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Spiderman's Little Sister

“Hey, (y/n).”

You’re so used to Peter coming back into the apartment quietly that you don’t jump at his voice behind you. Instead of responding, you snuggle deeper into the couch, hoping he’ll leave you alone. You really don’t want to talk right now.

But Peter’s so bad at picking up signals. He comes and sits next to you on the couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table with a sigh. “The Force Awakens, huh? I love this movie.” When you don’t respond again, he looks over at you.

He frowns at your appearance. You’re sitting completely curled up against the arm rest of the other side of your couch, obviously trying to get as far away from him as you can. Your face is obviously hiding some anger, but you’re doing the best to hide it as you (pretend) to watch the movie.

Peter sighs and turns to face you. “Okay, what’s wrong?”


He rolls his eyes. “(y/n), you’ve been ignoring me for weeks now. Hell, you won’t even look at me.”

“You’re the one ignoring me, Pete!” you whisper-yell as to not wake up Aunt May. “I don’t think you realize how late I stay up every night, waiting to hear your window slide open. I see you limping around after you get hurt, and I hate it. And I’m always the one to cover for you when Aunt May asks about you!” You gasp after your rant, and shift uncomfortably in your seat. “Ever since this whole Spider thing started, I haven’t seen you at all.”

If you were looking at him, you would’ve seen your brother’s heart visibly sink. He had no idea that’s what was troubling you. “(y/n), I…I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” He scoots closer to you and takes your hand. You still don’t face him, and he swallows sadly as he notices the silent tears streaming down your face. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shake your head before finally turning your head to face him. “Because…you’re a superhero now, Pete. You have enough to worry about. Spiderman can’t have a sister to worry about.”

“No.” Peter’s eyes widen and he pulls you into his arms. “No no no no no. You’re not just my sister. You’re my baby sister, (y/n). I’m always worrying about you, no matter what.”

You sniffle and wrap your arms around him, snuggling into your brother’s chest. “I just miss you.”

Peter tilts his head back and blinks at the ceiling. He doesn’t tell you about how he misses you too. Ever since the two of you were little, he’s always been the one to take care of you. After your parents died, you were only four years old. And when Uncle Ben died, he started taking care of Aunt May too.

He didn’t realize that you had started taking care of him, and he didn’t even know it.

“Okay, how about this-”

You cut him off with a loud groan and you throw your head back. “You’re not proposing a compromise, are you?”

Peter blanches. “No.”

When his voice cracks, you look at him accusingly. It only does that when he lies. “Liar.”

He grins. “Alright, alright. But at least hear me out.” He rolls over so he’s laying across the couch and his feet are on you. You immediately push them off, but he ignores you and puts them back. “Tomorrow, we’re having a Star Wars marathon. And from now on…” Peter looks at you seriously. “…I promise that I’ll be around more often. And I’ll come in and check on you every night when I get home. Deal?”

You consider his offer. Peter has solved problems between the both of you this way since you were little. But when you look into his brown eyes, you can tell this one is sincere. “Deal.”

Peter grins. “Good. Now, Spiderman and his baby sister need to spend some quality time together.”

“Please never say anything like that again.”

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we had a love for the books. a love that could go down in history if we told enough people. we had something special. i was- or we were trapped inside this fantasy of a world. and we thought we were eternal. that our love would go on until the day we died. but eternal’s a long time. and after a long time your words dont have the same meaning and your spilled blood on the carpet is another stain to deal with and you were a hurricane and i was a small town.

whenever i meet someone else i look for your qualities. your likes, your dislikes. your quirks. your responses when i said certain things. but i came to understand quickly that you are really gone and im really here and the blood in my mouth is heavier than i last remember it to be and i still remember the smell of your moms car and you touched me like spilled wine on a white carpet. i still see your hand prints all over my body.

when someone dies you leave flowers. you make food. you cry. you reflect. so when you remember how i used to be in your life from time to time i hope you cry. i hope you reflect. skip the flowers and cooking but remember who i was and why you let me in at all. i will leave blood stained hand prints on your light blue walls and smear my paper cut fingers on your mirrors and ill throw up blood from the way i can still feel when you held me through the night. ill cut my body everywhere i can still see you in me.

but i will not cry over you. i will not wake up screaming because you are no longer there. i will not smell your shirts and hope you come back. you are gone. and that is okay. you were a hurricane and i was a small town. you destroyed me. you were ruthless. but brick by fucking brick i will rebuild. you were the stain in my white rug. but i will scrub you out. you do not own me anymore.

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letterboxd is asking its community for their lists of most remarkable feature debuts. so what is your top 10 most remarkable debuts from women directors?


