you do have to go.” You grab his big hand and guide him from the kitchen.

He stops for a second and looks at you with a funny look, He walks closer and picks you up. “Braun!?” You struggle to get ahold of him for a second. It’s been awhile since he picked you and carried you around, it surprised you causing blood to slowly creep to your cheeks. He made it to the room you both shared and lies you down on the bed. You roll over so you’re on your side facing him, waiting for him to get in, When he does you couldn’t help but roll over on top of him making him laugh. “ And she goes in for the pin 1 2 3 and the crowd goes wild for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” you giggle. Braun smiles at you and kisses your forehead. “ you know if i tell jbl you were doing that he’s gonna get you.” Braun’s country accent slipped. “Tell him! I don’t care..” you giggle and lie your head on his chest. “I love you (Y/N)” Braun held you until you heard his breathing even out until it was light snores and soon followed suit.

You woke up to sight of braun drying off from his shower in front of you. You stared at your giant man for a good minute before getting up and hugging him. “I’m gonna miss you” You mumble into his chest. “I know baby girl I’m gonna miss you too.. I’ll try to be back as soon as possible okay?” He picks you up so you can wrap your legs around his waist.

As you both make it to the airport gate you turn into a weeping mess upset that he’s leaving but you give him his hugs and let him go. He stops just a few feet away. “Oh i almost forgot” he opened his bag and pulled out a tiny teddy bear. “I asked Bayley to send me one last week and i’m happy she did” He hands it to you, grabbing it you snuggle it closely. “I gotta go.. I love you.” Planting a kiss on your forehead, You watched as your giant teddy bear walks away.

me after all stars’ commericials: lol tatianna? who?

me after all stars’ episode one: This piece💩 is entitled “The Same Parts"🍆🍑 People👫🏽👭👬🏽 at the party🎉 and I’m wanting to dance💃🏽. Other ugly-ass bitches🐶 ain’t standing no chance❌. Dudes👴🏽🎅🏽 looking at me💁🏽 like they want to get in my pants👖. Come on, bitch, see me👀👁 with ‘em hands👐👌. His back on the wall. My ass🍑 on his hUMP! Grinding for a second🕐🕑. His stuff’s getting thick🍆😱. He doesn’t know it😏, but I’m getting firm too😂😉. His boys🤵 really need to know before calling me boo👧🏽👻. Because what you see👀👁 isn’t always the truth🤞. Because, baby👶🏽 boy👦🏽, I’ve got all the same parts that you do.🍆🍌😱

Mr D

I keep seeing the headcanon of someone going up to Mr D (usually it’s Jason) asking him to change the "one girl and one boy in a cabin" rule to “any two demigods regardless of their gender”. 

Personally I think Mr D would start laughing so hard, just really forget himself there for a second and laugh harder than he’s laughed in years before finally responding: Look Jacob, I’m the god of wine and parties. People would do orgies in my name to honor me, so what you kids get up to in your free time is up to you and I don’t give a flying fuck. But since I trust you brats about as far as I can throw Mt Olympus I guess a change is in order: no two demigods capable of producing a baby together can be alone in a cabin. There are enough of you little shits as there is and the last thing I want is you making more. Anything else if fair game.

Then he struts away, still cackling to himself, leaving behind a very flustered Jason. Piper just shrugs, not expecting anything else, but Will does a little gloating dance before trying to highfive Nico who is blushing so hard he thinks he might faint.

suntek  asked:

i love you n i don't say it enough but i really, really love you.

i spent ten fucking minutes turning myself into an icon because using an animu icon seemed weird. I love you. I don’t need to hear it every second of every hour of every day to know that you love me. You make me smile every time I’m sad and then also listen to me when I bitch about something nonsensical. Also you put up with me when I am physically upset about the meme economy of all things, even though you definitely don’t deserve to have to put up with that.

Arguably, no one should have to put up with my pretentious ass when it comes to movies I like and/or when I’m crying about the decline in meme production since 2014.

I love your passion for the things you love and you are so wonderfully talented and I wish you knew that you were. I love it when you get fired up about things that matter to you? I love how protective you are of me. Even when it’s about stupid things like a fucking idol game robbing me blind. I love your writing. Anything. Everything. I love your jokes ( even if I don’t always get them; I still think you’re funny anyways ). I love you? So much? I know when I say it, it might seem flighty but I mean it? I JUST GOTTA TELL YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY. You’re everything?

You’re my everything.

And I love you very, very much.

