look at the phone!

Ever think about taking care of Harry when he’s feeling ill?

Like, he’d come home from the studio early even though a song is thisclose to being finished because every note irritates his scratchy throat and the sound of the bass reverberating through his skull during playback matches the pulsing of his migraine. 

And he’s disappointed when you’re not home because the only thing that can make him feel better and forget all about his hay fever is your cuddles. So he relaxes the best he can, flipping through his phone and holding his head in his hands trying to ignore the way his eyes are heavy and his body is exhausted.

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What would the 104 cadets and vets reactions be to phones

Mikasa: Doesn’t want one, doesn’t have one, doesn’t need one, except for selfies maybe
Reiner: Loves them, has every dating app ever on it
Bertholdt: Gets anxiety from phones, because he’s constantly available
Annie: has a phone but never answers it
Eren: What even does his face look like anymore? All you ever see is the back of his phone
Jean: Plays embaressing mobile games on his phone
Marco: Uses it to check on his friends
Sasha: “Siri, where is the next MC D’s?”
Connie: Has a phone but takes way too long to get accustomed to them and is way too impatient
Historia: Uses it to tweet Trump what a dickbag he is every day at 2 pm
Armin: Loves it and is always the first to google stuff
Ymir: Once dropped her phone in the toilet
Levi: Will never own a phone
Hanji: Has twelve of them
Erwin: Only uses his phone for sms and phone calls, like a normal person
Nanaba: Instagram queen
Mike: Isn’t much of a fan of phones
Moblit: Speed dial is 911


tyler was working on levels for soundcheck. they were playing a smaller show that night, a tiny venue compared to the stadium shows they had become accustomed to playing. somewhere along the line while you were busy looking at something on your phone, tyler had managed to clear the venue, leaving you completely alone with him.

for a few minutes, he continues to sing, opting to serenade you with what he knows to be one of your favorite songs. after a few minutes, however, you notice a look in his eyes has changed to something teasing; you get up from your seat, moving to stand on stage with him.

at first, you just stand with him on stage, his arms around your waist, yours draped over his shoulders. when he leans in to kiss you, you dodge the kiss, immediately lowering to your knees in front of him. you hear him muttering about being careful, how someone could easily catch you, but you ignore him, rubbing him through his pants.

tyler had frequently made mention of wishing you could blow him on stage during a show which you both knew was completely out of the question. but in this moment, you’re aware this was the closest he was going to get to it and you were more than happy to help him fulfill part of that fantasy for him while you were all alone.

you pull his erection from his pants, stroking it in front of your face as you look up at him. he’s grinning down at you, watching the way you run your hand along his length, and how you tease his head with he tip of your tongue. when you take him into your mouth he tips his head back, letting out a quiet moan.

you hold onto his slender hips, keeping him still while you bob your head over him repeatedly, listening to him moan and groan from your actions. he doesn’t take very long to finish, spilling down your throat while he holds onto your head. you know he’s envisioning it in front of a full audience, from the secret smirk on his face, you can tell. when you pull back, licking the taste of him from your lips and fingers, you smile up at him, watching him tuck himself back into his pants.

“never again,” you whisper, winking up at him as you stand once more.

BTS Reaction To You Shipping Them With Another Member

Rap Monster 

You would be sat cuddling on the sofa and out of context you would say 

You: ”Namjoon”

Namjoon: “Hmm?”

You: “Ever since you and I got together and I met the guys, I have always thought that you would ship with Jin.”

Namjoon: “Well y/n, he is my husband” he smiled 

You: (sit there just laughing)

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You’re wandering round the house excitedly looking through your phone, exclaiming “Minnie Jin!” repeatedly.

“Jagi?” he asks “I’m not mini; why do you keep calling me mini Jin?”

“No, no, no!” you tell him “Minnie Jin; you and Jimin, n’awh!” you screech slightly, holding up one of the pictures you are looking through on some Tumblr tag of Jin and Jimin ship moments.

“You’re so weird y/n…” he says. 

“But you even said! You said you’d date Jimin!”

