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Steve and Bucky seeing what people call gangsters today and talk about the Irish and Italian mafia when they were growing up and how they got some money during hard times for doing some runs for the mafia

“Huh.”  Steve looks over to Bucky where he sits curled up in a deep, cozy papasan chair. “I don’t think we qualify anymore, Buck.”

Bucky hummed, cheeks stuffed full of popcorn.  

“I’m sorry, what?” Sam leaned forward in his seat. “You don’t qualify as what anymore?”  The anticipation on his face was incredible.

Bucky shrugged.  “’Snothin’. Steve n’I just did odd jobs back in the day.  Had to make ends meet, you know how it is.” 

Clint narrowed his eyes.  “Wait.  Waitwaitwait. Odd jobs.” He looked at the screen to the rolling credits of the movie they’d just watched and back to Steve and Bucky.  “Oh my God.  Is that your way of saying you were Old-Timey Gangsters?”

It was Steve’s turn to shrug.  “Not really.  Sort of. –I mean.  Officially, legally.  Illegally.  Yeah.”

Oh my God.”  Steve was pretty sure Sam was going to have a heart attack. “Why did I not know this?!”

Bucky wriggled around so he could face Sam better.  “It was prohibition for us.  People were still drinkin’.  Steve needed medicine and an honest job didn’t pay as much as we needed. So.”  He shrugged.

“So I managed logistics and Bucky did the literal heavy lifting. Not really that big a deal.” 

Clint was grinning a mile wide.  “This is so much better than I could imagine.  Steve, you had mob connections.”  


Bucky hummed.  

What?!”  Sam squeaked.  

Steve made a defenseless gesture.  “Families like that have long memories.  They know I’m alive.”  He nodded towards the bar.  “You think I buy my liquor?”

Bucky grinned.  “You always did ingratiate yourself.” He looked at Sam.  “He was their best-selling supplier Brooklyn had.  They owe him; he helped keep them in business long enough for for prohibition to end and for them to make real money.”  Bucky held up his glass and let Dum-E cart it over to the bar, smiling wickedly.  “Another whiskey.”  

Just Friends? (Christian Yu SMUT)

Pairing: Christian Yu x Reader (DPR Founder/Ex C-Clown member)

Warnings: heavy on the smut. Calling him Oppa (idk that might trigger people) really minor angst with a happy ending.

Word count: 3568 (I can’t believe it either guys, I thought it’d be a short one.)

Summary: Friends with unspoken mutual feelings have fun on the couch but realize that there is much more to talk about.


You were never really ‘just friends.’

The way you both looked at each other from time to time would already confirm that you weren’t. Not to mention the sleeping and cuddling together, the stares or the subtle touches. It was obvious both of you had feelings for each other. Yet neither of you had the balls to actually take it to the next stage.

He got jealous whenever you were around other men, and so did you when he had one of those music video shoots where all of these girls on set have a hunger for Christian and the fame that came with him. But when you or him ever got mad out of jealousy, the argument was always brushed off because the obvious question would linger. “Why are you even jealous, we’re not together are we?”

Every time you heard or said those words something inside of you would just break. Why couldn’t you just open your damn mouth and tell Christian how you really feel. Because you’re scared he’ll be done with you after he tests the waters? He’ll eventually get bored and leave right? So if you keep him at an arms length, but still close enough to hold, then that won’t happen… right?

“Stop thinking” you quietly mumble to yourself. You knelt down in front of your TV to connect it to your laptop.

“What?” Christian asked.

“Uh- Stupid thing.” You quickly ‘repeat’ yourself.

Christian was on the couch, patiently waiting, enjoying the view of your ass basically hanging out of your too short shorts. You didn’t even notice as you were so deep in thought, fumbling with a few cables that would connect your laptop to the TV and sound system.

Christian laid himself down on the couch sideways, supporting his head with his hand, watching your every move. “Need a hand?” he says amused biting his bottom lip.

“Nah, I’ve got it” you say getting up. You turn around to look at him seeing he was already laying down on your couch. It’s like his body was presented to you on a silver platter, but you quickly get those thoughts out of your head diverting your attention to the smug grin on his face.

“You better not fall asleep; I’m not watching Naruto while you snore.” You say throwing a pillow at his face which he oh so conveniently catches, putting it behind his head for support.

“I promise I won’t, c’mere” he says holding out his hand. You walk towards him swatting his hand away. He chuckles as you do so. You sit down in front of his torso and lean back folding your legs over each other. The intro ended and just as you wanted to start focusing, he grabs your arm and slowly pulls you down with him.

“We’ll both be more comfortable this way” he nonchalantly states, pulling you closer as he put out his arm for you to rest your head on. His other arm wraps around your waist after he brushed your hair out of your face.

“Comfy?” he asks. “Yes” you lie.

How could you possibly be comfortable with all of this sexual tension and unspoken frustration. How could you even concentrate on the damn anime like this? Your head was close enough to Christians chest to hear his heartbeat over the speaker sounds.

Your hands. What the fuck do you do with your hands. You awkwardly intertwined your fingers so you wouldn’t be tempted to touch him more than you already wanted to.

“Are you cold?” he asks grabbing your hands. “Jesus they’re freezing Y/n, let me get a blanket.” He said before you could answer the question.

