look at the little ones face tho

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Keira come in with her son Ruse, 95% Draconequus and 5% pony, Keira: Hello can I have one Cheese hamburger with pickles Meal and Strawberry Milkshake and a Kids meal and fruit bag, and the mini toy you get.

Their faces look weird tho…wait a second…I think we have little impostors here!

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idk if it u or svtstories thats already done this but seungcheols thighs are killing me so maybe a college au with thigh riding heje

It was probably svt-stories! His thighs kill everyone, including me, and well… I hope you enjoy this, because I’m barely alive lmao 😫 I’m endlessly thankful for this request tho! ❤︎

“So, are you coming tonight?”

You lifted your face from your boyfriend’s chest and looked up to his expectant, smiling eyes, blinking a couple of times in confusion.

“What’s tonight?” you asked while slowly pulling away from the hug you had been engulfed in some time earlier and finding one of his hands to hold. Before giving you an answer, Seungcheol intertwined your fingers while you started walking to the lecture you had together.

“We’re hosting a party,” he said, trying to tone down his excitement, at which you laughed a little. You thought about it for a while, and since you couldn’t find a reason to say no, you nodded.

“Just tell me where and when,” you grinned, holding Seungcheol’s hand a bit tighter for a moment. He gave you a quick peck on your cheek just as you reached the door to the auditorium your lecture was held in.

“9 at our place, send me a message when you’re on your way and I’ll meet you on your way,” he said before squeezing your hand and walking off to take his usual seat next to a couple of his friends, leaving you with a small smile as you found your way to your friend, too.

The lectures, every single one of them, felt like they went by awfully slowly. Not much happened, and in all honesty your mind was a lot more focused on the upcoming party than what was being taught - much to your luck, you were pretty much on track with all courses, so a day of daydreaming wasn’t all that bad.

Or, well, if you were being completely honest, your mind wasn’t as much on the party, but on Seungcheol. During the day, you found yourself absentmindedly biting lightly down on your pencil with your front teeth while you thought about how long it had been since you had had sex because of how busy you had both been, and how you desperately needed some. With a boyfriend like Seungcheol, it was hard not to, really.

He was cute and an absolute sweetheart and you loved him for at least a million reasons, including his bright smile and caring personality, but it was impossible to ignore the fact that his body was more than you could have ever asked for; his shoulders were broad, much like his chest, he was overall rather toned, muscular enough to have your mouth water but not too unpleasantly so, and his thighs

That was usually when you realized where you were and what you were doing, the dents on your pencil rather deep and your thighs pressing together tightly, the person next to you giving you an odd look while the professor continued teaching. Swallowing, you shook your head and began copying the notes from the blackboard that you had been missing on, although your thoughts were running wild again already; you weren’t sure if you even wanted to know how wet you were.

Yes, his thighs. If you had to point out a single thing about his body that turned you on, it would’ve been those. They were muscular but had a pleasant sense of softness to them, not to speak of how good they looked - to you, anyway. Seungcheol had caught on to your liking early on, easily noticing how your eyes would always linger on that particular part of his body,and while he often made light fun out of it, it made him happy to know that something he might not necessarily have been too happy with earlier, was so good-looking to someone else.

Shaking your head, you first moved your thoughts to Seungcheol’s smile and those cute little dimples of his, and when your mind was cleared of most of the earlier dirty content, you finally moved it to the subject at hand, your notes messier than ever, but at least they were done.

When the last lecture was finally done at 4pm, you sighed out of relief and swung your bag over your shoulder as you left the auditorium. You walked to your room in the dormitory as fast as you could while mentally trying to figure out how long of a nap you could have in order to still have enough time to make sure you looked presentable for the night.

At 8.45, you took one last look in the mirror after getting a thumbs-up from your roommate. The tight black dress that came barely to your mid-thigh was one you kept specifically for the sake of parties, or more specifically, parties you knew Seungcheol would be at, too. He had never said it out loud, but you could see the way he was affected by you wearing that specific dress, and at those times it felt like you ran the world. In his eyes you ran it at all times, but you loved the feeling of knowing that he was putty in your hands - he usually was, but with you wearing that dress, he was even more so.