Peter Pan Imagine- Pixie Dust

The night will hold some of your favorite memories. For as long as you remember, Peter Pan would stop by every now and then to see you. Your nights are filled with wonder and amazement as you watch peter zip around the star filled sky. You stare longingly out your window awaiting your exuberant friend to show up. The sky is cluttered with stars and they sparkle like pixie dust in the moonlight. You see a swift movement from the corner of your eye which causes you to push open your window out of excitement.

“Peter!” you call out into the dark.

To your disappointment there was no answer, only a figment of your overactive imagination. You rest your head on your folded arms which are set on the wooden window sill. The cold night’s breeze gusts which sends a shiver down your spine. Just as you are about to close your window you take one last look at the second star from the right dreaming of going there.

“Boo!” Peter pops out from the top of your roof.

You smile at the boy as he hangs upside down peeking into your bedroom. Rushing over to him you feel your heart swell at the thought of Peter. He hasn’t stopped by in a while, and a little part of you wondered if he was bored with you.

“Hi Peter.” you blush tucking your hair behind your ear.

“I’ve missed you.” he grins innocently.

Peter floats through the air so he is now upright. His delightful crooked grin peering at you as the moon floats in the distance.

“I’ve missed you too. Where have you been?” you ask.

“oh ya know. Adventure awaits!” he giggles.

He places his foot on your window sill about to enter the toasty room. He’s only been in there a handful of times, but these memories are your favorites. He ducks into your room and takes your hand in his. His touch is soft and inviting, youthful in every way. He spins you around swiftly watching as your hair twirls along with you. You beam up at him with alluring eyes as he giggles, his jovial voice echoing in your room.

“What’s it like? To fly?” you ask peering out into the night sky.

“It’s so much fun! Nothing beats the feeling of the wind in your hair.” he cheers.

“Sounds amazing.” you sigh.

“Wanna try?” he grabs both of your hands.

Peter removes the necklace from around his neck and clutches the small satchel in his hand. He cocks an eyebrow at you waiting for you to answer. Little did you know that Peter has always wanted to take you flying but he was always too afraid to ask. Without hesitation you nod your head and Peter reaches into the bag. He smirks down at his hand, beckoning you closer with the other.

“Watch this.” he whispers in your ear.

He sprinkles the glittering pixie dust on you and before you know it your body is weightlessly lifted off of the ground. Peter once again is standing on your window sill, his hand outstretched waiting for you to join him.

“You ready? Here we go!” the two of you jump.

Peter was right, the wind in your hair is liberating. The weightless sensation makes you feel angelic. Peter watches you as you soar through the blustery night sky. Your radiant eyes sparkle in the moonlight. Never in your entire life have you felt so free, no wonder Peter loves to fly.

“Well?” he stops.

“I FEEL SO ALIVE! Thank you so much Peter!” you call out.

The two of you continue to zip around the sky. The sound of the clock tower strikes midnight signaling his time to go. Heading back to your house, you linger on the thought of going to Neverland with him. He motions for you to enter your room first and he follows. You land on the fuzzy carpet and realize you were still holding Peter’s hand.

“Peter.” you gulp.

“(y/n) there is something I have to tell you.” he runs a hand through his hair.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I want you to come with me to Neverland someday. Not today, but someday.”



“I would love that.”

“Well I suppose I should be going. Until next time my love.”

“Second star to the right.”

“Straight on ‘till morning.” you smile.

He places a small kiss on your rosy cheek. He turns and sails off into the sky. Wishing tonight was the night, you watch as he trails off to the second start to the right as it glints brightly. Far off in the distance you see his outline turn around and waive back to you. Swiftly you waive back.

“Goodnight Peter.”

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I really mean: why is ziam so in love? Why does Liam talk about Zayn like his entire world revolves around him? Why did Zayn say come on then come on to Liam and then kissed him? What happened in Vegas? Why did Zayn swallow so hard that one time as he looked at Liam from his lips to his eyes? Why did Liam signal that he would kiss Zayns boo boo? Why is Zayn all mush when Liam wraps his arm around him? Why does Zayn only want to live right next to Leeyum? Why do they melt into each other's eyes? Why did Zayn write a song about Liam? Why does Zayn insist on being so protective of Liam, even if he's just cruising on a skateboard for 2 seconds? Why do they caress each other's chins so gently? Why are they so in love?
Happy Birthday to You - Tony Stark

N/A: this is just a quickly writing bc baby boo is getting one year hotter and c’mon he deserves a life being spoiled and loved. 

May 29. It was the second most important date on your calendar, one that you couldn’t forget. And it was the reason for you to be wearing the famous red uniform of the Playboy bunny girl. You took a deep breath, giving one last look at the mirror to confirm if everything was in order and finishing applying your red lipstick. Damn it, you were anxious. The music was playing loud and you knew you were almost two hours late, but that was your plan, pretend that wouldn’t show up and then make your surprise. You knew it wasn’t just a costume party,  but you wanted to spoil your boyfriend, so there was you finally going down the stairs holding a small cake filled with red and gold candles. The lights dimmed, leaving the lighting focused just where you would walk and as soon as you entered the guests’ field of vision, it started playing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in Marilyn Monroe’s voice.

