look at the little spot he has on his hand


Okay, so… like this came across my dash and I squealed and one thing led to another and I wrote a couple of lines about it to @permanentcross and I couldn’t stop- and this is the short, quick, result. 

My *hope* is that it shines some positivity on your dash after a rather horrid day. :(


“Come on now, little love. Sit still fo’ daddy, will yeh? Please baby.” 

A smacking series of kisses is followed by the desperate plea and you smile to yourself as you ascend the last step up to the top floor of your home, hearing Harry speak to your daughter was something that would never cease to endear you. 

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Sex Is...

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Request: Do you think you could do one about how the reader is with Sam and Dean when they are at the chastity group and Dean describes sex?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: describing sex?

A/N: This wound up sweeter than I thought it’d be…

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Try To Keep Up

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Summary: Pietro teases the Reader all the time and Reader finally decides to put him in his place.

Words: 1122

Warnings: language

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You had had about enough of Pietro’s teasing. He was the cockiest, most arrogant little fucker. And it didn’t help that he was sexy as hell either.

“Just admit, you’ll never be as fast as me.” His speed was the one thing he loved to brag about most. He claimed he was the fastest person in the world. Wrong. He was probably the fastest man alive, but definitely not the fastest person in the world.

“You’re not even fast in general, princesa.” He always thought he was right. Sure it’s one thing to be confident in something but this boy just doesn’t know when to give up. He was as stubborn as a mule and never wanted to admit when he was wrong.

“You have full permission to prove me wrong.” And that’s exactly what you were going to do.

Standing up, you shoved your phone in your pocket and smiled as innocently as you can at the Sokovian speedster. “Why don’t we have a little race. The first one to the gym wins.” You knew that the gym was currently where your other teammates were and where Pietro has strayed from to come bother you.

The thought of finally proving Pietro wrong, and in front of everyone else, caused a smirk to pull at your face and you had to fight to keep it at bay.

Pietro’s smirk only widened and he put his hand out for you to shake, “And when I win, what do I get as a prize.”

You took his hand in yours and tried not to roll your eyes, “You mean if you win, and what do you want?” Pietro thought long and hard before you spotted that mischievous look in his eye. It’s the same look he gets whenever he’s about to do something risky.

Not that you paid close attention to him or anything like that.

“A kiss, I want a kiss.” Your smile faded and you blinked, not understanding what he was getting at. “Well I’m sure Vision would love to give you a little sugar but I’m not sure what that has to do with me-”

He groaned in disgust and you smirked, well aware of his hatred towards the android. “From you, I want a kiss from you. Do we have a deal?”

“Fine but when I win, you have to stop bothering me once and for all.” You then realized that your hands were still held in his and pulled away just as he started running.

This is gonna be fun.

You raised your palm in the air and watched as Pietro slowly came to a halt until he was completely still.

He was always moving around and seeing him like this really brought you joy. Now you had two options here. First one, you go to the gym and start back time and win. Or the second one, you fuck with him and then go to the gym and win. The second one sounded more appealing to you.

Quickly, you ran to your floor and took a tube of red lipstick, two pink scrunchies, and a two piece. When you went back to him you took your time in making him look perfect, you had all the time in the world after all.

Satisfied with your work, you took a picture on your phone and made your way to the gym.

Entering, you spot everyone doing their own thing. You wanted their full attention on Pietro when he came running in so you moved everyone so they were in a line in front of the door. They were all making ‘I’m in the middle of an intense workout session but I can’t stop because Steve insists that we do this and God I want to kill his star-spangled ass’ expressions on their face so you took a quick snap of each of them for blackmail later.

When everything was in position you raised your palm up and time started again. Pietro came running in a second later and everyone’s confused chatter ceased.

He looked around triumph until his eyes laid on you. His mouth opened in shock and closed again, this went on for about two minutes. “What the-? How?!”

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” You smirked as you used his own catchphrase against him when you were cut off by the teams laughing, confused at first but then you caught on.

“What, were you thinking about going to the beach, Maximoff?” It was then that Pietro looked down at his appearance and let out a girlish shriek.

On the upper half of his body, he was sporting a pink bikini. The bottoms of the bikini were pulled over his joggers, for both of your sakes of embarrassment. You topped that off with some red lipstick and two pigtails. To say he was terrified of his new transformation was an understatement, the poor boy looked like he was going to pass out.

He ran out of the room and came back a second later, the lipstick and ponytail were gone, along with the two piece. You silently thank him for not going back for his shirt because God those abs looked delicious.

“Dammit, I was just about to take a picture.” You held up your phone and turned to Clint. “Don’t worry, I already got that taken care of.” Pietro zoomed up next to you and faked a pout.

“Guess I won’t be getting that kiss after all, huh?” You could smell his minty breath as he talked and you almost collapsed. He was so close his bare chest was touching your clothed one and you had to hold your breath.

Just above a whisper, you breathed out, “Well try to keep up next time.” Neither of you knew who started leaning in first but the second his lips brushed yours the warmth of them was suddenly gone.

You opened your eyes, which you don’t even remember closing, when you heard Pietro’s laugh down the hall. He was gone along with your phone and so were your chances of kissing him which you certainly did not think of 24/7.

Pietro!” The team chuckled at your childish behavior when you stomped your feet, one by one they started going back to their training.

“Come and catch me, princesa!” Oh, you were going to catch that asshole, alright. You stomped off to go find your favorite least favorite Maximoff, and to hopefully get that kiss.

Which you certainly did not want.

Zach Dempsey #2

Hello everyone :)
Here is another Zach Dempsey imagine, with a little help by @themonicashastriblog

Request are open and welcome! :)

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It was nothing, at first.
I didn’t give much thought into the fact that I haven’t been on my period this month.
Hannah’s suicide and Jeff’s death shook up everything and I was still trying to wrap my head around  what happened.
More precisely, what Zach had to do with it.
When I found out about the tapes I was so mad at him for not telling me.

But we eventually got over it.
Now we were happier than before.
Stronger than before.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you there?”, Sherri rips me out of my thoughts and I look at her with an excusing look on my face before I straighten up my cheer leading skirt.

“What were you saying?”, I ask and Sherri laughs before she gets up and we walk into the gym together.
“I was saying, Jess isn’t coming today. She got cramps. This time of the month again, you know.”, she looks over to me and I frown a minute.

“What’s going on? You look like I talked about something evil.”, she laughs and I smile vague before I follow her into the gym.

I am sure it means nothing that my period is late this month too.
Even though the stress was getting better I had a flu and the doctor subscribed me some medication which most likely to mess with my body.
It’s probably nothing.

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The shape of you, here and now

Birthday fic for you @ladypigswagon. I know, I know. I’m really late, sorry T.T.

Stiles sees things he shouldn’t, dreams things that are impossible, that will never happen, things that he thinks could happen but don’t.

He sees his mother proud at his graduation from UCLA (NYU, Harvard, Yale, many others), disappointed when he chooses to not go to college at all and just travel around, interned and hateful, gone. Sees his dad healthy, sick, proud, disappointed, angry, happy, gone. He sees them still married, divorced, with other people, mourning. Sometimes he doesn’t see them at all.

