look at the little me

((Sorry I couldn’t resist drawing your AU, his design is really amazing!! ^^))


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Ooooh God why can’t I have a little Inky for me to snuggle look at his sweet face his big eyes and his smol handsss <33333

I love the way you colored - Rainbow backgrounds fit him so well!! Thank you deeply for submitting, I love what you did with him! <333 ;//v//;b

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Cartson or Whouffaldi?

Um, Whouffaldi. I’m bananas for them now!

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(There’s a load of beautiful Whouffaldi gifs)

Sleepover Saturday!

@runicscribbles @nevertrustastilesthing congratulations on your ao3 accomplishment!! 100 incredible works of art <3 you two are such a gift to and of creation and i still can’t believe i get to be in this tiny little world with you.

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to my (i can’t believe this) almost 500 followers: if you haven’t already, and even if you have, don’t wait another second to experience some of the best storytelling there is. GO NOW. RUN, DO NOT WALK.


Okay so here’s a little Valentine’s inspired look!! My camera hated me for some reason!! So the photos aren’t the best! I used the Estée Lauder double wear foundation as well for the first time! And will defiantly do a review on it!! Hope everyone’s day is filled with love and happiness!💕💕

hi i’m bella and i’m just here so i don’t get fined. (and to make all your pretty little butts look even better)

talk to me about how you hate my wardrobe choices for you at: sunshinegraffiti 

took a photo so it didn’t end up in the tag bc itS MORTIFYING 

so basically, when I was a junior in high school, my friend had given us gag gifs for christmas, and my gag gift was a pair of purple handcuffs. and

my mom is very strict, and often looks around my room and sometimes in my bag, so little me decides that i’m going to keep the handcuffs in my pencil case, and she won’t look there and like idk do you recycle handcuffs???? i cna’t throw them out what about the environment!!!! so the thing is, over time i forget that they’re in there, because they’ve just become a part of my pencil case. 

so one day, chris c*lfer was doing a thing for M*TV, and my friends and I – being the gle*ks that we were, skipped our last classes of the day to go down to the studios in times sq… 

and they do a bag search because the security is tight there. as soon as i realize this, i suddenly remember that it’s in here, so i’m just trying to find a way to like slide by pencil case into a binder or some shit – and like the friends i were with were older and cool and i was panicking inside… bruh. 

so they finally get to me and check my bag… and i almost fuckin get away with the shit, but as the security closes the bag, they see the pencil case. 

the security guard opens the pencil case…. pulls out these purple handcuffs, and looks at me. at this point, i’m panicking and like IT WAS A GAG GIFT I SWEAR TO GOD OH MY GOD DON’T KICK ME OUT and my older friends are liek yo wtf mj 

and i’m ready to be arrested ok i’m ready for my mom to hear about this and i’m already planning the funeral, like figuring out who has my social media passwords to announce my death, like figuring out who is going to erase my fanfiction 

but the security guy just shushes me, puts them back inside, winks and gives me a high five (???) and lets us go on

this is all the fault of @marqueofthebeast who gave me the fucking handcuffs in the first place and @cafeshopau was one of the cool older friends and i’m still mortified and now like i don’t really think i can ever use handcuffs in bed ever?

okay so I wanted to mention that I know I’ve been pretty much “gone” from tumblr and Skype as of late but I just wanted to give a tiny update! (no read more cause I’m on mobile ;v; )

lately I’ve been super into my social life and school life so I haven’t been able to have full conversations with anyone on skype, but tumblr is a teeny bit different

since I’ve been more developed into my social life it’s obvious I haven’t ever joined in on the fun of things esp involving drawing, so every time I look at my dash I see people having a blast with each other or w/e

naturally, I stay out of it and don’t intrude cause I know those guys are having fun, even if it pains me a little

anyways, I look under tags more often rather than looking at things that make me feel those yucky emotions I always cry to people about, so there’s your reason for me not reblogging things as much as before ;v;/

sorry this ended up longer than expected!

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Has anyone ever told told you that you look a bit like Daisy Ridley?

yeah actually star wars freaked me out a little, looking at her is familiar in such an odd way

sometime last year I was bummed I was like “I dont have any moviestar dopplegangers” and its like welp