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You used the Hogwarts Express a couple of times by now, but that was probably the longest road you’ve ever had. Having no clue what happened with Harry, you were worried sick, and walking through the train, trying to find Fred and George, you had to realize the whole Weasley family disappeared too. They should’ve been on the train. Hermione left with the Knight Bus earlier, so you didn’t have the chance to talk with her either, though she only knew as much as you did. Luna kept you company, she helped you to calm down somewhat, at least as long as you sat on the train.

You walked to the Grimmauld Place from the King’s Cross alone, sometimes half running, though you haven’t realized how fast you were going until you had to slow down to catch your breath. Stepping inside slowly, there was only deep silence; the kitchen and the drawing room stood empty. It seemed like the whole house was deserted, but walking up on the old, creaking stairs, you met with your father at the landing of the second floor.

“Dad!” – you yelled instantly and a smile finally hovered over your face, forgetting about your worries. He didn’t even have a time to be surprised as you appeared there so suddenly, because you hugged him immediately. – “Where is everybody? And what happened with Harry? McGonagall said…” – you started, pulling back and speaking fastly before he cut you off.

“He’s fine. Well, mostly.” – he said, and you shot a confused but scared glance at him as he led you down to the basement, where you could speak in peace, without half of your ancestors accidentally start to shouting at you from their frames. Taking off your coat and scarf, you took a seat next to the long table.

“Arthur has been attacked by Voldemort’s snake. He’s fine, he’s alive.” – he added quickly, seeing your shocked face. – “But he’s at the St. Mungo’s. They went to visit him.”

Still taken aback by what you just heard, you were speechless, and it took a long minute before you could say something again. “I still don’t understand. Neville said Harry was sick, I thought something happened with him.”

“Not exactly.” - he sighed. – “He saw the attack. Don’t ask me how, somehow in his dream.”

And again, you fell silent. It was so obvious something wasn’t right with those dreams he have, but how could he saw the attack? “He has weird dreams for months. He don’t know where, a place with dark walls.” – you started in a low voice, staring off into the distance. – “But they must be very vivid and realistic, because he always tossing and turning, reaching out his hands like he’d be really there.” – raising your head up, you looked at him. – “So these aren’t just dreams, are they?”

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “This is out of my knowledge. Dumbledore will surely can tell more.” – you just nodded lightly, thinking about how you said to Harry several times he should go and tell about it to the headmaster, but he was too stubborn. Deep in your thoughts, glaring at the walls again your father – now much lighter – voice woke you up. – “Try to cheer up a little. I think he’ll need it.”

Letting out a soft laugh, you said, “Yes, I get used to it.”

He smiled back and opened his mouth to say something, but then the door of the kitchen opened as your mother arrived back from the ministry. Suddenly you remembered that little chat with Umbridge, but decided to keep in secret. The three of you talked about little things, school, and of course, Harry and you.

“Okay, I’m sorry I didn’t write about us. I just… I really wanted to tell you in person.” – you apologized, but they just smiled.

“It’s okay. We’re happy for you.”

To her words, your father nodded. “We are.” – he said, but then narrowed his eyes. – “And did I understand right you’re sleeping with him?”

Widening your eyes, you had to thinking a little until you realized he was referring that you said you saw him while he was dreaming. Before you could answer, your mother spoke up. “That’s their business, not yours.”

“I was just asking.” – he explained. – “You know, if you need some talk… I’m here.” – he was nodding slowly.

“What talk?” – you asked, but then understood, which made you stood up from your seat. – “No. No. I know everything, thanks.” – Clearing your throat, you tried to cover your embarrassed tone.

“Oh, do you?”

Grabbing your scarf and coat from the chair, you muttered something like “I’ll go upstairs to pack out.”, but you heard your mother voice from the door.

“You’re so good at this.”

“Parenting?” – he asked proudly.

“Embarassing your daughter.”