A blanket? Sure let’s share the damn blanket.

You’re not cold. Your insides are at a dangerously high temperature every time he touches you. You were everything but cold, even though your hands state otherwise.

He quickly got up, pausing the anime, and got back just as fast with your favorite beige fleece fluffy blanket. He laid back down, grabbing your arm again to get you to lay back down with him. He sweetly caresses your hair and covers both of you with the blanket. It was soft and warm. Just like Christian.

“Better?” he asks bringing his hand down your waist again where it was before. You look up at him and nod giving him a shy smile, hiding your face in his arm.

He chuckled kissing the top of your head.

Like that you watched Naruto, with every minute that passed you started to feel more and more comfortable in Christian’s arms, because of that, the tension in your body left as well. You were able to relax. Sometimes as Christian would adjust his hold on you the tension came back, but it left quickly afterwards. It was like this was how it was supposed to be.

After a while you find yourself not paying much attention to your TV anymore, you started to lightly trace Christians tattoo’s on his underarm with your index finger.

Little did you know that Christian hadn’t been paying attention to the TV either. He was in a trance just like you, watching you retrace your path on his tattoo’s every now and then, making random circles on his skin, or writing things. Things he didn’t feel good enough to know what you were writing, but to him it was sweet and endearing. Your soft touches felt good, your touch was just the right amount of ticklishness and softness mixed together.

He inhaled and exhaled strongly, which was just enough to get you out of your trance. As you snap out of it you immediately stop your movements as you look up at the television screen to see that the credits were rolling. Your eyes widen as you feel Christian’s hand creep up under your shirt onto your stomach. His hand was warm and soft on your skin.

“Why did you stop” he whispers in your ear. “It felt good” he started to teasingly trace his fingers around your belly button and all you could do was hold your breath. You didn’t even notice your hand was tightly holding his other hand on the arm you were resting your head on.

His finger went lower, he teasingly stopped at the hem of your panties, and stroked his fingers back up to your belly button.

You were ticklish and sensitive, and didn’t really know what was happening. Was this going to be the day where that damn barrier between the two of you was going to be broken? And all it took was a little Naruto?

You hold your breath but can’t keep it in anymore as he brings his lips closer to your ear. “Does that feel good to you?” he asks whispering in your ear, planting a wet kiss in your neck.

You whimper as he takes his hand from up under your shirt. Losing all contact to your skin.

He smirked to himself and suddenly put his hand over your clothed heat. Like a reflex your hand quickly grabs his wrist down there, stopping him from moving his hand any further.

Your eyes dart to his dark ones, the look in his eyes is one you hadn’t seen before. They were dark and full of lust. His sweetness disappeared too by the looks of it.

“What, you don’t want me there?” he asks cocking his head sideways. “Not even like this?” he says stretching his index finger in between your clothed folds teasingly rubbing your clit a little.

“I-ahh-Christian…” you moan his name trying to close your thighs.

“Yes or No?” he says with hunger in his eyes.

You don’t even dare to hesitate. “Yes”

That word was like music to his god damn ears. He quickly turned you on your back throwing the blanket on the floor, taking his arm from up under your head and supporting his own weight with it as his other hand disappeared under your panties.

“So wet” he breathes attacking your lips with his while his fingers dance around your clit.

You moan into his mouth, giving his tongue an invitation to play with yours. You hungrily kiss him back. Your hands disappear into his hair, tugging at it as the intense pleasure overcame you. You feel his finger work its magic inside of you, moaning loudly into his mouth as he inserts a second finger into you, pumping you at a faster pace.

“Oppa-I’m” you can’t even finish your sentence as your walls clench around his fingers. You throw your head back, giving Christian the opportunity to suck on your sweet spot in your neck. Your moans got caught in your throat as you find your release. Your juices start to flow as your body shocks from the much needed orgasm.

“God you’re so fucking hot when you cum baby” he says biting your earlobe.

Just when you thought you could finally breathe again, Christian gets up from the couch in one swift move, removing his shirt showing his just right sculpted upper body. When his shirt fell to the floor he took off your clothes, only leaving your panties in a matter of seconds.

“You look so good baby…” he says admiring the view, kneading your breasts with both hands. He got on top of you, taking your left breast into his mouth while playing with your other breast, sometimes slightly pinching your nipple.

You were a mewling mess under him. You could feel his bulge press onto your stomach which made everything so much more intense. You wanted him inside of you, but he quickly grabbed your hands and put them above your head when you tried to get your fingers on the hem of his sweat shorts.

“No baby, I haven’t even tasted you yet” he says smirking down at you. He lifted himself off of you, kissing you again with a little less desperation than before, as if he found the comfort of knowing that you weren’t going anywhere, and you were his for the moment, or moments to come.

“Christian I need you…in me” you pant after your lips detached. “Soon” he says sweetly putting a strand of lost hair behind your ear.

His sweet demeanor quickly disappeared as he roughly turned you on your stomach, smacking your right ass cheek harder than you expected. You squeak as his hand landed on your bum.

“Ass up, face down, hands together between your tits” he demands with a low voice.