Also I feel like I could give like 10 answers from last year alone but I’ll try to contain myself. (J/K I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF, GET READY FOR THE NOVEL!)

Clip dir. Maja Milos (2012)
Imagine a more brutal version of Thirteen set in the social media era in Serbia and you have Clip, a brutal movie about a 14 year old girl who engages in a highly sexualized and often violent relationship with one of her classmates. It’s a shocking watch especially because Milos doesn’t try to protect her lead character (played by an actual 14 year old) at all and doesn’t shield her (or the audience) from the sado-masochistic behaviour she engages in in order to get attention and feel love.

My Brilliant Career dir. Gillian Armstrong (1979)
So this is like the stereotypical period piece about a plucky young woman discovering herself only it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. A really beautiful and quietly subversive period piece that is so visually stunning and self-assured that it doesn’t feel like a first film at all. A must see.

Titus dir. Julie Taymor (1999)
When people say that a movie is like a theatre piece they usually mean it as an insult but Titus applies the “anything goes” spirit of theatre in the most fun and flamboyant way. This is a really bombastic, unforgettable visual adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays. Taymor mixes genres, time periods and references in a way that is intensely fresh and unique.  

Fill the Void dir. Rama Burshstein (2012)
This is a romantic drama about a young Israeli woman who is part of an Orthodox Jewish community who, after her sister dies, is prompted to consider marrying her sister’s widower so that he can remain in the family. Despite the icky sounding premise Burshtein (herself an Orthodox Jew) is intensely sympathetic to her characters and shows a total command of her camera and the tone of the movie which is just beautiful, passionate and romantic.

The Connection dir. Shirley Clarke (1961)
This is a bit of a cheat because Shirley Clarke had directed documentaries before but whatever. The Connection takes place in real time and is about a very square documentarian who is filming a movie about a bunch of jazz musicians waiting around for their drug connection so they can get high. It definitely feels very tame for the current day but considering the film takes place in a single room Clarke packs the movie full of electric energy that makes it incredibly pleasurable to watch.

The Fits dir. Anna Rose Holmer (2015)
This is just an incredible majestic film. Very spare, very artistic, very beautiful. Holmer is a genius and the movie is a gift. She does more on a budget of 150, 000 euros or whatever it was, than most directors do with millions.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me dir. Chloé Zhao (2015)
There is a whole cottage industry of low budget filmmakers who think they can be the next Malick, but I think Zhao is the only one who really gets it right. This film is set in on the Pine Ridge reservation and Zhao shoots everything at the golden hour making it look incredibly lush while never shying away from the roughness and occasional boredom of small town life.

The Governess dir. Sandra Goldbacher (1998)
I have literally no idea why this film isn’t bigger than it is and it’s really due for a critical revival. It’s a neo-victorian original tale about a young Sephardic Jewish woman who hides her identity and goes to work as a governess on the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately the only copies I’ve been able to view are of very poor quality but you can still see how beautiful it must have originally been. Also the story is incredibly rich and textured and deals with power dynamics between men and women, Jews and gentiles, science vs. art etc.  

The Babadook dir. Jennifer Kent (2014)
This is a horror movie for people who aren’t really into horror and as such it’s PERFECT. What it really is more than anything is a dark modern day fairy tale about a recently widowed woman who is having a tough time adjusting to life as a single mother to her child who is genuinely the most annoying child to ever grace the screen (really, kudos to casting, you completely understand why this woman would struggle to raise this kid).

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night dir. Ana Lily Amirpour (2014)
So good. A surprisingly wistful and romantic vampire film in which “the girl” (the vampire) skateboards in a chador, dances alone in her room, befriends a cat, and drinks the blood of a LOT of people. It’s great.

Honourable mentions: La Pointe Courte, Children of a Lesser God, The Edge of Seventeen, Sugar Cane Alley, Smithereens, Eve’s Bayou, I Like It Like That, Hester Street, A New Leaf, Chocolat.

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Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Faeries in Films

Fairytale: A True Story (1997)

Set in Yorkshire, Fairytale retells the story of the famous Cottingly Fairies, and of the two cousins who discovered them. Elsie and Frances were a big deal back in 1920: their photographs of fairies sparked the interest of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who had them published in The Strand Magazine, making them kinda famous. A very heartfelt and magical movie. Chance of seeing real fairies 10/10.