Every time he dreams, he finds himself immersed in a world that is his but at the same time not. Sometimes he has siblings, sometimes he hasn’t; Sometimes he’s popular, sometimes he’s not; Sometimes he’s young, sometimes he’s old; Sometimes he’s innocent and naive, sometimes he’s jaded and amoral.

He’s human, a vampire, a fae, a merman, a fallen angel, a mage, a werewolf and other creatures he doesn’t have a name for. He’s a student, a thief, a lawyer, a policeman, an assassin, a secret agent, a doctor, a hacker and many, many other things and sometimes he’s nothing at all. He’s gay, bi, het, trans, ace, aro, non binary; he’s divorced, married, single, dating or none of those.

But whatever Stiles is, there’s always one thing that never fails to be there with him in one capacity or another, and that invariably makes his life better in some way: Him.

Sometimes Stiles meets Him as a kid, sometimes as an adult. Sometimes Stiles is the adult and He is the child. Sometimes they’re both adults, sometimes they’re both children. Sometimes Stiles needs help, sometimes it’s the other way round. Sometimes neither of them needs help, sometimes both of them need it. Sometimes they’re dating, sometimes they’re married, sometimes they’re friends. Sometimes He takes Stiles in, sometimes Stiles raises Him.

But whatever -wherever, however, whoever- Stiles is and whatever -wherever, however, whoever- He is, they always love each other in one way or another.

Which is why when one morning Stiles -ten year old school boy, unpopular, still unsure about his sexuality but very sure of being a he, dead mother, alive-alcoholic-workaholic-mourning father, he reminds himself because sometimes he can’t remember who exactly he is when he has just been a could have been- wakes up to a newspaper with a front page about a fire with His face on it as the only survivor of those inside the house, he doesn’t even think twice about getting to the hospital and sneaking inside.

Peter. His name is Peter Hale.

The moment he manages to catch sight of Him, the dreams stop and Stiles doesn’t see things that he shouldn’t anymore.

(He doesn’t know how to feel about that.)

Stiles wonders if his Peter is something else. He’s seen him as a trickster, a vampire, a demon, a merman, a fallen angel and many things more, but more often than not, he was either human or a werewolf. It’s not that he particularly cares (Peter is his whichever the form or shape he comes in), but it would be really convenient if he was some type of being that had accelerated healing.

Stiles looks at Peter’s scarred face thoughtfully. It’s not that he cares about his appearance (for all he minds, he could be completely disfigured or mangled, he has been before… Stiles has been too), it’s that he he knows that it will be difficult for him and a constant reminder of what happened when he wakes up and plastic surgery only does so much.

And wake up he will no matter what the doctors say. Whether it is because of his dreams or because he has some kind of precognitive ability, he can’t tell, but Stiles just knows.

Something chimes at the end of the hallway and unconsciously he looks at the clock. He sighs sadly at what he sees. He hid inside a toilet until night came to be able to stay after visit hours because his dad has a night shift today and won’t notice him gone. However, if he wants to make it home before Stilinski senior does, he has to go now.

“See you later, Peter,” he murmurs before letting go of the man’s lax hand and slipping out.

Stiles wonders if all those other Stileses were real, if they too dreamt about him before finding their Peter.

(He misses it. Did they miss it too afterwards?)

Every day, at one point or another, Stiles makes his way to the hospital. Sometimes before school, sometimes right after, sometimes at night, but every single day without fail because he lives in fear of Peter waking up and finding himself alone.

Sometimes Stiles reads to him. He tries things that he thinks Peter would find interesting, things that other Peters liked, things that have words he struggles to pronounce and whose meaning he has to look up later to understand.

Sometimes he sings to him. He hums popular songs that he likes, lullabies that used to calm him as a little kid before everything changed, tunes that he comes up with on the spot.

Sometimes he talks to him about anything and everything. His dreams, his dad, his mother, his classes, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what he wishes that could be.

Sometimes he just sits there and holds Peter’s hand.

Peter finally wakes up at nearly 3am on the 24th of August. The man eyes him blank-faced and Stiles isn’t sure if he’s actually seeing him. He holds his breath, hoping that he recognizes him, that he has been seeing, dreaming things like Stiles. The moment is broken, though, when Stiles has to hide under the bed when a nurse appears and then has to beat a hasty retreat before the doctor on call comes too and finds the sheriff’s son where he shouldn’t be with a person he shouldn’t even know to begin with.

Back at home, he can’t sleep. He tosses and turns again and again until it’s a normal enough hour to justify being up on his summer vacation. Then he makes an excuse about seeing some friends that he doesn’t have and rushes to the hospital again.

He enters the room tentatively and finds Peter sitting in a wheelchair just by the open window. He veritably shakes with nerves, his heart jackrabitting in his chest so loud that he bets that even if his Peter is fully human, he can hear it.

Peter’s eyes are closed like many times before when Stiles stops by his side and his heart thunders even more, feeling a wet and cold sensation taking over him. No. Nononono.

“Peter?” he whimpers and gets no response. “Peter?” he tries again, desperate, and nothing.

Stiles cries.

Big fat tears slide down his cheeks as he shakes violently, trying to keep himself from sobbing out loud and attracting unwanted attention. It’s ok, he tells himself as he wipes his face, it’s ok. This changes nothing. He bites his lip and then takes deep shuddering breaths, hugging himself until he feels he can contain himself. Then, he takes off his packpack to take out Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks, which is the book he has been reading to Peter this week. As he does so, he reaches to squeeze his hand before starting to read.

I know. I was there. I saw the great void in your soul, and you saw-

“While I appreciate the effort, I hate that book,” a very raspy voice says and Stiles lets out a startled eep, said book flying forward and going out the window before he can stop it.

Stiles turns around in his seat very slowly, too scared to be hopeful. He’s greeted by the sight of a Peter that is fighting to keep awake, his eyes nearly half-lidded. Stiles swallows thickly, trying to remind himself that just because he is Peter’s, it doesn’t mean that Peter is Stiles’ yet, that he can’t just throw himself at the man and never let go.

“Well, it’s good that the possibility of continuing that just flew out the window then,” he pipes and Peter’s lips tug upwards minutely. “Hi, Peter.”

“Hello, Stiles.”

where’s the coraline au

so at first i wanted to make it a Zimbits Coraline AU and I knew exactly how I wanted to do that! It would work out! Heck yeck!

And then I realized how much better a Nurseydex Coraline AU would work

And now I have all these ideas. Which are. Under a cut because it got waayyyy longer than expected. (Probably still gonna flesh out that Zimbits version though) (also if there’s a coraline au point me in the direction because Coraline is one of my two absolute favourite movies and I would give my soul for it) (Pacific Rim is the other one and I have the craving for that satisfied. For now.)

Magical cut go!!!

