look at the power of donghae

❝ Are you ready, Omega? ❞ Part 4

Plot: Heechul ABO universe (Alpha, Beta, Omega)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,1k+

Genre: Drama, Angst, Comedy, Smut

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For zhao-jie-shanghai, I hope you like it and now for an anon ^^


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Heechul now stood with his back pressed flush again the cool tiled wall of the shower and panting. His head beating with indecency as he pressed his head back, mouth open and breathing heavily. By now he had released his member from his hand and was now just looking up at the ceiling as the sensual pleasure ran rampant through his system. Closing his mouth, he gulped hard before realizing what he had just done. He knew that this ‘heat’ was a hectic problem, but now this was just ridiculous to him.

‘Oh fuck…’ He cursed, switching the water off.

He stepped out the shower and looked at himself in the mirror. His hair was flattened against his forehead before running a hand through it and styling it horribly. In a fit of rage he grabbed the hairbrush that was on the sink and threw it at the mirror. It shattered into thousands of pieces and he did nothing but go and change into some boxers and head to sleep. He didn’t want to think about what happened but his dreams plagued him and played tricks. Tricks that were things he deeply wanted and others that were just torture to him.

‘Zhoumi!’ Heechul barked

‘Yes Chul?’ The Chinaman poked his head into the office, ‘What can I do for you?’

‘Do you know a good guy to fix mirrors?’

‘I know of a builder called Kangin, apparently he is the best. Why?’

‘I have a broken mirror in my apartment and I need it fixed.’ The boss explained.

Zhoumi walked into the office and quickly examined his boss’s hands, ‘Are you okay? Do we need to take you to the hospital?!’

‘Get off me!’ Heechul pushed him away, dusting himself off, ‘There was just a little accident in the bathroom. Get this Kangin person to fix my mirror and leave!’

‘Yes Heechul.’ Zhoumi bowed as Leeteuk walked into the office.

‘Barking at people, no shocker there.’ The elder made himself comfortable.

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anonymous asked:

You know how EXO has superpowers like teleportation and control of the elements? If that concept were given to SJ, what powers do you think would suit each member? (IMHO, Heechul with pyrokinesis would be pretty damn scary LOL)

Hello~ I think Kyuhyun with Telekinesis would be much scarier than Heechul with Pyrokinesis though. 

Leeteuk = Cryokinesis (ice/frost) 

Heechul = Pyrokinesis (fire)

Yesung = Time Control

Kangin= Thunder and Lightening

Shindong = Geokinesis (earth)

Sungmin = Teleportation 

Eunhyuk = Photokinesis (light)

Donghae = Hydrokinesis (water)

Siwon = Flight

Kibum = Aerokinesis (wind/air)

Ryeowook = Healing

Kyuhyun = Telekinesis 

Heechul is short tempered but he never gets mad at Donghae…not always at least. Donghae is water, puts out the flames of Heechul’s temper (plus he loves the rain). Heechul and Leeteuk are both the oldest but opposites of each other = Fire/Ice. Sungmin is multi-talented and one of his talents are that he’s amazing at chinese martial arts and this makes his Teleportation powers all the more badass. TBH I feel like they’d just mess around with each other with their powers. LOL I should write a fanfic about this.

Part 1. Super Junior conspiracy.

Kyuhyun play with his hyungs.

Leeteuk: Gentlemen say STOP to our rude evil maknae!

Don’t give to exploit, then..

Sungmin: …we could cut him off from the power supply.

Eunhyuk: Our we can pretend he doesn’t exist.

Donghae: Monkey! It isn’t humane.

Shindong: What, maybe he disappear somehow?!

Leeteuk: Sure!  Why don’ t we throw him to the magical trunk and play in wizards. *joke*

Rap Monster: Somebody look for the wizard. *hospitably*

OMG…  how you get in here?

Rap Monster: With my jams power.

Kangin: Ladies and gentlemen, here and now only a discussion between animals, haha …

Donghae: Okay, so we put him in a box and then we will cut him in pieces.

Yesung: Then we take away pieces and throw them into the river. Brilliant!


Kyuhyun: What a meeting without me?

Siwon: We discuss at the global changes in the world in ENGLISH!

Kyuhyun: Oh so I won’t be interrupted you guy. Hyung make me refined meal.


Kyuhyun: And please shut up I wanna sleep.

Yesung: This is it!