After you emptied your trunk and changed your clothes, you went back down to the kitchen to make a tea. Barely finishing, you heard low noises from the hallway before the door opened again and half of the Weasley family filled the room. You asked them about Mr. Weasley, but Harry wasn’t with them.

“He went to sleep. He… I don’t think he’s well.” – Ron said worriedly, and for a moment you considered to leave Harry alone, but at least you wanted to check on him. Arriving to the floor where his room was, you heard a shout right before you opened the door; he stood in front of Phineas Nigellus’ portrait.

He was so pale and looked so devastated, angry too, until he saw you, because then his face softened somewhat. “Are you okay?” – you asked quietly, glancing at the emty portait before you looked back at him. He just nodded, so you walked closer to him, cupping his cheek. His skin was cold and he had dark circles under his eyes. – “Have you slept?”

He closed his eyes and took your hand in his, squeezing a little as he shook his head as a no, barely visible. “Come to my room. No one will bother you there.”

He followed you into your room where he sat on the edge of the bed, took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. As he was still wordless and avoided your face, you started to think it’d be better to leave him alone for a while. “I’ll be downstairs. I let you…” – he didn’t let you to finish; grabbing both of you hands, he looked up at you.

“No, please. Stay here with me.” – his almost desperate voice made your heart ache.

But as you plopped down next to him, he avoided your eyes again. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No. Not now.” – he muttered, and you smiled at him kindly, though you were thinking about one thing: he doesn’t want to talk about it at all, not even later.

The experience was still too fresh, so you rather didn’t bothered him. “Sleep a little.”

“I don’t want to.” – he breathed out, and you didn’t need to ask why.

“I stay here with you, okay? I’ll wake you up if something isn’t right.” – Harry hesitated, but then nodded shortly, so you lied down on the bed, pulling him with yourself.  He buried his face in the crook of your neck, and you felt as he let out a long, trembling sigh. His hand lost in your hair, and as you started to rub his back, a few minutes later he was already fast asleep. You listened his steady breathing at least for half an hour, and soon enough his skin wasn’t so cold anymore; you dozed off too.

Ron woke you up after hours sleep, right before dinner. Sitting up on the bed, you could tell Harry had no intention to go down. “You should eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.” – he said as firmly as his raspy, sleepy voice let him. – “But you go, I’ll be alright.”

As he turned on his other side, you understood he won’t come with you no matter how nicely you ask, and there was absolutely no point to argue with him. Before you stood up and left the room, you leaned down and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

“Harry?” – your mother asked after you sat down next to the table, but everybody else waited for your answer aswell. Besides the Weasleys only your parents and Remus were here today, no one else from the order.

“I didn’t want to wake him up.” – you lied, because you didn’t want to get into a discussion about him now. It seemed the others were in a better mood, relieved somewhat, but you couldn’t really talk or eat much. Excusing yourself soon, you walked back up to your room, but Harry was sleeping again.

Since you were sure you can’t sleep now, you sat down next to him on the bed with a book, reading for like an hour before he woke up again, turning to you. Smiling at him worriedly, you put the book down on the nightstand and gave his spectacles to him. Not being completely sure if you should ask again or not, firstly you just leaned closer, pressing a few kisses on his lips, making him smile a bit.

“Are you alright, my love?”

Laughing softly, you eyes widened. “I should ask you!”

A little smile appeared at the corner of his lips, just for a moment as he pushed his glasses up on his nose. “Did you heard what happened?”

“Yes. You saw Mr. Weasley’s attack?”

He shook his head. “It’s not just that. I saw it through the snake.” – his voice was quiet, like he was afraid somebody else would might hear him too. – “Through the snake, Y/N.”

“Wait.” – you started after a confused silence, suddenly understating why he was so miserable. – “You don’t think you did this, do you?”

His silence said everything. “Harry, that’s impossible. I don’t know how you could see it, but it wasn’t you who did it!”

