look at the little spot he has on his hand

Note: this is a continuation of a post // extremely long

101 reasons why Jikook/Kookmin is my ultimate OTP
or 101 times Jikook made my heart flutter (Part 2)


51) A jikook compilation wouldn’t be a compilation without THE back hugs.

Hands on waist…

Chin on shoulder…

52) Not long after Jimin tweeted a pic of ramen, Jungkook indirectly replied to him by posting FOUR selcas of him along with a message telling him his ramen looked bland. idk about you but i found this interaction cute.

53) The artistic couple.The muscle pig and manggaetteok drawings that were featured in Snow App. They even drew the chicken drawings on the menu at Isac. I can imagine them sitting and drawing random things together. ㅠㅠ 

54) Jimin posted not one but three videos on Jungkook’s birthday, which means he wished Jungkook three times on SNS and made my head spin thrice.

55) Jimin and Jungkook took photos of each other sleeping.

56) When Jungkook thought there was no camera around when they were rounding the corner so he went up to Jimin and slid his hand around his waist. Little did he know they got caught on camera. I’d like to thank Yoongi’s vj for this awesome footage.

57) The many times Jimin has summoned Jungkook for Armys. In simpler words, Jungkook always tweets something after Jimin, and we all know how seldom he appears on Twitter.

58) “hyung has cute toes” Okay but like who lingers around his friend’s photo shoot and randomly blurts out that he has cute..toes????

59) The look! Jungkook’s expression when he’s feeding Jimin earns him a spot on this list haha. Tbh They’re kinda like eyefucking eo when jimin’s being fed. look at Jimin’s eyes. Apart from that I like how Jungkook fed him.

60) Their interactions the whole ISAC. Masterlist 👣

61)  How can I miss this? Jikook in Japan..this one has a special place in my heart. Back in 2016, it had been just a casual discussion between me and my friends on kakao. Never thought jikook would continue displaying PDA every single time they go to Japan. What’s more when they have very strict no-camera policy during concerts.

62) The amount of heart eyes they shoot at each other.

63) When they had a dinner date in the dorm to promote Mala Hot Chicken. What baffled me was that Jungkook mentioned beforehand he wanted to sleep but he still accompanied Jimin. I’m soft.

64) Jimin has made it very apparent, truly obvious that he likes jungkook. Whether it’s liking him as a dongsaeng, or just someone he’s extremely comfortable with, Jimin always, without failing, reminds us who he dotes on. “Why do I like you so much?” Lately, I’ve been crazy because I like Jungkook so much. I think of this as a start of something beautiful, and I am so glad Jimin didn’t even hesitate in expressing his feelings towards the maknae. I think this might have helped jungkook unwind. Look at jungkook now. That’s some character development right there :)

65) Massage. Quoted line from AHL mentor, Tony Jones “They are very touchy feely and to them, it’s nothing. I’d walk into the room and Suga’s massaging V’s neck or Jimin’s giving Jungkook an intimate back massage..”

66) When Jungkook bent down so he would get closer to Jimin and put the rein-kook headband on Jimin’s head. They’re separated a lot of times during fansigns but somehow they managed to get tgt at the end.

67) When Jungkook blows a kiss, then turns to Jimin whose lips are puckered and does the same to him, using the same fingers he used earlier. Okay I’ve been meaning to say this. Realistically speaking, if you pucker your lips and you put your fingers on them, wouldn’t your saliva stick to your fingers? I’m not trying to imply anything here, just genuinely asking haha.
140529 Ameba Studio

68) When a webtoon artist gave Jimin two dolls, but Jimin decided to give one to Jungkook. She even posted a webtoon of them. To be honest who wouldn’t?

69) *screams to the people in the back* ALL-NIGHTER FRIENDS!!! As written by the man himself, “ALL the time, it’s just the two of us doing something at night. I don’t know what we do”

70) Jungkook scribbling hearts all over Jimin’s birthday drawing. He’s one whipped man.

71) Just other instances Jungkook and Jimin flirting on stage. 

//gif above isn’t mine//

72) When Jimin and Jungkook chose each other when asked “if you were a girl, who would you date?”

73) The shocking fact that Jungkook demanded an apartment from Jimin as a graduation gift. Like, apartment? of all things? What kind of domesticity is this?

74) The way Jungkook takes care of Jimin even though he’s the younger one, and how Jimin is there when he’s the one seeking comfort.

75) I will never forget the Gayo Back hug, ever. I’ve mentioned back hug somewhere above, but this is different.This deserves a point of its own.

76) When Jimin took off one of his rings at the airport and gave it to jungkook.

77) When Jungkook stopped in front of Jimin during his part in For You at Osaka concert, and kind of directed the lyrics for Jimin. Jimin just couldn’t stop smiling afterward :(((
The lyrics are:
It smells like you
The road that I walk on
I plug my earphone to my status
My true feelings lie beyond there

78) When Jimin and Jungkook steered away from the bunch and instead opted for some alone on the cruise. people say you smile the brightest when you’re with someone you love, yes?

79) The fact that Jimin wanted to become napa cabbage after seeing Kook dressed up as a bunny, so he could eat him, albeit choosing to be cheese initially. What even is that statement lol 👣 

80) The morph of their dynamic. I kind of miss their old moments, when Jimin was bolder, more carefree, and Jungkook seemed to be too shy to reciprocate. (on camera). Now they have matured. They have grown up well. A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me. The transition of their relationship is extremely beautiful.

81) When Jimin became Jungkook’s makeup artist for a day, hovering around the set, even drawing a pic of a bird that’s used as a prop later.

82) their size difference might be exaggerated at times, but you really can’t deny that it is cute, even if it’s not much.

83) When Jungkook changed the lyrics in Spring Day to Jimin.                      
Like a small piece // Of Jimin // That floats in the air 

84) When Jungkook showed to the world what a sweet boyfriend he is,making jimin laugh, sitting him on his lap, hugging him on his birthday. Sweet sweet jungkookie.

85) Let’s state the obvious- 21CG choreos!!! i love how they evolved, just like their remarkable, legendary nmd lift.

86) Their sensual dance covers.

87) When Jungkook guides and encourages Jimin during games/missions.

88) The many times Jimin has been spotted wearing Jungkook’s clothes, despite the well-known fact that Jungkook doesn’t share clothes. Newsflash: Jungkook wears Jimin’s too!

89) We know Jungkook knows Jimin like the back of his hand, but that doesn’t mean that Jimin knows any less. I think they spend time together way too much.👣

90) How often the word “JIMIN” trips off Jungkook’s tongue- this what fascinates me the most. At one time he even mistook Jin for Jimin.

91) Jimin’s eagerness to kiss Jungkook for his Coming of Age, being the first one to hold out a hand for a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Bon Voyage season 1

92) When Jimin waited over an hour for Kook to finish filming BTS Flower Boy mini drama, even though he’d finished his part. Jimin couldn’t even stay mad at him for not telling, like how fond is he?

93) The fact that Jungkook is more than comfortable speaking in banmal with Jimin.He once said in Idol Party that he prefers talking in jeondaetmal (polite language) with his hyungs but look at the amount of times he’s dropped the honorific and called Jimin by his name. uhm, let’s talk about treating the other as equals?

94) Jimin and Jungkook, the human embodiment of Piske Usagi.

95) When Jungkook’s bro drew Jungkook as Muzi and Jimin as Con, the inseparable duo on Kakao. Bro knows. 👣

96) In Kkul FM 2016, When Jungkook and Jimin nearly intertwined their fingers . Scoffs bh seemed to think it’s okay to abruptly cut off their scene. What intrigues me most is that they weren’t even looking but their hands still somehow managed to find their way around. Also other instances they hold hands. I love how Jungkook’s slightly bigger hands envelop Jimin’s smaller ones. *Jimin’s pinky tho!*

97) How they’re destined to meet. The fact that they’re both from Busan, have matching moles, Jungkook’s bro named Junghyun and Jimin’s bro named Jihyun..imagine what would’ve happened had Jimin not been the last one to enter Bangtan.

98) When Jimin said he’d be looking at the ocean with Jungkook but Jungkook straight up rejected him and chose to go on a trip with his bro instead. It was quite a strong statement but a moment later Jungkook proved it wrong by reaching out and squeezing Jimin’s hand underneath the table, kinda like a reassurance that it’s all part of a joke. He cares. He truly does.

99) During Jin’s birthday prank at MAMA, these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The moment they entered the bathroom, they almost shut everything out-talking to themselves, picking on the cake- until the members gave them the signal to stop w/e they’re doing. Months later Mama kindly revealed another footage, this time consisting of just them, in the bathroom, jungkook right in the middle of buttoning up his jacket, wearing nothing underneath. How was I supposed to sit still?

100) When Jungkook and Jimin take skinship to a whole new level, or simply put, the times Jikook makes us question the real intention behind their acts and excessive skinship.

101) Last but not least, Perhaps my all time favorite moment- When Jungkook was caught observing Jimin’s every move, literally had his eyes only on him.

(Mark 1:17 onward)

I super love this video bc the song chosen matched so well with the situation- like they wanted to reach out but couldn’t so they stayed put, could only observe the other from far…

and that’s it!
thank you, you made it to the bottom of this post! In short, everything about jikook makes me feel content. I had thought of doing more  but despite my brain literally screaming at me “Include this! You forgot this!”, I had to stick to 101. Anyway, I hope this mends your longing hearts. Have a lovely day! Thank you for reading!

Bonus because I have to:

when the members revealed on BTS KKul FM 2017 that Jungkook bought a birthday present only for Jimin. Am I your favorite hyung?

When Jungkook, the youngest in the group, called Jimin who is 2 years older than him a baby. 애기야가자 !

When An Ex Tries To Get Back With His Pregnant Wife (Mafia AU, Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

You and Namjoon took a stroll through Seoul, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. It wasn’t often he could publicly go out with you for fear of someone harming you. With both of you dressed in masks and hats, adding sunglasses for extra measure, you took a morning walk to fetch baby supplies.

Namjoon hated when you hid your bump even if it wasn’t on purpose. So when you shrugged on the long black rain coat, he pouted in an adorable fashion.

Your thoughts fled you when you spotted an adorable pair of bright pink VANS made for newborns. You tugged on Namjoon’s long sleeve like a child yourself.

“Hang on, I’ll go in and buy them. Why don’t you look at the clothes while you wait?” You squealed and gave him a peck on the cheek before you scanned through the children’s clothes while Namjoon checked out.

“Y/n?” That voice made you freeze. You looked over your shoulder to the man with the wide grin. It was your ex. Your first real relationship. “I haven’t seen you in years! How are you?” He moved in for a hug but a strong hand caught the collar of his jacket.

“Can I help you?” Namjoon’s voice was rough and cold, the same one used with interrogating. Your husband fitted himself tightly between you and your ex.

“It’s alright Joonie. He’s an old friend.” Namjoon relaxed under your soft touch. Before he could open his mouth to apologize, the other man had scurried off to hide. Namjoon chuckled and handed you the small bag with the shoes.

“You do realize I know that was your ex, right?”

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~Kim Seokjin~

Jin was overprotective of you during your pregnancy. Always keeping a hand on your stomach or keeping you no further than arms distance. So when you went out for an evening walk to catch some fresh air, Jin was right there. You were dressed in only his t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.

Jin begged you to at least put on a coat but you shook your head and exited onto the street. Your penthouse apartment was in the center of the city, courtesy of Jin himself. So the street was damn near packed even at this time of night.

You had a bag of your favorite chips stuffed in one hand and shoved them in your mouth. Jin was leaning against the doorway, secretly admiring you from afar. That was until a man continually stared at you from the other side of the street.