“Yeah, in an interview when they ask those ‘what if?’ type of questions!”

“You still said it Jinnie! Look! I’ve even come up with the most boss ship name for you two! Minnie Jin! It’s so smol and adorable, I just – go marry Jimin!” you exaggerate, now being extremely over the top and fangirling massively.

“Oh Jagi… calm down!” he chuckles. “I know Jiminie is cute, but… not as cute as you” he smiles.

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You’re having dinner with the boys and opposite to you sits Yoongi and next to him is Namjoon. Everyone is engaging in meaningful conversation, catching up, talking about old times, etc, but you’re very quiet and passive in the conversations. 

You just can’t help but sit there and admire the view, elbow resting on the table, jaw resting on your fist. To the outsider, it most likely means you’re admiring your boyfriend, taking in the view and appreciating the beauty that you see within him… but as he begins a full on conversation with the band leader, Namjoon, you begin to think to yourself how good they look together and admire the sight of the pairing.

After about half an hour of you not saying very much at the dinner table and eating your food at a much slower pace than usual, Yoongi calls you up on it: “Y/n… are you okay? You’ve barely touched your food and you’ve been rather quiet since we got here.” You manage to utter a reply of something along the lines of “I’m fine… I was just thinking…”

At this, Yoongi just shrugs, figuring he can hear about what the real reason for your change in personality is later, but after a few moments of silence, you simply say “You look good together,” thinking out loud without meaning to. Upon realizing your mistake, you blush heavily, leaving Yoongi to respond with “Huh?” 

You figure you might as well continue thinking out loud now that you’ve said this, and reply “You and Namjoon… you just look visually pleasing together I guess.”

Pretending to look shocked/offended as a joke, Yoongi exclaims “Woah! Y/n, I know Namjoon is my leader…” he begins, then briefly turning to Namjoon to say “..and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, man,” he tells him, patting him on the shoulder and then turning back to you “…but I’m just not that way inclined!” he says, shaking his head. 

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You’re at the end of watching one of the Sope VLive streams and you’re sat there smiling like an idiot. Hobi approaches you to ask sweetly “What are you smiling so hard about y/n?”

You close your device up (laptop, tablet case, etc) and sort of shout “I SHIP IT!” To which he gets frightened and shook at the sudden movement and noise (bless him, he gets so shook at everything save his soul) “Woah, jagi! What are you on about?” he asks, backing away.

You approach him and cuddle him, looking into his eyes “You know Hobi, I’d be mad about the potential competition I have to be up against, but… ah! I’m such a fan of Sope! You guys are the best! So cute!”

He chuckles at your sudden Sope feels and pulls you in closer as you continue to cuddle “Aw, y/n! There’s no competition!…Wait, do you really think we look cute together?” he asks, pausing from the hug to look at your eyes.

“Of course!” you reply “You know what? I think you are the one true BTS ship,” you bluntly tell him.

He changes from mellow mode to hyper sunshine mode “Aw! Jagi!” He stops cuddling you to leave the room.

“Wait, Hobi, where are you going?” you ask. He seems to not have heard you, but all you hear is him shouting “Yoongi-Yoongi-Yoongi-hyung!!!”

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You are laid in in bed asleep when you mumble in your sleep and say “Jikook” 

With this Jimin wakes up and says “Y/n why did you say ‘Jikook’?” You also wake up and look at him and say “I am sorry baby. Did I wake you by talking in my sleep? What did I say? ‘Jikook’? Ah… yeah, I ship Jikook…” 

Jimin: “Why you ship Jungkook with me? Why not Tae or someone…?”

you: “But you’re cute together!” 

Jimin: “But I was born in Busan first!” he says stomping his feet and crossing his arms 

You: “I am sorry; I can’t help who I ship you with.” 

Jimin: “I am sorry baby for being a child” he goes to you and hugs you tightly and kisses the crook of your neck.

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The two of you have decided to have a little sing-a-long session of banging out all your favourite tunes and just having a good time. Since you have similar tastes, you agree to just put his collection of music on shuffle rather than choosing anything too specific.