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Thank you @greywvren for the help and thank you again for being the reason I read this series in the first place 💕

Ronan Lynch never thought he would ever be on a romantic date, let alone to be the one who organized it.

He searched for the less shitty and less pricey restaurant in all of Henrietta- fuck, damn it, in all fucking Virginia for something like a month and he’s now left feeling like the biggest idiot on earth, waiting for Adam to show up, and even when he hears the sound of the engine of Adam’s shitty Hondoyata, he doesn’t turn, doesn’t move because- because.


It was all so new, all so strange.

The tentative brotherhood with Declan, the absence of Cabeswater and the void his Mother’s smile used to lit up. He knows how easily loss can destroy him, can drive him away from everything he loves, and so Ronan Lynch decided that he had enough of self-destruction to last a lifetime.

He didn’t notice when he started to chew on the leather bands of his bracelet, but the comfort of the familiar habit is enough to keep him from working himself into an early grave, his longing consuming him more and more for every minute that he waits and when Adam enters the restaurant in his perfect, clean and flawless college uniform and his face lights up with a smile aimed only at him Ronan tries to understand exactly how many beats a heart can skip.



There’s a moment of silence and Ronan feels his heart slowly traveling up to his throat as Adam’s hand rest in the middle of the table like an invitation between the salt and pepper, just near the menu that Ronan left open so that Adam could check the prices without being nervous of everything he orders. He watches as Adam’s eyes roam over the various dishes and the various dollars and Ronan has a whole bunch of seconds that feel like a lifetime to imagine all the ways in which he fucked up.

But Adam’s smiles, the kind of smile that makes Ronan’s breath come out in a woosh, feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit happier, is such a thing is possible.

His hands move slowly and he ends up cradling Adam’s fingers in his own and he’s euphoric with the knowledge that Adam’s hands are now soft.

“So, Parrish. How’s school going?” he asks, trying to be as casual as he can and he wonders if Adam knows how badly he needs to know.

“It’s going good. Very good. Better than I could imagine.” he answers and Ronan doesn’t know if it’s the smile on his face or the fact that Adam’s thumb is now stroking the skin of his palm, but everything in this damned place seems to be on fire.

“How are the Barns?” the question takes Ronan a while to decipher, to remember that Adam cares.

“I woke a cow.” the answer comes with a shrug, even if he was on his way to cry when it happened and then seriously crying after he called Gansey and Blue to tell them and he-

He wanted to say it to Adam face to face, because Ronan knows that a part of the Barns and a big part of himself-like his heart, or his liver, or the very blood in his veins- will always be owned by Adam Parrish.

And the smile on Adam’s face could light up the darkest parts of Ronan’s corners.

“I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see it!” he holds Ronan’s hand tighter and he can feel the fire spreading all across his face.

“It’s just a cow.” he adds, but at the words Adam’s smile only gets wider, like he knows how much it matters for Ronan no matter how much he tries to hide it.

“Gentlemen, are you ready to order?” the waitress asks and Ronan turns to look at her for a second before he gets kicked under the table.

“The fuck, Parrish?” he murmurs, his hand going to massage the injured part just as Adam answers the waitress with a polite “Not yet. And pardon my boyfriend.”

The waitress answers something but Ronan’s everything is hanging by those tiny, little nine letters.


“Don’t look at the waitress like that, it’s not her fault we still haven’t picked something.” Adam says, but he doesn’t move his hands from the electric tangle they make with Ronan’s.

His only answer is a hum, while he tries to regain his cool.

He knows their hands will eventually have to detangle to read the menu and actually pick something and Ronan muses that he could pay or threaten or beg to have someone read it for them.

As one pair of joined hands slowly retreats to take the menu-get a whole lunch for the fantastic prize of only 12 dollars!- the other tightens.

“I’ll take the Lasagne.” Adam says and Ronan debates with himself on the matter of: will order hamburger seem like a dick move?

His heart is still in his throat and clouding his vision of everything that isn’t Adam shaped, so he settles for the first thing that seems vaguely easy to pronounce.

When the waitress comes back to take the orders Adam is the one to talk to her, but that’s because Ronan is too busy looking at him, at the way he holds himself, his perfect self-taught manners, the way he is grounded in his own being.

He finds the act of Adam ordering for him more endearing than he will ever admit.

Ronan suddenly remembers that he has things to give to Adam, a gift from Opal and a gift from himself, and he makes a mental note to remember this later, when they are not in a restaurant surrounded by people.

When the plates arrive Ronan is crushed by the knowledge that yes, he will have to let go of Adam’s hand and finds a little solace in the fact that the latter seems as reluctant to do so as he feels.

Ronan looks at the plate in front of him and finds out that he has no idea what this shit is.

“You don’t know what you ordered, do you.” Adam’s sentence should sound like a question, but it doesn’t.

“The name seemed cool.” he answers, trying to move whatever sits in his plate with the fork and Adam laughs quietly, which makes it all worth it.

They start to eat, Adam with his back straight and elbows that never touch the tablecloth.

“How is Opal?” he asks, covering his mouth with one hand if Ronan knows he isn’t chewing a single thing.

“She’s good. I left her with Declan.” his smiles is razor sharp when he remembers the frightened look on his business brother’s face.

“You asshole.” Adam replies, but the word is affectionate and it makes Ronan’s smile go from razor sharp to I love you so much in a matter of seconds.

“Is the college cool, then?” he asks, looking at Adam and trying to use his fork in a productive way. He’s glad that whatever his food is, it at least tastes really fucking good.

Adam hums and nods, cleaning his mouth with the handkerchief but Ronan can’t help but notice the little spot of red at the corner of his lips no better than he can help his hand from moving, his thumb from removing the sauce and his own mouth from licking it off.

The hungry look in Adam’s eyes has nothing to do with the food and it takes Ronan’s breath away, it makes the fire burn even brighter.

“College is cool.” it’s his only answer, his eyes fixed on the lower part of Ronan’s face.

“You should come visit again,” he adds “you scared the shit out of my roommate.” and since Adam doesn’t seem very inconvenienced by it, Ronan smiles proudly.

They ask for the check and when the waiter arrives they split it, but Ronan adds a tip with I don’t know what the fuck I ate but man it was good written on a fifty dollar bill.

Once they are out of the restaurant Ronan sees Adam going right for his BMW, his hand on the handle of the passenger seat.

The keys in Ronan’s hand tremble.

They sit in the car and he retrieves two things from his backpack under Adam’s curious stare.

“This is a bracelet from Opal and this-” he takes the little notebook, hands it to Adam and doesn’t look at him, his eyes on the road.

“It’s a time schedule, it works however you want it to work and you can add everything you need to it, for classes and shit. It’s water repellent.”

Of all the ways Adam could say thank you, grabbing Ronan by the front of his shirt to kiss him is by far the best one.




They are in Ronan’s childhood bed and Adam is gently passing his fingers along the side of Ronan’s body, rib after rib after rib.