You quickly do as he says. You liked this, you’ve never been bossed around with sex like this before, and the mixture of sweet Christian and dominant Christian was turning you on even more if that was even possible.

You couldn’t see him.

The darkness in your living room made it easier to concentrate on sound. You waited for a few seconds but all you could hear was soft sounds of Christian readjusting himself on the couch.

Your eyes widen when you suddenly feel your panties being moved aside when a warm tip pushes against your entrance softly. “I-I thought I had to wait” you say trying to look back at him.

“You do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tease you.” He says spreading your liquids between your folds with his tip. It was driving you absolutely insane how he would lightly brush against your clit. The friction felt good, but it wasn’t enough.

“Ch-Christian please.” You almost beg. Your voice was cracking and raspy. Your mouth was dry from all the screaming and moaning from just a minute ago.

Just like that he removed his tip from you, again leaving you without any contact to your skin. The loss of touch made you groan in frustration.

“So impatient” he says caressing your upper back to your lower back with just his fingertips. His fingers reached the hem of your panties and he pulls them down. You help him by lifting your knees up off the couch for him, waiting for whatever he had planned next.

You hear him take another position, but since you can’t see what he’s doing, your anticipation lingered.

Suddenly you feel his arms wrap around your torso pulling you down. You let out a little yelp as you feel his mouth envelop around your heat. You sit up out of shock and the intense pleasure he was giving you, fucking you with his tongue. His hands were still on your waist as he ate you out.

Your hands grab onto his, not knowing what to do because you’ve never done this before. You tried lifting yourself off of him, but he made you take it, keeping you in place with his hands still firmly placed on your sides.

He stops for a second. “Does that feel good baby?” you nod furiously covering your mouth trying to mute your moans a little, thinking of your poor neighbors at this hour. He kept going, flicking his tongue faster against your clit, making you go crazy as you reached your high again.

You screamed out his name as your whole body shocked, as if he sensed it, he quickly got up from under you to catch you as your body fell numb. He placed you on the couch softly, kissing your lips ever so gently wiping two tears from your eyes with his thumbs.

You didn’t even notice the tears. You didn’t even notice he was completely naked. You tried to calm yourself down, trying to take in the view of this beautiful man.

“Shhh it’s okay, are you okay? How do you feel? Do I have to stop?” His questions seemed to come all at once, but you couldn’t answer him as you were still trying to calm your breathing down.

“Baby answer me” he says still worried.

You close your eyes, trying to regain composure. Baby huh, you liked your new nickname.

“Your turn” you say, opening your eyes.

“What?” he asks confused. “I said, your turn” you say getting up. You push his chest against the couch making him sit up straight. His eyes followed you like a hawk. You got down on your knees, sitting between his legs on the floor, that’s when he finally realized what you were up to.  Taking his length in your hands you slowly started pumping him, attaching your mouth to his balls, sucking on them slowly.

He threw his head back, obviously enjoying the sensation. He moaned softly when you attached your mouth on his tip, licking and sucking on just the right pace.

“Oh fuck baby, just like that” he moaned gathering your hair together as if he was making a ponytail, slowly making you go deeper on him, following every head bop with his hand pulling on your hair.

You smiled. Fully content with yourself. You’re a big girl, you can handle yourself. You might not be the most experienced lover, but you did know how to make a man want to return to you.

You took all of him, letting his tip hit the back of your throat. You took him like a fucking champion, focusing on trying not to gag while you let him fuck your throat slowly.

His hands let go of your hair and grabbed his own.

“Fuck baby…” is all he could say. Various types of groans and moans were escaping his lips, making sure you knew how much he loved what you were doing.

You knew when the timing was right, so you detached your mouth from his length and climbed on top of him on the couch. You put your knees beside his legs, guiding him to your entrance.

You made eye contact with him. His eyes had a different vibe to them now, it wasn’t just lust anymore was it? Was it…love?

You couldn’t think as you guided himself into you. You could feel the soreness already. Both of you let out a groan as your walls tighten around his length. He filled you up perfectly. This was what you wanted from the start. This incomparable feeling.

His arms enveloped you into a hug as you rest your head into the crook of his neck. You start to slowly move on his cock. The friction was just right. It wasn’t too intense like before; it was just right.

You moan, sucking and biting on the skin of his neck.

As you both got more used to the feeling of each other, your pace started to quicken. You bounced up and down on him a little faster, his arms which where so securely holding you, went down to lightly grab your thighs.

“Oppa you feel so good inside of me” you say in a raspy breathy voice.

All he did was answer you with a groan, throwing his head back. You were getting tired, and he noticed as your pace started to slow down. Just like that he put you down with your back to the couch and started fucking you with your legs up on his shoulders, you could feel him deeper inside of you like this. Your moans started to turn into mewls again and by the increase of Christian’s groans you knew he was close as well.

He fastened his pace, putting your legs down beside his. After a few more deep and hard thrusts he came, and so did you. He rode out his high while the both of you try to catch your breaths.

A wave of exhaustion washed over you as he pulled out. He grabbed a tissue from your coffee table, cleaning you up and his tip as well.

You closed your eyes, not wanting this moment to end, unsure of what he might say next. Or what this meant to your ‘friendship.’