It’s at that fateful moment when Cypher part 4 begins to play and Taehyung is on it: he’s straight in with the words, some moves, the lot. At first, you join in, but after so long of the song being played, you watch Taehyung sing/rap instead.

You think to yourself how cute it is that he admires his hyungs in this way, and cast your mind back to all those times he has been particularly affectionate towards them and you smile. The one moment in particular that sticks in your mind is of when Hoseok asked Taehyung to do some aegyo and the response from Tae was so adorable that it had Hobi practically dying from the cuteness.

“Jagi?” Taehyung asks, snapping you out of your daydreaming. “Why are you grinning like that? Is there something on my face?” he questions, trying to remove anything that could be on his face (mostly rubbing just above his lips as you had milkshake earlier)

“Ah, it’s nothing Tae, I’m sorry, carry on” you smile, wishing for him to continue with his little performance for you, which he does… for a few seconds until you blurt out “I was just thinking about you and Hobi…”

“Oh right?” he asks, unsure of where this is going.  “I… I think that if you weren’t dating me, you should be with Hobi.” you reply. This kind of confuses Taehyung, but he soon gives you a grin bigger than the one you just had on your face from daydreaming. “Really?” he asks. “Awesome!”

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You are chilling out with the younger guys of the band, and during conversation and whilst watching movies, you can’t help but notice how intimate Taehyung always gets with his friends, and today, it is especially towards Jungkook; patting Jungkook on the head when he shares his popcorn, going in for a hug on the one or two occasions he gets something that sounds like a compliment from Jungkook, even resting his head on Jungkook’s lap later in the day when he gets a bit sleepy.

You’re in the middle of watching like the 5th film of the day and you see Taehyung gradually begin to fall asleep on Jungkook’s lap and you can’t help but out loud go “awh…”

Jungkook immediately turns his head to face you with an expression of confusion. “Huh? What are you saying Jagi?” he asks.

“Sorry, did I make a noise?” you asked innocently, trying to mask how you are increasingly shipping this by the minute because of how sweet Jungkook and Taehyung look together… but he’s having none of it.

“Y/n, I heard you clearly, you said ‘awh…’ like you’ve just seen a fluffy kitten… Tell me, what are you finding so cute that makes you make this sound?” he demands.

With a sigh, you admit defeat and tell him “It’s Taehyung… he looks so sweet and peaceful rested on your lap as you stroke his hair…”

Jungkook goes into defensive mode, unsure of how to react to his; are you implying that something is going on between them?; are you suggesting what he thinks you’re suggesting? “Jagi! What are you saying? I don’t like Tae-hyung if that’s what you’re implying…”

“No, Jungkookie!” you say “I just mean you look cute together… I’m not implying anything; I just think you look cute…” and then you continue with more of a mumble “…like a ship I guess.”

“Yah! Jagi!” Jungkook exclaims again, gentl hitting your shoulder, shy and defensively still. “I don’t like Taehyung like that!”

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I miss him.

I miss Seunghyun. I miss Seunghyun a lot. I miss his instagram posts. I still wake up in the middle of the night and look at my phone just to be sure and it feels weird not to have any notification. I need him back. I miss the wine bottles. The food. The paintings. The silly videos singing purple rain. The endless posts deleted. Those goddamn selfies. I miss the countless photos of the fanmeetings and concerts of him doing the heart fingers and the videos, even if it was only him being his silly self. I even miss those airport photos that he is basically covered from head to toe. 

I miss his face. I miss his voice. I miss him.

I miss having him around.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting haunted by a song. I haven’t heard Horse With No Name in so long and over the past year I’ve heard it so much. But I’ve only heard it in stores and it always sounded so distant and it just gave me an uneasy creeped out feeling even though I really like the song. But today…I was waiting in the car and the station I was listening to went to commercials so I switched it and that song was on. All I can think is “here we go again”. I looked at my phone and my weather app said my location was this town that is 30 minutes away. I thought it was weird but I just went back to listening to the song. I indulged myself and listened to the entire song just because I like it so much. The song ended and the radio DJ said that last weekend they played in the same town that my phone said I was at. That’s next level creepy.

