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a poor cell phone pic, i’m sorry, but i’m sure there will be better scans coming.  this is from go yuri go (…..i’m pretty sure, i was looking through it and yuri on life just now), a page which i think shows off the skaters’ styles off the ice.  i thought fellow fans of chris’ super hot boyfriend would appreciate this.  he gets a special entry (like he’s chris’ favorite accessory lol) and… some kind of identifier.  love his flirty wink.  ♥

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5 HC for an AU where jet survives

1. Jet is incensed when Katara disappears and Old Man Mushi shows up.  There’s no way this Fire Nation dude is up to anything but no good.  He’s looking for his nephew, huh?  A likely story!  Then of course the gaang has to explain to him exactly who the old man and his nephew are, and it is not pretty.

2. He tries to insist on going with Aang and Iroh to rescue Katara (and Zuko) but when the Avatar and the Dragon of the West both agree that something is a terrible idea, there isn’t a whole lot even Jet’s formidable will can do against them. Instead, he is imprisoned with Toph, the Earth King, and Sokka. He gets to witness Mai’s infamous “Just take the bear” line, but otherwise not much changes. Ba Sing Se is still conquered, they still have to flee the city, and Katara still has to use Spirit Oasis water to heal Aang from Azula’s lightning.

3. Of course the last place anybody would want to take Jet is the Fire Nation, but here we are.  He spends most of the first half of the season doing everything he can to deny that Fire Nation people are really just as peoply as he is, and is for example horrified by the dance party in the headband.  He and Hama bond, before she bloodbends him too.

4. He is captured along with the adults on the Day of Black Sun.  This means he is not there when Zuko joins the gaang.  But he is at the Boiling Rock to make the rescue operation twenty times harder.  He is appalled by Zuko’s presence, honestly appalled.

5. He is all for Katara’s revenge quest in The Southern Raiders.  This actually gives Katara pause, but she goes on it anyway.  Jet is soooooo disappointed it didn’t actually end in murder.

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i dont like hating on the show but honestly... they left out arya taking weasel even though she knew it will risk her, hotpie and gendry's life, they left out arya giving water to dying men from robbs army, they left out arya in harrenhal godswood, they left out arya feeling bad bc she ruined a pretty dress lady smallwood gave her, and people still wonder why show-only fans only see arya as a "badass child killer"

what i’ve been thinking about for the last day or so is “ok, what remains for arya that even stems from all of her book arc,” and the answer is…who knows.  given some of the leak spoilers there are some fronts about which i’m optimistic and others about which i want to punch a wall, but for the most part, i look at the adaptational choices around making show!arya and go “this? this is what you chose to focus on?”

but then again show!arya has never been book!arya not even in season 1 so there we are.

it makes me mad it makes me sad i’m tired.

Not sure how many people are aware of this but in SB hunts there’s a button  on location where it shows you the rough location of the mob (which is pretty helpful for people like me that are too lazy to look for a cheat sheet)

Okay so in the midst of seeing all this stuff about how horrible and awful the to the bone trailer is, I looked it up out of curiosity and? Unpopular opinion I guess but?? I didn’t find it triggering at all. In fact, it seems like it could be a decent movie imo. Like yeah the part where they showed her spine and all that was pretty unnecessary, but you also gotta understand the audience they’re trying to pull in. Not everyone who goes to watch that movie is gonna be super informed about eating disorders so what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna see a bony spine and think “yikes! I’m intrigued” and then watch it, which seems like a good thing to me because other than that, it seemed to be a good portrayal of the illness. People will go in not understanding eating disorders and hopefully learn something. Which is like….the point of a movie meant to spread awareness. So. There’s that. Plus I really liked that they had her making jokes (like the fake cake is literally something my family has done to me to be jokey and just holy shit I’m impressed honestly because I’ve never seen anything like that portrayed in a movie or anything like this) about the ED because that’s so realistic from what I’ve seen in real life lol. And I think it does take away some of the romanticization issue cus it didn’t seem like it was doing the thing that made her seem Super Deep And Sad And Better Than You For It. Like it was just her chillin, makin a couple jokes about calorie counting, and being real about how she’s struggling and idk. It just seems pretty realistic idk.

Also I don’t know much about the situation with making lily collins lose weight but I’ll admit that seems fucked up. But just the movie itself, plot wise and all that, it doesn’t seem bad. I can see it being triggering for some people, but not me personally and probably not for a lot of other people. I mean if you’re gonna watch a movie about anorexia, expect to see a skinny person. If you’re not in a place where you’re comfortable with that, don’t watch it. But it didn’t seem OVERALL bad.

What do y'all think?

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Aaron’s Review: The Loud House

A Nickelodeon show that on the surface looks pretty generic. Which…I can’t fully say it isn’t. Some of the jokes and plot threads, you can see coming a mile away. With that being said, that is literally the only problem I have with this fun show.