Grabbing your phone, you sent Seungcheol a simple message of “I’m leaving now” before bidding goodbye to your roommate, telling her not to stay up waiting. With your small bag carrying some essentials, you left, your jacket keeping you safe from the rather cold wind.

You were far less than halfway to the house Seungcheol and some of his friends lived in when you saw him jogging to you, his black bomber jacket open and revealing the black jumper he was wearing with his jeans. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him panting a little when he reached you, and you quickly linked your arms.

“Did you jog all the way?” you asked in amusement, your face turned to him. He smiled with a nod, leaning down to kiss you sweetly on the lips, his breath already having the faint scent of alcohol.

“I didn’t want you to be alone for too long,” he said as you started walking to his place, him asking if you were cold and you innocently inquiring whether his bedroom was free or not.

“We’ve still got the locked doors rule during parties, so it should. Unless Mingyu has dragged someone there with him, that is,” Seungcheol told you with a snicker, appearing completely oblivious to why you were asking.  You could barely hold back your grin, already bubbling with excitement to fulfill the needs you had only been able to satisfy with your own fingers or a vibrator for the past three weeks.

After you had reached the house, you and Seungcheol put your jackets away and got yourselves drinks, spending a while downstairs with all the people, music playing loudly and a couple of his friends playing beer pong on the porch with more people gathered around them. Seungcheol could hardly tear his eyes off you, which made you smile. Not that it didn’t go both ways, of course, with Seungcheol wearing tight jeans and his hair slightly styled.

As you relaxed little by little, you got your arms on Seungcheol’s shoulders, one of your hands holding your cup and the other playing with his hair while you looked into his eyes playfully. He gave you a grin as he leaned down to kiss you deeply, his free hand pulling you closer by your waist as he began moving against you slowly in the beat of the music.

You nibbled on his lower lip and broke the kiss, gasping at the way Seungcheol was practically grinding on you and tugging lightly at his hair. His grin grew into a smirk. “Wanna move upstairs?”

Biting down on your lower lip in anticipation, you nodded fast and followed him upstairs, all the way to his bedroom, and could barely hold yourself back when he locked the door, his jeans hugging his legs tightly. You had both left your drinks downstairs and when Seungcheol walked to you, he breathed deeply as he grabbed your ass, pulling you closer and leaning down to kiss you again, hungry to continue where you had left off earlier, this time without disturbances.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and replied to his kiss with just as much hunger, your tongue playing with his and your quiet moans being muffled with his mouth when you could feel his bulge growing, pressing into your lower abdomen.

“I’ve been waiting for so long,” you gasped against Seungcheol’s lips, pulling him closer before unwrapping your arms and sliding your hands down to his hips. He groaned against your lips and let his hands move lower on your thighs and then back up, bringing the hem of your dress along with them.

“So have I, and then you come here wearing this…” he said with a small whine, barely able to control his own voice anymore with just enough alcohol in his blood. You giggled at that, giving him a playful nibble on his lower lip.

“I knew you’d like it,” you whispered, your gaze playful as you looked into his dark brown eyes, which soon crinkled when he grinned.

“Playing with weaknesses, huh?” he asked and slowly massaged your ass after he had managed to bring most of your hem a bit above your hips. You nodded with a content sigh. “Good thing I know a few of yours, too.”

You blinked a few times, then moaned when Seungcheol moved one of his thighs between your legs, parting them enough for it to fit. You were just glad that the music downstairs was loud, as it made it possible for the two of you to be… well, borderline loud. He bit his lip at your reaction and moved his thigh against your clothed heat, his hard-on only growing when he felt you pressing down against his leg.

“I have an idea,” he began with a low voice, leaning towards your ear. You could hear him swallow, and while waiting for him to continue, moved your hands up his torso underneath his shirt. “Before I fuck you into oblivion…” You whined at his words, his breath tickling your ear as he licked his lips. “…Would you like to ride my thigh?”

Pulling back, Seungcheol smiled as you nodded frantically, your fingertips digging into the flesh of his back. “God, I’d love to.”