“How can you be so sure? You wasn’t there. You don’t know what I felt. Because I felt…”  - he started angrily, taking a deep breath before he spoke again. “I just… Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“You really needed to ask this?” – you smiled. – “Of course you can.”

He lowered his head on your shoulder as you hugged him tightly. You tried to comfort him with a few calming words, telling him that there’s no way he could do anything like that, but he didn’t say anything; just stayed silently on your embrace, like if you were the only strong point, the pillar of his life. By now you learnt if he isn’t ready to talk about something, you have to give him some time. Also, you had absolutely no idea how you should treat this situation, because as everybody else you didn’t really understand what happened either. For now the best you could do is be there for him.

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Hey, Jealousy.

Pairing: Young!Remus x Reader


A/N- Jeez, I wrote this a long time ago XD

Blinking away the bleariness in your (e/c) eyes, you awake to the secure, loving feeling of Remus holding you. The soft sound of his snores fill the boys’ barely wadeable dorm.

You turn from the spooning position so you’re facing his peaceful, though still worn down face. You see his eyebrows furrow slightly and his arms tighten around your waist and pull you closer. You chuckle softly, reaching up to run a hand through his ruffled, walnut hair. You spend a few moments brushing the loose strands back in place. 

Once you stop, he begins to stir and his eyes flicker beneath his eyelids. After blinking away the sun, Remus’ tired face lights up at the sight of you. “Afternoon, sweetheart.” you say gently with a slight laugh. Placing a light kiss on his slightly chapped lips. 

One of his large hands lightly trails up your bare leg and rests on your hip. It sends a shiver running down your spine and goosebumps to erupt all over your skin. Last night after ‘making love’ Remus gave you one of his baggy white t-shirts which falls on your mid-thigh.

“Hmm.” he says before caging you in a strong grip and burying his face in the crook of your neck. “Remus!” you exclaim before giggling and wrapping your arms around him. 

You greedily inhale the addictive scent of strong coffee and forest trees that lingers on him. “Remus…? I’m going to get (book you’re currenly reading) from the Common Room. I think I left it there when you..” you trail off remembering how rough and dominant he was with you last night. The titilating and thoroughly raptuous memories throw you into a daze. 

A husky chuckle leaves Remus’ lips and it breaks you out of your reverie. “Go on then, love.” he whispers. 

Stumbling out of the cosy bed, you hop your way down the freezing steps and into the baren Common Room. 

Upturning cushions and various leaflets, you search for the godforsaken book.

“Looking for this?” a familiar voice taunts teasingly. Whirling around, you catch sight of Sirius’ shaggy, black locks and well built figure.

“Give it back, Black.” you say impatiently. Though he’s not listening. Instead his wandering eyes are travelling over your exposed body shamelessly. 

“Up here, arsehole.” you growl, stalking towards him and reaching over to grab the book. Sirius, however, has other ideas. With every step forward you take, he steps back. 

“Stop messing aroun-ooph!” you are sent tumbling over the edge of the couch. Sirius conveniently missing it and toppling over himself. “You’re an idiot!” you huff. While attempting to distangle your limbs from Sirius’, you catch sight of his gleeful smirk.

“Something funny, Black?” you snap. 

“Not at all, (Y/L/N).” he replies teasingly.

“Am I interrupting something…?” Remus’ evidently furious voice echos around the room. Sirius stiffens visibly from underneath you, allowing you to push yourself off him. 

“It’s not what it looks like, Remus.” Sirius says residingly after a moment before standing next to you. “I was just messing.” he finishes nonchalantly.

“It’s really not, Remus.” you add sincerly. 

You stare at Remus’ stoic figure. The tight fisting of his hands cause his veins to become exceedingly prominent. 

“That’s what it looked like.” Remus growls icily. Before you can protest, he’s already half way towards the portait hole.  Striding towards the portrait hole, he grabs Sirius by the arm and drags him outside ruffly. You make towards it in attempt to stop them but Remus’ warning voice mutters, “Stay here, (Y/N) I just need a little word with Sirius.” before slamming it shut.