You’re going to wake up and wonder what happened. You are going to look at your phone and hope for a call or message that’s never going to be delivered on the daily again. You’re going to think about the things we ever did, the laughs we shared, the smiles we made and the experiences that are left on the floor to mend. The songs we sang, the future predictions, the plans we made all gone and forgotten.

One day we are going to talk. One morning, I’m going to ask you what happened. And in that morning you’re not going to know what to say but that things have changed.

And one night, we are both going to go to bed lost and go on our separate pathways.

So say farewell to the places we know. I’ve loved the good times shared and I will miss the good times here.

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okay but the boss with the febreeze? was Cat Grant

i see ur cat grant i raise u vasquez. pls consider two facts: fact 1: cat doesn’t do anything herself unless it’s super important she loves other ppl doing things for her case in point (a) Kara her assistant & (b) the look on her face when she got james to answer the phone for her even tho she was right there. fact 2: vasquez could be all over making everything more efficient like keep an eye on how much ammo u use agent danvers im looking at u. we are a SECRET organisation ppl & our budgeting is intense

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Hey Jaynia!! Koogi replied to my fan art that I tweeted her but I can't read Korean so I have no clue what she said ;-; would you please be able to translate for me? "와...핸드폰으로 그리신것같은데 .. 멋져요!! 윤범도 너무 예뻐요!감사합니다!!😂😂💝"

“Wow it looks like it’s drawn on the phone, it’s very cool! And Yoonbum is also very pretty! Thank you!”

Eunwoo's fancafe post - Ah, I'm happy~~~~ > <

Happy birthday to you~~~ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Cha Eunwoo♡♡♡ Ah, I’m happy~~~~ ><
Receiving so many wishes likes this…. wow… thank you. AROHAs are the best best best👍 

When I was still in school, the students’ birthdays were written on the class’s bulletin board at the back according to month from January to December so my friends would look at my birthday and say~~~ that I could just flip my birthdate either way, hahahaha
I just remembered about it, hahahahaha 0330><

But how is that even though I was born in March, my birthday’s the latest in the team, hahahaha. ASTRO.. it’s fascinating… extremely fasties*, hahahaha

Your phone alarm would ring~ go off at 03:30 and you’d look at your phone and upload posts on the fancafe saying that it’s Eunwoo’s hour~~~~ So once I got curious about when is Cha Eunwoo’s actual hour so I asked about it and apparently it’s 12:08~~~~ Hehe
12:08PM on 30th March><
So I wrote in advance, waited and uploaded right on the dot, hahahahuheehee

Wanna Be your star☆ We always do our greetings saying that we want to become your stars, we won’t forget this ambition and become an ASTRO for AROHA!!! Like how we pledged during AAF^^ Hahahahahaha. I pledge!!! 😆 Also, they say that a man’s about his confidence~~~~~ But seriously, do you know that all of you contribute to my confidence?? Because you exist I’m able to gain strength^^ The source of my confidence^^ Please cheer me on a lot in the future as well♡♡♡ Yes yes

Then I’ll see you later on V app♡♡♡ See you

By. ROHA’s guardian♡

*He just means that everyone’s born early in the year

Translations by @99pmh​
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Niall Blurb request - The Win

“Babe, babe…….” I lightly nudged Niall’s shoulder as the sun peeked through the blinds in our bedroom. He wasn’t budging. “Ni……” I leaned over and draped my nearly naked body over his. That did it.

Niall’s eyes flew open as his hand roamed my body, squeezing one of my breasts as he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“What’s up, love,” his voice was sleepy, it was way too early for him.

“Have you not heard your phone?” I looked at him, slightly incredulous, as I spoke. “It’s been exploding since the middle of the night.”

“It has?” he reached over and started banging his hand around on the nightstand, trying to blindly grab for his phone.

“Ni. You won an award.” I grinned at him with barely contained excitement.

“What?” He sat bolt upright in bed, the covers falling off of him as he picked up his phone and started to scroll through it. “Holy shit, I did!”