“Y/n? Y/n L/n?” The man approached you with a warm smile: you nearly chocked on your chips. Jin knew not to be hasty, but his anger boiled. “How’s life? You look as beautiful as ever!” That’s when his gaze dropped to your stomach. “Deadbeat dad?”

Before you could answer your ex had raised his hand. “No need to explain. Why don’t I take you out for dinner. We could catch up.”

“She won’t be needing your company. Hi, I’m the deadbeat dad!” Jin wrapped his arm around you shoulder and stuck out his hand in a threatening manner. Your ex stuttered, and when Jin leaned in closer, he took off into the crowd of people.
You rolled your eyes at Jin’s behavior and kissed his throat. “Cmon “Deadbeat” let’s go back inside.“

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~Min Yoongi~

“Yoongi, I just want some Ice Cream!” Nobody in their right mind would wake up Yoongi while he was sleeping. He was scary as hell when disturbed. But you were even scarier when you didn’t get what you wanted. It was 2am and Yoongi wouldn’t budge. Even if you knew how dangerous it was to go out alone, you were having bad cravings.

You flipped on the closet light and fished out a sweatshirt and stretchy pants. When you tried to tip-toe across the bedroom, Yoongi groaned.

“Where do you think your going?” He swung his legs over the side of the bed and ran a hand through his messy hair.

“Three words. Ice cream run.”

“Give me 5 minutes.” Five minutes it was on the dot. You were at the 24 hour supermarket and was loading the buggy with ice cream. Pickles sounded good right about now. So when Yoongi kneeled down to grab a gallon of Cookies and Cream, you snuck off to the pickles.

Of course the world had damned you and put them on the highest shelf. With one hand over your stomach, you stood on your yippie toes to reach them. A longer arm however plucked them up first. You turned to see your ex, dressed in an apron that the employees wore.

“Here you go mi- Y/n? Damn you look as fine as ever!” You clenched your teeth at his comment. His immature behavior is why you left him in the first place. He was a sleazy dog and he knew it. “You put on a few pounds but that’s alright. Why don’t you meet me after work?” He started to approach you with a wicked grin on his face.

“Back off!” Yoongi forced himself in front of you and stood at attention. You could practically see the hair on the back of his neck stand up much like a dog. “If you touch her, I’ll make sure you lose every last one of your fingers. Now give me the damn pickles.” Your ex hastily handed Yoongi the pickles and ran off in the opposite direction.

You frowned and grabbed the jar. “He got Bread and Butter…” you pouted. Yoongi just chuckled at your behavior and nuzzled the skin behind your ear.

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~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok and you were having a lazy day. Namjoon had insisted Hoseok work from home to spend extra time with you and his unborn child. You were lazily drawing circles on your belly button, feeling the soft flutter of hiccups from your precious baby boy. Hoseok placed his hand in the same exact spot where the movement happened, and smiled with delight when a little foot pressed against his hand.

“He’s fussy today.” You groaned and placed a hand on your lower back, rolling a little to wrap a leg around Hoseok’s waist. He ha show laptop on the arm of the couch and used his other hand to rub your arm soothingly.

Your phone buzzed for the millionth time that day. You weren’t even going to look at it but Hoseok saw how your eyebrows knotted together in annoyance. “Who keeps messaging you?”

“Just one of my old exes. Don’t worry about it. I’m trying to ignore him.” Your voice grew heavy and the next time Hoseok turned to speak to you, sleep had taken over. Another ding from your phone had him narrowing his eyes. He clicked on your screen so he could view your messages. He knew you would never be unfaithful but he also knew this guy was annoying you to no end.

Rows upon rows of this guy confession to you, saying how he wanted to be with you again. Hoseok smirked to himself and opened a new tab on his computer. He’d make sure this guy never bothered you again.

An hour later, you emerged from your nap. Hoseok had placed a pillow to replace him and gave you a fuzzy blanket. The T.V remote was placed by your swollen stomach. Hoseok was most likely having a meeting with the rest of the Bangtan Members. You turned on the nightly news out of boredom and narrowed your eyes at screen.

There was your ex on the nightly news being interviewed. He was swearing up and down that his bank account was full moments ago, and that it was completely empty the next second. The headline was stated as following: “Mysterious String of Empty Bank Accounts Rising”.

You picked up your phone and sent your husband a quick text.

“Seriously Hobi?”

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~Park Jimin~

Jimin and you were setting on a park bench, enjoying each other’s company. The jungle gym in front of you was filled to the brim with kids. That would be your little girl some day, swinging from the handlebars while Jimin held her up so she could reach.

Jimin rubbed your belly softly. Little kicks followed the path of his hand much to his amusement, and your discomfort.

“She’s a daddy’s girl already.” Jimin kissed your lips sweetly. The chime of a bell tore your attention to the wagon filled with frozen treats.

“Jimieeee!” You pointed to the ice cream cart. Jimin shook his head with a laugh and fished out money from his pocket.

“Wait here. Chocolate right?” You nodded excitedly and watched him approach the wagon. Another figure took his seat, a man you recognized all too well.

“Chocolate Ice cream for a Y/n?” Your ex was a smug bastard, able to have his way with almost anyone. With a deep frown you tried to ignore him completely as he held out the one to you. He yelled however, when a flying stone cracked against his fingers, the ice cream splattering on the bench.

“She stopped liking your ice cream a long time ago.” Jimin grabbed your elbow and helped you to your feet. He handed you the ice cream a shot your ex a look that could kill. “As you can tell, she’s yet to have her fill of mine though.” He laid a hand on your swollen stomach and pressed a hungry kiss to your mouth.

When you parted for air your ex was gone, and Jimin was now the smug one.

“You are so dirty! Now go get my sprinkles.”

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~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung and you were visiting the local mall to shop. Cribs of a bassinet were on today’s agenda. You ran your fingers across the fine oak of a crib, marveling at the craftsmanship. Taehyung came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your middle.

“Do you like this one?” His voice was deep yet soft. You nodded anxiously. He chuckled and lifted the box in his own two arms. “Why don’t you pick out some blankets?”

Taehyung didn’t have a budget when it came to you and his unborn baby. He’d buy you the sun and moon if it would make you happy. You had been raised with little to nothing like Tae, that’s one reason you connected.

Tae went to pay for the crib while you picked through the mint green blankets. You had yet to find out the sex of the baby, wanting to wait to be surprised. “Y/n is that you?”

Your ex stood there with an armful of children’s clothes in his arms. He was clearly a worker here. That surprised you, seeing how arrogant he was. You had expected him to be a CEO, not a worker at a baby store.

“I have nothing to say to you.” The last time you had seen your ex, he was being towed away in a cop car. He was highly abusive, verbally and physically.

“Give me one more chance-” he peered over the rack to see your stomach, 7 months full with child. “Knocked up?”

“Watch your mouth.” Taehyung dropped the box he was carrying at your feet and squared up to the man. He towered a few inches above him and his strong jaw was set.

“C'mon Tae, we don’t have time for filth like him.” You grabbed his hand and motioned for him to pick up the box and leave. Taehyung did so unwillingly. When you both made it to the car, you grabbed Tae’s cheeks and kissed him with full force of passion.

“I love you.”

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~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook had invited you to one of his underground matches. Some might say that this was no place for a woman who was 5 months pregnant, but you loved the adrenaline. Jungkook was up next to fight and you had a front row seat.

You scanned his opponent, broad shoulders and all. He turned around to put his mouth piece in and you recognized him immediately. That was the ex.

You knew he had been a fighter, but not for underground matches like this. He must have fallen low. Unfortunately, he noticed you as well. He stripped out of his shirt and kneeled in front of you.

“Hey pretty girl. Remember me? Why don’t you congratulate the winner afterwards?” He made a V shape with his fingers and slid his thick tongue between them. You cringed at the sight and gagged. Little did he know, Jungkook was standing behind him with nostrils flares and fist clenched.

The ref called action with a blow of his whistle and you had never seen a faster fight. Jungkook threw a single punch to your ex’s skull and he was out like a light. Your husband continued to beat the bastard senseless. Blood finally spurred from his mouth and two burly men had to drag him away.

He hopped the rope and collected you in his arms. Jungkook lifted the front of your shirt and placed a sloppy kiss on your belly button. The crowd cheered on the champion and his affection towards you.

“I like his idea Y/n. Why don’t you come congratulate me in the locker room?”

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Don't Laugh.

Bucky Barnes/Reader/Ivar.

Warnings: SMUT. Modern AU. Edging, threesome, poly relationship, name calling, a tiny bit of jealousy, I just found out the other day I have a crying kink, pet names, awful writing, my first time writing Ivar.

Word Count: 2653.

Rating: 18+.


Winterboneless for the win, you bitches.

This goes for everyone that is now crushing on Ivar, even if they don’t watch Vikings.

@sexylibrarian1 Take this as a late birthday present. @thecrownedrose Who always tags me on everything Vikings, @bladebarnes @captainpoopweinersoldier@erisjade @ryverpenrad @feelmyroarrrr @ivartheboneme​ @ms-potts-to-you @bethy-sue@redheadedtrollop@ivars-pet  @ivarinleatherpants​ I know there was someone who asked me to tag her, but I forgot and I’m sorry.

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“You’re staring at Mister Vimes, Reg.”

“Am I?” Reg asks, eyes fixed on Vimes’ back as he speaks to some new recruits.

“Yes Reg,” Nobby says. “You’re staring, Reg. Why’re you staring?”

“He… just reminds me of someone, sometimes. The Commander.”


He’s twenty-five and he’s standing on top of the barricades, flag in his hands and pure defiance in his voice.

He’s twenty-five and he should be dead, is dying, blood gushing from more wounds than he can count but he’s still crawling forwards, still fighting, propelled by nothing but willpower and conviction because he will. Not. Give. Up.

He’s twenty-five – but is he, still? – and fresh air washes over his face, not quite ridding him of the taste of mud and dirt still filling his mouth.

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Sex Is...

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Request: Do you think you could do one about how the reader is with Sam and Dean when they are at the chastity group and Dean describes sex?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: describing sex?

A/N: This wound up sweeter than I thought it’d be…

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Try To Keep Up

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Summary: Pietro teases the Reader all the time and Reader finally decides to put him in his place.

Words: 1122

Warnings: language

Originally posted by imagine-marvel

You had had about enough of Pietro’s teasing. He was the cockiest, most arrogant little fucker. And it didn’t help that he was sexy as hell either.

“Just admit, you’ll never be as fast as me.” His speed was the one thing he loved to brag about most. He claimed he was the fastest person in the world. Wrong. He was probably the fastest man alive, but definitely not the fastest person in the world.

“You’re not even fast in general, princesa.” He always thought he was right. Sure it’s one thing to be confident in something but this boy just doesn’t know when to give up. He was as stubborn as a mule and never wanted to admit when he was wrong.

“You have full permission to prove me wrong.” And that’s exactly what you were going to do.

Standing up, you shoved your phone in your pocket and smiled as innocently as you can at the Sokovian speedster. “Why don’t we have a little race. The first one to the gym wins.” You knew that the gym was currently where your other teammates were and where Pietro has strayed from to come bother you.

The thought of finally proving Pietro wrong, and in front of everyone else, caused a smirk to pull at your face and you had to fight to keep it at bay.

Pietro’s smirk only widened and he put his hand out for you to shake, “And when I win, what do I get as a prize.”

You took his hand in yours and tried not to roll your eyes, “You mean if you win, and what do you want?” Pietro thought long and hard before you spotted that mischievous look in his eye. It’s the same look he gets whenever he’s about to do something risky.

Not that you paid close attention to him or anything like that.

