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You asked for a story prompt so how about this...Yuuri has just gotten his wisdom teeth pulled. Victor is driving his heavily medicated husband home afterword recording Yuuri's drugged ramblings for posterity and Phichit. (I am really curious what you are going to do with this. What does Yuuri with no filter talk about? Ha ha this should be fun.)

“Ok Mr. Nikiforov, we’re just gonna put you in this wheelchair and take you out to your car.” the dentist spoke to Yuuri, Victor was close by, recording every minute of his husbands loopy adventure. Giggling and holding back tears as his husband spoke nonsense to the poor doctor.

“You know, you look like my poodle.” Yuuri slurred as he rose his left hand to pat the dentist on the head.

“Oh, well thanks, I think.” The dentist looked normal as he walked out of the office and towards the silver audi parked outside, Victor right behind them.

“Victor, why are you all w-wobbly?” Yuuri slurred.

“I don’t know lyubov, maybe we’re on a boat.” he laughed back.

“Woah! When did we get on a boat? Is it the titanic? Oh no! We need to get off the Titanic sinks!” Victor laughed at his husband, putting his phone on the phone base in the car, helping the doctor put Yuuri in the car.

“We’re fine Yuuri, we just need to get you in the car and we can go home.”

“Okay,” He poked Victors cheek with a boop as he was sat down in the passenger’s seat. “You have nice cheeks vitya, almost as nice as your bu-”

“And we’re leaving! Thank you so much doctor.” he closed the door on Yuuri turning to the doctor.

“No problem Victor, he’ll be less loopy in a couple hours, only feed him soft foods and let him sleep when you get home.” Victor nodded, waving goodbye to the doc and getting into the driver’s seat.

“Vitya! I missed you Vitya, you were gone for so long!” Yuuri smiled seeing Victor, jumping to hug the silver haired man. Victor laughed starting the car, turning on his phone’s camera and pointing it on the base towards him and his husband.

At first nothing really happened, just Yuuri making weird noises and poking Victors cheek. But then Victor asked how Yuuri was doing, “How am I doing what?”

“How are you feeling, lyubov?” he corrected

“Wobbly, maybe I should sit on your lap to feel better.” he started to unbuckle to Victors horror but he was soon stopped.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re staying right there.”

“But Vitya! I wanna sit on your lap!”
“No Yuuri, I’m driving, you can sit on my lap at home.”

“But Victor! I want to sit on you now!”

“No Yuuri.”

“But Vitya, don’t you wanna see my full eros?” Yuuri tried to unbuckle his seatbelt again, not being able to really grip the buckle.

“As much as I love seeing your eros Yuuri, right now is not the time.”

“Vitya, we should get naked.”


“Hey you’re the one who suggested it.”

“No I didn’t, you did.”

“Oh well, you know my husband is a famous ice skater.”

“Is he now?”

“Yep! He is- is th- the most beautiful skater in the world!”

“You must be a lucky guy.”

“I am! I love him so much! He has the best butt though. It’s so plump and round. God it’s like a pillow.” Victor looked at his phone, smiling like an idiot as Yuuri praised his butt. “And his abs! I don’t know about you but his abs do so many things to me.”


“No shhhh, we don’t want him to hear any of this, I would die of em… what’s the word?”


“Yeah! If he ever heard any of this I would die of embarrassment. When I was little and first saw him skate I thought he was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen, other than my mother.” Victor awed at his husbands statement, turning a couple corners.

“You know he was an olympian! That was the only olympics I ever stayed up to watch. It was when he had long hair.” Yuuri sniffled as he remembered Victors long hair. “I miss his long hair, It was so pretty! I cried when I heard he cut it off.” Victor was shocked, he didn’t know how to react to his husbands ramblings. “He should grow it out, that’s why i’m growing mine out, cause he likes it.”

Yuuri looked up at his confused and shocked husband, “You won’t tell him any of this will you? I’m trusting you Victor! Vitya can’t hear any of this.”

“I promise Yuuri.”