“What else did you dream?” he asks, his lips moving on Ronan’s temple.


anonymous asked:

bellarke + 10

thanks for the request anon, and sorry it took so long to get around to!! (also this ended up being a little longer than intended. i kind of took the angst and ran with it, so there’s a lot of fic before the actual kiss, oops.)

bellarke + 10. ‘you nearly died’ kiss

Bellamy’s head is pounding, his mind screaming, a single phrase playing on an endless loop in his brain. Clarke is dying Clarke is dying Clarke is dying -

And Clarke is, indeed, dying.

As the death wave approached, Bellamy was stupid enough to believe that all of them would make it back to the lab safely, leaving them just enough time to launch the spaceship before a blanket of radiation destroyed them all.  “If this countdown hits zero and you’re not inside this lab,” Raven had told him before he left, “that’s it. Bad things happen.”

“Dead things, you mean,” he’d mumbled under his breath, and if Raven heard him, she didn’t acknowledge it.

Bellamy was supposed to go with Clarke to activate some kind of dish that would send a signal to launch the spaceship - he doesn’t know the exact mechanics of it, that’s Raven’s job - but then Murphy burst out of the woods, panting and out of breath. “It’s Monty,” he said. “He’s injured and he passed out from the pain a while back, and I can’t carry him here by myself.”

Clarke turned to Bellamy, looked at him with those vast blue eyes. “Go with Murphy,” she said. “Bring Monty back. I’ll activate the dish by myself.”

“And what if you can’t?”

“She can,” Raven said. “It’s a one-person job.”

Bellamy looks at Clarke again, and she confirms, “I can do it.”

So he let her. He let her go to the tower by herself. He trusted that she would return safely. Stupid.

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Rainy Afternoon

Originally posted by steveroqerz

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Request: “Hey can you write first kiss with Clay?“

Words: 1.013

A/N: It is FINALLY Friday and another Clay imagine is up! I am seriously having a hard time to find some gifs, but I always manage to get one. Luckily!
Enjoy guys! Thank you so so much for your support! I will be posting more Jeff, Zach and Justin imagine next week, so stay tuned!

- G. x

“Damn it!” You exclaimed when you felt big and cold raindrops stinging your skin. “Clay, pedal faster!”

“I am trying, (Y/N)!” He answered, miffed, as you kept on stressing him. He asked you to ride his bike so he could bring you home earlier than the usual.

“Try harder!” You hopefully ordered him, but the raindrops started to get bigger and bigger. You were so focused on stressing Clay that you didn’t notice that the rain already wetted your hair and your clothes. “F.M.L!” You shouted as you gripped harder on Clay’s waist.

“Sorry.” Clay stopped his bike as the road became slippery because of the rain. The sun suddenly disappeared behind the heavy rain clouds and the lights turned out. You hopped off Clay’s bike and you let the rain wet you even more.

“It’s okay, Clay.” You then smiled, shaking your anger off. You smelt the scent of petrichor, a pleasant smell produced when the rain fell on the soil after a long period of hot and dry weather, and you honestly adored it.

“Huh?” He corrugated his forehead as he saw you opening your arms widely, showering under the pouring rain.

“Well, it’s a great feeling.” You shrugged it off and you shut your eyes as you let the rain drop on your face. It stung you a little bit, but it made you feel great after.

“Are you bipolar?” Clay curiously asked and you just laughed at him. Well, he’s got a point to think that you were, because the moment before you were complaining and the moment after you were enjoying it, as if you never saw the rain pouring in that way before.

“Shut up and join me.” You grabbed his slippery hand and you tightly gripped on it.

You asked him to open his arms widely and you both enjoyed the stinging but soothing feeling of it.

“That was freaking amazing!” Clay exclaimed as he wandered his eyes around his surroundings.

“Clay, Clay!” You called him and he quickly looked at you, wiping his eyes to see you better. You sprinkled him the water using your wet hands and you loudly laughed.

“Idiot.” He shook his head, smiling foolishly. He kicked the water to wet your legs even more and you knew that the war has just started.

You both ran around the spot like two little kids. Clay was chasing you and you ran as fast as you could so he wouldn’t catch you.

“(Y/N)!” Clay shouted and you suddenly stopped from running. He ran towards you and it sank in your mind that it was just a trap.

“That’s unfair, Clay!” You exclaimed as he got you and carried you in a bridal style. “Put me down!” You cheerfully protested as he spun around himself and you just laughed loudly, not caring of what people thought of you.

“I got you.” He whispered as he tightened his grip.

“Yup, you got me.” You rolled your eyes and you let out a soft giggle. “Now put me down.”

“Alright, Madame!” Clay playfully teased as he put you down. You both stared at each other and talked using your eyes.

That moment was called mamihlapinatapai in Yaghan language and it was used when two people were looking at each other and they were hoping that the other would do what both desired to do but no one was willing to do.

You stared in Clay’s blue electric eyes and you saw his desire to kiss you as he, inch by inch, was moving closer next to you.

You honestly wanted to kiss him too, of course. Clay’s been your crush for a long time now, but you were afraid to admit it because you knew how much he liked Hannah way back then, but it’s also been a while since you last talked about her, so you really didn’t know what their status was.

“So, what do you want to do now?” You broke the silence and you uncomfortably avoided Clay’s gaze.

“Do you really want to know?” Clay seriously said as he smiled on the ground.

“Uhm,” You gave him a questioning look. You were confused and curious. “yup.”

“Then, I want to do this.” He slowly cupped your cheeks as he moved closer towards you.

You then felt his lips locking with yours and, for a second, you would admit that you froze, not because the water was cold, but because you felt something electric entering your veins. You couldn’t contain the romantic excitement and you just followed what your heart wanted: to kiss Clay back.

You shared one powerful and passionate kiss in the middle of the road under the rain. It felt good as you lingered the taste that his lips allowed together with the rain water.

You were both breathless as it lasted for a little while and it even felt better when Clay started to play with the strands of your wet hair.

“I wanted to confess you this before, but, like the other people say, it’s better late than never.” Clay said panting when you broke the kiss in need of air. “I love you, (Y/N).”

You were gobsmacked and happy at the same time. You honestly had many questions about him and Hannah, but you just shook everything off.

“I love you too, Clay.” You responded as your cheeks burnt and you both became crimson red. “No lies.”

Clay smiled widely as his eyes fluttered close and he leant in once again to close the gap between the two of you. The feeling gave you an exciting sensation once again, just like the first kiss, and you just knew that you wouldn’t get tired of his kisses in the future.

It was the first time you were kissing Clay, but you didn’t even feel nervous and you waited for this moment for a very long time. Finally, it happened.