He sighed, putting your panties back onto you, grabbing his t-shirt and helping you put it on. You felt more secure with some clothes on now. You watch him slip into his boxers and sit down next to you.

You pulled your knees up to your chest making eye contact with him as he sat in front of you taking your hand in his, rubbing his thumb against the back of your hand, lost in thought.

He knew he was the one who was going to have to say something, cause you sure as hell weren’t going to.

“Y/n” he eventually says.

You look up meeting his gaze.

“I’m more of a man than this” he says.

You raise your eyebrows, confused to his words. “What do you mean?” you ask for clarification. This certainly wasn’t what you were expecting him to say. Did he honestly think he did a bad job or something?

“I mean that” he paused biting his lip. “I should not have taken advantage of you like that, knowing we have so much to talk about regarding our obvious feelings for each other, I just didn’t know how.” He confesses.

You’re dumbfounded not knowing what to say. You wanted him just as bad as he wanted you in that way.

“Christian.” You start, but that’s how you end, you don’t even know what you wanted to say next.

“No, It’s okay, I understand if you don’t want to see me again. My judgment was clouded by the lust I have for you. It was wrong and we shouldn’t have but- “

“Whoa there.” You cut him off. “I fucked you back just as much as you fucked me. I never told you to stop or anything because I wanted this too.” You say. He looked down, trying to avoid your eyes.

“Christian I-I think I kind of love you” you say. There. You said it. It’s out there. No taking it back now.


What type of confession is that? You think, you kind of love him?”

His eyes dart to yours in shock. Shit. Did you just scare him off? Did you just fuck everything up then and there on your own?

He opened his mouth to say something but then closes it again. You just keep looking at him, straight into his eyes. You didn’t know where the rush of confidence came from to do so, but you might as well be butt naked right now, you had nothing to lose anymore.

He closed his eyes taking a deep breath. “I think…I kind of love you too Y/n.” he says smiling shyly.

“The only problem is that I never told you because I don’t know how to relationship.” He says shrugging.

You exhale out of relief. “Oh my god these were the most intense thirty minutes of my life.” You say yawning as the exhaustion comes flooding back.

Christian smiles at you pulling you into his arms, caressing your hair while tightly hugging you.

You close your eyes, resting your head on his shoulder. “Let’s talk about how to relationship tomorrow okay?” you say sleepily yawning again keeping your eyes closed.

He smiled picking you up bridal style, carrying to your bedroom, softly placing you on the bed. He turned off the light and went back to the bed to lay back down with you. He rested his head on a pillow. Relieved with how much weight was lifted off of his shoulders right now. You rolled to his side, resting your head on his chest, hugging his torso.

He kissed your forehead, putting your blanket over you so you wouldn’t be cold, just like he did every time he stayed over.

Tonight was different though, because tonight meant that tomorrow your future together would finally start.


(A/N) I really hoped y’all liked this, I was contemplating whether to write a smut or not since I barely write anything anymore, but I feel like I see Christian Yu everywhere lately, and with that comes a bunch of lusting ladies. But checking his tag on Tumblr I noticed there weren’t much scenarios or smuts on him. If anyone has any requests I will happily take them! Again excuse my awful writing, it’s three in the morning. 

By the way I really hope this guy doesn’t have a tumblr and searches himself cause this was ungodly.

Sleepover? [Yugyeom x reader]

request by junghoseokswifey The s/o getting flirty while doing the dishes was great thank you! 💗 I also wanted to cleanse my soul after reading that. So can you do a yugyeom fluff like it is his first time sleeping over at your apartment and you guys wake up and just fluff everywhere..Thanks

a/n this is such a pure request. I did this as a combo request sice their was an anon who wanted a pillow fort. Yugyeom is my babyy so I had a lot of fun writing this. Thank you for the love!! ~ xoxo JJ (p.s the image is not mine)

genre: (super) fluff 

You and Yugyeom had only been together for three months. But every second was like being in a fairytale. You went to the park for picnics, you held hands by the river, he won you stuffed animals at the amusement park, you made him chocolate milkshakes and it was bliss. Tonight the two of you built a pillow fort on the floor of your apartment and even strung pretty fairy lights across the top. Your plan was to watch a scary movie together. It was already 8:00pm and you hadn’t even started the movie. You were both so absorbed in playing in your fort and basically just looking at each other for the last two hours.

“Should we start watching?” You said. “I almost forgot we were even here to watch a movie.” He said laughing. You put on the movie and it was really scary. You kept jumping and hiding in Yugyeom’s arms and he tried to hide how happy it made him since you couldn’t hug like this in public or in front of his hyungs; but it didn’t work because his smile couldn’t be contained. “It’s not even that scary [Y/n].You’re such a cute baby.” As he says that a scary pop-up came up and he yelled “Oh my god!” And buries himself in your hair. You give him a judgemental look rasing your eyebrows at him. He returns your looks hitting you softly with a  pillow.

The two of you eventually finished the movie and were tightly holding each other as the credits came on the screen. He looked at you still cuddling you in his arms then he quickly kissed you on the nose, which made you blush. “I should probably go home.” He said and let go of you, getting up but, having to stay on his knees since the top of your tent was so low. But he then peaked through the blankets that formed the walls of your fort and into the dark living room looking out the window. “It’s kind of dark out there.” He said with a slightly worried, but slightly teasing voice.Well yeah it’s like 11pm pabo~” You say playfully hitting him. “Not that the movie was scary. But all the events happened at night and it said it was based on a true story so…” He looked at you and bit his lip, a habit he displayed when he was nervous. 