“A kiss, I want a kiss.” Your smile faded and you blinked, not understanding what he was getting at. “Well I’m sure Vision would love to give you a little sugar but I’m not sure what that has to do with me-”

He groaned in disgust and you smirked, well aware of his hatred towards the android. “From you, I want a kiss from you. Do we have a deal?”

“Fine but when I win, you have to stop bothering me once and for all.” You then realized that your hands were still held in his and pulled away just as he started running.

This is gonna be fun.

You raised your palm in the air and watched as Pietro slowly came to a halt until he was completely still.

He was always moving around and seeing him like this really brought you joy. Now you had two options here. First one, you go to the gym and start back time and win. Or the second one, you fuck with him and then go to the gym and win. The second one sounded more appealing to you.

Quickly, you ran to your floor and took a tube of red lipstick, two pink scrunchies, and a two piece. When you went back to him you took your time in making him look perfect, you had all the time in the world after all.

Satisfied with your work, you took a picture on your phone and made your way to the gym.

Entering, you spot everyone doing their own thing. You wanted their full attention on Pietro when he came running in so you moved everyone so they were in a line in front of the door. They were all making ‘I’m in the middle of an intense workout session but I can’t stop because Steve insists that we do this and God I want to kill his star-spangled ass’ expressions on their face so you took a quick snap of each of them for blackmail later.

When everything was in position you raised your palm up and time started again. Pietro came running in a second later and everyone’s confused chatter ceased.

He looked around triumph until his eyes laid on you. His mouth opened in shock and closed again, this went on for about two minutes. “What the-? How?!”

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” You smirked as you used his own catchphrase against him when you were cut off by the teams laughing, confused at first but then you caught on.

“What, were you thinking about going to the beach, Maximoff?” It was then that Pietro looked down at his appearance and let out a girlish shriek.

On the upper half of his body, he was sporting a pink bikini. The bottoms of the bikini were pulled over his joggers, for both of your sakes of embarrassment. You topped that off with some red lipstick and two pigtails. To say he was terrified of his new transformation was an understatement, the poor boy looked like he was going to pass out.

He ran out of the room and came back a second later, the lipstick and ponytail were gone, along with the two piece. You silently thank him for not going back for his shirt because God those abs looked delicious.

“Dammit, I was just about to take a picture.” You held up your phone and turned to Clint. “Don’t worry, I already got that taken care of.” Pietro zoomed up next to you and faked a pout.

“Guess I won’t be getting that kiss after all, huh?” You could smell his minty breath as he talked and you almost collapsed. He was so close his bare chest was touching your clothed one and you had to hold your breath.

Just above a whisper, you breathed out, “Well try to keep up next time.” Neither of you knew who started leaning in first but the second his lips brushed yours the warmth of them was suddenly gone.

You opened your eyes, which you don’t even remember closing, when you heard Pietro’s laugh down the hall. He was gone along with your phone and so were your chances of kissing him which you certainly did not think of 24/7.

Pietro!” The team chuckled at your childish behavior when you stomped your feet, one by one they started going back to their training.

“Come and catch me, princesa!” Oh, you were going to catch that asshole, alright. You stomped off to go find your favorite least favorite Maximoff, and to hopefully get that kiss.

Which you certainly did not want.

From a very long prompts list comes this: 

153: “ Put me down! ”

It’s late, and Neil knows this.
Kevin told him their night practice was going to run later tonight, but Neil didn’t realize quite how much later that meant.

Neil thought he would have some time tonight to do some math homework. He still has two online assignments due this week that he hasn’t started on. He had hoped to get a head start on them tonight between practice with the foxes and practice with Kevin, but Kevin had told him to stay on the court for some extra training time.

They stopped for a late dinner at some point a couple hours ago, but as the clock hits 2:26 and Kevin is still talking about how his aim needs work, Neil realizes that he’s not going to be able to get anything done tonight.

“Are you even listening to me?” Kevin’s eyebrows knit together. For some reason he doesn’t look tired, even though it’s been a very, very, long day.

Before Neil can say anything, he drops his stick. He didn’t mean to, but his fingers just relaxed and it was too late. The loud clatter of the hard stick on the plastic floor is enough of an answer for Kevin.

“Neil, if you don’t get this drill, you can say goodbye to court. You need to be able to do this!”

“I’m sorry. I’m thinking about other things tonight. I have a lot of math–”

“Neil,” Kevin says, interrupting him, “Now’s not the time to be worrying about other things. You’re on the court, and right now you’re here to play.”

 Neil’s mind took too long to formulate a response to Kevin’s comment and by the time he had strung together words that were comprehensible, the space in the conversation was over. Andrew had decided to join in on the talk, calling from the benches where he’s smoking a half-gone cigarette.

 “Kevin. Shut the fuck up.” His voice echoes off of the high ceiling of the court. His soft black pants and loose sweatshirt make Neil suddenly aware of how much his armour weighs. He’s a little jealous  of Andrew’s capabilities; he gets to sit all day and put in the bare minimum work for exy while Neil works his ass off every practice.

 “Neil.” Kevin says, snapping his fingers in front of Neil’s face. “We don’t have all day. Let’s go.” Kevin begins showing him the drill again, and although he is tired, Neil starts working on it again.

 He bends down to pick up his stick, and feels the burn of lifting it through his shoulders and back. Neil already knows he’s going to be sore tomorrow morning.

 When Neil straightens back up, black spots dance around the edges of his vision, but when he shakes his head, they slowly disappear. He’s not going to be stopped by some stupid little thing. He has a goal. He’s going to get this drill today, and then he can rest.

 Kevin finishes his display, and takes the ball out of the net of the stick and tosses it to Neil. Before Neil can catch it, it’s intercepted by a hand. Andrew’s hand. He looks at the ball, and then at the bags under Neil’s eyes.

 A count later, Neil’s mouth opens.

 “Oh.” He hadn’t even heard the doors of the court opening. He was getting rusty. Or maybe he was just getting comfortable.

 “Andrew, give the ball back to Neil.” Kevin says, shooting daggers with his glare at Andrew, who looks all but unaffected. “If you’re not going to play, go sit down. Neil needs to work on this.”

 “Day, I’m taking Neil, and we’re leaving. You don’t actually get a say in this.” Andrew directs to Kevin, no hint of a joke in his voice.

 Andrew walks a few more paces until he’s head and head with Neil. 

“Andrew,” Kevin looks at the back of Andrew’s figure, “ we’re not done yet.”

“If you don’t let him go,” Andrew turns around, “I will break your other hand, and then neither of you will be playing tonight.”

 It’s uncalled for, but Andrew gets the reaction he wants. Kevin looks down and quickly clutches his broken hand. He rubs the scars from left to right, just like he always does when someone mentions the injury. It’s actually quite fascinating, how Kevin goes submissive like a dog sitting at it’s owner’s heels every time. The boy has a spine until someone actually means what they’re saying.

 “Andrew, just let me try one more time. I need to get this if I want to get–” Neil’s cut off by one of Andrew’s arms scooping under his knees and the other supporting his back.

 It’s not the first time Andrew’s carried him, but it’s definitely the most uncalled for.

 Andrew starts walking away from Kevin, and Neil know’s what his goal is. 

“Andrew. Put me down.” Neil says, “I need to–”

 “If you don’t shut up, I’m dropping you on the floor and driving away without you.” Andrew interrupts him, “It’s late and I want to sleep.” Neil notices how he doesn’t call it ‘home’. He only does that when they’re alone, and Kevin is still in earshot. Andrew carries Neil all the way out of the court, leaving Kevin alone with a bucket of balls and a stack of cones to clean up himself. Neil doesn’t feel bad, even though he probably should. 

When Andrew makes it to the locker room, he ungracefully drops Neil on one of the wooden benches. He starts helping take off his gear, starting with his helmet and arm pieces before realizing what he is doing.

 He drops the helmet on the floor of the locker room and takes a step away, letting Neil undress himself.

 “Go shower. You smell.”

 “Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” Neil says with a slight smirk.

 “I’ll be in the car.” Andrew says while turning around, “If you’re not there in 10 minutes I’m leaving without you.”

 They both know it’s not true, but Neil won’t call him out this time. He likes to let Andrew believe what he wants. 

Summer Heat Part 5

I’m not sorry.

Synopsis: A fic where you and Shawn are camp councilors and you hate his guts. Sexual tension ensues.

Part 1  | Part 2  | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (you are here

After the storm hit there had been a lot of clean up. It took two full days of everyone pitching in to get everything cleaned up and sorted out. Thankfully the damage done to Beaver Cabin was not irreparable and really only meant one window had to be boarded up. The way the tree fell, it missed the roof of the cabin but a large branch had gone through the side window on its way down. The groundskeeper and Ms. Miller nailed up some pressboard and called a company to come fix it. Until then the councilors in that cabin would deal with the ugly window covering.

You were tired from cleaning up for two days and then entertaining kids out in the woods on the third day, today, because they hadn’t really had a chance to leave the main hall very much during clean up. They were all full of pent up energy and they were chasing every bug they could find, climbing trees, catching frogs and just being wild little kids. It seemed every time you and Shawn turned around someone was doing something they should not be. Thus causing you to have to stop the activity, reason with the child, and then find something more constructive for them to do.

You grab your beach towel and your flip flops and head for the cabin door. It’s after 10 o’clock at night, which was after curfew, but you really don’t care. All you wanted was to head down to the lake shore and have a nice quiet swim sans kids. Shawn was asleep, sprawled out all over with one arm hanging off and a foot propped up on the frame at the foot of the bed.  The two of you hadn’t talked about what happened the night of the storm. Which suited you just fine. You wanted to deny the attraction until it disappeared.

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djislame  asked:

Wait a sec so Whorsebane is suppose to be an intimidating character even for somebody like Roose,I feel like I missed this. Also he's gay I feel like I missed that also. Which if he is is kinda cool that he's this intimidating gay man from a house known to be imposing and intimidating.

*rubs hands together* Yes, please, let’s take a deep dive into the characterization of Hother “Whoresbane” Umber, the smartest and most dangerous member of his clan and one of my favorite background characters in all of ASOIAF.

Does “most dangerous Umber” seem like a stretch? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t want Crowfood or the Greatjon mad at me, but they’re presented as jovial life-of-the-party drunks as much as badasses. There’s a wry affectionate “oh, you scamps” sort of tone to how GRRM writes the Umber men…except Whoresbane, who is framed with an ice-cold laser-focused menace about him that his kin do not possess, despite Hother being the least physically imposing of the lot. Within the Northern political community, “Old Whoresbane” has a well-established reputation as perhaps the most fearsome figure within that community, a living legend spoken of in whispers (rather than the loud-and-proud stories surrounding big brother Mors), someone with whom you simply do not fuck if you care to see another spring: 

A crow had once taken Mors for dead and pecked out his eye, so he wore a chunk of dragonglass in its stead. As Old Nan told the tale, he’d grabbed the crow in his fist and bitten its head off, so they named him Crowfood. She would never tell Bran why his gaunt brother Hother was called Whoresbane.

Odd as it might seem, old Hoarfrost Umber had once believed his youngest son had the makings of a maester. Mors loved to boast about the crow who took his eye, but Hother’s tale was only told in whispers…most like because the whore he’d disemboweled had been a man. 

And now the Bastard of Bolton was riding south with Hother Umber to join them for an attack on Moat Cailin. “The Whoresbane his own self,” claimed a riverman who’d just brought a load of hides and timber down the White Knife, “with three hundred spearmen and a hundred archers. Some Hornwood men have joined them, and Cerwyns too.”

