look at the little oil spout


Looking for a little romance?

These simple candles are packed with essential oils to add a little extra to the mood of a room. Anyone can make them in around 10 minutes.

You will need: 6 cheap tea light candles Either my magically infused honeysuckle oil 7g Or shop bought essential oil 4g

A tin can ( cleaned and bent to make a pouring spout

Options: I’m substituting the paraffin wax for my favourite blend of Soy wax (50g)/Bees wax (15g) But it will work fine with the paraffin if you are not concerned about clean burning or burn time.

To add a little something I’m using wax dye but you can get the same effect by adding a small amount of wax crayon to colour.

Method: (see old post for photos) Simply remove the wax from the metal surrounds (try not bend them). Snap the wax disks and remove the wick with its support. Place these back in the empty cases ready for pouring. Either place the wax in the can or the same weight of soy.

Place the can into a pan of water (no more than 1/3 of the can height. And melt the wax fully. Add the colour if required. Remove from the heat and stir slightly as it cools. When the wax starts to stick to the spoon add the oil and stir thoroughly. Quickly poor the wax back into the cases. You can still straighten the wicks if they move off centre. Allow to cool and enjoy.