Strange Magic (2015)

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Love sword-fighting fairy princesses? Look no further because Marianne’s your girl. Seriously, the coolest character I know. Anyway, she’s a badass who fights the Goblin King (see above, his name’s Bog) to save her sister Dawn, and there’s a lot of singing and love potions and beating up douchebags and just generally Marianne having to deal with all the shit that goes down in her kingdom…. It’s so awesome. Based off Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Magical Legend of The Leprechauns (1999)

It’s a Romeo-and-Juliet inspired film between a fairy princess and a leprechaun. If you can excuse the poor quality and the weird side-plot about their human neighbours, you’ll find that Mickey’s gang is hilarious, the love story kind of cute, and the soundtrack very faerie-esque. There’s one scene where they just make a bunch of Irish dancers and just… dance? And the Leprechaun boys go to the fairy ball disguised as Leprechauns? This fucking film, man.

Peter Pan (2003)

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This boy is so fae it’s unreal. As well as having a beautiful scene in which Peter and Wendy watch the Faerie Prince and Princess dance, it’s also one of my favourite Peter Pan adaptations. Amazing visuals, soundtrack, cast, and its Tinkerbell is hilariously wonderful.

Part 2 (x)


The Erinyes

Command Tank (Deimos) - Tisiphone
Then the support tanks w/ PoMS; Alekto and Megaera.

Finally finished the Command Vindicator for the Laser Destroyer squadron.

I have to say, having finished the real deal and seeing it side by side with plastic conversions really shows you just how different in quality they are.

Still, looking forward to blowing up some Armour at Adepticon with these bastards!

Some SnK prompts/ head cannons/ fic ideas

1 • Levi teaching Eren how to make a perfect cup of tea, at least, perfect to Levi’s particular taste.

2 • Hange now commander of the corps, misplacing her glasses, forgetting to human, and with Moblit gone (rip stress Jesus) and Erwin gone (rip commander eyebrows) Levi has taken to watching after her now.

‘Tch. Your desk is filthy. No wonder you can’t find anything shitty-glasses.’

‘It smells like Titan shit in here. You need to bathe, now.’

‘What is it? Ah! Levi it burns!’

'Quit your whining, it’s soap’

3 • Pre-commander Erwin being a workaholic robot in his cadet days and Mike being the only one able to get him to stop and chill out.

4 • Armin confiding in Erwin and talking about the outside world, the walls and their parents.

5 • Mikasa and Levi discussing the Ackerbond and how heart wrenching it is to literally be attached to reckless, and annoyingly selfless idiots.

6 • Annie and Mikasa actually having their sparring match, like I wanna see this in some form, I want people’s interpretations of the fight.

7 • Some soldier telling Sasha to 'save some food for the rest of humanity’ and Connie and Jean going absolutely ballistic.

8 • Eren making Jean promise to stay with Mikasa after his and Armin’s 15 years are up. Because, she deserves to have someone entirely devoted to her for once, that won’t leave her, even if they do look like a horse.

9 • Levi with a ponytail.

10 • Hange and Levi taking the piss out of the nobles, Nile’s beard and the venue at each and every event they’re made to attend and keeping a tally of the best quips. Much to the pain of Erwin desperately trying to gain funding for the corps.

11 • Nile and Marie inviting Erwin and Mike out for drinks, like old times.

12 • Hange and Levi talking about their childhoods, over some shitty hooch on the rooftop.

13 • Historia having a life-size statue/ monument of Ymir in her courtyard, and having conversations with her over important Royal decisions, because Ymir always gives the best advice.

14 • (A romanticisation of the Ackerbond) Kenny explaining to child Levi the demands of an Ackerbond… How it’s an unbreakable attachment of absolute loyalty and devotion to someone- being away actually hurts, like a knife wedging its way into your gut, ice entering your heart: which, in his unclear-indirect- mysterious-Kenny-way, is his explanation for leaving (abandoning) Levi without really explaining.

15 • (a romanticisation of an Ackerbond) Levi understanding, after Ackerbonding with Erwin, why Kenny abandoned him. As Kenny, staying away from his Ackerbonded any longer than he already had, just wasn’t physically and emotionally possible for him.

16 • Armin, Eren, Hange and Levi having a conversation about killing people, about how to get over the guilt (if there is any).

17 • Bertolt confessing his feelings to Annie.

18 • Reiner apologising to Marcel for not being strong enough, for not being a good soldier, for being a pathetic excuse of a warrior, and finally for being an absolutely terrible brother. Bertolt overhearing and shutting that crap down, and explaining why that isn’t true.

19 • Connie rebuilding his old house, and moving in with Sasha, and eventually having little Springers.

20 • Kutchel and Kenny taking care of their extremely ill grandfather, as best they can. Their methods of income are a bit different, and somewhat illegal but they’re only doing their best to ease the pain of their slowly passing guardian. (Le cry)

21 • Armin doubting himself, his worth and his bravery and Jean quickly consoling him, explaining the many times where Armin has saved entire expeditions, the lives of the whole corps, and Jean’s life. Armin could never be useless, at least not to him.

