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I get fake service dogs all the time in my Starbucks. I can't kick them out even if they're not in a vest if the owner says they're a service dog. Last week, one of them peed all over my floor, ate a pastry out of another customer's hand, and nearly bit an infant. All in five minutes. Clearly, not a service dog but I still couldn't kick them out to the patio.

Actually, you can. I’m on mobile so I can’t link but look up the ADA.gov FAQ. You are legally allowed to remove any service animal (even legitimate ones) if they are out of control or not acting appropriately. Peeing in a food service establishment definitely counts.

Starbucks may have different rules but you’re well within rights. That’s such a major health code violation…

What made him so desirable as a player and so inimitable was the striking mixture of a comedian’s talents with the looks of a matinee idol. When all the elements are right, his presence becomes an indispensable part of a masterpiece: Cukor’s The Philadelphia Story, Hawk’s His Girl Friday, Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and Notorious. The ideal leading man, the perfect zany, the admirable dandy and the most charming rogue; except perhaps in his earliest years at Paramount, he was never allowed to die at the end of the film, and with good reason —who would believe it? Cary was indestructible.

- Peter Bogdanovich

Hello all you lovely people!

Finally I decided to come out of ‘hiding’. I have been lurking around for a little while now, looking at all your wonderful gifs, quotes, personal stories, fanfiction, the ups and downs in the fandom, and I find myself wishing to interact with all of it. So here I am. What brought me here in the first place was seeing a snippet of Outlander on T.V. It was episode 2 season 1, where Claire brings Jamie lunch. I was hooked and looked around to see where I can find this amazing series. Luckily it was on Netflix and I binged watched the first season. Then I found out about the books. OMG There are books! Of course I bought them right away. I’m currently reading book 5. But I needed more, searching the actors, did they do more work? Well one thing let to another and I saw the chemistry between Sam&Cait, which brought me to Tumbler. All your stories, video’s and thoughts about them are just the same as my thoughts. Yes, I’m saying I’m a shipper. Not just for them having a relationship ( but come on, it’s sooo obvious) I also support their friendship. Maybe that is the most important aspect I love about them. They are so comfortable with each other and they have a bond for life, if they want it or not. What attracts me the most is how they are as a person, so down to earth, generous, funny and of course beautiful. Hopefully you all don’t mind if I chip in now and then, reblog your beautiful posts and sometimes let my mind or heart do the talking. Even if English isn’t my native language.
See you around!
Greetings Mirëille

So in this scene here in one of the GTA Let’s Plays, Geoff says his entire garage is full of pink cars. Pink Cars.

Immediately I thought, “wtf? pink? they all look red-”

and then I moved my browser to my other monitor. And all his cars are pink.

I’ve been working on a screen that has either not been calibrated or just straight up have the WRONG COLORS.


(Image manipulated to emulate the difference in color)

To Everyone;

Do me a favor: go to Google and look up what the Milky Way galaxy looks like. Try to find our solar system. Can’t, can you? We’re just a spec. Now, do me one more favor: type “galaxies” in the google search instead, then click “images.” You should be looking at satellite telescope images of thousands of galaxies. Pretty neat, right?

When you sit and think about that, and you think of how vast space truly is and how we’re microscopic in comparison… it’s mind boggling how minuscule so many of our stresses really are. That person doesn’t like you? The stranger on the bus was an ass? You get a bad grade on something? Your boss is a dick? Your parents no longer your parents? Guess what?

An ant colony functions generally on one system per ant society. They’re born, they work, they die. They build a colony, they maintain the colony, the serve the Queen, mate, die. That’s it. That’s all.

Now, imagine if this planet was one colony out of millions. What does the problems of one ant actually matter to the greater flow of nature? I know, that sounds harsher than I intended and I didn’t mean it like that. What I’m saying is… Time is possibly the most destructive thing of all (or possibly the greatest blessing of all; perspective, really), and with the passing of time, all these problems will melt away and mean nothing. Your broken heart will mend. Your grade will improve (or not, but should that dictate the rest of your life?), money will come, you’ll meet people that will care. All the while, stars will still burn, the earth will still rotate, asteroids will still move, the universe will still expand… time will still pass. 60-80 years is only nano seconds in comparison to the universe itself.