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Me: *scanning items*

Customer: *silent*

Me: *tells customer the total*

Customer: *looks at screen, silently*

Customer: *swipes credit card, you guessed it, silently*

*more silence*
*receipt prints out*

Me: *handing receipt to customer* Have a good d—“


Movie Night (Jughead X Reader)

summary- The reader is new to town and she is a movie geek. She meets Jughead and convinces him to watch them with her. A romance is formed. 

warnings- fluff

requested- yes! 

A/N- I’ve been gone forever!! So sorry… But I’ve been busy. Anyways, I hit 1K!! Im so happy! Thank you all!

Riverdale. A new town. A new life. 

You had been in Riverdale for about a month. You had made some good friends. The gang, as people liked to call them… And now you were a part of it.

You were happy, you didn’t have many friends where you came from. So, having a group of loving friends felt like a breath of fresh air.

“So you have never seen jaws?” You asked Jugehad, amazed. 

You were sitting at a booth at Pops waiting for your other friends to arrive. 

“Ya.” he replied.

“Why?” You asked, a huge smile plastered onto your face.

He shrugged, “More of a book guy.” 

“Are you serious!?” You exclaimed, throwing your hands up.

Jughead chuckled and nodded. 

You nudged him in the shoulder. 

“My place. 6 o'clock. You’re going to watch all the movies you missed out on.” You said.

“You sure are straightforward for the new girl.” He said, sipping his milkshake. 

You gave him a playful smile.

You had never really had a crush before… But Jughead was definitely one. You had only been here for a month but, you had to make a move… Tonight. 

Once it was 6 and Jughead had arrived, you took him to your room where you had a projector set up.

“We so could have done this at the drive in if it was still open.” Jughead stated as he plopped onto your bed and kicked off his shoes and jacket. 

You eyed him, “The what?”

“A drive in movie place… I used to work there… But it got torn down.” 

You scoffed at him for a moment, “So, you mean to tell me, you worked at a movie place and you never saw these movies?” 

He shook his head. 

You made an ‘omg’ shaped with your mouth and then went over to the projector to start ‘Jaws’. 

Once it started, you plopped onto the bed beside Jughead and got comfortable. 

It was a bit awkward, sitting in a bed with your crush, but it was alright. 

As the movie progressed, you started to inch closer to Jughead and he did the same. 

You got close enough to him so your could lay your head on his shoulder. 

He tensed, but then relaxed and continued to watch. 

You looked up a him, raven hair, bright eyes and a lovely smile. 

You just wanted to-

He looked at you. 

He saw you looking at him. 


He hesitated for a moment and then…

 His lips moved down to touch yours in a light kiss. 

You were stunned, and didn’t move for a moment. You then broke apart. 

“S-Sorry.” He stammered.

His cheeks were flushed with pink and he picked his fingernails. 

“It’s ok.” You whispered, it was all you could get out. 

And you leaned back into him, kissing him a bit harder this time. 

You could feel him smile against your lips.

You kissed him for a little while longer and then broke away. 

You looked over at the movie screen, the credits were starting. 

“Good movie?” You asked, giggling.

“Fantastic movie.” 

TrekFest 2017

Word Count: 2453
Tags: @outside-the-government@dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda, @kirkaholic123, @curiosity-killed-the-speedster, @starmission @emmkolenn @sugarshai, @engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso @southernbellestatues
Prompt: @kingarthurscat (who I can’t tag?!) requested the following: how about something with “Are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?”

It had been a long six months, and you were finally on shore leave. The newly launched USS Archer, on her maiden mission, had been everything you’d hoped your first cruise would be. Loads of opportunity to make first contact with early warp civilizations, and a lot of diplomatic missions that excited you. The Archer was following in the not-so-distant wake of the Enterprise, finalizing agreements that had been initiated by the famous and sometimes notorious Captain Kirk and his crew. It had been hard word, rewarding, interesting and an experience you would remember as you built your career.

But now, now it was shore leave, and you were ready to blow off some steam. First, an official gathering. A diplomat, even a relatively new one, couldn’t start shore leave without a quick liason with the brass. As you got ready for the evening, you were just grateful that because you were on a Federation base, you would wear civilian clothing. Made the sanctioned event feel slightly less work-related. 

You slipped a classic little black dress over your head, shimmying it over your hips and adjusting the cowl neck to allow an appropriate shoulder-to-cleavage ratio. You fixed your make-up quickly, fluffed your hair and double-checked your appearance in the mirror. You looked amazing.

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Moon of My Life

Member: Jun
Word Count: 2535

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Junhui shouted beside you, almost knocking the half empty bowl of popcorn off of his lap. “THEY CAN’T JUST END IT THERE, CAN THEY? I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” he looked back and forth between you and the dark screen rolling credits in front of him.