22 • Whenever Eren and Jean go to the bar; they order extra shots for their dead comrades. Cheers speckled Jesus, and poor Hannes.

23 • Kutchel and Kenny reuniting in the afterlife and smacking each other upside the head for the stupid shit they pulled. Cue Grandpa Ackerman slapping them both upside the head for being noisy brats, and to shut-up whilst he’s trying to watch over his favourite grandchildren.

24 • Levi and Pixis going shot for shot all night whilst Erwin and Nile fight over chess.

25 • Erwin taking Levi to Sina for afternoon tea and cake for the first time, and after that it just becomes post-expedition tradition.

26 • Levi making sure Eren and Armin are taken care of after their transformations, because the shitty brats just don’t know when they’re overdoing it.

27 • Mikasa apologising to Levi for his ankle with the female Titan, and Levi just shrugging 'The Ackerbond makes you do stupid shit.’

28 • Armin and Jean chilling on the wall and Armin splurging about what he believes to be beyond the wall. Jean hanging onto every word Armin says.

29 • Jean being Connie’s best man at the Springer-Braus wedding.

30 • Badass Mikasa and Levi being super assassins when against the Marley.

31 • Hange absolutely shrieking with joy at Eren and Armin’s Titans interacting and listening to her.

32 • Mikasa and Levi stitching and bandaging each other’s wounds whilst snarking at one another about their injuries.

33 • Ymir teaching Hange about other languages outside the wall, and how life there works.

34 • Eren shopping for a gift for Mikasa’s birthday.

35 • Historia teasing Levi, and Levi actually laughing.

36 • Mulan inspired ancestor/ afterlife AU- where the dead relatives/ friends of the scouts are in an afterlife with their founder Ymir Fritz. They are watching over events, and commentating on what’s happening and reacting. The living characters can’t exactly see or hear them… Or can they? And when they pass, they join the watching party. With little shipping wars and squabbles between them over their stupid friends/ kids/ families.

37 • Levi meeting Marie at one of the stupid galas Erwin has dragged him to, turns out she’s been dragged there too by Nile. Leaving both their partners to their jobs, schmoozing around the nobles for funding, they are left to make great friends, finding out they’re both snarky shits with a coarseness about them which the stuck-up snobs of the interior frown upon.

38 • Historia and Ymir getting married, because I want a royal Snk wedding.

39 • Sasha’s dad being thrilled over his new grandchild.

40 • Carla and Kutchel watching over their kids with absolute worry and pride.

41 • Levi dying and reuniting with everyone he’s lost.

42 • Hannes and Pixis reminiscing about the days of Kenny the Ripper over drinks.

43 • Annie’s Dad being proud of her

44 • Levi taking care of rapidly declining Eren and Armin.

45 • The corps having a cat mascot and calling it ‘Levi’ because its so smol. And Levi looking pretty pissed about it, but secretly loving the little devil, especially when it terrorises everyone, especially Mike’s shoelaces, Nile’s ankles and rips Erwin’s curtains.

46 • The scouts taking care of their horses, and spending quality time with them. Dealing with different scenarios like, what does this universe do with injured horses? Are the horses able to get along? Do they have different personalities? Are they best friends with Jean? I just gotta know.

47 • Mike, Erwin, Hange and Levi sharing the communal bath after an expedition, because nothing speaks of superior ranking than first dibs at the hot water and the soap.

48 • Mikasa and Levi teaching each other different moves and sparring.

49 • Eren thanking his new family for everything, at a Christmas dinner/ thanks giving.

50 • The Corps getting absolutely bladdered at a celebration and starting a brawl with the military police. Yes it is completely acceptable to throw horse-faced teenagers in these circumstances.

I actually have a massive SnK problem. I blame you Hajime Isayama and my muse.


FFF–so my internet is working now. I’m sorry for the wonky quality >_>

Here’s a doodle I made yesterday. I wanted to add more to the au where the hoenn villains are the heroes’ dad. Depending on which game is played, the protagonist would have to deal with either Brendan or May.

Where are the fandom’s long meta posts on Twin Suns? *whines* I want quality Obi-Wan discourse to emote my Feels. I mean, can we please talk about how perfectly Obi-Wan is Obi-Wan in that episode? He’s so ANH Obi-Wan, all wizened, calm and so Jedi it hurts.