With the wide smile still on his lips, Seungcheol leaned to kiss you sweetly, contrasting with the way he was playing with the waistband of your thong. “I thought you would.”

After that, you began fumbling with his belt and he unzipped your dress, dragging it down you until you could step out of it, leaving you in your underwear while you helped him out of his jeans and underwear, your mouth watering a little at the sight of his half-hard member and toned thighs. Seungcheol grinned at that and pulled his shirt over his head before cupping your cheeks and kissing you again, one of his hands quickly moving down to your chest to squeeze one of your breasts through your strapless bra and making you whine against his lips.

Unwilling to lose to him, you brought one of your hands to his navel, slowly moving your fingertips down the trail of black hair to his length, stroking him slowly and making him breathe more heavily, his hips bucking a little into your hand.  

You moved to his bed, Seungcheol with his back against the wall and you standing on your knees in front of him, your hands placed on his shoulders and your eyes half-lidded. He played with the waistband of your thong and gave you a small grin. “Off or not?”

Without answering, you stood up and got rid of the small black piece of clothing, too. Seungcheol held back his groan at the sight and tugged at his length a little while waiting for you to return. With only your bra on now, you returned to your position on the bed, Seungcheol’s right thigh between your knees as you rubbed his neck lightly with your thumbs, your hooded eyes looking down into his lust-filled ones. The music downstairs never ceased, but just as you were going to move on, you could hear loud footsteps on the other side of the door, then someone trying to open the door and lastly Mingyu grumbling “Shit, it’s locked.”

Only when you were sure they had went to the next bedroom along the hall, you let out a deep breath and licked your lips, shivering when Seungcheol ran one of his hands up the inside of your thigh agonizingly slowly, and you held back a gasp when his fingers finally reached your wetness.

“So ready for me already,” he chuckled quietly, leaning his face closer to you so that he could press a sloppy kiss by your ribcage. You ran your fingers through his hair and snorted, knowing full well that he was hard and heavy between his legs, too.

“You look more than ready, too,” you retorted, a moan slipping through your lips when Seungcheol ran his forefinger over your clit. He grinned and pulled your bra down enough to pepper your breasts with kisses, wet and open-mouthed, the tip of his tongue teasing your hard nipples while you slowly ground against his fingers that were still pressing against you.

Letting your nipple fall from between his lips, Seungcheol looked up at you, swallowing hard at your desperate expression as your hips continued moving. “My thigh is all yours, baby.”

You let out a small whine while nodding, and with Seungcheol moving his fingers away, slick with your anticipation that he quickly licked off, you finally gave yourself the pleasure of lowering yourself on his thigh, thick and muscular, and ground against it slowly with your lower lip between your teeth.

Seungcheol grinned, knowing how much you had been waiting for that exact moment, and ran his hand over your ass, his grin only growing wider when he felt you push harder against him and could notice you holding back your moans. Bringing his lips to your right breast again, he sucked on the sensitive skin lightly. “Don’t hold back.”

You forced one of your eyes open and gave him a nod, angling your hips so that your swollen clit would get more friction - and oh, it did. Little by little, you let yourself relax more as you succumbed to the pleasure, and Seungcheol got exactly what he wanted: you moaning almost freely as you rode his thigh, shaking slightly with how turned on you were and how many nights you had spent dreaming about that very moment.

“You look beautiful,” Seungcheol whispered, his voice a bit hoarse and his left hand pumping his cock lazily while his other hand rested on your ass, his fingers occasionally dipping into your skin or smoothing over your backside. You merely grinned at that, taking a quick look at how he had started to leak pre-cum, his chest almost as flushed at his neck and cheeks were.

“You don’t look half bad, either,” you breathed out, increasing your pace a little as your need for climax only grew stronger with the way Seungcheol’s thigh was pressing against your clit and folds. You bent forward a little, your forehead resting on Seungcheol’s shoulder, one of your hands holding his other thigh and the other holding his arm in search of some purchase when you began rolling your hips a little, moaning in satisfaction at the friction it provided your clit. You changed your movements so that you moved back and forth in longer, slower movements, maximizing the time spent on it as you teased yourself.