Since life is so short, why waste it on negativity? Look to the stars and see with wondering eyes the beauty that exists beyond the stratosphere. Beyond the solar system. Beyond the Milky Way. What wonders exist that we know nothing of? Look up rather than down. Hold your head high.

An ant concerns itself not of the opinions of other ants. It cares not about the resource another ant found or why it brings it to the colony. It concerns itself only with what it thinks is useful and offers the fruits of its labor to the big picture. Just because it grabbed part of a leaf doesn’t mean it is going to fight another ant over its choice to grab a grain or a twig or even a piece of trash. Concern yourself not about the opinions of others or the lives of others. Do you and just live.

It’s a hard lesson for me. I’m down almost every day. I’m distraught all the damn time and I search this blog endlessly for a letter for me. No one is thinking of me right now. That’s fine though. I’m a single mama just trying to make the best of the life I’m given before I’m food for the worms. There are so many wonderful things out there to see, do, and experience.

Hold your head up and open your eyes. You can’t see the sunshine with your eyes shut. Stop worrying about the petty shit. It’ll pass. Your love will come for you (even if it isn’t who you expected; usually, it is someone better than you hoped for which means right now just isn’t your time). Your boss will eventually fuck off, your account will get better, your fridge will get full, your relationships will blossom, you’ll get that career.

Be positive. Things will happen in their own time. Until then, see the sun. Hear the laughs. Taste the wine. Smell the roses. Feel the beauty. Don’t ever forget to take in each and every beautiful moment before it’s gone for good. All in good time, my loves. All in good time.

Live. Love. Learn. 💋

A Patiently Waiting Single Mama
aka G.


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Namjoon is the leader of a covenant with Taehyung as his right hand man. One of the vampires in their group goes beserk and goes on a rampage and even though they manage to stop too much damage from being done by the vamp gone rouge, there is one casualty: Jungkook. Fledging Jungkook doesn’t have an easy time adapting to his new life but Namjoon and Taehyung are there every step of the way. At first, Kook is really hostile and unwilling to cooperate but opens up to Taehyung after enough coaxing, and slowly integrates himself into a world he’d only ever seen in movies. Once Jungkook starts trusting Taehyung, it’s only natural for him to grow attached to Namjoon too since Taehyung and Namjoon are a complete package.

You Can See My Wings?

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“I’m an Angel if the Lord” said the man in a deep gravelly voice.

You looked at Dean and snickered. How could the man standing before dressed in a trench coat be an angel? Then lighting flashed blinding you, and the shadow of angels wings appear right behind him. The lightening faded but you could still see a faint outline of his wings.

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Travis proposing by putting a ring in one the flowers right before Katies usual gardening time that day

cute! what if he snuck it into one that only blooms at night so they’re out in their garden, lots of fairy lights strung up and he’s like “Is that a new flower?” and Katie looks over and suddenly can’t catch her breath 

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Hey Alex... I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help. I tried to find my spell but, I could never find it... And it looks like you're healing just fine, so it doesn't look like I'd be much help there... I kind of feel guilty. I pester you and such yet I wasn't much help when you needed it... I guess brother was right... Maybe I am weaker than I thought... I'm sorry. -small tears well in the corner of his eyes-

Don’t beat yourself up about it, alright? No one knew that would happen, so don’t feel guilty about it. I don’t know what all your brother said, but let me know if I need to kick his ass, got it?


soo I can’t believe I missed it by a day, but it’s been one year since I’ve seen Hamilton (1.17.16, just in case you’re wondering what that lovely date in my bio is)

It’s been quite the year! Here’s the pictures from my seats- I waited in the cancellation line on a cold sunday morning and got the last ticket to the matinee! I saw the whole OBC except Hamilton was Javi (amazing) and Burr was Austin Smith (his first performance!)

look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now ⭐️💛

I’m gonna agree that what Ed & Oz both did was fucked, alright? They’re both lil fuckers. Its what they do.

But the only reason I have a problem with what is going on is that it certainly felt like Isabella was shoved in for the sole purpose of ruining Edward and Oswald’s relationship. Listen, at this point I don’t even care whether it was romantic or platonic, but their relationship was one of the most positive in the show. They said: we need a way to fuck this up. Let’s introduced a third wheel.