Obi-Wan in his own words,

“Look at what I have risen above.”

and it’s just so perfect because he said it calmly, devoid of anger, as a statement of fact. He wasn’t mocking Maul or anything. He’s just solemn because he’s been through Hell and back after RoTS and now he’s achieved that level of ‘I will Deal with things serenely, with the guidance of the Force and accept its Will upon my own Will’. JEDI okay JEDI.

And also can we talk about how respectful the writers were of Duel of Fates in TPM that they didn’t even attempt to give us a long drawn duel between Obi-Wan and Maul in Twin Suns because they know they shouldn’t even attempt that sort of thing and insult us with nonsense like Obi-Wan is out of practice and all that built simply on the misconception that because he’s been living a spartan life in the middle of a desert he’s out of practice? please. JEDI THRIVE UPON CALM. Bountiful calm in the middle of the desert okay. Plenty of time and space and quiet to tap into the flows of the Force and practice all the katas to perfection. KUDOS to the writers. Duel of Fates is unparalleled.

The briefness of Obi-Wan’s encounter with Maul imho is a humble nod to that fact and also OBI-WAN’S OPENING STANCE. DID YOU ALL SEE??? He took his signature Soresu stance but then he took a different stance and it’s the one we see in TPM and it’s like he’s about to fight Maul the way he did back in TPM except it’s different now because Obi-Wan has risen above so many hardships and trials since. (Can someone meta this more for me because I have a mighty Need).

And of course, Obi-Wan did what he had to do then, he basically put Maul out of his misery because Maul’s destructive need wasn’t really to destroy Obi-Wan, it was to destroy himself. Maul is in so much pain he was a husk of a being filled with nothing but mindless hatred. Obi-Wan had to protect Luke from Maul’s desperation, thus so be it, Maul finally gets what he sought Obi-Wan out for —to die (like he should’ve in TPM).

Obi-Wan then catches Maul as he falls and he does so because Maul was then a helpless dying creature. And sorry if you thought Obi-Wan felt anything approaching forgiving pathos for Maul because LEMME TELL YOU THIS RIGHT NOW, HE DIDNT OKAY HE DIDNT. All Obi-Wan seemed to convey with his expression and tone of voice was pity.

Why pity? Because

“He will avenge us…” said Maul with his dying breath. Maul still wanted hope in the form of revenge of all things! What else is there for a Jedi to feel? Another soul lost to the Dark of greed and hatred…

I actually can go on forever but it’s more fun if people would share their meta really.

On Nordstrom dropping Ivanka

I had some coat shopping to do early in the season and couldn’t find something I wanted in any of the stores close to me because I wanted something attractive that contained more than 50% wool. I chill easily and TN weather isn’t that cold but I wanted something that could deal with temperatures in the 20s and 30s and higher wool content does that. I also believe in spending money on quality (and have the money to spend) so I looked at Macy’s and Nordstrom online. I saw some of Ivanka Trump’s coats, and though they were attractive, they were overpriced for the design quality and did not contain natural fibers. There were similar products being sold for less and higher quality products at comparable prices. If this is indicative of her entire line, I’m not surprised they dropped it. You were literally paying for brand and nothing else.

Little Older Than You

Anon: hiii I love love love ur writing and u r so amazing istg I wanna love u forever :’) could u write a cute scenario where lil marco has a huge gross crush on jaehyun’s twin sister but she’s naturally fun & touchy w everyone so he gets rly confused, & doesn’t know if she’s into younger bois? I’ve had this plot in my head for days fml thank u so much in adv <3

Genre: Fluff

Mark x Reader (ft Jaehyun)

Mark knew it from the moment he saw you walk in the door that he was in love. You sneaked in behind your twin brother Jaehyun. The same eye smile and chubby cheeks. Although you were much shorter and skinnier, with that cute aura. He couldn’t help but stare at you. “This is Y/N,” Jaehyun introduced. The boys all stood up and bowed, shaking hands with her and engaging her in vibrant salutations. 

“So she makes an appearance,” joked Johnny. You just smiled shyly and nodded, breaking into a hearty laugh. “We always wanted to see Jaehyun’s twin, like seriously.”

“I’m glad I came,” you smiled. Mark just gazed at you from a distance. He was shaken by your sudden appearance, wanting to get to know you more but finding his feet stuck to the floor. 

“Y/N, please sit with us. We were just going to have lunch!” Taeyong beamed. You pushed past Jaehyun and took off your coat immediately. You caught Mark staring at you and you smiled. He gave you a small bow and nervously sat next to Haechan. “I have to say, you look so much like Jaehyun,” said Taeyong. 

“Yeah it’s not like we’re from the same womb,” you responded sarcastically. 