Seungcheol swallowed hard at it all, knowing how frustrated you were getting, your wet pussy making his skin damp as you moved back and forth on him and your lips letting out one beautiful moan after another, the pitch rising a little every now and then. A devilish smirk played on his lips for a mere millisecond before you could start feeling his leg moving underneath you.

Seungcheol watched intently how you reacted when he flexed the muscles in his thigh one time after another, and from the way your body was jolting and you were starting to whimper, pressing hard against him, he could easily see that the action was doing its job.

“It feels so good,” you whined near his shoulder, your thighs clenching around his. You were so pleased yet so dissatisfied; so close yet so far from your orgasm. It felt like it was continuously only building inside of you yet not going anywhere, and you both loved and hated it. Seungcheol slid his palm over the head of his length and hissed, leaning his head against the wall behind him, his hand on your ass slowly moving to rest on your thigh instead.

“But it’s missing something, right?” he asked, voice low and raspy, and you nodded, your hips moving against his thigh faster and harder, your moans a lot more like whines now. “I’ll fix that.”

You had barely been able to straighten your back when Seungcheol began bouncing his leg underneath you slightly, making you feel better than you had even thought possible as the skin rubbed against your swollen clit and folds in vibrating movements. Your nails dug into his shoulders as you tried to hold back your mewls, desperately pushing against his leg while it moved against you. “Shit, Cheol…”

“You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, haven’t you?” he asked in a grunt, stroking himself slowly in order to keep himself from coming for another ten minutes while focusing his hearing on your noises and blocking the music. You gave him a nod and he grinned, the thumb of the hand on your thigh moving to tease your clit as it slid against his thigh, snug between yours and still vibrating a little against your heat. “Waiting to ride my thigh just like this…“

“I sure as hell have, but…” You stopped moving for a while, placing one of your hands on Seungcheol’s cheek and looking down at his eyes, your own ones holding a look that was a mix of intensity and teasing. Slowly, you brought your other hand to his cock, moving his hand away before giving him a firm stroke while wetting your lips with your tongue. “…haven’t you been waiting for this, too?”

“Yes, baby,” he grunted, eyes falling shut and his lips parting. You smirked and leaned down to kiss him, somehow managing to multi-task between riding his thigh and stroking him in an uneven rhythm that only got worse when Seungcheol continued adding the pressure on your clit with his thumb.

You kissed him deeply when your whines got more frequent, your hips bucking both against his hand and thigh that was still moving underneath you. Seungcheol responded to the kiss hungrily, his tongue easily finding its way into your mouth to play with yours, and after he had swept the hand he had been stroking himself with against his thigh to clean it up a little, he brought it to your chest and moved your bra out of the way, taking one of your breasts into his hand, where it fit perfectly, your nipple between his fingers.

“Seungcheol,” you moaned against his lips, stroking him faster and sliding your thumb over the head of his cock more often with your impending orgasm starting to wash over you. “I’m–”

He gave you an encouraging groan and bucked his hips up a little while frantically whispering to you to just let it go, which you did. His thumb was erratic on your clit as you rode his thigh while your orgasm hit you, your release making his skin glisten even more than before, shaky huffs of breath hitting his skin while he swallowed your whimpers and felt you jolt on his lap with how sensitive you were.

With your hips finally stuttering, you stroked Seungcheol to his orgasm, his hand on your breast tightening its hold and his breathing getting even heavier, his grunts filling the air. He was close - the knowledge of you having just come on his thigh did little to control the pooling heat at the pit of his stomach. You smirked against his lips and moved to his ear. “Come for me, Seungcheol.”

Seungcheol moaned at your words, and not much later was he coming all over your hand as you continued stroking him, milking him dry while pressing small kisses by his ear and whispering him encouraging, loving words. He shivered with the intensity of it all and swallowed hard, still catching his breath, both of his hands now resting on your hips weakly. You pulled back and smiled down at him, caressing his cheek with your clean hand.

“I loved it,” you said before leaning down to kiss Seungcheol softly on the lips, getting an equally sweet reply from him as his lips stretched into a smile.