“That’s Game of Thrones for you, babe.” you smiled, reaching over to hang onto his shoulder. You had spent the whole week binge watching the show from the moment you woke up until the wee hours of the morning with him. You had a lot of seasons to get through, and now you were officially caught up. You had already seen all of it, but Jun hadn’t. However he was hooked right from the beginning, and you enjoyed watching someone else go through all the excitement and pain of the show for the first time.

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Bad Movie Night (a little touch-starved, pining boyf riends one-shot)

For those of you that wanted it (looking at you guys, @be-more-boyf-riends @girlwithacardigan @ijustgotintobemorechillsoyeah @ramidmalek !!!), HERE is the little fic!! (Putting most of it under a readmore because it’s sorta long!)


“I’m cold.”

“Dude, it’s the middle of May and my air conditioning is shit.”

“And…your point?

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anonymous asked:

I just love the fact that Magnus' clothes are so very real to who he is, if that makes sense. Sometimes the term "glittery", or full of glitter, or saying he leaves glitter everywhere, especially in fanfics is so tiring to read/hear, because oftenly people seem to reduce who he is to this, even when there are so many interesting layers regarding him as a whole.

I agree! I disliked the way his clothes were described in the books; it was over the top and made it clear cc had no idea what fashion even was. a lot of this has carried over into fan fic which is irritating but at the same time i blame the books for emphasizing it so much.

magnus on the show is elegant, but also has edges of eccentricity that makes him stand out, and i love it. i love that they add hints of shimmer and shine to him with things like rhinestones, metal detailing, and snakeskin without dousing him in hilarious amounts of glitter. his color choices are bold and rich, but not obnoxiously colorful, and i like that his makeup choices are similar.

everything about him speaks of a man who has refined his tastes over centuries, not for the sake of those around him but strictly for himself. wardrobe honestly did such a great job rendering his look for the screen and they deserve all the credit in the world.



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A/N: Sad to say there’s little to none of pervy Ben in this chapter but we do get a rather fluffy Ben who’s too cute for his own good along with a third wheel Hux….which sounds funny but whatever, here’s the new CB! Enjoy and thank you for reading! Feed back is welcomed :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 4K+

“Thanks for joining me today.” Taking a sip of your drink from the straw, you gave Ben a smile. “I mean, I don’t mind going alone but since I went a little wild on shopping I at least had you to hold my bags.” Shrugging, Ben’s eyebrows raised as he let out a small gasp.

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30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Four: On a date

Note: Fluff :D

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1155

Today was (Y/N)’s first day off in a long time. She decided since her and Bucky has never went on a date that today would be the perfect day to do it. She had on a nice outfit, but she couldn’t find Bucky anywhere, causing her to worry about him. “Steve?” She asked walking out to the communal kitchen where he was making some lunch for everyone. “Have you seen Bucky?” She asked frowning when he shook his head. “No, I haven’t seen him since yesterday.” He answered as a dark worry formed in the bottom of her stomach when she bit her lip. “Alright, if you see him please tell me. I’m worried we are supposed to go out soon.” She said before walking towards the elevator. She went down to the gym room looking around, but she saw nothing causing that worrying feeling to grow.

She was just about to leave when she heard heavy breathing in the supply closet as she quickly went over and opened the door. Bucky immediately jerked away covering his head as he sobbed something in Russian as (Y/N)’s eyes widened. “Bucky, Bucky, Baby. It’s me. It’s (Y/N).” She said gently taking his hands in her own. He finally peeled open his eyes before he looked up to her in shock as she bit her lip seeing his disheveled attire. “Baby, what happened?” She asked in a soothing voice before running her fingers through his hair. She knew that was the way to calm him down, gentle contact in order to show in that he was okay. “(Y/N)?” He asked looking up at her, she noticed the worry and confusion glittering in his irises.

“Yeah, it’s me Bucky.” She bent down so she was beside him when she placed a hand onto his face as he leaned against her hand. His skin was hot compared to her hand so it was nice to have that when he sighed in relief before she smiled. “Are you okay?” She asked as he nods softly. “I don’t know what happened… I was in the living room with everyone, but I was hearing words that they would say to me. I… I felt like I was gonna snapped. I couldn’t find you and everything just went dark.” He mumbled sighing softly as she leaned to him before kissing his forehead. “I’m sorry Baby, I must have been taking a shower.” She sighed. “It’s not your fault… I shouldn’t rely on you, but I couldn’t calm myself down.” He laid his head onto her shoulder.

“It’s okay love. I told you before that I don’t mind helping you. You think you can go out?” She asked softly as he shook his head. “Okay, how about I order us something to eat and we go to your room, maybe watch a movie?” She asked as he looked at her cracking a smile. “I don’t mind if we go out or stay in as long as I’m with you.” She said as his arm wrapped around her waist causing her to giggle before she stands up offering out her hands. He glanced to his left hand for a moment before he took both of her hands in his own as she helped him stand up. “Any movie in particular you wanna watch?” You asked as he shrugs. “Nothing romantic, and right now action movies aren’t to be messed with.” He said as she nods walking out with him.