“I’m sorry my sister’s a bit…odd,” Jaehyun remarked. You glared at him and pretended to hit him with your chopsticks. He didn’t stop. “It’s obvious all the good qualities from my mom went to me and she was just left there.”

“YA! Jaehyun! I will kill you!” You yelled at him. The rest of the boys laughed. Yuta lowered your raised hand and smiled widely. 

“We have to put up with that everyday,” he said. You gave him an understanding look. 

“I can totally understand what you go through every day.” You turned to Taeyong. “I’m so sorry Taeyong that you have deal with my brother’s mischievous antics all the time.”

“He’s actually not that bad,” Taeyong smiled. You passed a sour look to Jaehyun who just poked his tongue out. 

Mark couldn’t stop looking at you from the distance. He was absolutely taken aback by your beauty and energy. He wanted to pitch in and say something funny. He thought that he was somewhat funny but he was worried he’d embarrass himself. You once again caught him ogling at you. He instantly looked away, munching on the rice and fixating his gaze at Haechan who was talking about something. Jaehyun leaned in and stole a cucumber from your plate, hoping you wouldn’t notice. But you did. 

“Jaehyun if you don’t stop I will squash you so you’re just flesh and broken bones,” you threatened. 

“I’m older than you!” He whined. Yuta shook his head and gave you a look. 

“Like two seconds? Get over yourself Jae.” Winwin laughed and Jaehyun passed him a glare. It was your first time meeting the boys and you all had gotten on well. You were glad it wasn’t awkward. Not that you had a hard time meeting new people. But meeting up with a bunch of boys was different. Jaehyun sent you home that evening, ruffling your hair.

Mark didn’t go to practice that day, your face still fresh in his vision. You too were intrigued. You wanted to know more about this boy that just couldn’t get his eyes off you. When the curiosity got the best of you, you called your brother. “Yeah Jaehyun there’s something important I need to talk about.” He gave you a hard time for a few seconds, saying that he’s busy and all but you shut him up. “Yeah you know the blond boy? The one that’s always next to Haechan?”

“Mark!” He said excitedly. 

“Yeah him…is he single?” You asked.

“Y/N he’s two years younger than you.”

“Yea but like he was looking at me a lot and he’s kinda cute so…” You trailed on. 

“Hyung!” Mark called after Jaehyun who was on the phone with you. He turned around and hung up on you. 

“Yeah?” He asked.

“This is weird but…um…you know your sister Y/N?” He stopped for a while, suddenly feeling awkward. “Is she like into younger boys?” Jaehyun laughed at his face. He just stood there dumbfounded and watched Jaehyun die with laughter in front of him. 

“Guess who just called me?” He said, catching his breath. Mark gave him a questioning look. “Y/N, asking me the same thing about you. You better talk to her.” Mark’s eyes widened at his words. Jaehyun patted him on the back and walked past him. He turned around and said, “I swear to god if you hurt my sister I will kill you,” he warned. After a few seconds, after registering what had happened he smiled and then ran after Jaehyun to get your number.

A/N: I don’t know if this is what you wanted. I’m sorry if it’s not x

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: how are they gonna introduce Lloyd’s new VA??? Are they just gonna like… He wakes up one day and his voice has dropped two octaves or something??? Why did they all of a sudden decide to do it??? I thought Tommy said they were ageless??? Is Jillian gonna be able to have anything else to do with the show??? Are they gonna change how Lloyd looks too??? Does he finally get to deal with his emotional trauma??? Does this mean the other ninja will get older too??? Will he attain more leadership qualities???

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 4

Author: Taettybear

Words: 4.1 k

Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M


You sat in Yoongi’s bed, lazily cleaning one of his guns after an assignment. Your said twin was stretched across his bed, using part of your leg as a pillow as he conversed on his phone.

“You better show up on time, asshole. You know how I used to hate it when you were late, I haven’t changed,” your brother grumbled. However, you knew he was happy talking to whoever he was because of the small smile on his face.

With an eyebrow raised, you looked down at your brother as he ended the call, “Who was that?”

“Jackson, you remember him, right?”

Your eyes widened a bit at the familiar name, a wave of nostalgia hitting you, “Jackson? As in Jackson Wang?”

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Going off that last ask: do you have a favourite fanfic for fontcest? Like one that you would say to a friend "you absolutely MUST read this!" I'm looking for some quality reads 👌👌👌

aaah, i don’t know if i have a fav. but here are a few that’ve been on my mind.

find something else to pretend by sweetsinnerchild: a bittersweet fic about the king papyrus ending. sans does his best to make paps happy under his new responsibilities.

