look at the pretty of this show

some of my favourite things about the shield vs. the new day:

  • xavier calling us fanfiction writers and tumblr kids out, OOPS
  • seth proudly showing off his disaster of a t-shirt
  • the fact that dean’s wearing the shirt (because he loves free t-shirts, and he doesn’t give a shit, and he doesn’t want to hurt seth’s feelings) but roman’s not because one night was enough, okay. kind of sad though, because roman was actually looking pretty fine in it. he can make anything work.
  • dean being like “fuck this wrestling shit” and slapping kofi in the face
  • that pop for seth vs. xavier. SAME BITCH
  • that little smile and look dean gives seth before he tags roman in. ADORABLE AF
  • hand-holding is the best offensive maneuver, obviously
  • “we’re talking about dean ambrose, this man can take this all night long” …what are you implying, booker
  • seth basically going crazy on the apron while dean’s getting Murdered
  • seth and roman being like “fuck this” and running to save their boy
  • seth basically picking dean up off the floor and holding him up
  • big e spearing dean off the apron OUCH
  • seth basically beside himself after dean gets Wrecked
  • the reaction when big e rips dean’s shirt off. you know seth was about to Murder
  • dean reaching out so desperately for his brothers
  • dean’s cute little leap to tag seth
  • seth flying around and taking everyone out is always so satisfying?? especially in his shield gear??
  • seth saving dean and then kicking everyone in the face
  • ripcord knee into dirty deeds is always so Nice
  • seth being like “end it NOW”
  • dean really getting Murdered and seth trying to crawl to him ;___; i love how whenever i’m worrying about dean, seth is also always so desperate to protect him
  • big e picking up both seth and dean JESUS. double midnight hour was cool af though
  • roman spearing big e into kofi to break up the pin
  • seth looks like he’s reaching for dean and dean definitely says something to him while they’re all down
  • the shield and the new day both holding each other up in their respective corners is so great?? these guys are genuine brothers and their relationships with each other are so beautiful and they’re definitely two of the best teams of all time
  • seth trying to hold dean’s hand I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP
  • triple powerbomb from the top turnbuckle YES BITCH
  • i swear to god, there’s nothing else like the reaction when the shield’s out there together and fired up and doing their thing and destroying everything and everyone. nothing else.

Me: Ben Barnes is a so pretty, that if Hades had a prodigical handsome son, he would definitely be named Ben Barnes, hell his eyes are deeper than Tartaros, his hair are just picture perfect and he has body of a god. I had to stop the show like 5 times every episode, just to take closer look at his gorgeousness.

Also me: Billy Russo is an disguisting slimy excuse for human being, who can choke for all I care. Moment when Frank ruined his fake ass face was the most beautiful moment of a whole season.

not to be that person but sometimes i think about this

and how it follows up with allura being the next shot

cut to the nycc intervew where lauren states this: “I don’t know if Lance knows what he needs. Like, he might look for it but what he might look for is not necessarily what he needs.”

that sounds pretty darn close to what lance is saying here and having allura literally be the person that shows up right after he says that cannot just be coincidental

it just cant be

So I went to a gem and mineral show yesterday, partially lookig for a present for a friend of mine, partially looking for a stone thats proven to be quite hard to find: Merlinite
Which I found out later is also known as Dendritic Agate and/or Dendritic Opal

Ive only seen it in one store and in one street vendor during an event downtown. Its a pretty expensive stone but its very useful specifically for shamanic and witchcraft purposes (google the stone and youll see why)
Half the vendors at the show had never heard of the stone. I only found it when I came across one jewellery vendor and he googled the stone and was like “Oh yeah I have that!” And we spent a solid half hour going through all of his stones and comparing them to the images on google till we narrowed it down to 2 specimens.
This one and another one that Im pretty sure was just a different kind of agate.

Im really excited to cleanse it and get to working with it, I just wanted to share that with you all

I’m checking if I could have Loid making an appearance in FUZZY. I marked down some Loid thoughts and then his skin color and now it looks like he’s blushing at Fuzzy.