You somehow thanked the God from the above for the rain, since he gave you an unforgettable moment to treasure with Clay Jensen: first kiss under the pouring rain.

anonymous asked:

Princess Au where a dragon named Emil try's to steal princess Sara but takes her brother instead. But the reason why Emil is taking people is because he is lonely and trying to break a curse.

oh my gOD OK LISTEN (and listen carefully because this will be L O N G)

  • Emil is no cute dragon, he’s frickin’ HUGE AND SCARY, but there are so many false legends and stories about him, like he can breathe fire and he once destroyed the whole kingdom with just one foot and the huge storm that caused so much damage last summer was because Emil just flew by and his wings are so strong… Basically the kingdom thinks all the bad stuff that happens there is Emil’s fault
  • Emil is a dragon from the Czech lands
  • He used to be the only son of King Nekola II
  • Prince Emil was the sun of the kingdom, even when things weren’t looking the best, everyone knew prince Emil would lead them out of the darkness one day
  • A terrible war broke out in the central Europe, though, and it wasn’t a good time for the Czech lands. They kept losing, people were starving and at the time the neighbour Slovak kingdom asked for help. King Nekola was really sad and tried to consider every option, but, in the end, he had to decline the help. There was no way to do it. And so the Slovak godesses cursed Emil.
  • At the day of his 18th birthday he changed into a dragon
  • The people only knew that the prince disappeared and all the hope for the kingdom was lost
  • Emil fled the Czech lands and flew for as long as he could until he landed in the King Crispino’s kingdom

  • Emil lives in isolation in the forest for months. He’s a sad, big dragon that can’t deal with loneliness, he needs people around him, he misses that he can’t sing or dance, he misses his family…
  • Eventually he gets spotted by the villagers and causes a bit of a panic, but no one really does anything since Emil doesn’t go near the town.
  • One day prince Michele is on a hunt in the forest, but his dog gets lost. Michele is desperate, he’s had the doggo since he was a puppy and he’s been his best friend since he was a child
  • Emil spots the prince and falls in love with him. Prince Mickey is so beautiful and charming and, though he can’t understand a word he says, Emil finds his voice soothing and kind
  • Emil finds the dog two days later, scared and starving. He feels so bad that he can’t just cuddle that little fluffball. But he decides he HAS TO take the dog to the concerned charming man that was looking for him. So he takes the doggo in his hands and flies out of the forest to find the nearest town.
  • Once he appears above the town, though, everyone starts panicking and screaming and they start attacking Emil.
  • Emil does all he can to protect the doggo because the doggo doesn’t deserve all the stress you stupid people! Leave the doggo alone!
  • The castle launches a big attack on Emil and, since Emil is not that good at flying, he gets hit pretty bad. He finally spots the beautiful man at the castle wall, though
  • He lands very clumsily right in front of Emil and everyone starts panicking because holy SHIT he’s gonna fry our prince alive!
  • Emil just leans down, gently places the doggo to Michele’s feet and flies away

  • Emil lands back at his usual spot deep in the forest and legit thinks he’s not gonna live through the night
  • He’s badly wounded and cries quietly all night because everyone is scared of him and he just tried to help, even the man he helped looked just terrified
  • Michele knows he should stay at home and try to get the kingdom back to normal, but he keeps thinking about the dragon everytime he snuggles his dog, he feels bad for what the people did to him
  • He ends up running around the woods all night with his doggo trying to find the dragon, he wants to thank him
  • Btw the dog’s name is Alfredo, just for the record
  • They finally find the giant dragon near the lake at the sunrise
  • Michele is really scared to get near, he knows injured animals can be quite agressive. And he’s also really scared that they might have killed the dragon, looking at the giant pile of flesh and skales, not moving. He really hopes the dragon just fell asleep
  • Before he can do anything, Alfredo the doggo runs towards Emil and starts nudging him with his snout. Alfredo can sense the dragon is just a giant dog lover inside
  • Michele decides to go near, too, because he trusts his dog
  • Emil finally opens his eyes, he looks tired and miserable, but visibly happy that his new doggo friend (and his owner) is there to keep him company
  • Michele almost starts crying, seeing how badly the people hurt Emil. He starts thanking him all over again and apologizes for what happened, he keeps repeating how grateful he is for getting Alfredo back because he’s his only friend and he wouldn’t be able to live without him (believe it or not, prince Michele is a very lonely prince)
  • Michele ends up placing a thankful kiss on top of Emil’s snout because he can’t think of any other way to show him how much grateful he is for his help
  • At that moment Emil feels a weird sensation in his body and in a few seconds a beautiful Czech princ lays in front of Mickey in the grass
  • Beautiful and badly injured

  • Michele takes Emil back to the castle (while Alfred keeps whining all the way home because his friend is hurt)
  • King Crispino immediately realizes who the young lad brought in is
  • Everything ends up well, Emil is treated and healed and brings the sunshine back to his kingdom along with a beautiful and charming new prince and his doggo baby Alfred because they both absolutely fall in love with Emil and will never let anyone hurt him again

lokisgame  asked:

50/63 please!

Look at this, I get to kill 5 birds with one stone!

1. “Don’t you dare.”
50. “My eyes are covered.”
54. “Sit down.”
55. “Listen up.”
63. “Is that sass I hear?”
70. “Look, a distraction!”

“I have a surprise for you,” is not exactly something Scully likes to hear from Mulder.  It could mean anything from a piece of chocolate to an alien autopsy, so she’s wary to hear it.  Even more wary when it’s followed by, “cover your eyes.”

“Can’t you just tell me?” Scully asks.  “Must we go through this whole song and dance to get to the point?”

“It’s more fun this way.  Cover your eyes.”

Even though her eyes are closed, she sighs and puts her hands over her face.  “There,” she says.  “My eyes are covered.”

“Okay, now come here,” he says, taking a light grip on her forearms to guide her backwards and to the side.  “Sit down.”

“I can’t see, how am I supposed to sit?  Let me just open-”

“Don’t you dare,” Mulder interrupts.  “The couch is right behind you.  I’ve got you, just sit down.”

Sightless and without the use of her hands, Scully tentatively shuffles her feet until her heels hit the couch and she crouches slowly, Mulder taking her weight so she doesn’t fall back, until she’s finally sitting and then he lets go.

“Alright now,” Mulder says.  “Listen up.  I have to go get something, so no peeking.”

“I could peek if I wanted to,” she answers.  “You’d never even know.  Maybe I already have.”

“Is that sass I hear?”

“You said no peeking, not no sarcasm.”

She feels Mulder move closer to her and then his mouth is by her ear.  “Keep it up and I’ll blindfold you instead.”

“Promise?” she retorts, knowing full well when she flirts back it’s Mulder’s kryptonite.

“Just don’t peek, I mean it,” he whispers and then he places a quick kiss to her lips.  Her head follows his as he retreats, so he kisses her again, pushing her back so she sinks into the soft leather behind her.  

Scully’s hands are in the way and she starts to move them, to slide her palms across her cheeks so she can wrap her arms around his neck, but Mulder catches her wrists and breaks their kiss.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Mulder says.  “You’re thinking, look, a distraction!  I’ll just kiss him and he’ll forget about whatever it is he has up his sleeve.  Nice try, Scully, but I’m on to you.”

“Dammit, Mulder,” she whispers.