“Hmm… Alright, I’ll think of something.” She said as Bucky nods leaning most of his weight against her, he still seems out of touch at the moment. She has a hand on his chest right over his heart and the other is wrapped in a firm grip around his waist. She led him up to the communal living room as everyone looks over before she laughs because he’s made fun of every single movie she’s suggested. “Fine. How about the goonies?” She asked leading him back to his room as he quirks an eyebrow. “Never heard of that one.” He said as she grins. “I guess we’ll watch it. It’s more of an adventure than action.” She said as he nods. “Alright.” He shrugs as she helps him lay down onto his bed when he lets out a small sigh.

“How do you feel about having Chinese tonight?” She asked as he nods. “Sounds good to me.” He watched her walk over to the bathroom to call as he got the movie set up. He looked over to see her talking before a smile spread across his face, he didn’t deserve her not at all. Yet here she was, helping him and loving him like he was everything to her. He looked down to his hand when his eyes fluttered closed before he heard her footsteps come back into the room. He shuddered feeling her fingers run through his hair before she slowly pulls it into a bun. “Thanks.” He mumbled before they laid down onto the bed as the trailers to other movies start. “You’re welcome.” She smiled softly to him before too long Tony told them about their food.

“I’ll get it.” Bucky started to sit up when she stops him. “No, I’ll get you rest okay? You can even start the movie. I’ve seen it over a hundred times.” She got up before going out as Bucky starts the movie. She went downstairs and paid before returning seeing Bucky already invested into the movie causing her to grin. She handed him his boxes before she started eating as they both stared at the TV commenting here and there to get a laugh out of the other. Soon she heard his breathing slow down when she noticed he had fallen asleep as she smiles softly. She threw away the empty boxes before she helped him under the covers as she leans down kissing his forehead. She was about to walk away before suddenly she felt his hand take hers as he squeezes it gently.

She turns back to look at him before suddenly he yanks her down onto his chest as she squeaks. She immediately covers her mouth looking up to see he was still asleep as she looks to the credits rolling up the screen. She shuts off the TV before his arms wrapped tightly around her body when she tried to move causing her face to light up in a dark red hue. She cleared her throat trying to pull away when his fingers dug into her shirt as he buried his face into her neck. “Okay okay… Good night Buck.” She whispered turning so that she could lay her head onto the other pillow while his laid against her neck. She smiles softly running her fingers softly through his hair one last time before her eyes fluttered closed and she fell asleep in his warm embrace.

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Nap dates (Hyungwon Fluff)

Words: 1.4K

Genre: Fluff

Paring: Hyungwon x Reader (Gender neutral)

A/N: Just a short fic for valentines day :) hope you all enjoy

This also has a beautiful matching moodboard made by the amazing @monsta-x-edits

You’d been staring in the mirror for the last ten minutes, willing the dark circles under your eyes to disappear. No amount of makeup seemed to cover them, and you wanted to look your best for the date you were about to go on.

You’d had a crush on Hyungwon since you first saw him at the start of the semester, and finally you worked up the courage to ask him if he wanted to hang out on Valentine’s Day. He had smiled and said yes, telling you to come over to his apartment on the day for dinner and a movie.

The only problem was, you’d gotten so excited that you couldn’t sleep the night before, hence the large bags under your eyes. You huffed at your reflection and gave up, hoping that Hyungwon wouldn’t pay too much attention.

“You look great,” your roommate said from his spot on the couch as you walked passed him, heading towards the front door. “Don’t worry. Hyungwon likes you so he won’t care about much else.”

You could feel yourself blushing at his words, hoping that what he was saying was true.

“Thanks Jooheon, I’ll see ya later,” you said as you put on your shoes and walked out of the apartment door.

The whole walk from your apartment to Hyungwon’s, you were saying silent prayers to yourself, hoping the date would go well. Your stomach was doing somersaults from nerves, and by the time you reached Hyungwon’s front door and knocked on it, you thought you might actually get sick.

“Oh hey, you’re here,” Hyungwon said as he opened the door . He smiled and gestured for you to come in. “You’re just in time; I’m almost finished cooking.”

“Oh great, I’m looking forward to it,” you said, even though you honestly didn’t think you’d be able to stomach anything at all.

Hyungwon led you into the main room of his apartment and told you to take a seat at the table while he finished the final prep of the food.

“I hope this tastes alright,” Hyungwon said as he started piling food onto the plates. “Usually my roommate does all the cooking, but I asked him for some tips.”

“Oh, is your roommate home?” you asked, hoping you didn’t sound too disappointed at the thought.

“No don’t worry,” Hyungwon replied, smiling over at you. “I asked him to make himself busy for the day.”

His words caused a huge smile to form on your face. It sounded as though Hyungwon had put some effort into making this day go well, and it eased some of the worry in you knowing that.

Soon enough, a piping hot plate of food was placed in front of you, and Hyungwon took a seat opposite you with a plate of his own.

“Thanks for the food,” you said and started on the meal. The food tasted amazing and you couldn’t help but let out a satisfied moan.

“Hyungwon this is great,” you said smiling brightly at him. He blushed at your words and you thought it might have been the cutest thing you’d ever seen.

“Thank you,” he said, “Kihyun gave me some good tips.”

“I’ll say,” you replied as you dug back into your food, your nerves slowly disappearing.

As the two of you ate your food, you talked back and forward about work, college and everything in between. It was so easy to talk to him and there was never a moment of awkwardness between you. Everything was going so perfect and you couldn’t have asked for a better first date.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Hyungwon asked after you had finished your food. You nodded in reply, and followed him over to the small two seater couch in front of the tv.

