look at the portait! look at it!!!!

Gumina’s dress in The Portrait Glassred Drew reminds me of sunflowers.

So my friend ( @can-mantotherescue )and I were messing around with SU theories and we started talking about Pink Diamond when we noticed something. 

The two circles in PD’s portait are assumed to be the Earth and the moon, right? But do you notice something?


e n h a n c e

A pepperoni falling off of a pizza? Who do we know that makes pizza?

That’s right, Kofi. 

If we zoom in on another part of her portrait, we can see her diamond.

Look familiar?

Need more proof? Let’s take a look at Kofi’s day to day wear.

See his hairnet? What’s that pattern? 

D I A M O N D S.

Conclusion: Kofi is Pink Diamond.

Here’s a little sketch I did to back up my evidence.

I know this is dumb but I found it hilarious so fight me


Thank you so much <333 And Yes, more Hux fanarts please!

This is a trick question though, because I’m very frustrated with his face, there’s always something that makes it not recognizable and I can never find what it is and it makes me very angry at my tablet most of the time.

I always, always have reference pictures, I cannot work without references if I want the final product to look real. Then, if I plan to make a realistic portait, I’ll have a grid for proportions. I don’t make a precise lineart for portraits, it just gets in the way of necessary details and takes away the whole point of making a picture realistic.

So when it comes to Domhnall and his face, there are key points that, imho, you absolutely cannot forget about if you want Hux to look like him (and you will be able to see that I don’t follow my own advices).

-His eyebrows. They are very light on the upper part and darker and more dense on the bottom part. They are not thin lines, they have a strong triangular shape with the arch being very thick and the part nearest to the nose (sorry my english isn’t on point today) being about ½ of the thickness of the arch. His brow bone is also very noticeable.

-His eyes are rather small but his very light eyelashes, lower eyelid and irises make them stand out a lot and appear bigger. Draw his eyelashes very light if you can.

-His nose is almost straight but round at the tip. So a pointy nose will make him look like someone else.

-His cheekbones aren’t as high as we would believe at first, but the hollow part at the center of his cheeks makes them look bigger.

-His philtrum is very noticeable when clean shaved so if you style allows you to, don’t hesitate to draw it.

-His upper lip is thinner than the bottom one and I have yet to wrap my head around how his bottom lip works at the edges. The coloring makes no sense to me. I will need to investigate further, preferably IRL.

This is an ongoing study as I’m still not able to properly grasp his likeness so there are probably things that are wrong or approximate. Forgive me for that.

I could continue about his body shape but I guess it’s easier to study?

This answer got creepy very fast, but I’d like to point that these type of studies are a necessity for me and I do them with respect and objectivity.