You walked slowly and sensually, adding an extra wiggle on your hips while singing along to the music and looking toward the birthday boy. Tony was standing in the middle of the ballroom, with Natasha, Steve, Rhodes and Clint beside him - probably those who helped put the small plan into action - and he seemed quite surprised. But every step you approached the expression on his face changed as if finally understanding what was happening there. The guests whistled, sang and clapped with the music, but it was when you finally stopped in front of him that everyone started screaming. You smile from ear to ear, it wasn’t a seductive smile, but a happy one.

“Make a wish, my love.” You hummed as he readily bent to blow out the candles.

“Happy birthday to me.” He said happily, taking the cake of your hands flustered and almost knocking in Steve’s shirt for delivering without notice to the super soldier. You shook your head and chuckled at his behavior, but just giving a little scream when you were pulled by your wrist and strongly embraced, with your lips being sealed in a passionate kiss “This is all for me? My present?”

You looked at Tony, his eyes sparkled the way you loved so much. Taking a deep breath to try to regain your composure, you put your hands on his chest and smiled innocently. It was written all over his body language that he had thought you wouldn’t show up at the party and that he was now completely happy and relieved to see that you just wanted to surprise him. You then bent until you could whisper in his ear, ignoring the party that was still going on and many of the guests still watching you two.

“Let me know if you decide to start.” You smiled when you noticed Tony shiver, so you slipped a hand through his hair and smirked.

“Start what?” He arched an eyebrow, deciding to act according to your provocation.

“Start to open your present, Mr. Stark.” You shrugged away from him and turned to greet Rhodes and Natasha, but soon you felt Tony’s hands on your waist and were placed on his shoulder, passing between the guests that laughed excited and were celebrating the party. You caught a glimpse of Natasha with a cell phone in hand probably filming everything, but you just pretended to complain and give small slaps on Tony’s back.

“Thank you for coming and enjoy the party!” the billionaire shouted before disappearing into the elevator with you.

Hey look! I’m not dead. Fancy that.

Super SUPER (three months late) belated entry for the Gajevy Week 2015. Couldn’t think of anything for the first prompt, so I skipped to the second. Nursing. Went ‘feeding baby’ route instead of 'fixing boo-boos.’

There’s only one thing in this world that the Iron Dragon Slayer is scared of … dropping his infant daughter. *queue the d'awwwwww’s*

Super rough sketchy sketch is rough. Just felt like doodling. No pose references used so it’s kinda … eh. But the general idea is there. I might try to do a rough ink and messy color later if I’m in the mood. Til then, enjoy!!

Body language reveals a lot, wouldn’t you agree. For example, Oscar’s illustrating with his hands, to emphasize his interpretation of Poe’s romantic feelings for Finn. Johnny, in response to Oscar, is nodding his head in agreement. It’s a submissive gesture that shows he’s attuned, supportive and responsive to Oscar; and just on a side (and less analytical) note, I’ve got to say, my babies are so sweet. Just look at them! They my boo!

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley’’s gesture, here, is one of affection. Note how he leans in and rubs Daisy side in the first gif. He’s physically reassuring her, and being supportive. Also, in the second gif, Daisy’s hand remains on John’s shoulder’s as he turns to walk towards the theater premiering SWTFA, to retain his attention and continue the physical contact between herself and John. Both gestures showed signs of affection, and that affection came across with their portrayal of Finn and Rey. This cast (actually, John, to be perfectly honest) is full sweet people, I must say.

And back to Oscar, the hand placed expressively over Oscar’s heart, tells me that he was being sincere. So when he stated that he was playing romance in regards to Finn’s interaction with Poe, based on his body language, I’d wager a Republic credit that he was being absolutely honest.

So, there you have it.