Loid, you bi is showing.
But we get you.
We love Fuzzy, too. 

and jessus I swear my laptop started to play Careless Whisper as I typed this!

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Heya ! Is it cool if I request some hc’s of Aizawa’s fem s/o going with him to a UA teacher end-of-year party thing ??? Maybe like what his peers reactions to him having a super chill and sweet gf would be ??? Thanks maaaan (^:

Gonna do some more hero stuff today


◾️ You meet together at your place first before you leave. He rings the doorbell, and when you show up at your door looking all pretty and done-up, he gives you a look up and down and says, “You didn’t have to dress up like that.”

◾️ But you did. It’s formal wear. He’s wearing a suit, after all. He’s just saying that because he’s embarrassed that you look so amazing. 

◾️ “Yes I did. I did it just for my precious Shouta-kun,” you tease, stepping forward and grabbing him by the tie. Although you’d like to hear him say it, you can tell he’s impressed since he can’t keep his eyes off of you.

◾️ After you fix his tie a little, you brush a strand of dark hair behind his ear. He has his hair tied back and you can tell he’s freshly shaved from this morning. 

◾️ “Handsome man.”

◾️ “Quiet.” 

◾️ “Hmm~” You just hum and give him a quick kiss on the lips, one that he returns before taking your hand in his. 

◾️ You know that deep down, Aizawa cares about his job, students, and coworkers. He’s looking forward to the party and at the same time dreading it because it’ll probably get sappy.

◾️ He doesn’t want to face the fact that the year is already over and now it’ll just be memories. 

◾️ After opening your door and helping you in the car, like a gentleman, he gets in the driver’s side and heads off to UA.

◾️ Once there, he again helps you out before holding your hand and walking inside with you. In the teacher’s lounge, where the party is taking place, there’s balloons, food, chatter, and a few innocent party games going on. 

◾️ Mic is the first to notice you walk in, and when he does he makes his presence known. “ERASER!” He’ll announce loudly with his built in microphone of a voice. “And (Y/N)! You brought her, huh? I thought you’d surely hide her away like you did the last party.” He steps between the two of you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

◾️ You laugh but Aizawa just looks tired, as usual. Since you’ve met Hizashi before, you have a little conversation with him for a while. Aizawa stands beside you but his mind drifts off, and eventually, so do his feet.

◾️ He’s approached by All Might, who asks him ‘who’s that pretty lady you came with? She can’t be…’ Since he’s never officially met you before.

◾️ “…That’s (Y/N).” Aizawa says as he collects a bountiful harvest onto his plate from the buffet. 

◾️ “OH!” All Might exclaims, shocked. In the short silence that follows, there is something going on within his head. Finally, he asks, “So… any plans for children yet? UA could use a few more bright pupils.”

◾️ Aizawa groans and glares up at All Might, who’s still sheepishly grinning, before walking back your way. Once he’s by your side, he leans down and kisses the side of your head before offering you the plate. His intent had been to share with you.

◾️ Midnight eventually gets you alone with her and asks you how your sex life is. Then she suggests that you try whips.

◾️ Thirteen and you have a conversation for a while and you ask him to tell you all the secretly sweet things Aizawa does for his students.

◾️ Principle Nedzu thanks you for all you’ve done to help Aizawa. Meaning he’s a bit less grumpy during meetings and doesn’t put up as much of a fight when he has to talk to the press.

◾️ They really all find it cute how you’re so open and sweet compared to him. They also notice how differently Aizawa treats you as opposed to most others. You seem to bring out the best in him.

◾️ When Aizawa drops you off at your place, instead of leaving you, he pulls you in for an embrace. He leans down and says, “You look beautiful tonight.” Something he’s been holding in since he first saw you and couldn’t bring himself to say until now.

◾️ His car remains outside for the rest of the night.

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I'm a slytherin and I find your quotes slightly inaccurate, most of them, where like the raven ir Gryffindoor are being sassy and rude I relate to them rather than my own house, i don't know what house you're in but I find relating to your blog hard because it just makes slytherins as emotional crap heads

Sorry babe. I never meant to make Slytherin seem like a crappy house. I think the bias is partially due to the fact that I’m a Gryffinclaw so a majority of the lines tend to be credited to Gryffindor or Ravenclaw because I’ve come up with them/said them.