“Thank you.”

They soon pulled into their apartment complex, parked, and Victor carried his drugged husband up to their apartment, sitting the poor brunet down on their shared bed.

Victor went to take Yuuri’s shirt off when the latter decided to be difficult, “Oh so now we’re getting naked!”

“No Yuuri i’m just gonna help you in your pajamas. Please be still.”

“But victor! You should get naked too!”

“No Yuuri.” Yuuri wiggled, trying to get victors shirt off while he was getting Yuuri’s shirt off, not succeeding as victor stripped him of his pants and put on his pj pants and shirt, laying him down on the bed, pulling the covers over him. Makka jumped up on the bed and laid down on Yuuri as Victor left the room to start dinner, grabbing his phone on the way out.

He noticed soon that he never stopped the recording, so his phone got everything in the bedroom. He decided to post it on his Youtube channel, labeling it My Cute Husband Got His Wisdom Teeth Out. He sent links to Pichit, Chris, and Yuri making sure they promised not to tell Yuuri about it. He wanted his husband to find out about it himself.

And that’s exactly what happened. Yuuri was not happy, begging for Victor to remove the long video from youtube, and instagram, and twitter. There were too many links for the video. Pichit soon called the poor man, telling him it’s all in good fun, it’s actually really sweet, and funny.

Victor apologised, reassuring Yuuri that no one is laughing at him. Yuuri gives up soon after and watches the horrid video, laughing at himself. Still a little woozy with drugs and painkillers.

Sorry it’s short!!! This is the fastest I’ve ever written a fic before!
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Fan comparison of old opening and the new one.

Opening 2 differences:

  • Asuna is seen terrified and trapped in the monitor surrounded by purple binary code and Poppi looks serious. Poor Asuna, she’s being used against her will…
  • Emu shifts from doctor to Genius Gamer M with his creepy red eyes.
  • Hiiro has Saki on his monitor.
  • Taiga’s monitor has his defeat at the hands of the Bugsters.
  • We see a glimpse of the Ride Players.
  • Only Hiiro and Taiga’s backs are facing the camera and the Tokyo city background changes to a city full of Ride Players.
  • The spots where Kiriya and Dan would be are blank and static, Nico is in the spotlight now.
  • Para-DX and Graphite are shown
  • Kamen Rider Poppy is seen behind Poppi
  • The arena segment now has Para-Dx, Poppy, and all the forms the Riders have are up to date.
  • The menacing silhouette of Para-DX Level 99 replaces Genm surrounded by an eerie green wireframe background.
  • Instead of punching Genm, Ex-Aid punches Para-DX and their fists collide into a fireball.

That’s about it. So, do you like the new opening?

Here To Help - Part 3

Spencer x reader

Summary:  A case hit home for one of the BAU team but none of the others know why or how to help

Part 1 ¦ Part 2

When the plane landed you were last off, minus Spencer, who was packing his shoulder bag. ‘Y/n?’ He stopped beside you and you took a deep breath looking up at him. ‘Yeah?’ He pursed his lips before he raised his hand laying it on your shoulder and squeezing. ‘Y/n’ He paused. ‘Tell me the truth, about this, about the whole case’ You smiled at him. Of course he wasn’t packing his bag for this long, the genius just wanted to talk to you. And somehow he had known you would be the last one off the plane.

It wasn’t surprising he had waited until you two were alone, or more so, made the opportunity for you two to be alone. ‘We haven’t got time for me to go through the whole case’ You smiled trying to make light of it. But when you were about to turn his hand slipped down your arm and gripped yours preventing you from picking up your files. He gave your arm a soft tug and you sighed.

You knew he wasn’t going to give up, and that was something you loved about Spencer. He never gave up, especially when it came to his friends. So he had orchestrated all this, to get you alone, because he knew you wouldn’t speak to him if the others were even in the same room. It was something he had learned from previous cases. If he would ask you on the plane he would be answered with silence, so he had started driving you home, or to the gym. And once you two were really alone, everything would come out. You never held back with Spencer.

