look at the little spot he has on his hand


aerial ethereal challenge: day four ~ moodboard (the kotova family)

 “You mean all those nights I drove around New York City, searching for you? Helping you with your humework, assignments, making sure you had lunch, spotting you at the gym when I should’ve been training– is that not giving a shit?” He’s still strict, severe. He has trouble softening for them completely, even when Timo is crying. 
                Timo buries his face in his hands again.
                Luka crawls over to his little brother and he wraps his arm around his shoulder. Then he meets Nikolai’s gaze. “Thanks.” My heart fills. “For choosing us.”
               I engrain Nikolai’s expression for life, a look measured in deep, familial love. As though the galaxy parted, just for one moment, to show another blindingly beautiful universe. He responds with a Russian sentiment, sounding tender.
               Katya whispers, “I can’t even imagine…”
               Timo lifts his head. “I can,” he says to Nikolai. “I couldn’t…I needed you. Growing up, I needed you.”
               “And you had me,” Nikolai says lowly. 
Timo exhales deeply, his eyes traveling over the pics. And then he looks to me and back to Nikolai. “I need you to not worry about me anymore. I want you to live the life that you gave up for us. Can you do that?”
                “I didn’t give up my life,” Nikolai explains. “You’re a part of it, Timo. The good and the bad. You’re not keeping me from living, brother.
When I grow old and gray, I can only hope to have a family as passionate and faithful as theirs.

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Noah even styles his hair similar to Robert's and he looked adorable in his little suit. Can you imagine in a few years Robert giving Noah advice saying something like "remember when kidnapping someone make sure you always tie their feet along with their hands because your cousin didn't and he got kicked in the balls" lol we need for this to happen

omghfdhf anon 

imagine noah observing rob carrying out some sort of ridiculous plan and spots an opportunity to help a little, so he does (and then robert gives him a little nod of approval and it’s the happiest noah has felt in months and he smiles to himself for the rest of the day)

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my baby hashirama meeting a foreign princess and just becoming engulfed with her. imagine them having long walks in the garden and the young hokage spotting just how beautifully the light plays with her hair or how tempting is the scent of her skin when he gets just a little closer. imagine him noticing how small her hand looks in his or how paralysing her glance is.

I love this~ (honestly. I totally pictured Mito in this, because for the longest time I thought she actually was a princess) 

  • Hashirama has no problem with displaying his emotions clearly on his face. When he meets this foreign princess and their grace and beauty totally fazes him, you can see the blush creep up onto his cheeks 
  • Immediately he would engage in conversation with them eagerly, wanting to get to know them and talk to them as much as he can. The nature walks would be fantastic, filled with his charismatic demeanor and light air to himself. 
  • Let’s say the nature walk was in Konoha, so filled with beautiful trees and foliage. The sun falling through the tree canopy and onto the foreign princess’s face would distract him from the conversation, and if he’s really not paying attention to anything besides her I can totally see him accidentally tripping over a tree root (which is so funny to me the trees betrayed the tree man lol) and he would be so charmingly adorable about it. Try to cover his embarrassment but he just ends up being cute
  • If the foreign princess was into his charm and charisma (and honestly who wouldn’t be), and they let out a tiny laugh after he trips, he would be so happy about it. He would think, “At least I got her to laugh! Even at my own expense, it is worth it!”, or something along those lines
  • Hashirama couldn’t help it, if he was super struck by her and if they ended up having a lovely time on their nature walk he would jump straight into it and ask them on a date. He would seem really cool and elegant as he asked her on a date, but if she said yes Hashi would grin like a fool, smile all the way back to his home  

fake ah crew micheoff where geoff refuses to let michael use his newly-purchased 00mogar as a getaway vehicle in a heist because “jesus fucking christ, kid, the chrome isn’t exactly subtle, police could spot that car from space”

and because michael is a little shit, he waits until geoff drinks to the point of stone-cold-won’t-wake-for-the-actual-apocalypse sleep the night before a heist and proceeds to paint his nails. and so geoff wakes up the next day and looks down at his hands and sighs deeply when he sees this:

and that’s essentially how geoff ramsey, infamous crime boss of los santos, robs a bank armed with an smg and has to snap at no fewer than three bank tellers to “stop looking at my fucking nails and put the money in the bag, for fuck’s sake”

Cullrian Drabble - Open mouth insert foot. 

