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I was tagged by my wife @sidneypawsby and I know I’m late to the party but here are my seven selfies of 2016. Haha I tag @beeeinyourbonnet, @commander-rutherford-vakarian, @medinaquirin, @ladyfogg, @ladymaliwan, @ranseur and @willowfae82. If you’ve already been tagged I’m sorry. And if I didn’t tag you but you want to do it…then please do!!


Hey look it’s my face!

Okay so I pretty much thought this up about an hour ago akjkhfajk but listen because I want to do something for this lovely community that’s given me so much over the years!

I’d appreciate it if you spread this around as much as possible so people can see this before the deadline (either to contribute or have something to look forward to). Reblog, tag, send this to any TJLCer you know having a hard time, or anybody you think might like to do this. The more the merrier!

I’d like to have this completed and all submissions in by this weekend (Jan 21-22). Send in any submissions in an ask to me or message me. I love you all and don’t be shy! I love meeting new people. And take care! <3

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Why do you think Even uses up all the paper towels in s1e1? Is it just to force interaction with Isak or something else?

I really do think it was just to get Isak’s attention. He had this perfect meet cute riiiiiight there… and Isak slunk off to the bathroom. And stayed in there foreverrrrrrr, playing that game on his phone. So, I think Even was limited by the fact this now needed to be a meet cute in a bathroom. He went “fuck it, I’ll think of something” and this is what happened. I mean… look at his face when they’re on that bench. He was pretty desperate, hahaha

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whyd you delete your selfies from your selfie tag??? you looked so pretty

because if i dont show my actual face, you guys will think of me as amami instead of the person in the selfies. if i show you my face, that face is who you’ll think of when you see my blog. i’d rather stay fictional.

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hey, 15-year-old transmasculine here. im well aware i dont pass, but do you have any advice on what haircut i should get? because i have no idea where to even start.

Actually I feel like your face looks pretty masculine (at least what I can see of it) and here are a few haircut ideas.



Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2


Just listen to these boys harmonize!!! BtoB are SO Talented!

Pidge ft this really cute outfit I saw on my dash (plus the model was cute too)