Also I should point out I actually really enjoy having Slytherins around. My bestie is a Slytherin and so a lot of the Slytherin lines are things she has said. But we are definitely fite friends. One look at our text convos would show that. A pretty typical convo goes like this…

Slytherin: Guess who got off of work early today? And got to see the new movie?
Gryffindor: I had to work late. I hate you.
Slytherin: You love me.
Gryffindor: No I really don’t.
Slytherin: Uh huh. Yeah I totally believe that.

I Feel Bad For Them…

I really feel bad for the ones celebrating Karamel is over.

It’s SO far from over.

Let’s look at this objectively.

1. He didn’t give the necklace back. In fact he’s still pretty possessive of it.

2. Next clue the line to Winn about Kara getting hurt. That shouts there’s way more to this story.

3. Remember Kara’s opening this season about sacrificing personal happiness for the greater good. Remember it’s Mon-el’s time to make a choice a like that to show his progress towards being a hero and he’s learned from Kara.

4. The Legions either crashed here and or deliberately came back for a mission. They have to be elusive and careful about screwing up the future. We don’t need another team breaking time. 😀

5. Rein is enhanced. They’re building a team for Kara to take her down.

6. And just my personal speculation Saturn is a Psi talent if Mon-el was scrambling to protect the mission she’d effectively step in to back him up like the kickass co-leader she should be. She’ll help with the front and bust Mon-el’s balls privately.

7. Why would they introduce B5 if it’s not to show Mon-el loves Kara and he’s learned how to be a noble idiot from her?

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Winston: "Ah, a former warlord, correct? You must have led such an exciting life. I was a pretty famous adventurer myself back in the day, you know. Tell me, how have you been spending your time recently? Still looking for adventure? Settled down at all? I'm quite curious, ohoho."

But show me a decent Irish Mule and I’m sure we can find something to talk about.  


So Rooker don’t do selfies at his table any more, but me an my friend got a little one on one from the man when we showed up bearing gifts. I made a ‘yaka’ arrow point with a Gar - yes the fish- scale. I had gold leafed it and wrapped it in red wire and then painted the box it was in with Ravager colors and the flames. I told him it was silly - I knew that- but I had thought I’d bring him something none the less. Not only did it earn me the most amazing hug - and I can say I fit terribly well right against him XD- It earned me a picture too! As you can tell by the damn look on my face Im out of my mind ecstatic. ANYWAY. Share in my glee! 

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thank you for your post about the parallels between Arya and Cat. I was wondering if, using that lens, there is a significance to Lady Stoneheart in regards to Arya's arc? I don't believe they will meet but LS seems like a possible direction for Arya to evolve into (looking at the direction the show took her). LS existing as a point of contrast makes me hopeful that in the books Arya's future wont be so grim.

On the contrary, I think the show outright replaced Lady Stoneheart with Arya. Lady Stoneheart’s the one who’s going to be massacring Freys in the books, and I believe Arya will be the one who comes across the aftermath of Red Wedding 2.0 and faces down Lady Stoneheart at the last.

This is pretty grim speculation, I admit, but I think it results in Arya putting to rest her own desires for vengeance along with what remains of her mother (respectfully, mercifully, and with love), and heading north with Nymeria and pack.

Horoscopes – Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

The waves of Scorpio Season may have hit us all pretty hard but Sagittarius season is here for a little pick me up before Saturn enters Capricorn.

Aries: You are in your element now since it’s a fire season. Scorpio season probably left you sluggish, lacking energy, so now is the time to rejuvenate yourself, Aries. Take a trip to the gym to recharge or stay at home and watch some Netflix shows. It is important to look after yourself once in a while and you tend to get caught up in the moment easily, so you lose track of what is best for you. It’s normal to feel more impulsive than the norm, that’s the Sagittarius energy fueling you. Lots of social gatherings are in the works, so  plan accordingly because you have a tendency to double book. Love is on the horizon for you (believe it or not), so dress to impress.

