look at the little nugget

Anyone else Remember Quest for Camelot?

I mean it featured  a cute af protagonist rescuing Excalibur and saving Camelot, her name is Kayley and her father was once a Knight of the Round Table, before he was killed.

Her disabled hermit boyfriend Garrett who has survived in this enchanted/cursed forest for years bc he was sick of being treated like an invalid in Camelot (like, it’s 100% Ableism as to why he left, it’s overt as fuck)

Their comic relief  side characters, Cornwall and Devon, who happen to be a two headed dragon (the Dudebro and the Thespian respectively), and they have this wonderful character arc about how they’re such shit dragons because they never get along.

And not to mention the most enjoyable Chaotic Evil villain ever, Ruber.

(Kayley’s Mother): You’re mad!

Ruber: So glad you noticed! *image below* I’ve been working on it for years!

And it’s like, half spoof, half serious too, so there’s a lot of pop culture references (mainly from Devon and Cornwall) it’s also self aware af, most of the characters comment at least once about bursting into song.

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Quest For Camelot


One of my favorite things about Amethyst is how physically affectionate she is. I mean, look at this little purple nugget of sunshine, hopping around with fits of love so strong she can’t contain or help it, she just has to be expressive.



Yvonne featured in the Australian Harpers Bazaar.

Charlie Cox wants to see this comic book moment come to life:

“There are some fantastic moments in the Daredevil series with Jessica Jones, with Luke Cage, with Iron Fist,” He says. “I’ve taken note of the moments in the Daredevil comics where new characters are coming in and sharing panels with Daredevil, and in terms of how Matt might operate in a team-up scenario, I read Civil War. He plays a relatively big part in the comics — I mean, he’s kind of in the background for most of it, but the crux of the plan hinges on him. And so, I’m just looking for little nuggets, for stuff I can use and any clues into how I can play him.”

Of everything he’s read, Cox has one interaction he’s eager to see, or at least evoke, in The Defenders. “One of my favorite images is from a Daredevil issue with Luke Cage and Daredevil on a rooftop eating cheeseburgers, I love that.”