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Shameless Ignis Appreciation Post

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I believe I’m finally beginning to understand why I can’t help but adore Ignis Scientia so much. When we are first introduced to him, he reads as such a serious, borderline stoic character, then as the journey goes on, we see all the parts of his personality unfold, like a beautiful rose in a steamy hot leopard print shirt that makes me slightly question my sexuality. I especially love seeing all the different sides of Iggy through Prompto’s photos. EXAMPLES:

1. “I’m happiest when I have my Ebony” Iggy.

2. Ridiculously photogenic strategist Iggy.

3. Still hasn’t taken a bath Iggy.

4.“Just face it, Gladio, you don’t know where we’re going either” Iggy.

5. Ass Kicker of the Year™ Iggy.

6.Jumping dork Iggy.

7.“My glasses dropped and so will your panties” Iggy.

8. Majestically rides his Chocobo into battle Iggy.

9. Looks great in any landscape Iggy.

10. Preciously cute and also kinda shy Iggy.

11. OBVIOUSLY thinking “Gladio’s ass looks great in this light” Iggy.

12. Caught staring at Gladio AGAIN Iggy.

13. “I think I’m posed cool but actually am still a dork” Iggy.


14. Derp Iggy.

And there you go! Only a few of the reasons why I can’t get enough of Ignis *_*

Daddy's Girl

Description: The Winchester’s little sister handles the grief of her dead father, and hopes to keep his perfect image of herself intact.

Sam and Dean x sister!reader, mentions of John Winchester

Warnings: None that I can remember, except some fighting?

A/N: This was not the one I was planning on writing and posting but here it is! I hope you all like it, and thank you so much for your support! Let me know if you would like to request something, or you would like to be added to the tags! 😊

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @percussiongirl2017

       You were pulling yourself from the ground. The fist of a girl a grade above you had slammed into your shoulder, and the prying hands of her groupies had shoved you to the ground. You stood up with a slight stagger, and shook your limbs to knock your instincts to tear her throat out off. She smiled devilishly at you, and you could hear your Dad’s voice in your head. Y/N be brave for me, and remember you are the thing that holds those two boys together.

The crowd around you was watching, and hanging on to every quiver your bruised limbs made. That’s when your hands shook, and you could hear their laughter as loud as the ringing in your ears. You saw his face, his eyes, his smile. He was gone now, and you were alone. He wouldn’t come driving up in his impala, he wouldn’t come save you from this, or help clean you up. You were not going to let him down though, you would continue to hold everything together. You would stay strong, and keep your brother’s heads above the bloody water. You would not create chaos or pain. You were going to continue to be the good girl, and push your emotions down. You were going to be strong without your father. You went to pick up your bag.

          “What’s the matter Winchester? Do you feel a little scared, want to run home to Daddy, you little-,” you suddenly looked up to face her.

Her preciously lined lips, with her plastic shaped nose, and perfectly placed hair. You couldn’t hear anything else except that one word. Daddy. Anger lined your skin with a new found red that wasn’t the shade of bruised. You charged at her, and brought her straight to the ground. You jammed your fist into her gut, and whipped the knife out of your boot. You popped the blade up into sight as you finally regained your senses. She was screaming, and someone was pulling you off her.

You quickly pushed the others off, and grabbed your bag. You ran off the school steps, and looked back. Teachers and supervisors were calling after you. Your body hurt from the beating you had taken, and tears stung your eyes. You stopped when you were little ways down the road. You slid the knife back into your boot, and placed your bag on your shoulders. You winced once the strap touched where she had thrown her fist. You took a breath, trying to calm your beating hard. The memory helped intensify the panic however, and you continued to walk down the road.

You replayed the images of the scene in your head. You had desperately tried to make friends, and get good grades. You were supposed to make your brothers happy and they seemed happy when you had those aspects of school in your life; after all, your life mission was to please your family. Your Dad had always said you were their care taker, and the glue that held them together. After he had passed, you tried harder than ever to please your brothers. You were the only one who hadn’t talked about your father’s death, whether that be to keep him alive in your mind, or to show how strong you were to your older brothers was unknown. You were supposed to be good, and you were supposed to be brave, like your father had said. You had failed today, and you let the rage of pain and anger flow through you and control your actions.