“Night work is not knight’s work,” Lady Dustin said. “And Lord Wyman is not the only man who lost kin at your Red Wedding, Frey. Do you imagine Whoresbane loves you any better? If you did not hold the Greatjon, he would pull out your entrails and make you eat them, as Lady Hornwood ate her fingers.”

“Fear is what keeps a man alive in this world of treachery and deceit. Even here in Barrowton the crows are circling, waiting to feast upon our flesh. The Cerwyns and the Tallharts are not to be relied on, my fat friend Lord Wyman plots betrayal, and Whoresbane…the Umbers may seem simple, but they are not without a certain low cunning.”

But, I hear you protest again: more menacing than Roose Bolton? Surely not! Well, look at how Roose himself describes Whoresbane. That ellipsis speaks volumes: Whoresbane Umber is so thoroughly intimidating that Roose gods-damned Bolton, the Leech Lord, Westeros’ answer to Vlad the Impaler, is reduced to trailing off and staring into the middle distance, ultimately unable to bring himself to cite specifics.

That’s the first layer. The second layer is the implication that Whoresbane has been the brains of Last Hearth for a very, very long time. He was only at the Citadel in the first place because his father Hoarfrost (which: yes) believed he had “the makings of a maester,” which certainly bucks the Umber stereotype. After Hother came home, his status as the smartest man in the room–a Halfmaester, if you will–has held as the decades have gone by. The Greatjon is certainly not an idiot (just look at how he tests and then crowns Robb), but his grab-with-both-hands approach to life carries with it some significant blind spots, and it’s Whoresbane who rides to Winterfell to point them out:

Hother wanted ships. “There’s wildlings stealing down from the north, more than I’ve ever seen before. They cross the Bay of Seals in little boats and wash up on our shores. The crows in Eastwatch are too few to stop them, and they go to ground quick as weasels. It’s longships we need, aye, and strong men to sail them. The Greatjon took too many. Half our harvest is gone to seed for want of arms to swing the scythes.”

Contrast Hother with Mors, and the picture becomes crystal clear. Crowfood, too, is far from stupid, but he comes to Winterfell to dance with the serving girls and offer his magical grief-curing cock to Lady Hornwood. Whoresbane is the one with the numbers in his head, the one keeping track of the harvest and the wildlings, the one looking out for the smallfolk of Last Hearth. Crowfood is doing everything he can to escape his brother’s household; Whoresbane is the one the Greatjon trusted to keep the lights on and bring concerns to the Stark in Winterfell. 

And yes, as that anecdote about his time in Oldtown reveals, Whoresbane is gay. (Or possibly bi, but again, Crowfood is the one who asks for Lady Hornwood’s hand and macks on the serving girls, whereas Whoresbane shows interest in neither.) For me, this is part of an overall characterization in which Whoresbane defies the public image of his House and yet somehow also turns that image up to 11. Hother Umber is a gay man in a family of aggressively straight dudes, a “gaunt” and “cadaverous” man in a family of larger-than-life giants, an intellectual in a family of jocks, and is still the most metal of them all, and everyone knows it. How can you not love that?

What really cements Whoresbane as one of my favorites, though, are the hints about what the payoff for this characterization will look like. In ADWD, Whoresbane joins Team Bolton, taking half the remaining Umber men to the Dreadfort (and from there to Moat Cailin, Barrowton, and finally Winterfell) while leaving the rest with Crowfood. As Barbrey tells us, though, there’s no pretense that he’s actually loyal to Roose and Ramsay. Indeed, in Theon’s first ADWD chapter, we see that Whoresbane is wearing armor even to dinner, and can’t stop himself from expressing disgust at Ramsay’s treatment of Theon. And then, in Theon’s released TWOW chapter, we learn a very telling detail: 

“Mors took the green boys and Hother took the greybeards.”

Whoresbane didn’t just randomly select half the remaining men at Last Hearth. He specifically brought his fellow greybeards with him. And what is it that old Northmen do when the food runs short as we know it is at Last Hearth (“half our harvest is gone to seed for want of arms to swing the scythes”), when winter is no longer coming, but here?

Alys sighed. “My father took so many of our men south with him that only the women and young boys were left to bring the harvest in. Them, and the men too old or crippled to go off to war. Crops withered in the fields or were pounded into the mud by autumn rains. And now the snows are come. This winter will be hard. Few of the old people will survive it, and many children will perish as well.”

It was a tale that any northmen knew well. “My father’s grandmother was a Flint of the mountains, on his mother’s side,” Jon told her. “The First Flints, they call themselves. They say the other Flints are the blood of younger sons, who had to leave the mountains to find food and land and wives. It has always been a harsh life up there. When the snows fall and food grows scarce, their young must travel to the winter town or take service at one castle or the other. The old men gather up what strength remains in them and announce that they are going hunting. Some are found come spring. More are never seen again.”

“Winter is almost upon us, boy. And winter is death. I would sooner my men die fighting for the Ned’s little girl than alone and hungry in the snow, weeping tears that freeze upon their cheeks. No one sings songs of men who die like that. As for me, I am old. This will be my last winter. Let me bathe in Bolton blood before I die. I want to feel it spatter across my face when my axe bites deep into a Bolton skull. I want to lick it off my lips and die with the taste of it on my tongue.”

So I think Whoresbane’s master plan (and given all of the the above, I’d say it’s very much his plan, and Crowfood is following his lead) is to lead the old men on a glorious kamikaze mission against the hated Boltons, while Crowfood preserves the next generation, who now may have enough to eat. Like his great-nephew Smalljon, he’ll go down a Stark man to the end, Umber on the inside where it counts. 

I started thinking about Robert interacting with Mary’s kids and I’m gonna cry

Like there’s some emergency where Robert is the only one who can watch them

Robert showing the twins his horror movie collection and telling them all these cool facts about the directors and how the movies were made

Remember Robert’s thing about silence? Imagine him saying that to Chris, the kid who rarely talks. Robert and Chris sitting in silence, watching the things around them. Chris finally with someone else other than his parents that won’t pressure him into talking or communicating in ways he uncomfortable with

Robert has an especially soft spot for Chrish because he looks so much like Mary. At first he’s incredibly uncomfortable with holding a baby because he’s afraid he’s gonna hurt it but then Crish just looks at him and baps his face with his little hand and gives him this look of approval and Robert just,,,caves.

Robert getting along with Mary’s kids. Robert changing some of his bad habits for them.

good luck kisses || Batfamily

Alright, I remember someone requested a little batsis and this was the only thing I could come up with a few days ago.

She made her way down the stairs to the cave with Alfred following behind her, without his help she wouldn’t be able to open the secret door since Bruce hadn’t installed any shorter button for her.

The little girl wore a huge smile on her face as she spotted her family.

The first one to spot her was Barbara, the young woman always come over to help the family with some cases by Alfred’s side if she has the time to do so, Barbara turned her wheelchair around as the little girl jumped into her awaiting arms.

“Miss you too.”

The youngest Wayne giggled as she climbed down, “are you guys about to leave?” She asked curiously.

Bruce reached his gloved hand to ruffle her soft locks, earning a huff and a cute pout which he only chuckles at, “aren’t you supposed to be asleep?”

The pout quickly replaced by a nervous looking expression, followed by a short, awkward laugh.

“I wanna kiss you good luck.” She replied shyly as she shifted her weight to her left leg, “because I never get to since I have to sleep early!”

Dick immediately shoved his younger brothers aside, they simultaneously grunt in annoyance, before he knelt down in front of his sister, his mouth was formed into a huge, dorky grin.

“How come you’re blood-related to Damian but you have none of his cocky attitudes?” He blurted, earning a good smack on the back of his head by the aforementioned boy.

“Shut it, Grayson,” Damian hissed.

The innocent little girl blink as she looked up at her brother, “that was rude, Damian!”

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud noise that came from the huge computer, Barbara immediately get into her earlier place before typing something, making a few windows popped into the screen.

“Time to go boys.”

“So that means I can give my good luck kisses now?”

She started with the closest one, which was Dick, she planted a short kiss on the former boy wonder’s cheek. “Good luck!”

Dick returned her small kiss by attacking her face with his own kisses, earning a few giggles, before finally standing up to leave first.

Then she motioned for Damian and Tim to crouch down, Tim obediently did as she wanted meanwhile Damian, rolled his eyesnot wanting to admit he actually happy- and crouched down also.

“Good luck, Timmy,” she grinned, kissing the tip of his nose, making Tim scrunched up his face and stood up before she turned to peck Damian’s forehead, “you too, demon spawn.”

Jason’s snort and laugh were muffled by his red helmet until he took it off, he too crouched down after Tim and Damian left.

“Hey, gumdrop.” The ravenette grins as his sister did the exact same thing she did to Damian, “I’ll bring you something when I got back.”

(Y/N)’s eyes lit up with glee, though a slight exhaustion was visible on her smaller features she gave her brother a lazy nod as she held up her pinky finger, “promise?”


Bruce watched the two interact for a moment, he then picked his littlest up and ushered Jason to leave with a look.

“Time to go to bed.”

“But daddy, you haven’t received your good luck kiss yet.” The little girl mumbled sleepily, leaning her head against the man’s chiseled chest while her sleepy eyes slowly fluttered shut.

Bruce was about to respond to her, his lips were parted but no sound was made seeing his little one already sleeping peacefully in his arms.

“good night.”

my brain felt a little wacky,
I procrastinated on my work just to put this to Tumblr and my boss saw me.

so, eh…

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Imagine liking Jack Wilder

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(a/n: this imagine is pretty long so I used a ‘keep reading’ link. Please click it and continue to read :) Also, this is a Now You See Me 2 imagine. I hope all of you enjoy it! xx)

Oh, the things Jack Wilder did to you.

You were on a kinda-sorta date with him at a nice restaurant. The ‘date’ had been set up by Merritt as a way for the two of you to keep an eye on Walter.

“No sign of him,” Jack said discreetly into his concealed earpiece. He listened to the response before looking up at you. “Atlas is on the other side of town,” he explained with a grimace. “We’re stuck here until we get eyes on Walter.”

You sigh, twirling the pasta on your plate around a silver fork as you try to keep yourself from staring at Jack’s perfect face. The food on both your plates was uneaten.

“Atlas is tracking him at the moment,” Jack continues. “Dylan thinks that Walter will come to that shop.” Jack pauses and points out the window at the small shop across the street with his clean knife. “We have to see what he comes out with.”

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Pairing: Brett x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warning: swearing, mention of Brett Buns lol

A/N: i enjoyed writing this, thank you for requesting. storytime; I wrote this imagine and when I went to queue it, I deleted it so here is the second draft enjoy

Tagging: @joeynihil (hope you enjoy it girl <3)

masterlist / coming soon

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You barged into Scott’s house, the door slamming against the wall, no doubt leaving a mark but you didn’t care, your heart was racing due to anger and you were ready to give your pack a mouth full about what you thought of them. They knew you were out on a date, because it was a Friday night, but that didn’t stop them from blowing up your phone with messages and voicemails. So what if it was an emergency meeting, the pack is full of other werewolves and banshees that could help; one werewolf wouldn’t make a difference.

Just as the words were about to swirl off your tongue in an unlady-like manner, your eyes spotted the ignorant, broad shouldered man standing in the corner near the fridge, his head tossed back, a smirk resting on his face; oh how you’d love to box it. Your face turned to a scowl, anger practically radiating off your body, a growl escaped from behind your teeth when he waved his hand in a little gesture, “Hey babe.”