Adjustments by Eiznel24: post-pacifist ending fic. sans and papyrus dealing with a new romantic relationship as well as a dangerous threat. papyrus is rlly strong/cool in this one, i’m swooning.

shatter by galaxyskeleton: a very bad papyrus does very bad things to sans. it’s short, but dark. i had to lay down and contemplate a bit after reading it.

there’s probably even more that i can’t think of right now, but here you go! hope these work.

William Nylander - Not normal

Originally posted by glovesdropped

Okay guys. This is my second ever imagine. Thank you so much for the responds on the first one. You can find it here if you haven’t read it. 

This one will be a series actually, I don’t know how many parts. As of right now, I have 3 parts written, and I have started on the fourth. I don’t really see the end yet, so you can expect at least 5 parts of this one. The parts will vary in length, the first two ones will be a bit shorter, and the third will be a longer one. 

Now to the warnings. I will put up warnings on every part, with warnings that suits that part. But here are some overall warnings: smut, hot scenes that may be graphic - don’t read if you’re not comfortable, it will be parts that you can read anyways -, and mental illness and diagnoses. The reader (you) will have some mental health issues, and you are diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger syndrome. If you don’t know what that means right now, it will become clear for you during the series. I have myself both diagnoses, and suffered with mental illness and selfharm, so most comes from my own experiences. There will be a lot of mentions of drugs, as in medication. Probably alcohol mentions and smoking too. 

Warnings: mentions of drugs, and that’s about all. 

Length: 778 words

Please leave some feedback :) the more feedback, the sooner I’ll post the next parts ;)

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ereliskenway  asked:

Hey how are you? I just read your last SithAndChild prompt and I am wondering what will happen next >w< could you write how Qui-Gon will find Obi-Wan and in what state will Obi-Wan be?

He’s cold, tired and Obi-Wan doesn’t like it at all.

The smell is absolutely horrid, he’s freezing, the water is up to his navel and its dark. Pitch black actually.

He tugged weakly on his wrists, feeling the metal he had been tied to once again. His best guess would be that he was in a sewer pipe and he was tied to a ladder. And that he was wearing a Force suppressing collar.

Just kriffing great. He’d been there for hours.

He wanted Qui-Gon, he wanted his dad.

A full body tremble when through him and he hiccuped heavily.

And then he dissolved into a full on crying fit not unlike the one he had when his face had gotten ripped to shreds. He was so cold, numb below the waist and everything was just horrid and he wanted to go HOME!

“Daaaaad!” He called out, hoping against hope that Qui-Gon would hear him.

Nothing and his sobs gets a bit louder, gut wrenching, heart breaking, shake your body apart sobs as he rests his head against his hands and the cold durasteel of what he assumes to be a ladder.

And then light fills the room, Obi-Wan jerking his head upwards to squint at the light.

“Obi-Wan?” A all to familiar voice questioned in disbelief.

“Auntie V!” The child hiccuped.

The sith acolyte wasted no time, headless of the sewage water she dropped down the hole and into the pipe beside him, quickly cutting Obi-Wan from the ladder before grabbing him and jumping out, the sewage water clinging to her leggings and skirt and now her shirt from picking up the freezing cold child.

Obi-Wan wrapped his arms around the older woman and hiccuped into the others shoulder, hiding against her as he shook.

“Its okay, its okay Obi-Wan.” She rubbed his back while running. He was freezing!

She bypassed everything to get to the medical facility, getting the frigid child to the medics. Reluctantly she hands him over, knowing that they will do better work then her body heat and she will only admit to herself that Obi-Wan’s little cry when he’s pulled from her arms twists her heart.

The medics undress him from the wet and soiled clothes and covers him with a hypothermia blanket.

“Moderate hypothermia, slowly raise his heat or we risk sending him into arrhythmia.” One medic snaps at their assistant. “Get the heated gel packs, cover them in towels or sheets and place them under his back. Someone get lukewarm tea!”

“He likes sweetened tea.” Asajj offered before pulling her comm of her belt and calling for someone she knew Obi-Wan would want to see. “I found him. We’re at the medic center.” She returned her comm to her belt and focused back on Obi-Wan, frowning a bit to herself before deciding that Obi-Wan did not need the additional shock of removing the Force collar.

Serenus would have to decide how to deal with it.

“Auntie V…”

She looked to him and moved to the bed, gently taking a cold hand and rubbing it. “Its alright. Serenus is on his way.”

“Cold.” One milky cybernetic eye and one fully green focused on her with a glazed quality to them. Signs of hypothermia, she knew that but it was still not nice to see along with the pale skin. “Smelly.”

“Yes and you’ll stay smelly until you’re alright to stand and shower.”

“No. You.”