You were trying to dry your eyes as you entered the motel room. Your brothers were out, interview day was today. They were on a pretty tough case, and you three would be held up in this town for a few weeks. You went straight to the bathroom, looking at your bruised body. You slowly removed the clothes surrounding your bruises, and rinsed the blood off some of the scrapes. You were crying again, making the scar around your eye even more red. You slowly put on your clothes after bandaging up your injuries. You were in a lot of pain, and your eyes just wanted to close in exhaustion from the emotions and events of the day. You continued though, your father’s words echoing in your head. You had to be strong for Sam and Dean, and you had to hide what had happened. You emerged from the bathroom, and sat at the table. You pulled out your books, and papers.

You were trying to focus, but you had no strength to control the thoughts running through your head. You couldn’t go back to that school tomorrow. You couldn’t even face the outside world, and barely the one face you saw in the mirror. You had a handle on your tears, and continued to push through and finish your math problems. You were in the middle of an essay when your brothers walked through the door.

“Hey bunny,” Sam smiled.

 Dean dropped a bag next to your pile of books. You kept your face away from the light, and their vision lines. You continued writing, with the intention of greeting them but no words would form on your tongue. You heard your Dad’s voice in Sam’s, and Dean’s hand reminded you of your Dad’s hand. The brothers curiously tried to look at your face, but you just looked in the downward direction even more.

 “Y/N, look at me,” Dean said, starring at you from the other side of the table.

You quickly tried to make an escape to the bathroom but Sam stepped in front of you, and grabbed your face. His eyes widened, and you felt his body tense. Dean came around, and instant anger flashed into his green eyes.

“Who did this to you?” he demanded.

You shook your head and pushed Sam’s hands away. You had no ability to create sentences. Your Dad flashed into your mind.

“Y/N, what happened?” Sam asked, slightly demanding.

 You wished your dad were there, able to hold you, and help you regain the stick you needed to hold everything together. You looked back at your brothers, who’s faces held so much of your father. You started crying, and felt the sobs shake you inside and out. You were letting go. The grip you had on all the pain and grief of your father’s death suddenly escaping through the two little slits in your eyes.

 “I, I,” you started. The two brothers were suddenly shocked at this new emotion. “I miss Dad,” you cried out.

 Sam had tears in his eyes, as Dean starred at you in a helpless gaze. They both wrapped their bodies around yours. You were between them, and the warmth of their concern was making the tears come more rapidly. You weren’t supposed to be crying.


               You were sitting on Sam’s lap as Dean knelt beside you. Your sobs had slowed and your eyes only watered now. The tears had made the cut around your eye painful, but in a cleansing way.

 “Little girl, you’re gonna be fine. Me and Sammy, we aren’t going anywhere, and Dad will always be looking out for you,” Dean stroked your cheek.

You closed your eyes and snuggled into Sam a little more. “You’re okay Y/N/N,” Sam cooed.

“Sammy, De?” you called out.

“Yeah baby?” Sam asked.

 “I’m so sorry,” you wiped your eyes, forgetting about the cut, and hissing.

“No, darlin’ we’re sorry,” Dean responded, getting up to get things to tend your cut.

“But I-,” you started.

 “No buts, baby you are so strong, and you never ever break. You’re allowed to snap sometimes. You’re allowed to have emotions and to feel sad. You’re allowed to miss Dad,” Sam said, stroking your hair. You nodded.

“Even though you have some nasty scars, I would say you won against those girls,” Dean smiled.

 Sam’s eyes went wide, “Dean she almost sliced a girl with a weapon she wasn’t even supposed to have!”.

Dean looked to you, as you shrunk a little. “Eh, you were always a Daddy’s girl, and he would’ve done the same,” he smiled.