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Guys, Gals, & Non Binary Pals, this is Animated-Aaron’s Review of ‘The Loud House’.


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Lincoln Loud is the only boy in a house with 11 kids. Yep. On top of being the middle child, the other children are girls. He has to argue, defend, scheme, and survive life along with them and the show focuses on their cartoony day to day lives.


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Okay, let’s get this out of the way. 9 of the girls get a fair amount of screen time as the show goes on. Number 10 is a baby so…yeah. Lincoln acts as the narrator for the show by breaking the fourth wall. Often giving a brief explanation of an aspect about his life at the start of each episode. Whatever happens in said episode is going to in some way focus on that. Him planning on getting the best seat in the van before a long trip. Trying to avoid a classmate he sort of has a crush on but is really rough. Luan always takes her pranks to an extreme on April fool’s day. That sort of thing.

Whoever comes up with these plots for episodes obviously grew up with multiple siblings. While the threads are simple and have been done before, the addition of multiple family members arguing or helping each other get over the problem of the day seems to add just enough life into comedy. Seeing each sister bounce off of one another in different situations is what I really enjoy about the show. I’m not laughing at the fact that Lincoln reads his comic books in his underwear. I’m laughing at his Goth sister’s dry reaction to it. It’s not that Lori is making Lincoln do a double date with her and Bobby where Lincoln is stuck with Bobby’s little sister Ronnie. It’s the way Lincoln & Ronnie end up actually having a good time despite being forced into it. The pranks Luan is pulling on her sisters (and Lincoln) aren’t making me laugh. Their ways of trying to avoid pranks only to walk into one, is.

There’s a few jokes that feel forced, but the voice actors/actresses manage to make it entertaining. Speaking of the voice actors, they give so much life to the characters that would’ve come across as generic otherwise. Well, I mean the writing is good too and the animation obviously plays a part. But you know what I mean.


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There’s 11 siblings so forgive me if it seems like I’m breezing through some of their characteristics.  

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Lincoln Loud (voiced by Grant Palmer in episodes 1–22; Collin Dean in episodes 23–present), is the 11-year-old protagonist that can be identified by his white hair.  A comic books/superhero fanatic who tries to keep the peace amongst his siblings unless he specifically wants the ‘insert item here’ for himself. His comedy is mostly tongue and cheek since he talks to audience but he receives most of the slapstick in the show.

Oldest to youngest:

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I’m just gonna put out an unpopular PLL theory out there before the end of the show next week.. so after episode 19, A.D. is totally dr. sullivan.. like the car driving at the end of the episode? we all know dr. sullivan had to get to rosewood and was on her way there!!! also, the weird A.D./Aria facetime chat person looked and sounded a lot like dr. sullivan, not paige.. although there was a little bit of paige in the facetime person so she could be on the A team too.. And now to the more popular spencer twin theory.. they only reason at all I kind of  believe it is b/c there’s that random scene with spencer and wren which does not go with the flow of the episode AT ALL and there’s no follow up on it and “spencer” asks ezra to pretend he never saw them there which all adds to the spencer twin and wren as AD theory…. so in conclusion.. A.D. is a big team of ppl probs

Mirror mirror on the wall

She looks at herself,
Surrounded by a thousand words,
Said by people whose judgement,
She never asked for.
She looks at herself in mirror and
For a moment believes it
All those thing said to her.
Some told she was pretty,
Some told she was ordinary,
Some never cared.
She looks deeply.
Every groove on her skin
But apart from everything
The mirror shows her.
She sees something more
She sees the struggle
The struggle she has gone through
The moments she have lived
And smiles
Not like a complete smile
But a smirk
Apart from all those things said
She is different
She is still standing strong.

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Headcanon of Ryuji taking his S/O who's not interested in video games to the arcade, trying to impress them.

“Ryuji, my dear, dear, pure boyfriend. As much as I love you, I don’t really get the appeal of video games.” You whine as the not-really blond dragged you over at the arcade in Shibuya. You fidgeted in the tight and sweaty space of the arcade. Letting out a huff of protest, you were still stuck there watching Ryuji show off his so-called ‘skills’.

And upon further investigation, he was actually pretty decent at Gun About. Sure he wasn’t as good as the King but it was looking really cool. Ryuji grinned as he finished the allotted time that was given to him for playing. He turned to you and flexed his arm. “So,” He trails off. “Was I great or was I amazing?” 

You let out a snort. “You didn’t have to show-off. You’re already amazing as is, Ryuji.”

ID # 36022

Name: Azul
Age: 20
Country: Argentina

Well, my name is Azul (Blue, it’s ok too) I’m a Biology student and… Mostly a fangirl. I love reading, music (pretty much rock, but I like other genres too), animation (like Steven Universo, Ladybug, SvtFoE, OtGW, Voltron), superhero’s stuff… And tv shows (like sense8, stranger things, GoT). I love lenguages, spanish is my first lenguage but I studied english for a lot of years and I’m currently learning french. I’m looking for someone to fangirl with, we could through emails, facebook, tumblr or whatever. I’m super shy at the start but I gain trust quickly.