He chuckles and kisses her briefly once more before he lets go of her wrists and his heat moves away from her.  Without her eyes, her ears grow more sensitive.  She listens to his quiet apartment, silent save for the hum of the motor aerating the fish tank.  Whatever Mulder’s doing, he’s managing to keep himself undetectable.  Then she hears the sticky sound of bare feet on hardwood and the scrape of his jeans off to her left.  He must’ve been in his bedroom.

“Did you peek?” Mulder asks.

Scully shakes her head no, growing more suspicious and impatient by the second.  Whatever he’s got up his sleeve, she just wishes he’d get it over with.  She can hear him sit down across from her.  The table creaks slightly and his knees touch hers.

“You can open them,” he says.

She moves her hands away from her face and blinks her eyes.  An empty drawer from Mulder’s dresser sits in his lap, wrapped in green ribbon with a silver bow pressed between the handles.

“You know, for when you stay over,” Mulder says.  “I also moved some things out of the closet, but I couldn’t really wrap empty space.”


“You can put anything you want in it,” he says, quickly.  “Even if it’s just books or medical journals or a spare umbrella, it’s yours to do what you want with.”

Scully takes the sides of the wide, empty drawer between her hands and moves it off of Mulder’s lap.  She rights it lengthwise and sets it on the floor as she stands and then wraps her arms around Mulder’s neck.  He has to look up at her because from where he sits, she’s a head taller than him.  She leans against his chest and he locks his arms across her lower back.

“There’s a little shelf in the refrigerator too that will hold all your little yogurts,” he says.  “And I’m pretty sure we can find a spot for the bee pollen.”

“Shut up, Mulder,” she whispers, before silencing him with a kiss.

The End

Imagine liking Jack Wilder

Originally posted by head-vs-feelings

(a/n: this imagine is pretty long so I used a ‘keep reading’ link. Please click it and continue to read :) Also, this is a Now You See Me 2 imagine. I hope all of you enjoy it! xx)

Oh, the things Jack Wilder did to you.

You were on a kinda-sorta date with him at a nice restaurant. The ‘date’ had been set up by Merritt as a way for the two of you to keep an eye on Walter.

“No sign of him,” Jack said discreetly into his concealed earpiece. He listened to the response before looking up at you. “Atlas is on the other side of town,” he explained with a grimace. “We’re stuck here until we get eyes on Walter.”

You sigh, twirling the pasta on your plate around a silver fork as you try to keep yourself from staring at Jack’s perfect face. The food on both your plates was uneaten.

“Atlas is tracking him at the moment,” Jack continues. “Dylan thinks that Walter will come to that shop.” Jack pauses and points out the window at the small shop across the street with his clean knife. “We have to see what he comes out with.”

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Gajevy with #99 for the drabble post?

Sorry it’s taken a while and this isn’t all that great!

Gajevy 99: “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.”

“Come on shrimp, nothing bad is going to happen,” Gajeel said, rolling out his sleeping bag.

“We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere,” Levy said, rolling her eyes. “Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.”

“Your sarcasm is noted.”

“I’m glad it could reach the little peanut between your ears.”

Gajeel growled, giving the small girl a red glare.

Levy stuck her tongue out at him and grabbed the flashlight from her backpack, standing up. “I’m gonna take a look around to see if I can find any clues.”

“We’re literally just took shelter in here for the night,” the man said, flopping down on his mat on the floor. “It has nothing to do with our job.”

“The man we’re looking for was spotted here a few days ago, you never know.”

Gajeel waved a hand in her direction, telling her he didn’t care what she did.


The floorboards squeaked with every other step, echoing the age of the lodge off the wooden walls. This place looked to be abandoned a long time ago: it had no electricity, no items of worth, and needed much more than dusting to clean it.

Levy carefully turned the knob of a door to a bedroom and it creaked open. She tiptoed in and shined her light around. It appeared to be an old nursery.

“How cute,” Levy whispered, scanning the room.

“I bet you could fit in that crib,” a voice said from behind her.

Levy shrieked and dropped her flashlight, whirling around with two fingers extended.

Gajeel gripped her wrist and pulled her closer to him so she could see the red in his eyes clearly in the dimly lit room. “It’s just me, shorty.”

“You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“You’re pretty quick, but I think you need to work on your reaction time,” he said, releasing her. “I could have easily over powered you if you didn’t strike quicker.”

“I thought it might be you,” she defended. “And luckily I was right or you’d be full of lightning right now.”

“Sounds like an excuse to me.”

“Did you want me to strike you?”

Suddenly, Gajeel’s hand was on her mouth and he was close enough for her to breathe in his scent—iron with a light hint of mint.

She struggled to pull his hand away with both of her smaller hands, but he put more force into it, pressing a finger to his lips, eyes shifting toward the closet. Immediately, Levy took the hint and knelt down to grab her flashlight.

Gajeel stormed the closet and a man fell out, immediately detained by Levy’s solid script magic.


“‘Nothing bad could happen,’ you say?” Levy mocked, planted her fists on her hips.

“Nothing bad happened,” Gajeel said, watching as the man was hauled away by the Magic Council.

“A man literally fell out of the closet.”

“But he was exactly who we were looking for.”

Levy hung her head. “I guess you have a point.”

“One day, you’ll finally understand that I’m always right.”

Levy kicked him in the knee.

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Hey! Sorry to bother but I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Josh is with his nice but then she gets lost and y/n is a stranger who helps him find her and it's just really cute? Thanks so much I love your writing btw


It’s a regular Tuesday as you step off the bus at your usual stop. The sun is still clinging high in the sky although looming clouds appear to have begun creeping in since you took your lunch break. Maybe it’ll rain later.

Just like every day, you make your way to the town park, sidestepping two young bikers as you head down a path. The sun’s rays feel heavenly as they lick at your skin, and the light breeze that tickles your cheek and seeps into your pores is a blessing after a day stuck inside the office. 

You pause on your way down the path to watch a group of young boys kicking around a soccer ball, your mind stirring up memories of playing with your own friends back in the day. You can’t help but wince sympathetically when one boy goes down in a harsh tackle, but scraped knees don’t stop his ruddy smile or bright laughter. As the boy runs back into the fray of the game, you continue your way down the path. You’re almost nearing the far exit when a piercing cry reaches your ears and stops you dead in your tracks. When you snap your head in the direction of the sound, your eyes find a small girl sitting in the grass crying. Her hair is plaited into two braids; although, a few springy curls have broken free. A bright yellow dress hangs from her small frame, the fabric covered in grass stains, and her flushed cheeks are damp from the tears flowing from her eyes. She can’t be more than four, and your heart instantly goes out to her, it wrenching and twisting painfully between your ribs. Before you can even hesitate, your legs are carrying you towards the girl, your eyes darting around for any sign of a frantic parent.