Not all wanders are lost

Day 2 - Lutteo ficweek

For you who read first day, no angst. Sorry. Not everyday can be an angst.

I hope you to enjoy it.

That fic will have continuation after the fic week, so I really hope you enjoy it haha

Ps: Thank you Ale @silveranchor for proofreading. You did an amazing work. Also, thanks to M @lunambar, you know why.

Prompt:  You are just sneaking into my house definitely too late for you to be here and my parents have no idea, what were you thinking?

Luna is doing her homework, or trying to, since math is not really Luna’s thing. She truly hates it and wishes she didn’t have to take this class. Why does she need to know “(log47 + log183) sen 75”? She can’t even understand the reason someone felt the urge to create “log”.

Also, there’s physics. She can understand the reason behind someone’s need to know the minimum gape to make a shot from an airplane to reach the enemy. But why does she need to know how to calculate it? They are teaching her how to compute it as if she even knew how to pilot an airplane already or as if she had any intention of actually being an army pilot.

Breathe deep, Luna. You still have two years left before you go to college and study what makes sense to you.

So her best friend is coming to help her out. It’s already late, but Simón couldn’t do it earlier. Simón is Luna’s best friend since Mexico, so she would trust him with pretty much anything, although she doesn’t want to know what had kept him occupied until midnight. Simón’s shift at the restaurant ended at 7 pm, the last 5 hours are a secret that Luna isn’t willing to uncover.

Some noises coming from the window draw Luna’s attention, Simón has probably arrived. So she gets up and opens the window without bothering to look at her friend coming in, sitting back on her bed. When she looks to the person standing in her room, she discovers she’s made a mistake.

“You are not Simon. What the hell?” Luna shouts standing up and grabbing the first thing she can reach: her lampshade. “Who are you? Why are you in here?” She tries to pull the lampshade forward but its wire is plugged on the wall, so Luna simply pretends she is capable of throwing it at the guy if he makes any sudden move.

“I’m Simón’s friend?” The guy says hesitantly, as if he believes that if she was awaiting this ‘Simón’, being somehow connected to him would ease her. Instead of what he expected, Luna’s reaction is raising her eyebrows and shaking the lampshade as a reminder of what could be thrown in his direction anytime soon. He protects his face with his arms. “Okay. I’m Matteo.” Luna doesn’t move at his words, still holding the object, watching her target. “Matteo Balsano. Now you know my full name to tell the cops if you want to,” He clarifies, Luna puts her arms down, letting the lampshade on the table. Matteo smirks. “Or if you need to stalk me online.”

The next second, Matteo sees a colorful bracelet flying in his direction, well not exactly in his direction since Luna misses his person and the bracelet ends hitting the wall. He wouldn’t have been afraid if he knew she had that bad of an aim, he thinks, looking at the bracelet on the ground. When he turns back to look at Luna, he isn’t able to even see what is flying his way, just feel when it hits his forehead. This time Luna didn’t miss at all, perhaps it was too fast, but she doesn’t care, she is happy to prove herself.

“Matteo Balsano.” Luna tests how it sounds. She doesn’t regret throwing the little wooden box. Maybe she regretted it when it hit Matteo’s forehead, but just a bit. She can’t feel bad for hitting the unknown guy who sneaked into her room. “Matteo, now answer the other question.”

“What?” Matteo asks both confused and scared. She threw a box at him and doesn’t seem to even slightly regret this! And it’s hurting a lot! That crazy chick. He knew he wouldn’t be exactly welcome breaking into a place, but if he knew he would’ve been received with a flying box, he would’ve kept running.

“Why are you in my room, Matteo?” She repeats the question, and his name. Luna likes how his name sounds. Matteo likes hearing his name in her voice.

“I was running and your window was the fastest way I could get in.” Matteo answers, taking his hand to his the forehead. No blood, good thing.

“Running? You were doing a night jog and decided today was as good as any to sneak into some random window?” Luna exclaims confused. She sees pain on his face and starts feeling bad.

