look at the packaging


Hey guys uuuhhhhhh when you trade with someone,,,,,, don’t ship the skulls WET and UNSANITARY.
Apparently these skulls JUST came out of maceration when they were tossed in bags and shipped to me.
My entire apartment smells like maceration water. I’m very surprised this box didn’t get thrown out, as you could smell them from outside the package.
Also, look close, all those skulls are wet. =) one of em is growing mold. =)

This has been a PSA

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I live with my mom who is staunchly against anything having to do with sex/nsfw (don’t worry I’m an adult) I was wondering what the packaging looks like for the zine. Is it obvious that the content is nsfw just from the outside?


We will be shipping out in plain envelopes that are unmarked. The label will only say “Fair Winds & Following Seas,” nothing risque.

–Mod Nye

there is something so delightful with english muffins. they are somewhat mishappen blobs in the packaging and when torn apart, they still look rough (one piece is usually smaller than the other and is crisped to a satisfying crunch in the toaster). but when they are slathered with good butter (i have been recently in love with TJ’s salted cultured butter from Brittany and still adore my Kerrygold butter whose bright yellow color cheers me), they are simply divine. i called their buttery crevices crooks and nannies (bit dyslexic) and realized that everyone in my family does the same! but the more i think of it, these buttery buns capture my heart and nourish me.

as an aside, i sprinkle some maggi sauce (sorta like soy sauce but maybe a tad sweeter and richer flavor) to my over-easy eggs (yolk was especially beautiful today) and of course freshly ground pepper.


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 9

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