(Gifs were created by talented SWTFA giffers, may the force be with them)

mtv the show prerecording - 150120

two recordings of “déjà-boo” finished for mtv the show. first: jonghyun did with one rehearsal and one take. second: he needed three takes because they used glitter!

jonghyun was posing ready to start and fans were yelling: “fighting~!” jonghyun couldn’t talk because he was on standby so he was nod, nod, nodding.

fans were squealing: “wah, so good looking, so good looking! wah, wah, so handsome!” and jonghyun suddenly got embarrassed and grinned all flustered.

for this week jonghyun will wear the yellow jacket and, for next week, the purple one. (in performances of “déjà-boo”.)

he was in a really good mood.

when he was waiting for the first rehearsal people were screaming “cool” and “handsome” and someone screamed “cute” and he laughed. ㅋㅋ (s/n: he prerecorded a handful of performances for both this and next week’s episodes of “mtv the show”.) (source: lilfreakmin0923 / _misnaa)

I’m skimming through S4 and honestly this scene makes me laugh my goddamn ass off every single fucking time, because what the fuck

Emma and Hook start to hug, cause ya know, that’s what you do when you’re trying to reassure your boo that you aren’t going dark

And then Snowing start fucking talking, legitimately 3 feet away from both Henry AND Captain Swan, about shit no one is supposed to know. AND THEY TALK FOR 29 SECONDS??? WHAT? (NO HONESTLY IT’S 29 SECONDS EXACTLY I CHECKED) 

And then WIDE SHOT and Emma fucking looks into the camera like she’s on The Office like no joke who the fuck blocked this scene?? What idiot was like “Yes, this blocking makes perfect sense!” CS hugs for literally wAY too long and Snowing has no concept of discretion apparently. I literally cannot watch this scene without laughing my goddamn ass off, it’s so ridiculous 


theme! Early stuff.  This is from 2007, I think it’s the earliest one on youtube (… I have not done an exhaustive search.  But I’ve lost way too many hours down that general rabbit hole.)  And it’s enjoyable enough that I have watched it multiple times, but the interesting thing about it is really how much he improved.  Relatively quickly - he’s so much better already even in the pre-Glee gig shows - but just in phrasing, both guitar-wise and vocally, in fluency of letting go the guitar for a few seconds to adjust the mic, in things that random ‘boo boo boo’ bit near the end, trying to add little bits is nice but what is that particular one doing there?  Well, you learn.  If you’re lucky mostly not on camera.  (… and if you’re super lucky you are on camera at all by the end.)

Anyway.  The song itself’s still interesting enough that I’d look it up, like, after an open mic thing like this.  (And it would’ve died probably in one of my several waves of computer migration.  And I’d never be able to find it again.  Yep, there’s music from my college I’m thinking of!)  Medusa’s child preserved her former looks / she kept her out of all the storybooks / just to get back at all of the men / who had tried time and time again / to claim the right of her demise and end.  Mythology (that isn’t quite right, the Muses are daughters of Zeus, it’s Pegasus that’s an offspring of Medusa, and the Hippocrene spring which inspires poets and I am such a nerd omg but that’s why I’m interested - reimagining Medusa and the Muses are close enough), and implication of a story or two in there, and some oddly catchy phrasing.  (Demise and end.  Are the same.  One would think, and yet, it works.)

Of course the song’s sooo much better later on.  Even more so visually than sound-wise - I kept clicking away from the video above to write this ramble, leaving it playing in the other tab, and I’d find that so much harder to do with a more recent video.  But I kind of love this-is-where-it-starts, I feel conflicted about narrativizing real life even like this because we all know where that can go, but… it is a nice story, anyway, and not too much of one.

Operation Cardinal

So this is the second installment of Her verse that I’ve not entitled “Her ….”. As the first one was Roland-centric (Unbidden), this one focuses on Henry, the big brother all of us wish we’d had. It’s the continuation to yesterday’s @cherishthepeanut entry, Her Hair

Hope you enjoy!

Henry smiles as he looks things over, noting that everything and everyone seem to be right where they need to be. Some look nervous, others are laughing, and he gives his mother a quick nod as she taps her watch and hands Boo over to David before taking center stage. He slides his toboggan over his ears and gives it a firm tug as he walks out the door to Granny’s Diner and back into March’s bluster. His scalp tingles as the wind practically knocks his bicycle out of his grasp.

There were days he thinks that travelling by broom could actually come in handy.

He pedals back home, fighting the wind all the way, and he decides then and there that he’ll just drive everyone back to Granny’s. Robin’s far more likely to turn the car keys over to him than his mom is, and he is a licensed driver now.

He finds both his step-dad and Meri in the kitchen playing Connect Four, and he smiles at his sister’s boisterous squeal as she pumps her fists in triumph.

“Beat you again, Daddy,” Merida beams. Robin tosses his arms in the air and looks at Henry in mock resignation.

“I can’t beat her,” he says as he begins to put the game pieces away.

“Neither can I,” Henry states. “And I’ve been playing Connect Four since I was a kid.”

“Your mother would argue that you are still a kid,” Robin tosses back as he stands and reaches for his jacket.

“She also pretends that I don’t have to shave and still need help picking out my own clothes,” Henry says, earning himself a nod from Robin. “Are you ready?”

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