“Not that kind of running.” He tells her in low voice. It takes less than a second for her previous feelings of guiltiness to vanish and realize what Matteo means.

“Out!” Luna shouts, reaching out her hand to pick the lampshade again. “Get out!” Her eyes focus on Matteo.

“Girl, chill,” Matteo says trying to calm her down, she seems to be freaking out.

“Chill?” Luna’s eyes widen. “You were running away. Running from the police. And I need to chill?”

“I never said it was from the police.” He only says it in defense. Matteo isn’t sure if it’s possible, but Luna’s eyes widen more. He gets pretty worried about the girl’s condition, she wasn’t acting quite normal before that answer, her next reaction might be more dangerous.

“No cops?” She asks, not waiting for an answer before babbling, “So the bad guys are after.”

Matteo doesn’t even have enough time to analyze how cute the crazy girl is, calling the guys that were after him bad guys like they were in some kind of movie.

“Luna! Open the door.” Her dad comes through the door. “Is everything okay?” Luna paces towards the door, then back to where Matteo stands.

“Stay quiet!” She whispers, pushing him to the wall behind the door, setting a finger on her lips, ordering silence. Luna opens the door. “Dad, hi! It’s all okay. See?” Luna tells her dad quickly.

“Your mom heard you speaking. Luna, who were you talking to?” Miguel says, stepping into the room. Luna panics.

“Simón. On the phone,” Luna exclaims, getting in her dad’s way. “Dad, he’s waiting.” She smiles to him.

“Okay. But finish it soon. It’s already late, you have to go to bed.” Miguel steps back. “Or don’t shout anymore so your mom doesn’t send me here again.” Luna giggles at Miguel’s words, plus his failed attempt of winking with only one eye. Her dad leans and kisses her forehead. “ Goodnight, little moon. Tell Simón I said hi.” Luna nods, and he is already gone, she closes the door, freeing Matteo.

Matteo thinks her dad is pretty cool, his dad would never show up just to say goodnight. Matteo also notices that name showed up again, Simón. This boy must really important in her life if her dad knows him or doesn’t care that they were talking this late. Maybe he’s her boyfriend. That thought isn’t very pleasant for Matteo, jealousy rushes through his body.

He shakes his head. He is jealous of this girl he just met, he doesn’t even know her name. Oh, wait, he knows. He heard her dad calling her by a name: Luna.

“Little moon?” From all the things running inside his mind, that is what slips through his lips. “Luna.” He tells himself. Luna stares in shock, noticing he knows her name, then remembers her dad had used it. She eyes his face and sees that the spot where the box struck has swollen up.

“Your forehead. What did I do? I surely shouldn’t care, but I do,” Luna says, trying to analyze his freshly formed bruise. She is too short for it so she needs to stand on her tiptoes to see it better. “Even though you definitely deserved it.” She sets her hands on his shoulders to gain balance.

Her eyes fall on his, and she feels like she can’t look away. Matteo panics so bad, he doesn’t know what to do; it’s like he has never been this close to any girl before. The worst is he can’t do what he wants to do with her, she has a boyfriend.

“My eyes have this amazing ability, they change color depending on my coolness levels.” Matteo says descending his eyes to her lips. Luna frowns. “See that exact brown on my eyes right now? This is the shade at a maximum level.” He was already staring at her eyes. “I’ve never seen them change.”

Luna wishes she was capable of keeping a straight face, but she fails so bad, bursting into laughter. She believes now that Matteo is a regular guy or else he wouldn’t be nervous at the point of saying something so nonsensical. All her fear and rage have passed, and she can clearly observe how cute he is. Meaning she can admit it to herself. When she first saw him standing there, his looks were already appreciated and rated as ‘pretty damn ass too cute for this world’, but this she can’t admit.

A random guy breaks into your room at midnight and your first thought is he is so hot in that plain white t-shirt. Nope, Luna would never say that happened.