Taurus: A moment of reflection for you. This year has been pretty exhausting and last month probably felt a tad on the chaotic side. Look after the ones you love, spend more time with them. Seek out anyone that you may be missing, it doesn’t hurt to send a text. This season you might feel a bit more brave to say what’s on your mind, so make sure to bite your tongue and think things through before you start making any more enemies. This is the perfect time to finish up any pending projects and to focus on planning for the future.

Gemini: This is the time for you to get out there and make new business connections. The social butterfly is constantly on the move, but you may want to start restructuring things for yourself. Perhaps you have been aching for a career change or you may want to cut ties with those people that just aren’t any good for you? Do it. This is the time for reflection and to take up new forms of hobbies, like dancing or writing. You thrive this time of year, so if you are feeling down, do not be afraid to seek out friends for a bit of an ego boost.

Cancer: No one has felt things as intently as you (except for maybe Scorpio and Pisces). The seasonal depression might be attacking you, but do not fret because you are strong and brave. There is nothing that you cannot overcome, so make sure to keep your chin up and focus on the wonderful things you will do tomorrow. Make sure not to push people away, they could use someone like you in their lives. Now is a good time to start some new projects and to handle any pending debts.

Leo: Fire season, so more passion for you. You might be in love with someone special, or you might have left that special someone and are now single. This is your rejuvenation period after a stressful couple of months. Your mind will be more focused, you might know what your goals are (you can even taste them) and the sky is the limit for you. A little optimism never hurt anyone, and you are a master when it comes to positive thinking.

Virgo: Aren’t you excited that the year is almost over? This Saturn in Capricorn will kick everyone into shape, but the Virgo might just be prepared to tackle any challenges that might present themselves in December. After all, you are the master organizer. In a chaotic world, the Virgo knows what to do when she has truly honed her skill. Stick to your plan, you are doing amazing. The strength you need will definitely come your way. Make sure to think about your wants and needs and if you need a break, take it. The holidays will make you feel invigorated with much needed energy. Have fun!

Libra: Balance is your middle name and if the world is set ablaze, you will always keep your cool (unless you have a fire moon or rising). Things seem to look great; you’re in a stable relationship (or not), you could be on the way to finishing that undergraduate or master’s degree (or not), or your side project is finally paying off and you feel accomplished. My point is, you excel at everything you put your mind to. If you want to achieve your goals and set new dreams, now is the time because the sky is the limit. It’s always a good thing to stay focused and keep dreaming big because you will get there.

Scorpio: Still reeling from last month? Yeah, you’re the only one enjoying the Jupiter Transit the most. There could be more clarify in your life, questions are now being answered, you are beginning to transform into your Super Evolution (Pokémon style!). You are powerful, you are here to kick some ass and even though it’s Sagittarius season, you know who the real boss is. Relax, have fun and make sure to make a checklist because you could be missing out on some huge things that had been planned months ago. Time to organize!

Sagittarius: You are stressed, tired and want to hide away until the storm stops. It’s cool, Scorpio season is done and now it is your time (for a month) to charge up and get back out there! People might not see what goes on in your mind because you are the master actor. Everyone forgets that you aren’t just the class clown or the eternal optimist; there is a very complex individual hiding there. It’s not a bad thing to let your serious side out if you feel annoyed by your peers; you do not need to aim to please anyone because it can drive you bonkers. New job prospects are on the horizon. Travel for your birthday and make many friends. The sky is the limit!

CapricornYou are going to work, work, work and enjoy it. Money is moving towards you because you are now the money magnet (and you will be until mid 2018). Take this opportunity to save up and invest in things that you deem necessary. It’s not a bad idea to start early to save for that house, school or car. Capri, you feel charged up and ready because your ruling planet, Saturn is looming. It will kick our asses but you know how to handle your planet. This is your moment, your time to shine and setting goals. Saturn rewards those that work hard and play hard.