Inspired by this post. 

I am an italics fiend and I regret nothing. 


Halward Pavus was probably a decent person once. The way Dorian tells it, he still is. Cullen isn’t particularly inclined to believe it. Gloved fingers tighten on the steering wheel, the leather creaking in tune with the gritting of his teeth.

He does not look at Dorian.

He will not look at Dorian.

Dorian has his pride, and Cullen isn’t going to cripple it by addressing the mottled spots scattered across his face. Maker, they’d marred his face. Dorian would be impossible when he stopped shaking.

If he stopped shaking.

If he was all right enough after this to care about his appearance.

He moves to shift gears and feels Dorian’s hand cover his, gripping tighter than he probably realizes.  “Cullen, it’s all right. I was overreacting. I panicked. Fuck, you get so little sleep. I feel ridiculous waking you up like this.” He laughs, and it’s like Cullen is being ripped in half.

And that does it. Dorian’s voice, thick with salt and gravel and the sound of giving up makes him want to find the Pavus patriarch and beat him to a pulp. But he can’t leave Dorian.

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Lafeyette and Conor like to hold hands.

Lafeyette and Conor do not like to hold hands in overly public areas so they typically walk about with hands locked until they get to higher transit areas and then shove their hands in their pockets.

It’s admittedly pretty cute. You’ve got this tall, kind of lumbering guy and this tiny straight-backed girl. One of them has to adjust their gait to fit the other so either Conor is taking smaller steps to accommodate or Lafeyette is skittering along at his side. They walk with hands cupped and, usually, Lafeyette winds up a few steps behind so it looks like a big brother toting around his little sister. This factor doubles when he is leading her around by the wrist.

Their reactions to happening upon other people vary. If Lafeyette sees someone first Conor is, usually, dropped like a hot stone. Most times he doesn’t mind. Sometimes if Conor spots people first he squeezes Lafey’s hand uncomfortably tight so she can’t just drop him (rude).

Everything about Dan is just so beautiful. The way his hair and eyes are both that gorgeous shade of brown- kind of like chocolate. His full lips, the creases he gets around his eyes when he laughs. That little spot around his freckle that turns red when he is nervous or excited. His hands, his thighs, his little tummy. The fact that he generally looks very round and soft. The idea that he has a lot of emotions- he cries during movies and gets way too into the things that he loves. Dan is such a lovely person. I hope he knows how amazing he truly is. 


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“(Y/N)? Can I talk to you?” He questions, looking a little bemused. You nod, taking a seat next to him at the bar - your usual meet up spot. 
“What’s up, Kol?” You ask. He lets out a breath, running a hand through his hair. It’d been so much easier to talk about mentally than actually doing so.
“I..I don’t know how I feel about you. When I’m around you, nothing else seems to matter. My problems seem worlds away and I can’t very well explain why I feel like this, darling. I just do and I don’t know how to handle it. No-one has ever made me feel like this before.” So, Caroline was right about Kol. You light up with a huge smile on your face, taking a breath in before saying the words, “I love you too, Kol.” Kol grins after hearing your words then leans in for a kiss you had both been waiting for, for far too long.

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Finishes his shower quickly since he still has to get some rest for class in the morning, coming out, combing fingers through his hair to keep it from drying flat to his head, but stops when he spots you. Has a moment of indecision where he can't tell if it'd be better to leave you to cool off or not. Finally starts over, deciding to just ask, pausing to pick his book up off the floor before turning to look at you. "I'm going to bed, do you want to go with me? It's okay if you don't. I get it."