When Matteo sees Luna laughing, getting back on her bare feet, her nails carefully painted in red, shoulders shaking and her big green eyes closed, he thinks maybe the universe put some weird kind of luck in this night, between all the chaotic mess that was tonight, somehow it brought him to Luna, and he is hugely glad for the coincidence.

He just wishes a plain white t-shirt, black ripped jeans and combat boots wasn’t his outfit for that night. It lacks style, certainly not his perfect choice for a first meeting. It’s not fair that he looks so careless when Luna, wearing some unicorn pjs with the phrase ‘When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a unicorn. A badass unicorn’ written on it looks preciously awes-inspiring.

Although the plan had asked for this outfit. Well it was Ámbar, not the plan, but anyway, the important thing is he choose to obey it.

“Okay, Matteo,” Luna says smiling. Her mind order her lips to restrain themselves and stop smiling, but something stronger doesn’t allow it. “Do you care to explain why you needed to run?” She asks, turning her back to Matteo, pacing toward the bed. Perhaps without him on her sight it will be easier to follow her mind’s orders.

He got in front of her. Matteo, boy, you are not making it any easier for Luna.

“Yes, I care.” Matteo fakes a serious tone. “Anything that I say can put you in more danger,” He mocks setting a hand on her cheek. “You are already in enough danger because I’m in here with you.”

Luna gasps. Matteo tries to keep his face straight but starts laughing.

“Jerk!” Luna yells slapping Matteo’s chest.

“Your parents!” Matteo whispers loudly, somehow.

“I don’t care!” She nearly yells as loud as before. “I hope…” Luna’s words are hushed by Matteo’s lips. In a sudden move, their lips are connected, his arms embracing her waist. A warm touch they didn’t know they wished for, but when it happens they realize they actually needed it.

As most things in life, the unexpected factor that surrounds the kiss makes it better, more remarkable, and they are already sure they will have trouble forgetting the kiss. But that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Something about it makes Luna’s stomach tickle, she feels like smiling for no reason. On the back of her mind, a thought appears: they were an item about to happen, although it’d had no warning, it was simply just growing to be whatever it would be, it being something or nothing. They are here for now.

Surprisingly to Matteo, Luna gives into the kiss, putting her hands on his hair, entangling her fingers in his short curls. Matteo takes that as encouragement to take the next step. He bites her bottom lip, slipping his tongue, asking before deepening the kiss, she doesn’t stop him. Then their tongues starts exchanges caresses.

Luna feels Matteo smiling during the kiss, the urge of smiling coming to her too, and also the question ‘What the hell am I doing?’

Her eyes open she hadn’t even realized when she closed them, and she pushes him away, setting a hand on her lips, already missing the contact with his soft lips. Matteo is in shock, struggling with the absence of the contact between them, feeling lost. Soon, he comes into his mind, understanding what happened. He starts wondering why this reaction, since she seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was. But he has to do the first logical thing for when a girl is mad with you.

“I’m sorry,” Matteo apologizes, even if he doesn’t know exactly why. When his eyes find Luna’s, he finds the answer he was searching for. “Simón? Your boyfriend. I’m sorry…” He sets his hands on top of his eyes. For a moment he forgot what was the barrier, why he couldn’t kiss her.

“ Yeah, Simón…” Luna pales, exclaiming it and her eyes widening. She completely forgot her best friend is coming. Actually he should be here already. She looks for her phone on the bed, picking it up. “Shit!”

12:47 am

No new notifications. 0 new messages. No missed calls. Nothing about Simón.

“Look, I know you have a boyfriend and you feel guilty. You didn’t want to cheat on him,” Matteo explains, shaking his hand as if this would make Luna understand better what he is saying, but for Luna he just seems extremely nervous, and she is definitely not wrong. He opens his mouth a few times, not sure what to say next. “What I meant is…” He takes a deep breath, Luna stares at him, blinking eventually. “It’s my fault, not yours. I kissed you.” Matteo looks away, not being able to handle how awkward he is in this situation.