Okay, fine. Sure, do that. But then they proceeded to say: she looks exactly like Ed’s dead girlfriend. She likes riddles. She’s got a hard on for killers. She is perfect in Ed’s eyes.

Okay…. still iffy but this must be interesting, right? There’s no way she can be that perfect. And she’s acting sorta creepy, maybe there’s something to this!

And literally,,, nothing????? Not even any hints to suggest there’s more to her? We literally saw her corpse and everything? There’s absolutely no mystery to it??

Frankly, I’m upset that I have to watch a relationship fall apart due to (in my opinion) weak writing.

Attention:Important information

Hello everyone, yes

Please look at this Image

Does everyone see that counter there?

That one, right there. Sherlock and Molly Banged on that Counter. They totally Fucking did! Sherlock has Had crazy sex with Molly on that specific counter top. Molly Road Sherlock on that counter, SEVERAL TIMES. They banged up against it, and it’s so big that they cuddled up there in the after glow. 

That is all

top surgery might finally be on the horizon for me. 

ive wanted top surgery since before i even had the words to describe how i wanted my body to feel - since before i came out as trans, even. and since coming out as trans at age 12, ive grown even more sure of how i want my body to look, and even more certain that top surgery is going to be a part of the future when thinking of my ideal body. ive looked forward to it for so many reasons - because it will eliminate an area of huge dysphoria for me, because ive wanted it for so, so long, and, because, somehow, it just… feels right. im even excited to have scars! i think scars are beautiful in a way - theyre unique, and each one has a different story, painting a different picture of a persons experience. im excited to have scars because theyll be a part of my own story - my story of being trans.

for a long time, the deal with my parents has been that ill be able to have top surgery on my 18th birthday. and since ive just turned 17, that date is finally starting to be visible. i should be excited, but, even though im still sure that top surgery is something that i want, i cant help but be fearful. what if i regret it later in life? what if my image of top surgery doesnt end up matching reality? and, most of all… could another person really love my body post-surgery, scars and all? could i even love my own body that way?

ive been so sure of this for so long, and now that the reality is beginning to become visible, my confidence is wavering. im afraid of this decision - both of what regrets may come out of it, and of how i might continue to suffer from my dysphoria if i decide not to go through with it.

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in response to that preview on twitter: WOW. you're having an art block, probably caused by fear of failure/judgement etc, and at the same you churn out THIS, which even as a sketch is A+. how about you own up to your skill and/or the willingness to improve?

oh, you mean this one for The Human Game?? OH GOODNESS ANON, THANK YOU…and you are totally 1000% right, there! 

Honestly, just sitting back and looking over at this, there really is a kind of mental block on my original stuff! Fanworks I can sketch out any old day because there isn’t as much pressure to really perform (since I know people will like it regardless, and it’s fun, quick, and not so very challenging to do). But for original stuff, especially for The Human Game, which I’ve been waffling over months because of dumb, stupid reasons, it definitely SHOULDN’T be different! I’m a good artist who is striving to improve (my art has come SUCH a long way since a few years ago, and I can draw things quickly and easily which took me ages to do before), and I shouldn’t be so concerned over whether it’ll be perfect or not.

All in all, at the end of the day I am my worst critic, and I should tell myself that it doesn’t matter if I get things exactly right.

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The first girl I loved: I texted her how I felt one day and right after she got in her car and drove straight to me. When she walked up to me I started nervous talking and she just kissed me mid sentence. When she did it took my breath away, this is how it was supposed to feel. After a few minutes she pulled away with a worried look on her face and asked if I was okay b/c my heart was beating like crazy. I laughed and pulled her lips back to mine. I new I would love her at that exact moment...

this is something straight out of a book i’m crying this is so cute

My mom took me to Barnes and Noble on the day The End came out so I could buy it as soon as possible and there was a guy there dressed up as Count Olaf (hired by B&N not just some random) to promote the book/celebrate it coming out. I was 11 at the time so I was terrified of this dude but also he was dressed as Count Olaf, one of the main characters in the book series I was obsessed with, so I thought it was really cool. So I quickly pick up The End then I hide behind my mom, sneaking looks at Count Olaf as my mom looks at some other stuff. All the sudden the dude turns and looks right at me and says “It’s rude to stare”. Look NPH was a great Count Olaf but this guy improvised that spot-on, totally in-character line and scared the crap out of 11-year old me so s/o to you dude wherever you are now. 