Aquarius: Saturn is hanging around, you can feel its shadow and it makes you feel a bit uneasy because you like to party. Whereas your Capricorn sister likes to work hard, you would rather work hard but relax even more. Uranus is also your ruling planet, that sparks that creativity, but you will have to endure Saturn soon and it wants you to focus and come to terms with your plans. Clear out any debts and buy a planner or download an app. Aquarius, you might need a bit more structure. Although you will find a great job, you still need to be responsible.

Pisces: You might be more pleasant because it’s the holiday season and you cannot wait to party with friends. You might also be recovering from an emotional slump, so hanging up some decorations can brighten up your mood. This is the moment for you to finish any outstanding projects and to stay ahead of deadlines. A group of friends might invite you to a nice trip, but you might not be able to afford it, so check your finances.

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imagine cole holding addy, i think i just combusted :) (just a thought that crossed my mind while i was minding my own business and got myself attacked)

Oh, anon. Cole with babies would absolutely destroy the fandom, but with Addy? It may just break Tumblr. 

Look, I think we’d all want that to happen. But at this point, I’m really tempering my expectations for Thanksgiving. And that’s pretty significant coming from someone who was convinced that Cole was gonna show up at the AMAs today. LOL. It could still happen, but I won’t be shocked or disappointed if it doesn’t. I just hope Cole spends the holiday with family/people who love him! (I’m really hoping for a Cole/Dylan sighting.)

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it just occurred to me that the reason terra wears a t-shirt instead of something that actually makes sense with his samurai theme is to show off his muscles, what with his strength obsession and all

Yeah I assume that’s part of it. 

Though I think when they made Terra they wanted him to look samurai but also sort of modern too. Hence not going full on traditional Japanese clothing. Well that and traditional Japanese male clothing has a bit of a sameness to it. Females were the ones who wore all the pretty colors and somewhat fancy patterns; males mostly stuck to darker colors and basic patterns. And we all know how fancy Square likes to get with their character designs (though I can’t blame them, makes them stand out more). 

Also side note, Eraqus may or may not be wearing a t-shirt underneath his armor

It’s a little hard to tell what exactly is going on there. 

[image description: a bread-slice-shaped kitchen sponge inside a clear plastic bag, sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow background. The sponge has a creamy sponge centre with a tan edge, mimicking bread crust, and a simple dark brown kawaii-style face printed in the centre of the slice. Text on the bag has the Daiso Japan logo, the English text “Bread Kitchen Sponge” and text in Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.]

Bread Kitchen Sponge -  Daiso, $2.80 AUD for 2.

Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.2 x 2.2 cm.

I saw this single sponge pack on a shelf in Daiso (the Melbourne CBD Flinders St store) and pretty much dived over to snatch it up! I’d just purchased some puffy fabric paint, so this seemed like a perfect lower-spoons way to make a DIY squishy. Since the videos I’ve posted show an awful lot of scissor-snips going into the art of making squishies, something that is quite difficult for me, a pre-shaped sponge looks like a much easier way to begin. This one doesn’t even have a scourer layer to be peeled off, meaning it’s ready to paint as is.

(I also saw popsicle-shaped sponges at the same Daiso, which I now regret not buying. These too would be ideal for transforming into DIY squishies, as they come pre-shaped.)

The sponge on its own, though, will work as a fidget for those who really like sponge textures. Without paint, it isn’t at all slow rising, but the outside “crust” layer is a finer and denser foam, while the inner “bread” layer is a wider, more open kitchen sponge texture. I prefer finer sponges like makeup blending sponges, but the difference between the two textures is not too bad for squishing and stroking. It’s a good size for fitting across my palm and squeezing between thumb and fingers, and for this reason I’m hoping it’ll make a great DIY squishy!

If you have a Daiso or similar department store and are thinking about DIY squishies, I’d recommend having a look out for cute shaped sponges. Especially if you’re unsure about your ability to cut and shape memory foam or a car-washing sponge!

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Do you think the color of the cheeckmarks have any meaning? Or do you think they are just there to look pretty?

Granted that I obviously have no way to know, I think it’s the latter. Or we’re talking about a super easy red suits = good main characters, black suits = ambiguous possibly evil characters. Star already had hearts on her cheeks in Daron’s early comics and sketches, way before the show’s story and world even existed, so I’m sure they started to build up everything starting from that.