Hunches his shoulders a little when you near, easing out a long breath turning to look up at you. Pushes a tentative smile across his face, hands in his lap, “Never did get that nap.” Lets a subtle wince interrupt his smirk, “I didn’t- I wasn’t tryin’ to insult you…” Which isn’t really an apology, or an admission of being in the wrong, but it’s close, right?


Request: So do u think can do one where Dean trying to fight his feelings for the reader and when she starts to trying dating he get jealous ? Please and thank u

Dean opens the curtain to the window and watches you. He heard the car door shut, he heard the voices of the man he did not trust, and you, he heard your voice. Your voice always put a smile on his face and made little butterflies dance around his stomach. He only regrets not telling you sooner. Now, he has to watch this.

The man was speaking too low for Dean to pick up the words now. His hand was on your cheek, stroking it. You were looking into his eyes, leaning up on the tips of your toes.

Dean’s heart felt like somebody had it in their grasp, closing their fingers around it tightly. The butterflies in his stomach turn into bricks that weighed him down to the spot as your lips brush against the man’s.

The oldest Winchester had half the mind to burst through the doors and yank you away from the guy that stole you. Dean couldn’t handle another night like this, worrying about your safety. This guy, the one that now seemed to hold your heart, was untrustworthy. He was a stranger to you, to him, to Sam. Cas knew nothing about him, even though Dean had Cas follow the man. Nothing. Not a job, not another girlfriend, not a kid.

The man turns to leave after sneaking another kiss onto your lips. Dean let the curtain fall and took a seat on the nearest chair, trying to make it look as if he might have been sleeping and didn’t hear a thing.

You turn the key in the lock and it clicks, just as Dean closes his eyes and evens his breathing. He listens as you put the keys on the table and slip off your shoes, carefully placing them near the door.

Dean pretends to open one eye and look around. “Oh, you’re back.” He grumbles.

You shrug a shoulder and take a seat on the other chair. “Go back to sleep, Dean. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Did you have fun?” Dean sat up. He didn’t bother to cover the annoyance in his voice and you pick up on it instantly.

“He’s a good guy. Just let it go.” You rise to your feet, but not before Dean does. He’s towering over you, watching you with squinted eyes. “Dean,”

“Don’t ‘Dean’ me.” Dean chuckles bitterly. “It’s my job to look after you and I will do my job.”

“It’s not your ‘job’ nor has it ever been.” You shout, not realizing your voice could be heard all over the Bunker. “You just sort of decided I needed to be looked after. I was doing great before you two, and I’ll do amazingly well when I leave.”

“Leave?” Dean was taken aback by the simple word. He crosses his arms over his chest. “When did you decide you were leaving?”

“Just then.” You admit, grabbing your purse and throwing it over your shoulder. “Actually, when he kissed me. He asked me to move in with him.”

Dean shook his head and motioned around the room. “You’re going to leave this for that asshole out there? He might be married for all you know.”

“He is a good man.” You repeat. “He takes care of me. Right now, you’re being the asshole. I thought you might be happy for me, Winchester. He cares for me, he gives me the best compliments on bad days, he’s funny. No guy has ever given me so much attention. And I like it.”

That did it. Dean’s face turned a deep shade of red and his eyes were filling with tears that he was refusing to let go. “No guy? Ever?” He chuckled and looked down at the ground, his eyes closing long enough to get rid of the tears. “No guy has ever given you the attention you deserve? Are you positive?”

Clueless, you nod your head. “I’ve told you about my past relationships.”

Dean smiled. It was a nasty smile, like he knew a secret you did not. It was full of anger and spite. “You know what? I’m sick and tired of following you around. I try, (Y/N). I’ve been trying for months to show you and every day you ignore me. And when these sons of bitches started showing up at the Bunker, I was going to give you time. Maybe you would see what was standing right under your nose. They will never love you as much as I do, sweetheart. That baldy, he’ll throw you out in a month. I’ve lived with you this long and I’ll be glad to live the rest of my life beside you, hunting things and saving people. It’s what we do. But I’m done.”