“A handjob has never felt that good,” he muttered weakly and slowly brought one of his hands to your back to stroke it. You giggled, leaning your forehead against his, still remaining on your seat on his thigh. A sigh left your lips.

“I don’t want to move,” you said with a small whine, and got a short laugh from Seungcheol.

“Of course you don’t,” he cooed, pecking your lips in amusement, his breath still having a smell of alcohol to it. “Do you remember when you were drunk last time and said that my thigh was your favorite seat? Because I sure do.”

You blushed at that - you could recall saying that painfully clearly and it wasn’t the most embarrassing thing you had ever said, but… Still. Your only comfort was that it hadn’t been anything worse

“I’m tired,” you said instead of replying, bringing the topic elsewhere. Seungcheol yawned and looked at the time, chuckling at how early it still was, at least considering there was a party going on.

“I can guess the answer, but do you want to go back downstairs or would you rather hit the sack?”

You gave him the most pleading pout you could muster. “Sleep?”

The smile that formed on his lips was his sweetest one, the one that always made your heart beat a bit faster and warmth spread throughout your body. “Sounds like a plan.”

After you had gone to the bathroom with one of Seungcheol’s long t-shirts hanging on you to wash your face and brush your teeth after him, you returned to the room he shared with Mingyu. He had opened his bed and had cleaned himself up with some tissues, and on top of everything he had made sure your dress was somewhat neatly on his chair, your thong on top of it. You chuckled, watching him then sit down on his bed, clad in his boxers and ruffling his hair with his tired eyes closed.

You turned off the lights and Seungcheol lay down, holding the duvet up for you until you were lying down with him, cuddling close to him as soon as you were down. He smiled and hugged you close, kissing your forehead gently.

“I love you,” he mumbled, and you nodded, a smile playing on your lips as you hugged him back.

“I love you, too,” you replied before yawning and leaning against him for more comfort. After a bit of silence, you huffed. “I’m just wondering… what happened to fucking me into oblivion?”

Seungcheol snorted and kissed your nose. “Next time, yeah?” You smiled happily and let out a mumbled “Yeah.”

Right when you were both almost asleep, your eyes shot wide open by a sudden high-pitched moan from the other side of the wall Seungcheol’s bed was against. He cleared his throat.

“Let’s ignore them,” he said quicky, and while shaking with silent laughter, you nodded again.

It took some more time for the party to die down, but you and Seungcheol were tired enough to not let the noises bother you, and much to your luck Mingyu remained rather quiet afterwards, too.

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💗  — repetitive lip peck kiss

        — THE weekend had finally arrived, which meant only one thing: Jungwon could spend the entirety of it with Atlas without any interruptions. Almost every weekend they had together, Jungwon would try to find some way to treat the other to a romantic day out, given he could actually afford it. Unfortunately, this time around, he was a little short on money, so they had opted to stay indoors. Jungwon had absolutely no qualms with that, especially since their time spent inside the dorm usually meant a lot of playing around, cuddling, and of course, make out sessions. It was often an internal struggle that Jungwon had to face to keep from throwing himself at the boy at every opportune moment, even when he was trying to focus on something important.

          Like now, for instance. Atlas was in the middle of trying to cook dinner for them, but Jungwon, no matter how hard he tried, just couldn’t keep his hands and lips off of him. One hand would slip around Atlas’s waist while the other would hook under his chin and turn his head to face him so he could brush their lips together. Every five minutes turned to every four minutes, and every four minutes turned to every three minutes, and so on and so forth. It even got to the point where Atlas had to shove him away (albeit playfully) so he could finish cooking without burning the kitchen down.

          But no, that just simply would not do for Jungwon. The very moment Atlas gently pushed his hand away so he couldn’t turn his head again, his mouth fell agape and he let out a gasp in mock offense. Why that little… Without a fair warning, Jungwon scooped Atlas up into his arms, even going as far as to lift him off his feet and wiggle him around as he got to hear that sweet laugh that made his heart swell in his chest and his face beam as bright as the sun. “ How dare you deny my kisses, you little shit, “ he teasingly scolded as he started to pepper feathery light kisses all over Atlas’s smiling face, pulling more of those precious, infectious giggles from him. God, he was so in love. Soon, his lips traveled back to the boy’s own where he pressed multiple flowery kisses to them, smiling warmly and humming at the way the other fit so perfectly in his arms. The last one lingered, his fingers curling into the hem of Atlas’s shirt as he slowly and carefully set him back down to his feet. “ I hope you’ve learned your lesson, young man, “ he joked as he nudged their noses together, unable and unwilling to release Atlas from the safety of his arms.