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Such a cutie x3 What app did you use to draw this? I've been looking for something better than the built in one on my phone.

I used Medibang :3 Works nicely!

Gone - Part 1 1/2

@ mayfeather27 asked to be tagged in Gone, so here you are. I had someone ask me to make a part about Bucky’s Point-Of-View


Bucky was waiting outside of the café where he was supposed to meet his girlfriend Y/N for lunch. Five minutes before she was scheduled to arrive Bucky’s phone started to ring, and without even looking at the caller ID he answered.

“If you hang up the phone, Y/N will die”

Bucky stiffened, “Who is this?”

“I’m insulted, Soldier. You don’t even recognize your old handlers voice”


“Of course it is. Who else would have the means to kill a super soldier?”

“If you hurt one hair on her head …”

A hoarse chuckle interrupts Bucky’s threat, “She’s three minutes away, if you let on that you are talking to me I’ll give the order to shoot. “

“What do you want?”

Bucky can almost hear the smile in Rumlow’s voice, “I want you to end your relationship with her. If you refuse, I’ll kill her”

“What does our relationship have to do with anything?”

“None of your business, Soldier, all you need to do is follow orders like a good little soldier.”

“I won’t let you hurt her!”

“She won’t be hurt, if you follow orders. One minute away, make your decision”

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill everyone who’s loyal to HYDRA”

“Make. Your. Decision. Soldier”

“Fine” Bucky snarled, “I’ll end my relationship, but as soon as I do, I’m coming for you”

“I look forward to bringing you back into HYDRA, Soldier” Bucky looks up and see’s Y/N walking down the street, her entire face lighting up when she sees him. “Remember, don’t tell her who you were talking to”

Bucky grits his teeth, “I’m hanging up, Y/N is here”

“You’ll do as ordered?”


“Good. Hail HYDRA, Soldier”


“Hey, babe” Y/N kisses his cheek gently, “Who was that on the phone?”

“Just Nat, come one, let’s sit down.”

As soon as Bucky leaves the café he heads to his safe house. He had to find Rumlow, he had to find out why HYDRA was suddenly interested in Y/N.

Bucky gently touches a picture of Y/N, he smile almost blinding, “Don’t worry baby. I’ll be back soon; I’ll make everything right”

With those final words Bucky turns toward the door and is gone.

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24 for spencaaa ?

24: “Show me your texts or it’s over.”

You’d heard that Lila Archer had started contacting Spencer again, after the breakup with her current boyfriend. However you hadn’t heard it from Spencer, it was Penelope who had warned you thanks to her constant intake of celebrity gossip. News had it that Lila was trying to rekindle an old flame, that could have been anyone but with the way Spencer had been acting recently it only lead you to believe it was him even more.

“Show me your texts.” You demanded one evening at home, Spencer had been checking his messages all evening and it was slowly driving you insane. Morgan had joyfully retold the story of Spencer’s pool date with the actress and at the time it didn’t bother you because you knew it was in the past but now you weren’t so sure.

Spencer looked up from him phone, his brows furrowed in confusion at your request. It was unlike you to be so untrusting, he was aware that he had been a little distant recently but it wasn’t for the reasons you were thinking.

“Show me your texts or it’s over.” You repeated slowly before sticking your hand out for him to place his phone into, Spencer did as you asked.

It’s been years, can’t you come visit me at least once?

Lila, I’m not interested. I have a girlfriend now, I don’t want to come be your distraction again.

Spencer come on! I know you remember how much fun we had!

For the last time, no thank you. I’m not interested.

A sense of relief washed over you, you handed Spencer his phone back and quickly apologised. It was wrong of you to be so jealous when he had been nothing but perfect your whole relationship but it was your own personal insecurities coming up, Lila was a beautiful, successful woman who anyone would be jealous of especially considering the history.

“What happened between me and Lila is just history, I haven’t thought about her since that night and definitely not since I met you. It was wrong of me to keep texting her but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in the already fragile state she was in.” Spencer explained, putting the phone down on the table before opening his arms and letting you crawl onto his lap.