Thoughts while playing Rules of Engagement Chapter 19: The Morning After

Oooooh Party Twin hooked up with someone! I bet it’s Blake.

Damn right it is! I love it!!!

So she’s sneaking out of the room. Haha! This can get complicated.

Audrey’s looking for Serious Twin. I bet she’s the one who jumped ship (coming from the past days’ teaser).

Oh do I spend diamonds to relive what happened the night before with Blake? Of course I will! *throws diamonds in the air thinking oh well I don’t need to eat lunch later anyway. Diamonds > sustenance*

So they’re celebrating with whiskey, giggling, laughing, c'mon now let’s make this snappier…

They’re in the hallway and Blake offers for Party Twin to crash at his place. I like where this is going.

She accidentally touches his cheek! His lips! I like this very much… They’re kissing! Mmmm…

They’re in his room now and clothes are being torn off each other.

That’s it?! I need details!!! Hmph. Oh well.

Back in present time, Audrey’s asking about Serious Twin. We are going to her room now and… she left a note. Pursuing her internship. I knew Aunt Mallory would get to her head. Darn.

Time to meet Bartender at the bow!

He’s proposing!

Ex walks in with the Greek document.

WE KNEW IT ALL ALONG. No surprise there.

The end.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I love he development between Blake and Party Twin. It complicates their professional relationship so expect drama at work next book. But they were also super drunk when they hooked up so it’s easy for them to just let it go. I hope they’ll be able to confront their true feelings for each other. It was expected that Party Twin would jump ship – she was so affected by what her Aunt said the night before. The interrupted proposal – we saw that coming. No surprises in this chapter really, save for Blake and Party Twin finally hooking up. I wonder if Big Brother and Elena hooked up too.

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Hello, how are you? I come from lccney-t. He said you have aromantic Bruce post?

I am feeling Very Good right now thanks to you, anon. I love aromantic Bruce, And I don’t think I have made a post about that yet, but hey. I’m making one right now, ho boy

First off, that playboy persona. Bruce knows how to make himself look like a sex fiend for the media and the paparazzi. But that’s only because Bruce is comfortable with sex. Not romance. That’s not something he can create a scandal out of, not on purpose. (He doesn’t want to either)

Going out on “dates” with supermodels and celebrities—of the male variety too—is just so…awkward. It feels more and more like he’s reading lines out of a play, like an artificial dialogue that mimics those rom-com movies. So he skips that part and goes straight for sex, which, isn’t that awkward for him in comparison. His partners are also happy to oblige.

And when friends and colleagues show an interest in him, either as Bruce Wayne or Batman, he automatically assumes it’s sexual. Why wouldn’t they? Bruce doesn’t understand why anyone would seek anything romantic from him. He certainly doesn’t in other people. Who has time for a relationship anyway? (That’s what Bruce thinks, of course, and excuses.)

I always think that when it comes to people like Selina Kyle and even Clark Kent he’s just…comfortable with them. He likes the back and forth, the easy conversation that flows between them. And of course he’s aware the other person may have more…romantic interests…but Bruce can’t return that sentiment, not genuinely. 

In those dark moments of reflection and loneliness, Bruce wonders if there might be something wrong with him. For him to not love like it’s expected of him. 

But then Alfred brings him breakfast with a gentle chiding remark about his diet, or Dick and Tim come running down the hall, or he sees Jason across a rooftop. Cass. Barbara. Damian. All these kids that see something in him. And Bruce remembers that he loves them all so much. He loves.

So yeah, aromantic Bruce is very special to me.

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That's interesting. I never watched Castle. This season on OUAT Emma still has the most screentime though. If we include Regina and EQ as separate characters. So it's not like they're testing out if they could do it without her like they did with Castle. So it doesn't sound like they're saying what they did with Stana or something is happening again.

Eh, I think people read the 4A and 5A screen time as saying that JMo always has the most when it’s as often the case that she doesn’t.

And at the moment you you are right if you only count Good Regina screen time JMo has about 9 minutes more.  But over the course of 10 episodes that’s not really statically important and… to be frank… non one but the fandom is looking at that blue chart.