Jumping on the Darkiplier bandwagon cuz


First off let me talk about the story really quickly

Mark wanted to kill friends so he invited friends drank himself to death Detective helped with death Celine comes in she dies Damien dies Abe dies? we die (not intentionally) Damien and Celine take over our body William goes crazy (sob) Damien and Celine become Darkiplier and is on the hunt for Mark and also works with William or Wilford who has gone crazy and is convinced he hasn’t killed anyone pls give this man a hug


So look. This is pretty stupid and short but it’s relevant okay?

Mark video ‘remember’ shows us waking up in the barrel, and hearing static

In there we hear

Don’t you remember? We were going to do great things. Go to sleep

In Mark latest video (the one where he sHOULD BE SLEEPING GO TO SLEEP)

He is dancing making a fool of himself (as per usual)

And for a split second he is still, and these words pops up


This is very confusing

Because we can’t trust either of them (in fictional way, not in real life, I would trust Mark with my life)

But we know Mark has killed all three of us, and he wants us to stay awake

And we know Dark is a friend, and he wants us to remember, but now he is also our enemy (see A date with Markiplier)

Right now I think we should trust Mark, since Dark is unstable and sadly, not himself

But who knows?

Who’s the real villain?

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coming up next Sunday, because I know this scene will have the racist & anit-Richonners shipping them together (even though it's a form of sexual assault, right?) Granted, we haven't seen the scene yet, but this is giving fuel to the racist/anti-Richonners who believe Michonne isn't good enough/pretty enough for rick. I don't get the point of it. They show us scenes like this, but not certain scenes with Rick/Carl or Mich/Judith? It's really bothering me a lot. Michonne will be back though.:-)

Looks like the first part of your message didn’t come through, babe. But to answer this part – yeah, I don’t get it either. I know it’s not going to affect Richonne in any real way, but I don’t like the perception it gives. I feel like the writers think it’s amusing, but at best, it’s pointless. (At worst, it’s a lot of things.) And then we’ll get to hear Chris Hardwick make jokes about “Jadis stealing Rick from Michonne, har har.” 🙄 I’m waiting to see how it all plays out before I get legit mad, but I’m definitely not looking forward to it. I’m just glad Michonne will be back to balance out the bullshit. 

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Hi, my sister and I have been looking at your shop and we were wondering how tarot/song correspondences work. By the way, your site is really impressive!

Hi there!

First off - thank you SO much for the compliment on our website. I’ve pretty much poured my heart and soul into it, so it means a lot to me! I feel like I add something new to it every day, haha. It means a lot to me that someone notices!

Now, your question!

For tarot resonance, you will usually ask a spirit to show you the card that represents them. As you continue working alongside them, the card should consistently appear in your readings in regards to them, etc. (For one of my companions, he will consistently show the Nine of Wands - with the deck I use to work with him, this card has a gryphon on it. Since he’s a gryphon, I’d say that’s a pretty clear signifier!) This is a card they can use to let us know they have an important message, or that they are present. We have found that the tarot card they pick can be incredibly telling as to the sort of qualities/values that “define” a specific spirit, as well as to the sort of things a spirit hopes to accomplish during their companionship.

A song resonance is harder to find. Sometimes, a spirit will have a very specific song in mind (and we might not know the song), so we will feel pulled towards listening to a certain music genre first, and then towards a specific artist, and finally (FINALLY…) we will stumble onto the song. Usually the song is one that really matches their energy (the frequency, intensity, and feelings their energy evokes, for example). It might also speak as to the type of relationship the spirit would like to have with their companion.

Hope this helps!

- Conjurer Acheron

hiya dogblr!

i am still pretty new and am looking for some more blogs to follow! if anyone has any to recommend that involve the following i’d really appreciate it!

- service dog teams/service dogs in training

- working dogs/dog sports

- training and animal behavior

- dog nutrition and fitness

- show dogs

- hiking/camping with dogs

- breeding

- herding breeds (especially collies and shepherds)

- standard poodles

- sighthounds

- airedales

- setters

- puppies!

thank y’all in advance!!