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(same anon here) thank you so so much!! your advice is incredibly helpful!! one more question tho, if you don't mind. when do you know when to thicken your lines? just when it feels right or..?

glad i could help!

pretty much when it feels right, haha. i might thicken lines where i want more emphasis, like on the face where the lines of the eyes might look a little washed out. or sometimes lines might appear thicker bc i was lazy w how clean my lines are. or, it might be bc it’s in shadow, like at the corners of the mouth, but i usually outline those.

generally any intentionally thicker lines are on the face, bc that’s where i want the focus to be.

but unless i’m drawing bill, i probably wont do that emphasis stuff. like, that dipper photoset i did had realllly clean lines. a little overkill, honestly

sometimes my lines are too clean & the piece looks a little flat bc there’s no line weight (like i feel happened here. shoulda kept some shadow around the jaw, at least). it’s a case by case & personal preference thing, really.


(Here’s where we are, if you’re just joining us. If you are, I’m so sorry about the screencap immediately following.)

YESSSSSSSS although I’d be able to enjoy Bondage Jellybaby getting sliced in half more if I didn’t feel like it enjoys it more I do

…. offfffff course it does

And they immediately merge into one single mask so like why not just have one fucking head with one fucking mask from the get-go hmm?

….  offfffff cooooooourse it does

I do like the way the face on the mask looks surprised tho.

So the Mask allows Smol Ghoul to take control of Lego Robot (not real name) and of course this time they’re not going to be distracted by Kaiba “acting like” an asshole…



But Yami’s not worried, because he has de-fusion and turns the Lego Robot back into the smaller Lego Pieces.

That little one is a cutie!

And look the Mask EXPLODES but because of BULLSHIT Smol Ghoul retains control over the Lego Pieces even though I really feel like if the effect is from a card and the card is destroyed, the effect shouldn’t stick around! But anyway it turns out for the best because although Seto can’t sacrifice his or Yami’s Monsters…


(Seto has a Magic Card for that purpose)



Yes he makes outrageous poetic exclamations, yes his coat billows stylishly, yes he laughs maniacally. He’s the most innovatively fashionable megalomaniac to summon a God Card.  


Kaiba gets so into it.

(That’s Kaiba’s ridiculous exclamation, not Obelisk’s but CAN YOU IMAGINE if the God Cards talked and Obelisk was a trash talker and Osiris was real chatty and Ra kept making snide sarcastic better-than-thou remarks idk)

So Tol Ghoul gets ten tons of fist right to the face and Chekov’s Glass Bomb explodes!

oh shit



calling so much bullshit on FITTING ALL THAT UNDER THERE

Yami takes it totally in stride.

Glad you think it’s funny, young man, you’re the only one wearing tight enough clothes that there couldn’t be a paracute in there somewhere.

In fact, he chastises them!

If Yugi was here which he STILL ISN’T AND IT’S BEEN EIGHT WHOLE EPISODES NOW he would remind you that it’s a good thing when people don’t die because of a card game.

Yami actually comes down on the “let’s not kill them” side himself, though, which is nice, and offers the remaining Ghoul surrender, which Kaiba immediately tries to veto, saying he’s going to send the Ghoul straight to hell.

Then things get intense.