Minutes later, Sirius stamps up the boys’ staircase in a rage though seemingly unharmed. A few moments later, Remus trickles in. His face shows his evident exhaustion and stress. Hesistantly you stand in front of him. “He’s like an arrogant brother to me, Remus. You know I love you I would never-” 

“I know, (Y/N)” he mumbles before wrapping his arms around you. “ I know. You drive me mad, you know that?” he sighs into your shoulder. 

You giggle quitely. “I’m sorry about that. But..I hope I haven’t ruined your friendship with Sirius..?” you say glumly.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed his ‘not so innocent’ stares at you, (Y/N).” Remus says lowly. “I just needed to give him a quick reminder that you’re mine alone.”

You’re quiet for a moment before whispering, “Always.” and hugging him tighter.

With Remus’ strong arm wrapped around your waist, you both slip into the Great Hall for lunch. Locating the rest of the ‘gang’ further down the table, you lead Remus to them. Once Remus spots Sirius, however, he pulls you tightly into his side and makes a clear demonstration to everyone that you’re his. 

By that I mean: siting you on his lap, feeding you, confidently holding your hand and the like though, mostly sending death glares at anyone who so much as looked at you. 

This was so unlike Remus. He’s normally so shy and almost always burried in a book that it overwhelms you. But Merlin, was it hot.


Thank you so much <333 And Yes, more Hux fanarts please!

This is a trick question though, because I’m very frustrated with his face, there’s always something that makes it not recognizable and I can never find what it is and it makes me very angry at my tablet most of the time.

I always, always have reference pictures, I cannot work without references if I want the final product to look real. Then, if I plan to make a realistic portait, I’ll have a grid for proportions. I don’t make a precise lineart for portraits, it just gets in the way of necessary details and takes away the whole point of making a picture realistic.

So when it comes to Domhnall and his face, there are key points that, imho, you absolutely cannot forget about if you want Hux to look like him (and you will be able to see that I don’t follow my own advices).

-His eyebrows. They are very light on the upper part and darker and more dense on the bottom part. They are not thin lines, they have a strong triangular shape with the arch being very thick and the part nearest to the nose (sorry my english isn’t on point today) being about ½ of the thickness of the arch. His brow bone is also very noticeable.

-His eyes are rather small but his very light eyelashes, lower eyelid and irises make them stand out a lot and appear bigger. Draw his eyelashes very light if you can.

-His nose is almost straight but round at the tip. So a pointy nose will make him look like someone else.

-His cheekbones aren’t as high as we would believe at first, but the hollow part at the center of his cheeks makes them look bigger.

-His philtrum is very noticeable when clean shaved so if you style allows you to, don’t hesitate to draw it.

-His upper lip is thinner than the bottom one and I have yet to wrap my head around how his bottom lip works at the edges. The coloring makes no sense to me. I will need to investigate further, preferably IRL.

This is an ongoing study as I’m still not able to properly grasp his likeness so there are probably things that are wrong or approximate. Forgive me for that.

I could continue about his body shape but I guess it’s easier to study?

This answer got creepy very fast, but I’d like to point that these type of studies are a necessity for me and I do them with respect and objectivity.

sarangkaeyon  asked:

Dear BTS Request Answerer, don't you think I forgot about you! >_< How would (in a Gif + text reaction, if that's possible) Jimin, Jin, J-Hope & V react to their wife blushing when someone calls her Mrs Park/Kim/Jung? >.< Thank you~ - Your BTS fluffy Requester~

True, you`re fluffy af, unnie <3

Jimin: It hasn`t been a long time since you and Jimin got married. You and Jimin were walking towards the registration desk in the airport, holding hands and giving each other small glimpses and smiles as his thumb was caressing the back of your hand. 