He excused himself, stomping his feet down the hallway. You could tell exactly when he got to his room and slammed his door shut, closing your heart right between it.

“Bitch…” you mutter to yourself, standing there with a frown on your lips. “I’m so stupid to think he didn’t feel the same…”


Scott and Nadia walk along the path towards the ocean. The vacation has been going perfect. They both couldn’t be happier. No, that’s a lie. Scott could be happier, but only depending on the answer Nadia will give him after he asks her a very important question. Scott has been thinking of proposing for a while now, and he has had some ideas in the back of his head, then finally he had an opportunity…on vacation. Nothing more romantic than proposing on a beach, right?

Scott stops mid-step. “This is the perfect spot,” he thought to himself. He turns to Nadia, who looks more beautiful than she ever has before. He looks at her with a goofy smile, which causes her to blush. “Whatt?” She asks, looking up at him a little. 

“Nadia, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve met. You’re not only beautiful, you’re smart, kind, loving, and hands down, just amazing in every way possible. You have brought so much light into my life, and I do not want to lose that, for any reason at all,” he starts to slowly kneel onto his knee, and pulls a little black box out of his inner jacket pocket. Nadia cups her mouth, the feeling of awe all over her body. “Nadia Henderson, I am so deeply in love with you. I never want to let you go. So, with that being said, w-w-will you marry me?” He pulls open the box to reveal a 5 karat diamond ring in just her size.

Nadia is speechless. She had no idea any of this would happen, especially not on this trip. Tears fill her eyes as she looks at Scott on his knee, holding a gorgeous diamond ring in front of him. “I love you so much Scott Lancaster. Of course I’ll marry you!” She exclaims, throwing her hands in the air, ready to attack him with a bear hug.

Scott can’t believe it. He’s finally engaged 

omg so like imagine lil cashier librarian luke working in the local book store and like michael walks in one day to get a book his mom asked him to get and like michael is looking at each of the shelves and luke has been watching this boy fumble through each of the books cursing and getting frustrated bc he can’t find this fucking book and luke walks up all giggly and smiley like “uh u need some help” and michael looks up at him like an angel has come from above and like michael is at loss for words and he hands over the sticky note and luke is like “ah yes that book is right over here” and michael is so fascinated and dumbfounded at the same time and luke pulls out the book and hands it over to michael and michael’s fingers linger a little too long in the process and causes them both to blush wow and then luke spots his favorite book on the shelf during their lil awkward silence and like luke says “u should read this it’s pretty good and my favorite if u want but if not i understand” and like he puts it back on the shelf and like luke kinda walks back to his lil cashier to help a customer and leaves michael there to look around a little more and like after the last customer leaves michael goes up to the checkout and has both books luke gave him in his hands and like all silent and cute and blushy and like without drawing much attention to it michael writes a tiny sticky note and sticks it on a random page telling him his next book request and that he hopes michael comes back next week to get the book and perhaps see luke again :)))))

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This babe has been hanging around the house. I’ve saw him on the roadsides a pretty good distance away also. I don’t know where his home is, or if he even has one. He looks a little old… and right now, he’s pretty beat up from “The Black Knight”… a big fluffy bob tailed black stray that bullies our cats as well. I have a weak spot for big ole orange cats. My first kitty was orange, and looked something like this one. I’ve tried not to show him attention, because we have too many cats as it is, but it’s so hard. I’ve broke down a couple times, and reach my hand out to him. He head butts it, standing on his back legs, just begging to be loved. I gave in and petted him to death. Then he chased my kitty Stripey down, I thought he was gonna fight him, but they started to play and chase each other. Apparently I’m not the orange cats first friend here heh (;