You sat down on the couch, trying to make yourself comfortable while Hyungwon looked through the stack of DVD’s on the floor.

“How about this one?” he asked, showing you the front cover of a DVD box.

“Oh yeah I’ve wanted to see that one for ages,” you said.

“Great, its one of my favourites,” Hyungwon said smiling, and moved over to slot the DVD into the player. He set the movie up and came back to sit next to you as it was starting.

The couch you were sitting on wasn’t exactly the biggest, so when Hyungwon sat down next to you, his whole right side pressed against you. The contact sending a  wave of butterflies through your stomach.

“Sorry,” Hyungwon said when he noticed how close he was sitting, “this is about as good of a couch that two students can afford.”

You shook your head at him. “Don’t apologise, I like it,” you smiled at him. “It’s cosy.”

Hyungwon smiled brightly back at you, and the two of you settled back to watch the movie.

After a few short minutes, Hyungwon started fidgeting in his seat, before stretching out and placing his arm along the couch behind you.

The movement was so obvious that you had to stop yourself from giggling, but that didn’t mean that you weren’t thrilled with it. You glanced at Hyungwon’s face out of the corner of your eye and noticed a faint blush across his cheeks.

A few moments later you decided to make your move, and leaned forward pretending to stretch yourself out, before sitting back again, but this time with your head resting on Hyungwon’s shoulder.

Neither of you moved for a bit, and you were afraid that maybe you’d moved in too quickly, but all those worries were put to rest when Hyungwon moved his arm to wrap it around around your shoulder.

You glanced up and him to see him looking down at you, and the two of you just smiled at each other for a moment before you turned back to the TV and cuddled yourself into Hyungwon’s side, finally able to relax.

It seemed as though you had gotten a bit too relaxed, because it wasn’t long before you felt your eyes drooping shut. You’d been so on edge for the last while, that your lack of sleep had been forgotten about. But now with your stomach full and nerves gone, combined with the heat coming off of Hyungwon, it all seemed to be setting you off to sleep.

You bargained with yourself that you’d only close your eyes for a few seconds, just to rest them. You’d deserved to relax for a moment after all the worry you’d put yourself through, especially now that you realised you’d had nothing to worry about. Everything seemed so perfect in that moment. You were in the arms of your crush and you were so content with everything.

Then the sound of a light snoring caused you to jump up in your seat.

“I’m awake!” You exclaimed, started by the sudden sound.

You looked around you and noticed the credits that were rolling on the screen, informing you that you had indeed fallen asleep. You groaned and looked over to see Hyungwon rubbing his eyes, a sleepy expression on his face.

“I think I feel asleep,” you said in an embarrassed tone.

Everything had been going so well on the date, and you went and ruined it all by falling asleep. Hyungwon probably thought you were bored of him or something, why else would someone fall asleep mid date.

“It okay, I think I might have fallen asleep too. I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was too nervous about our date. Sorry about that.” Hyungwon said with a shy smile on his face.

You let out a relieved sigh at his words.

“Hyungwon, I was also too nervous  to sleep last night,” you laughed, “I guess I just relaxed a little too much when we were watching the movie.”

Hyungwon smiled in response to your words, and motioned for you to come back into his arms. You didn’t need to be asked twice, and curled up into your previous position.

“You know,” Hyungwon said, “I read somewhere before that napping with someone causes you to feel closer with them.” He began to rub his hand up and down your arm as he spoke, the motion causing your eyes to close shut once more.

“Mmm, I like the sound of that,” you said. “We should do this more often.” You could feel Hyungwon nodding his head in reply.

“Nap dates,” he said, “sounds like a good plan.”

“Yeah,” you replied as you felt your eyes drifting shut again, “I look forward to it.”

clarygaywood  asked:

21 with clizzy bc fraywood are the brotp

best friends sibling au (this has been sitting in my inbox for a bit but i figured your birthday would be the perfect day to post it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY)

Clary was never the type of person to have a huge group of friends, she was always perfectly happy with the handful of people close to her and during her freshman year of college, Alec had become one of those people.

They’d met when he and Magnus started dating and Clary knew she would like him, if for no other reason than the smile on Magnus’ face whenever Alec’s name came up. But, as time went on, she and Alec started talking and hanging out more, finding a common interest in reading and art (although Alec can’t draw to save his life), even bonding over coming out, an experience that had been very different for each of them.

They even developed a routine of going to get coffee on Saturday afternoons, either just to catch up or do homework, sometimes inviting Simon and Magnus to join them, but that was about the only thing that ever changed about their little routine. So when Clary came in to the coffee shop one Saturday and saw Alec sitting with a beautiful girl, she was a bit caught off guard.

“Hi,” Clary said as she approached the table, causing both the girl and Alec to look up at her. Shit, she was even prettier up close, with her shining eyes, red lipstick standing out against her skin and her hair looking so soft Clary couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful it would feel between her fingers.

“Clary, hi,” Alec said, breaking Clary out of her trance a bit. “This is my sister, Isabelle, she’s visiting for the weekend. Izzy, this is Clary.”

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