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Zach Dempsey #2

Hello everyone :)
Here is another Zach Dempsey imagine, with a little help by @themonicashastriblog

Request are open and welcome! :)

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It was nothing, at first.
I didn’t give much thought into the fact that I haven’t been on my period this month.
Hannah’s suicide and Jeff’s death shook up everything and I was still trying to wrap my head around  what happened.
More precisely, what Zach had to do with it.
When I found out about the tapes I was so mad at him for not telling me.

But we eventually got over it.
Now we were happier than before.
Stronger than before.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you there?”, Sherri rips me out of my thoughts and I look at her with an excusing look on my face before I straighten up my cheer leading skirt.

“What were you saying?”, I ask and Sherri laughs before she gets up and we walk into the gym together.
“I was saying, Jess isn’t coming today. She got cramps. This time of the month again, you know.”, she looks over to me and I frown a minute.

“What’s going on? You look like I talked about something evil.”, she laughs and I smile vague before I follow her into the gym.

I am sure it means nothing that my period is late this month too.
Even though the stress was getting better I had a flu and the doctor subscribed me some medication which most likely to mess with my body.
It’s probably nothing.

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The shape of you, here and now

Birthday fic for you @ladypigswagon. I know, I know. I’m really late, sorry T.T.

Stiles sees things he shouldn’t, dreams things that are impossible, that will never happen, things that he thinks could happen but don’t.

He sees his mother proud at his graduation from UCLA (NYU, Harvard, Yale, many others), disappointed when he chooses to not go to college at all and just travel around, interned and hateful, gone. Sees his dad healthy, sick, proud, disappointed, angry, happy, gone. He sees them still married, divorced, with other people, mourning. Sometimes he doesn’t see them at all.

Every time he dreams, he finds himself immersed in a world that is his but at the same time not. Sometimes he has siblings, sometimes he hasn’t; Sometimes he’s popular, sometimes he’s not; Sometimes he’s young, sometimes he’s old; Sometimes he’s innocent and naive, sometimes he’s jaded and amoral.

He’s human, a vampire, a fae, a merman, a fallen angel, a mage, a werewolf and other creatures he doesn’t have a name for. He’s a student, a thief, a lawyer, a policeman, an assassin, a secret agent, a doctor, a hacker and many, many other things and sometimes he’s nothing at all. He’s gay, bi, het, trans, ace, aro, non binary; he’s divorced, married, single, dating or none of those.

But whatever Stiles is, there’s always one thing that never fails to be there with him in one capacity or another, and that invariably makes his life better in some way: Him.

Sometimes Stiles meets Him as a kid, sometimes as an adult. Sometimes Stiles is the adult and He is the child. Sometimes they’re both adults, sometimes they’re both children. Sometimes Stiles needs help, sometimes it’s the other way round. Sometimes neither of them needs help, sometimes both of them need it. Sometimes they’re dating, sometimes they’re married, sometimes they’re friends. Sometimes He takes Stiles in, sometimes Stiles raises Him.

But whatever -wherever, however, whoever- Stiles is and whatever -wherever, however, whoever- He is, they always love each other in one way or another.

Which is why when one morning Stiles -ten year old school boy, unpopular, still unsure about his sexuality but very sure of being a he, dead mother, alive-alcoholic-workaholic-mourning father, he reminds himself because sometimes he can’t remember who exactly he is when he has just been a could have been- wakes up to a newspaper with a front page about a fire with His face on it as the only survivor of those inside the house, he doesn’t even think twice about getting to the hospital and sneaking inside.

Peter. His name is Peter Hale.

The moment he manages to catch sight of Him, the dreams stop and Stiles doesn’t see things that he shouldn’t anymore.

(He doesn’t know how to feel about that.)

Stiles wonders if his Peter is something else. He’s seen him as a trickster, a vampire, a demon, a merman, a fallen angel and many things more, but more often than not, he was either human or a werewolf. It’s not that he particularly cares (Peter is his whichever the form or shape he comes in), but it would be really convenient if he was some type of being that had accelerated healing.

Stiles looks at Peter’s scarred face thoughtfully. It’s not that he cares about his appearance (for all he minds, he could be completely disfigured or mangled, he has been before… Stiles has been too), it’s that he he knows that it will be difficult for him and a constant reminder of what happened when he wakes up and plastic surgery only does so much.

And wake up he will no matter what the doctors say. Whether it is because of his dreams or because he has some kind of precognitive ability, he can’t tell, but Stiles just knows.

Something chimes at the end of the hallway and unconsciously he looks at the clock. He sighs sadly at what he sees. He hid inside a toilet until night came to be able to stay after visit hours because his dad has a night shift today and won’t notice him gone. However, if he wants to make it home before Stilinski senior does, he has to go now.

“See you later, Peter,” he murmurs before letting go of the man’s lax hand and slipping out.

Stiles wonders if all those other Stileses were real, if they too dreamt about him before finding their Peter.

(He misses it. Did they miss it too afterwards?)

Every day, at one point or another, Stiles makes his way to the hospital. Sometimes before school, sometimes right after, sometimes at night, but every single day without fail because he lives in fear of Peter waking up and finding himself alone.

Sometimes Stiles reads to him. He tries things that he thinks Peter would find interesting, things that other Peters liked, things that have words he struggles to pronounce and whose meaning he has to look up later to understand.

Sometimes he sings to him. He hums popular songs that he likes, lullabies that used to calm him as a little kid before everything changed, tunes that he comes up with on the spot.

Sometimes he talks to him about anything and everything. His dreams, his dad, his mother, his classes, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what he wishes that could be.

Sometimes he just sits there and holds Peter’s hand.

Peter finally wakes up at nearly 3am on the 24th of August. The man eyes him blank-faced and Stiles isn’t sure if he’s actually seeing him. He holds his breath, hoping that he recognizes him, that he has been seeing, dreaming things like Stiles. The moment is broken, though, when Stiles has to hide under the bed when a nurse appears and then has to beat a hasty retreat before the doctor on call comes too and finds the sheriff’s son where he shouldn’t be with a person he shouldn’t even know to begin with.

Back at home, he can’t sleep. He tosses and turns again and again until it’s a normal enough hour to justify being up on his summer vacation. Then he makes an excuse about seeing some friends that he doesn’t have and rushes to the hospital again.

He enters the room tentatively and finds Peter sitting in a wheelchair just by the open window. He veritably shakes with nerves, his heart jackrabitting in his chest so loud that he bets that even if his Peter is fully human, he can hear it.

Peter’s eyes are closed like many times before when Stiles stops by his side and his heart thunders even more, feeling a wet and cold sensation taking over him. No. Nononono.

“Peter?” he whimpers and gets no response. “Peter?” he tries again, desperate, and nothing.

Stiles cries.

Big fat tears slide down his cheeks as he shakes violently, trying to keep himself from sobbing out loud and attracting unwanted attention. It’s ok, he tells himself as he wipes his face, it’s ok. This changes nothing. He bites his lip and then takes deep shuddering breaths, hugging himself until he feels he can contain himself. Then, he takes off his packpack to take out Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks, which is the book he has been reading to Peter this week. As he does so, he reaches to squeeze his hand before starting to read.

I know. I was there. I saw the great void in your soul, and you saw-

“While I appreciate the effort, I hate that book,” a very raspy voice says and Stiles lets out a startled eep, said book flying forward and going out the window before he can stop it.

Stiles turns around in his seat very slowly, too scared to be hopeful. He’s greeted by the sight of a Peter that is fighting to keep awake, his eyes nearly half-lidded. Stiles swallows thickly, trying to remind himself that just because he is Peter’s, it doesn’t mean that Peter is Stiles’ yet, that he can’t just throw himself at the man and never let go.

“Well, it’s good that the possibility of continuing that just flew out the window then,” he pipes and Peter’s lips tug upwards minutely. “Hi, Peter.”

“Hello, Stiles.”

This Life We live: Part 4

Prompt: Bruce and Reader as teen parents

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Labor is perhaps the most painful thing you ever experience. It comes late in the middle of the night, and you want to scream. You’re able to hold it back for the first several hours. Talia stays by your side, and bears the pain of you crushing her hand. But after five hours, you can’t hold it in anymore, you let out that first piercing scream.

You’re surrounded by nurses and maids, but you really can’t bring yourself to give a damn. It just hurts so damn bad. By hour ten you’re covered in sweat; your hair is stuck to your forehead, and you just want the pain to stop. By hour fifteen you’re crying, and begging for it to be over. By hour seventeen you’re simply begging for Bruce.

Talia does her best to hold you, but that just makes you feel more restricted. You’re almost at hour eighteen when you hear the commotion. There are shouts, and screams, and it briefly distracts you till that next contraction comes again. You let out another scream, and the door slams open. Then, you smile, as Bruce steps into the room.

Several maids step in his way, and in that moment you see a look take over his face that you’ve never seen before; it’s hard, and serious, and so focused that it scares you a bit. It’s almost as though he’s become another person. You watch as he whispers something, and then the maids move to grab him, and quicker than you can see Bruce sends them to the floor.

You grit your teeth as another contraction hits, and then Bruce is there. His hand is in yours, and he’s whispering things in your ear. He’s telling you how strong you are, and how much he loves you, and then finally the nurse tells you to push.

Thirty minutes later, and you’re just barely holding your head up. The nurse has cleaned you up; you’ve been changed into new clothes, and the sheets have been changed. You want to sleep so badly, but you can’t stop watching the scene in front of you. The sight of Bruce holding a baby melts you; the way he smiles down at the infant, and is holding him so closely. You want more of these moments.      

You wince as you sit up a bit. Bruce is there automatically, as he carefully sits on the edge of your bed. You lean over a bit to stroke the baby’s face. You rest your chin on Bruce’s shoulder and say, “He’s perfect.”

Bruce smiles, “Like his mother.”

You grin, “You can have like ten percent of the credit.”

He kisses your forehead, “Considering you actually pushed him out of your body, after carrying him for ten months, I think that’s fair.”

Out of the corner of your eye you watch as the nurse moves side to side nervously. Subtly, Bruce slides the baby into your arms. “I think they want you to nurse,” he murmurs.

The nurse surges forward, and Bruce vacates his spot in favor of taking a standing position on the far wall. His eyes don’t leave you as the nurse instructs you.

When the baby is fed and burped, Bruce returns to his previous spot next to you. He has this look of amazement on his face. You hand the baby back to Bruce. You listen as he talks to the baby, and that’s how you fall asleep; to the sound of his voice.

You wake up several hours later, to the sound of crying. Your reaction is somewhat instant as you sit up, still sore, and slowly move towards the bassinet. You find your son there, his face red, and his little hands curled into fists. You gently lift him, and move back to the bed. When everything is done, you just hold him. He just stares at you with these big eyes, eyes that are identical to yours. You smile, because everything else seems to echo Bruce.

You don’t let go of him until Talia slips into the room. She smiles at you, before gently sliding onto the bed next to you. She strokes his cheek, before finally saying, “He really loves you.”

You grin, “The baby?”

She snorts, “I have no doubt that this boy is going to be a total momma’s boy, but I was actually talking about his father.”

“How bad is it?”

She levels a look at you, “He fought an entire platoon to get to you. It was composed of some of my father’s best men. And after seven months he was able to beat them.”

You repeat yourself, “How bad is this?”

Her face grows serious, “You have maybe five years. Five years before he’ll kill both you and the baby. He’ll make it look like an enemy attack. He’s hoping it’ll drive Bruce to vengeance. Give him the motivation needed to kill.”

“Why not do it now?”

Talia sighs, “He wants strong bonds in place. More than that he wants the desire for a family to be there. When he kills you, it opens Bruce up for a chance at another family. One he can control. One he can claim a connection to.”

You close your eyes briefly, “You’re talking about you?”