“…Brat.” She snorted and continued rubbing the little hand between hers.

She only stepped back from the bed when Serenus marched into the room with Maul and Savage right behind him, both Zabraks face breaking out in relief when they saw Obi-Wan. Serenus took Obi-Wan’s other hand in his larger hand and rubbed the entire length of the skinny arm. “Where?” He questioned, his voice a deep rumble.

“Sewage pipe, north section of town. I barely heard him.” She wasn’t about to say he had been crying and that was the only reason she had heard him. She had a feeling that Obi-Wan wouldn’t want that announced to the entire world. “He has hypothermia but else he’s healthy.”

“He’s not that cold now.” Serenus offered quietly while pulling a chair over with the Force, sitting down while holding the hand.

“They put a blanket around him and gel packs under his back. Someone talked about tea too but so far they haven’t made it and Obi-Wan fell asleep a bit ago…”

He nodded and sat quietly before looking at the others. “He’s not getting away with this. Sidious is not getting away with this.”

There was a few agreeing growls echoing the room.

No, Sidious would not be getting away with his actions this day.

“You should go change Witch, you reek.”

“Kriff you Savage.” She sneered back but moved to the doors, trusting the others to guard the sleeping boy.

‘When did we grow so soft?’ She wondered, lips pursed as she headed to his quarters to shower and change.

The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part Three - The Meeting

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members:  OT7
Word count: 3,190

A/N: tHIS CHAPTER IS A BLESSING. You’re welcome. - Amelia

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Originally posted by jamless-vibes

I overslept.

You know that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get when you wake up, I didn’t experience that today. Instead the me -who was extremely over tired from staying up late watching some melodrama and crying into the abyss- was rudely awoken by my alarm. And you know, alarms just leave you in a mood all day long. I try to get my body into a routine so I don’t need to use an alarm but last night threw me off, I set one in case… turns out I really needed it.

Waking up sets the tone of the whole day so I can tell right away, this one’s gonna be an absolute gem. Not only was today the day of the accounting meeting with Bang Sihyuk, today was the day after my sob session. Time to hold my tired head high and suck back 2 gallons of coffee; a technique for brighter, fresher skin and smaller dark circles… Ahaha.

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Reader Gender; Female

Person(s) About; Samoa Joe ft Seth Rollins

Word Count; 4,200

Rating; Mature

Warnings; Smut, choking, spanking, angst, language, drinking

Summary; Being in a relationship and having male friends was bound to bring jealousy into the relationship, but when you work for one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world and happen to be dating someone extremely protective, there is no such thing as jealousy, it’s possession. Punishment is imminent for those who purposely trigger the possessiveness.

Author’s Note; This was a request that I really enjoyed writing. I might’ve gotten a bit carried away. Also, this is my first time writing smut, so it might not be top quality, but I hope you enjoy anyways. Thanks to Laura and the anons on her page for the idea.

Tags; @hardcorewwetrash

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anonymous asked:

Hi Phui! I wanted to start selling prints, stickers, and stuff. You seem to be doing well, do you have any tips in the matter? thanks since now, I really love your work!!

Hi, thank you very much!!
I can definitely offer some bit of my personal advices on that:

  1. Do not go overboard like printing 50 quantity of whatever. I highly recommend making around 5-15 copies. It’s better to have stuff sold out rather than stuck with a bunch of stuff you can’t get rid of later. After some time, you will have a better idea of what works for you and what don’t.

  2. Think about what “other people” and “you” would be interested in buying the most!

    Also, many people sell fanarts based on what’s extremely mainstream or popular today. While this does work, sometimes it can get over saturated.

    Try shake things up a little by making different things you like, such as original stuff and stuff from older or not so popular series (Yu-Gi-Oh! is one example for my case and surprisingly, it has been my hottest sale). People can get really excited to find those kind of merchs and you’ll stand out more!
  3. Do some printing company research. Honestly I highly suggest printing merchs locally instead of doing it online. Believe it or not, I found local printing companies here in the city that do better, great printing quality compared to online and this saves me lot of trouble, time and money!

  4. Do not undervalue your stuff. Look up how much merch are usually cost. People usually sell prints around $5-15 depending on the size and quality. To ensure you make a profit (button, sticker and charm for this case especially), be sure to sell them at x3 of the printing cost.

  5. DEALS DEALS DEALS! Customers just loveee looking for the best deals. I’ve done “get X and you’ll get Y for free!” or “get 3 sticker sets for $30″ and these have always been a pretty popular sales technique.

And if you’d like any more tips, especially if you’re interested in selling any of those stuff in convention, I definitely recommend looking into @howtobeaconartist blog. Hope that helps!