“Boyfriend?” That was the only question that Luna could ask after his blabbing.

“Simón?” Matteo replies. He is hyperventilating here, he believes he never felt something like it, he seems to not be able to reach the air he needs, and at the same he seems to have too much oxygen.

“My best friend,” She answers confused and tilts her head to the left. Matteo is still unsure.

“Who has a free pass to your room? Even late at night?”

“To help me with math, yes.” Luna points to her books on the bed. Matteo rolls his eyes at himself: he noticed the color of her toes’ fingernails, but didn’t notice the textbooks on her bed? What’s wrong with him?

“If you don’t have a boyfriend, why did you push me away?” Matteo asks, clueless about what could be on Luna’s mind. He is absolutely sure he will never be able to completely get this, but he is willing to try.

“Because you are so flawless that for someone to simply reject you, the person must be insane. Right, Mister Ego?” Luna states without thinking twice, she sees Matteo’s eyebrows raise in way that they almost join his hair, then a smirk appears on his face. Luna is sure she doesn’t want to hear what he is about to say. So when he opens his mouth, Luna interrupts, “ You are just the random guy who sneaked into my room…”

“Matteo.” He needs her to have his name engraved on her memory, he can’t be the only one who will not forget the other’s name, the exact shade of green of her eyes, her small size, her. He needs her to remember him.

“Matteo, just the random guy who sneaked into my room in the middle of the night,” Luna repeats.

“The guy who is leaving,” Matteo replies, eyeing his phone and walking to the window.

“What? Matteo!” Luna follows him, thinking Matteo is mad at her, she didn’t want to upset him even though she’d told him the truth. Her hand takes his to stop him.

“I need to leave now, my lady,” He jokes, kissing her hand; she pulls it back. He laughs. “Ámbar Just texted it’s all clear right now. So I really have to go.”

“Ámbar?” Luna whispered.

“Ámbar Smith.” Matteo answers before even thinking, then he figures he shouldn’t have told the name to Luna; he ignores the sense of wrongness. He already has a leg out of the window.

“Wait, can you at least tell me what you did before you go?” She asks, truly curious about what drove Matteo there that night. Secretly, Luna wanted to know the reason that lead him to her.

“Justice,” It’s the last thing Matteo says before disappearing outside. Luna gasps. This can’t be the last she will ever hear of his voice. Maybe she could ask his number? No, that would be weird. But she needs something, she can’t lose track of Matteo like they never met. Matteo Balsano is something to her, she doesn’t know fully what yet, but she can't… She knows his name, that’s a start, she can google it.

Damn, she will be doing exactly what he told her, stalking him online.

“Will we see each other again?” She wasn’t able to retain herself from running to her window to ask. Her heart beating fast seeing Matteo already on the ground, ready to leave. Matteo turns, smirking at her from the ground. That smirk will surely settle in her dreams for a while.

“Maybe.” Matteo takes a few steps back so he can see Luna better, standing on her window. He wants to record this scene and freeze it on his mind: Luna on her window, her big green eyes locked on his, her brown messy hair falling around her face, her teeth holding her pink bottom lip, an act she probably doesn’t even realize she is doing and, of course, the unicorn pajama she’s wearing. That was an awe striking image for Matteo and Luna doesn’t even imagine she’s the focus of so much admiration. “Although, I know where you live,” He exclaims and then runs, leaving a motionless Luna behind. He doesn’t leave her with any other option than to stalk him.

Luna shakes her head, slowly closing the window, and after shutting the curtains too, Luna almost runs to her phone. 2 messages from Simón.

Simón: Sorry, Luna. Something held me up when I was on my way to your house.

Simón: A blonde girl stopped me all of the sudden on the street. It got me distracted.

She is about to answer him when she sees he’s still typing.when the text arrives, her eyes widen in shock.

Simón: Ámbar Smith. Do you know her??


The capital is very excited with the news that you will be dancing at the festival. Please show us great dancing. I’ll look forward to it.
- SooYeon.”