She nods, “With a blood connection he knows that he’d have me, Bruce, and whatever child we have. With you however, he knows you’ll do you your best to keep him away from the training. You won’t succeed fully but, you’ll succeed somewhat.”

You grin a bit, “So what you’re saying is, I’m a badass.”

She grins back, “Even worse, you’re a mother.”

There’s a moment of silence before she says, “We have to get the three of you out before then.”

“What I’m hearing is that you don’t want to deal with Bruce for the rest of your life.”

“What you’re hearing is that you’re my best friend, and that I’m not going to lose you. You, that baby boy of yours, or his ridiculous father who doesn’t know what the word limit means.”

You laugh, “Is he okay?”

“He’s had worse.”

“That doesn’t comfort me.”

“You’re a mother now, your days of comfort are forever gone.”

You nod, “I have a feeling that you’re right.”

She smirks, “I’m always right.”

One word prompt fic 

AN: If you follow me on twitter (smoakbettsqueen) you’ll know I’ve been in a writing rut lately unable to write anything, I asked some awesome friends @callistawolf and @latinasmoak for some prompts and thus begins this little mini series of fics all from their prompts that take place post 523.


“Mr. Mayor, your two o'clock is here.” Marlene’s voice echoes across Oliver’s large office, but before he can query her on what two o'clock the intercom goes dead.

He frowns in confusion his hand moving to his daily planner, his hardcopy daily planner. His forehead wrinkles in confusion as he flips through the well worn pages, trying to find out who he’s supposed to be meeting with. He really hopes it’s not the Hub City mayor, he’s almost certain they are meeting on Friday at two, the large stack of regulations and agreements that he’s suppose to go through before that meeting -that he’s already rescheduled twice- is currently staring back at him. The mayor of Hub City is  never going to want to meet with him again if he’s not even prepared for this meeting.

“Why did I buy you that fancy state of the art tablet if you’re just going to be a caveman and use that planner?”

A familiar teasing voice calls out, halting all of Oliver’s thoughts, much like she’s been doing for the past 6 weeks, or 6 years if Oliver is being honest with himself.

He looks up and can’t help but smile as Felicity glides into the office the little floral romper she’s wearing rustling as she walks. She’s holding a tray with two large cups of coffee in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other.

The cuffed sleeve of her romper has slipped off and Oliver can see the tan curve of her shoulder. He’s already tempted to press his lips to against the soft curves and pull down the V of Felicity’s flora romper and explore the rest of her tanned skin, all too familiar of just how far that tan really goes, or doesn’t go as the case may be.

“Your two o’clock at your service, Mr. Mayor.” Felicity says cheekily as she does a slight curtsy with her gifts despite the fact that she’s in a romper and not a dress.

She takes one look at Oliver’s expression though and backs away from him when he takes a step towards her. “No. No. No. Keep those thoughts in your head mister.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Oliver protests his smile widening when Felicity holds the hot coffee and what he assumes are chocolate croissants -his absolute favourite-  like a shield in front of her. 

“No, but that face and that smile. I know that smile.” Felicity accuses, “you’ve got dirty on your mind. That is not the kind of services I am bringing. We will not have a repeat of what happened last week.”


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Wrong Place Wrong Time (14)

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Part 14 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 4,566 (Sorry🙊)

“This isn’t your room!” He screamed repeatedly smashing his fist into the wall beside your head. “It doesn’t belong to you! It doesn’t belong to you…it belongs to him.” Minseok’s fist slowly became still, he slid down into a slump on the floor. You still had your hands over your neck, guarding it so you wouldn’t fall victim to being strangled again and your eyes were tightly shut. When you realised you could no longer feel Minseok’s hot breath against your ear, you began to open your eyes slowly. You heard a quite sobbing; confused you looked down at your feet to see Minseok crouched into a ball, tears streaming down his face. Your mouth fell open in shock and your eyes widened. Minseok, the fiery, dangerous and resentful man that you had grown to be petrified of was crying on the floor. He looked small, like a helpless lost little boy, rocking himself backwards and forwards. You could hear your heart pounding in your ears you weren’t sure which one of Minseok’s extreme behaviours frightened you more. The violence or the crying.

“What’s happening?” You whispered, slowly shifting to the side, further away from Minseok.

“Sehun told me first. And I didn’t want to believe it; I didn’t want to believe you were in this room. But he was telling the truth. Why are you in here Y/N?” You stood there silently for a while, processing the fact that for once Minseok had addressed you by your name and not by profanities. It felt weird hearing your name roll off of his tongue, and it made you shiver somewhat, you felt like a child who had been naughty and was being scolded by their parents.  

“Why are you in here?!” He shouted after you still hadn’t answered him, he looked up at you through wet lashes, his body shaking violently.

“I –I needed some space, Baekhyun brought me here.” You stepped back further away from him, scared that he would leap up and attack you at any moment.

“Baekhyun?…” He breathed through controlled sobs, shaking his head. “Why would Baekhyun bring you here?” He punched the ground with his fist “I told them we should’ve killed you to begin with, you cause so much trouble. I feel like it’s your mission to piss me off.” He rose from the ground, wiping the tears from his eyes fiercely with the back of his hand.

“Y/N I –” You looked up to the door, Minseok spinning around to look at the owner of the voice. Jongin stopped at the entrance of the room looking between the two of you. “What’s going on in here?” He frowned stepping inside and walking up to you. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

Minseok scoffed smiling disappointedly at Jongin. “Wow, since when did you care whether or not people got hurt in this place, isn’t that what we do for a living. How desperate are you to get into her pants Jongin? You know if you hold a gun to her head she’ll spread her legs for you willingly there’s no need to take the long route.” He walked over to the shelf and picked up the picture that you saw the other day. The one of him standing next to a man. “I didn’t hurt her Jongin, she hurt me by being in this room. The fact that Baekhyun allowed her in here and the fact that you knew she was in here but didn’t attempt to get her out. You guys make me sick.” He looked down at the photo in his hand, stroking it with is thumb. “Him and Sehun. The only two that showed me any respect in this damn place, this room is worth more than for scum to be standing in it.” He shot you a dirty glance.

“Stop playing the victim Minseok we all went through it, we all miss him.” Jongin said, dragging you behind him and shielding you from Minseok’s wildly erratic and unpredictable behaviour.

“Playing the victim?!” He laughed in disbelief. “I’m not playing the victim Jongin. I am the fucking victim! All my life I’ve been the bloody victim. I lost my best friend that night! My brother! How dare you tell me I’m playing the victim? He never meant as much to you guys as he did to me and Sehun!”

“That’s not true, we all grieved in our own ways, we’re still grieving until this day. Do you think this has been any easier on us than it has been for you? For Sehun? Because then you’re mistaken Minseok! It’s been hard for everyone, but we’ve had to move on. We had no other choice.”

“Well I don’t want to move on Jongin! I don’t want to ever forget the friendship I had with him!”

Jongin sighed, stepping towards Minseok and lowering his voice so that it was just about audible. “Minseok, Luhan is gone and so are the other two. You have to accept it and move on. You can’t keep letting your emotions get the better of you and you can’t take this out on Y/N. I know it’s hard it has been for all of us, but you need to let it go.”

So that was the other man’s name, admittedly he didn’t look like a Luhan. You assumed he was the one who died, the one that Baekhyun had been telling you about. You looked over at the picture in Minseok’s hand, he must’ve been an amazing man to have the ability to make Minseok smile like that, a smile full of genuine happiness, something that you had never witnessed from Minseok. The only thing you had seen were evil smirks and bitter smiles, one’s that made you uncomfortable and made your blood run cold.
Minseok laughed condescendingly, placing the picture slowly and carefully back on its shelf and turned to face Jongin.
“Oh really Jongin? Because last I heard from Yixing you were the one that killed him. You never really did like Luhan did you?”

“Are you being serious right now Minseok?! I don’t know what Yixing has in for me, but we all know Luhan died on that battlefield. Why would I take out one of my own brothers! He meant more to me than you’ll know.”

“Oh really?” Minseok scoffed, walking forward and banging his forehead against Jongin’s. They were staring into each other’s eyes, the pair of them breathing heavily filled with adrenaline and anger.

“Stop this! Please!” You stood in between the two of them, pushing them apart from each other, you were too tired for more conflict, and there was only so much you could take. “Everyone is a victim because everyone in this house has lost someone in one way or the other, that’s why you’re all here and…” You trailed off, remembering that Yixing had told you all of this in confidence and you probably shouldn’t have let all of that slip. The both of them looked at you confused, as to how you knew so much.

“Of course.” Jongin smiled in disbelief throwing his hands upwards. “Of course, Little Miss Princess Yixing told you everything, didn’t he?” You looked down at your feet and shuffled about uncomfortably in your spot, it would be stupid to deny it as Jongin knew for a fact that it was Yixing who told you. You cleared your throat and began to speak.

“That’s not the point. The point is I’m sure you’ve all felt heartbreak at some point. Maybe that’s why you are the way you are…” You looked at Minseok and flicked your eyes back down to your feet again, shuffling backwards closer to Jongin. Minseok was a ticking time bomb and you really didn’t want to push more than you already had done since you arrived here.

“Don’t analyse us and act like you know us, you’ve been here for two minutes yet you’re acting like our mother’s. You’ll never be my mother.” Minseok sneered at you taking a step closer in yours and Jongin’s direction.
You decided to play your wildcard, you were aware this could either go really well or terribly wrong as it was a very touchy subject but you decided to go ahead with it anyway.

“I know I’m not your mother Minseok. I’m not trying to be. But think about it, would your mum be happy about the way you treat everyone, the way you handle things. The way you treat me? I’m sure she’d be disappointed. You’re so angry all of the time and no mother wants that for their son.”
It was silent at this point, all you could hear was the heavy breathing of the three of you in the room. Then Minseok’s expression turned dark, it was as though a switch had been flicked, his eyes growing sinister and his body trembling. Before you had time to register what was going on, Minseok charged his body forward. You were flying back with him on top of you, shaking you violently, you felt like you were about to break. He was pulling your hair, ripping your clothes. It was as though he’d turned into a beast, an animal, like you’d never seen before. He was growling above you a shower of his saliva spraying over your face. You clawed at his face in attempt to get him off of you, managing to scratch under his eye, but it was though he was immune to the pain, he couldn’t feel a thing.

“Minseok Stop it!” Jongin shouted, running up behind him and dragging his body off of yours. You panted for breath where you lay. Jongin had pinned Minseok down to the ground, restraining him. Minseok’s chest was heaving up and down violently.

“Don’t you ever! Speak about my mother again! EVER!” Minseok screamed, spitting in your direction. “What gives you the right! You bastard! My parents lost their lives at the hands of Red 8 years ago! I have no family left, I’ve made it through on my own for almost a decade, what gives you the fucking right to think your advice is in anyway valid to me, how dare you!” Minseok screamed, trying to free himself from Jongin’s grip but failing. “I’ve been in this fucking house for 8 damn years! Yet no one respects me! I’m the oldest here, yet nobody does what I say. Including a fucking nobody like you, you don’t even listen to me. I’ve lost everything I’ve ever had, all I want is some fucking respect I deserve that much!” It was at that point that Minseok broke down, sobbing uncontrollably into Jongin’s chest, he looked so defeated and so tired, and it made you begin to cry too. You had never imagined that you would see the scariest man in the house in this state. “I just want someone to hear me out Jongin, why is that so hard?” he weeped into Jongin’s chest, his body shaking violently. You realised the way Minseok was acting was due to all the pent up anger kept inside.