The nice-looking lady at the registration desk greeted you with a welcoming and friendly smile, telling you to get your plane tickets for her to check. You were kind of mesmerized by her beauty: she didn`t wear much makeup, she wasn`t dressed fancy - just her uniform, yet she looked like a Goddess to you. You wanted to share your thoughts on her with your husband later. 

Jimin immediately gave her both tickets and his passport while you forgot to take yours out. The lady checked his and then looked up at you with the same bright smile of hers.

“Mrs Park, can I see your passport as well?”

Upon being called the new and still unfamiliar ‘Mrs Park’, you blushed hard and couldn`t resist a shy smile as you brought your head down.


The lady glanced at Jimin, who was smiling like an idiot as well and nodded to herself, “Are you guys newlyweds?”

“Kinda,” Your husband replied and poked you in the side gently, “From now on, I`m going to call you Mrs Park as well~”

Jin: “Pass me the tomatoes,” Your husband, Jin, said and reached his hand out to get it from you as soon as you found them. However, you really seemed not to have idea where in this refrigerator they were located.

Thinking you were taking too long, Jin turned to the refrigerator and took a couple of tomatoes out of it and giving you a teasing look. “How come you don`t know?”

“You barely let me come to the kitchen! Little invader! ” You started defending yourself, giving him a playful nudge as he started washing the vegetables. “Draw me a map of it or something!” You joked.

That`s when the doorbell rang.

“I`ll get it!” You said and rushed to the front door with Jin following you, using a kitchen towel to dry his wet hands as he walked. You opened the door to see a postman. The guy looked rather happy and held a big box in his hands. 

“A package for Mrs Kim!” He exclaimed brightly. Unconsiously, you blushed bright red upon being callled Mrs. Kim. It seemed so… unreal.

“Mrs Kim..?” The postman`s expression changed to a concerned one.

“Give it to me while she signs the papers for you.” Jin smiled at the guy and took the box, carrying it to your bedroom. You put your signature when needed and the postman left. Jin was back a few seconds later, beginning to pinch your cheeks out of nowhere.

“Look at our shy Mrs Kim! How lovely~!”

J-Hope: Sure, his sister was lovely. It was your luck she was so sweet to you, but sometimes the attention could seem… a bit too much.

Not like you complained, but when she saw a street artist, she ran towards him, dragging you along with her and almost breaking her ankles when she almost tripped over something. Wearing high heels to a Saturday family walk wasn`t a good idea and you warned her beforehand. Hoseok and his sister`s boyfriend were following you, taking rather leisurely steps instead of running like madmen (you were actually surprised) and enjoying a small chit-chat.


“Don`t! They must be having their disgusting talks,” She cringed and stuck her tongue out at her brother and boyfriend. Hoseok stuck his back at her as the other guy smiled and made a kissy face. 

“Look!!” She exclaimed, hitting your arm a few times due to excitement. “He`s awesome! Excuse me, sir, how much will a portait drawn by you cost?”

The guy examined your face and his eyes lit up.

“For this beautiful lady it is free. I was looking for someone who looks like that for a while,” He replied. Hoseok`s sister clapped her hands together.

“Really?! Yah, come here..”

“Unnie, I don`t….”


You basically had to sit down. The artist started doing his magic work on a piece of paper and talking to you. 

“So, what is your name?”

“Her name is,” She smiled slyly, “Mrs Jung!” At that time, Hoseok and his sister`s boyfriend caught up with you, “Oh and this young man right here is her husband, by the way! Aren`t they a lovely couple? Don`t you think being Jung suits her so much?”

You couldn`t look forward anymore as a wave of shyness washes over you. You put your head down, looking at the floor and J-Hope did the same. He was feeling just as shy as you were.


V: “Where are you?” Taehyung`s message said. He had sent over 20 messages like this in the past ten minutes. You cursed under your breath as you tried to look for your cocktail dress you bought especially for that party you were to attend with your husband, Taehyung. The dress perfectly suited his dark cherry colored suit and brought harmony to your ‘couple look’. 