Preferences: I’ll prefer someone between 18 and 26 but feel free to talk to me

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If you could choose any scene after time jump to be the "5 years later" scene they showed at the end of 6x10 which one it could be?

🤔🤔🤔🤔 I really had to think of this, mentally skimming through every episode and this is what I think: I liked the classroom scene in 6x10. It did it’s job of instantly hooking the audience while creating suspense and intensity. That’s why we’ve talked about it for so long. Everything was perfectly done from the new looks/clothing to show the change from high school to showing Alison’s future along with new mystery. I wouldn’t have changed it!


They really had an opportunity to play with that scene and make it worth while but they do what they do best - create hype and don’t fall through. If they would have actually planned out that scene, figured the placement, and backstory for it, it would have been done well! But because they totally forgot about it, they had to result in a janky ass “gas leak” that makes Emily have an equally janky ass nightmare that makes her lunge herself off the couch like she was trying to catch a football toss at touchdown and Alison freaking out that they fell asleep…..like falling asleep is abnormal.


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your url is too iconic to change omg, but my fave show atm is brooklyn nine-nine

i love you bailey omg, and yes to b99, have you finished season four yet??

i’m in absolute constant awe at your edits my dear. your blog is so pretty, its such a cohesive Look™ haha

want one?
Jessica Jones 110: AKA 1,000 Cuts
  • This sounds weird out of context, but I love the scene where Jessica helps Trish “put a bullet in her head.” It’s very tender.
  • I feel like once Jessica (and the viewer) knew that Kilgrave didn’t have power over her anymore, the show went looking for tension elsewhere and found it in gore. From here on out things get pretty gross, and just like I did with Daredevil and Logan, I feel like it cheapens the writing. YOUR SHOW IS GOOD, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO FOR SHOCK VALUE.
  • Also the fetus thing is still SO WEIRD, JERI.

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In your opinion, what genre of music do you think each boy would be best at?(could be the genre they're singing now or a different one)

OK i love this so much thank you for asking 

  • so liam is obviously suited for r&b / pop - think justin timberlake. i could totally see him pulling through with some nice ballads but also having fun, dancey songs. it’d be perfect for him if he’s looking to have a few ear worms but also have a few tracks where he can show off his pristine vocals. 
  • i love love love the route niall has gone. what do you consider that? pop with a folk type of twist to it? it’s so suited for him, his lyrics and smooth voice mixed with the nice acoustic guitar is soooooo gorgeous, but i also REALLY love how he has an arctic monkeys type of feel with slow hands. it feels like he could do pretty much anything?? rock/pop/folk, he’d fit into any of those
  • harry is your certified Rock God™️ and tbqh, i think it’s fitting for him. he has that sense of “swagger” about himself where he can pull it off. he’s pulled in an audience with that schtick and it totally works. good for him! i just wish he’d given me a what a feeling 2.0 😡
  • louis! i would LOVE to see him go an alternative rock direction. he’s got a liking to them, no? one of the things that made me fall [even more] in love w louis was when he had those brand new shoes on (they’re a favorite of mine) and he always had a tendency of tweeting out newer artists in the alt rock world. also there’s this band called junior prom that has an ep out and the guy sounds SO much like louis it’s almost unnerving but the sound fits him so wonderfully that i’d sort of be living for it ( x , x , x )

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I've never done a ship thing before but... I'm about 5'3, medium length brown hair and I have green eyes. I'm an aries and I love love travelling and adventure. I can be quite sarcastic and teasing (not in a mean way!) a lot and sometimes I find it hard to use words to say I care for someone so instead I show it by looking out for them etc. I can be super outgoing when I'm comfortable around someone and I love hugs - Also I love your blog ! Keep up the amazing work, you make me smile a lot

A/N: Thank you for the love baby <3 I’m glad I can make you smile!!!

I ship you with Rosé. She would adore a smaller S/O, like actually adore it so much. She’s an Aquarius so it would be a pretty decent match astrological wise. She would adore travelling with you, even if it was just small day trips. She would love collecting small souvenirs from all the places you two travel to. The teasing and sarcasm between you two would be unmatched, honestly. Some people wouldn’t understand how you two could be that teasing and sarcastic towards each other but everyone who knew you two would know that you do it because you love each other so much. I feel as though Chaeyoung is the type of person to understand actions of love more than saying the words ‘I love you’ or such. She would appreciate these actions more than the words because they show your love for her rather than just saying it. Being outgoing would be a great match for Chae as she seems pretty outgoing herself and being an idol, she has to interact with a lot of people and may well invite you along so it would work very well. She hugs the other girls a lot so hugs would always be welcome from her!!

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