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talk to me about malec taking madzie to disneyworld 👀👀 she loves tiana bc she looks like her!!! which makes her super excited!!! and she gets all the photos with her!!! but also tangled is her fave and they buy her a lil pascal toy!! or smth idk u go from here

i spy #shaum references good this counts haha

  • okay so alec is no disney expert, and magnus is reasonably aware of the concept
  • it’s actually clary and simon who get madzie hooked on those films
  • magnus tends to improve things by using his magic to create real frogs or fireflies or fishes or whatever fits the movie/scene that’s on
  • madzie tries to copy him with varying levels of success, which is as adorable as it sounds
  • and so when it comes to alec’s big weekend off, magnus insists on taking madzie to disney world because it’s where dreams come true, alexander
  • (she’s young and she’s been through enough and she deserves some dreams)
  • alec ends up wearing a pair of mickey mouse ears all day, which magnus finds unbearably cute
  • they queue up like complete mundanes, and as they’re wandering around, madzie wants to know when she can meet the princess
  • and alec wants to cry because there are at least 8 princesses around, what do you mean the princess, how am i meant to work this out
  • but magnus, pro as always, just cruises them right over to tiana’s part of the park for when she arrives, and as soon as she gets on the scene madzie’s whole face just lights up
  • she bounces straight over there and starts chattering away, and alec just stands there with his arm around magnus and smiles because it’s so nice to see that little girl so happy
  • they take way too many photos and spend way too long there, but magnus thanks tiana very well, and madzie skips off looking happier than ever
  • they go on all these cute rides and spend the whole day exploring
  • magnus and alec are disgustingly couple-y which earns them a few looks from some people but they’re both extremely good at ignoring those by now
  • alec doesn’t always understand what’s going on, but part way through the day catarina takes madzie off to the castle leaving alec and magnus to their own devices
  • and all alec knows is magnus insists on going on all the ~dark and scary rides where they can sit a little too close and hold hands, and there’s something so lovely about having magnus in his arms when there’s all these people around, even if they can’t see
  • (there’s an incident on the pirates of the caribbean ride where alec thinks he sees a demon. it’s embarrassing for everyone, but they end up laughing so hard alec gets a stitch afterwards).
  • anyway eventually they hook up with madzie and cat again, and madzie is exhausted, so cat says she’s gonna portal her home.
  • magnus is all for going too until he spots a store window, when he promptly drags alec off there rather than going home
  • and magnus buys madzie this cute little pascal toy, because look, tangled is her second favourite disney movie ever
  • clary and simon are scandalised that the disney renaissance didn’t win that contest but whatever, they don’t get a say
  • and so they portal home, and magnus tucks madzie in with her lil toy, which she is overjoyed to find in the morning
  • the two of them go home, and magnus pulls his coat off thinking his work here is done
  • but then alec has this ring box in his hand, which he somehow managed to sneakily buy in the store when magnus wasn’t looking (how that was possible, magnus will never know)
  • “are you proposing, alexander?”
  • “no, not yet. just commemorating.”
  • it’s a really nice fuckin ring
  • but magnus is more hung up on the not yet than the ring
  • they kiss, and magnus wears that thing every chance he gets
  • and if anyone asks why one of his rings has mickey mouse on it, magnus just smiles and says a special someone gave it to them
  • jokes on you, it wasn’t walt disney

send me an au and i’ll expand on it!

We'd like to know

Jean crosses his arms over his chest, impatient sigh blowing past his lips. He’s been standing here 5 minutes waiting to cross the street. “This is the worst intersection in the city,” he grumbles. “Of course Eren wants to meet at this Starbucks.”

His phone vibrates in his pocket. He scoffs when he looks at his screen.

I’ve been waiting 10 mins you’re buying me coffee horse face

Jean shakes his head, but a smile tugs on the edges of his mouth. One of the few occasions in his time knowing Eren that the little shit isn’t 15 minutes late himself. He taps out a response and finally crosses the street.

He steps into the coffee shop and looks around the room. Eren’s never hard to spot. As much as Jean hates to admit it, - mostly because Eren would hold it over his head - the man has a real presence about him, something that radiates and draws you in whether you like it or not.

His eyes flit past their usual table, occupied by a couple of teenagers blatantly staring at him. Jean’s gaze lands on a man tucked in a corner, hands gripping the book in his lap forcefully. He’s handsome. Striking, even; with dark hair to contrast porcelain skin, piercing eyes, and teeth worrying his pretty bottom lip.

Jean knows he shouldn’t be staring, gawking almost, but this man is doing the same, his eyes haven’t moved since Jean came in, and now he’s curious. He follows the man’s line of sight and chuckles. Of course. He’s staring at Jean’s favourite idiot.

Jean can’t blame him. Eren is beautiful, and he has that fucking presence, but Eren’s completely oblivious. He’s just sitting at that table, scrolling through his phone. Though now that Jean looks a little more carefully, he’s probably trying to give the vibe to the girl at the table next to him that he isn’t interested. He isn’t sure who’s staring harder, her or the pretty man over in the corner.

Jean looks at him appreciatively one more time, because he really shouldn’t ogle so hard. He must sense he’s being looked at, because he turns his head in Jean’s direction and fuck, he’s more stunning head on. His eyes widen, just slightly and Jean’s heart absolutely slams in his chest.

Jean composes himself and walks over to Eren, steel grey eyes following him the entire way. Eren looks up, scowl screwing up his bright features. “‘Bout time you-”

Jean laughs and bends down for a kiss. Eren protests against his mouth for a moment, then gives in and hums. Jean pulls him to his feet and looks at the man sitting in the corner, watches the flush creep across his cheeks. Eren follows his gaze and whispers, “Oh, wow.”

The man scrabbles for his book and opens it to a random page, eyes furiously scanning the words. It’d almost be convincing if the book weren’t upside down.

“He’s only taken his eyes off of you once since I’ve been here,” Jean whispers. “To look at me.”

Eren shares a look with him, understanding and excitement flashing in his eyes. They both nod, and walk over to the man’s table.

“Hello,” Eren says sweetly.

“I’m a little busy here.”

“You sure?” Jean asks.

Eren plucks the book from his hand and turns it right side up. He’s met with a quiet thank you before the book is closed.

“What’s your name?” Eren asks.

The man looks from Eren to Jean and back again. “Why?”

“Because,” Jean says, lacing his fingers through Eren’s, “we’d like to know what it is before we ask you out on a date.”

The man hides a smile with a sip of his tea. He sets his cup back down, and says with much more confidence, “Levi.”

We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (1/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

This is the first of a two shot that I finally decided to post after having it sit in my Google Docs since last summer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this first part!

Rated T | Word count: 8139 | Also on AO3 and FF.net

There’s an old quote that says something along the lines of “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That you don’t realize just how much you love someone until they’re no longer around.

When Emma would come across phrases like that a few years ago, she would typically roll her eyes and mutter some kind of sarcastic remark, all while trying not to dwell on the fact that there probably would never be someone for her to love like that.

But of course, that was before she met Killian. And everything changed.

They meet on a Thursday night, under unusual circumstances. Emma had moved into her new apartment that afternoon, a simple one bedroom in Boston that was more than enough space for her and the small amount of items in her possession. The whole day had been a disaster from the get go. First thing that morning, her previous landlord accused her of not paying the last month’s rent, and threatened to sue if he didn’t get it immediately. (The look on his face when he realize he was in the wrong was priceless. And he wondered why she was moving out of his crappy building.) Then, the movers she could barely afford to hire wound up taking her furniture to the wrong apartment complex on the other side of Boston. By the time the fiasco had been taken care of, it was nearly the end of the day. Saying she was exhausted was an understatement.