“Babe, just go without me, I`ll come later. Can`t find my dress,” You replied.

“OK,” his other message said.

Fifteen minutes later, you found the goddamn dress. Why the heck was it doing on the balcony?!

It took you twenty more minutes to get fully dressed. Satisfied with the way you looked, you headed off to the party which you basically had to attend. Every married entertainer (whom Taehyung happened to be) had to bring their wives and husbands along to the official party.

The face-control guide stopped you at the entrance.

“Are you on the list?”

“Yes, please check. Kim Taehyung`s wife,” You still weren`t used to being called ‘Mrs Kim’, moreover, you were pretty sure there could be a whole bunch of women who shared the  honor to be called ‘Mrs Kim’. This is why you simply said whose wife you were.

“Oh, Mrs Kim?” The well-built guy asked and smiled at you. “Come in. Enjoy the party, Mrs Kim!” 

“Why did he have to repeat it two times?!” You thought to yourself. You noticed Taehyung standing behind the guy.


“Who? Me? Nooooo!” He denied, “But look at you, your face is almost the same as my suit`s color!” Your husband teased you, “Alright, Mrs Kim, shall we go and greet that group of people in corner first?”

- Vivian

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)


I was really happy with the episode. Not only for gruvia moment we had in addiction but for the way Gray and Juvia were working together. I really like the comedic side of Juvia but when she is serious like this, i can only love her more! I appreciated a lot that Makarov was speaking to her. I mean Gray is there and he is one of the kid Makarov knows since years while Juvia is there for less time and she was an enemy but it is Juvia that is taking the communication with the master and this makes me smile because i see this as a sign that she really is a member of Fairy Tail, trusted and loved from her guild. Gray next to her totally refers to her and they are there working and thinking together about the possibles Tartarus tactics showing how Juvia is clever, professional and serious, she and Gray are great as a couple and they went as partners because they work just fine together and i love this!

i mean look at how they look at each other!!

Another silly thing i noticed: the Tiger (?) there, Erza and Mira had nothing on their Bulls while Gray and Juvia have that Pink sheet and i can easily portait Juvia putting her tissue there so they could sit on it, and this makes me smile because i think about Juvia as a very feminine characters and i see this so fitting for her image, i can easily see the moment she did this and no matter what Gray says he always let her be who she is and accepts her!!

Bohdan Burenko-“One day I came across pictures of the soldiers injured during the First and Second World Wars, their faces were completely mutilated by wounds. Some parts of their faces were just absent. The surgeon made everything possible in order to restore the faces of soldiers, they were patched with tissues from other parts of the body. They were given terrible wooden dentures for the face. I have never seen more grotesque and disturbing images. My stomach was filled with fear, and my heart was hanging in the terrible emptiness. At this point, I experienced a terrible inconvenience and discomfort. The image of these poor fellows landed down in my head for a long time. Later I realized what a powerful catalyst of emotions the destruction of the form is. I merged the idea of ​​creating destructive portraits with my style and eventually a cycle called "Gentlemen” appeared.Visual image plays a major role in my creative work. I am trying to achieve the maximum emotional impact on the viewer with its help. For me, the person is the main theme and the main subject of art, so I depict portraits of people and human figures. I explore the nature of human existence, the relationships of people, human drama. In order the portrait to be as expressive as possible, I spend a lot of time searching for the ideal shape, and later I spend lots of time on its destruction. Correct forms or accurate representation of reality is a boring and uninteresting occupation for me. It seems to me that there is a special appeal in ugly and wrong objects. It’s hard for me to look away from the person with disabilities. I feel dreary, uncomfortable, but I can not stop looking at such a person. In my opinion, the ugliness and destruction are catalysts of strong feelings and they are also serious instruments to influence the viewer. Art should act as the causative agent, a kind of a kick, and it does not matter what kind of emotions the viewer really experiences. The most important thing is that he does not remain indifferent, and all means are good in this respect.“