“What the fuck is going on in here? What’s all this noise? Minseok…?” You looked up to see four familiar faces standing at the door; Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Yixing and Sehun. Yixing and Chanyeol rushing over to you, whilst Kyungsoo and Sehun rushed over to Jongin and Minseok. You felt a warm pair of hands cradling your face, looking up you realised that they belonged to Yixing.

“He didn’t hurt you did he?” He looked down at you through worried eyes.

“No. No. I’m the one who hurt him.” You burst out crying unable to contain yourself. Yixing wrapped his arms around you rubbing your back. You looked up at Chanyeol who was frowning at the pair of you and left the room. You decided to think nothing of it and closed your eyes leaning your head into Yixing’s chest, allowing him to rock you back and forth. You and Minseok were both blubbering messes and all that the both of you needed right now was comfort.


3 Weeks had passed and your mood had improved massively, you were beginning to spend a lot of time with Baekhyun, Yixing and Jongin. Junmyeon would speak to you freely now and Kyungsoo didn’t particularly mind if you spoke to him first just as long as it was something relevant. By this time Jongin, Chanyeol and Yixing were healed and back out on missions, Jongdae was still recovering but he more or less did inside work with Baekhyun, Sehun and Chanyeol. Sometimes Baekhyun would request you come and help them out too by watching over CCTV footage, or piecing together bits of information which may have been overlooked and fixing any loopholes. Jongdae decided he’d keep quiet for now about what you had done to him in the Op room only because you helped out the night of the hotel incident, however he made it very clear that if you slipped up from here on out, he’d tell the others and have you killed. Minseok kept his distance from you and Sehun didn’t like you since you had upset Minseok and returned to Luhan’s room, but for the most part you had the rest of the boys on your side and so you were contempt. You had fallen into a routine now and knew mostly what they boys liked and disliked and things they did. Every afternoon Baekhyun would run around the whole house three times, he claimed he was still a ‘growing boy’ and needed his exercise. Kyungsoo would complete a crossword puzzle everyday. And every midnight Jongin would take a walk outside of the house. You first caught him fully clothed one night slipping out of his room, when you were on the way to the toilet.
“Where are you going?” you asked him.

“Oh. Just for a walk around the block, It kind of helps me unwind. I don’t tell the others about it though, I feel like it makes me come across less masculine not being able to tackle my problems head on like the others. Luhan was the only one who knew but he…you know.” You nodded your head and let him go, making sure you kept it a secret from the others, it wasn’t your place to tell them and embarrass him.

The guys had just successfully come back from a mission earlier that night, so you and Baekhyun decided to cook a big dinner and have a ‘family night’ in to celebrate how ‘well’ the last few weeks had gone for them. Successfully keeping dangerous men and dangerous substances at bay. You all sat down in the living room watching a comedy. Sehun had suggested a horror but you protested arguing that something light hearted would be the best.

“Where’s Minseok?” You asked at the beginning of the film, handing some bowls of popcorn down the sofa that you were sat on.

“Oh he said he had a headache he went to lie down. I reckon he just wants to be alone.” Jongdae said grabbing a hand full of popcorn from Yixing’s bowl and laughing at the disappointed pout on his face. You nodded settling down, just in time for the start of the film. Everyone was laughing and it was a foreign sound to your ears, but it was good at the same time, and although you could never truly be happy here, you just had to accept the fact that you were stuck, like the boys had and get on with life as best you could.

“I’m going to top-up anyone want a refill.” You stood up half way through the film holding your bowl of popcorn in the air.

“Yeah me!” A bowl came flying at your head from your left side. You turned around to see Baekhyun sticking his tongue out at you.  Shaking your head you picked up his bowl and headed off to the kitchen. “Hurry up Y/N, the best part is coming up!”

Filling up both bowls to the absolute top, you went over to the sink to have a glass of water before going back. You heard shuffling behind you, looking over your shoulder you saw Minseok opening the fridge and taking a bottle of something out. He was fully clothed with a coat and shoes on.

“Where are you going?” You asked finishing your glass of water and placing it into the sink. It didn’t seem as though he knew you were there as he jumped almost dropping the bottle in his hand. Straightening himself up again he cleared his throat and looked at you blankly.

“None of your business.”  

“I thought you had a headache.” You said walking over to the bowls of popcorn on the counter opposite from where he was stood.

“I didn’t know it was impossible to have a headache and go outside at the same time.” He said sarcastically. “Just because you’ve seen me emotionally at my worst it doesn’t makes us friends.” He scoffed, turning on his heel and leaving the room. Wherever he was going he didn’t want to be seen, as he snuck out quietly, and slipped away into the dark night. You wondered where he was off to.

“Hey, Y/N what’s taking you so long?” It was Jongin. You felt awkward alone with him at times, after the night you kissed you didn’t really know how to feel. You didn’t know whether you liked him or not but you knew that that could never happen even if you did. You two never really spoke about it after which actually kind of just made things more awkward than they were. But you would catch him staring at you sometimes when he thought you weren’t looking, or giving you provocative looks across the table at dinner time or in the board. It made your body shiver in a good and bad way.

“Sorry I was just getting myself a drink of water. I’m coming now.” You smiled at him, just then Yixing walked through the door, giving Jongin a funny look and smiling at you.

“Do you need any help Y/N?” he asked walking towards the bowls of popcorn on the counter.

“I’ve got it, there’s no need.” Jongin quickly grabbed the bowls, walking past Yixing knocking their shoulder’s together and disappearing into the living. You shook your head at how childish the two men were still being, walking past Yixing and towards the front room, when suddenly he grabbed your wrist pulling you back.

“Hey I told you Jongin is not to be trusted Y/N. Besides, he’s only looking for a way to get inside your knickers I’m sure of it.”

“Yixing, you two need to stop this. He’s totally fine, stop all of this worrying it’s getting childish.” You tried to snake your arm out of his grip but he had a firm hold on you.

“You seem to talk to him a lot nowadays, even more than me and Baekhyun. We were here for you first Y/N.” He pouted, he looked like a school kid and it made you roll your eyes.

“You’re overreacting honestly stop.” You tried to pull your arm away from his grip again but this time he was walking into you, making you back up against the counter.

“Who do you like more Y/N. Me or Him?” He whispered into your ear, his hot breath making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your body tingle.

“Yixing, stop…”

“Answer this correctly. Me or Jongin.” He brought his hands up to your waist and began to kiss your neck, his lips massaged slowly over the sensitive part of your skin, making your knees weak. 

“Yixing…stop this…” you breathed, but admittedly you wanted him to continue.

Pushing you against the counter a little harder to prevent you from falling, he brought his face directly in front of yours and began kissing your lips it was slow and seductive. This had a different effect on you than Jongin’s kiss. You felt more excited and you were beginning to feel light headed. You slowly lifted your arms up wrapping them around his neck, deepening the kiss. It was heated and passionate now and neither of you were showing signs of breaking away.

“What the fuck is going on?!” You heard a voice half shout. Hurriedly you ripped yourself away from the kiss, you and Yixing whipping your heads towards the door. Chanyeol was standing there with an empty bowl in his hand, you were assuming he was coming to refill it with popcorn. He was still stood in his position at the door, looking intently at the both of you. Yixing removed his hands from your waist clearing his throat.
“Chany –”

“I said what the fuck is going on?!” Chanyeol repeated this time taking a step into the kitchen and looking you up and down.

“Chanyeol, calm down, please. It was nothing.” Yixing laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

“What do you mean it’s nothing? So you’re telling me I just imagined what I saw?!”
You were beginning to get hot with embarrassment at this point. This wasn’t even supposed to happen and Chanyeol definitely wasn’t supposed to see.

“Why don’t we go and enjoy the rest of the film. I’m dying to know what happens at the end.” You walked speedily out of the kitchen, leaving the two men behind.

You watched the rest of the film in silence; you didn’t even laugh at the funny parts. You were too distracted by the situation in the kitchen. Every now and then when you glanced up you’d catch Yixing looking at you and Chanyeol looking at both of you in a disgusted way. Jongin would look up at Yixing every now and then scowling at him too. Everything was such a mess. As soon as the film ended, you excused yourself to go to the bathroom even though you didn’t need it at all but you just needed to get away from all of that tension. You walked quickly down the corridor past the bathroom towards the room that was once Luhan’s, when you felt a hand grab you back by your arm.

“We need to talk. Now.” You looked up, it was Chanyeol and he looked less than impressed. Dragging you into his room he shut the door locking the both of you in there.
“What the heck was that Y/N!?” He hissed at you, pointing his index finger in the direction of the kitchen.

“I don’t need to explain myself to you Park Chanyeol.” You huffed crossing your arms over your chest, although you were slightly panicked about the whole situation and him catching you and Yixing in the act, you didn’t feel obliged to tell him anything. You didn’t owe him anything.

“No, you’re not going to do this to me Y/N, shut me out like you have been for the past month. I’m sick and tired of being ignored by you.” He grabbed both of your shoulders shaking you lightly.
You took a hold of his arms and pushed his hands away from you.

“What do you expect Chanyeol!?” You raised your voice at him, tears involuntarily rolling down your face. “You got me into this shit! My life is a fucking tragedy because of you! You know I’ve never liked clubs why did you take me to one, why did you take me to a club where you knew fucking gangsters would be lurking about, where you knew danger was around the corner. Why would you risk my life like that Chanyeol, I’m stuck here because of you! Yes, I have been avoiding you because I don’t want to speak to you, I don’t want to see your face!” Finally you had said it, it felt somewhat good getting a month of issues off of your chest. To your surprise tears began streaming down Chanyeol’s face he was looking at you through sad eyes.

“You think I don’t know that I’m a shitty person!? You think I don’t know that I’ve failed you Y/N?! I think about it every day and I fucking hate myself for it! If me dying meant you could be free, that you could be rid of this, then God knows I’d die a thousand times over and over Y/N. I’ve failed you as a friend. You hate me and I get that, you have every right to. I tried keeping you safe and away from all of this for 4 years and then I landed you right into the middle of it. I just wanted to go out with you Y/N. Have a good time, get drunk, have fun like we used to, like the good old days! Because every day I woke up I was scared it would be the last time that I got to see you, to laugh with you, to hug you! Every day I wanted to see you one last time before I died. And I couldn’t leave this earth knowing that you’d blame yourself for not seeing me one last time before I died Y/N because that’s what you would have done.” Chanyeol was right. If he had died you would’ve blamed yourself for not seeing him more often, for not seeing him one last time before he left. You tried to steady you breathing.
“I’ve known for the last couple of months now that I was the next target. Someone I knew would be the next to be killed. That’s how Red does it, he takes out our loved ones so it weakens us eventually to the point where we can’t cope anymore and he can take us all out. I couldn’t have him take you Y/N, so I created this illusion in my head that if I kept you near me at all times you’d be safe because I could protect you from whatever was coming your way, like your own personal body guard, but Christ only knows how wrong I was. I’ve let you down,and your family down. I’m a bad person. I wake up now and I don’t even know what I’m living for, a dad that’s dead, a mum that thinks I’ve disowned her and now a best friend that won’t talk to me.” He weeped sinking to the ground in a heap and it was your automatic instinct to comfort him. Although you’d been through hell because of him this past month, you could also never erase the ten years worth of great memories that you shared. Chanyeol was your best friend and you loved him dearly.

“I’m suffering Y/N. I’ve been suffering for four years, and I’ve experienced so many bad things, but you ignoring me is by far one of the worst, please stop. I can’t take it anymore. All you seem to want is Baekhyun, Yixing and Jongin. You have no place left in your heart for me and I can’t take it anymore…”

“That’s not true Chan. It will always be us against the world.” You enveloped him in a hug cradling him backwards and forwards and you wondered how many times you’d have to go through upset and tears to even feel remotely happy in this place.