One thing that’s kind of great about the Overwatch fandom is that, out of all the 22 Heros, there are some drop dead beautiful and completely symmetrical and gorgeous faces and bodies

And ya’ll…. Looked in the corner… And saw the fcuin trash rat and said

Yea…. Right there that’s the prettiest boy….. Ye a

Lucas still has feelings for maya

Ok to get this clear, I don’t ship Lucaya but to be clear with the storyline: Maya may not be interested in Lucas like that, but he definitely had feelings for her ( girl meets texas ) HE was the one to grab Mayas face and HE is still the one who looks like he is jealous of Zaya/Joshaya ( girl meets bear) So Maya may be happy with Josh/Zay (I certainly hope Josh😂) but Lucas still has a crush on Maya, even if he’s with Riley and she makes his little heart go whatever ( sry I don’t remember the qoute). Maya became Riley to see if Lucas is good enough for her but Lucas fell for Maya when she was riley and even tho Maya is herself now, Lucas has feelings for Maya that had nothing to do with her becoming riley.

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I can’t stop thinking of Alec Lightwood as this low-key superhero. Like, dresses in black and looks grumpy constantly. Fights crime but covers his face so no one can give him recognition. Gives little girls lollipops and returns them to their parents while still dressed in full leather. Whenever anyone mentions his superhero identity in public he starts stuttering like “fuck that guy, he’s such a show-off, hate that dude” but then Magnus is like “he’s kinda hot tho” and Alec feels like he’s going to die. just superhero Alec. 

So @wylanwaneck and I were saying how Jesper and Wylan need a puppy and then yeah things went on after that

Jesper decides the house is way too empty now that Alys and her dog are gone so he goes out to buy a dog. It has to be super cute tho, because it’s gonna be Wylan’s dog, so Jesper’s criteria are

  • cute
  • fluffy
  • cuddly
  • a puppy

And he goes out into streets of ketterdam and buys this:

and he brings it home and is like look Wylan look what I bought. And Wylan takes one look at it and is like we’re calling it Kaz

Kaz van Sunshine, that’s what they name it (Jesper decided the last name) 

(Wylan: That’s neither my, nor your last name

Jesper: Shush it’s your epithet)

Inej thinks that’s hilarious, Kaz is really really not into it

Jesper: but look at his little face Kaz! Look at all the deceit and the plotting. Look at his dirty paws!

Kaz: Remember how I forgave you? Yeah I take it back, you’re on my shit list again

Several of you have been asking to know what we look like. Even tho you can see a picture of us in the FAQ section, here some more pictures. Yes, we did do photoshoost at one point in our lifes… All because of me (Guillaume aka Will), I used to do webseries, so photoshoots were a must. haha Anyways, hope you like our little faces. (Me aka Will on the left and Mikhaël aka Raph on the right).

One thing that makes me both sad and happy when I see this now:

Look at how tall Han is next to Leia.
Ben is even taller than he is.

The last time Leia saw her little boy he probably came up to her shoulder.
He was just 10 years old.
Now he’s 29 and over 6 feet.

And I imagine them coming face to face again after almost 2 decades. And I weep.

And taking Carrie’s and Adam’s heights into account

This is the height difference… ;-; she’s gonna be so tiny next to her tol son.
Can you imagine a hug tho? Tearful hug? Forgiveness hug? please make it happen disney..

Things I say about Hux

1) Awww look at his cute little murder baby face!
2) Bow to the Evil Ginger Space Wizard
3) Hot Damn Starkiller
4) Fuck give me Hux covered in blood and savage
5) Shit, that speech turned me on
6) It’s such a ridiculous speech too.
8) Fuck, that uniform. And Hux. Fuck Hux. But Uniforms tho, AM I RIGHT?
9) His hair has been kissed by the light of the suns he destroys.
10) Hux. So evil. So pure. My child.
11) All hail Emperor Hux.
12) Emperor Hux 2016.
13) Fuck.
14) Shit.
16) WHY does he not say LOATHSOME in the speech in the book? It’s the best part.
17) Competent villain. DO YOU SEE THAT? COMPETENT. VILLAIN.
18) He gonna rule the galaxy one day. Gonna happen.
19) DISNEY don’t you dare kill him before it happens. Only after. If you must. And I know you must. ;.;
20) …please, don’t make Kylo kill Hux, it will break me.

drew this back in 2013 and just got around to finishing the lines and coloring the damn thing. the anatomy is a little wonky and the contrast could be better, but i’m sick of looking at it tbh. tho i still am not happy with lily’s face, i can’t seem to ever draw one for her i like.