Emma stands in the middle of the living room, observing the chaos that was now her new home. She may have brought a small number of things with her, but most of said things were still in boxes, scattered around on the floor and waiting to be put away. She’d unpacked a box of clothes solely to dig out her favorite Batman pajamas, leaving the rest piled up in the corner of her bedroom. Just something else that could wait until tomorrow when she wasn’t both starving and sleep deprived.

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can we pls get some single dad!courf + person at the supermarket!ferre headcanon I'll lurve u

Okay so Ferre is busy choosing peaches, lightly feeling the fruits to see which ones are ripe and which ones could kill a man if shot at the head, when he feels a little tug on his sleeve. He looks down and there’s a little girl trying to peek under his sleeve to see the rest of his tattoos, which climb up to his shoulder.

Nearly .5 seconds later, a cute guy rushes towards them. Combeferre barely has time to see his face before his squatting next to the little girl.

“Cariña, what did I saw about not touching people without asking first?”

“But I wanted to see the doodles!”

Courfeyrac looks up and spot what he couldn’t exactly call doodles but works of art on skin. Then he looks even higher and oh shit scratch that, the real work of art is that guy’s face! Courf takes his daughter’s hand and gets up quickly, blushing slightly. Geez, he shouldn’t stare.

(The same thought goes through Combeferre’s head. Also, are those dimples?)

“Sorry, she’s very curious. And tactile. That’s not the first time it’s happened.”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine! Curiousity is great, actually. Really great thing about kids.” He looks down at the little girl. “Would you like to see the rest of the doodles?”

The little one nods eagerly, almost boucing on her feet. Combeferre squats a little and rolls up his sleeve as high as he can. Courfeyrac can’t really process the fact that this is really happening between peaches and oranges.

After a few minutes of small talk, they go their separate ways, both kicking themselves for not daring ask for the other’s number. Fortunately, they keep bumping into each other throughout the week. Courfeyrac finally gets Combeferre’s number.

(The first text Courf sends reads “Hello Peach Boy 🍑” and regrets it like a second after it’s sent)

Langst HC's

heyo y'all, I know I mostly reblog other people’s hc’s, but i decided to write a few of my own–these will be messy and i probably won’t turn them into a fic, just thought I may as well try
Thanks, @klancetr0n
((WARNINGS–mentions of anxiety, depression, and self-hatred))

•Lance loved loved LOVED to dance back home
•He took dance classes for a little while, but then his family didnt have the money to send him anymore
•He tries to get on without it, but dance had always been his filter
•had a bad day? Go dance. Grades not good enough? Go dance. That cute person in class turned him down? Go dance. ((Bisexual Lance))
•even once he stopped taking lessons, he went downtown and looked in the windows of the studio to see if he could learn anything new.
• he continued to practice, and steadily excelled, even without a teacher
•when he went to the Garrison, it was harder to find time and a safe place to dance, as he was always studying or in class, and he was afraid to dance anywhere but the gym at night, for fear of being caught
•obviously Hunk knew, and encouraged it constantly, but sometimes Lance would get into inconsolable states where he would sit and stare at the wall for hours at a time
•the only things he would talk about was he was only at the Garrison because Keith was kicked out, and he didnt belong there
•Hunk knows the only thing to make him feel better was for him to go dance, but getting him to come to class when he was like this was a struggle, much less go out and do something alone
•in these fits, Lance’s agoraphobia (fear of wide, empty spaces or outside) increased dramatically, and the thought of the completely empty gym was terrifying
•he knew Hunk wouldn’t mind if he practiced in the room, but it would make too much noise, Hunk wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Besides, he couldnt bear people watching him dance. It was intimate.
•and then the whole lion-aliens-space fiasco occurs
•and Lance is so fucking terrified
•because ‘Oh my god it’s Takashi Shirogane I’m going to DIE’
•'Oh. Oh no. Of course. Keith’
•because Keith shows up right when Lance was actually going to be first for once in his life
•and now everyone thinks he can’t do anything but flirt and joke
•so he slowly retreats into his shell
•his anxiety is overwhelming
•he can’t practice on the training deck, Keith’s always in there
•he can’t practice in his room, he can barely extend one lanky leg
•so with nowhere to go and no one to talk to (the paladins all have their own rooms) he spirals into a swirlig mass of depression and anxiety
•terrified of not being able to help, of being a burden, and of not being loved
•but exhausted by the act of sitting up
•he stops coming to meals and training
•everyone but Hunk leaves him alone for a couple days-they think he’s sick
•but Hunk recognizes what’s up and tries to help
•Lance locks him out

•eventually, Lance comes out to eat, and everyone is shocked by his appearance

•normally beautiful, well-put together Lance, looks, well

•he has huge bags under his eyes and his hands are shaking like crazy and he looks scared as hell

•he tried to sneak away so they don’t see him, but it doesnt work

•cue Hunk explaining to everyone that Lance not being able to dance has made him super anxious

•and everyone goes to his door and quietly waits til he comes out
•they make him eat and sleep
•and keep and eye on him til he’s a little healthier
•he learns to manage his anxiety, and is given a designated hour to practice
•he doesnt know they all have hiding spots to watch him dance
•and hot DAMN, this boy knows what he’s doing


Wow that was supposed to be about dance and it just turned into Langst
I’m sorry
Do you like?
Maybe I will continue.


Gradence fluff, maybe holiday themed where Graves gives Credence his scarf because Credence looks cold? (Pre-Grindewald, that is).


‘Here kid’ Credence started and flinches away from him - Graves literally ready to give him his coat as well
’M…my mother wouldn’t be ha-happy’ but Graves is already wrapping it around him and the scarf is warm from where its been around Graves neck
Imagine Graves pressing his warm hands to Credence’s cheeks (you know that part in the movie with the face touch and Credence’s stressy eyebrows and face….ugh)
And Graves would just be watching his face because really whats he going to do he cant steal a child off the street, he’s going to have to walk away but BOY he does not want to.
He’s thinking 'I could charm Credence’s jack but uhhm…look at what he’s handing out - that would go down really well’ and he’s set this all up for Grindelgross

Credence would see orig. graves coming and his heart would beat a little faster
'Good day, Credence, how are you?’ he has countless fliers stuffed in his pockets that he’s taken as an excuse to come and check up on him bringing him food
'Where’s your scarf Credence?’
'I’m so sorry, m…mother took it. I can…I can get you another’
Until Credence’s mother spots them - this creepy older man seducing him and Credence allowing it
Maybe she blames Credence for drawing Graves to him
She jelly
The next time Graves come Credence wont look at him and tries to tell him that he cant talk to him anymore, clutching his leaflets in shaking burning hands with the stripes across his palms from the belt.
'What on earth?’