The door swung open and Sehun ran into the room, with a phone in his hand staring down at you and Chanyeol. “Oh for fuck sake there you are, we’ve been looking all over.”

“We’re kind of having a moment.” You looked up at Sehun scowling at him, still rocking Chanyeol back and forth in your arms.

“I can see that I’m not blind, but I couldn’t give a shit about your ‘moment’ right now.” Sehun made quote signs with his fingers. “We have a problem. A big one.”

“Why, what is it?”

“Someone knows who we are and where we live. We’ve been found out.”

An Argument

Summary: Harry gets a call about Leo, and the two of you argue. 

Warnings: Mentions of Leo’s mom who left? 

Requested: Yes. I’m always happy when you guys ask about this series. 

The kitchen was almost spotless. So when you found Harry scrubbing at dried tomato sauce on the counter, you frowned. He only did this intense of cleaning when he was stressed. Most of the sauce came off, but one tough spot was enough to frustrate him to a curse. 

“Darling,” You wrap your arms around him from behind, “It’s just a little sauce. Why are you all worked up?”

Harry shrugs you off as he continues to scrub the one spot on the counter. You make your way around the counter and sit on one of the stools across from him. You know when he wants space to give it to him, it would make for an easier conversation.


He ignores you, continuing to wipe the one spot on the counter. 

“Harry!” You grab the rag from his hand and place it on your lap. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath for looking at you. “What has got you so riled up?” 

Your eyes are soft as you stare at him, “Ana’s parents called me today.” Your face turns hard at the mention of Leo’s mom. She had given up your sweet boy, why would her parents feel the need to contact Harry?

“What did they want?” 

Harry looks back down at the almost nonexistent stain, “They wanted to know if they could meet Leo. They said they have a grandchild that was taken away from them because they’re daughter didn’t want him.”

You didn’t know much about Ana, or her and Harry’s relationship. All you knew was that they had been together, she got pregnant then decided she didn’t want a baby. 

“What did you say?”

“I said I would have to think about it.” Harry shrugs and you shake your head. 

“She didn’t want him. Why would you let them see him? That would only confuse him.” You stand up from the stool, shoving it back under the counter. 

“Because they’re right. They lost the right to family all because of her decision, Leo needs more than my parents in his life-”

“My parents love him as if he was they’re own.” You cut him off. Your mom had been iffy at first, but Leo had her wrapped around his finger now. Your parents would do anything for him. 

Your hand is palm down on the counter, so Harry places his on top of yours. “I know, but they’re blood. They could teach him his history and he could have some of his mother.”

I’m his mother.” You snatch your hand away, “I may not be blood, but I am his mother.”

Harry seems to realize his words and begins to walk towards you, “I know that. I meant-”

“You meant that he would learn about his real mom.” You spit the words out. Your arm is stretched out the stop Harry from coming closer. He tries to hold your hand, but you pull it away. “I didn’t realize you felt like I wasn’t enough of a mom for him!” 

Harry closes his eyes at the words, “Y/N. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then what did you mean?” You ask, your arms crossing over your chest. “I love that boy like he was my own. I teach him about my family, which has become his family too. I teach him manners and he’s picked up personality traits from me just like he has from you.” Your heartbeat has sped up in anger and you take deep breaths. 

Harry doesn’t answer, he stares at you silently. He knows he’s wrong as you storm out of the kitchen. You run into Leo in the hallway, he’s staring at you with big eyes.

“What are you doing up, sweetheart?” You whisper to the little boy. He was only a little over three years old now. He had just started sleeping in his own little bed and often climbed out to find you or Harry. 

He wraps himself around your leg, “’Twas loud.” He whispers. You pick him up and carry him back to his room. 

“I’m sorry, baby.” You press a kiss to his forehead as you place him back in the bed and pull the blanket up to his chin. 

“Why are you ‘nd daddy loud?” He asks quietly and you frown, hoping he hadn’t heard the words between you and Harry.

“Just a little disagreement, my love. Don’t worry.” You run your hand through his short hair. He nods, seemingly content with your answer as he snuggle into his pillow. “I love you, Leo.”

“Love you too, mama.” You feel tears come to your eyes at his words. You were his mother, not Ana. You knew Harry hadn’t meant to hurt you with his words, but you just couldn’t seem to not feel that way.

You speed to your room, locking the door behind you. You were tired and didn’t want to argue anymore about Ana or her parents. You hear the closet door in the hallway opening, presumably Harry getting a blanket and pillow for the couch. 

You curl yourself around his pillow, tears finally falling. You knew one day Leo would have questions about his birth mom and he might want to learn about who he was. You understood that aspect of Harry’s thoughts. 

But it hurt to know somewhere in his head you weren’t thought of as Leo’s mother. That even though after your wedding you were supposed to sign adoption papers, a part of him wouldn’t think of you that way.

You barely sleep that night.

The next morning you’re awoken by the sound of Leo’s laughs coming from the kitchen. You sit up groggily, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. 

You make your way out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen, where you find Leo sitting on the counter while Harry places eggs on a plate for him. 

“Mama!” He smiles brightly as you pick him up off the counter, “Daddy’s making eggs.” 

“I see!” You laugh at the little boy in your arms. “But daddy makes eggs all the time, what’s got you so excited?” 

“Grandma is taking me to the zoo today!” He starts fidgeting and you place him on one of the chairs at your table and sit next to him. 

“She is?” You ask, looking up at Harry as he places plates in front of Leo and you. He meets your eyes and nods, “Well isn’t that exciting.”

Leo nods as he happily digs into the food in front of him. Harry sits across from the two of you with his own plate. 

“I figured we could talk while they were out.” Harry offers you a smile and you nod before turning back to your food. 

The two of you listen Leo babble happily about all the animals he will see until the front door opens. 

“Grandma!” Leo hops from the chair and runs towards Harry’s mom, who welcomes him with open arms. “I just need shoes.” She nods as Leo runs back to his room. 

“Is everything okay?” She asks as you and Harry sit quietly across from each other. You nod and stand up, collecting the plates from the table. She raises her eyebrows at Harry, who looks at the ground. “What did you do?”

“And why do you assume it was me?” Anne doesn’t respond and Harry sighs, “I said something shitty last night.” 

She nods as Leo comes out of the hall with his shoes on and a little backpack. “Bye Mama! Bye daddy!” Leo gives you and Harry hugs before letting Anne take his hand. 

“Thank you, mum.” Harry presses a kiss to her cheek before she leaves. 

You listen to her car drive away while you wash the dishes. As you wipe Leo’s lion shaped plate Harry comes into the kitchen, “You wash, I dry?” 

You nod, handing him the plate as you move onto the next one. The two of you wash and dry silently for a few moments before Harry finally speaks. 

“I’m gonna let them meet him.” Harry says quietly, which makes you drop the plate in your hand. 

“What?” You shut the sink off before turning to face him. He still has the plate and towel in hand, even though it’s obviously dry.

He sighs, placing them on the counter. “I don’t want Ana as a part of his life. And if she ever asked, I don’t know if I would even think about saying yes. You’re his mom, that’s why I’m marrying you. That’s why you’re signing those papers in a few months. I’m sorry if I ever made you think anything other than that.” 

He reaches out and takes your hand, “But, I try to imagine their position. Maybe they feel left out. They want to be a part of their grandson’s life, and I don’t want to take that way from them. I would be heartbroken if that ever happened to me.” 

“What if they try to introduce him to Ana?” You look down at your interlocked hands, “They could take him away fro me.” 

“Oh, Y/N.” Harry whispers, “They could never take him away from you. If they try to introduce him to her, we’ll cease that immediately. I just feel like he should know a little about that part of him, to answer questions we won’t know how to.” 

“How often will they see him?”

Harry pulls you towards him and you wrap your arms around his waist, “They live in New York, so it will only be a few visits a year and some cards on holidays.” 


“Okay?” Harry pulls back and gives you a curious smile. 

You nod, “Yes. I understand where you’re coming from. But can we wait until after the wedding and everything is set with the papers? It would just make me feel a lot more comfortable.” 

Harry nods, “Of course we can.” He presses a kiss to your forehead.

You turn back towards the dishes, “I wash, you dry?” You ask, smiling at him. 

“We have an empty house all to ourselves.” Harry grabs your hips and pulls you back into him. “I can apologize some more.”

You laugh quietly, “Mr. Styles, what ever do you mean?” Harry presses a kiss to your neck before picking you up, “Harry!” You cry out as he carries you out of the kitchen. 

“Just practicing for our wedding night.” 

Hi! What is this? Is this… a little bit of angst? Also I don’t know if this is good or not, but I’m posting it because I haven’t in awhile! 

As always, thank you for reading and have a good day!

The Best Days of My Life (1/3)

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You got your dream student exchange place in Great Britain. When you get there you meet a handsome brunette. It feels like something straight out of a fairy tale until your student exchange reaches its end

Word count: 1682

A/N: There are three parts in this story and I’ll be posting one per day. I would like to warn you that it gets a bit sad at the end! This first part is pure fluff though. 

I would really appreciate constructive criticism. So, if you think of something that I could do better let me know! I hope you guys like it!

Y/F/D : Your favorite drink

Y/C : Your country

Part 2   Part 3

When you got the news that you were going to spend your six-month student exchange in London, Great Britain you couldn’t believe it. You had always dreamt of visiting London and now you were going to study there for six months! Twenty-four weeks! You were so excited. Immediately you started looking for places to stay and started planning what you wanted to do and see when you got there.


“This is it” you said to yourself when your plane finally landed to Heathrow. Your whole body was shaking like crazy. You got your luggage and exited the airport. The fresh London air finally caught your face. You looked at everyone running around in a hurry. Saw the cabs that looked really weird for you. “This is really happening” you thought “I’m really in London” you said aloud and got a few weird looks from people passing you. But you didn’t care about them. This was one of the happiest days in your life. After standing outside of the airport for at least 5 minutes you took a cab and went to your new apartment.

Your apartment was small but it’s not like you were going to spend all your time there. You were going to get everything out of this experience. You weren’t going to waste your six months watching Netflix alone in your apartment. You unpacked most of your things but you couldn’t wait any longer. You had to go explore your new city.

You walked around the streets of London admiring everything you saw. You loved the architecture and the people there. You even loved the rainy weather there. It was all so new to you and you couldn’t hate anything in there.

After walking for hours, you noticed that it was getting rather late. It was a Friday night and you weren’t going to spend your first night in London sitting alone at home. You saw a nice-looking pub near your place and decided to go in for a drink. When you got in you stopped for a minute taking in the whole place and everyone in there. You loved listening to the people there talking excitedly in their beautiful accents. You walked to the bar with the biggest smile. You were going to be so happy in this city. 

You greeted the bartender and explored the menu. “Could I get a Y/F/D please um thank you” you ordered and the guy behind the bar started making your drink. “Are you on a holiday here in London?” he asked and you shook your head for a ‘no’. “No, I’m an exchange student from Y/C. This is my first night here actually” you replied with a smile. “Oh, really? I hope you’ll enjoy your time here” the bartender said and handed your drink to you. You thanked him for the drink and paid for it. “I know I will” you said with the biggest smile and turned around to find a seat. 

You found the perfect seat and started making your way there when you crashed to someone and fell to the floor. “Oh god, I am so sorry. Shit! So sorry, I didn’t see you there” the stranger started panicking and you saw them reach out their hand for you. You looked up and your eyes met the cutest guy that you had ever met. “Guys definitely don’t look like that back at home” you thought. He had the kindest and most handsome face that you had ever met. His brunette curly hair suited his face perfectly. And God those eyes. You were speechless. You took his hand and he helped you get back up. 

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