Until now. ‘Half of it might stop me from worrying so much’ You sighed and turned to him. ‘I’ll tell you everything Spencer’ You reached up and laid your hand on his cheek causing him to lean into it slightly. ‘Sometime when all this is over. I promise’ He shook his head. ‘No’ He snapped. ‘How am I supposed to protect you when I don’t know what’s going on’ You blinked twice before opening your mouth ‘You do-’ His hand shot up and grabbed your wrist causing you to jump. ‘I’m your partner, your friend. Do not tell me I don’t have to protect you Y/n. Don’t’ You nodded quickly.

He closed his eyes and sighed. You felt bad, you did. You were causing this, all this worry. You and your secrets. ‘Spencer’ You thumb moved across his cheekbone. ‘You know I love you’ You whispered and he nodded slightly. ‘Good’ You tugged on his head and he bent slightly allowing you to press a firm kiss to his cheek. ‘Then tell me, please, what’s going on?’ You sighed as he opened his eyes.

His usually bright brown eyes were filled with sadness and worry. ‘I-I need to catch this guy. He was the reason I’m here. The reason I joined the BAU was to catch him’ Spencer nodded slightly. ‘Why?’ Spencer let go of your hand and wrapped it around the back of your neck holding you to him, so you couldn’t skip out on the answer, you’d have to look him in the eye and deny him the information he wanted. Something you could rarely do. You closed you eyes. ‘Because-he-he ki-’ You both jumped when someone cleared their throat behind you.

Your eyes shot open and your head turned looking towards the exit of the plane. Morgan stood with his eyebrows raised. Spencer instantly dropped his hands and stepped away from you causing your hands to drop to your sides. ‘Sorry to interrupt whatever’s going on, but Hotch is getting impatient out there’ You nodded as you seen Spencer’s cheeks flush. Morgan chuckled. ‘Chill out pretty boy, this isn’t the most compromising condition I’ve caught you both in’ You picked up the pen that was lying on the table and chucked it at him. He just laughed and left the plane.

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I’ve gone too far


Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 4)

Excerpts from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #372)

[After having to re-do the lighting for the ‘gravity globe’ in the pit, putting them very behind-schedule]

My joy is short-lived. It’s proving difficult to communicate with Claire and David. They can’t hear me, or - even worse - each other. Also, they’re steaming up whenever they talk, which is making the playing of a scene virtually impossible. The helmets are lifted off, and design and sound spirit them away to see what can be done. Our schedule is so tight that we’re trying out all these things for the first time on set. Not ideal…

Good news. The helmets have been fixed!  Our genius sound boys have created a microphone and earpiece system that allows Claire and David to hear each other, and me. Prop man Phil has also worked out how to stop the glass steaming. We shoot on through to 4am. It’s great stuff, just not enough of it. We’re behind. Way behind.

The second night in the quarry […] the weather is drawing in. It’s bitingly cold, and snow is falling intermittently. We’ve drafted in a second camera and are getting through the pages, but are constantly battling the ice and snow on the actors’ visors. Then suddenly, 10 minutes after Phil has gone home, it’s a white out. The entire crew is engulfed by a swirling snow blizzard. It’s like we’re inside one of those little snowstorm ornaments and being shaken about. We shoot on, then as quick as it came, it’s gone… leaving two inches of snow on the ground.  So we now have half a scene with snow and half without! I re-shoot the first half and frame above the white floor… and crawl into bed as the dawn is arriving, with my face burning from the cold.

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394-396: "Rescue Camie! The Archipelago’s Lingering Dark History", "Time Limit – The Human Auction Begins" and "The Fist Explodes! Destroy the Auction"


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That's soooo cute that Mercy always looks tired in your doodles. Poor doctor need a rest! Maybe at the beach! Oh ... can Genji swim?!

[[Thank you anon! Won’t it be a waste if such technological advancement and they still couldn’t swim? I guess Bastion and Zenyatta would be able to stand water too, with enough maintenance after that is.]]